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ship committee of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce; and is a member of the Noonday Club and the Nebraskana Society. A Scottish Rite Mason, and Shriner, he is affiliatad with First Church of Christ Scientist, Omaha, and is a member of the comforts committee of this church. His social clubs are the Carter Lake Club, in Omaha, and the Dewey Lake Club, in Cherry County, Nebraska. His favorite sports are angling, fly and bait casting, and his bobby is philately. Residence: Omaha.

H. H. Ediger

H. H. Ediger, a pioneer farmer in York County, Nebraska, has lived near Henderson for the past 56 years. He was born at Alexandertol, Russia, October 23, 1865, the son of Cornelius and Agnes (Dohl) Ediger. His father, who was born in Russia, May 11, 1827, and died at Hampton, Hamilton County, Nebraska, April 30, 1898, was a farmer and came to this country in 1875. His mother was born in Russia, August 23, 1827, and died at Hampton, April 28, 1910.

Mr. Ediger was married at Petersburg, Boone County, Nebraska, January 22, 1889, to Anna Baerg. Mrs. Ediger, who is an energetic farm woman, was born at Lichenau, Russia, O  ctober 28, 1867. Their children are: Henry, born May 3, 1892; John, born March 9, 1894; Anna, born July 10, 1896; Peter, born October 21, 1899; Chris, born July 9, 1902; Jacob, born September 3, 1905; and Tena, born September 28, 1907. All their children are farmers.

Mr. Ediger is affiliated with the Mennonite Brethren Church. Residence: Henderson.

William Edmonds

William Edmonds, physician and surgeon since 1900, was born at Fredonia, New York, February 1, 1871. He is the son of Richard and Rebecca (Cattelle) Edmonds, the former a contractor and builder of English descent, who died at Fredonia, in 1916. Rebecca Cattelle is a native of England.

Dr. Edmonds received his elementary education in the Fredonia public schools, and attended the Fredonia Normal School. He studied medicine at the Jefferson School in Philadelphia, and received his M. D. in 1900.

On April 10, 1904, he was married to Mary Martha MacVean at Chicago. She is a physician, specializing in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat in Nebraska City. They have two daughters, Mary, born December 31, 1905, who married George Mayer; and Edith Elizabeth, born September 5, 1908, who married Merle Hasselbalch.

Dr. Edinonds has been engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery in Nebraska City, for twenty-six years. For the past seven years he has been physician for the Morton-Gregson Packing Company. He has been prominent in professional organizations for many years, and is a member of the Nebraska State Medical Society, and vice president of the Otoe County Medical Society. At the present time he is giving a course in life saving, first aid, etc., to men in Nebraska City. A captain in the Reserve Officers' Association he was commissioned first lieutenant in the Medical Corps in the World War.

He is a member of the American Legion, the Masons and Odd Fellows, and is a member of the Episcopal Church, and has served as a vestryman and on various music committees in the church. He devotes much time to Boy Scout work, giving first aid instruction, and hiking. His hobby is collecting Indian souvenirs and relics. Residence: Nebraska City.

Andrew J. Edstrom

One of the outstanding physicians and surgeons of Nebraska, Andrew J. Edstrom has been engaged in practice for many years. He was born at Skorped, Sweden, August 14, 1878, the son of John A. and Christina (Olnilson) Edstrom. His father, who is a blacksmith and stone cutter, was born at Skorped, May 12, 1854. His mother was born in Sweden, January 10, 1857, and died at Duluth, Minnesota, May 2, 1928.

Dr. Edstrom completed his high school education at Bethel Academy in 1911, and in 1915, received the M. D. degree from Creighton Medical College at Omaha. He was president of his senior class at Bethel Academy in 1911. At this time he is the manager of the Medical, Physical and Electro-Therapeutic Clinic with hospitals at Grand Island, Columbus, York, and Stromsburg, Nebraska, with several physicians in his employ. At one time he owned a private hospital at Clyde, Kansas. He resides at Stromsburg, where he is affiliated with the First Baptist Church.

