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tives over the world, and has had an unusual brilliant career.

On September 30, 1886, he joined his regiment and served with it at Fort Bayard, New Mexico, in the campaign against the Apache Indians, 1886 to 1887. His next active service was in the field in South Dakota in the campaign against the Sioux Indians, 1891, and commanding Indian scouts at Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota. He served as professor of military science and tactics at the University of Nebraska, 1891 to 1895. From 1897 to 1898 he was instructor of tactics at the Military Academy of West Point, and in 1898 served in Cuba in the Santiago Campaign. He was on duty at army headquarters at Washington, August 23, to December 20, 1898, was in the office of the assistant secretary of war, 1899, and removed to the Phillippine Islands by way of the Suez Canal, November 28, 1899.

He was adjutant general, district of Zamboanga, December 24, 1899, to April 24, 1900, was adjutant general of the Department of Mindanao, December 24, April. 24, 1900, to August 3, 1901, was acting engineer of the same department, 1901, and was collector of customs at Zamboango, and ordinance officer and chief of the same department, to October 11, 1901. He served as commander of his squadron at Jolo, Philippine Islands, until 1902, was commanding provisional squadron at Camp Shears, Philippine Islands commanding the expedition against the Moros, September 18, to October 3, 1902. He was on duty with the general staff at Washington, 1904, and was assistant to the chief of the staff, Southwestern Division, Oklahoma City, 1904.

In 1904 he was a student at the Army War College at Washington, sailed for Japan, February 14, 1905, and was military attache, Tokyo, from March 26, 1905 to October, 1906. He was commander of the department of California, until November 20, 1906, commander of the post, William McKinley Fort in the Philippines, January 3, 1907. In 1908 he sailed for Europe under special instructions pending the result of the situation in the Balkans and was designated as an observer in case open hostilities should ensue. After a leave of absence he was back on duty January 18, 1909, and the same year was on sick leave. On November 11, 1909, he was made commander of the Philippine Division, and from January 20, 1914 to March 15, 1916 he was commander of the expeditionary forces in Mexico, was commander of the district of El Paso, Texas, 1917, and commander of the southern department, February 21, to May, 1917. During the World War he was commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Forces in France, and on September 3, 1919, was appointed general of the armies of the United States. He was made chief of the staff, 1921.

Among the medals awarded him for distinguished service to his countrymen and the world are: Distinguished Service Medal, 1918; Indian Campaign Medal; Spanish Campaign Medal; Philippine Campaign Medal; Mexican Service Medal; Army of Cuban Occupation Medal. These foreign decorations have been bestowed upon him: Belgian Order de Leopold, (grand croix); Belgian Croix de Guerre; British Order of the Bath, the knight grand cross; Chinese Grand Cordon of the Order of the Precious Light of Chia Ho, first class; Czechoslovakia Croix de Guerre; French Legion d'Honaeur, (grand croix); French Medaille Militaire; Greek Order of the Saint Savoir; Italian Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, (grand cross) ; Italian Military Order of Savoy, (grand cross) ; Japanese Order of the Rising Sun (grand cordon of the Paulownia); Montenegrin Madaille Obilitch; Montenegrin Order du Prince Danila Ier, (grand cordon); Panamanian Order of La Solidaridad, (first class) ; Rumanian Order of Michael the Brave, (grand cross) ; Servian Order of Kara George, (first class) ; and the Polish Cross Virtuti Militari.

Special medals awarded him include a commemorative medal from Dr. Adolfo Mugica, president of the committee of the city of Buenos Aires, given in token of the profound admiration in which he was held by the people of that country. A resolution was passed at a public meeting of Wanganui, New Zealand, as an expression of their appreciation of the value of General Pershing's services in the World War. The Congress of the United States bestowed upon the general their thanks by a joint resolution.

General Pershing is now retired. He is chairman of the American Battle Monuments Commission, is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, and holds membership in numerous educational, welfare, social, and civic organizations.

