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John Winfield Kurtz

Born at Joanna, Berks County, Pennsylvania, April 2, 1894, John W. Kurtz has been a resident of Omaha since 1920. He is the son of Benjamin Franklin and Laura (Good) Kurtz, both natives of Pennsylvania. His father was born at Joanna, February 4, 1851, and died there December 8, 1929. He was a miller, and reared a family of eight children. His father and mother were natives of Germany, who came to America about 1820 and erected a four story mill which is still in use by the family. Laura Good Kurtz, also born at Joanna on February 1, 1858, is of French and Scotch descent. She is still living.

Educated in Caernarvon Township and rural schools until 1907, Mr. Kurtz was graduated from Caernarvon High School in 1910. He received his B. A. at the University of Omaha, and had previously graduated from Westchester State Normal School in 1913. He attended 2 years at Lehigh University studying Electrical Engineering, 1913-15, and studied mechanical engineering at Cornell University in 1916-17-19. He was a member of the Glee Club at Westchester and at Cornell and of the Glee Club and Orchestra at Lehigh. On May 26, 1922, he was married to Clarisse Browne at Omaha. Mrs. Kurtz was born at Omaha, September 8, 1897, and is of Danish, French and Quaker English descent. They have two children, Winfield, born December 14, 1923, and Joanne Helene born February 3, 1925.

Mr. Kurtz was electrician with the Berks Engineering Company, in 1915, and assistant engineer with Stewarts Contractors in 1920. He served 18 months during 1917 and 1918 with the Aviation Section, rank of 2nd lieutenant, balloon observer, World War.

From 1920-21 he was foreman, Corn Derivatives Company, and became a draftsman with the Omaha Steel Company in 1921. He was instructor in the wood shop at South High School, Omaha, 1922, and still continues, and is also instructor in engineering, drawing and shop at the University of Omaha, which position he has held since 1923. He is the author of Shop Short Cuts, Clamp Racks (August 1930).

Mr. Kurtz is a Democrat. He is a member of the American Legion, the Omaha School Forum, the National Educational Association, and the Nebraska State Teachers Association. He has belonged to the N. G. A. since 1925. He is a member of All Saint's Episcopal Church and is a Mason. He was elected secretary and treasurer of the Men's Club of All Saint's Church for the term 1930-31-32. He likes hunting and fishing, and his hobby is technical research. Residence: Omaha.

Albert LaBounty

A resident of Nebraska, since 1876, Albert LaBounty was born at Gilman, Illinois, October 1, 1867. He is the son of Peter and Mary (Demass) LaBounty, both natives of Canada. His father died at Blue Hill, Nebraska, April 29, 1899, and his mother at Nelson, on April 8, 1899.

Albert LaBounty attended country school, and for many years has been a hardware merchant. He is a Democrat, and served as a member of the Nebraska legislature in 1915 and 1917.

On March 6, 1890, he was united in marriage to Rillie Moffett, at Lawrence, Nebraska. Mrs. LaBounty, who was born at Shelby, Missouri, March 5, 1871, died at Rochester, Minnesota, February 8, 1920. Of this union there are five children: Ethel, born June 1892, who married Harold C. Ealy; Virgie, born August 8, 1894, who married C. R. Logan; Ina, born November 20, 1896, who married Lloyd Stonecker; Allen, born October 12, 1898, who is unmarried; and Marion, born December 23, 1904, who married Olive Keir. Allen is a rancher in Wyoming, and Marion is an electrical engineer.

Mr. LaBounty was married to Nora C. Crossgrove on June 11, 1922, at Farnam, Nebraska. She was the first white child born there.

During the World War Mr. LaBounty was a four minute speaker. He is a member of the Farnam Commercial Club, the Modern Woodmen of America and The Nebraskana Society. Residence: Farnam.

Arthur W. Ladd

For 40 years Arthur W. Ladd was the editor and publisher of the Albion Weekly News, at Albion, Nebraska. He was born at Oneida, Illinois, July 29, 1858, the son of James M. and Sarah (Graves) Ladd, the former a shoemaker and farmer who was born at Unity, New Hampshire, June 1, 1818 and died at Albion, Nebraska, March 11, 1889. His mother, whose ancesters settled in New England in the early history of America, was born at Unity, New Hampshire, October 14, 1822, and died at Albion, June 30, 1910.

