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is a registered nurse and is of Norwegian descent. They have one son, Sidney, Jr., born February 12, 1930.

For the past year Mr. Owen has held the position of state supervisor of trade and industrial education. He has had extensive trade experience as an expert machinist, chief machinist in a copper mine in charge of the maintenance of mill, mine, filtration plant, and concentrator, and the short line railroad owned by the copper company by whom he was employed. For two years he was a machinery dealer, handling agriculural farm power machines, contractors supplies, mine and mill as well as road building machinery. In connection with this business he maintained a completely equipped service shop and had a small group of apprentices in training.

He was for two and a half years instructor in machine shop practice, forge shop, ox-acetylene welding, shop sketching, shop mathematics and blue print reading in day, evening and part time classes in the Phoenix Union High School. He came to Nebraska from Phoenix where he had been for four years director of vocational education. His responsibilities there were promotional, contacting industry, supervisory, administrative, selection and training of trade teachers and publicity of program. His field covered trades and industries, home economics, agriculture, retail selling and registered nurses training. The types of classes were all-day, general continuation, part-time and evening extension.

As part of his office as supervisor Mr. Owen has written numerous articles, bulletins, etc., on vocational education. For the past five years he has been a member of the Trade and Industrial Club, of which he was chairman during 1928-29. He is a Rotarian, and a member of the Knights of the Round Table International. His clubs are the University of Arizona Alumni Club, the Colorado Agricultural College Alumni Club, and the Lambda Sigma Fraternity. Residence: Lincoln.

Claire Estelle Owens

Dr. Claire Estelle Owens, one of Nebraska's most prominent women in professional and civic affairs, has resided in this state all her life. She was born in a sod house on her parents' homestead near Exeter, Nebraska, January 31, 1876, the daughter of Lewis Dudley and Harriet (Totton) Owens. Her father was born at Greensburg, Indiana, May 6, 1847, and was a pioneer farmer in Fillmore County, Nebraska; he died at Geneva, Nebraska, April 10, 1918. His parents, John and Joanna (Hummer) Owens, who were of Welsh descent, were Kentuckians.

Harriet (Totton) Owens, one of the early pioneer women in Nebraska, was born at Oxford, Butler County, Ohio, December 19, 1848, the daughter of Albert and Elibabeth (Bradford) Totton. She is still living.

Blind since the age of eight, Dr. Owens attended the public schools of Fillmore County for a time and in 1898 was graduated from the Nebraska School for the Blind at Nebraska City. She received the degree of Doctor of Osteopathy at Des Moines College in 1921.

A teacher in the public schools at Fairmont, Nebraska, from 1899 to 1902, she was supervisor of music in public schools at Exeter a period of seventeen years 1898 to June 1903; 1907June 1909; and September 1913-June 1916. She taught from 1907 to 1917 at Geneva, and from 1905-07 was supervisor of music at Oakland and Macedonia, Iowa. In addition to her school work she taught piano, voice and dramatics in private classes. Since 1921 she has been an osteopathic physician at Exeter.

A Democrat, Dr. Owens has been unusually active in Politics in Fillmore County, acting as legislative representative from District 54 in Fillmore County during the session held in 1930-31; regular and special; and candidate for that position in 1928. She was president of the Exeter Woman's Club for four years, was president of the Nebraska Association of Workers for the Blind for two years, served as a member of the board of directors of the Fillmore County Federation of Woman's Clubs for four years, and acted as director of the local Red Cross, two years. She is now president of the Nebraska Women's Osteopathic Association, is a member of the Exeter Commercial Club, and is affiliated with the First Presbyterian Church.

She is a member of the Fillmore County Red Cross, the American Association for the Workers for the Blind, the American Osteopathic Association, and the Nebraska Osteopathic Association. Dr. Owens was a member of the board of education at Geneva, 1922-23, and served in that capacity at Exeter, 1924-27. She was recently elected to membership in the Nebraskana Society. Her hobby is traveling. Residence: Exeter. (Photograph in Album).

