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Larned's History for Ready Reference, 6 vols.

Harper's Encyclopædia of United States

Channing and Hart's Guide to the Study of

History, 10 vols.

  American History (1492-1865)

Mace's Method in History

Adams' Manual of Historical Literature

Richardson's Messages, etc., of the Presi-

References in Winsor's Narrative and Criti-

  dents (1789-,901), 10 vols.

  cal History of America, 8 vols.

Hart's Source Book of American History

Foster's References to United States His-

Hart's American History told by Contem-


  poraries, 4 vols.

Lamed's Literature of American History

Stevenson's Poems of American History

Lane and Hill's American History in Liter-

Historical Geography, Territorial Expan-


   sion, Physiography, and Maps

Appleton's Annual Cyclopædia (1876-1902)

Hart's Epoch Maps of the United States

Poole's Index to Reviews

  (no text)

Index to Congressional Documents

Scribner's Statistical Atlas of the United

The American Historical Review

  States (1880)

The Magazine of American History

MacCoun's Historical Geography of the

The Magazine of Western History

  United States (revised edition)

Harper's First Century of the Republic

Gannett's Boundaries of the States (no

The North American Review for 1876 (First


  Century of the Republic)

Shaler's United States, 2 vols.

Appleton's Cyclopædia of American Biog-

Semple's American History and its Geo-

  raphy, 6 vols.

  graphic Conditions

The National Cyclopædia of American Bi-

Hitchcock's Louisiana Purchase

  ography, 12 vols.

Austin's Steps in the Expansion of our

Sparks' American Biography, 25 vols.


*Morse's American Statesmen, 25 vols.

Hulbert's Historic Highways (Roads and

*Scudder's American Commonwealths, 13

  Waterways), 16 vols.


*Howe's The Beacon Biographies of Emi-

Works of Reference

  nent Americans, 15 vols.

*Oberholtzer's American Crisis Biographies,

Macdonald's Select Charters of American

  25 vols.

  History (1606-I775)

McMaster's With the Fathers

Macdonald's Select Documents of United

Bishop's American Manufactures, 2 vols.

  States History (1776-1861)

Boone's Education in the United States

Macdonald's Select Statutes of United States

Dexter's Education in the United States

  History (1861-1898)

Richardson's American Literature, 2 vols.

Macdonald's Documentary Source Book of

Wright's Industrial Evolution of the United

  American History (1606-1898)1


Lalor's Cyclopædic of United States History,

Coman's Industrial History of the United

  3 vols.


  1 This is a selection of Documents from Macdonald's first three volumes.

  * Books so marked are in progress





Bryce's American Commonwealth, 2 vols.

Wilson's The State

   (revised edition)

Scott's Constitutional Liberty

Niles' Register (1811-1849), 76 vols.

Wilson's Rise and Fall of the Slave Power,

*The Statesman's Year-Book for 1909

   3 vols.

Smith's Political History of Slavery, 2 vols.

Constitutional and Political History

Curtis' History of the Republican Party,

and Diplomacy

   2 vols.

Smith's Liberty and Free-Soil Parties in the

Thorpe's Short Constitutional History of


  the United States

Macdonald's Charters of American History

Thorpe's Constitutional History of the


 American People, 2 vols.

Macdonald's Select Documents of United

Von Holst's Constitutional History of the

   States History (1776-1861)

  United States (to 1861), 9 vols.

Macdonald's Select Statutes of United States

Curtis' Constitutional History of the United

   History (1861-1898)

  States, 2 vols.

Macy's Political Parties (1846-1861)

Macy's Our Government

McMaster's Acquisition of Rights

Boynton's Civics

Stanwood's The Presidency

Carson's Hundredth Anniversary of the Con-

McKee's National Conventions and Plat-

  stitution, 2 vols.


Bryce's American Commonwealth, 2 vols.

Johnston's American Politics

  (revised edition)

Woodburn's Political Parties

Elliot's Debates in the Constitutional Con-

Merriam's American Political Theories

   vention, 3 vols.

Ford's Political History of the United States

Foster's Commentaries on the Constitution,

Gordy's Political History of the United

   2 vols.

