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Porter and Annie May (Clendinin) Button. The father, who was born at Doniphan, February 12, 1872, is a rural mail carrier. His wife, Annie, was born in Illinois, February 16, 1871.

Upon his graduation from Doniphan High School in 1912, Mr. Button entered Grand Island College from which he received the Bachelor of Arts degree. He was the editor of Volante, a college publication and editor of the Islander, college annual. He was also active in football and track.

For a short time Mr. Button was principal of high school at Sterling, Nebraska, and since that time has been in the automobile business. He was in the aviation service in the World War, and now holds rank of second lieutenant in the reserve corps. He is a Democrat.

On January 8, 1922, he was married to Lola Luella Brehm at Ogallala. Mrs. Button was born at Talmagc, July 21, 1903. They have two children, Joseph Frank, born March 18, 1927; and Nancy Jane, born May 3, 1930.

Mr. Button is a member of the Congregational Church, the Commercial Club, the Rotary Club, and the Masons. He enjoys all outdoor sports, while his hobby is shooting. Residence: Ogallala.

Paul Buzek

Paul Buzek, one of the earliest settlers in Nebraska, was born in Czechoslovakia in December, 1859, the son of Paul and Marie Buzek, and for 63 years has lived in this state. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Czechoslovakia, and died at Milligan. His mother was born in Czechoslovakia, and died in Saline County, Nebraska, in the winter of 1887.

Mr. Buzek attended school in Czechoslovakia and in Saline County. He has been a member of the school board near Milligan for many years and holds membership at this time in the Nebraskana Society. His sports include wrestling, boxing, and hunting, and his hobby is reading.

His marriage to Anna Marie Braum occurred at Geneva, Nebraska, in November, 1887. Mrs. Buzek was born in Czechoslovakia, November 15, 1867, and died at Milligan, August 13, 1925. To their marriage the following children were born: William, December 4, 1888, who married Libbye Horlivy; Emma, May 5, 1890, who married Albert Soukup; Rudolph, May 31, 1891, who married Anna Nadherny; Alice, September 7, 1895, who married Albert Kassik; Bohumil, August 5, 1894, who married Anna Chadim; Lou, December 28, 1896; Harry, May 25, 1898, who married Helen Suda; Alba, November 25, 1892; Edward, January 25, 1900, who married Mollye Placek; Anne, January 6, 1902, who married Edward Placek; Marie, February 14, 1903; Velma, February 26, 1904; Mildred, September 16, 1907; Milo, March 24, 1905, who married Mildred Hines; Emil, September 6, 1909; and Lad, March 24, 1905, who died May, 1905. Residence: Milligan.

Charles E. Byars

Charles E. Byars, for thirty-five years editor and publisher of the Valley Enterprise, was born at Valley, Nebraska, May 28, 1866. He is the son of Harrel Byars, born at Nashville, Tennessee, February 12, 1840, and Kathryn C. Saunders, born at Shelbyville, Missouri, December 29, 1838.

Harrel Byars, who was descended from early Scotch-Irish settlers in Tennessee, moved to Missouri, settling in Shelby County, when a boy. There he married, and together with his family was a pioneer settler in Valley in 1862. Until his death at Napa, California, March 5, 1923, he was a farmer and breeder of pure-bred stock. Kathryn, his wife, was the mother of nine children. She traced her ancestry back to early settlers in America, also. Her death occurred at Valley, on March 10, 1915.

Educated in country school a few months of the year, in a log house, Charles E. Byars had no opportunity to attend high school, for there were none at that time, but he did attend short terms at Fremont Normal School, and at the time Dr. Bessey was acting chancellor was a student at the University of Nebraska one year.

For thirty-five years Mr. Byars was editor of the Valley Enterprise, retiring to conduct a real estate and fire insurance office. At the present time he also operates the Valley Theatre. A Republican, he served in the Nebraska legislature its 1925 session, where he made an enviable record. Understanding thoroughly the needs of the agricultural districts, he ably represented his constituency, and his record was fearless, clean and above criticism.

