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learned German, French and Italian languages so well that it is impossible to tell her nationality from her singing. She made a special study of Bach, Shubert, Mozart, Hugo Wolf, and French composers and while at the height of her career in Europe where she had gained renown as coloratura soprano, she was forced to return to the United States to care for her mother. She is engaged as a private teacher of voice and is also voice teacher at Duschesne College.

She is a member of St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church, of the Clef Club, the Tuesday Music Club, Friends of Music, of the Nebraska State and Omaha Musical Teachers' Association and the Beethoven House, one of honorary societies in music. Her home and studio are at 201 South 32nd Avenue, Omaha.

Claude C. Munday

A general merchant since 1910, at Edison, Claude C. Munday has resided in Nebraska for the past forty-seven years. He was born at Princeton, Illinois, October 29, 1879, son of John Marion and Mary Uretta (Johnson) Munday. His father, a pioneer school teacher, and later a successful merchant, was born in Casey County, Kentucky, July 22, 1848. Now retired, he resides at Edison. His wife, born in Dearborn County, Indiana, April 6, 1858, was a teacher and musical instructor, in her younger days. Her family were farmers and professional people in Illinois.

Claude C. Munday attended the public school at Edison, high school at Arapahoe, and afterward taught in rural school near Edison. For a time he engaged in business with his father, and in 1910 entered the merchantile business for himself. He has been a member of the Edison school board, is a member of the Federation of Nebraska Retailers, the Commercial Club and the Nebraskana Society. Affiliated with the Christian Church, and is an officer. Each year Mr. Munday and his family take a ten day outing in the mountains.

He was married to Blanche Paine at Edison on June 15, 1910, and to them was born a daughter, Bernice Blanche, on October 26, 1911. She was graduated from Edison High School and attended Hastings College and Kearney State Normal School. Mrs. Munday was born at Ellwell, Iowa, July 11, 1885, and was formerly a teacher. Her parents are farmers near Edison. Mr. Munday's polities are independent. Residence: Edison.

Joseph M. Mundil

Joseph M. Mundil, son of Joseph and Antonie (Bren) Mundil, was born in Frantisky, Skutec, Czechoslovakia, August 14, 1856. His father, who was born in Frantisky, August 26, 1826, came to America in September, 1879, and was a pioneer farmer in Colfax County. He was a Republican, and died at Clarkson, May 19, 1905. Antonie Bren Mundil was born in Frantisky, and died there in October, 1876.

Mr. Mundil attended the village school in Frantisky. and after coming to America, attended the country schools of Colfax County. He has lived in Nebraska fifty-two years, and at the present time is vice president of the Clarkson State Bank and vice president of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Linwood. He is a notary public, and is engaged in the farm loans and insurance business.

His marriage to Frances Mundil was solemnized at Schuyler, Nebraska, November 12, 1882. Mrs. Mundil was born in Frantisky, Czechoslovakia, September 10, 1863. They have two children living, and two are deceased: Joseph, born October 7, 1883, died December 11, 1883; Frederick F., born March 6, 1887, is cashier of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Linwood; William, born May 16, 1888, died March 3, 1896; Joseph, born December 27, 1889, is assistant cashier of the Clarkson State Bank.

Mr. Mundil is a Republican, and active in local politics. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and for twelve years was a member of the town and school boards, and four years assessor of Colfax County. He is active in the support of the Red Cross and Salvation Army, and is a member of the Woodmen of the World, the Modern Woodmen of America, the Bohemian Fraternal Association, and the Nebraskana Society. His son, Joseph, served in the World War as a volunteer, and is a member of the American Legion. Residence: Clarkson.

Alfred Case Munger

Alfred C. Munger was born at Lincoln, Nebraska, October 13, 1891, the son of Thomas C. and Carrie Case Munger. His father, who was born at Van Wert, Ohio, in 1861, was United States district judge of the Lincoln division for many years. His mother was born at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1864.