His marriage to Helen Frances Warren was solemnized at Washington, D. C., January 26, 1905. Mrs. Pershing was born at Cheyenne, Wyoming, August 16, 1880, and died at San Francisco, California, August 27, 1915. Four children were born to this union: Helen, born September 8, 1906; Anna O., born March 25, 1908; Francis W., born June 24, 1909; and Mary M., born May 19, 1912. Mrs. Pershing and her three daughters were tragically killed in the burning of the Presidio. Francis W. is living.

General Pershing is the author of My Experience in the World War. He is a 32nd degree Mason, is a member of the Metropolitan Club at Washington, and holds membership in the Army and Navy Club, Washington and New York. He holds the following scholastic degrees: LL. B., University of Nebraska, 1923; LL. D., University of Nebraska, 1917; DCL., Oxford University, 1919; DL., Cambridge University, 1919; DL., University of St. Andrews, 1919; DL., University of Arizona, 1920; DL. University of Maine, 1920; D. L. George Washington University, 1920; DL., Harvard University, 1920; DL., Columbia University, 1920; DL., Williams College, 1920; DL., Yale University, 1920; D. M. S., Pennsylvania Military College, 1921; LL. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1922; LL. D., McGill University, 1922; and LL. D., University of Maryland, 1922. Residence: Lincoln. (Photograph on Page 954).

Albert Benjamin Persinger

Born at North Port, Alabama, May 7, 1851, Albert Benjamin Persinger is the son of Elias and Louise (Curling) Persinger. His father was born in Virginia in 1807 and his mother in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Mr. Persinger came to Nebraska 56 years ago and at the present time is the owner of the Hardscrabble Ranch located two miles east of Lodge Pole in Duel County. He has always been active in every civic, educational, religious and political project in his community. He is a member of the Masons, the Knights Templar and the Shrine, and is vice president of the Historical Society of Cheyenne County.

In 1888 he was married to Mary Adams at Cornwall, Ontario, where she was born. Mrs. Persinger is a direct descendant of John Quincy Adams. She is a member of the Episcopal Church. There are two children, Charlotte, born in 1881, who died in 1896; and Mary, born in 1884, who was married to George Harris Searcy, who is a physician and surgeon residing in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Mr. Persinger is a Democrat and a member of the Red Cross. Recently he was made a life member of the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Lodge Pole.

Edwin B. Person

One of the prominent bankers of Phelps County, Nebraska, Edwin B. Person is cashier of the Funk State Bank. He was born at Chicago, Illinois, December 4, 1877, the son of Peter M. and Hanna (Erickson) Person. His father, who was a farmer, sailor, and carpenter, was born in Sweden, August 5, 1840, and died at Holdrege Nebraska, in July, 1926. His mother was born in

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Norway, August 23, 1850, and is a devoted homemaker.

Mr. Person was married at Funk, June 28, 1911, to Violet N. Johnson, who was born in Johnson County, Illinois, July 1, 1886. They have two children: John Paul, born June 19, 1912; who is a medical student at the College of Medicine of the University of Nebraska; and Richard Edwin, born August 14, 1916. The family is affiliated with the Friedhem Lutheran Church of Funk. Residence: Funk.

Jay Alvin Person

Jay Alvin Person, prominent Chase County farmer, was born in Wauneta, Nebraska, January 5, 1887, son of Hocan and Augusta (Carlson) Person.

The father was born in Sweden, March 22, 1861, and came to the United States in 1882. His death occurred at Wauneta, August 23, 1904. His wife, Augusta, born in Sweden, September 20, 1858, came to the United States on November 25, 1883. She is still living.

Upon the completion of his elementary education in the Chase County Rural schools, Mr. Person took high school work at the Nebraska State Normal School at Kearney, and attended business college at Grand Island. He was a member of the debating team at Kearney, and participated in the debate against Peru State Teachers Normal School, 1915-1916.

In his earlier years Mr. Person taught rural school two terms. He has been a farmer most of his life and is greatly interested in co-operative organizations. From 1910 until 1919 he was secretary and a director of the Farmers Produce and Supply Company at Enders, Nebraska, and at the present time is director of the Wauneta Equity Mercantile Exchange. He is also president and a director of the Wauneta Co-operative Oil Company. His politics is independently Republican.

