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ganized. She was ordained to the Congregational ministry in 1909, and has held pastorates 1908-1931. She was pastor at the Butler Avenue Congregational Church in Lincoln, for 6 years, and at the present time is pastor of the Camp Creek Congregational Church near Nebraska City.

On February 20, 1920, she was married to Veston Robb, at Lincoln. Mr. Robb was born in Butler, Pennsylvania, December 12, 1872, and is Scotch-Irish. He is now in the lumber business in Julian. Mrs. Robb is a Republican, and especially active during political campaigns. She is a member of the League of Women Voters at Lincoln, and of the Parent-Teachers' Association (program committee, 1929-30), the Young Women's Christian Association and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Her home is at Julian.

Thomas Bruce Robb

T. Bruce Robb was born in Saline County, Kansas, January 31, 1885, the son of Thomas and Charlotte (Seanor) Robb. His father, whose ancestry was Scotch-Irish, and his mother English-German, were farmers for many years.

Dr. Robb attended the public schools of Kansas until 1902, and in 1908 was graduated from Park College Academy. He holds the following degrees: A. B., Park College, 1912; A. M., Yale University, 1914; and Ph. D., Yale University, 1919. He is professor of statistics and business research at the University of Nebraska, and is chairman of the department of business research at that institution. He is editor of Nebraska Studies in Business, and is the author of Guaranty of Bank Deposits (1921).

On June 5, 1918, he was married to Sarah Lillian Spence at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mrs. Robb was born in Peterborough County, Canada, June 1, 1887. Their children are Bruce, Jr., born July 28, 1919; and George Seanor, born February 5, 1922.

Dr. Robb is a member of the American Association of University Professors; the American Economic Association; the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, and The Nebraskana Society. He is a member of the Republican Party; and is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. He has lived in Nebraska for the past six years and takes an active interest in state and community affairs. Residence: Lincoln.

John Weimer Robbins

John W. Robbins was born at Kent, Indiana, October 25, 1862, and for the past 45 years has lived in Nebraska where he has been a prominent business man. He is the son of Harrison H. and Hester Ann (Clines) Bobbins. His father, whose ancestry is English, was born in Scott County, Indiana, January 1, 1825, and died in Jefferson County, September 1, 1912; he was a stockman and farmer. His mother was born of English parentage in Jefferson County, January 22, 1832, and died there, August 15, 1902.

Mr. Robbins, who has taken an active part in the political life of Nebraska and Omaha for many years, was awarded his A. B. degree at Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana, in 1884, when he was valedictorian of his class. He received his A. M. degree at the former institution in 1888. In 1884 and 1885 he served as district secretary of Beta Theta Pi.

He was a junior member of the real estate firm Hartman & Robbins, 1889-1891; was secretary of the Omaha Board of Public Works, 1891; assistant inspector of the Nebraska Fire Insurance Inspection Bureau, 1892-95; and since 1895 he has been engaged in the real estate business. He served as president of the Omaha Fire Insurance Agents Exchange, 1904-05; was president Omaha Real Estate Board 1909-10; was president of the Omaha Federal Business Association, 1929-31. He is how United State Collector of Customs at Omaha, and is a member of the board of directors of the Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Company.

A Republican, Mr. Robbins served as state senator from Omaha from 1918 to 1927, and was president pro tempore during the 1925 session. He was, as state senator, one of the introducers of the Omaha Charter Bill, now Omaha's Home Rule Charter, and guided its passage through the legislature. He introduced and promoted the passing of the Omaha City Zoning Bill, and the Nebraska State Park Bill. The provisions of the latter bill have made it possible to preserve for all time Nebraska's places of scenic, historic and scientific interest; five state parks have thus far been acquired without cost for the sites.

During the World War Mr. Robbins was active in Liberty loan drives and other war activities; he has taken part in various Red Cross and Near East Relief drives in the past ten years. He is a member of the Red Cross; Community Chest; Omaha Chamber of Commerce; Omaha Real Estate Board; Omaha Association of Insurance Agents; and the Omaha Federal Business Association. He is first vice president and member of the executive board of the Nebraska State Historical Society, and is a member of the Nebraskanu Society.