He is a member of the Hall County Medical Society, the Nebraska State Medical Society, and the American Medical Association. He is a Scottish Rite Mason and Shriner.

On April 6, 1900, he was married at Quamba, Minnesota, to Freeda M. Lundeen, who was born at Borsho, Sweden, December 6, 1884, and died several years ago. Four children were born to this marriage: Minne, born November 20, who died January 22, 1901; Alice Victoria, October 22, 1901, who died August 30, 1904; Edith Christine, born September 22, 1903; and Alice Dorothy, born February 13, 1906. He married Amy A. Johnson at Kiron, Iowa, in 1913; she died May 20, 1927. Alice received the B. S. degree at Manhattan, Kansas, in 1924, and the M. D. degree at the University of Nebraska. Edith received the R. N. degree from the Nebraska University Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska, and the B. S. degree from the University of Nebraska. Edith is a teacher in a nurses training school at Flint, Michigan, and for three years prior to this time was a teacher in nurses training schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Residence: Grand Island. (Photograph in Album).

Charles Busby Edwards

Born at Lexington, Nebraska, September 30, 1889, Charles Busby Edwards, physician and surgeon, is the son of John Henry and Amanda Belle (Busby) Edwards. His father, born at Findley, Ohio, October 21, 1865, was a merchant, stockman and landowner, who died at Beaver City, January 28, 1924. He was the son of Ephriam Edwards, born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent County, England, on November 2, 1843, and Lucinda Huff, his wife, born in Hancock County, Ohio, October 7, 1846. Amanda Belle Busby was born at Jewett, Ohio, September 3, 1865, daughter of Shadrach and Sarah (Galbraith) Busby.

Charles Edwards attended Beaver City public school, Peru State Normal College and received his medical degree from Creighton University. He was made a member of Phi Beta Pi and was active in baseball while in college.

On December 31, 1921, Dr. Edwards was united in marriage to Lillian Margaret Arendt at Lincoln. Mrs. Edwards was born at Elm Creek, Nebraska, October 14, 1898. There are two sons, Charles C., born September 16, 1923; and Marlin Keith, born May 23, 1927; both were born at Overton.

Dr. Edwards is a Republican. He served two years in the World War with the ranks of lieutenant and captain, one year of which was overseas service with Base Hospital No. 10. He is a member of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, the Elks and the Masons. His professional organizations include the American Medical Association and the Buffalo County Medical Society. He is fond of sport, and is a member of the Kearney Country Club. Residence: Kearney.

Clarence Arthur Edwards

In 1884 Clarence Arthur Edwards came to Nebraska from his native state, Illinois, and for many years has been a leader in the business life of Dawson and Buffalo

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Counties. He was born at Moline, Illinois, November 17, 1859, son of Herbert Root and Harriet M. (Gordon) Edwards.

Herbert Root Edwards, a mason and later a farmer, was born at Guilford, Vermont, December 3, 1826, and died at Orion, Illinois, in November, 1874. William Edwards, the earliest known forebear of the family, was born in Coventry, Connecticut, July 25, 1741, and his son, Benajah, was born there on May 3, 1772.

Harriet M. Gordon, who was a school teacher, and of pioneer parentage, was born in Wayne County, Michigan, July 10, 1833. She died at Geneseo, Illinois, December 25, 1929. Her ancestry was traced to the Gordon family, members of which settled in the Salem Colony in Massachusetts, and one of whom was Abner Gordon.

Clarence Arthur Edwards attended rural and village schools and was later a student at Northern Indiana Normal School. From 1881-84, he was resident engineer for the Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway. During the years 1886 to 1891, he was county surveyor of Dawson County, and from 1894 to 1901, was engineer and manager of the Gothenburg Power and Irrigation Canal. From 1902-13, he was county surveyor of Buffalo County and city engineer of Kearney.

In 1913, Mr. Edwards became superintendent of the Gothenburg Light and Power Company, serving until 1920, when he became highway commissioner for a term of four years. At the present time he is city engineer of Gothenburg.