Mr. Ladd attended the public schools of Oneida, and in 1879 came to Nebraska, bringing his first printing press from Columbus, Nebraska, the nearest railroad point overland in a wagon, a distance of fifty miles. In 1919 he retired from active business. He is vice president of the Albion National Bank, has been mayor of Albion for eight years, has held membership on the school board and city council, and is a member of the Albion Lions Club. He is past master of the Masons.

He married Amy I. Fox, who was born in Dubuque County, Iowa, April 17, 1865. Her parents came to this country from England. They have one daughter, Della, born February 9, 1891, who married Warren B. Romans, of Lincoln, Nebraska. To this union two children were born, Elizabeth, July 7, 1916; and Warren, born October 19, 1918. Residence: Albion.

Eugene B. Laflin

On December 22, 1867, Eugene B. Laflin was born at Crab Orchard, Johnson County, Nebraska. His father, Lewis Hall Laflin, was a farmer who served in the first Nebraska regiment volunteers from 1862 to 1865 in the Civil War, and was a member of the Nebraska legislature in 1873. He was born at Rock Island, Illinois, August 21, 1843, and died at Crab Orchard, March 10, 1920.

America K. (Scott) Laflin, his mother, was born at Louisville, Kentucky, August 10, 1846, and died at Crab Orchard, July 27, 1905.

Mr. Laflin attended the public schools of Johnson County, but received most of his education through experience and private study. He was admitted to the bar at Falls City, Richardson County, Nebraska, June 10, 1895, and has practiced law in Nebraska since that time. Today besides his general law practice he is vice president of the American Aberdeen Angus Breeder's Association, and is engaged in farming and general stock raising. He has lived in Nebraska all his life.

He married Fannie M. Flory at Gibbon, Buffalo County, Nebraska, August 22, 1892. Mrs. Laflin was born at Smithburg, Washington County, Maryland, November 26, 1870. There are two children: Lewis Eugene, born August 7, 1895; and Ruth Mary, born July 4, 1898.

He is a Republican, and a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Red Cross. He is a Mason, and a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. Residence: Crab Orchard.

Thomas Johnson Lahners

Thomas Johnson Lahners, retired farmer, was born in Golden, Adams County, Illinois, December 17, 1860, son of Oltman Johnson and Luka Catherine (Hofeling) Lahners. His father, who was born at Oldenburg, Germany, June 15, 1838, died at Flanagan, Illinois, December 3, 1868. He was a farmer. His wife, Luka Catherine, born in Germany, July 18, 1824, died at Flanagan, January 29, 1878.

Educated in public, private and parochial schools.

Thomas J. Lahners was on November 23, 1882, married

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to Anna Bowman at Flanagan. Mrs. Lahners was born at Flanagan, May 29, 1867. Three of their five children were born in Illinois, and two in Nebraska: Oltman, born November 23, 1883, is a farmer; Folkert, born July 26, 1885, married Ollie Hawks. He died April 23, 1923; Thomas, born August 7, 1887; Carrie, born January 1, 1891; and George, born October 2, 1896. Falkert is a farmer; Thomas is a physician and surgeon, and a first lieutenant of Medical Reserve. Carrie is a housekeeper and George served as mess sergeant in Officers Training Corps. Both volunteered.

A resident of Nebraska, since 1890, Mr. Lahners has always been an outstanding resident of Thayer County. He has engaged in farming until recent years, and has been active in Republican politics for many years. He is a progressive, and in 1905 and 1907, served in the state legislature. He was state senator 1915-17, and the special session of 1918. A member of the Constitutional Convention of 1919-20, he was chairman of the agricultural committee.

His record in public affairs is exceptional. Much of the development of Thayer County agriculture and good roads may be traced to him. He was elected superintendent of Thayer Couny (sic) Good Roads Association in 1912. and while serving in this capacity was the leader of the movement for the building of the Meridian Highway.

In 1907 as a member of the legislature he introduced the good roads dragging bill which was signed by Governor George L. Sheldon, and which was really the beginning of improved highways in Nebraska, and in 1912 was one of the organizers of a good roads association, with Charles C. Fletcher, of Hebron, as president, Fred Hensel as secretary, William Miller as treasurer, and Mr. Lahners as superintendent. Mr. Lahners was at that time state senator and in 1915, introduced senate file No. 45, which made it unlawful to discharge fire arms on the public highways; senate file No. 211, which gave free music to towns, and which was signed by Governor Morehead. During the 1917 session he introduced senate file No. 27, which provided for watering stock at private tanks; and senate file No. 166, which gave soldiers the right to vote away from home. This bill was signed by Governor Keith Neville.

