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1906, he built and promoted the first telephone exchanges at Denton and Kramer, and in the spring of 1907, erected a telephone exchange at Pleasant Dale. In the fall of 1907, he founded the Crete Telephone Company, with the position of secretary-treasurer and manager. At the present time he is president and manager of that corporation. In addition to the last mentioned position, in 1926 he purchased the Reynolds Telephone Company at Reynolds, and in 1927 the Frontier Telephone Company at Hubbell. At the present time Mr. Miller is principal owner and manager of these three companies. An active participant in other businesses, he has been director of the Nebraska State Telephone Association for several years, a director of the Crete Building and Loan Association and of the Tuxedo Park Association; president of the Centerville Cemetery Association, which he has reorganized, member of the city council, the Pioneers Telephone Association of America, and a director of the Martell Telephone Company. Recently he was elected to vice presidency of the Crete Swimming Pool.

His marriage to Florence Lenora Hazen was solemnized at Lawrence, Kansas, on November 16, 1911 (see Nebraskana). Mr. Miller attends the Congregational Church at Crete, and is a member of various civic and other organizations. These include the Red Cross, the Rotary Club, in which he has served as a director and as secretary, the Community Club, and the Boy Scouts. In the latter he has been active in the promotion of the Boy Scout Camp at Crete, and is especially interested in boys' work. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society also. His outdoor sports include golf, football, baseball, fishing and hunting. Residence: Crete.

Chester Arthur Miller

Chester Arthur Miller, physician and surgeon, was born at Chicago, Illinois, June 17, 1874, son of Austin and Helen M. (Phillips) Miller.

The father was born at Boonville, New York, January 12, 1840, and died at Greenfield, Iowa, August 8, 1916. He was a farmer, who served three years with Company F, 54th and 157th New York Infantry in the Civil War. His ancestry was English and French. His wife, Helen, was born at Charleston, South Carolina, March 29, 1844, and is of German and Irish descent.

Dr. Miller attended public school in Iowa, until 1891, was graduated from Keokuk Medical College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1902, and for two years was a student at the Nebraska Wesleyan University. He has been in active practice for more than 30 years.

He was married on September 16, 1903 to Louie Deweese at Fontanelle, Iowa. Mrs. Miller was born at Riverside, Iowa, August 25, 1880. She is the daughter of David and Margaret (Lemley) Deweese, and is a member of the Eastern Star and the American Legion Auxiliary. They have one daughter, Margaret Helen, born May 16, 1907, who married Kenneth Ryan. At the present time they are residing at Massena, Iowa.

Dr. Miller held the rank of first lieutenant in the Medical Corps in the World War, and is a member of the Medical Reserve Corps, and the American Legion. He is a Republican, a member of the Red Cross, the Masons, the American Medical Society, and the Congregational Church. His hobby is mechanics. Recently he was made a life member of the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Thedford.

Dr. Clinton James Miller

Dr. Clinton James Miller, physician and surgeon, was born in Benton County, Iowa, December 7, 1881, son of James Madison and Nancy Emily (Brown) Miller. James Madison Miller, born in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, in 1843, was descended from the mountaineers of Kentucky. He was a farmer and businessman until his death in Calhoun County, Iowa, in August, 1916. His wife, who was born in Henry County, Illinois, in 1850, came from a family which settled early in Kentucky.

Dr. Miller was graduated from public and high school, attended normal school two years, and was awarded his degree of Doctor of Medicine from the University of Nebraska in 1905, graduating with honors.

He was married on July 26, 1911 to Zona Estella McNutt at Ord. Mrs. Miller, who was born at West Liberty. Iowa, November 29, 1887, is of Pennsylvania Dutch descent. They have two children, Mary Louise, born April 25, 1925; and Roger James, born March 4, 1928. The children are adopted.

Dr. Miller has spent his entire professional life at Ord where he is owner and surgeon of the Ord Hospital. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the Nebraska State Medical Association and the Valley County Medical Society. He is a Mason and a Presbyterian. For the past twenty years he has been interested in all sports relating to guns, his hobby being shotgun and big game hunting. Residence: Ord.

Edith Merle Miller

Born at Tecumseh, Nebraska, May 18, 1898, Edith Merle Miller is the daughter of Walter Elliott and Gertie Ann (Fink) Snyder. Her father, who is a farmer, was born at Galva, Illinois, July 19, 1873; his father served in the Nebraska legislature for two years. Her mother, an active club worker, was born at Elk Creek, Nebraska, October 7, 1878.