He is a Mason, a member of the Scottish Rite Masonic Benefit Club, and the Scottish Rite Low Twelve Club. He is a member of the Happy Hollow Country Club, and is affiliated with the First Central Congregational Church.

On September 25, 1894, his marriage to Isabel Wyman was solemnized at Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. Mrs. Robbius was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, September 18, 1870. She is descended through the paternal line from Francis Wyman who emigrated from County Hertford, England, to Woburu, Massachusetts, in 1640. They have four children: Lois, born May 23, 1896, who married Leo B. Bozell; Wyman, born August 15, 1897, who married Mildred Foote, and who is manager of the real estate loan department of the S. W. Straus & Company of Los Angeles, California; Polly, born July 7, 1903; and Dean, born December 8, 1907. Residence: Omaha.

Ralph Monroe Robbins

Ralph Monroe Robbins, banker, was born at Marquette, Nebraska, December 23, 1894, son of George and Martha Ann (Force) Robbins. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Illinois, October 4, 1848, and died at Aurora, Nebraska, in April, 1913. His mother died near Aurora in March, 1905.

Mr. Robbnis (sic) attended the public schools of Aurora, Chappell High School and York Business College and Normal School from which he was graduated in June, 1916. For the past 16 years he has been in the banking business, and is now assistant cashier of the Cahppell (sic) State Bank. He is a Republican.

His marriage to Irene Louis Swanson occurred at Chappell, September 28, 1919. She was born there on September 28, 1896, of Swedish descent. Their only son, Donald Monroe, was born June 21, 1925.

During the late war Mr. Robbins served as regimental sergeant major in the United States Army for 18 months. He is a member of Clinton McAuliffe Post No. 217 of the American Legion, the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Red Cross, the Masons, and Eastern Star, and is on the state board of the Young Men's Christian Association. His favorite sport is golf, while he also enjoys gardening. Residence: Chappell.

William Albert Robbins

William A. Robbins, educator and school executive, was born at Pennville, Jay County, Indiana, January 11, 1874, the son of Charles Wesley and Martha Jane (Dugdale) Robbins. His father, who was a farmer and

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county clerk in Thomas County, Kansas, was born near Camden, Jay County, Indiana, December 24, 1844, and died at Colby Kansas, March 15, 1904. He was of Welsh and English descent. His mother was born near Camden, January 10, 1848, and died at Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 12, 1908. Her ancestry was Irish.

Mr. Robbins attended high school at Colby until 1897; was graduated from the Thomas County High School in 1898, and was a student at the University of Kansas, 1899-1900. He was later granted the Nebraska professional life certificate in commercial sciences.

Instructor in accounting, salesmanship, and business law at the Lincoln Business College, for a time, he was secretary of this institution, 1909-14; president, 1924-25. In March, 1925, The Lincoln Business College and The Nebraska School of Business were consolidated to form The Lincoln School of Commerce. He was candidate for county superintendent in 1900 in Thomas County, Kansas. He has lived in Nebraska since 1903.

He was united in marriage with Jessie Myrl Bain at Elk Creek, Nebraska, August 21, 1901. Mrs. Robbins, who is of German descent, was born at Elk Creek, February 1, 1876.

Mr. Robbins was president of the Missouri Valley Commercial Teachers, 1923; was president of the Central Commercial Teachers Association, 1924; and was president of the Private Schools Division of the National Commercial Teachers Association, 1930. He was president of the Lincoln Rotary Club, 1930; and is chairman of the Young Men's Division of the Young Men's Christian Association. He holds membership in the Nebraska State Historical Society and the Nebraskana Society, is a member of the Shrine Country Club and the Eastridge Club of Lincoln. He is a Mason, Master of Lodge Number 210, 1917-18; and Master of Lodge Number 314, 1922-23-24. He is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ Church of Lincoln. His favorite sport is golf. His hobby is reading. He is a Republican. Residence: Lincoln.

Halbert Harris Roberts

Halbert H. Roberts, was born at Ashland, Nebraska, November 7, 1879, and has lived in the state all his life. He is the son of John Fitzhenry and Sarah Hazzeltin (Harris) Roberts. His father, who was born in Lewiston, Illinois, February 22, 1879, was a live stock merchant, a member of the Nebraska legislature, and president of the Omaha live stock exchange. He was prominent in civic affairs throughout his life and served as a member of the State Board of Education and the Omaha School Board. He died at Omaha, May 17, 1925.