On June 13, 1917, he was married to Orba Euceba Pflum at Wauneta, Nebraska. She was born at Plevna, Missouri, December 8, 1882, her family tracing directly to the Henry Clay famly (sic). She is a member of the Womans Club, and is active in the affairs of the Methodist Church. There are two children, Phillys Evangeline, born June 27, 1918; and Bruce Alvin, born April 9, 1920.

During the years 1914-15 and 1915-16 Mr. Person was a member of the Young Men's Christian Association at Kearney, and was president of the local organization during the last mentioned year. He is a member of the local library board and of the board of trustees of Wauneta Rural High School. He attends the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is a member of the Wauneta Commercial Club. During the late war he was extremely active in raising funds for patriotic organizations and participated in loan and Red Cross drives. Residence: Wauneta.

Mary Belle Person

Mary Belle Person, educator, was born in Abingdon, Illinois, daughter of Michael and Mary Ellen (Shumaker) Dunigan. Her father, born in County Donegal, Ireland, May 1, 1836, came to America about 1853, settled in Nebraska and was county commissioner of Seward County for several terms. He died at Nebraska City, May 23, 1926. His wife, Mary Ellen, was born in Abingdon, Illinois, October 1, 1843, and died at Bee, Nebraska, January 9, 1906. She was the daughter of Jacob and Charlotte Shumaker.

Educated first in the rural schools of Seward County, Mrs. Person attended hig (sic) school at Seward, and was graduated from the normal training department of the State Normal School of Peru in 1912. She received the A. B. degree. She also took teachers training at the University of Nebraska and the Wyoming State Teachers College. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Mu Omega, and Sigma Tau Delta.

On April 5, 1900, she was married to Samuel J. Person at Lincoln, Nebraska. Mr. Person was born at Wilmington, North Carolina, and died at Bee, Nebraska, July 27, 1906. He was a traveling salesman and a lawyer, descended from Judge S. J. Person and General Thomas Person. There are three children, Samuel J., born October 10, 1901, who married Ola May Person; Clarence D., born April 9, 1904, who married Vernia Person; and Ellen Tyler, born June 15, 1905, who married George A. Fuerst.

Mrs. Person is a Democrat. She began her business career as a stenographer and bookkeeper for Duffie, Gaines and Kelby at Omaha, Nebraska. She has served as superintendent of schools at Oconto, Arnold, and Eddyville, Nebraska, and for a time was principal of the high school at Bayard, Nebraska. At the present time she is a teached (sic) of Mathematics and Latin in the Bayard High School. Mrs. Person is affiliated with St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, is a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the Eastern Star and the Royal Neighbors of America. Recently she was made a life member of the Nebraskana Society. Residence; Bayard.

Owen H. Person

Owen H. Person was born at West Point, Nebraska, November 28, 1888, the son of Stephen and Catherine M. (Ehret) Person. His father, who was a teacher, farmer, and school superintendent in Cuming County, was born at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1843, and died at West Point, March 21, 1922; he was a Civil War veteran. His mother was born at Bethlehem, December 18, 1848, and died at West Point, September 1, 1929.

Dr. Person was a student in Cuming County schools until 1901, and then attended the West Point High School. In 1913, he was graduated from the Kansas City Veterinary College with the degree of D. V. M. He has been engaged as a veterinary surgeon since that date at Wahoo, and is the author of several articles on veterinary subjects. A Republican, he is now serving his second term as mayor of Wahoo, is director of the Chamber of Commerce, vice-president of the Wahoo Lions Club, and is chairman of the executive committee of the League of Nebraska Municipalities.

He holds membership in the Nebraska Medical Veterinary Association, is affiliated with the Wahoo Presbyterian Church, and is a member of the Nebraskana Society. He holds membership in the Knights of Pythias, and all branches of the Masons. His recreations are hunting and baseball.

On September 17, 1918, he was united in marriage at Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, with Ruth Evelyn Williams. Mrs. Person, who was born at Des Moines, Iowa, November 22, 1889, is descended from Ethan Allen and General Putman. Residence: Wahoo.