Mrs. Miller was a restaurant owner for six years, and taught in the public schools of Holt County for six years. She is a member of the Parent Teachers Association, having served as vice president of that organzation in 1929 and 1930 and as president since 1930. Her religious affiliation is with the Methodist Episcopal Church of Page, and her favorite recreations are reading and studying.

She was married to Lowell Maxwell Miller at Page, December 25, 1917. Mr. Miller, who is a mechanic, was born at Sandburn, Iowa, January 29, 1894. They have a son, Maxwell, born October 14, 1920. Residence: Page.

Edwin Stanton Miller

Edwin Stanton Miller was born at Waterloo, Iowa, July 31, 1864. He is the son of Samuel Homer and Eliza (Beachley) Miller, the former a clergyman and farmer. Mr. Miller attended the public schools, and the University of Nebraska and University of Michigan.

He was married to Ida Arnold at Parsons, Kansas, March 10, 1887. Mrs. Miller was born at Ashland, Ohio, February 13, 1865. They have three children: Edna, born July 1, 1888, who married Henry Johnson; Eugene, born February 10, 1890, who married Mary Brown; and Max, born February 1, 1896, who married Phebe Folsom.

Mr. Miller has been engaged in the grain and milling business in Omaha for many years and is president of the Miller Cereal Mills. He is a Republican, and a member of the First Unitarian Church, is active in civic and educational work, and the Chamber of Commerce. He is a Rotarian and a Mason.

His clubs are the University Club and the Omaha Country Club, and his sport is golf. Residence: Omaha.

Florence Hazen Miller

A native of Sylvia, Reno County, Kansas, Florence Hazen Miller is the daughter of Daniel Webster and Frances Eliza (Kinnamon) Hazen. Daniel Webster Hazen, who is descended from a Revolutionary soldier, and whose family has been in America since 1649, was born at Azalia, Michigan, August 6, 1849. He is new retired. 1921. Her ancestors came to America in 1774, and her grandfather served in the war of 1812.

Mrs. Miller's mother who was born in North Carolina, on

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November 29, 1856, died at Lawrence, Kansas, March 6, On November 16, 1911, Florence Hazen was united in marriage to Benjamin George Miller. Mr. Miller, who was secretary, treasurer and manager of the Crete Telephone Company, and now its president, was born in Lancaster County, in October, 1877.

For the past twenty years Mrs. Miller has been a resident of Nebraska, and has done much toward its advancement in civic lines. She was the proponent of the idea of the Living Christmas Tree, the first of which was planted under her direction, on April 23, 1923, in Central park at Crete. A special program was prepared and historic soil taken from various spots in Saline County, together with some from Continental Hall and the Nation's Capitol, was placed beneath the tree. During the past several years the message of the tree has been recognized by many foreign countries, and has become an international project. Mrs. Miller was the organizing president of the Crete Society of the Children of the American Revolution, and it is through this organization that the work of the Living Christmas Tree Memorial has spread. The subject of this sketch has been for many years a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and for the past nine years has served as president of the Crete Society of the Children of the American Revolution and is now its state director.

Another of her outstanding accomplishments is the designing of the Nebraska State Flag. This banner displays the Great Seal of the State, in gold and silver, on a field of National blue. The bill became a law July 2, 1925, made it the official state flag for Nebraska. One of the original flags made by Mrs. Miller is being preserved at Arbor Lodge Museum; Governor McMullen also is the possessor of one of the first ones created by her.

Since 1925 she has written a condensed history of the Living Christmas Tree and the Nebraska State Flag. She is also the author of the international code, which provides that Christmas trees shall be burned as soon as they become useless, much in the same manner as the national emblem.

Among her various civic activities are included the following: From 1925 to the end of 1927, she served as councillor of the D. F. P. A., and during 1926, she was state chairman of national defense for the Nebraska organization of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She was appointed local chairman for Better Homes in America by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover in 1927, She has served as state chairman of finance of the Nebraska Genealogical Society, a Rotarian Ann, and holds membership in the Woman's Club, the Nebraskana Society and the Crete Congregational Church.

Mrs. Miller suggested that Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge at Washington display the national emblem at all times, in memory of the author of the national anthem, and create the depths of feeling in those who pass over the bridge that inspired Francis Key to write the song.