It is interesting to study the problem which confronted the development of the Meridian Highway in Thayer County, and credit should be given to all the members of the Good Roads Association for their untiring efforts, and particularly to Mr. Lahners. During the winter of 1912, he circulated a petition which was signed by many residents; road overseers were appointed, and 156 men pledged, 96 from Bruning, and sixty from Belvidere. All work done on the Meridian Highway was donated, and the road was kept in repair by Thomas Lahners, C. D. Mc Killip, F. E. Bailey and Earl Wilhelms, free of charge. As stated in the Hebron Champion of June 21, 1912, "It is indeed a great stroke of enterprise on the part of the projectors, and those having the matter in charge, especially Mr. Lahners, who projected the same, Homer Town of Belvidere, who had charge of the work out of Belvidere, and the men whose names are mentioned above as overseers. We doubt if there has been anything like it in the state, and if all parts of the state would take the same interest, it would not be long before Nebraska would be known as the best 'good roads' state in the world, and the property along the various roads would be enhanced in value.

In addition to his work for the county and state, Mr. Lahners has been active in civic, community and religious affairs. He was active in Liberty Loan work during the World War, is a member of the German Lutheran Church at Bruning, and from 1890 to 1915, was a member of the school board. He is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, the Nebraska State Historical Society, and in recognition for his outstanding achievements has been made a life member of the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Belvidere. (Photograph in Album).

Earl Edward Laidig

Earl Edward Laidig, dentist, was born in Decatur, County, Kansas, April 13, 1894, and since October 1, 1919 has been active in the practice of his profession. He is the son of William Franklin and Katherine (Lawless) Laidig, the former born in Illinois, January 28, 1861; his father was a farmer. His mother was also born in Illinois, in 1861 and died in Decatur County, Kansas, November 18, 1918.

Dr. Laidig attended the public schools of Decatur County, Kansas until 1910 and was graduated from Decatur County High School at Oberlin, Kansas, in 1914. He received his degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Nebraska in 1919, where he was a member of Delta Sigma Delta fraternity. During his high school days he was active in basketball and football.

On May 20, 1920, he was married to Allie Fay Redfern at Marion, Nebraska. Mrs. Laidig was born at Marion, October 19, 1898. Her activities include church work connected with her membership in the Dorcas Society of Congregational Church and Sunday school, the Eastern Star and Woman's Club. They have one son, Clair Eugene, born July 23, 1928.

During the World War, Dr. Laidig was a member of the Medical Reserve Corps. He is a member of the National, District and State Dental Societies and is past master of Boaz Lodge of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons No. 185, and past president of the District Dental Society. His favorite sport is golf. Residence: Danbury.

Fred Chester Laird

Fred Chester Laird was born at Tabor, Fremont County, Iowa, May 22, 1880, and for the past 26 years has been a resident of Nebraska. His father, Francis Marion Laird, who was born in Fremont County, February 7, 1855, is a retired farmer and stockman; he served in the Iowa legislature two terms; his great great-grandfather was a soldier in the Revolution, while two uncles were Civil War soldiers. His mother was born in Fremont County, Iowa, May 9, 1854; her father served in the Civil War.

Mr. Laird attended the high school at Tabor, Iowa, and in 1899 was graduated from the Tabor Academy. He received the Ph. B. degree at Tabor College, 1903, and the LL. B. degree at the University of Nebraska in 1906. He was awarded a college letter at Tabor College for football and baseball activities, and was exchequer of Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Nebraska.

From 1906 to 1913 he practiced law at Fremont, alone, and from 1913 to 1919, and from 1922 to 1929 was associated with George L. Loomis and H. W. Loomis in a law firm. He is now county judge of Dodge County. He has held the following public offices in Dodge County: police judge at Fremont, 1898-17; county judge 1929, to the present time; and revenue agent of the estate tax division, 1919-22, qualifying under Civil Service.

