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Emma Josephine (Fusby) Rystrom. His father, who is a farmer, was born at Smalan, Sweden, January 2, 1857. His mother was born at Rome, Iowa, November 29, 1862.

Mr. Rystrom attended a rural school, was graduated from the Stromsburg High School in 1919, and in 1923 received the B. S. degree from the University of Nebraska where he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha.

He is secretary and treasurer of the Rystrom Company, Incorporated, is a member of the Stromsburg Community Club of which he was secretary, 1926-28, and is affiliated with the Eden Baptist Church. He holds membership in the Nebraskana Society, and is a Mason. His hobby is reading.

Mr. Rystrom was married to Beulah Maud Tinker, August 18, 1926, at her home in Waco, Nebraska; she was born at Waco, July 17, 1905. They have two children: Clayton, Jr., born September 6, 1927; and Shirley Jean, born January 13, 1931. Residence: Stromsburg.

William Sack

One of the prominent business men at Ord, Nebraska, is William Sack, who was born at Sutton, Nebraska, May 4, 1889. His father, Phillip Sack, a carpenter, was born in Germany. Mary Elizabeth (Kaiser) Sack his mother, was born in Germany and died at Sutton, in September, 1908.

Mr. Sack received his education in the public schools of Sutton, and from 1908 to 1912 was an engineer in the electric light plant at Ord. From 1912 until 1916 he was bookkeeper of the Sack Lumber and Coal Company. Since 1912 he has been manager of the Sack Lumber and Coal Company at Ord, and is vice president of the Sack Lumber and Coal Company whose office is at Crete, Nebraska. He is affiliated with the Methodist Church, is city councilman of Ord, and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. His sports include hunting and fishing.

He was united in marriage with Jessie Irene Moyer at Lincoln, Nebraska, June 15, 1916. Mrs. Sack, who was a teacher before her marriage, was born at Tecumseh, Nebraska, and died at Ord in December, 1923. Two sons were born to this marriage, Harold Lee, March 12, 1917, is a junior in the Ord High School; and Lloyd Lee, February 6, 1921, is in the 6th grade. Mr. Sack was married to Nora Cecelia Nygren Johnson, June 7, 1925, who has one daughter, Virginia Mary,. born July 27, 1920, by a former marriage. Residence: Ord.

Harry Evans Sackett

Harry Evans Sackett, distinguished lawyer and political leader of Beatrice, Nebraska, has lived in this state since 1894, and has taken a prominent part in state and community affairs for many years. He was born at Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio, October 10, 1874, the son of Oliver P. and Mary (Evans) Saekett. His father, a farmer, was born at Canfield, Mahoning County, Ohio, January 19, 1828, and died at Beatrice, October 17, 1911; his English ancestors came to America in 1630, and both his grandfather and great-grandfather were soldiers in the Revolutionary War.

Mary (Evans) Sackett, mother of Harry Saekett, was born at Copley, Summitt County, Ohio, September 19, 1844. Her ancestry was Welsh and German.

Mr. Sackett was graduated from high school at Grant City, Missouri, in 1894, and in 1895 studied post graduate work at the Beatrice High School. He taught in the rural schools of Gage County during 1896, and a little later entered the College of Law, University of Nebraska. He was awarded the LL. B. degree at the University of Nebraska, where he represented the college in intercollegiate debate in 1898. Since his admission to the bar in 1898, Mr. Saekett has been active in legal practice at Beatrice.

A Republican, he served as county attorney of Gage County from 1901 to 1904, was state senator in 1907, and acted as chairman of the Republican state committee from 1924 to 1926. He has always been prominent in Republican state and national polities, and has held the following positions: delegate to the national convention, 1912; candidate for governor on the progressive ticket, 1914; delegate to the progressive convention, 1916; and delegate to the Republican national convention, 1920.

He is a member of the Beatrice Chamber of Commerce, the State Historical Society, the Nebraskana Society, and the Young Men's Christian Association. He holds membership in the American and Nebraska bar associations, and is one of the past presidents of the Beatrice Kiwanis Club, and is affiliated with the First Christian Church of Beatrice, and active in the Sunday School.