She is the author of the Stars and Stripes Forever, the national march, made famous by John Philip Sousa. The bill to honor Mr. Sousa was introduced by Honorable J. N. Norton.

It is interesting to note, in connection with Mrs. Miller's life, that during her research work she has discovered that the World Court was of American origin. There now is on file in the Congressional Library at Washington, through the courtesy of Mrs. Miller, a volume published nearly a century ago by her great grandfather, which contains an article by David Millard, in which he describes it as an International Congress, together with a photograph of himself, which was presented to the library.

In December, 1929, Mrs. Miller presented the Nebraska State Flag to officers and crew of the U. S. S. Omaha which is displayed in the Recreation Room among the numerous trophies won by the ship. Mrs. Miller served on first United States Flag Contest in 1929. It is interesting that out of 71 names submitted Mrs. Miller received the honor of naming Tuxedo Park. Residence: Crete.

Frank Joseph Miller

Frank J. Miller has lived in this state all his life and since 1901, has been engaged in business as a furniture dealer and funeral director in Colfax County. He was born at Dodge, Nebraska, January 25, 1881, the son of Vaclav and Margaret (Pojar) Miller. His father, who was a farmer for 45 years, was born in Bohemia, May 16, 1848, and died at Dodge, August 19, 1919. His mother was born in Bohemia, October 20, 1848, and died at Dodge, April 7, 1918.

Mr. Miller attended grade school at Glencoe, Nebraska, and then engaged in farming with his father. In 1901, he was a student at the Fremont Normal School at Fremont, Nebraska, and the following summer bought his present business from Faymon & Son. He also owns a one-half interest in the company Miller & Hunlicek, at Dodge.

He has taken an active interest in civic affairs at Clarkson, for many years, and holds membership in various community organizations. He was a member of the village council for seven years; is now president of the local Red Cross; and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. He is a member of Z. C. B. J., the Modern Woodmen of America, and the Knights of Columbus. His favorite sport is baseball. He is a Catholic.

Mr. Miller was united in marriage with Mary M. Chleboun, at Schuyler, Colfax County, Nebraska, August 16, 1905. Mrs. Miller, who assists her husband in his business, was born at Prague, Nebraska, August 18, 1885. Their two children, who were born in Clarkson, are Lauretta, born December 26, 1907; and Frank Joseph, born August 26, 1910. Lauretta attended the School of Music at Lake Forest, Illinois, for two years, and was a student at the University of Missouri, for three years. Frank attended military school at Lexington, Missouri, and later was a student at the University of Missouri for two years. Residence: Clarkson.

Frederick Emanuel Miller

Frederick E. Miller was born at Opheim, Illinois, December 2, 1880, the son of Hjalmer Richard and Lizzie (Hanson) Miller. His father, who is a physician, was born in Stockholm, Sweden, July 27, 1855; his paternal grandfather, was active in the Danish Prussian War in 1884, and later was vice consul to Sweden. His mother was born in Hievle, Sweden, April 24, 1848, and died at Chicago, September 22, 1922. Her parents were farmers.

Mr. Miller has lived in Nebraska for 45 years and has been connected with the T. G. Northwall Company for 32 years. He has been assistant secretary, vice president, and is now president of this organization.

He was married at Red Oak, Iowa, July 23, 1913 to Amy Elenora Austin. Mrs. Miller was born in Page County, Iowa, May 2, 1883. They have one daughter, Dorothy, born November 28, 1918. Mr. Miller was a member of the Nebraska National Guard, 1919-20. He holds membership in the Red Cross; Omaha Chamber of Commerce; Lions Club; and Noon-day Luncheon Club. He is a member of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Omaha, and is a Republican. Residence: Omaha.

George Adelbert Miller

George Adelbert Miller, who was a pioneer farmer in Furnas County, Nebraska, was born at Albany, Illinois, September 17, 1872, the son of George Michels and Nancy Jane (Wilson) Miller. His father, who was a farmer, died at Wilsonville, October 20, 1901. His mother, whose ancestry was Pennsylvania Dutch, died at Wilsonville, April 15, 1901.

Mr. Miller engaged in farming near Wilsonville until his retirement in 1917. He still owns his original farm, and is acting as vice president of the. Wilsonville State Bank. He is affiliated with the Wilsonville Presbyterian Church, holds membership in the Commercial Club and

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the Red Cross, and is a member of the Nebraskana Society. He is a Mason and a member of the Eastern Star.