Mr. Munger, attended the public school at Lincoln, and in 1908 was graduated from the Lincoln High School. He was awarded his A. B. degree at the University of Nebraska in 1911, received his LL. B. at Harvard, in 1915, and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Upsilon.

From 1915 to 1920 he was associated with the firm Stout, Rose & Wells; and since 1920 he has been a member of the firm Crossman, Munger, & Barton. A Republican, Mr. Munger, served as assistant attorney general in 1917 and 1919.

He married Florence V. Russell at Omaha, September 18, 1920. Mrs. Munger was born at Omaha, March 15, 1896. They have three children: Charles, born January 1, 1924; Mary, born September 8, 1925; and Carol, born June 5, 1928.

Mr. Munger was stationed at Base Hospital Number 49, during the World War, and served with the American Expitionary (sic) Forces at Allerey, France, in 1918 and 1919, He is a member of the American Legion; of the Omaha Bar Association; the State Bar Association; and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce. His social clubs are the University Club; Omaha Club; and Omaha Country Club. He is fond of golf and hunting. Residence: Omaha.

Arbor Day Munger

Arbor Day Munger, son of Simeon Roode and Polly Ann (Cain) Munger, was born at Elkader, Iowa, April 25, 1890. He has been an intermittent resident of Nebraska since 1909, and has lived here constantly since 1919. His father, Simeon Munger was born in Conneant Township, Pennsylvania, June 27, 1851, and is still living. At the age of 19 he migrated with a wagon train to Kansas, where he became active in the development of the state. Later he engaged in the contracting business in Iowa, from which he is now retired. The first ancestor of the family in America is recorded as Nicholas Munger, an Englishman who arrived in 1630 from Guilford, England, and founded Guilford, Connecticut.

Polly Ann Munger, whose father was an imigrant from Ireland, was descended on the maternal side from the Scoville family who early settled in New York State. She was born at Cox Creek, Iowa, November 15, 1873, and died at West Union on December 15, 1928. Always active in civic, fraternal and church work, she devoted mach time to the study of ceramics in which she gained no little distinction.

Arbor Day Manger received his elementary schooling in the Elkader and Oelwein, Iowa, public schools, and was graduated from the Oelwein High School in 1908. He attended the University of Nebraska from which he received his B. Sc. in 1913. At that college he was a member of Phi Rho Sigma. After completing the medical coarse at Columbia University in 1915 he was awarded an M. D. He was one of the founders of Alpha Beta

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chapter of Phi Rho Sigma at Columbia. Dr. Munger then served two years as house surgeon at the Kings County Hospital of New York, majoring in genito-urinary surgery, and graduating cum laude.

During his course at the University of Nebraska he was a member of the Cadet Corps, graduating with the rank of captain. In June, 1917, he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Reserves. He was promoted to first lieutenant Medical Reserve, U. S. Army in November, 1917, and served at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, from which he was transferred to the 77th Division at Camp Upton. After 8 months service with the American Expeditionary Forces he was commissioned captain Medical Corps, U. S. Army. He was for 8 mouths with the British on detached service, in an advance sector for eight weeks, and later commanding officer of the American Military Hospital No. 21 at Paignton, England. He received his discharge at Camp Merrit in 1919, and was re-commissioned with the rank of major, Medical Corps United States Reserves. From 1920-24 he was a member of the Nebraska National Guard, with the rank of major, commanding Hospital Company No. 130. His military organizations include the following: American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Reserve Officers Association and Sons of the American Revolution.

Since 1919, Dr. Munger has been in active practice in Lincoln, and holds membership in the following: He is a member of the staff and of the executive committee of Lincoln General Hospital, chief of the division of genito-urinary surgery of Lincoln General Hospital, attending genito-urinary surgeon Bryan Memorial Hospital. He is a fellow of the American Medical Association, and a member of the Nebraska State and Lancaster County Medical Societies. In the latter he was secretary three years. He is also a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, member of the American Urological Association, and secretary of its southwestern branch.

He is affiliated with the Westminster Presbyterian Church, of Lincoln, and numbers among his civic organizations the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. A Mason, he is a member of Lincoln Lodge No. 19, and and Sesostris Temple, 32nd degree. His clubs are the University and the Lincoln Country Club.

