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His father, who was a farmer, was born in County Fermanagh, Ireland, January 21, 1846, and died at Primrose, Nebraska, February 18, 1928. He was a pioneer who homesteaded in Cedar Valley, in 1872, and who died on his original farm home. He was one of the leaders in educational and religious activiities (sic) in Nebraska, in the early days, and was instrumental in the progress of the state. His mother was born in Ireland, in 1850, and died at Primrose, August 18, 1893.

Dr. Reid attended school in a primitive sod house in Boone County. He was graduated from high school at Cedar Rapids, in 1894; was awarded the B. S. degree at the University of Nebraska, in 1899; received the M. D. degree there in 1902; and took post graduate work at Harvard Medical College in 1929. He was president of the Palladian Society, 1898, and was a charter member of the Pershing Rifles.

He was a cadet at the University of Nebraska, 1894-97; was local examiner during the World War; and was a Minute Man. He held membership in the Red Cross, Young Men's Christian Association, and was a Liberty loan worker. He is a member of the American Medical Association; the Nebraska State Medical Association; Elkhorn Valley Medical Association; and the Five County Medical Society. His hobby is horticulture. He has served on the local school board for 20 years. He is a member of the Methodist Church at Pilger. Dr. Reid is not affailiated (sic) with any political party; he has voted for five Republican presidential candidates and three Democratic presidential candidates.

He was united in mariage (sic) with Elizabeth C. Jeter, at Omaha, October 21, 1903. Mrs. Reid was born in Orleans, Indiana, July 16, 1878. Her ancestry dates to the Revolution through both her parents; one of her ancestors, William Irving, was on the staff of General Washington. Their children are: Horace J.. born November 23, 1905, who married Viola Isrealson; Margaret, born October 8, 1907, who married Loren Winship; Philip, born April 9, 1909; Kenneth, born April 27, 1912; Stuart J., born October 26, 1915; Marion F., born April 28, 1922. Horace is a lieutenant in the Air Corps of the United States Army, at Selfridge Field, Michigan. Margaret received the A. B. degree at Wesleyan University, 1928, while Philip and Kenneth attend Nebraska Wesleyan. Residence: Pilger.

John H. Reifenrath

John H. Reifenrath, prominent banker at Crofton, Nebraska, was born on a farm near Wynot, Nebraska, October 22, 1873, the son of Fredrick W. and Elizabeth M. (Becker) Reifenrath. His father, who was born near Cologne, Germany in 1835, and died in Cedar County, Nebraska, February 22, 1900, was a farmer who came to this country in 1853. His mother was born at Guttenberg, Iowa, October 7, 1851, and died at Wynot, January 4, 1930.

Mr. Reifenrath received the A. B. degree at Creighton University in 1904, and since then has held the following positions in public and business life in Nebraska: clerk in the office of the County Clerk of Hartington, 1905; bookkeeper in the First National Bank of Hartington, 1905-06; cashier in the First National Bank of Crofton, 1917-25; owner of a retail lumber yard at Crofton, 1913-17. He is now serving as president of the First National Bank of Crofton.

A Democrat, Mr. Reifenrath was a member of the Nebraska Legislature in 1915 and 1917, and in 1923 served as state senator. He is afiliated (sic) with St. Rose Church and holds membership in the Knights of Columbus.

On June 28, 1910, he married Nellie Casey at Crofton. She was born at Elkton, South Dakota, November 1, 1887, was a teacher before her marriage, and died at Crofton December 18, 1918. Four children were born to this marriage. Mr. Reifenrath married Bertha M. Gerlack at St. Louis, April 27, 1921; they have five children. Residence: Crofton.

George Joseph Reifert

George J. Reifert, undertaker, was born at Hartington, September 28, 1890. Upon the completion of his elementary and high school work, he attended the Chicago School of Embalming.

Fred W. Reifert, father of George, was a native of Germany. He was county coroner for eighteen years. The Reiferts have been in business in Cedar County over fifty years, Fred W. Reifert having been in the furniture and undertaking business until his death at Hartington, on February 9, 1921. Anna (Beste) Reifert came to this country from Germany, and died at Hartington.