On March 14, 1894, he married Minnie May Hoylman at Wilsonville. Mrs. Miller, whose ancestry is German, was born at Roseland, Nebraska, April 1, 1886. Three children were born to this marriage: Helen, February 14, 1895, who married Everett H. Wilmot; Millie Marie, January 12, 1898, who married Glenn R. Best; and Ruby Wilma, September 20, 1911. Residence: Wilsonville.

George Henry Miller

George H. Miller, son of George Miller and Elizabeth P. (Erford) Miller, was born at Peoria, Illinois, March 18, 1858. His father was born at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, February 3, 1828 of Scotch parentage. He was a miller by trade, and later a farmer. He died at Surprise, Nebraska, January 19, 1888.

His mother was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, December 1, 1827, and died at Surprise, on June 17, 1915. Her ancestors were German.

Mr. Miller had a limited education under private tutors in Indiana. Coming to Lincoln, in 1872, he traveled to Seward, by stage coach. For a year he worked in a mill at Ulysses, and afterward operated a mill at Central City, five years. In 1881, he came to Surprise, where he built the mill which he has operated for forty-two years. On May 8, 1881, at Central City, Nebraska, he married Anna F. Cummings. She was born at Central City, November 23, 1862. To this union four children were born: Myra O., March 6, 1883, who died August 24, 1888; Nellie M., July 26, 1885, the wife of John H. Hertel, of Los Angeles; Roy Earl, October 25, 1889, who is married to Margaret Murphy now of Omaha; and Georgia Anna, January 22, 1899, who became the wife of Allen W. Gubser, and lives on a farm northeast of Surprise.

George Miller is affiliated with the Democratic party and the Lutheran Church at Surprise. He has resided in Nebraska, fifty-nine years and is a member of the Nebraskana Society.

Mr. Miller is director of The State Bank of Surprise. He organized the Tuscan Lodge No. 130 in Surprise, and has been a member of the order of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons for more than fifty years. Residence: Surprise.

Harry Daniel Miller

Harry Daniel Miller, banker and executive, was born at Marengo, Iowa, October 9, 1869, son of Levi and Lucretia (Tutweiler) Miller. Levi Miller, who was born at Columbus, Ohio, October 28, 1938, was admitted to the bar of Nebraska in 1881, and served as county attorney and mayor of Stanton. He was president of the First National Bank from 1883 to the time of his death on February 18, 1920. During the Civil War he served 1862-65 as a captain of the 2nd Missouri Cavalry. His grandfather, Michael Miller, was a fifer in Peter Grubbs Junior Company and saw active service in the Battle of Long Island, in the Revolution, and at Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. Lucretia Miller, wife of Levi, was born in New Lexington, Ohio, August 15, 1845. She is active in church work and has served as president of the Sorosis Club. Her father and grandfather served in the War of 1812, and came from the Green and Tutweiler families of Roekingham County, Virginia.

Harry D. Miller attended Stanton High School, and Eastman's College at Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1901, he was one of the organizers of the Stanton Electric Light Company, and upon the death of his father he became president of the First National Bank. He is secretary-treasurer of the Stanton Telephone Company, and a director of the Mountain Timber Company of Oregon, and treasurer of that organization. He is treasurer and director of the Stanton County Fair Association and secretary and director of the Odd Fellows Cemetery Association of Stanton.

A Democrat, Mr. Miller is active in party politics and has several times been chairman of the county central committee and a member of the Democratic State Committee. During the World War he was chairman of the Stanton County War Savings Stamps committee, and a member of the Nebraska Council of Defense.

A member of the Red Cross, the Commercial Club and the Volunteer Fire Department, he was president of the Bankers Association of the Third District in 1917, and for fourteen years was a member of the board of the Stanton Public Library. His fraternal organizations include the Elks, Eagles, Knights of Pythias, Sons of Herman, Ben Hur, Modern Brotherhood of America, Ancient Order of United Workmen and the Royal Highlanders. His social club is the Stanton Country Club. Residence: Stanton. (Photograph in Album).

Harvey Dunlap Miller

Harvey Dunlap Miller, a banker at Clearwater, Nebraska, since 1908, has lived in this state all his life. He was born at Clearwater, November 19, 1884, the son of George Putnam and Ida May (Dunlap) Miller. His father, who is of German descent, was born in New York, May 18, 1856, and has been a teacher and farmer for many years. His mother, whose ancestry is Scotch, was born at Kingston, New York, February 18, 1860.