Griffith John Owens

Griffith John Owens, prominent merchant and lumber executive at Benkelman, Nebraska, was born at Rewey, Wisconsin, December 7, 1877, the son of George Washington and Jane (Roberts) Owens. His father, who was a grain buyer for over 40 years, was born at Rewey, March 18, 1855; he has served as mayor and has held many offices in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Knights of Pythias. His mother was born at Rewey, September 12, 1855, both are still living; she reared three sons, a soldier, an educator, and a successful business man.

Mr. Owens bought grain for the Hunting Elevator Company at Rosecreek, Minnesota, until 1905, when he came to Nebraska and managed. a store and a ranch at Parks. He was engaged in the real estate and insurance business for two years, and for the past 18 years has been in the lumber business, acting as president of the Owens Lumber Company at this time. He has been a director in the Bank of Benkelman prior to its consolidation with the Farmers and Merchants Bank, and is connected with the Dundy County Telephone Company.

On June 3, 1903, he married Agnes Bagan at LeRoy, Minnesota, Mrs. Owens, who was born at LeRoy, May 10, 1877, is of Irish descent. She is actively indentified with the womans club as well as with the activities of her church. Her uncle, J. R. Phelan, built a railroad in the west and was general superintendent of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad at Alliance, Nebraska. Four children were born to their marriage: Joseph, September 3, 1909, who is manager of a lumber yard at Parks; Daniel, May 26, 1911; Genevieve, June 25, 1904, who is a teacher, and Berneta, May 10, 1907, who died March 15, 1908. Daniel is a student at Creighton University, taking an Academic course.

Mr. Owens has never held public offices, but has always been active in securing able men to hold county and state positions. He has served as a member of the town board, the school board, and the county fair board, and has served as president of the Chamber of Commerce for a period of 10 years. He was secretary of the board of education for three years, and at this time is affiliated with St. Joseph's Catholic Church, was director in the Red Cross, and has been superintendent of the Salvation Army in Dundy County.

His chief outside interests are: geology; reading; poetry; nature studies; and agriculture. During the World War Mr. Owens sold Liberty bonds in every loan drive, and was prominent in the Red Cross. He was recently elected to membershiip (sic) in The Nebraskana Society. Residence: Benkelman.

Ferdinand Pacal

Ferdinand Pacal, banker and musician, was born in Moravia, Austria, July 20, 1878, son of John and Josephine (Horky) Pacal. His father, born at Preskov, Moravia, February 2, 1851, came to Wahoo, June 25, 1883, and located at Weston on September 28, 1883. A weaver, railroad laborer, painter and paper hanger, he died at

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Weston, on June 7, 1929. His wife, Josephine, was born at Mala Oslavicka, Velka Medric, Moravia, January 15, 1857, and died at Weston, June 8, 1927.

Educated in the public schools of Weston, Mr. Pacal was graduated in May, 1893, and attended Omaha Commercial College and a summer term at Fremont Normal College. He taught in the schools of District No. 76, Saunders County, from 1896-99, inclusive, and in District No. 103, at Weston, from 1900-10. From April 13, 1910, to April 15, 1930, he was cashier of the Farmers and Merchants. Bank of Weston. At the present time he is in the insurance business, and teaches music. For more than thirty years he has been a correspondent of the Wahoo Wasp, and is the author of Village Belles, band march, copyrighted in 1906.

Mr. Pacal has always been active in politics and was secretary of the board of education 1914-15 (resigned), village clerk of Weston, 13 years, resigned about 1914. He was Republican candidate for county clerk, defeated by 38 votes in 1904; and was treasurer of the Saunders County Progressive (Bull Moose) party when Theodore Roosevelt and Hiram Johnson were candidates in 1912. He had been Republican committeeman from Chapman precinct for many years.

On October 27, 1912, he was united in marriage to Nellie Mae Madigan at Wahoo. Mrs. Pacal, who is of Irish and English descent, was born at Weston, September 9, 1879.

Mr. Pacal has been director and instructor in The 20th Century Band at Weston for about twenty years. He is a member of the Wahoo Lodge of the Masons, and St. George Lodge No. 95 of the Knights of Pythias, and a former member of the Royal Arch Masons and the Dramatic Order of the Knights of Khorasan. During the World War he was chairman of Chapman precinct Red Cross drive, and assisted in various loan drives. From 1892 to 1916, he played amateur baseball. His hobbies are music, bees and fishing. Residence: Weston.