His marriage to Leo Alice Loomis was solemnized at Fremont, June 15, 1911. Mrs. Laird was born at Fremont, September 20, 1883. During the World War Mr. Laird served as a member of the registration board, the advisory board, four minute speaker, officer in the home guards, and Liberty loan man. He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution while Mrs. Laird holds membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

He is a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association, is secretary of the Dodge County Bar Association, and has been a member of the Fremont Kiwanis Club since 1921. He is a member of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, the Red Cross, and the Nebraskana Society. He is affiliated with the First Congregational Church of Fremont, and is a member of the Young Men's Christian Association.

For the past three years he has been a member of the Children's Hospital committee of Tangier Temple. He is

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also a member and chairman of the Kiwanis committee for under privileged children, and a member of the Elks general committee for crippled children. Most of the juvenile court work in the county is also handled by Mr. Laird.

Mr. Laird's fraternal organizations include the Elks, of which he is past exalted ruler; Fremont Lodge of the Masons, of which he is Past Master, Signet Chapter of Masons, Mount Tabor Commandery, and Shrine, and the Order of the Eastern Star, His social clubs are the Fremont Country Club; Happy Hollow Club of Omaha; and the University Alumni Association of Nebraska. He likes the out of doors and is particularly interested in golfing. Residence: Omaha.

Charles Allison Lambeth

Charles A. Lambeth was born at Nebraska City, Nebraska, December 7, 1878, the son of William Carey and Amanda (Fitz Allen) Lambeth. His father was a pioneer merchant in Omaha and Nebraska City and a freighter from Nebraska City to Denver. He was born at Lexington, Missouri, August 9, 1845, and died at Long Beach, California, February 29, 1928. His ancestry was English.

His mother was born in Kentucky, August 26, 1851, and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Mr. Lambeth attended the Nebraska City public schools and the high school at Syracuse, Nebraska. Later he was a student at the Nebraska City Episcopal College. For a time he was a clothing salesman at Kansas City, Missouri, at St. Louis, at Prescott, Arizona, and Phoenix, Arizona. He is now the owner of a clothing store at Syracuse.

He married Alice Venters at Syracuse, September 6, 1911. Mrs. Lambeth was born at Stonington, Christian County, Illinois, September 3, 1882. Two children were born to them. William Allison, who was born December 12, 1912, is a student at the University of Nebraska. Stuart, who was born September 18, 1915, died January 3, 1917.

Mr. Lambeth is a member of the Syracuse Business Men's Association. He is a Modern Woodman and an 18th degree Scottish Rite Mason. He is a member of the Syracuse Golf Club, and a Democrat. Residence: Syracuse.

Frank S. Lamm

Frank S. Lamm, son of William and Nancy (Stonehocker) Lamm, was born in Scotland County, Missouri, September 28, 1869. When he was three weeks old, he with his parents, moved to Iowa, and when he was thirteen years old they moved to Thayer County, and lived on the farm where he is now living.

William Lamm, was born at Somerville, Preble County, Ohio, April 27, 1843, and died at Belvidere, Nebraska, February 13, 1914. Nancy (Stonehocker) Lamm was born at Coshocton, Ohio, March 6, 1844, and died at St. Joseph, Missouri, August 21, 1917. They are both of American parentage.

Mr. Lamm has been a resident of Nebraska since November, 1882. He has always farmed and raised stock with his brother, Harlan M. Lamm. In November of 1931, Mr. Lamm will have lived on the same farm for forty-nine years.

During the World War he was active in war work, especially Red Cross and bond purchases. Residence: Belvidere.

Anton Kasper Lammers

Anton Kasper Lammers, a lifetime resident of Cedar County, Nebraska, was born June 23, 1870, the son of John and Mary Stratton Lammers. His father, who was born at Hanover, Germany, in 1830, and died in Cedar County, July 9, 1896, was a farmer. His mother was born in Germany, in 1850, and died in Cedar County, December, 1906.

Mr. Lammers attended Quincy College, 1886-87. For 34 years he owned and operated a lumber yard at Hartington; he is now retired. He is a member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, holding membership in the Knights of Columbus, is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Nebraskana Society. He is a Democrat. His hobby is gardening.

On May 22, 1900, Mr. Lammers was married to Clara Wolz, at Hartington, Cedar County, Nebraska; she was born at Plymouth, Iowa, in 1877. Their four children are: Aurelia, born 1903, a registered nurse at Nashville, Tennessee; Gertrude, born 1906; Dolores, born 1908; and Katherine, born 1910. Residence: Hartington.