His marriage to Hermina Reynolds was solemnized at Beatrice, September 27, 1899. Mrs. Sackett, whose ancestry is English and Holland Dutch, was born at Beatrice, January 27, 1875. Their children are: Dean H., born November 6, 1902, who was a student at the University of Nebraska, Creighton University, and Georgetown University; Harry E., born September 24, 1906, who was graduated from the University of Nebraska with A. B. and LL. B. degrees; and Mary Louise, born October 3, 1914. Harry E. Jr., was awarded Cum Laude honors at the university, and was admitted to the Order of the Coif.

Mr. Sackett is a director in the Beatrice Building and Loan Association. An active member of the Nebraska Council of Defense, and a participant in other war relief work, Mr. Sackett was also a four minute man during the World War. His hobbies are gardening and flowers. Residence: Beatrice, (Photograph in Album).

Hermina Reynolds Sackett

Hermina Reynolds Sackett, a lifetime resident of Beatrice, Gage County, Nebraska, is prominent in civic and social affairs in her community. She was born at Beatrice, January 27, 1875, the daughter of Herman Meyer and Naomi (Barcus) Reynolds. Her father, who was a pioneer physician in Nebraska in 1857, was born in Sullivan County, New York, April 15, 1832, and died at Beatrice, April 27, 1875; he served as the first mayor of Beatrice, and was a member of the territorial legislature and the constitutional convention. His English and Holland Dutch ancestors came to America in 1671; he was the grandson of Revolutionary War soldiers.

Her mother, whose English ancestors were pioneers in America, was born at Covington, Indiana, October 20, 1841, and died at Beatrice, November 9, 1929. She was a typical pioneer homemaker.

Mrs. Sackett received her elementary education in the grade school at Beatrice, and in 1893 was graduated from the Beatrice High School where she was salutatorian. She is a member of the local board of the Young Women's Christian Association, holds membership in the Vesher Chapter of the Eastern Star, is affiliated with the First Christian Church at Beatrice. She is the teacher of a Sunday School class in her church.

During the World War, Mrs. Sackett took part in membership drives for the local Red Cross. She was regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1928 and 1929, and compiled the directory of the Elizabeth Montague Chapter. She is a member of the Nebraskana Society and the Republican party.

She was married to Harry Evans Sackett at Beatrice, September 27, 1899. Mr. Sackett, who is a lawyer, was born at Warren, Ohio, October 10, 1874. His English ancestors came to America in 1630; members of the family fought in the Revolution. To this union three children were born: Dean H., born November 6, 1902, who is a lawyer; Harry E. Jr., born September 24, 1906, who was graduated from the University, of Nebraska in 1931, with the honors cum laude and admitted to the Order of the Coif; and Mary Louise, born October 3, 1913. Residence: Beatrice. (Photograph in Album).

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Frank J. Sadilek

Frank Sadilek was born at Ledec, Bohemia, December 1, 1851, and since 1874, has been a resident of Nebraska. His father, Jan Sadilek, who was a harness maker, was born at Ledec, and died at Wilber, Saline County, Nebraska, July 16, 1882. His mother, Barbara (Bradac) Sadilek, was born at Pavlov, Bohemia, December 4, 1813, and died at Chicago, Illinois, July 26, 1890.

Mr. Sadilek was graduated from high school in Bohemia, in 1866. He was engaged in the harness making business from 1864 to 1883. He was deputy county treasurer of Saline County from 1884 to 1887, and from 1887 to 1891 was county treasurer. He served as register of deeds, 1897-1919. A Republican, he was a member of the Nebraska legislature in 1882. He is now president of the Wilber State Bank.

He is the author of a little booklet, From My Memories, published in the Bohemian language, 1914. For several years he has been correspondent for the Bohemian newspaper Hospoder. He is a member of several Bohemian fraternal organizations, and holds membership in the State Historical Society and the Nebraskana Society. A Mason for the past 52 years, he is also a freethinker.

His marriage to Theresa Jurka was solemnized at Chicago, July 29, 1876. Mrs. Sadilek was born at Kralovice, Bohemia, July 19, 1857. Their children are: Antonie, born June 13, 1877, who married Edmil* Folda, a banker; Olga, born September 13, 1887; Sylvia, born September 23, 1880; Frank J., Jr., born October 10, 1884, a salesman; Charles J., born November 22, 1882, who is a banker, and who married Millie Cihak; Walter B., born December 20, 1889, who is a lawyer; and Irma Deborah, born July 31, 1891, who married F. F. Mundil; Victor Hugo, born August 8, 1900, who married Elsie Armstrong.