Joseph Pestal

Born at Gerschdorf, Moravia, Czechoslovakia, January 16, 1874, Joseph Pestal is the son of Joseph and Eleanora (Trutna) Pestal. His father was born at Radosov, Moravia, March 1, 1839, and came to the United States in 1875. He located on a farm five miles southwest of Wahoo, where he resided 50 years prior to his death on November 18, 1927. His mother was born at Gerschdorf, in November, 1846, and died at Wahoo, November 10, 1917.

Dr. Pestal was graduated from Wahoo High School in 1889, and attended Nebraska Wesleyan University two years, 1896-98. In 1902 he received his M. D. from the medical school of Northwestern University, and entered the practice of medicine.

On October 3, 1905, he was united in marriage to Katheryn Elizabeth Radovick, at Chicago. Mrs. Pestal was born at Cleveland, Ohio, March 26, 1880, her father a Serb, and her mother a Czech. There are three children; Eleonora V., born September 3, 1906; Katheryn Vivian,

Horz. bar

born November 16, 1912, and Pauline E., born August 8, 1915.

Dr. Pestal is a Socialist. He is affiliated with All Soul's Unitarian Church at Lincoln, and is a member of the Masonic Order and the Nebraskana Society. During the spring of 1898, he was president of the Nebraska Wesleyan Young Men's Christian Association. Residence: Valparaiso.

Val J. Peter

Val J. Peter, editor and publisher, was born in Bavaria, Germany, April 24, 1875. He is the son of George and Katherine (Welzenbach) Peter. His father was born in Steinbach, Germany, and died at Rock Island, Illinois, November 21, 1891. He came to the United States in 1889. His wife, Katherine, was born in Hausea, Bavaria, and died at Rock Island; May 15, 1924.

Mr. Peter came to the United States on May 26, 1889, and became a naturalized citizen at Rock Island, Illinois, on July 22, 1896. He was married to Margaret Reese at Rock Island, on April 24, 1905. Mrs. Peter was born in New York City, January 18, 1884, daughter of Theodore Rudolph Reese, a conductor and composer. Their children are, Carl J., born March 13, 1906; Theodore Val, born December 5; 1907; Bernard George, born August 28, 1909; Arno Ernest, born August 3, 1911; Raymond Albert, born July 30, 1913; Theresa Katherine, born September 14, 1915; William A., born February 23, 1917; Anna Loretto, born June 20, 1919; Margaret Joan, born February 23, 1921; Paul Frederick, born November 11, 1922; Dorothea Josephine, born February 25, 1924; and Eugene Walter, born July 16, 1925.

A resident of Omaha for nearly 25 years, Mr. Peter is a prominent publisher. He is president of the Tribune Publishing Company, which publishes the following German language publication: the Daily and Sunday Tribune, Nationales Farm Journal (Omaha), Die Welt-Post (Lincoln), Kansas City Presse (Kansas City), and Volkesblatt (St. Joseph). He is also owner of the Val J. Peter Travel Bureau of Omaha and Kansas City. Residence: Omaha.

Alexander Peters

Alex Peters, farmer and stockman, was born at Bancroft, Nebraska, August 29, 1889, son of Claus and Mary (Rades) Peters. His father, who was a farmer, died at Bancroft, January 18, 1892. His mother, who was a native of Pomerania, Germany, March 27, 1857, is still living.

Mr. Peters was graduated from the Bancroft public schools in June, 1905, and has since engaged in farming and stock raising. He is a director of the First National Bank of Bancroft, and takes an active part in the affairs of his community.

He is a Republican and a Mason, and his hobbies are reading and mechanics. Residence: Bancroft. (Photograph in Album).

Claus F. Peters

Claus F. Peters, farmer and stockman, was born at Bancroft, Nebraska, March 16, 1890, son of Claus and Mary (Rades) Peters. Claus Peters, Sr., was a farmer, who died at Bancroft, January 18, 1892.

Mr. Peters attended the Bancroft public schools and was graduated in June, 1906. A Republican, he has lived in Nebraska all his life, and has been engaged in farming since maturity.

A veteran of the World War, Mr. Peters held the rank of sergeant, and is a member of the American Legion. He is also a member of the Masons, and the Order of Eastern Star. Residence: Bancroft. (Photograph in Album).