When he is able to seek recreation Dr. Monger finds it in golf and fishing. He also enjoys reading, particularly European history.

Dr. Munger was first married to Olive Ruth Lucas, who was born at Pierce, Nebraska, May 7, 1891, and who died at Cincinnati, December 18, 1918. She was graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1915, where she had majored in European history and music. On the maternal side she was descended from early Dutch settlers in Manhattan. Her father descended from a long line of illustrious soldiers and statesman, and was directly related to Sam Houston and her grandfather, Robert Lucas, was governor of Ohio and first governor of Iowa. There is one child of this marriage, Margaret Olive, who was born at New York City, June 25, 1917. On December 20, 1930, Dr. Munger married Catherine Louise Colby. Mrs. Munger is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Detter of Harbine, Nebraska, pioneer residents of Jefferson County. Residence: Lincoln. (Photograph in Album).

Irvia Clarence Munger, Jr.

Born at Chicago, Illinois, March 21, 1900, Irvia Clarence Munger, Jr., physician and surgeon, is the son of Irvin Clarence and Myrtle Ann (Hatch) Munger. The former is a leading physician and surgeon of Lincoln, who was born at Volga City, Iowa, March 18, 1875. He is a fellow in the American College of Surgeons, and held the rank of first lieutenant in the Medical Officers' Reserve Corps in the World Wan He is a Mason, member of the Scottish Rite and Shrine bodies. The first member of the Munger family in America came from England, in 1621. Myrtle Ann Hatch was born in New York on February 28, 1873, and is still living.

Dr. Munger was graduated from the Cozad High School in 1917, received his A. B. from the University of Wyoming, in 1923, his B. Sc. from the University of Nebraska, in 1924, and his M. D. in 1925. He is a member and the founder of Theta Mu, honorary medical fraternity and member of Alpha Theta Phi, honorary dramatic, Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Phi Rho Sigma. He received a reserve "W" in football at the University of Wyoming, the year 1919-20.

The two years following his graduation from medical school Dr. Munger served his internship in the Kings County Hospital at Brooklyn; since that time he has been in private practice at Lincoln. He is a member of the staff of Lincoln General and Bryan Memorial Hospitals, a member of the board of directors of the Social Welfare Society, and a member of the Lancaster County Medical Society.

During the World War he was a private with the A. E. F. at Base Hospital No. 37. He now holds the rank of first lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corps. He is a junior member of the American College of Surgeons, a Mason, and member of the American Interprofessional Institute.

On April 21, 1924, he was united in marriage to Anne Elizabeth Leonard of Harvey, Illinois, at Logan, Iowa. Mrs. Munger was born January 27, 1898, and is an instructor in voice; her ancestry is traced to William the Conqueror. There are two daughters: Judith Anne, born February 27, 1928, and Constance Ruth, born June 30, 1929. The family is affiliated with the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Dr. Munger enjoys golf and fishing. His hobbies are reading, photography, hiking and pipes. Residence: Lincoln.

Cornelius S. Munhall

One of Nebraska's pioneers, Cornelius Munhall of Callaway, has taken an active part in building up the middlewest. His father, who was a minister, was born in Pennsylvania and died at Cleveland, Ohio, in 1863; he delivered the first sermon at Champaign, Illinois, in 1854, in an old depot building which was used for religious services at that time. His paternal grandfather came to this country from Ireland in 1763 and settled in Pennsylvania, the original family name being Mulhall.

Two uncles of Mr. Munhall built the first mill at Millbrook, Ohio, in 1832. His mother came to this country from England during her childhood, and died at Urbana, Illinois, in 1878.

Sixty-two years ago he resided at Fort Leavenworth. The country west of the Missouri River was a wild frontier where hostile Indians were preying upon the white settlers. In August, 1861, Mr. Munhall enlisted in Company I, 26th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. This brigade consisted of the 26th and 47th Illinois, the 8th Wisconsin "Old Abe" Eagle Regiment, the 11th Missouri, and the 5th Minnesota infantries, all of which remained together until the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

He served with the Union Army on the famed march to the sea with General Sherman, and during 1867-68-69, engaged in warfare with the Indians. Residence: Callaway.