John Stephen Pacal

John Stephen Pacal, a resident of Nebraska all his life, has been engaged in business at Weston, Nebraska, since February, 1910. He was born at Weston, December 26, 1883, the son of John and Josephine (Horky) Pacal. His father, who was a weaver, painter, paper hanger, and railroad laborer, was born at Preskov, Velka Medric, Moravia, February 2, 1851, and died at Weston, June 7, 1929. His mother was born at Mala Oslavicka, Moravia, January 15, 1857, and died at Weston, June 8, 1927.

Mr. Pacal was graduated from the Weston High School in 1899, and in 1909, was awarded the Ph. G. degree at Creighton University, where he received the award for the best sample case of products in manufacturing in pharmacy, 1909. He was a drug clerk in the Frank Johnson and Ben Smith drug stores at Valparaiso, Nebraska, was a teacher in Saunders County, 1902-04, was timekeeper on the Union Pacific Railroad, 1905-07, and since 1910 has been owner and manager of a drug store at Weston.

He is secretary of the board of education at Weston, is a member of the Nebraska State Pharmaceutical Association, and formerly held membership in the St. George Lodge Number 95 of the Knights of Pythias. For several years Mr. Pacal was a pitcher for the Weston Ball Club, one season was pitcher for the Wahoo Ball Club, and was manager of the Weston Ball Club in the Saunders County League, 1923-4. His hobbies and sports are music, reading, mechanics, radio, tree culture, and hunting and fishing.

His marriage to Mildred Josephine Vlasak was solemnized at Weston, November 25, 1915. Mrs. Pacal, who was at one time a public school teacher, was born at Prague, Saunders County, Nebraska, November 8, 1892, of Bohemian descent. They have three children: Louis, born September 24, 1916; Angela, born January 4, 1919; and Richard, born April 18, 1922. All the children are studying music; Louis plays the clarinet and assists in concerts given by the Wahoo Band. Angela is interested in 4-H Club work, and is secretary of the local society of this organization. Residence: Weston.

John McKinley Packer

J. McKinley Packer, physician and surgeon at Ashland, Nebraska, has lived in this state all his life, and is today active in various civic organizations at Ashland. He was born at Wakefield, Nebraska, June 9, 1883, the son of George Washington and Emily Elizabeth (Church) Packer. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Pennsylvania, February 6, 1830, of Irish ancestry, and died at Wakefield, April 7, 1929. His mother was born at Madison, Wisconsin, June 11, 1859, of English descent.

Dr. Packer was graduated from Cotner Academy in 1909, and in 1913 was awarded the A. B. degree at Cotner College where he was active in football and basketball. He received his M. D. from the Electic Medical College at Cincinnati. Since 1915, when he was admitted to the practice of medicine and surgery at Lincoln, he has been engaged in practice at Ashland.

He served as president of the Ashland School Board, 1924-25, and holds membership in the Parent-Teachers' Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the Young Men's Christian Association, and the Red Cross. He is affiliated with the Christian Church, is a Mason, an Odd Feliow, and is a member of the Nebraskana Society. Dr. Packer's favorite sports are golf and baseball.

During the World War he served as first lieutenant in the Officer's Training Corps at Fort Riley, Kansas, and acted as county examining physician for Saunders County. He was married to Mable Ellen Cutter at Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, September 21, 1915. Mrs. Packer, whose ancestry is English, was born at Avoca, March 25, 1890. They have one child, an adopted daughter, Virginia, who was born February 10, 1921. Residence: Ashland.

Bayard H. Paine

Bayard H. Paine, judge of the Supreme Court of Nebraska, was born on a farm near Painesville, Ohio, April 27, 1872, son of Ira T. and Ella M. (Huston) Paine.

His father, born near Painesville, January 31, 1847, of English ancestry, moved his family to Grand Island in 1873. His mother, born near Painesville, December 31, 1850, was of New England stock, and very active in the work of the Methodist Church. She died at Grand Island, October 21, 1911.