His marriage to Vina Lulim was solemnized at Manchester, Iowa, April 14, 1885. Mrs. Edwards who is of German parentage, was born at Wintertown, Wisconsin, March 21, 1862. There are five children living and one deceased: Florence, born June 20, 1868; Dan Gordon, June 2, 1892, who married Ethel Arbuckle; Herbert Christian, Jr., born January 10, 1894, who married Dorothy Rhodes; Gladys H., born February 8, 1898, who married Glenn H. Mahen; Frank C., born August 28, 1901, who married Dorothy Sack; and Edward, born August 28, 1901, who died in May, 1902. Gordon is superintendent of the Gothenburg Light and Power Company; Herbert is an engineer for the Packard Motor Company, and Frank is superintendent of an excavation company.

Mr. Edwards is a member of the American Association of Engineers, the Modern Woodmen of America, the Washington Memorial Association and The Nebraskana Society, Residence: Gothenburg.

Clifford E. O. Edwards

A lifetime resident of Nebraska is Clifford E. O. Edwards, who is a cement contractor at Kearney. He was born at Gibbon, Nebraska, August 20, 1892, the son of F. R. Edwards and Lulu (Blair) Edwards. His father, who was a farmer and cement contractor, was born in Wisconsin, and died at Kearney, June 24, 1923. His mother was born at Denver, Colorado, February 20, 1868,

Mr. Edwards attended the Kearney Military Academy until 1913, and since then has been in business at Kearney. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis Club, is affiliated with St. Luke's Church, and holds favorite in the Country Club and the Elks. His favorite sport is hunting. During the World War, Mr. Edwards served as a first class private in the Marine Corps, of the United States and is now a member of the American Legion.

He was married at Kearney, July 8, 1922, to Amelia Marguerite Romano, who was born at Omaha, Nebraska, August 4, 1894. To this marriage were born: Jean Lou, July 11, 1923; Clifford, Jr., September 3, 1924; and Donald B., April 13, 1928. Residence: Kearney.

Lewis Clifford Edwards

In a frontier cabin of stone and hewn logs, near what is now Glen Rock, Nebraska, Lewis Clifford Edwards was born on September 28, 1878. The son of true pioneers, Andrew Jay and Elvira Isabelle (Mullins) Edwards, his parents were natives of Ohio and Indiana, respectively. Andrew J. Edwards, left an orphan, was reared by an uncle, James Ammons, who took him to South Bend, Indiana, where he grew to manhood. During the first year of the Civil War he enlisted with Company B, 48th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. The 48th Indiana Infantry, which was organized at Goshen, Indiana, in 1861, fought at Fort Donelson in February, 1862, and was at the seige of Corinth, Mississippi, in May, 1862. It then joined in the pursuit of General Price and fought at the Battle of Iuka, in September, 1862, where 116 of its men were killed out of the 420 engaged. In October of that year, it took part in the second battle of Corinth, under General Rosacrans, and later joined Grant's army, with which it pushed to the rear of Vicksburg and took part in the skirmish of Forty Hills, on May 3, 1863. Later in that month it participated in the battle of Raymond, Mississippi, on the 13th, and at Champion Hills on the 14th, where it lost 33 killed and wounded. On May 22, 1863, it took part in the assault on Tunnell Hill, and the Vicksburg forts. The regiment re-enlisted as a veteran organization in January, 1864, and later they joined Sherman's army on its march from Atlanta to the sea. Following the capture of Savannah they took part in the campaign through the Carolinas to Raleigh, thence to Petersburg, Va., and on to Washington, from which they were transferred to Louisville, Kentucky, where they were mustered out on July 15, 1865. Andrew J. Edwrtrds was transferred to the Veteran's Reserve Corps on September 22, 1863, and reenlisted on June 23, 1863, for three years additional service.

During the last year of the war he came to Nebraska, and located at Omaha, where he was employed on various stage lines as a driver. He then entered the employ of the Union Pacific in construction work, and was stationed at Fort Laramie, Wyoming for some period of time. Upon his return to Nebraska he was again employed on mail and stage lines out of Omaha. He made his home in Otoe County for several years, and after farming in Nemaha County some years located at Humboldt, in 1885. He died there on November 15, 1906.