  States (1787-1828), 2 vols.

Landon's Constitutional History

McPherson's Political History of the Re-

Poore's State Charters and Constitutions,


   2 vols.

McPherson's Political History of Recon-

Benton's Abridgment of Congressional


Debates (1789-1850), 16 vols.

McPherson's Handbook of Politics (from

Wheeler's History of Congress, 2 vols.

  1870), 13 double vols.

Moore's History of Congress

The Collected Words of Franklin, Washing-

Hazard's State Papers (1492-1767), 2 vols.

   ton, Jefferson, Hamilton, Jay, Rufus King,

Force's American Archives (1774-1783),

   John Adams, Madison, Morris, Clay,

   9 vols.

   Calhoun, Webster, Lincoln, Seward, and

The Federalist


Williams' Statesman's Manual (1789-1847),

Memoirs of J. Q. Adams (1795-1848), 12 vols.

   2 vols.

Ingersoll's Recollections (1792-1803), 2 vols.

Carson's History of the United States

Benton's Thirty Years in the Senate (1820-

   Supreme Court

   1850), 2 vols.

Boutwell's The Constitution at the End

Wise's Seven Decades (1790-1862)

   of the Century (U. S. Supreme Court

Blaine's Twenty Years of Congress (661-


   1881), 2 vols.

*United States Statutes (and Treaties) at

Sargent's Public Men and Events (18170

   Large, 34 vols.

   1895), 2 vols.

Taussig's Tariff History

Julian's Political Recollections (1840-1872)

Mason's History of the Veto Power

McCulloch's Men and Measures of Half a

*Mead's Old South Leaflets, 75 nos,

   Century (1833-1883)

*Hart and Charming's American History

Cox's Three Decades (1855-1885)

   Leaflets, 24 nos.

Chittenden's Personal Reminiscences (1840-

Cooper's American Politics


* Books so marked are in progress.



Sherman's Recollections (1855-1895), 2 vols.

Tucker's United States (1607-1841), 3 vols.

Thompson's Recollections of Sixteen Presi-

*McMaster's United States (1784-1861), 6

  dents (1789-1865), 2 vols.


McClure's Recollections

Adams' United States (1801-1817), 9 vols.

Hoar's Autobiography, 2 vols,

Rhodes' United States (185o-i877), 6 vols.

Snow's American Diplomacy (1783-1893)

Hart's American History told by Contem-

Schuyler's American Diplomacy

  poraries (1492-1900), 4 vols.

Foster's Century of American Diplomacy

*Channing's United States (1492- ), 8 vols.


Hart's Foreign Policy of the United States

1. PERIOD OF DISCOVERY (1492-1521)

§Major's Select Letters of Columbus

Financial History

§Hakluytls Divers Voyages

Dewey's Financial History of the United

§Hart's American History told by Contem-


  poraries, Vol. I

White's Money and Banking

Winsor's Columbus

Sumner's American Currency

Markham's Columbus

Bolles' Financial History of the United

Harrisse's Discovery of America

  States, 2 vols.

Fiske's Discovery of North America, 2 vols.

Winsor's America, Vols. I-III

Histories of the United States in

Channing's United States, Vol. I



Hart's History of the American Nation


  (1492-1907), 27 vols.

AMERICA (1509-1587)

*Chancellor and Hewes' United States (1607-

  1909), 10 vols.

Irving's Companions of Columbus, 2 vols.

Garner and Lodge's United States (1492-

H. H. Bancroft's Pacific States, 34 vols.

   1905), 4 vols.

§De Sotos Conquest of Florida (Hakluyt)

Sparks' United States (1492-1904), 2 vols.

*Channing's United States, Vol. I

Elson's United States (1492-1905), 5 vols.

Parkman's France in the New World

*Avery's United States (1492- ), 16 vols.

Cooke's Virginia

Andrews' United States (1492-1902), 5 vols.

§Hakluyt's Voyages (Goldsmid), Vol. XIII,

Wilson's History of the American People

  pp. 169-276 (reasons for colonization)

   (1492-1900), 5 vols.