Mr. Reifert is a Catholic, and is a member of the Holy Trinity Church. He is president of the Lions Club, is a member of the Country Club, and holds membership in The Nebraskana Society. Residence: Hartington.

Herman Ernst Reimers

Herman E. Reimers was born at Vail, Iowa, January 14, 1884, the son of Hans and Margaret (Schinkel) Reimers. His father was born at Lunden, Holstein, Germany, December 3, 1839, and came to America in 1875; he died at Manning, Iowa, March 1, 1927. His mother was born at Lunden, October 29, 1844, and died at Manning, February 6, 1927.

Mr. Reimers was graduated from the Manning High School in 1901, and was a student at Highland Park College, 1901-02. He entered business in 1902 as a stenographer for a New York wall paper company at Des Moines, Iowa. The firm moved to Omaha, in 1910, and was later called the Pan-American Wallpaper & Paint Company. He held the following positions with this firm: Stenographer; bookkeeper; credit manager; assistant manager; manager and treasurer. He holds the latter position at the present time.

He is a member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Concord Club. He is a Mason. His social club is Carter Lake Club of Omaha. He is affiliated with Westminster Presbyterian Church. He is a Republican.

On August 8, 1905, he was married to Lottie E. Ash, at Des Moines. Mrs. Reimers was born at Creston, Union County, Iowa, July 13, 1884. Their daughter, Lucille, was born May 25, 1906, and married Donald Hill. Residence: Omaha.

Lloyd Francis Reinecke

Lloyd Francis Reinecke, son of Francis C. and Helen C. (Phelps) Reinecke, was born in Schuyler, Nebraska, May 16, 1897. His father was born in New York City, about 1854, and his mother in Hartford, Connecticut, about 1855. They are both living.

Educated in the Cedar Rapids and Schuyler High Schools, Mr. Reinecke was graduated from the latter in 1913, and attended the University of Nebraska, where he was made a member of the Iron Sphinx and Sigma Nu. On October 19, 1917, he was married to Ferne Blanche Mattison at Fremont. Mrs. Reinecke was born at Linwood, April 30, 1899. They have three children, Jean Ellen, born July 22, 1912; John Morris, born April 26, 1925, and Robert Lloyd, born December 19, 1928.

Mr. Reinecke has always resided in Nebraska, and has engaged in business in Schuyler since leaving college. At the present time he is treasurer of the Eacker Motor Company, and president of the Progressive Finance Company. He is a Democrat. During the World War he held the rank of sergeant first class in the Medical Corps, and is now a second lieutenant in the Quartermaster Reserves and a member of the American Legion.

A leader in civic affairs, he served as president of the Chamber of Commerce 1928-29, secretary of the Lions Club in 1928, and president of the Schuyler school board 1929-30-31. He is a Mason, a Presbyterian, and a member of the Nebraskana Society. His social club is the Schuyler Golf Club, and his favorite sport is golf. Residence: Schuyler. (Photograph in Album).

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George Oliver Remy

George Oliver Remy has been engaged in the practice of medicine for over half a century and has been a physician at Ainsworth, Nebraska, since 1884. He was born at Hope, Indiana, October 1, 1851, the son of John Taylor and Nancy (Jones) Remy, the former a successful farmer who was born at Brookville, Indiana, March 9, 1810, and died at Hope, August 10, 1893. His mother was born in Virginia, April 4, 1811, and died at Hope, March 10, 1879; her ancestry was Welsh.

Dr. Remy attended rural schools until 1870, and in 1877 received the Doctor of Medicine degree at Ohio Medical College. He was a student at Franklin College for two years where he was a member of the Periclesion Literary Society. He began the practice of medicine in Indiana in 1877, remaining in that state until 1884 when he came to Nebraska and settled in Brown County.