Judge Paine was graduated from Grand Island High School in 1889, attended Northwestern University (Bachelor of Science 1894), and was a student at Ann Arbor Law School part of one year. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta, and was editor in chief of the college annual and also of the Northwestern.

His marriage to Grace N. Bentley was solemnized at Grand Island, January 15, 1902. Mrs. Paine was born at Freeport, Illinois, and is of English descent. There are three children, Alice Ella, born April 15, 1903, who is librarian at Grand Island Senior High School; Charles Bentley, born May 1, 1905, who is practicing law at Lincoln; and Bayard H., Jr., born August 5, 1906, who is in business in Grand Island.

Judge Paine taught school four years, was official Court Reporter six years, then began the practice of law in June, 1904, served as police judge of Grand Island and was referee in bankruptcy for ten years. He was elected judge of the eleventh judicial district of Nebraska 1916,

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1920, 1924 and 1928, and resigned in January, 1931, having been elected supreme judge of Nebraska in November, 1930 for the fifth supreme court district of eighteen counties.

He is president of the Grand Island Land Company and vice president of the National Bank of Doniphan. He was a private in the Home Guards at Grand Island, and a four minute speaker during the World War. Since 1911 he has been a member of the American Bar and for a number of years has been a member of the Nebraska State Bar Association and the American Judicature Society.

Judge Paine's civic organizations include the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club (past president), and the Grand Island Public Library Board (trustee for more than 25 years). He is a Scottish Rite, and York Rite Mason and a member of the Shrine, and an Elk. For twenty-five years in the past he served as a member of the board of the Young Men's Christian Association, and was its president four years. He is a member of the First Methodist Church, being a delegate to the General Conferences of 1904 and 1908.

He was a member of the board of editors of the History of Hall County, and is a member of the Hall County, and of the Nebraska Historical Societies and of the Nebraskana Society. His clubs include the Lincoln University Club, the Riverside Golf Club, Grand Island, and the Executives Club of Chicago. During his summer vacations he has taken automobile trips over the greater part of the United States, and has driven his car through eleven European countries, in which trip he visited many European courts. Residence: Grand Island. (Photograph in Album).

Clara Audrea Paine

Clara Andrea Paine, librarian at Lincoln, was born near Normal, Illinois, April 5, 1875, the daughter of George Leonard and Elizabeth Ann (Vickery) Sibley.

She was graduated from the high school at Jacksonville, Illinois, in 1893, was a student at Brown's Business College, 1894, and attended the Illinois College at Jacksonville, 1893-94. Since 1916, she has been librarian of the State Historical Society, and has served as secretary of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association acting as business manager of its reviews.

She was united in marriage with Clarence Sumner Paine, December 16, 1905. Mr. Paine, who died in 1916, was superintendent of the Nebraska State Historical Society from 1907 to 1916. Three children were born to their marriage: Clarence Sibley; Ezra Kempton; and Elizabeth Audrea.

Mrs. Paine is deputy governor for the Society of Mayflower Descendants in Nebraska, and is state registrar of the National Society of Colonial Dames in Nebraska. She served as state regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1925-27, was vice president general of the Nebraska society of this organization, 1927-30, and has been prominent in the society for many years.

She holds membership in the following: Kansas State Historical Society; Oklahoma State Historical Society; Illinois State Historical Society; Chicago Historical Society; Mayflower Descendants; Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America; Sons and Daughters of Pilgrims; Society of Daughters of Colonial Wars. She is a member of the Lincoln Woman's Club and the P. E. 0. She is a member of the board of editors of the Nebraska Genealogical Society, and is the author of The Vickery Family in America. She has been a contributor to varbus magazines and newspapers. She is a Democrat. Residence: Lincoln.

William Henry Pallett

William H. Pallett, who has been a physician and surgeon at Crete, since 1898, was born at The Moat, Great Hadham, Hartfordshire, England, April 23, 1871. His father, William H. Pallett, who was a farmer, was born at Patchendon, Hartfordshire, England, August 11, 1844, and died at Dorchester, February 4, 1916; he came to America in 1873 with his parent. His mother, Lucy (Anthony) Pallett, the daughter of Juliana (Bigg) and E. H. Anthony, was born at The Moat, March 1, 1842, and died at Dorchester, July 3, 1899.