His marriage to Hattie E. Hallenbeck was solemnized at Valley, Nebraska, October 11, 1891. She was born at Millard on January 12, 1868, and died at Valley, August 5, 1898. There is one child of this marriage, Bulah, born September 3, 1892. On October 26, 1899, he was married to Jennie M. Standen, who was born at Elkhorn, March 18, 1874. They have one son and two daughters, Marie, born July 6, 1902, who married Lieutenant William J. Chapman of the United States Aviation Corps; Alfred E., born September 23, 1908; and Charlotte, born January 11, 1914.

A leader in civic and religious work, Mr. Byars is a member of the Presbyterian Church, active in Sabbath school work, and a member of the State Board of the Nebraska Council of Christian Education. He is a participant in Red Cross work and in commercial organizations, and is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America and the Masonic Order. His historical memberships include the Native Sons of Nebraska, The Nebraska Territorial Association and The Nebraskana Society. Residence: Valley.

Effie Marie Byers

Effie Marie Byers, educator and clubwoman, was born at Oskaloosa, Iowa, November 16, 1881, and is the daughter of George Playford and Mary Frances (Pike) Craft. Her father, born at Fayette County, Pennsylvania, August 2, 1850, was a farmer and stockfeeder. His death occurred at Aurora, Nebraska, February 23, 1914. Her mother was born at Cincinnati, August 30, 1860, and died at Aurora, August 14, 1922. A teacher, she was educated at Ames College, and was of New England Yankee descent.

Educated in country school and Aurora High School, Effie Marie Craft began teaching at the age of sixteen years, and continued seven years. On January 5, 1904, she was united in marriage to C. E. Byers, lumber executive and bank director, at Aurora. There are three children, John Harold, born May 22, 1905, who married Daisy Anderson of Hastings, Nebraska; Virgil Craft, born August 23, 1907; and Helen Charlene, born December 25, 1910. Mrs. Byers is a Democrat, and served as delegate at large, as well as delegate from the 5th district to the national convention at Houston, Texas, in 1928. She is a member of the Red Cross, and was exceptionally active in the American Defense Society as well as active in loan drives during the World War period; is a Rotary Ann, a member of the Young Women's Christian Association and attends the First Presbyterian Church at Hastings.

Her fraternal and cultural organizations include the P. E. O., the Order of Eastern Star, the Pythian Sisters, the Hastings Woman's Club, the Little Theatre and Alpha Deiphian. She was recently elected to life membership in The Nebraskana Society in recognition of her effort toward the advancement of her community and state. Residence: Hastings. (Photograph on Page 201).

Cornelius Bykerk

Cornelius Bykerk, real estate and insurance executive of Havelock, Nebraska, was born at Firth, Lancaster County, Nebraska February 14, 1892. His father, An-


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drew Bykerk, was born at Dunkirk, New York, March 3, 1859, and died at Firth, May 3, 1927; he was a merchant and farmer, who served on the school board and the village board for many years; he was a Republican. His mother, Angeline (Zwerink) Bykerk, was born at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, July 23, 1859, and died at Havelock, June 20, 1927. Her ancestors were Holland Dutch.

Mr. Bykerk was graduated from the Firth High School in 1907. He was bookkeeper for the Marshall Oil Company, 1912-18; was secretary of the Lincoln Stove Repair Company, 1918-25; and since 1925 has been the owner and manager of a real estate and insurance business at Havelock. He is the Havelock representative of the Lincoln Community Chest; is secretary of the Lions Club; and is a member of the Nebraskana Society. His hobby is mechanics. He likes to golf. He is a member of the First Methodist Church of Havelock. During the World War he was active in loan drives and Red Cross affairs. He is a Democrat.

His marriage to Henrietta Elizabeth Herberts was solemnized at Firth, July 14, 1914. Mrs. Bykerk was born of Holland Dutch parents, at Holland, Lancaster County, Nebraska, January 9, 1894. Their children are: Norman H., born August 27, 1915; Donald N., born February 13, 1926; and Jean Elaine, born May 30, 1927. Residence: Havelock.