He has served as chairman of the Brown County Democratic central committee, and although interested in political affairs has never aspired to hold public office. Dr. Remy is the author of Pioneer Doctors of Brown County, Nebraska, and a poem Lines to Life, published in the Nebraska State Medical Journal. He is a member of the Holt County Medical Society, the Nebraska State Medical Society, and the following fraternal organizations: Modern Woodmen of America; and the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. His hobby is reading and writing for his own amusement.

Dr. Remy served as a member of the Volunteer Medical Service Corps and was physician on the Selective Service Board of Brown County during the World War.

His marriage to Elizabeth Margaret Barrett was solemnized at Burrusville, Indiana, May 15, 1872. Mrs. Remy, whose ancestry is Scotch and Danish, was born at Hartsville, Indiana, February 12, 1852. Three children were born to this marriage: Nannie, January 30, 1873, the widow of John M. Cotton, who is successfully engaged in the insurance business at Ainsworth; Willie P., June 2, 1875, who died January 16, 1879; and Charles E., February 23, 1881, who married Florence House, and who is superintendent of the Minneapolis General Hospital. Residence: Ainsworth.

Carolyn Renfrew

Carolyn Renfrew, author, composer and musician, was born in Illinois, the daughter of Sylvester and Mercy (Clark) Renfrew, and came with her parents to Nebraska as a child. Her father, a native of Vermont, was of Scotch and English descent, a financier, singer and musician and a man of great intellectual attainments. Her mother, who was both musical and poetical, was born in New York State, and was descended from early English and Holland settlers.

Educated in public school and under private tutelage, Carolyn Renfrew studied music and literature especially, and was at one time a concert singer in New York and Illinois. She is a poet, composer, songwriter and author and has written one novel. Among her works are Songs of Hope (book of poems 1923); The Last of the Strozzi and The Lure (book of poetical plays 1923), and Footprints Across the Prairie (novel, 1930).

Miss Renfrew's present interests are in her home and her literary work. She is a member of the National League of American Penwomen, The Bookfellows, the London Poetry Review Society and the Hastings Woman's Club. She is also a member of the Nebraska State Historical Society and a life member of The Nebraskana Society, and is a Unitarian. Residence: Hastings. (Photograph in Album).

Edward Samuel Rennick

Edward S. Rennick was born at Pilger, Stanton County, Nebraska, February 2, 1892, and has lived there all his life. His father, James Rennick, who is a farmer, was born in County Fermanagh, Ireland, December 29, 1854, and came to America in 1868. Rebecca (Montgomery) Rennick, his mother, was born in New York, November 11, 1871, and died at Pilger, August 1, 1918.

Mr. Rennick, who is a successful farmer and stockman at Pilger, was a student at Wayne State Normal College for three years, and was a member of the basket ball team there in 1915. He is a member of the Young Men's Christian Association; is a director of the local school board; is affiliated with the First Baptist Church of Pilger; and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. He is a Mason.

On September 8, 1915, he was married to Zora Elizabeth Patterson at Wayne, Wayne County, Nebraska. Mrs. Rennick was born at Hooper, Dodge County, Nebraska, October 22, 1892. Five children were born to them, four of whom are living: James, born June 7, 1917; Meredith, born June 8, 1918; Edward, born June 20, 1923, who died May 17, 1924; Marguerite, born April 16, 1925; and Roland, born August 31, 1930.

Mr. Rennick is a Democrat and is interested in the economic and civic progress of his state and community. Residence: Pilger.

Freddie Everett Replogle

Freddie Everett Replogle, a merchant for the past twenty years, was born at Papillion, Nebraska, January 11, 1889, son of Richmond Sylvester and Melvina E. (Beals) Replogle. The father, a farmer and stockraiser of German descent, was born at Charleston, Illinois, December 3, 1855. His wife, Melvina, was born at Stewardson, Illinois, December 26, 1866. She is of English descent.

Mr. Replogle attended rural school, and had one year of high school in Illinois and one in Nebraska. He came to Nebraska forty-two years ago. On October 28, 1910, he was married to Edith May Poland at Taylor, her birthplace. She was born October 28, 1889, granddaughter of a soldier in the Civil War 1863-65. There are two children, Irene, born April 2, 1918; and Isla Mae, born March 18, 1922.