Emanuel Peters

A pioneer farmer in Webster County, Nebraska, Emanuel Peters has been a resident of this state for the past 62 years. He was born at Westpoint, Iowa, June 12, 1849, the son of Henry and Elizabeth Peters. As a leader in the community of Guide Rock, Nebraska he has served as county commissioner, sheriff, assessor, game warden, city marshall, and justice of the peace.

Mr. Peters is now retired from active farming and is a stockholder in the State Bank of Guide Rock. He is the author of Early History of Webster County contained in Martin's History of Nebraska, and holds membership in the Nebraska State Historical Society and the Nebraskana Society.

On May 6, 1844, he married Dora Dunbar at Guide Rock. Mrs. Peters was born at Lasell, Illinois, June 8, 1856. Three children were born to them: Alma. February 21, 1876, who married George Parker; Ralph C., July 22, 1881; and Roy C., October 11, 1884, who died December 30, 1918. Residence: Guide Rock.

George Steely Petersen

On August 16, 1895, George Steely Petersen, rancher and civil engineer, was born at Pocatello, Idaho. He is the son of William Christian and Caroline Helen (Catherine (Christensen) (sic) Petersen.

The father was born at Omaha, Nebraska, September 29, 1871, and was formerly superintendent of motive power of the Southern Pacific Railway Company at Tuscon, Arizona, and Los Angeles, California. Until his recent retirement, he was a round house foreman. He now resides at Santa Barbara, California. His ancestry is Danish, his parents having moved to Nebraska before the Civil War. Caroline Helen Catherine Christensen was born at Monmouth, Illinois, September 30, 1871. She is active in church work. Her family came from Denmark to Illinois in 1844.

Upon the completion of his grammar school work at Yuma, Arizona, in May 1909, Mr. Petersen entered Tucson High School, graduating in June, 1913. The following year he was a student at the University of Arizona, and the next year at the University of California. Mr. Petersen possesses a certificate from the University of California certifying that he left to enter the military forces in the World War, just before graduating. He never returned to finish his last few months.

In high school Mr. Petersen was manager of the school paper, Tucsonia, two years, and a member of the football, baseball, basketball and track teams each year from 1909 until 1913 inclusive. At the University of Arizona he was an officer in the Cadet Corps, president of his sophomore class, and a member of Tau Nu Epsilon and Sigma Phi Beta at the same university. At the University of California he was an officer in the Cadet Corps and a member of the varsity football team.

On May 13, 1917, Mr. Petersen entered First Officers Training Camp at Presidio, California, with a reserve commission of second lieutenant from the University of California. However, he was transferred to air service almost immediately and was in the first classes of the Aeronautic School at the University of California and remained in the air service until honorably discharged in 1919. Mr. Petersen was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant Air Service, December 17, 1917, was appointed commanding officer, 252nd Aero Service Squadron, January 18, 1918. He was discharged at Ellington Field, Texas, January 16, 1919. He is a member of the American Legion.

Coming to Nebraska in September, 1920, Mr. Petersen became superintendent of construction of the Arthur A. Dobson Company at Lincoln, continuing until 1926. Since that time he has been the owner and operator of a cattle ranch of his own in Grant and Sheridan counties. Mr. Petersen is a Republican. He is affiliated with the

Horz. bar

Episcopal Church, is a member of Tucson Lodge No. 4 of the Free and Accepted Masons, and the Scottish Rite Bodies at Alliance. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society and a life member of the Alumni Association of the University of California at Berkeley.

On May 17, 1923, he was married to Dorothy Abbott at Wahoo, Nebraska. Mrs. Petersen was born at Hyannis, on June 16, 1901, and is of Irish and English descent, tracing her ancestry to the nobility of Ireland. There are two children, Georgia Shirley, born April 7, 1928; and Catherine Elizabeth, born November 29, 1930. Both were born at Alliance. Residence: Ashby.