His mother, who was born in Quincy, Illinois, February 7, 1855, was a country school teacher before her marriage. She was of Pennsylvania Dutch extraction.

Mr. Roberts attended the public school of Ashland, and was graduated from the South Omaha High School. He was awarded the A. B. degree at the University of Nebraska, where he was a member of the Innocents, editor and business manager of the Nebraskan, and served on the junior prom, senior prom, and Pan-Hellenic council.

Starting in the live stock commission business June 17, 1901, immediately upon his graduation from the University of Nebraska, he has devoted all his time since then to this business, although he has farming and cattle interests in addition. He is manager of the firm Roberts Brothers & Rose, Livestock Commission Company.

On September 27, 1905, he was united in marriage with Janet Marriott at Omaha. Mrs. Roberts, who is of English and French Canadian ancestry, was born at Pierre, South Dakota, November 7, 1883. They have two children: Jane, born September 17, 1906, who married C. Don Prawit; and Ruth, born July 29, 1908, who married Carol Van Ness Casey.

Mr. Roberts was a university cadet for two years and served in the Nebraska State Militia for two years. During the World War he assisted in loan drives and community chest activities. He is a member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce; has been a member of the board of directors of the Omaha Livestock Exchange for several years, and is now serving as vice president of this organization; is a member of the Omaha Field Club; and holds membership in the Omaha Athletic Club. Past master of Bee Hive Lodge Number 184 of the Free Masons at South Omaha, he is also an Elk. His favorite sport is horse back riding, and his hobby is bridge whist. Residence: Omaha.

James Russell Roberts

James Russel Roberts, who has lived in this state all his life, was born at Lincoln, Nebraska, May 29, 1876, the son of Artemus and Mary (Belangee) Roberts. His father was born at Richmond, Indiana, October 28, 1841, and has been a prominent architect at Lincoln for many years. His Welsh ancestors came to America about 1600; his parents, Solomon W. and Elizabeth (Bond) Roberts were Quakers.

His mother was born at Danse, Bereau County, Illinois, September 2, 1842, and died at Dade City, Parco County, Florida, March 3, 1927. Her French Huguenot ancestors came to America in 1688 and in 1690 settled in Pennsylvania; one of her ancestors, Evi Belangee, was a pioneer Quaker in this country.

Mr. Roberts attended the University of Nebraska. He organized and developed the Roberts Dairy Company of Lincoln, Omaha, and Sioux City, and is now president of that organization. He is the author of several books used in the dairy industry and publishes a paper called The Milkman. He is a member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. His social club is Eastridge Club. He is affiliated with the First Plymouth Congregational Church.

His marriage to Clara West was solemnized at Rubens, Jewell County, Kansas, October 26, 1904. Mrs. Roberts, whose ancestry is Scotch, Irish, and Dutch, was born at Oskaloosa, Iowa, June 13, 1871. Her grandfather on the maternal side was a McBride; she is the great granddaughter of Clement West, a Revolutionary War soldier. They have two children: Perry, born September 30, 1905; and Gordon, born July 20, 1909. Residence: Lincoln.

John Elmer Roberts

John Elmer Roberts, son of Samuel and Mary Jane (Williams) Roberts, was born at Allen, Nebraska, August 16, 1872. His father was born at Pleasant Plain, Iowa, July 25, 1844. He served in the Civil War, and participated in Sherman's march to the sea, and in 1867, took up a homestead in Dixon County. He died at Allen, June 28, 1919. Mary Jane, wife of Samuel, was born at Pleasant Plain, Iowa, February 7, 1849, and resides at Greenleaf, Idaho. She is the daughter of John Williams, early pioneer, who made and burned the brick to build his home. The brick of which is still in good condition.

Mr. Roberts attended country school to the age of 16 when he helped his father on his farm until he was 25. At that time he farmed for himself two years, and for two years operated a blacksmith shop in Waterbury. Upon the death of his wife's mother, the Roberts family moved to her farm in order to care for the small children she left, and later, Mr. Roberts purchased a forty acre farm. This he sold and purchased another farm of 144 acres which he now operates. He has been a resident of Nebraska fifty-nine years.