At the present time Mr. Replogle is chairman of the Loup County Chapter of the American Red Cross, and a member of the local school board. He is a Protestant, a Mason and a Democrat. He enjoys fishing and hunting, while his hobby is reading. Residence: Taylor.

Ray M. Rerucha

Born in Prague, Nebraska, August 7, 1886, Ray M. Rerucha is the son of Joseph and Mary (Coufal) Rerucha. His father was born in Valci, Terbic, Moravia, March 29. 1856, and his mother was born in Dalasie, Moravia. Joseph Rerucha came to America, on June 29, 1872, later settling in Nebraska where he was a pioneer farmer. His wife, Mary, came with him, and has always taken an active part in community affairs. At the present time she is president of the Busy Bee Club, and is a member of the Catholic Church.

Ray M. Rerucha was educated in the public schools, and on February 11, 1908, was united in marriage to Helen E. Yindrick, at Bruno, Nebraska. Mrs. Rerucha was born at Bruno, on September 18, 1887. To their union four children were born: Leonard, January 18, 1909; Edith, March 14, 1910; James, April 30, 1911, and Theodore, October 26, 1914. All of the children attended high school, and the three sons are engaged in farming with their father. The daughter married Joseph Havlovis, and her husband is also engaged in farming.

A Republican, Mr. Rerucha has held minor political

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offices, among them three years as county supervisor (1929-31), and five years as clerk of the town board of Center Township, (1924-29).

Always prominent in the business life of his community, Mr. Rerucha has served as vice president of the Farmers Elevator Company sixteen years; was director of the Farmers State Bank two years, director of the Butler County board, the rural school board fourteen years, the Brainard High School board three years, and is a member of the Farmers Union.

Mr. Rerucha's religious affiliation is with the St. Mary's Catholic Church of David City. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, and the organizer and a former president of the Centerville Parent-Teachers, Association. A member of the Red Cross and the Nebraskana Society, he was active in various civilian organizations during the World War. He is interested in mechanics and stockraising. Residence: Centerville.

Julius Reusch

For the past 41 years Julius Reusch has been prominent in business circles at Lincoln. He was born at Rodhelm, Kreiss-Giessen, Germany, May 4. 1846, the son of William and Margaretha (Nicolai) Reusch. His father, who was born at Rodheim, December 25, 1812, and died there November 22, 1878, was a teacher in the same school for many years in Germany; members of his family were teachers in the same school for three generations. His mother, who was descended from farmers who had lived in one village for many generations, was born at Rodheim, June 9, 1815, and died there, February 18, 1879.

Mr. Reuseh attended school in Germany, and was graduated from the gymnasium in Beudingen, August, 1865. After three years in the university at Giessen, he passed the examination for an office in the state service. He was a student at the University in Bonn, for a time, where he was president of the fraternity, Wingolfia.

He served for seven years in Germany as a public office holder; was a farmer in Iowa, for three years; was a druggist for a time; bought a flour mill in Iowa, and was the manager and operator of it; and in 1890, moved to Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. He became a partner in the Capitol City Coffee & Spice Mill; was president of the Lincoln Liquor & Cigar Company; and in 1904 organized the German-American State Bank, of which he was president. After a long trip abroad he organized the Midwest Savings and Loan Association of which he was president until March, 1931.

He is a member of the Lincoln Commercial Club; the Nebraskana Society; and the Elks. He is affiliated with St. Paul's Evangelical Church at Lincoln, and is a member of the Democratic party. Of his marriage to Margareth Appel, three children were born: Hermann, born January 26, 1884, who married Louise Hoppe; Emma, born March 23, 1886, who married H. C. Wittmann; and Juli, born June 27, 1889. Residence: Lincoln.