Mr. Sadilek has delivered more funeral addresses than most clergymen. He is well known in every Bohemian settlement and enjoys the title of father of the Bohemian community. Residence: Crete. (Photograph on Page 1041).


*Son-in-law, Emil FOLDA appears on page 414 of this book.

Walter Byron Sadilek

Walter B. Sadilek, son of Frank J. and Theresa (Jurka) Sadilek, was born at Wilber, Nebraska, December 20, 1889. His father, who is now retired from active business, was born at Ledec, Bohemia, December 1, 1851; his mother was born in Bohemia, July 19, 1857.

Mr. Sadilek, who has been prominent in legal activities for the past sixteen years, was a student at Wilber High School 1906-07, and in 1910 was graduated from Highland Park College at Des Moines, Iowa. In 1913 he received his A. B. from the University of Nebraska, and in 1915, his LL. B.

Except for two years as an instructor in the Quaker Academy at Earlham, Iowa, Mr. Sadilek has lived in Nebraska all his life. Since June 15, 1915, he has been engaged in the practice of law at Schuyler, where he has served as county clerk and county attorney.

His first marriage was to Frances Barbara Schleis at Wilber. One child, Mary Theresa, was born to this union on January 2, 1918. On June 4, 1931, he was married to Exha D. Akins, of Western, Nebraska. She has an A. B. degree from Peru State Teachers College, and an M. A. from the University of Nebraska, 1930. Mrs. Sadilek is a native of Western, Nebraska.

During the World War Mr. Sadilek was a four minute speaker and later served as chairman of the Fuel Administration committee for Colfax County. He served as president of the local school board for some time, is a member of the Lions Club and the Nebraskana Society.

His professional associations include the American and Nebraska State Bar Associations and the State Abstractors Association. He is a Scottish Rite Mason.

Mr. Sadilek enjoys golfing, and is a member of the Schuyler Golf and Country Club. In politics his affiliation is with the Republican party. Residence: Schuyler.

Charles Jaroslav Safarik

Charles J. Safarik, son of Peter Safarik and Anna Barta, was born in Dayton, Ohio, May 15, 1866. His father was born in Czechoslovakia, March 20, 1829, and was an early settler in Nebraska. He was a painter, and deputy postmaster and land agent for the B. and M. Railroad at Crete. He died at Dewitt, after a long and useful life.

His wife Anna (Barta) Safarik was born in Czechoslovakia, January 29, 1836, and died at Dewitt, Nebraska. She was a clubwoman and active in civic affairs.

Charles Safarik received his education in public school and for a time served as clerk and later as telephone manager. For some years he has been engaged in the drug business, and is the owner and manager of a drug store at Schuyler.

He was married to Josephine Blanche Zerzan, at Schuyler, on October 8, 1888. Mrs. Safarik was born at Omaha, November 10, 1870. They have five children: Lumir, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, a member of Sigma Nu, was born September 29, 1892. He is a physician in Denver, and is married to Madge Dunnell; Ilda, born April 1, 1894, a graduate of St. Luke's at Denver, is a nurse in Schuyler; Vilma, born October 28, 1896, married Joseph Kadlicek, and lives at Englewood, Colorado; Joseph P., born July 30, 1900, is a druggist and is associated with his father. He was graduated from the Babcock School of Pharmacy in Denver. Charles J., born September 12, 1912, is studying pharmacy in Denver.

Mr. Safarik is a Democrat, and is active in party politics. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Royal League, the Z C B J, Modern Woodmen of America, and a charter member of the Knights of Pythias, and is a 32nd degree Mason. His hobby is reading. Residence: Schuyler.

Ira Ernest Sage

With the exception of about eight years spent in the Black Hills Ira Ernest Sage has been a continuous resident of Nebraska all his life. He was born at lonia, Michigan, October 10, 1881, son of David and Helen Elizabeth (Worden) Sage.

The father, born in the province of Ontario, Canada, in December, 1840, was a farmer in Nuckolls County for many years prior to his death at Nelson in 1914. The mother was born in Michigan in 1847 and died at Nelson in 1916.

Mr. Sage attended the public schools of Nuckolls County, and received the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Fremont College in 1907 and 1908 respectively. He was active in debating and dramatics in college.