George Alvin Munn

Born at Ord, Nebraska, June 25, 1891, George Alvin Munn is the son of Charles Almon and Ada Arvilla (Heffelman) Munn. His father, who was born at Plainwell, Michigan, February 17, 1865, and died at Lincoln, Nebraska, June 8, 1901, was a lawyer, served as county attorney of Valley County, Nebraska, and was district judge; his ancestry was English and French-Canadian. His mother, who was born at Doylestown, Ohio, September 8, 1866, is past president of the Woman's Club of Ord and for many years has been a business woman.

Mr. Munn attended the grade schools at Ord and in

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1909 was graduated from the Ord High School, where he was active in debating and dramatics and was a member of the basketball team. He received the A. B. and LL. B. degrees at the University of Nebraska where he was a member of the legal fraternity Phi Delta Phi, and was consul of P. D. P. Since 1915 he has been engaged in the practice of law at Ord and since 1920 has been a member of the firm of Munn & Norman.

A Democrat, he served as county attorney at two separate times in Valley County. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society, the Ord Chamber of Commerce, the Commercial Law League, the Nebraska Alumni Association. He holds membership in the following fraternal organizations: Masons, Scottish Rite and Shrine, Knights of Pythias, of which he is Past Chancellor and Past Member of the Grand Lodge Board of Trustees. His hobby is mechanics.

During the World War he was commissioned first lieutenant of the infantry at the 2nd Officers Training Camp at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. He was discharged as First lieutenant at Camp Custer, Michigan, April 14, 1919, after nearly a year's service overseas. He is a member of the American Legion.

He was married to Alfhild Rigmor Moller at Lincoln May 24, 1923. Mrs. Munn, whose ancestry is Danish and Norwegian, was born in Valley County, Nebraska, July 2, 1898. They have four children: Phyllis Joy, March 1, 1924; Charlene Claire, February 10, 1926; Verda Zoe, August 7, 1929; and Charles Alvin, December. 12, 1931. Residence: Ord.

Irving Eugene Munroe

A farmer, lumber and elevator man for many years, Irving Eugene Munroe is now retired. He was born at Fairfield, Wisconsin, July 4, 1869, the son of William and Katherine (Case) Munroe, his parents having been pioneer settlers in the middle west.

William Munroe was born at Calimus, New Brunswick, December 5, 1839, of Scotch ancestry. A soldier in the Civil War, he was later a farmer, and died at Hastings on May 27, 1924. His wife, Katherine, was born in Hebron, New York, June 5, 1840, and died at Hansen, Nebraska, November 15, 1911.

Irving Munroe attended the early country school in his locality, and soon thereafter went to work on the farm. From 1891 until 1892 he was in charge of the A. F. Boston Lumber Company, and in 1893 was with the Orcott elevator and mill at Doniphan, Nebraska. A Republican, he served fourteen years as town treasurer, twelve years as school director and eight years as justice of the peace at West Blue Township, in Adams County.

On November 14, 1894, Mr. Munroe was united in marriage to Claudea Barbara Lakin at Hastings. Mrs. Munroe, whose parents were natives of Wisconsin, was born at Doniphan, January 13, 1874. There were three children born to them, two of whom are living: Delatus, born April 27, 1896, died May 23, 1911; DeWayne, born December 15, 1901, and Lawrence, born March 24, 1911.

Mr. Munroe has always taken an active part in civic and community affairs; was chairman for West Blue Town war loan drives in the late war, and is a contributor to Red Cross and Salvation Army. He is a member of the Evangelical Church, the Woodmen of the World, the sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and was recently elected to life membership in The Nebraskana Society. His hobby is baseball. Residence: Hastings.