John M. Petersen

John M. Petersen, farmer and stock breeder, was born near Carroll, Nebraska, October 22, 1890, the son of B. P. and Cecelia (Hargens) Petersen. His father, who was also a stock breeder, was born in Germany, November 4, 1866, and died at Sioux City Iowa, February, 1911; he came to Nebraska in 1888. His mother was born in Germany, September 30, 1869, and died at Colorado Springs, Colorado, October, 1906.

Mr. Petersen attended the public schools of Colorado. and later was a student at the Nebraska Normal College and the School of Agriculture in Nebraska. He has been prominent in civic affairs at Wayne for many years, and has lived in Nebraska all his life. In 1923 he served as secretary of the Carroll Community Club, and was the first active 4-H club worker in Wayne County. He has served as director and treasurer of the local school board for several terms, and is affiliated with Lodge Number 235 of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. He is vitally interested in the improvement of Poland China hogs.

His marriage to Jennie Annette Anderson was solemnized at Omaha, June 8, 1914. Mrs. Petersen, who was a teacher in Nebraska schools before her marriage, was born near Wakefield, Nebraska; her parents, who were Swedish, came to Dixon County in 1881. Three children were born to this marriage: Lorraine Cecelia, born December 4, 1915; Mabelle Jean, born September 17, 1917; Ruth Jeanette, born November 19, 1919. Residence: Wayne.

Alfred John Peterson

Alfred J. Peterson, a resident of this state all his life, was born in Cuming County, Nebraska, October 13, 1872, the son of Carl J. A. Peterson, and Emma (Nelson) Peterson. His father, who was born in Sweden, June 8, 1840, and died on his farm in Cuming County, February 19, 1920, came to America in 1864, and settled at De Kalb, Illinois; he served under Sherman in the Civil War, and in 1869 travelled overland to Nebraska, where he homesteaded. His mother was born in Sweden, October 10, 1849.

Mr. Peterson attended rural school, and in 1893 and 1894, was a student at Fremont Normal College, Fremont, Nebraska. Except for four years spent in Idaho, 1896-1900, he has lived in Cuming County all his life. During the late war he took a prominent part in Red Cross relief work, and has served many terms as school director. He is affiliated with West Side Methodist Episcopal Church at Oakland, Nebraska. He is a Democrat.

His marriage to Ida Swanson was solemnized at Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, September 2, 1903. Mrs. Peterson was born in Sweden, January 13, 1884. They have two children: Verrill, a graduate of West Point High School, born December 16, 1905, who married Muriel Birtwhistle; and Iona, born October 22, 1911. Verrill is a farmer on his father's original home; Iona attended the University of Nebraska for three years and will graduate in 1932. Residence: West Point.

Alfred Olaf Peterson

Alfred Olaf Peterson, physician, was born in Svanike, Island of Bornholm, Denmark, November 6, 1873, son of Jens and Ane K. (Lou) Peterson. Dr. Peterson received the Bachelor of Science, the Master of Arts, and the Doctor of Medicine degrees from the University of Nebraska. On June 11, 1901, he was married to Eva N. Bloshaw at Lincoln. They have two children, Ward Alfred and Richard L.

Dr. Peterson is in active practice. He is the author of various articles on medical subjects, and a lecturer in biology and embryology at the Omaha Medical College, 1898-1908, at the University of Nebraska, 1908-1916. His practice is now limited to internal medicine and physical therapy. He is a member of the American, Nebraska State Medical Association, the American Medical Association, the Omaha Roentgen Ray Society, and the American Association for Advancement of Science. His clubs are the Happy Hollow Club and the Athletic Club. Residence: Omaha.

Andrew R. Peterson

Andrew Rasmus Peterson was born at Cambridge, Dane County, Wisconsin, November 17, 1870, the son of Cornelius and Nicholena Sophia (Nelson) Peterson, and has lived in Nebraska practically all his life. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Finland, in 1838, and died in Cuming County, Nebraska, September 6, 1901. His mother was born in Norway, and died at Wisner, Nebraska, January, 1881.

Mr. Peterson attended the rural schools of Cuming County and the Wisner Grade Schools. He entered business as a candy merchant at Wisner, September 27, 1901, and is now proprietor and owner of a candy business there. He is a member of the Community Club of Wisner. He is an Elk. Politically, he is an Independent.