§Hart's American History told by Contem-

  poraries, Vol. I

Scribner's United States (Bryant and Gay,

Winsor's America, Vols. II-III

     revised) (1492-1896), 5 vols.

Edward's Sir Walter Raleigh

Hart's Epochs of American History (1492-

Ellis' The Red Man and the White

  1889), 3 vols.

Schoolcraft's Indian Tribes, 6 vols.

Scribner's American History Series (1492-

Morgan's League of the Iroquois

   1889), 7 vols.

Colden's Five Nations

Higginson's Larger History of the United

Parkman's Conspiracy of Pontiac (ch. 1)

   States (1492-1837)

Goldwin Smith's United States (1492-1871)


Winsor's Narrative and Critical History of


   America (1000-1850), 8 vols.



Schouler's United States (1783-1865), 6 vols.

Bancroft's United States (1492-1789), 6 vols.

§Hart's American History told by Contem-

H. H. Bancroft's Pacific States, 34 vols.

  poraries, Vols. I-II

Hildreth's United States (1492-1821), 6 vols.

Schribner's United States, 5 vols.

Johnston's United States (reprinted with

Winsor's America, 8 vols.

  additions from the Encyclopaedia Britan-

Doyle's The English in America, 3 vols.

  nica) (1492-1889)

Channing's United States, Vols. I-II

* Books so marked are in progress.

§ Contemporaneous or Early History.



Osgood's American Colonies, 2 vols.

Barry's Massachusetts, 3 vols.

Parkman's Pioneers of France in the New

§Lowell Lectures (1869) on Early Massa.



Eggleston's The Beginners of a Nation

§Young's Chronicles of Massachusetts Bay

Eggleston's The Transit of Civilization

Ellis' Puritan Age in Massachusetts

Eggleston's Articles in the Century, Vols.

§Hutchinson's Massachusetts, 3 vols.


Oliver's Puritan Commonwealth

Earle's Home Life in Colonial Days

Thornton's Reply to Oliver

Thwaite's Colonies

Adams' Emancipation of Massachusetts

Fisher's Colonial Period

Adams' Three Episodes in the History of

Lodge's English Colonies

  Massachusetts, 2 vols.

Parkman's Frontenac

§Mather's Magnalia

Parkman's Old Régime in Canada

§Sewall's Diary (1674-,729), 3 vols.

Parkman's Jesuits in North America

Winsor's Memorial History of Boston, 4 vols.

Parkman's Half Century of Conflict, 2 vols.

Arnold's Rhode Island, 2 vols.

Parkman's Montcalm and Wolfe, 2 vols.

Greene's Rhode Island

Wood's Fight for Canada

Trumbull's Connecticut, 2 vols.

Winsor's Mississippi Basin

Johnston's Connecticut

§Force's North American Colonies, 4 vols.

Sanborn's New Hampshire

Seeley's Expansion of England

Belknap's New Hampshire, 2 vols.

Lecky's England, 18th Century, 8 vols.

Browne's Maryland

Chalmer's Annals of the Colonies

Scharf's Maryland, 3 vols.

Chalmer's Revolt of the Colonies, 2 vols.

§Proud's Pennsylvania (16S1-I742), 2 vols.

Goldwin Smith's American Colonies

Fisher's Making of Pennsylvania

§Captain John Smith's Works (Arber's

Fisher's Colony and Commonwealth of Penn-



§Brown's Genesis of the United States

Scharf and Westcott's Philadelphia

  (1607-1616), 2 vols.

*The Pennsylvania Magazine

§Beverly's Virginia (1584-1720)

Scharf's Delaware, 2 vols.

§Stith's Virginia (1607-1747)

Roper's North Carolina

§Jefferson's Notes on Virginia

Williamson's North Carolina

§Neill's Virginia Company

Moore's North Carolina, 2 vols.

§Neill's Virginia vetusta

McCrady's South Carolina, 2 vols.

§Neill's Virginia Carolorum

Simm's South Carolina

§Hening's Statutes of Virginia (16lq-1792),

Raum's New Jersey, 2 vols.

  13 vols.

Jones' Georgia, 2 vols.

Bruce's Economic History of Virginia, 2 vols.