John Alexander Munroe

John A. Munroe was born at Bradford, Massachusetts, August 18, 1853, the son of Rev. Nathan and Lucile M. Munroe. He began his career as a clerk for the Green Bay and Minnesota Railroad Company in 1873, and since 1881, when he became general agent for the Chicago, St. Paul, Missouri & Ohio Railway Company, he has been a prominent railway man at Omaha. He was made assistant traffic manager of this company in 1882; assistant general freight agent for the Union Pacific Railway Company, 1882-1901; and freight traffic manager, 1901-11. He was vice president of this company from 1911 to 1918.

Mr. Munroe was traffic manager of the Union Pacific Railroad, Oregon Short Line Railroad, Los Angeles and St. Louis Railroad, and St. Joseph & Grand Island Railroad, 1918-20; and was vice president of the Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Company. Now retired from this position he serves in the capacity of director of this company.

Mr. Munroe was married to Hattie Baker at Kansas City, Missouri, January 18, 1888. Mrs. Munroe died in 1921. He is a Republican. Residence: Omaha.

Arthur H. Murdock

Arthur H. Murdock, lawyer, was born at Penn Yan, New York, August 13, 1863, son of Rensselaer and Eliza (Page) Murdock. The father was born in Glenn Falls, New York in 1809 and died at Scipioville, New York in February, 1872. His wife, Eliza, was born in New York State in 1823, and died at Raymond, Nebraska, in April, 1912.

A member of the Nebraska bar since February, 1891, Mr. Murdock has been in active practice since that time. A Republican, he was city attorney of South Omaha 1902; deputy county attorney of Douglas County 1904; member of the fire and police commission 1906; and municipal judge 1916.

On November 19, 1893, he was married to Anna Merrill at Omaha. There are three children, Maurine, born October 6, 1894, who married Charles W. Hamilton, Jr.; Harry M,, born June 8, 1903, who married Margaret Shaw; and Arthur Clark, born December 27, 1909.

Mr. Murdock is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church, the American, Nebraska State and Douglas County Bar Associations, the Elks and the Masons. His hobby is farming. Residence: Omaha.

Cora Ellen Stone Murphy

Born at Muscatine, Iowa, November 18, 1861, Cora Ellen Stone came to Nebraska in a covered wagon during the summer of 1864, her parents taking a homestead a mile and half north of Crab Orchard.

Her father, Benjamin Franklin Stone, was born in Ohio, May 1, 1815, and died at Crab Orchard, November 8, 1900. He was a farmer and carpenter, a so-called water witch, locating many wells. Himself deprived of schooling, he was an earnest advocate of education.

Maria Kilbourne, his wife, was born near Dayton, Ohio, November 21, 1824. She was an excellent housewife and an expert needlewoman, and was much in demand as a nurse among the pioneer settlers. She was of the Kilbourne family of Pennsylvania-Dutch descent, which had many honors to its credit. Her death occurred at Crab Orchard, January 24, 1912.

Benjamin Franklin Stone was considered one of the most courageous of the early settlers of Nebraska. He was ever ready to help newcomers or those in need, and was instrumental in the forming of the first school district in Johnson County.

Beginning her education in a log school house at Crab Orchard, Cora Ellen Stone afterward attended the Wayland School, and received her high school education at Tecumseh. She began teaching in country schools at the age of sixteen, and later attended the university two years. Her teaching career lasted for 12 years.

On March 12, 1890, she was married to James L. Murphy at Crab Orchard. Following their marriage they lived on a farm at Todd Creek, where they resided for seven years. They removed from there to Crab

Horz. bar

Orchard, remaining until 1909, at which time they took up their residence in Holt County. Mr. Murphy, who is a farmer, was born near Danville, Indiana, on July 23, 1861, of English, French and Irish descent. There are four children, as. follows: Mary, born July 26, 1893, who married John Nathan Stauffer and who lives at O'Neill; Evelyn, born December 12, 1894, who married Walter Russell French; Lowell, born November 21, 1896, who married Bessie Bryan; and Annie Laurie, born March 5, 1902, who married William F. Thompson. Mr. French is superientendent of the Mead Consolidated Schools, and his wife is prominent in social work and is a leader in 4-H Clubs.