On December 1, 1897, he was united in marriage to Georgia Fegley, at Allen. Mrs. Roberts, who is the daughter of R. L, and the granddaughter of Jacob Fegley, was born in Jackson, Nebraska, August 30, 1877. There are eight children of this marriage: Sadie, born March 1, 1899,

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married Leslie IA. Townsend; Richard, born April 22, 1901, married Ruth Johnston; Emma, born April 5, 1904, married Howard Kyes; BeAnna, born August 4, 1905, married Clarence Emery; Lawrence, born December 8, 1906; Russel, born May 23, 1907: Ruby, born December 19, 1910, and LeRoy, born March 27, 1915.

Mr. Robcrts is a Republican. He is a member of the Spring Bank Church of the Society of Friends, overseer and clerk of the pastoral body; was treasurer of the Quarterly Meeting, 1903-27; and member of the permanent board of the Nebraska Yearly Meeting since 1921. He served nine years as director of the school board, and is secretary of the Parent-Teachers' Association, and a member of the Nebraskana Society. He enjoys baseball and swimming, and his hobby is mechanics. Residence: Allen.

Joseph Roberts

Joseph Roberts was born at Cornwall, England, August 4, 1854, and for the past fifty years has been a resident of Nebraska. He is the son of John and Catherine (Dungey) Roberts. John Roberts was born at Cornwall, in 1828, and died there in 1860. He was also a farmer. His wife, Catherine, was born in Cornwall, in 1833, and died in 1865.

Mr. Roberts was educated in the common schools and has been engaged in agricultural pursuits his whole lifetime, with the exception of time spent in public office. From 1899 he was a member of the Dodge County Board of Supervisors, and in the 1903 and 1905 sessions was state representative. He was county treasurer from 1918-26. From 1906 to 1926, he was a member of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture and served as its president 1913 and 1914. He is a Republican.

On June 20, 1893, he was married to Emma Maria Hicks at Fremont. Mrs. Roberts was born at Warren, Jo Daviess County, Illinois, December 17, 1863. They have no children, but have adopted a boy.

Mr. Roberts was one of the original members of the board of directors of the Elkhorn River Drainage District of Dodge County, and served as vice president; on the death of R. B. Schneider he was elected to the presidency. He is an outstanding citizen, a member of the Presbyterian Church, the Rotary Club and the Odd Fellows. Residence: Fremont. (Photograph in Album).

Russell LaSalle Roberts

Russell LaSalle Roberts, farmer and stockfeeder, was born at Wahoo, Nebraska, July 18, 1899, son of Russell LaSalle and Martha Stokes (Dech) Roberts. His father was born at Conneaut, Ohio, August 21, 1842, and on August 28, 1861, enlisted for three years with the 2nd Ohio Battery of Light Artillery. He was mustered out on September 10, 1864, and reenlisted for another year, with the rank of corporal. He died at Wahoo, in June, 1911. His wife, Martha, was born in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, December 17, 1853. She was the first school teacher in Ithaca, and she and her husband were the first ones to be married there. Her father, Elijah Dech, homesteaded in Nebraska where Ithaca now stands.

Mr. Roberts attended the public schools of Ithaca, and completed the 9th grade in 1913. He attended the Nebraska School of Agriculture at Lincoln, 1913-14, and interested in stock feeding, and has farmer (sic) for himself since he was 16 years of age.

On December 31, 1923, he was married to Mary Philena McAuley, at Wahoo. Mrs. Roberts was born at Wahoo, on January 29, 1902, of Mayflower ancestry on the paternal side. There are two children: Karyl, born August 12, 1926, and Lois, born March 14, 1931. A second son, born February 1, 1930, lived but a few hours.

Mr. Roberts is a Republican. He is active in Church and Sunday School work in the Methodist Episcopal Church, is interested in farm account work, and is a member of the Ithaca Community Club. He is a Mason, a member of the National Geographic and the Nebraskana Societies, and has been secretary of the school board since 1926. His hobby is orchestral and band music, and he plays the cornet. Residence: Ithaca.