Clara Schneider Byrne

Clara Schneider Byrne, daughter of R. B. and Isabella Diana (Spangler) Schneider, was born at Fremont, Nebraska, March 30, 1890. Her father, who was born at Beardstown, Illinois, February 25, 1853, was engaged in the grain business, and came early to Nebraska. He was a Republican national committeeman in 1900, and a member of its executive committee in 1908. Of German descent, his parents came to America via New Orleans and the Mississippi River to St. Louis, in 1835.

Isabella Spangler Schneider was a native of Freeburg, Pennsylvania, born October 3, 1849, and resides at Fremont. Clara Schneider was graduated from Fremont High School in 1907, and entered the University of Nebraska where she studied one year. In 1911 she was graduated from Wellesley College with the degree of B. A. She is a member of Delta Gamma and Zeta Alpha.

On November 17, 1920, she was married to Harry Stephenson Byrne at Fremont. Mr. Byrne, who was born at Baltimore, June 28, 1878, is an attorney and insurance executive (see Nebraskana). There are three children: Isabella, born June 10, 1922; Barbara, born January 13, 1925, and Henry Schneider, born June 22, 1929.

Mrs. Byrne has been active in the welfare and civic life of Omaha for some time. She was a member of the White House Conference on Child Welfare and Protection held at Washington, by President Hoover, in 1930, and was a member of the executive committee of the Council of Social Agencies from 1927-30. During 1926 she was head of the Omaha Junior League Day Nursery, and was second vice president of the Omaha Junior League in 1926, and first vice president in 1927 and 1928. During 1918 she served overseas with the Red Cross Canteen Service. She is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary and the Women's Overseas Service League.

She attends the First Presbyterian Church of Omaha, and is a member of the Dundee School Parent Teachers Association. She is active in all sports, especially tennis and golf. She is a member of the University Club, the Omaha Club, and Happy Hollow Country Club. Residence: Omaha.

Harry Stephenson Byrne

Harry Stephenson Byrne was born at Baltimore, Maryland, June 28, 1878. He is the son of William Mathew and Ella Still (Stephenson) Byrne, the former a newspaper man, born in New York City, in 1850. He married Ella Still Stephenson, of Baltimore, who died at Omaha, in October, 1916. William Mathew Byrne died at Baltimore, in May, 1905. Ella Still Stephenson was the daughter of' Joseph B. Stephenson, born in Newcastle, England, and who married Ellen Still, who was born in Baltimore.

Harry S. Byrne attended the public schools of Baltimore, and was graduated from Baltimore City College in 1898. He was manager of the football and other teams at Baltimore City College, and entered Johns Hopkins University at Baltimore, from which he received his A. B. in 1901. He attended the University of Maryland, from 1901 to 1903, and from 1903 to 1905 inclusive attended the University of Omaha, from which he was awarded his LL. B. in 1905. He was class president of Johns Hopkins in 1899, delegate to the international convention at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1901, member of the declaiming team in 1898, and of the debating team in 1899. He was president of the university senate in 1901. At the University of Maryland he was head of the local chapter of Kappa Sigma, for which he was district grand master and national catalogue editor. He was manager of the university Lacrosse team of Johns Hopkins and secretary-treasurer of the Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association.

He was married to Clara Schneider at Fremont, Nebraska, on November 17, 1920. (See Nebraskana).

A Republican, Mr. Byrne has been active in his party for the past twenty-five years. He was presidential elector-at-large for Nebraska in 1917; alternate delegate-atlarge, Republican national convention in 1928; and has served as a member of the Douglas County and Nebraska State Republican committees for many years.

He is the author of various articles on athletics, politics, good roads, insurance and other subjects. Since 1901, he has engaged in the insurance business, and has been a lawyer, although not in active practice, since 1905. He is the owner of Harry S. Byrne and Company, general insurance and surety bonds, and a former director of the Nye and Jenks Grain Company. He is treasurer and director of the Omaha Auto Association, and a director of the Nebraska Good Roads Association.