Mrs. Murphy wrote numerous articles on school work during her teaching career and later wrote on home topics, which articles were published in The Nebraska Farmer. She has always assisted in every effort toward the advancement of her community, is president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, a teacher in the Sunday School of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and a member of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society and the Ladies Aid Society. She served six years on the Page Board of Education, was its president two years, and is a member of the Parent Teachers Association. She is a life member of the Nebraskana Society, and is a member of the Page Woman's Club. Her leisure time is divided between reading and good citizenship work. Residence: Page. (Photograph in Album).

Daniel M. Murphy

Daniel M. Murphy was born at Oakdale, Nebraska, October 25, 1882. He is the son of Maurice W. and Maria (Regan) Murphy, the former born at Syracuse, New York, in 1853. Maurice W. Murphy came to Nebraska as a young man and settled in Antelope County where he engaged in farming and served as county supervisor for twelve years. He was of Irish descent. At the time of his death on March 17, 1908, he was retired.

Maria Regan was born in Ireland in 1853. She came to America when a girl, and died at Oakdale September 19, 1903. Daniel M. Murphy was graduated from Oakdale High School in 1906 and received his LL. B. from Creighton University. He was admitted to the Nebraska bar at Omaha in June 1915, and has since engaged in the practice of law. He is a Republican and was county superintendent of Antelope County from 1912-17. Before coming to Omaha in 1921 he was associated in practice with Hon. J. F. Boyd of Neligh, Nebraska.

He was married to Anna L. Klink at Elgin, October 27, 1915. Mrs. Murphy was born at Rising City, Nebraska, in 1893. She was a teacher prior to her marriage, and is of German descent. To them three children were born, Daniel, born October 17, 1916; Leonard, born September 12, 1928, died December 3, 1928, and Genevieve born October 8, 1930.

Mr. Murphy is a Catholic and attends St. Margaret Mary Church. He is a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Chamber of Commerce; is also an Elk and a member of the Knights of Columbus. He is fond of golf. His club is the University. Residence: Omaha.

Francis Patrick Murphy

Francis Patrick Murphy, physician, was born in Rogers, Nebraska, September 12, 1890, son of Patrick Joseph and Margaret (Conboy) Murphy.

He attended public school at Rogers, and was graduated from Creighton High School in 1907. In 1911 be received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Creighton University, and in 1915 his medical degree.

On July 9, 1918, he was married to Agnes Edna Klockars at Junction City, Kansas. They have several children. Since 1920 Dr. Murphy has practiced in Omaha, specializing in obstetrics. He is a Catholic, and a member of St. Cecelia's Church. His professional organizations include the Omaha, Douglas County Medical Associations, the Officers Reserve Corps in which he holds the rank of captain. Residence: Omaha.

George H. Murphy

Railway agent for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad at Lincoln, since June, 1919, George H. Murphy has been a railroad man since leaving school. He was born at Biggsville, Illinois, December 3, 1877, son of Henry Alexandria and Hannah (Holah) Murphy. His father was a native of Pennsylvania, of German and Irish parentage, who served in the Civil War and later entered the mercantile business in Nebraska. He died at York, Nebraska, in October, 1922. Hannah Holah, his wife, was born in London, England, in 1847, and is still living.

Mr. Murphy was graduated from the Bradshaw, Nebraska, High School in 1896, and has since worked for the Burlington Railroad, both as telegrapher and agent at various places. He was married to Stella Cordelia Smith at David City, on June 30, 1909. Mrs. Murphy was born at Elk Creek, in 1884. They have three sons, Frank, born June 30, 1910, who is attending the University of Nebraska where he is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa; George. Jr., born September 15, 1914, and Marvin, born September 5, 1922.

A resident of Nebraska for forty-seven years, he has been active in civic and community work, and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, etc. He is particularly active in Boy Scout work, and is a member of Elm Park M. E. Church, and the Masonic Order. Residence: Lincoln.