From 1908 until 1910 Mr. Sage taught school at Maxwell, and from 1910 until 1912 he taught at Edgemont, South Dakota. From 1914 to 1918 he taught in the public schools of Terry, South Dakota, and from 1925 to 1926 taught in Wilsonville, Nebraska.

Entering the newspaper business at Edgemont, he edited the Enterprize and afterwards was the editor and publisher of the Paxton Times. From 1929 until 1931 he worked for the Hooker County Tribune at Mullen. At the present time Mr. Sage is the editor and publisher of the Arthur Enterprise. Mr. Sage is a Democrat.

From 1912 until 1914 Mr. Sage was secretary of the Fall River County Fair at Edgemont, South Dakota, and at the present time is secretary of the Shortway Highway Association. He is a former member of the Odd Fellows and the Modern Woodmen of America, and from 1919 until 1922 was a member of the Maxwell School Board. He is a member of the Mullen Golf Club and the Presbyterian Church. Residence: Arthur.

Lee Sage

Lee Sage, county treasurer of Nuckolls County since 1926, was born at Nelson, June 18, 1899. He is the son of

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Madison and Roxana Lavina (Henderson) Sage, the former of whom was born at Ionia, Michigan, November 22, 1867. Madison Sage, who for a number of years was a public school teacher, is engaged at the present time in the grain, lumber and coal business. His wife, born at Pickneyville, Illinois, July 19, 1874, died at Nelson on March 9, 1916.

Educated in the public schools of Ruskin, Lee Sage was graduated from high school there in 1919. He has always resided in Nebraska, and since maturity has taken an active part in Democratic politics. He was elected treasurer of Nuckolls County in 1926, and still holds that office.

Mr. Sage is unmarried. He is a Mason, and past master of his lodge, a member of the Order of Eastern Star, the Modern Woodmen of America and The Nebraskana Society. Residence: Nelson.

Jerome Hamilton Sager

Jerome Hamilton Sager, one of the first settlers in Nebraska, has been a resident of the state for over 70 years. He was born in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, August 15, 1850, the son of Samuel and Margaret (Wagner) Sager. His father, a farmer, was born in Mifflin County January 2, 1805, and died there January 9, 1866. His mother was born in Pennsylvania and died in Mifflin County in 1850.

Mr. Sager attended rural school and was a student at Kishacoquillas Seminary for four years where he was active in debating. He was a teacher for several years and later engaged in the insurance business. For the past 53 years he has been affiliated with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and for 12 years has been a member of the local school board. He is a member of the Methodist Church.

On April 4, 1878, he was united in marriage with Alice Emma Bales in Fillmore County, Nebraska. Mrs. Sager, whose Quaker ancestors came to America on the Mayflower, was born in Morgan County, Indiana, January 26, 1859, and died at Geneva, Nebraska, June 6, 1920. The following children were born to this marriage: Pearl, born September 25, 1882, who married Robert A. Case; Jerome, born April 21, 1884, who died February 25, 1887; Alfred, born June 23, 1888, who married Leona Morey; and Ethel, born March 5, 1891, who married Beverly N. Winston.

Mr. Sager holds membership in the Nebraskana Society and the Republican party. His hobby is mathematics. Residence Geneva.

Frank Eli Sala

For the past 33 years, Frank E. Sala has been prominent in the religious and business world in Nebraska. He was born at Humboldt, Kansas, December 9, 1869, the son of John Adams Graves Sala and Priscilla (House) Sala. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Illinois, and died at Humboldt, Kansas, March 23, 1876; his family has been in this country for five generations. His mother, whose ancestry was Scotch-Irish and Pennsylvania Dutch, was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, in 1843, and died at Columbus City, Louisa County, Ohio, November 22, 1899.

Mr. Sala attended the public schools of Iowa, and there served as assistant secretary in the Y. M. C. A. at Muscatine, Iowa. In 1895, he was affiliated with the Children's Home Society, and was transferred to Nebraska, in April, 1897. In 1903 he was elected lay delegate by the lays conference of North Nebraska, to the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Later he joined the Nebraska Annual Conference in September, 1913, and took the study in theology prescribed by the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has been a farmer and minister in Nebraska for many years and is now financial secretary of the Bryan Memorial Hospital at Lincoln. A Republican, he has served as county committeeman, delegate to conventions, and in various other capacities. He holds membership in the Red Cross, the Nebraskana Society, the Parent-Teachers' Association, the National Geographic Society, and the Young Men's Christian Association. He is affiliated with the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Lincoln, and the Nebraska Annual Conference.