Baird's Huguenot Emigration to America

Cooke's Virginia

Roosevelt's Winning of the West, 3 vols.

*The Virginia Magazine of History, etc.

Hinsdale's Old Northwest

§Brodhead's New York (1664-i6qi), 2 vols.

Tyler's Colonial Literature

Roberts' New York, 2 vols.

Biography. See Sparks' American Biogra-

Wilson's City of New York, 4 vols.

  phy for Lives of Nathaniel Bacon, Daniel

Lamb's City of New York, 2 vols.

  Boone, Lord Baltimore (Calvert), Jona-

Palfrey's New England, 5 vols.

  than Edwards, John Eliot, Patrick Henry,

§Winthrop's New England, 2 vols.

  Anne Hutchinson, John Ledyard, Cotton

Fiske's Beginnings of New England

  Mather, Governor Oglethorpe, James Otis,

Weeden's Economic History of New Eng-

  Sir W. Phips, William Penn, Count Rum-

land, 2 vols.

  ford (Benjamin Thompson), Captain John

§Bradford's History, of Plymouth

  Smith, Roger Williams, Governor Win-

§Arber's Story of the Pilgrims

  throp; Bigelow's Benjamin Franklin, 3

§Young's Chronicle of the Pilgrims

  vols., Montgomery's Franklin (Ginn and

Goodwin's Pilgrim Republic


§ Contemporaneous on Early History.

* Books so marked are in progress.





Kasson's Evolution of the Constitution of

CONSTITUTION (1763-1789)

  the United States

§The Federalist

Winsor's America, Vol. VI

§Elliot's Debates on the Constitution, 3

Scribner's United States, Vols. III-IV


Frothingham's Rise of the Republic

Wilson's The State

Reid's The Greatest Fact in Modem His-

Foster's Commentaries on the Constitution,

  tory (the rise of the United States)

  2 vols.

Lecky's England (18th century), 8 vols.

Curtis' History of the Constitution, 2 vols.

Bancroft's United States, 6 vols.

Fiske's Critical Period in United States

Hildreth's United States, Vols. I-III


Hart's Formation of the Union (1750-1929)

Biography. Parker's Historic Americans,

Sloane's French War and Revolution

  Bigelow's Franklin 3 vols., Hosmer's

§Hart's American History told by Contem-

  Samuel Adams,1 Morse's John Adams,1

  poraries, Vol. II

  Greene's General Greene, 2 vols, Lodge's

Greene's American Revolution

  Washington, 2 vols.,1 Fiske's Irving's

Ludlow's War of Independence

  Washington and his Country (Ginn and

Winsor's Handbook of the Revolution

  Company), Sparks' American Biography,

Trevelyan's American Revolution, 4 vols.

  Lodge's Hamilton,1 Gay's Madison,l Roose

Fisher's True History of the American Revo-

  velt's Gouverneur Morris 1


Fisher's struggle for American Independ-


  ence, 2 vols.

VELOPMENT (1789-1861)

Smith's Arnold's March to Quebec

Smith's Our Struggle for the 14th Colony

Schouler's United States, 5 vols

  (Canada), 2 vols.

Schribner's United States, 5 vols.

Rand's Economic History since 1763 (re-

Hildreth's United States, Vols. IV-VI

  vised edition)

Wilson's Division and Reunion (1829-1889)

§Stedman's American War (British account)

Bryce's American Commonwealth, 2 vols.

§Almon's "Prior Documents" (1764-1775)

§Hart's American History told by Contem-

§Almon's Remembrancer (1775-1784), 17

  poraries, Vols. III-IV


Walker's The Making of the Nation

Hosmer's Life of Governor Hutchinson

Winsor's America, Vol. VII

§Moore's Diary of the Revolution, 2 vols.

*McMaster's United States (1784-1861), 6

§Thacher's Military Journal


§Baroness Riedesel's Memoirs

Tucker's United States (16o7-1841), 4 vols.

§Galloway's Rise of the Rebellion (Tory)

Adams' United States (1801-1817), 9 vols.