During the World War Mr. Byrne was a candidate for commission in the Quartermaster Officers Reserve Corps at Camp Joseph E. Johnston, Jacksonville, Florida. He assisted in the various Liberty Loan drives, was on the U. S. Food Administration committee, and participated in various Red Cross activities. He is a member of the American Legion and has served on the executive committee of the Omaha Post as a delegate to the state convention and other capacities.

For many years Mr. Byrne has been active in educational and civic work in Omaha. He is a member of the Dundee School Parent Teachers Association, a director of the Omaha Public Library, a member of the First Presbyterian Church and the Y. M. C. A.

Among the professional and scientific organizations in which he holds membership are the Omaha and Nebraska State Bar Associations, the National Council of the National Economic League (Boston), the Nebraska and Omaha Associations of Insurance Agents, the National Association of Casualty and Surety Underwriters, a member of the Academy of Political Science (New York), American Economic Association, of which he is a director, the American Library Association, etc.

His clubs are the Omaha Club, the University Club, and Happy Hollow Country Club. His hobby is reading. Residence: Omaha.

Mary O. Byrne

Mary O. Byrne, wife of Thomas F. B. Byrne, was born September 15, 1879, a daughter of John and Joanna (Foley) Bolin. Her father, who was city police judge of Greeley, was of Irish Canadian descent. He was born at Keene, Canada, June 25, 1850, and died at Greeley, March 26, 1922. His wife, Joanna, was born in Ireland, March 10, 1857.

Mary O. Byrne attended public and high schools at


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Greeley and on January 14, 1901, was married to Thomas Francis Byrne at Greeley. (See Nebraskana).

Mrs. Byrne has been active in Democratic politics for some time, and has served as delegate to state conventions at various times, and is at present a committeewoman. Before her marriage she was a bookkeeper for J. J. Collins store, and is now associated with her husband in the same capacity.

During the late war she was chairman of the Red Cross activities, a member of the council of defense, the Service League, and was Red Cross and Liberty Loan chairman. She is a member of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, president of its Altar Society, chairman of the local Parent Teachers Association, and is a member of the Commercial Club and the Royal Highlanders. During the war she won a service medal, and was first chairman and organizer of the local Red Cross unit. Her favorite diversions are golf, tennis, and bridge. Recently she was made a life member of the Nebraskana Society. Her hobby is reading. Residence: Greeley.

Thomas Francis Byrne

Thomas Francis Byrne, prominent automobile dealer at Greeley, was born at Westport, Ireland, December 18, 1872, son of John Cementine and Mary (Broderick) Byrne. His father was born at Westport, Ireland, and died at Greeley, March 28, 1924. He was prominent in political circles, and served as county judge of Greeley County. His wife, Mary, was born at Westport, Ireland, and is still living.

Mr. Byrne attended public and high school at Greeley, and soon thereafter engaged in farming. For some time he has been an automobile dealer and is now the owner of the Chevrolet Garage. He is a director of the Agricultural board, and the Telephone Company at Greeley. He is a Democrat.

On January 14, 1901, he was married to Mary Oreanna Bolin at Greeley. Mrs. Byrne was born at Keene, Canada, September 15, 1879, and is of Canadian ancestry. Three children were born to them, Thomas Francis, born September 28, 1913, who died in infancy; Maryjo, born December 8, 1914; and Rita, born March 29, 1920. Maryjo is a stenographer.

Mr. Byrne is a Catholic and a member of Sacred Heart Church and the Knights of Columbus. He is a member of the school board, trustee of the church, member of the city council and the city board, and a member also of the Red Cross. Recently he was made a life member of the Nebraskana Society. He is fond of golf and enjoys reading. Residence: Greeley.

Albert H. Byrum

Albert H. Byrum, attorney at law, was born in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, December 31, 1858, son of Almond B. and Almyra C. (Hoyt) Byrum.

His father was born in Ohio, and died at Stockton, Illinois. He was a farmer. His wife, Almyra, was born in New York State and died at Stockton.