Paul Harold Lammers

Paul Harold Lammers, practicing dentist, was born at Hartington, Nebraska, March 3, 1899, son of John W. and Ann (Kramer) Lammers. His father, who was a native of Dubuque, Iowa, was a farmer of German descent. He died in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in January, 1913. His mother was born in Germany, about 1871, and is still living.

Dr. Lammers attended high school at Conception, Missouri, graduating in 1919, and during 1920, attended the University of Minnesota. He received his D. D. S. from Creighton University in 1925, and is a member of Psi Omega and Psi Alpha. During the time he was at Minnesota he was a member of the basketball team.

On November 1, 1925, Dr. Lammers was united in marriage to Mary Ida Kerken, at Norfolk. Mrs. Lammers was born at West Point, Nebraska, in 1898. There are two children: Hyacinth, born January 24, 1926; and Edward Joseph, born July 24, 1928. After five years practice at Norfolk, Nebraska, Dr. Lammers removed to Hartington, where he operates his own office.

He is a Democrat, and a member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, and the Knights of Columbus. He is president of the Lions Club, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Officers Reserve Corps. His professional organizations include the state, district and national dental associations. He is fond of golf, and is a member of the Country Club. Residence: Hartington.

Lane Lancaster

Lane Lancaster was born at Bellaire, Belmont County, Ohio, December 9, 1892, the son of Charles Warren and Josephine (Crow) Lancaster. His father, who is a manufacturer of glass products, was born at Marietta, Washington County, Ohio, April 7, 1866. His mother was born on a farm in Belmont County, Ohio, November 13, 1869. She has been active in religious work for many years; her ancestors were English and German settlers in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Lancaster attended elementary schools in Ohio. He received the A. B. degree at Ohio Wesleyan University, 1915, was awarded the A. M. degree at the University of Illinois, 1918, and was graduated with the Ph. D. degree at the University of Pennsylvania, 1923. He was elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho, and Delta Tau Delta.

He was a scholar in history at the University of Illinois, 1917-18, held a fellowship in history at the University of Pennsylvania, 1919-20, was instructor in political science at the University of Pennsylvania, 1920-3, and served as assistant professor and associate professor of government at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, 1923-30. Since 1930 he has been professor of political science at the University of Nebraska. During

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summer sessions he has taught in the Pennsylvania State College, and Bates College, Lewiston, Maine.

An Independent Democrat, Dr. Lancaster was unsuccessful candidate for the state senate of Connecticut, 1926. He was a private in the United States Army during the World War. He is a member of the American Political Science Association, the National Municipal League, and the Nebraskana Society. His recreations include golfing and reading.

On September 11, 1917, he was united in marriage with Mary Alice Brown at Cardington, Morrow County, Ohio. Mrs. Lancaster was born at Fulton, Ohio, June 2, 1892. Their two children are: Mary, born May 7, 1925; and Susan, born December 4, 1926. Residence: Lincoln.

Clarence Louis Landen

Clarence Louis Landen was born at Omaha, Nebraska, September 19, 1898, and has lived in that community all his life. His father, Ludwig Andrew Landen, who was born in Sweden, January 23, 1874, is a retired clothing merchant. His mother, Christina Emma Johnson, was born at Omaha, and died there June 10, 1916.

Mr. Landen attended the Lothrop School at Omaha; was graduated from Central High School; and later was student at the Omaha Business College. From 1916-24 he was engaged in the automobile business at Omaha, and he is now vice president and secretary of the Securities Investment Company. In addition he is president of the Motor Exchange Company, a director of the Securities Managers Corporation and the National Thrift Assurance Company; and is president of the Securities Managers Corporation.

He was united in marriage to Mereta Lucille Mathews at Omaha, June 19, 1918. Mrs. Landen was born at Albion, Nebraska, December 24, 1897. To them were born two children: John Louis, born June 5, 1920; and Clarence Leonard, born September 1, 1924.

Mr. Landen is a member of the Reserve Officers Corps and the Red Cross. His political affiliation is with the Republican party, and he holds membership in the following: Omaha Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Finance Companies, Omaha Auto Trade Association, Lions Club, and Ak-Sar-Ben. He is a member of the Parent-Teachers' Association of Dundee school, the North Presbyterian Church and the Young Men's Christian Association of Omaha. His clubs are the Omaha Athletic and Happy Hollow Country Club. He enjoys golf and swimming. Residence: Omaha.