Dr. Pallett was graduated from the Dorchester High School; received the degree D. D. S. at the University of Iowa, in 1892; and in 1898 was graduated from the Kansas City Medical College. He has lived in Nebraska for 58 years. He served as surgeon in the Students Army training Corps at Doane College during the World War, and is a present captain of Medical Reserve Corps. Dr. Pallett is a former member of the Crete Board of Education. Politically, he is independent. He is affiliated with the First Congregational Church of Crete.

On June 26, 1895, Dr. Pallett was united in marriage with Carrie L. Cooper at Crete. Mrs. Pallett, who is the daughter of Rev. D. C. and Louisa J. (Tidall) Cooper, was born at Venango, Pennsylvania. Their children are: Donald H., born October 18, 1900, who married Maryna A. White; Merwin C., born January 19, 1902, who died January 22, 1920; Harold A., born August 29, 1903, who married Gladys Babcock; and James E., born November 19, 1906. Donald, Harold, and James, have received A. B. degrees. Residence: Crete.

Arthur Franklin Palmer

A resident of Nebraska all his life, Arthur Franklin Palmer was born at Raymond, March 12, 1876. His father, Joseph Thomas Palmer, who traced his ancestry to English immigrants prior to the Revolution, was born at Frankfort, Indiana, December 8, 1832. He was an early pioneer farmer in Nebraska, and died at Davey September 30, 1912. His wife, a native of Indiana, was Lydia Anna Brinson. She was born January 19, 1841, and died at Davey on December 8, 1918. Her family was German and Scotch and came to America prior to 1800.

Mr. Palmer attended public school in Nebraska, and has been a farmer at Davey for a number of years. At the present time he is the owner of considerable acreage in that vicinity. He was married to Georgia Alma Guthrie at Davey on October 16, 1901, and to them were born three children, two of whom are living: Arthur, March 28, 1907; Ethel, November 18, 1910, and Gerald, born November 22, 1913, who died April 8, 1929. Mrs. Palmer was born at Mendota, Iowa, December 22, 1879.

A Democrat, Mr. Palmer is active in local politics. He is a member of te (sic) First Christian Church of Lincoln, and the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Davey.

Claud Palmer

Claud Palmer, prominent physician and surgeon at Bridgeport, was born in Dallas County, Iowa, April 5, 1872, son of Daniel and Angeline (Stover) Palmer. The father was born in Noble County, Ohio, in 1847, and was a public school teacher and carpenter of Scotch descent. He died at Pacific Junction, Iowa, in 1915. His wife, Angeline, was born in Indiana in 1849, and died at Pacific Junction in 1907. Her ancestry was Pennsylvania Dutch.

Upon his graduation from Pacific Junction High School in 1890, Dr. Palmer entered the University of Nebraska where he received his medical degree in 1906. He passed the state board of medical examiners, making creditable grades in all branches of medicine and surgery, and was also awarded many scholarship prizes. He was tendered a position in the University of Nebraska as instructor by the chancellor at the time of his graduation, which was not accepted.

For 26 years Dr. Palmer has engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery at Bridgeport. Prior to that time he taught in the public schools for ten years. He is a Democrat and for 24 years has been County physician

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of Morrill County and from 1924 until 1926 served as mayor of Bridgeport.

He is married to Anroe Johnson, who was born at Weeping Water, Nebraska, March 28, 1871. She was a teacher before her marriage.

During the late war Dr. Palmer was examiner on the local draft board. He is a member of the Nebraska State and Seottsbluff Medical Society, and the Knights of Pythias. His favorite sports are hunting and fishing. Residence; Bridgeport.

Harry Oscar Palmer

Harry O. Palmer, distinguished lawyer, educator, and author, of Omaha, was born at Louisville, Cass County, Nebraska, June 10, 1886. His father, Emil Frederick Palmer, was a pioneer railroad man in Nebraska; was mayor of Louisville; and was a merchant there in the early days. He was descended from the nobility of Sweden of the families, Modernsvard, Liljehok, and Bage; he came to America in 1882. He was born at Kalmar, Smoland, Sweden, April 5, 1855, and died at Louisville, March 19, 1917.