John Harry Murphy

John Harry Murphy, physician and surgeon, was born at Omaha, Nebraska, September 10, 1889, son of James and Anna Josephine (Westroppe) Murphy.

He received his public school education in Omaha, was graduated from Creighton High School, received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Creighton University in 1910, his Masters degree in 1913, and his medical degree in 1915.

He is married to Iene Angela Langdon, their marriage having been solemnized March 4, 1919.

Among Dr. Murphy's professional organizations are the American Medical Association, the Central State Pediatric Society, the American College of Physicians, the American Association of Teachers of Diseases of Children, the Nebraska State Medical Association, and the Omaha and Douglas County Medical Association. Residence: Omaha.

Joseph Francis Murphy

Joseph F. Murphy has lived in Nebraska for 40 years and has been engaged in the real estate and insurance business for the past 35 years at Omaha. He was born at New York City, March 31, 1870, the son of Matthew John and Elizabeth (Halpin) Murphy. His father, who for many years was engaged in railroad construction work, was born at Dublin, Ireland, and died at Neola, Pottawattamie County, Iowa, June 2, 1880. His mother, was born at Dublin and died at Omaha, October, 1893.

Mr. Murphy completed a bookkeeping and commercial and scientific course and later was a student at Valparaiso College in Indiana. He is now owner and manager of his own real estate and insurance company. and is secretary and treasurer of the Palace Theatre at Omaha.

His marriage to Catherine A. Cassidy was solemnized at Omaha, May 12, 1903. Mrs. Murphy, who was born at Omaha, May 12, 1879, was formerly a school teacher. They have two children: Joseph F., born March 11, 1904;

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and James W., born June 6, 1908. Joseph is in the real estate business. James is a law student.

Mr. Murphy is a member of the Chamber of Commerce; the Red Cross; and other welfare societies, including the Salvation Army. He holds membership in the South Omaha Merchants and the South Omaha Chamber of Commerce. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society; the Lakewood Club at Omaha; St. Rose Catholic Church. His hobbies are reading and golf. He is a Democrat. Residence: Omaha.

Mark William Murray

Mark William Murray, an outstanding figure in the newspaper world for more than 50 years, was born at New Berlin, Wisconsin, January 6, 1867, the son of James and Catherine (Slain) Murray. His father, who was postmaster at Fremont, Nebraska, and served as county clerk of Dodge County for a number of years died at Fremont; he served as captain in the Civil War.

Mr. Murray was prominent in civic affairs at Pender, Nebraska, where he was editor and publisher of the Pender Times. A Democrat, he served as postmaster of Pender for three terms, was a member of the Nebraska Legislature two terms, acted as state central committeeman, chairman of the Democratic County Committee, and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1912. At the time of his death, February 24, 1931, Mr. Murray had been in business at Pender longer than any other man, and had contributed much to the advancement of his community and state.

He was president of the Chamber of Commerce two terms, was Past President of the Northeastern Nebraska Press Association, served as clerk of the Modern Woodmen of America, and was affiliated with St. Johns Catholic Church of Pender. He was a member of the Nebraska National Guards at Fremont, Nebraska, for five years, and served as first sergeant of the company for two years. His hobby was reading.

On June 27, 1893, he married Mary Ellen Corrigan at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Three children were born to them: Byron; Eleanor, who married Dr. Lawrence D. Quigley of Green Bay, Wisconsin; and Catherine, who married William C. Eddy. Byron is now editor of the Pender Times.

Frank Edward Mussehl

Frank E. Mussehl, who has lived in Nebraska for the past 14 years, has taken an active part in the civic and educational advancement of the state. He was born at Jefferson, Wisconsin, December 3, 1891, the son of William and Freda (Muller) Mussehl. His father was born at Mecklenburg, Germany, January 27, 1841, and died at Jefferson, December 1, 1925. His mother was born in Germany, and died at Jefferson, February 12, 1918.