Elwood Landis

Elwood Landis, postmaster, was born in Hill County, Texas, September 9, 1873, son of William Matchet and Sarah (Winters) Landis. William M. Landis, a farmer, was born in the state of Indiana, March 18, 1830, and died in Washington County, Kansas, October 30, 1909. His father was a soldier in the American Army in the War of 1812.

Sarah Landis, was born in Indiana, July 4, 1834, and died in Jefferson County, Nebraska, September 19, 1922. She was of German-Irish descent and her father was an officer in the American Army in the War of 1812.

On June 18, 1914, Mr. Landis was united in marriage to Elizabeth Lockhart, at her birthplace, Rochester, New York. Their only child died in infancy.

Mr. Landis is an independent and has been elected precinct assessor two terms. In early life, he was a farmer, a clerk, and a barber, and now is postmaster at Powell, Nebraska. A Protestant, he is a member of the Methodist Church at Powell. He is a member of The Nebraskana Society, Modern Woodmen of America, and the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows, and is interested in astronomy. Residence: Powell.

Harry DeWitt Landis

Harry DeWitt Landis, judge of the district court, was born at Sterling, Illinois, July 17, 1878, son of Elam Hershey and Alice Narcissa (Eschelman) Landis. The father was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, November 17, 1846, and the mother at Strasburg, Pennsylvania, January 2, 1855. She died at Seward on October 17, 1930.

Judge Landis received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1899, his Bachelor of Laws in 1901, and his degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1919 from the University of Nebraska. He is a member of Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Delta Phi and Sigma Chi.

On June 27, 1927, he was married to Alice Mabel Cattle at Seward. She was born at Seward, August 15, 1885. There are six children, Harry, born July 7, 1908, who married Eva Michelmore; Walter, born October 13, 1910; John, born September 11, 1912; Frank, born December 27, 1913; Alice, born August 16, 1920 and George, born August 6, 1927.

A Republican, Judge Landis was deputy county judge and deputy clerk of the Supreme Court of Nebraska, 1902; served as a regent of the University of Nebraska 12 years, and since 1925 has been district judge of the 5th judicial district elected on a non-partisan ticket.

He is a member of the First Presbyterian Church, the American and Nebraska State Bar Associations, a major in the Judge Advocate General's Reserves, president of the Social Welfare Association, treasurer of the Red Cross, a director of the Young Men's Christian Association and a director of the Nebraska Tuberculosis Association. He is an Odd Fellow and a Mason and a member of the University Club and the Magazine Club. Residence: Seward.

William J. Lane

William J. Lane, farmer, real estate operator and insurance man, was born in Iowa, November 29, 1876, and for the past forty-five years has been a farmer. He is the son of William and Polly A. (Kirkham) Lane, the former also a farmer.

Mr. Lane was educated in public schools, and soon thereafter took up his chosen occupation, in which he has been successful. He was married to June M. Marshall, and to them two children were born, Vernon, on July 5, 1914, and Vivian I., on January 17, 1917. Mrs. Lane was born in Michigan, December 6, 1887.

A Democrat, Mr. Lane has always been interested and active in local party politics. Recently he was made a life member of the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Newport.

Winthrop Bent Lane

Winthrop B. Lane was born at Omaha, Nebraska, December 11, 1893, and has lived there all his life. His father, Edmund C. Lane, who was born at Underhill, Vermont, July 20, 1854, and died at Omaha, April 14, 1898, was a lawyer. His mother, Mary Catherine (Bent) Lane, was born at Cornwall, Vermont. Her English ancestors came to America before the Revolution; she is descended from the Adams family of Massachusetts; her paternal grandfather was a minister, professor and landman.

Mr. Lane attended the public schools of Omaha and was graduated from South Omaha High School. He was awarded the B. S. degree at Nebraska Wesleyan.University, and later was granted his LL. B. at Harvard Law School. He was a member of the Nebraska Wesleyan Debating Team for three years and was Ivy Day orator. He was also elected to membership in Pi Kappa Delta and Delta Omega Phi.

Admitted to the bar at Omaha, June, 1918, he was associated with the firm of Stout, Rose, Wells, and Martin and later became a member of the Omaha Bar Associa-

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