Alma (Peterson) Palmer, his mother, was born at Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, December 15, 1863,

She is an authority on the Franciscan Missions in California, and has widely traveled. Her Swedish and Norman French ancestors were seafarers and traders.

Mr. Palmer was graduated from the Louisville High School in 1904. In 1908 he was awarded the A. B. degree at Nebraska Wesleyan University, and in 1912 received his LL. B. at Harvard. He was made a member of Phi Beta Sigma, Oropilian, at Wesleyan; was a member of Lambda Phi at the Omaha University where he was a lecturer for a time; and was president of the Athletic Association at Wesleyan University. He was awarded the university scholarship at Harvard and was editor of the Harvard Law Review there. He was elected to Phi Kappa Phi at Wesleyan.

He was admitted to the bar at Omaha, in 1912, and since that date has been prominent in legal and educational circles in Omaha, practicing law with the firm Palmer, Taylor & Palmer, and later with the firm Palmer & Palmer. He was educational director of the American Institute of Banking, 1914-24; was for a time a lecturer in pleading and practice at Omaha University Law School; and is now attorney in Nebraska for the Federal Reserve Bank and the Prudential Insurance Company.

A Republican, Mr. Palmer has been outstanding in political activities in the state for several years. In 1910 he was secretary of the Cass County Republican Convention; was chairman of the Douglas County Republican Central Committee, 1928-30; and was candidate for governor of Nebraska in the 1930 primaries. He was president of the Republican Club at Wesleyan University. He was at one time city attorney of Louisville.

He began his career as a clerk in his father's store; was engaged by the Burlington Railroad; was cashier for the Redpath Chautauqua System; and has been a reporter and special writer for the Nebraska State Journal, Omaha Bee News, and other metropolitan newspapers. He is the author of; The Law of the Air, 1918; Tenderest Lady, 1919; Chinese Chit, 1920; and Theodorus and Guacaro, 1916. He has written scientific articles on Nebraska Snakes, including Me and the Amoeba. He was editor of The Nebraska Wesleyan, 1907-08.

Mr. Palmer held the ranks from private to major in the army during the World War; was assistant executive officer and commanding officer in the Judge Advocate General's Offices; and was judge advocate in the China and Siberian Expeditionary Forces. He saw service in the Philippine Department and in Japan. He was secretary of the Douglas County Food Administration, 1917; was secretary for the Nebraska Federal War Savings Organization and toured the southern and eastern states, 1917-18. He has been a member of the executive committee of the American Legion. He was director and national field organizer and speaker for the United States treasury department during the war.

He is a member of the Douglas County Bar Association; the Nebraska Bar Association; and the American Bar Association. He was chairman of the speakers bureau of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce; was educational director of the American Institute of Banking; and is a member of the Young Men's Christian Association. He is affiliated with the First Unitarian Church of Omaha. His favorite sport is tramping in the White Mountains. His hobby is the study of modern languages, especially German, French and Modern Greek. He is a member of the Masons and the Eastern Star. He is a member of the Noon-day Club and the Omaha University Club. Residence; Omaha.

Arthur Chester Pancoast

Arthur Pancoast, who has been a lawyer at Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, since June, 1901, was born in Saunders County, Nebraska, December 29, 1873. His father, Edward Clay Pancoast, who was a farmer and early settler in Nebraska, was born in Wayne County, Ohio, in 1842, and died at Ashland, Saunders County, Nebraska, March 25, 1902; he was a soldier in the Civil War; his English ancestors came to this country with William Penn. His mother, Sarah Elizabeth (Bryan) Pancoast, was born at Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois, and died at Ashland, Saunders County, Nebraska, December 28, 1912. Her ancestry was Irish and Welsh.

Mr. Pancoast was graduated from the Ashland High School in 1890. He holds the following degrees granted by the University of Nebraska; A. B., 1897; A. M., 1900: and LL. B., 1901. He was elected to Phi Gamma Delta at the university. He is now attorney for the Farmers Union of Nebraska and all of its subsidiaries, also of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Ashland.