Ferdinand August Reuter

Ferdinand A. Reuter was born at Wetteborn, Province of Hanover, Germany, October 29, 1859, the son of William and Wilhelmina (Thurman) Reuter. His father, who was born at Wetteborn, May 10, 1827, came to America October 20, 1873, and settled at Platteville, Wisconsin, where he engaged in the retail shoe business. He died at Syracuse, Otoe County, Nebraska, June 8, 1903.

His mother, who was born at Eiershausen, Province of Hanover, Germany, May 12, 1830, came to America in 1873 and settled at Platteville. She was an efficient homemaker who reared a family of seven children. She died at Syracuse, April 25, 1906.

Mr. Reuter is a pioneer shoe merchant, financier and realtor at Syracuse. He was graduated from the elementary school at Wetteborn, in Germany, in 1873, and then came to America with his father. He entered the shoe business with his father at Platteville, and there studied and completed a business course outside his working hours. With his father he was the founder and owner of his first store in Platteville, in 1881, and in 1884 removed to Syracuse, where he has since conducted the F. A. Reuter Shoe Store.

In later years he was obliged to find outdoor employment because of ill health. He entered the real estate business and was manager of both his shoe store and real estate office for some time. Later he sold the store to his son, F. H. Reuter. At the age of 71 he is still active in real estate and holds the record of selling 46 farms in one summer.

A Democrat, Mr. Reuter has taken an interest in state and community polities for many years. He served as a member of the state legislature two terms, 1912-14 and 1914-16, and was the author of the Electrocution Bill passed in 1913. His name was placed before the Democratic caucus for speaker of the house in 1915, but he declined the nomination. He was a member of the Syracuse City Council for four terms, and was Democratic central committeeman and treasurer for several years.

His marriage to Margareth E. Carl was solemnized at Platteville, Wisconsin, June 2, 1885. Mrs. Reuter was born of German parents at Platteville, December 11, 1859. Ten children were born to them: Nora, born August 22, 1887; Ferdinand H., born November 8, 1889, who married Clara Rose; Ruth, born November 4, 1892, who married Gus H. Bock; Rueben, born November 4, 1892, who died January 24, 1893; Eda, born September 6, 1894; Rosena, born October 5, 1898, who married Albert Albers; Carl, born March 8, 1900, who married Elizabeth Ott; Lester, born June 17, 1906; George who died in infancy and Marie, who died in infancy.

Mr. Reuter has been general superintendent of the Otoe County Fair Association, and in this position he carried on the work successfully over a period of years. He is affiliated with the First Lutheran Church of Syracuse, in which he was a deacon and active worker for fifteen years. He is very proud of his home, his church and his community and is vitally interested in their progress. His hobby is studying and reading history and the current events of the United States and other countries. Residence: Syracuse.. (Photograph on Page 999).

John Walter Reutzel

John Walter Reutzel, son of Conrad and Sarah Anna (Schwab) Reutzel, was born at Clay Center, Nebraska, February 22, 1893. His father was born at Mendota, Illinois, April 17, 1864, and is a farmer and horseman. His wife was born at Mendota, February 19, 1871, and died at Clay Center, August 22, 1922. Both were of German descent.

Mr. Reutzel attended public school until June 4, 1910, and later attended the American Auction College at Kansas City, Missouri. At the present time he is completing a correspondence course in law from the University of California.

Mr. Reutzel has been a mail carrier for nine years, and a public auctioneer for twenty years. He is president of the Southwestern Nebraska Letter Carriers Association at the present time. He is a Republican and has served as county judge of Hitchcock County. He is an ex-member of the school board.

On October 18, 1916, he was married to Engeline Charlotte Rasmussen at Imperial, Nebraska. Mrs. Reutzel was born at Trenton, Nebraska, April 19, 1891, and taught in public schools for seven years. Her ancestry is Danish. They have two children, Maxine B., born September 18, 1918, at Clay Center, Nebraska; and Paul B., born February 1, 1923, at Trenton, Nebraska.

For a number of years Mr. Reutzel has been prominent in all civic and educational work in his community. He organized the Parent Teachers Association at Trenton, which is now extremely active and of which he is now president. He is a charter member of the Massacre

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