Walter Freeman Roberts

Walter F. Roberts, real estate and insurance specialist, was born at O'Neill, Nebraska, November 25, 1894, the son of Erastus Freeman and Alice (Dartt) Roberts. His father, who was a farmer, was born in New York, September 18, 1856, and died at O'Neill, December 8, 1926; his ancestry was English and Welch. His mother was born in Wisconsin.

Mr. Roberts attended the College of Agriculture at the University of Nebraska where he received his B. S. degree in 1919. He was elected to membership in Alpha Zeta and Alpha Gamma Rho at the university. From 1921 to 1924, he served as county agent in Saunders County, Nebraska, was farm manager at Grand Island, Nebraska, 1924-26, and since 1926 has been in business for himself as real estate, insurance and loan agent. He is secretary and treasurer of the Saunders County National Farm Loan Association, and handles Federal Land Bank Loans.

A Republican, he is chairman of the Saunders County central committee at this time. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society, is a director of the Wahoo Chamber of Commerce, is acting as county chairman of the Red Cross for Saunders County, and is a past chancellor commander of the Wahoo Lodge of the Knights of Pythias During the World War he served in the Naval Aviation department, and was a four minute man prior to enlisting for active service. He also took part in council of defense work and was county agricultural agent of Washington County, Nebraska. He is past commander of Wahoo Post No. 82 of the American Legion. He is a member of Masonic Lincoln Lodge No. 19 and Scottish Rite, Lincoln Council No. 2.

On July 11, 1923, he was married to Mabel E. Bern, daughter of Axel and Emily (Nygren) Bern, at Wahoo. Mrs. Roberts, who was formerly a music teacher, was born at Wahoo, of Swedish parentage. They have two children; Howard Bern, born November 25, 1926; and Irene Eveline, born August 26, 1929. Residence: Wahoo.

Walton Barwick Roberts

Walton B. Roberts was born at Lincoln, Nebraska, August 27, 1898, the son of Walton Grant and Mary (Barwick) Roberts. His father who was born at Fulton. New York, August 27, 1867, is a mortician; a descendent of John Holland, Mayflower passenger. His mother was born at Saybrook, Illinois, December 21, 1867.

Mr. Roberts attended McKinley and Capitol Schools and was graduated from Lincoln High School, in June, 1917. He attended the University of Nebraska, 1922-23, and is a member of Beta Theta Pi. Upon his admission to the bar in 1924, he entered upon the active practice of law in which he is now engaged. A Republican, he was candidate for election to the House of Representatives from the 35th district, but was defeated. He was president of the Young Men's Republican Club for the year 1931.

During the time October 12, 1918, to December 16, 1918, he was a member of the Student Army Training Corps at the University of Nebraska. He is a member of the American Legion and a first lieutenant in the Quartermaster Corps Reserves. He is serving as secretary of the local organization at the present time and during 1929-30 was state secretary and treasurer. He is past vice commander and member of executive committee of Lincoln Post No. 3, of the American Legion; grand chef de gare passe, Cheminot National Passe of the Forty and Eight; member of the Sons of the American Revolution and of the Society of Mayflower deseendents.

His clubs are the University, the Lincoln Country and the Shrine Clubs, and his sports are golf and tennis. His

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religious affiliation is with the First Presbyterian Church. He is a member of the state and county bar associations, the Chamber of Commerce, the Young Men's Christian Association, and the Hiram Club. A Mason, he is a member of the Scottish Rite, Shrine and Jesters. He also belongs to the Nebraska Alumni Association, the Nebraskana Society and the Native Sons and Daughters of Nebraska. His hobby is politics. Residence: Lincoln.

Walton Grant Roberts

Walton Grant Roberts was born at Fulton, New York, August 27, 1867, son of Evan Theodore and Josie Rosetta (Barber) Roberts. Of Welsh descent, Even T. Roberts was born at Utica, New York, February 4, 1838, and died at Lincoln on January 24, 1915. He was first a cabinet maker, a mortician and later deputy state librarian. His wife, Josie Rosetta, was born in Cherry Valley, New York, March 10, 1841 a descendant of John Holland, Mayflower passenger. She died at St. Joe, Michigan, June 7, 1870.