Mr. Byrum attended public school in Illinois and took a special course at Mt. Morris College and at Valparaiso University, at Valparaiso, Indiana.

He came to Nebraska in March, 1884, and has since been engaged in the practice of law. He is a Republican, served as county judge of Franklin County two terms, 1888-92, and was afterwards county attorney two terms. He served as state representative three terms, 1918-19, 1920-21, and 1924-25. He was a member of the constitutional convention of 1919.

In the past Mr. Byrum has been editor of two or three country newspapers. At the present time he is president the Naponee Milling Company and president of the Bloomington State Bank, newly organized.

In June, 1889, he was married to Jennie E. Chapman at Blue Hill. She was born in Iowa and died at Bloomington. Before her marriage she was a teacher in city schools. There are two children, Albert Hoyt, born July 23, 1891, who married Bessie Sheets, of Franklin; and Ruth, born August 26, 1892, who married Claud Wilmot, living at Naponee.

Mr. Byrum has always been prominent in political and civic work. He was coal administrator and a member of the Council of Defense during the World War. He is a Protestant, a life member of the Nebraskana Society, and Bloomington Lodge No. 76 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Residence: Bloomington.

Addison Edgerton Cady

Addison Edgerton Cady, prominent banker at Grand Island, Nebraska, was born at Schuyler, Nebraska, April 22, 1884, and has always lived in this state. His father, Addison Edgerton Cady, was born at Watertown, Wisconsin, December 7, 1853, and died at St. Paul, October 14, 1918; he was a banker and wholesale grocer and served as a member of the senate and legislature in Nebraska; he was a candidate for the United States Congress, 1896, and for governor at the time Aldrich was elected. His mother was born of Irish and German parentage at Fondulac, Wisconsin, January 8, 1856, and died at St. Paul March 16, 1909.

Mr. Cady was graduated from St. Paul High School and Shattuck Military Academy where he played football and was active in track. He is president of the Nebraska Trust Company at Grand Island and is vice president of the Nebraska National Bank. He is a member of the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, St. Stephens Episcopal Church, and The Nebraskana Society.

He holds membership in the Lincoln University Club, the Riverside Country Club, the Masonic Lodge, and the Elks. His recreations include golfing, bowling, hunting and fishing. For over 13 years he served as captain of the Nebraska National Guards.

His marriage to Lucile Kotik occurred at St. Paul, October 7, 1909. Mrs. Cady was born at St. Paul, June 16, 1885. They have one son, Addison, born October 12, 1912, who was graduated from Shattuck Military School and is a freshman at the University of Nebraska where he is a member of Delta Upsilon. Residence: Grand Island.

Flora B. Cady

Flora B. Cady, educator, was born at York, Nebraska, January 17, 1882, daughter of Madison Greeley and Sarah S. (Paugh) Demaree. Her father was born in Rexville, Indiana, November 10, 1854, and was among the early settlers in western Nebraska. He died at Long Beach, California, February 17, 1920. His wife, Sarah, was born in Ripley County, Indiana, November 8, 1860, and died at Long Beach, February 20, 1925. She was active in church and club work.

Upon her graduation from Wilsonville elementary schools in 1896, Mrs. Cady attended Wilsonville High School from which she was graduated in 1900. She has a state life teacher's certificate, all her work having been taken at the State Teachers' College, Kearney, Nebraska, from 1923 to 1932, in summer sessions. She was valedictorian of her high school class in 1900, at Wilsonville, and made the honor roll in college in 1930 and 1931.

For three years she was a teacher in the Wilsonville schools and is now teaching her fourteenth year in the primary department at Lebanon, Nebraska. At the present time Mrs. Cady is compiling a history of Red Willow County. She is a member of the Community Presbyterian Church, the Nebraska State Teachers' Association, the Red Cross, the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and the Mission Circle of her church. Her hobby is art.

Her marriage to Harmon E. Cady was solemnized at Wilsonville, Nebraska, June 14, 1905. Mr. Cady was born at Wilsonville, July 30, 1880, and is descended from New England Yankee settlers. They have one daughter,

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