His wife, Elvira Isabelle Mullins, was born in Crawford, Indiana, April 26, 1849. She is the daughter of Lewis Clasby and Elizabeth (Hume) Mullins. Her father was the son of Lindsey and Millie (Sutherd) Mullins, of Virginia. Elizabeth Hume was a daughter of John Gray Hume. To this marriage the following children were born: Gila J. of Lincoln; Lewis Clifford of Falls City; Warren C. of Lincoln; Calvert T., of Lincoln; Marcia, who married H. M. Bradley of Lincoln, and Jesse Lee, who died in Nemaha County.

Lewis C. Edwards attended the public schools of Glen Rock and Humboldt, later serving an apprenticeship in a photograph gallery at Humboldt, after which he entered the office of the Humboldt Standard, in 1890. Learning the trade of printer, he then entered the employ of the Humboldt Enterprise. In 1901, he realized his ambition of becoming a paper owner, and purchased the Humboldt Standard. He operated and edited this paper for about five years, later entering a partnership with Oliver Hall, under the firm name of Edwards & Hall. A Democrat, he was in November, 1905, elected register of deeds for Richardson County. At the expiration of his term of four years he was re-elected, holding office a total of nine years. In November, 1916, he was candidate on the Democratic ticket for state senator, and carried his home county by a large majority, although he took no active part in the campaign. From 1915-20, he was deputy clerk of the district court of Richardson County.

On September 28, 1909, his marriage to Jessie Elvira Paxton was solemnized at Nebraska City. Mrs. Edwards was born near Chambers, Nebraska, in January, 1890. She

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is a daughter of Dr. Galen C. and Laura B. (Cain) Paxton of Falls City, the latter being a daughter of William R. Cain, who with his wife, settled in Richardson County in pioneer days. Dr. Paxton is the son of William L. Paxton, also a pioneer in Richardson County. The Edwards have one child, Bettye Isabelle, born March 31, 1911. She graduated from Falls City High School and attended Stephens College for Women, and Peru State Teachers College.

Mr. Edwards is one of the recognized Democratic leaders of Richardson County. Since 1924 he has been managers of the firm of Edwards-Goldsmith Abstract Company. During his varied business career he has devoted much time to writing. He is the author of Edwards History of Richerdson County. He is a true lover of history, a student of archaeology, and has contributed to some valuable research work along the banks of the Missouri River, where he, with others, has unearthed various skeletal remains, ornaments, etc., which have been pronounced remains of a prehistoric race by persons of authority on the subject. He is a member of the Nebraska Historical Society, The Nebraskana Society, etc. He and his wife are affiliated with St. Thomas Episcopal Church. He is a Mason and an Odd Fellow. Residence: Falls City.

Thomas Aloysius Egan

Born at Chicago, Illinois, November 13, 1884, Thomas Aloysius Egan is the son of John and Ellen Bunyan Egan. His father, a native of Ireland, came to America in 1880, and died at Chicago, in 1910. His mother, also born in Ireland, is still living.

Thomas Egan was educated in Holy Family and St. Ingnatius Schools in Chicago, attended Loyola University, and received his A. B. and M. A. degrees from St. Louis University in 1908 and 1910 respectively. He was ordained to the Jesuit order in 1918.

Since 1920 he has been professor of sociology at Creighton University. He is a member of the Catholic Church, the American Sociological Society and the American Philosophical Society. Residence: Omaha.

Max Jacob Egge

Max Jacob Egge, a resident of Nebraska all his life, has been engaged in the jewelry and optical business at Grand Island for the past 36 years. He was born at Grand Island, May 4, 1871, the son of Adolph Peter and Ottielie Marie (Rosenkranz) Egge. His father, who was born at Holstein, Germany, December 5, 1845, and died at Grand Island, June 30, 1900, was a coal merchant. His mother was born at Holstein, October 26, 1850, and died at Grand Island, April 25, 1908.

Mr. Egge attended school at Grand Island, and then entered the jewelry business there, later becoming an optometrist. A Republican, he has been chairman of the County Central Committee for six years, was city treasurer for two terms, and served as city councilman for two terms. He is past president of the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club, and is affiliated with the First Christian Church of Grand Island.