Mr. Miller was graduated from the Clearwater High School in 1904, and was graduated from the Nebraska Normal College at Wayne, Nebraska where he was a member of Philomathean. During 1908 he attended the Norfolk Business College. He taught in the public schools, 1905-06, was employed in a drag store, 1906-07, and in 1908 entered the Citizens State Bank of Clearwater as bookkeeper. He was made assistant cashier in 1910 and since 1925 has served as cashier of that institution.

He was employed in the banking department of the Nebraska government as special agent of closed banks from 1927 to 1929. Mr. Miller is a member of the Board of Education of Clearwater, is treasurer of the Commercial Club, and holds membership in the Modern Woodmen of America and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He served as secretary of the local Red Cross during the World War and was formerly a member of the Young Men's Christian Association. Among his sports are baseball, tennis, hunting, and fishing.

On June 15, 1910, he was married at Clearwater to Edna Grace Hildebrand who was born at Stratton, Nebraska, October 20, 1896. To this marriage two children were born: Audrey, May 21, 1912, who is a teacher; and Helen, June 30, 1915, who is a student in the Clearwater High School. Mr. Miller is a Democrat. Residence: Clearwater.

Harvey J. Miller

Born at Berlin, Pennsylvania, November 4, 1867. Harvey J. Miller has been a resident of Nebraska for forty-six years. He is the son of Ananius Peter and Mary (Meyers) Miller, the former of whom was born. at Berlin, Pennsylvania, and died at Carleton, Nebraska, on July 2, 1889. He was a farmer of German descent. His wife, Mary, was also born at Berlin, and died at Carleton on October 9, 1913. She was of German descent also.

Upon completion of his elementary education, Mr. Miller attended Berlin Normal School and was graduated in 1884. He is married to Zua Ava Hiatt, who was born at Mt. Victory, Ohio, April 30, 1868. Their marriage took place at Carleton, May 6, 1890.

Mrs. Miller's parents, T. E. and Eliza Jane (Williams) Hiatt, were pioneers, who lived in the community of Carleton for many years. They homesteaded there in 1872, coming from Bellfontaine, Ohio. Mrs. Miller

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received part of her education in Ohio, and the balance in Carleton, studied music at Nebraska Weslcyan University and was for many years a music teacher at Carleton.

Mr. Miller has been in business for many years. Admitted to practice embalming in 1903, he has been a part owner and manager of Miller Brothers Furniture and Undertaking business since 1899. For twenty years he was justice of the peace and police judge, and for two terms was mayor of Carleton.

He is affiliated with the Brethren Church of Carleton, is a Mason and Modern Woodman of America and a member of the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Carleton

Harvey M. Miller

Harvey M. Miller, railroad agent, was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania, the 5th day of September, 1863, and has been associated with the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Company since August 3, 1887.

His parents, Samuel M. and Esther (Christman) Miller, were born in Berks County, the former on May 3, 1834, and the latter about that time, the exact date being unknown. Samuel M. Miller was an early day farmer in Iowa, on land southwest of Perry. He died there about May 25, 1909. Esther Christman Miller died about sixty years ago, while Harvey M. Miller was still very young She was of German descent.

Educated in the public schools, Mr. Miller also attended Drake University, and while there played football There were no organized athletics at that time, and no letters were awarded. As stated above, Mr. Miller became associated with the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad on August 3, 1887, as agent, and since August 7. 1892, has been its agent at Seward.

He is a Republican, and has served as a member of the city school board for about twenty years. He is a staunch pacifist, and during the World War was a four minute speaker, and was active in civilian propects of that period. A Presbytrian, he is a member of the Federated Presbyterian and Congregational Church of Seward. He has served at various times on the board of the Young Men's Christian Association, and is a member of the Blue Lodge of the Masons. Mr. Miller is also a member of the Red Cross, the Chamber of Commerce, the Magazine Club and the Nebraskana Society. His favorite recreation is chess or checkers.