Sabine's Loyalists

H. H. Bancroft's Pacific States, 34 vols.

Carrington's Battles of the Revolution

Rhodes' United States (1850-1877), 7 vols.

Abbott's Revolutionary Times

Roosevelt's Naval War of 1812

Scudder's America 100 Years Ago

Lossing's Field Book of the War of 1812

Jefferson's Arras (in his Works) Vol. IX

Cooper's Naval History

Gouverneur Morris' Diary (1775-1815), 2

Maclay's History of the Navy, 2 vols.


Wilson's Slave Power, 3 vols.

Tyler's Literature of the Revolution, 2 vols.

Page's The Old South

Lossing's Field Book of the Revolution,

Ingle's Southern Lights

  2 vols.

Ripley's War with Mexico

Von Holst's Constitutional History, Vol. I

Jay's Mexican War

McMaster's United States, Vol. I

Richardson's American Literature, 2 vols.

Landon's Constitutional History of The

Stedman and Hutchinson's American Liter-

  United States

  ature, 10 vols.

  1 In Morse's American Statesmen Series.

§ Contemporaneous or Early History.

* Books so marked are in progress.



Buckingham's Newspaper Literature, 2 vols.

Greeley's American Conflict, 2 vols.

Thomas' History of Printing, 2 vols.

Draper's Civil War, 3 vols.

Bishop's American Manufactures, 2 vols.

The Comte de Paris' Civil War, 4 vols.

Johnston's American Politics

Scribner's Campaigns of the War, 13 vols.

Stanwood's Presidential Elections

Scbouler's Civil War

§Dwight's Travels (1796-1821), 4 vols.

Johnson's Short History of the War

§Lewis and Clark's Expedition (1804-1806),

Dodge's Bird's-Eye View of the Civil War

  2 vols. (Coues' edition)

§Hart's American History told by Contem-

§Martineau's Society in America (1834-1836),

  poraries, Vol. IV

  4 vols.

Ropes' Civil War

Johnston's American Orations, 4 vols.

The Battles and Leaders of the Civil War

Tuckerman's American Art

  (Century Company), 4 vols.

Webster's Great Orations (Whipple)

Nichols' Story of the Great March

Hubert's Lives of Inventors

Conyngham's Sherman's March

§Nile's Register (1811-1849), 76 vols.

McPherson's Political History of the Re-

*Scudder's American Commonwealth Series,


  13 vols.

Blaine's Twenty Years of Congress, 2 vols.

Breck's Recollections (1771-1862)

Swinton's Decisive Battles of the War

Fred. Douglass' Autobiography

Haskell's Battle of Gettysburg

Lyman Beecher's Autobiography (1775-

Abbot's Battle-Fields of '61

  1857), 2 vols.

Abbot's Blue-jackets of 161

Curtis' Buchanan, 2 vols.

Coffin's Four Years of Fighting

Greeley's Recollections (1811-1860)

Coffin's Drum-Beat of the Nation

Dolly Madison's Memoirs

Coffin's Marching to Victory

Quincy's Figures of the Past

Coffin's Redeeming the Republic

Goodrich's Recollections (1797-1854), 2 vols.

Coffin's Freedom Triumphant

S. J. May's Autobiography

Thayer's Youth's History of the Civil War

S. J. May's Antislavery Days

Gilmore's Lincoln and the Civil War

J. F. Clarke's Antislavery Days

Livermore's Numbers and Losses in the

Biography. See in Morse's American States-

  Civil War

  men Series (Houghton Mifflin & Co.),

Billings' Hard Tack and Coffee

  the lives of John Adams, J. Q. Adams,

Wilkeson's Recollections of a Private (Union)

  Benton, Calhoun, Clay, Jackson, Jeffer-


  son, Madison, Monroe, Morris, Randolph,

Pinkerton's The Spy of the Rebellion

  Washington, and Webster; in Sparks'

The Century Company's Famous Adventures

   American Biography, the Lives of Fulton

  and Prison Escapes of the Civil War

  and Rumford; Sanborn's John Brown,

Mrs. Livermore's My Story of the War

  Johnson's Garrison, Garrison's Life by his

  (Hospital Life)

  Children, 4 vols., Prime's Morse, Rice's

Abbott's Prison Life in the South

  Morton, Abbott's Kit Carson, Upham's

Watson's Life in the Confederate Army

  Frémont, Parton's Famous Americans,

Watson's The Adventures of a Blockade

  Mrs. Stowe's Men of Our Times, Hunt's


  American Merchants

Pollard's Lost Cause (Confederate)

Davis' Rise and Fall of the Confederate


Government (Confederate), 2 vols.