Mr. Roberts received his education in the Lincoln public schools. He has resided in Lincoln since July 6, 1873, and for many years has been engaged in the undertaking business. At the present time he is owner of the Roberts Mortuary. From 1898-1900 he was president of the National Embalmers Association. He is at the present a member of the Nebraska State Funeral Directors Association.

His marriage to Mary Barwick occurred at Lincoln on April 2, 1890. Mrs. Roberts was born at Saybrook, Illinois, December 21, 1867. She is of English descent. There are two children, Genevieve, born December 12, 1894, who married Walter Ostegard Johnson; and Walton B., born August 27, 1898, who is a lawyer (see Nebraskana). The Roberts' are members of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, the University, Country and Shrine Clubs. Mr. Roberts is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason and Shriner. His other fraternal organizations include the Elks, Modern Woodmen of America, Ancient Order of United Workmen, the Royal Highlanders and the Knights of Pythias. He is a member of the Kiwanis Club, the Hiram Club, the Chamber of Commerce (life member), Nebraskana Society and the Nebraska State Historical Society. He is past president of the Sons of the American Revolution, and a member of the Society of Colonial Wars. He is deputy governor of the state society of Mayflower. Residence: Lincoln.

Wilber Roberts

Born at Spring Bank, Dixon County, Nebraska, June 24, 1874, Wilber Roberts is the son of Elijah and Sitnah Jane (Paxon) Roberts. His father was born at Pleasant Plain, Jefferson County, Iowa, January 16, 1849, and died at Allen, Nebraska, in December 14, 1921. He was a pioneer farmer and stockman.

Wilber Roberts attended the district school of Dixon County, and since young manhood has been engaged as a farmer. He has spent his entire life in Nebraska, and on March 4, 1896, was married to Cora Bell Dutton, at Allen. Mrs. Roberts was born at Jackson, Nebraska, September 23, 1877. There are eight children of this marriage, as follows:

Ross, born September 22, 1903, married Hazel Margaret Ferguson; Francis, born May 1, 1905, married Irene Hulda Tedro; Iva, born June 1, 1907, married David Luther Emery; Gladys, born October 27, 1909; Errol, born October 13, 1911; Claude, born February 23, 1915; Donald, born September 20, 1918; and Marjorie, born September 17, 1923. One of the boys is a mail clerk, one a linotype operator, and one a service station employee.

Mr. Roberts is a member of the Spring Bank Society of Friends, and for the past twenty-five years has been treasurer of the Evangelistic Board of the Nebraska Yearly Meeting. He is also a member of the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Allen.

John A. Robertson

Born at Brownstown, Indiana, January 22, 1867, John A. Robertson came to Holt County in 1883, in a covered wagon, taking a pre-emption on eighty acres of land in 1886.

His father, George L. Robertson, was born in Virginia, May 23, 1823, and died at Brownstown, in 1869. He was a farmer, descended from early Scotch settlers in Virginia. His mother, Harriet Critchfield, was born in Ohio, May 5, 1838, and died at Joy, March 3, 1928. Her ancestry was Scotch and Dutch.

John A. Robertson attended common school. Two years after coming to Nebraska, on December 25, 1885, he was married to Rachel Rebecca Hindman at Nbbrara. Mrs. Robertson was born at Colora, Maryland, February 5, 1870. To them twelve children were born, all of whom are living.

Lottie M., born in 1886, is married to F. J. Weidman of Plainview, Nebraska. Elsie Roberta, born June 10, 1888, married Harry Anderson; they live at Wakefield, Nebraska. George C., born July 28, 1890, married Esther C. Thomas; they live at O'Neill; Helen Ethel, born February 21, 1893, is married to Albert T. Sundell of Wakefield; Harriet Jane, born December 18, 1895, married E. C. McElhaney of Page, Nebraska; John Allen, born March 19, 1898, married Henrietta Wedel, they reside in Chicago; Samuel R., born September 9, 1900, married Louise Walters and resides at Joy; Raymond Ralph, born January 22, 1902, married Neva Armour, and they live at Dakota City; Rachel A., born July 19, 1904; Rebecca M., born August 8, 1906; James A., born September 6, 1908, and Richard W., born December 3, 1910, all live at home. Both boys are attending the University of Nebraska, and all of the children have attended college or university.