He holds membership in the Omaha Bar Society, the Douglas County Bar Society, and the Nebraska State Bar Association. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, is attorney for the South Omaha School Board. Mr. Pancoast's social club is the Happy Hollow Club of Omaha, while his fraternal organizations include the Odd Fellows and all Masonic bodies. He is affiliated with St. Barnabas Episcopal Church of Omaha, and is a member of the Republican party. His hobby is farming, while his favorite sport is golf.

His marriage to Selma Augusta Wiggenborn was solemnized at Ashland, June 15, 1904. Mrs. Pancoast was born at Ashland. They have three children; Marjorie, born March 31, 1905; Helen Augusta, born December 5, 1906; and Elizabeth Dora, born January 26, 1912. The two older girls are graduates of Wellesley College and Elizabeth is a student there. Residence; Omaha.

Frederick Gerhard Panning

A lifelong resident of Nebraska, Frederick G. Panning was born at Hooper, Nebraska, February 14, 1874, the son of Henry and Meta (Meyer) Panning. His father was born at Hanover, Germany, April 15, 1844, and died at Hooper, September 15, 1929; he come to America from Germany, October, 1852, and settled at Watertown, Wisconsin; he moved to Nebraska in 1864, and bought 360 acres of land in Dodge County for $1,200. His mother was born at Oldenburg, Germany, and came to America in 1868.

Mr. Panning attended the, public schools and Fremont Normal School. He managed a general merchandise store at Altona, Nebraska, for a time; was cashier of the Farmers State Bank at Altona for four years; and in 1914 returned to farming as his occupation. He is secretary of the Farmers Mutual Home Insurance Corn

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pany of Hooper; is president of the Farmers Union Cooperative Company at Winslow, Nebraska; and is a director in the Winslow State Bank.

On June 29, 1909, he was married to Anna Emma Pflueger at Altona, Nebraska. Mrs. Panning was born of German parents in Cuming County, April 7, 1884. Seven children were born to their marriage, all of whom are living: Victor, born June 21, 1905; Leona, born December 30, 1906; Theodore, born August 28, 1908; Arthur, born May 20, 1910; Ester, born August 19, 1912; Ruth, born October 31, 1914; and Irvin, born May 21, 1919. Leona is employed as clerk at Lallman Brothers Merchandise Establishment at Winslow, Nebraska. The other children are employed at home.

Mr. Panning is a member of the Immanual Lutheran Church and is a director of the Church Extension Board; and a member of the Lutheran Layman League. He holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. He is a Republican. Residence: Hooper.

Ladimore Frank Papik

Ladimore F. Papik, a life time resident of Nebraska, was born at Crete, Saline County, Nebraska, December 7, 1894, the son of Frank Joseph and Barbara (Nedela) Papik. His father, who was born at Msene, Province of Prague, Czechoslovakia, December 19, 1854, and died at Crete, July 9, 1924, was a pioneer Nebraskan, and a prosperous farmer; he came with his parents, Frank and Katherine Papik, to America and in 1869 settled in Saline County where he became a prominent member of his community; he held membership in the Woodmen of the World and Z. C. B. J.

His mother, who was born at Msene, June 8, 1860, and died at Crete, December 16, 1927, came to America in 1866 with her parents, John and Barbara Nedela; they homesteaded near Crete in 1868. She was an active club worker, was a member of J. C. D., Z. C. B. J., and the Star Club. She was president of the latter and on the day before her death entertained the club at her home.

Mr. Papik was graduated from the Crete High School in 1915 with the largest class that school had known. He was a member of the high school baseball team for two years, and won many honors in track in which he took part for three years. He worked on his father's farm for a year, and from 1916-1918 farmed with his brother. In 1918 he moved on the farm he now owns; in the past decade, through thrift and energy he has built up his farm and made many improvements on it. He has specialized in hog raising and has made a most enviable record.

He was married to Bessie Lavina Pisar at Wilber, Saline County, Nebraska, November 28, 1916. Mrs. Papik, who is an energetic farm wife, was born at Dorchester, February 20, 1898, the daughter of Joseph and Rosie Pisar; she was graduated from school in 1912. She is active in her home and in community affairs. They have one son, Frankie Joseph, born February 27, 1923. He is in grade school and has won honor grades each year of his education.