His marriage to Agnes Kathryn Neidermeyer, daughter of William B. and Catherine (Fleming) Neidermeyer, was solemnized at Wisner, December 30, 1903. She was born at Beemer, Cuming County, Nebraska, January, 1880, and died at Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, 1925. One son was born to them: Ross, born May 17, 1906, who is a graduate of Omaha Central High School and a florist in Omaha. On August 9, 1923, Mr. Peterson was united in marriage with La Vanda Palmer, daughter of Barton M. and Mary Goersch Palmer of Omaha, at Wisner. Residence: Wisner. (Photograph in Album).

C. Petrus Peterson

Born in Polk County, Nebraska, March 10, 1880, C. Petrus Peterson is the son of A. W. and Clara M. (Landstrom) Peterson. His father, who was born in Sweden, September 28, 1857, came to America in 1871, and is now retired. His wife, Clara, was also born in Sweden and died at Stromsburg, Nebraska, in 1922.

Educated first in the country schools of Polk County, Mr. Peterson was graduated from Luther Academy at Wahoo, Nebraska, in 1903, where he was valedictorian. In June, 1906, he received his A. B. from Augustana College, at Rock Island, Illinois, where he was also valedictorian. He attended then the University of Nebraska Law School. He is a member of Theta Kappa Nu and Delta Chi. Upon his admission to the bar in 1909 he entered practice at Wahoo, continuing there until 1911. At that time he came to Lincoln where he has since carried on his practice, during 1912-13 as a member of the firm of Whedon and Peterson, and since 1915 as a member of the firm of Peterson and Devoe.

Mr. Peterson is a Republican and served as a member of the house of representatives 1915 and 1917; and as state senator in 1919. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1919-20 and city attorney of Lincoln 1915-29. He is general counsel for the Bankers

Horz. bar

Life Insurance Company (1918) and a director of the corporation.

During the World War he was active in Food Administration in Lancaster County. He is affiliated with the First Plymouth Congregational Church, and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Nebraska State Historical Society, Native Sons and Daughters (president 1930) and the Young Men's Christian Association.

His clubs are the Lincoln University and Lincoln Country Clubs, and his sport is fishing. He is a member of the American, Nebraska State Bar Associations, and the American Association of Life Insurance Counsels.

On January 29, 1910, he was united in marriage to Vera M. Melquist at Omaha. Mrs. Peterson was born at Omaha, May 22, 1887. There are three children, Breta, born in May, 1914; Vera May, born in January, 1916, and Patricia, born in December, 1922. Residence: Lincoln.

Clarence L. Peterson

Clarence L. Peterson, rancher, was born at Alliance, Nebraska, March 15, 1889, son of Frank Ferdinand and Christeen Maria (Johnson) Peterson. The father, born in Sweden, April 11, 1846, came to America as a young man and engaged in ranching. He died at Alliance, May 28, 1924. His wife, also born in Sweden, February 27, 1849, died at Alliance, October 22, 1926.

Upon the completion of his public school education Mr. Peterson attended Iowa Wesleyan University from 1910 until the end of 1911. He strted (sic) in the ranching business for himself in 1916 and has continued ever since, increasing the size of his ranch until it is now it is one of the largest and best in the state. He purchased 20,000 acres in 1924 and 22,000 acres in 1925, together with several smaller tracts. His hobby is riding the range. Residence: Lakeside.

Earl J. Peterson

Earl J. Peterson, a lifelong resident of Nebraska, was born at Schuyler, February 25, 1897, the son of Oscar and Alice E. Bloomfield. His father, who was a rancher, farmer, and stockdealer, was born in Illinois, and died at Stuart, Nebraska, September 27, 1931. His mother, a teacher prior to her marriage, was born at Gailsburg, Illinois.

Mr. Peterson was a student in rural schools in Rock County, and studied at Wayne Normal College from 1913 to 1915. He has been a director and moderator of his community school board since 1926, and has engaged in ranching near Newport since 1915.