On August 23, 1893, he was united in marriage to Grace Lohring Porter at Seward. Mrs. Miller, who was born in Warren County, Illinois, December 23, 1865, was principal of Seward High School at the time of her marriage. There are five, children, Chauncey M., born October 9, 1894, who is a railroad telegrapher and is married to Viola Petrick; Harold V., born March 14, 1896, who is a Union Pacific agent and married Gertrude Neely; Maurine M., born June 18, 1898, who married Edward H Wehrs; Elmer, born October 3, 1900, a civil engineer, who married Melda Perry; and Helen E., born June 14, 1903, who is at home. Residence: Seward.

Jay Calvin Miller

Jay Calvin Miller, a physician at Gresham, York County, Nebraska, has lived in this state for 39 years. He was born at Firth, Gage County, Nebraska, August 20, 1892, the son of David Jacob and Kate (Ellis) Miller. His father, who is a retired farmer, was born in Illinois, December 6, 1868. His mother was born in Ohio, October 13, 1868, and is still living.

Dr. Miller attended grade school at Sunny Side, Nebraska, and was graduated from the high school at Cortland. In 1915 he was awarded the M. D. degree at Cotner University and since that time he has been engaged in the practice of medicine in Nebraska. He s a member of the York County Medical Society, Scottish Rite Masons, the Modern Woodmen of America, Odd Fellows, and The Nebraskana Society. His political affiliation is with the Democratic party.

He married Edna Alice Macrow at Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, June 15, 1916. Mrs. Miller was born at Huntley, Nebraska, August 22, 1898. They have two children: David, born August 8, 1918; and Ann, born November 8, 1922. Residence: Gresham.

John Elwood Miller

For over 45 years John Elwood Miller has been in the service of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad, in Nebraska. He was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, November 15, 1857, the son of Michael C. and Margaret (Arnold) Miller. His father, a merchant, was born in Bedford County in 1831, and died at Buffalo Mills, Pennsylvania in 1886; he was descended from Elias Miller who served in the Revolution. His mother was born in Bedford County, July 1, 1832, and died at Point Marion, Pennsylvania, in 1918. She was a descendant of John Cessna, a volunteer in the Revolutionary War who was a member of the constitutional convention of 1774 which drafted the first constitution of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Miller was graduated from Schellsburg Academy in 1879, was graduated from Pennsylvania State Normal School in 1881, and attended Indiana State Normal College in 1884. He was elected to the Clio Debating Society. He gave 45 years of continuous service as station agent in the employ of the railroad company, stationed at Harvard, Nebraska, one year, Tamora, Nebraska, two and a half years, and at Waco, Nebraska, nearly 42 years. The last 19 years of this service were given without a day's absence.

He is a member of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Veterans. He was united in marriage with Jennie Belle Stuckey at Bedford, March 23, 1886. Mrs. Miller was born at Bedford, December 12, 1860. Their daughter, Marjorie Mae, born September 16, 1891, married Earl Clifton Beck. Residence: Waco.

John Harrold Miller

John H. Miller, Nebraska State Railway Commissioner, was born in Henderson, Chester County, Tennessee, on February 5, 1888, son of John Alexandria and Matilda (Ash) Miller. His parents were descended from early Irish and Scotch-Irish settlers in Tennessee, John Miller, born May 14, 1856, died at Henderson, on November 16, 1928. He was a plantation owner and stock breeder. His wife, Matilda, was born in December, 1866, and died shortly after her son's birth.

Upon the completion of his public and high school work Mr. Miller attended Freed Hardeman College. In 1910 he came to Nebraska where he took extension work in the University, while engaged in railroad work, which continued until 1921. In 1914 he was married to Vesta Mae Austin at Papillion, Nebraska. Mrs. Miller, who is of English descent, was born at Lincoln, May 24, 1892. There is one son, James Franklin, born October 16, 1916.

In 1916 Mr. Miller entered sales work continuing for less than a year when he was promoted to sales manager, filling that position until 1925. He then was engaged in the mercantile business for about a year. In 1924 he was candidate for the office of State Railway Commissioner against the Hon. H. G. Taylor, and was defeated at the primaries by a small margin. Two years later he filed again and defeated the then incumbent Hon. Thorne A. Brown for the Republican nomination by a large majority. He defeated Floyd L. Bolen his Democratic opponent on November 2, 1926, by a large majority, and was appointed by His Excellency, Governor Adam McMullen on November 6, 1926, to fill the unexpired term of Mr. Brown who had resigned. His present term of office expires on January 3, 1933.

In his periods of recreation Mr. Miller enjoys hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting, and has for his hobby gar-

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