Professor Mussehl received his education in Wisconsin, and in 1907, was graduated from the Jefferson High School. He received his B. S. degree at the University of Wisconsin, 1915, and holds membership in Sigma Xi, Gamma Sigma Delta, and Alpha Gamma Rho. Since 1917, he has been professor of poultry husbandry at the University of Nebraska.

His marriage to Inez Lenora Clough was solemnized at Madison, Wisconsin, June 20, 1917. Mrs. Mussehl was born at Mazomanie, Wisconsin, July 6, 1894.

He has been a member of the Kiwanis Club at Lincoln, since 1924, and holds membership in the Shrine Country Club. He is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is a member of the Scottish Rite and Shrine. bodies of the Masons, is affiliated with the Congregational Church, and politically is independent. His sport is golf. Residence: Lincoln.

Myrtle Edna Musser

Myrtle Edna Musser, clubwoman, was born at Beatrice, Nebraska, May 25, 1877, daughter of Thomas Baker and Sara Elizabeth (Hackler) Jamison.

Her father was born at Tarkio, Missouri, January 19, 1833, and died at Chandler, Oklahoma, July 23, 1920 He was a farmer. His wife was born in Tarkio, October 21, 1835, and died at Chandler, March 8, 1906.

Mrs. Musser attended the public and high schools of Nebraska, and on March 21, 1893 was married to John Benjamin Musser. To them were born five children, two of whom are living, Opal, born September 24, 1894, is a graduate of the University of Nebraska; Michael born September 24, 1900, died February 27, 1902; Mable, born December 19, 1904, is married to Fred Cloud, she is also a graduate of the university; Thelma, born June 5, 1908, died April 20, 1911; and an infant boy, born August 24, 1911, died the same day.

A Democrat, Mrs. Musser was elected to state legislature from district 93 in 1930. She was nominated by petition for state senator, being the first woman in her district to run for that office.

Mrs. Musser has various ranching interests. During the World War she had more than 800 hours of service in the Red Cross work. She is a member of the Rushville Methodist Episcopal Church, the Business and Professional Women's Club, the League of Women Voters, of the P. E. O., the Delphian Society, and the Ladies Coluinbian Reading Club. She is past president of the county federation of Women's Clubs, and a member of the Rushville Library Board. She is past state president of the Rebekah Assembly. Her main interest apart from women's club work is music.

Mrs. Musser, during her term as state legislator, was instrumental in passing the dormitory bill which applies to the provision of dormitories for university and normal schools through state aid. Residence: Rushville. (Photograph on Page 865).

Sterling Faan Mutz

Sterling F. Mutz, a lifelong resident of Nebraska, has been engaged in the active practice of law in this state for the past 20 years, and has been prominent in state and local politics. He was born at Burton, Nebraska, March 31, 1888, the son of Otto and Ella Porter (Russell) Mutz. His father, a ranchman, publisher, and author, served both as county judge and chairman of the LaFollette independent party in Nebraska. He served as state senator at one time; was the author of two books. Born near Glenwood, Iowa, October 16, 1855, he died at Lincoln, October 18, 1926. He was of Swiss, German, and English ancestry; his father was born in Pennsylvania and lived in Ohio and Indiana; his mother was born in Virginia.

Ella (Russell) Mutz, who was born at Plattville, Grant County, Wisconsin, November 14, 1855, was a teacher. She was president of the county Woman's Christian Temperance Union for a period and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution; and the Ladies Legislative League. Her father was county judge of Cass County for many years. She is a direct descendant of Lieutenant John Kays who served in George Washington's army during the Revolution.

Mr. Mutz attended the rural schools near Burton, Nebraska; the grade schools at Ainsworth, Nebraska; and was graduated from the Ainsworth High School in 1905. He was a student at the Nebraska State Normal School at Peru, and the University of Nebraska where he was granted the LL. B. degree in 1911. He was a member of the debating squad at Peru, and Phi Delta Phi at the University of Nebraska. He was admitted to the bar at Lincoln, June 16, 1911.

He has been engaged in the general practice of law since 1911. He is a director in the Cosmopolitan Old Line Life Insurance, and was formerly president of this

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