Mr. Papik is a member of Z. C. B. J. and the Nebraskana Society. He has been district treasurer of school district Number 62 since 1926. His sports are baseball and basketball. His hobby is summer tours through the country. Residence: Dorchester.

Edmund McIntyre Parker

Edmund McIntyre Parker, veteran lumber dealer in Saline County, Nebraska, has lived in this state all his life and has taken an active part in civic affairs at Crete for many years. He was born at Dorchester, Nebraska, October 10, 1873, the son of Thomas Benton and Emma (Livingston) Parker. His father, who was a distinguished lawyer, was a member of the legislature of 1878 and served as deputy internal, revenue collector for 11 Counties in Nebraska; he was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, October 8, 1843, and died at Steamboat Springs, Colorado, January 30, 1926; his ancestry was English.

His mother was born in Henry County, Illinois, November 19, 1849, came to Nebraska in 1858 with her parents and settled near Louisville. She died at Crete, February 22, 1922; her English ancestors were signers of the Declaration of Independence, and her father was a soldier in the War of 1812.

Mr. Parker attended the Dorchester Public Schools and was a student at Lincoln Normal School in 1893 and 1894. He has been engaged in the lumber business for over 30 years, acting as manager of the George A. Hoagland Lumber Company prior to 1908 and since then as treasurer and general manager of the Parker & Jacobsen Lumber Company. He is connected with the Paine Lumber & Coal Company at Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, as treasurer, and is vice president of the Crete Building and Loan Association.

He is a member of the Rotary Club, is past president and a member of the board of directors of the Community Club at Crete, and is affiliated with the Methodist Church there, He is interested in basketball and football and all outdoor sports, and holds membership in the Crete Country Club.. Dating the World War he served as a member of various committees in loan and charity drives. Mr. Parker is a member of the Scottish Rite and Shrine bodies of the Masonic Order.

A Democrat, he served as mayor of Crete for two successive terms, 1914 and 1915. On August 12, 1903, he was united in marriage with Dora Mooberry at Dorchester. Mrs. Parker, whose ancestry is English and French, was born at Morton, Illinois, October 30, 1875, and died at Crete, February 5, 1915. Their elder son, Gerald, born November 27, 1905, was graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1929, and is now a high school teacher and coach at Osceola High School. Paul M., born April 13, 1910, is a student at Doane College, Crete, Nebraska Residence: Crete.

Thomas William Parkin

Thomas William Parkin, clergyman at Ainsworth, Nebraska, was born at Rowlands Gill, England, April 16, 1890, the son of William and Josephine (Bell) Parkin. His father, who was a business man, was also born at Rowlands Gill. His mother was born at Winlaton, England, and died at Rowlands Gill, in 1918.

Mr. Parkin attended school in England, and in 1917 received the A. B. and A. M. degrees at the University of Toledo. He had formerly been a student at Ohio Northern University where he was prominent in debating and is a member of Phi Kappa Chi. He has been a minister in Nebraska for the past 15 years and has held a pastorate in Ainsworth for two years, and is active in community affairs there at this time.

He is a member of the Ainsworth Welfare Board, the Chamber of Commerce, the Young Men's Christian Association, and the Ministerial Association. He is a Mason, a member of the Eastern Star, and a recent member of the Nebraskana Society. Actively interested in Boy Scout work, he likes football, golf, and hiking. His hobby is reading.

He was united in marriage with Lillian Ruth Norgren at Des Moines, Iowa, July 21, 1918. Mrs. Parkin, whose ancestory is Swedish, was born at Ong, Nebraska, November 21, 1897. Their two children are: Thomas, Jr., born April 16, 1920; and John Bell, born February 23, 1924. Residence: Ainsworth.

George Alanson Parkins

Since 1901 George Alanson Parkins has been established in business at Ord, Nebraska, as a jeweler and optometrist. He was born at Fontanelle, Iowa, March 24, 1881, but has lived in Nebraska most of his life. His father, John Parkins, who was born in Ontario, Canada,

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