WAR (1861-1865)

Cooke's Wearing of the Gray (Confederate)

Johnston's Narrative of the War (Confed-

Rhodes' United States, Vols. II-V


Scribner's United States, Vols. IV-V

Gordon's Reminiscences of the Civil War

Wilson's Division and Reunion (1829-1889)


Burgess' Civil War, 2 vols.

Stephens' War between the States (Con-

Curtis' Life of Buchanan, 2 vols.

  federate), 2 vols.

§ Contemporaneous or Early History.

* Books so marked are in progress.



Longstreet's From Manassas to Appomat-

Burgess' Reconstruction

  tox (Confederate)

McPherson's Political History of Recon-

*Official Records of the War of the Rebellion


  (with atlas), 16o vols.

Barnes' History of the 39th Congress

Harper's Pictorial History of the Rebellion

Chadsey's Struggle between President

Biography. Nicolay and Hay's Abraham

Johnson and Congress (Columbia Uni-

  Lincoln, Holland's Lincoln, Herndon's

  versity Studies, 1896)

  Lincoln, 3 vols., Carpenter's Six Months

Scott's Reconstruction

  in the White House, Morse's Lincoln,

Bryce's American Commonwealth, 2 vols.

  2 vols., McClure's Lincoln, McClellan's

Life and works of Henry W. Grady

  Own Story, Roman's Beauregard, 2 vols.,

Blaine's Twenty Years of Congress, 2

  Badeau's U. S. Grant, 3 vols., Grant's


  Personal Memoirs, 2 vols., Sherman's

Hoar's Autobiography

  Memoirs, 2 vols., Sheridan's Memoirs,

Johnston's American Politics

  2 vols., Farragut's Life of Farragut,

Pike's Prostrate State (South Carolina)

  Schuckers' Life of S. P. Chase, Cooke's

McPherson's Political Handbooks (1870-

  Robert E. Lee, Cooke's "Stonewall"


  Jackson, Johnston and Browne's Life of

Appleton's Annual Cyclopaedia (1876-19O2)

  Alexander H. Stephens, Sherman's Let-

Bancroft's Pacific States, 34 vols.

  ters; the Lives of Generals Scott, Han-

Thayer's New West

  cock, Thomas, J. E. Johnston, Lee, and

McClure's The South

  Admirals Farragut and Porter, in the

Washington's Up from Slavery

  Great Commander Series

Williams' Negro Race in America, 2 vols.

Whitney's United States


Shaler's United States, 2 vols.


King's The New South


Curry's The South

Badeau's Grant in Peace

Rhodes' United States (1865-1877), Vols.

Stoddard's Life of Garfield


Wilson's Presidents (1789-1893)

Hart's American Nation (1865-1907), vols.

Andrews' The United States in Our Time


Whittle's Life of Cleveland

§Hart's American History told by Contem-

Harper's War with Spain, 3 vols.

  poraries, Vol. IV

McKinley's Messages to Congress

Garner and Lodge's United States, Vol. IV

Roosevelt's Messages to Congress

Scribner's United States, Vol. V

Latané's America as a World Power

Wilson's Division and Reunion

Coolidge's United States as a World Power

Brown's The United States since the Civil

Taft's Messages to Congress

  War, 2 vols.

Wilson's Historic Addresses (1917)

Coman's Industrial United States

March's History of the World War

* Books so marked are in progress.

§ Contemporaneous or Early History.

1 Many valuable articles relating to this period may be found in The Century, The Atlantic, Scribner's Magazine, McClure's Magazine, Harper's Magazine, The Outlook, The American Review of Reviews, The World's Work, and The Nation. For a general index to these articles consult Poole's Index.


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