He is an Elk, holds membership in the Shrine Body of the Masons, and is a member of the Grand Island Golf Club. His marriage to Ada Florence Casad was solemnized at Cortland, Nebraska, December 7, 1899. Mrs. Egge, who was a school teacher before her marriage, was born at Oskaloosa, Iowa, March 29, 1873. Residence: Grand Island.

Harold Everett Eggers

Harold Everett Eggers, physician and surgeon, was born at Royalton, Wisconsin, March 1, 1882, son of Frederic and Louise (Matchiniski) Eggers.

He obtained his medical degree from Rush Medical College in 1909, his Bachelor of Science degree in 1903, and his Masters degree in 1905 from the University of Wisconsin. There he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

His marriage to Eunice Cartwright was solemnized at Chicago, on November 15, 1911.

Dr. Eggers is the author of many pathological articles. He was a fellow of pathology at the University of Chicago, in 1905-06, and a graduate fellow in pathology at Rush Medical College, 1910-1911. From 1911 until 1916, he was professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School.

During the World War he held ranks from lieutenant to major, and is now a lieutenant colonel in the Medical Reserve Corps. Residence: Omaha.

Peter Eginton, Sr.

Peter Eginton, Sr., livestock buyer and feeder, was born in Kluken, County West Mead, Ireland, May 28, 1883, son of George and Elizabeth (Ray) Eginton. He came to the United States, November 4, 1884, with his parents. His father homesteaded in Keith County in 1884, and resided there until his death on August 3, 1928. The homestead is still retained in the possession of the Eginton family.

His mother, a devoted homemaker, died on the homestead, June 29, 1923. There were six children in the family, five of whom are still living, Dan, born March 12, 1881; Katherine, born October 1, 1882; Peter, born May 28, 1883; Sadie, born September 8, 1884; and Elizabeth, born November 4, 1891; and Prudence, August 29, 1893. Dan, Katherine, Peter and Sadie were all born in Ireland; Dan died in July, 1906.

Mr. Eginton was married on March 16, 1919, to Freda Harriet Fritsche at Ogallala, Nebraska. She was born in Osborne, Kansas, January 24, 1896, the daughter of August John and Bertha Anne Fritsche. She is a member of the Lutheran Church and the Order of the Eastern Star. They have one daughter, Elizabeth Ann, born February 29, 1920; and one son, Peter, Jr., born December 7, 1921.

Mr. Eginton is a Republican, is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, a member of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, and is fond of all sports. Residence: Paxton. (Photograph on Page 373).

Frank Ludwig Ehlers

Frank L. Ehlers was born at Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, August 20, 1871, the son of John and Wilhelmine Ehlers. John Ehlers, a farmer, was born in Germany, and died at Atkinson, Wisconsin. Wilhelmine, wife of John, was born in Germany, in March, 1848, and lives in Hebron. He attended public school to the seventh grade and then entered parochial school for a term of three years.

Amelia (Schoenfeld) Ehlers, wife of Frank L. Ehlers, was born at Friedensau, Nebraska, April 21, 1876. Their marriage took place at Deshler, Nebraska, February 19, 1895. To this union were born six children: Eila, born January 11, 1896, who is married to Herbert Harms; Wilbur Carl, born March 12, 1900, who is married to Anna Schoene; Delma, born July 7, 1904, who is married to Dwoyd Schroel; Edgar, born May 1, 1906; Roy, born March 16, 1908; and Orville, born August 13, 1912. These children are all living on farms.

Mr. Ehlers is a successful farmer and a breeder of pure bred Shorthorn cattle. He is a stockholder in the Deshler Grain Company, and is associated with the Deshler Co-operative Creamery Company. During the World War he was active in home defense work, and purchased a large amount of bonds and participated in Red Cross work. He is still a member of the Red Cross. His religious affiliation is with the Lutheran Church of Friendensau, Nebraska. Mr. Ehlers is one of Thayer County's most highly respected citizens and in recogni-

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