Mr. Robertson is a Democrat, and has been active in politics for a number of years. He served in the Nebraska house of representatives 1895-97, and in the senate 1913-15-17 and 25. He introduced and secured the passage of the first mother's pension law in Nebraska (senate file No. 116). He was a member of the Nebraska state board for District No. 1 in the World War (July 21, 1917-March 31, 1919).

He is a member of the Royal Highlanders, the Modern Woodmen of America and the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Joy.

Wallace Robertson

Wallace Robertson, banker at Beatrice, Nebraska, has been prominent in civic and business affairs in Gage County for over 40 years. He was born at Cambridge, Washington County, New York, June 30, 1869, the son of John and Minerva Susanna (Rice) Robertson. His father, a farmer, was born at Cambridge, May 12, 1923, and died at Beatrice, April 9, 1891; his Scotch ancestors came to America in 1775, and settled in Washington County, New York.

His mother was born at Greenrich, Washington County, New York, October 9, 1835, and died at Beatrice, September 4, 1914. Her English ancestors settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts, in 1639.

Mr. Robertson was graduated from the Beatrice High School in 1887. He has held every official position possible in the Beatrice National Bank of which he is now president. He is eligble (sic) for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution, is a member of the Nebraska Historical Association and the Nebraskana Society, and for the past six years has been a director in the Young Men's Christian Association.

He is affiliated with the First Presbyterian Church, of which he is a trustee, is a member of the Rotary Club and the Beatrice Chamber of Commerce, and is an Elk and Mason. His social club is the Lincoln University

Horz. bar

Club, and his political affiliation is with the Republican party. He is interested in football.

Mr. Robertson was married to Elizabeth Cleland at Beaver, Pennsylvania, October 10, 1906. Mrs. Robertson was born at Beaver, March 6, 1870; her father came to this country from Scotland in 1820. They have one daughter, Jane Elizabeth, born July 30, 1910. Residence: Beatrice.

Edward John Robins

Born at Hecla, Brown County, South Dakota, November 7, 1891, Edward John Robins has been a resident of Nebraska since September, 1912. He is the son of Edward John and Mary Elmira (Thorp) Robins, the former a native of Chicago, born November 6, 1860. A building contractor until his death at Hecla, July 2, 1924, his father came from London, and served in the Civil War. Mary Elmira Thorp was born at Winona, Minnesota, May 2, 1866, and resides at Hecla. Of German and English descent, her father served in the Civil War.

Educated in the grade schools at Hecla, he was graduated from the Portage Township High School at Hecla, in 1910, and received his LL. B. from Creighton, in 1915. During 1910-11, he majored in liberal arts at the University of South Dakota, and in 1918, attended the military aeronautics department of the University of California. He represented the University of South Dakota in debate, was a member of the Creighton debate team two years, and was captain the second year. His fraternity is Gamma Eta Gamma.

After one year's law practice in Omaha, he came to Fremont, in 1916, and was associated with C. E. Abbott for seven months. He then opened his own office, which he closed during the war. A second lieutenant in the aviation section of the Aeronautics Reserves, as a military aviator, he also assisted as a speaker in loan drives at Berkeley and San Francisco. After the war he had a plane in Fremont, two years, and is a member of the Aero Club of America. He is a member of the American Legion, the Young Men's Christian Association, and for some time was a member of Kiwanis. Since 1919, he has been again engaged in practice, until 1924, as a member of the law firm of Abbott, Rohn and Robins, for a time in private practice, and now as senior member of the law firm of Robins and Yost, with William H. Lamme as associate.

He is attorney for the Globe Indemnity Company, the American Auto Company, the Southern Surety Company, Nebraska, attorney for the First National Bank of Scribner, the Farmers State Bank of Valley, the Winslow State Bank, Hooper State Bank, etc. He is the owner of a section of land in Brown County which he is planting to pine timber under supervision of the Federal Forestry Department. He is interested in farm operations, and owns a farm in Knox County.

Mr. Robins is a Democrat, and a member of the Eagles, and of the America, Nebraska State and Dodge County Bar Associations. He enjoys fishing and swimming, and spends all his free time in farming.