His marriage to Ethel Berta Ammon occurred at O'Neill, Nebraska, October 24, 1917. Mrs. Peterson was born in Rock County. To them were born the following children: Lorena, September 19, 1918, who died October 25, 1918; Lorence, December 19, 1920; and Betty, January 4, 1928. Residence: Newport.

Frank Leander Peterson

Born at Engathorp, Sweden, July 31, 1868, Frank Leander Peterson is the son of Andrew and Charlotte (Anderson) Peterson. His father was born in Sweden, in 1838, and was an extensive property holder and the owner of Engathorp Estate, where he had many tenant farmers. He homesteaded and farmed in Kansas, shortly after his arrival in this country in 1880, and then made his home at Wahoo, Nebraska, where he died, December, 1911. His wife, Charlotte, was born in Sharpe, Sweden, in 1841, and died at Waverly, Nebraska, in May, 1887.

Frank Peterson received instruction from tutors while living in Sweden, and after he came to the United States attended public school. He was united in marriage with Jennie Paul at Ceresco, Nebraska, October 31, 1901. She was born at Odell, Illinois, January 10, 1870, of Scotch ancestry. They have two children: Russell Vernon, born September 22, 1902, who is married to Mrytle Bernice Linch, and Doris Genevieve, born October 13, 1903. Russell clerks in his father's store and Doris is a secretary.

Mr. Peterson has been in the mercantile business for the past thirty years and prior to, was a farmer. He served as vice president of the Farmers Elevator Company, and now owns and manages his general store and is vice president and member of the board of directors of the Valparaiso Grain and Lumber Company.

During the Spanish-American War he was in Company E of the First Nebraska Infantry, and served in the Philippine Islands. He is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the United Spanish War Veterans.

He is affiliated with the Mt. Zion Methodist Church at Ceresco; is a member in the Elks and Knights of Pythlas, and was formerly a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. He is a life member of the Nebraskana Society. Horticulture and landscaping are Mr. Peterson's hobbies. Residence: Valparaiso. (Photograph in Album).

Fred Emanuel Peterson

On February 29, 1880, Fred Emanuel Peterson was born at Shickley, Nebraska, the son of Andrew William and Ida Maria (Johnson) Peterson. His father, who was a farmer and stockman, was born at Jonkoping, Sweden, November 7, 1849, and died at Shickley, August 1, 1929. His mother was born at Jonkoping, August 3, 1854, and died February 26, 1932 at Shickley.

Mr. Peterson attended Augustana College at Rock Island, Illinois, 1898-1901 where he was active in football. He was connected with the publishing department of Bettundorf Axel Company at Davenport, Iowa, in 1902, served as secretary of the American Company at Rock Island, 1902-07; was secretary of the Shickley Farmers Elevator Company, 1915-29, and served as vice president of the Farmers & Merchants Bank at Shickley from 1929 to 1930. He has been a farmer and stockman in Filhnore County for many years and is still connected with the bank there.

He is a member of the Red Cross, is affiliated with the Stockholm Lutheran Church, and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. His fraternal organizations include Modern Woodmen of America and Independent Order of Odd Fellows. During the World War Mr. Peterson was in charge of local loan drives and acted as secretary of the Red Cross. His chief recreations are reading and football.

Mr. Peterson is a Republican, and has served as justice of the peace at Shickley and road overseer. Residence: Shickley.

Mrs. J. Fred Peterson

Mrs. J. Fred Peterson, formerly Agnes Marguerite Rasmussen, clubwoman and political leader, was born at Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, August 16, 1893, the daughter of Christian M. and Marie N. (Nielsen) Rasmussen. Her father was born at Aalborg, Denmark, March 17, 1860, and her mother was born at Aalborg, November 15, 1870.

In 1905 Mrs. Peterson was a student at Clinton School and in 1909 was graduated from the Lincoln High School. For the next three years she was a student at the University of Nebraska where she studied journalism under the tutelage of Professor Fogg. Upon completion of her college work she was connected with the Lincoln State Journal for seven years. A Republican, she has always taken an interest in state and county politics, serving in 1928 as a member of the state central committee; and in 1930 as executive member of the Republican state central committee of the first senatorial district. She is grand secretary and treasurer of the ladies' auxiliary of the

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