On July 22, 1924, he was married to Lois Florene Haas, at Omaha. Mrs. Robins was born at Alexandria, Nebraska, March 1, 1900, was graduated from Nebraska with a B. S. in Home Economics, in 1923, and taught that subject in the Junior High School at Fremont, one year. She is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi: They have one son, James Edward, born May 6, 1928. Residence: Fremont.

Charles Robinson

For nearly 60 years Charles Robinson has resided at Belgrade, Nebraska, where he has successfully engaged in farming and stockraising. He was born at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, December 15, 1850, the son of Thomas and Sahara (Hale) Robinson, the former a farmer who was born in England and died at Rockfall, Illinois, in 1831 (sic). His mother was born of German parentage at Pittsburg, and died at Rockfall.

Mr. Robinson was married to Sarah Castle at Fremont, Nebraska; she was born in Pennsylvania and died at Cedar Rapids, Nebraska; her ancestry was Scotch. To this marriage were born: Fanny, November 22, 1877, who married Alex Burnside; Thomas, February 26, 1874; Mary, June 17, 1878, who married Earnest Dufoe; Ethley, April 9, 1880; and Will, September 15, 1883, who married Nell Wilkinson. Mr. Robinson is now married to Molly Dc Lancey. Residence: Belgrade.

NOTE:  Compare to biography in Compendium of History Remininscense & Biography of NE, p1097.

Frank Oakum Robinson

Frank Oakum Robinson, dentist, was born at Plain City, Ohio, December 1, 1865, son of William Hunter and Elizabeth (McCampbell) Robinson.

He received the Bachelor of Science degree in 1888 and the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Louisville College of Dentistry in 1899. From 1898 until 1919 he engaged in practice, and since 1894 has been secretary of the local building and loan association and a member of the firm of Robinson and Robinson, Abstractors.

He was married on October 10, 1900, to Florence N. Smith at Villisca, Iowa. There are four children, Marian, born January 18, 1902; Philip, born December 10, 1903, who married Lucile A. Randall; Howard, born October 5, 1905; and Donald, born April 14, 1907.

Dr. Robinson has been active in the Republican party for many years, and has held various offices. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce (president 1915-16). He is a Mason (Scottish Rite, 32nd degree). During the years 1929-30 he was president of the Hartington Country Club. Residence: Hartington.

Harold Wiley Robinson

A resident of Nebraska for the past 25 years, Harold Wiley Robinson is editor and publisher of the Upland Eagle at Upland, Nebraska. He was born at Franklin, Nebraska, October 13, 1906, the son of John Warnock and Emma Jane (Laws) Robinson. His father is also a published (sic). His mother's ancestry is English.

Mr. Robinson attended Franklin High School, and in 1924, was graduated from the Upland High School. He attended the University of Nebraska from 1924 to 1927, and was a student at the University of Denver for a time.

He is a member of the Upland Community Club, is affiliated with the Methodist Church, and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. His hobby is philately and his favorite sport is golf. On February 27, 1931, he was married at Topeka, Kansas to Alyce Leone Groshong. Residence: Upland.

Lawrence Roswell Robinson

Lawrence Roswell Robinson was born at Waterloo, Nebraska, October 3, 1891, the son of James Chauncey Robinson and Mary Cornelia (Temple) Robinson. His father was born at Belcher, New York, November 7, 1861, and his mother at Granville, New York, May 8, 1863. James C. Robinson died at Waterloo, Nebraska, May 2, 1928.

Lawrence R. Robinson attended Waterloo public school, the Bellevue College, and Kearney Military Academy, from which he was graduated in 1910. He also attended the University of Nebraska two years, where he was a member of Beta Theta Pi and the local inter-fraternities Iron Sphinx and Viking.

On August 16, 1916, he married Sarah Blanche Fenton at Rocky Ford, Colorado. Mrs. Robinson was born at Rocky Ford on April 9, 1895, of English parentage. They have two children, Lawrence Roswell, Jr., born March 12, 1921, and Ward Fenton, born February 15, 1927.

Mr. Robinson is secretary-treasurer of the J. C. Robinson Seed Company at Waterloo, Nebraska, which has

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