He was united in marriage with Anna Alice Bogardus, at Neligh, Antelope County, Nebraska, October 13, 1898. Mrs. Sala, whose ancestors were New Englanders, was born at Genoa, Nebraska, July 25, 1879. Their children are: Ruth Mary; Paul Franklin; Roy John; Ophie Esther; Ida May, Esther; Charles Watson; Grace Marie; Alice Lydia; Wendel Jonathan; Helen, and Beulah Evangeline. Paul Franklin, who holds a Master of Arts degree, is a teacher in the Hastings High School. Ophie Esther is a graduate of the Nebraska Teacher's College. Residence: Lincoln. (Photograph in Album).

James Henry Salsbury

One of the outstanding clergymen of Nebraska is James Henry Salsbury who has lived in the state for 33 years. He was born at Breckenridge, Missouri, August 8, 1871, the son of Anson and Rebecca (Guild) Salsbury, the former a farmer, stockraiser, and cattle shipper in Missouri. His mother, who was a leader in many religious activities in her church, was born at Woodstock, Canada, November 17, 1843, and died at Kansas City, Missouri, August 7, 1907; she was directly descended from the family of Lady Jane Grey of Scotland, and possessed many old family tokens which have been handed down for over 300 years.

Dr. Salsbury attended the rural schools of Caldwell County, Missouri, the academy at Kidder, Missouri, and Park College at Parkville, Missouri. He received his A. B. degree from Park College in 1896, and was awarded his D. D. degree by the Highland University at Highland, Kansas, in 1911 after having been graduated from Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, New York, 1899. He was manager of the college glee club for a year, was local editor of the college paper during his senior year, and served as president of the senior class.

He has held some of the best pastorates in Nebraska and is minister of the First Presbyterian Church at Wood River at this time. Dr. Salsbury as actively interested in agriculture and owns farming land in Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. Practically his whole life, however, has been devoted to the ministry since he has been engaged in uninterrupted service longer than any other clergyman of the Presbyterian denomination now in service in Nebraska. He was president of the Nebraska State Christian endeaver Union during 1908 and 1909, and at this time holds membership in the Hall County Ministerial Association and the Nebraskana Society.

He is a member of Skekinah Chapter Number 32 of the Royal Arch Masons of Aurora, Nebraska. He is affiliated with Esther Chapter Number 208 of the Order of Eastern Star. During the World War Dr. Salsbury engaged actively in all forms of war drives and relief affairs in his community.

On September 26, 1899, he married Cora George Downing at Breckenridge, Missouri. Mrs. Salsbury, whose parents were native Kentuckians, was born at Breckenridge, Missouri, December 3, 1870. They have one son: James Russel, born August 1, 1902, who married Grace Modlin of Ulysses, Nebraska. He was graduated from the University of Nebraska where he was first lieutenant of the University Band of the Reserve Officers Training Corps and is now a chemical engineer with the Proctor and Gambia Company in Kansas City, Missouri. Residence: Wood River.

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Fannie Salsgiver

A resident of Nebraska for the past 48 years, Fannie Salsgiver was born at Linneus, Linn County, Missouri, September 18, 1858, the daughter of James J. and Elizabeth (Reid) Alexander. Her father, whose ancestry was Scotch Irish, was born in Boone County, Kentucky. Her mother was born in Boone County, March 28, 1884, and died at Lacled, Linn County, Missouri, March 20, 1872.

She is a member of S. B. A., and D. of H. Her religious affiliation is with the Methodist Episcopal Church of Wymore, Gage County, Nebraska. She holds membership in the Republican party and the Nebraskana Society.

Mrs. Salsgiver was married at Stanberry, Missouri, September 18, 1882, to Thomas Mabon Salsgiver, who was born March 7, 1858, and died at Wymore, December 16, 1929; his ancestry was Dutch. Three children were born to them: Thomas M., born January 18, 1885, who married Pearl Lavery; Maude M., born June 2, 1891, who married Frank R. Leighty; and Marie, born November 26, 1895, who married Robert S. Morse. Residence. Wymore.

Lester Miller Samples

Lester Miller Samples, superintendent of schools at Litchfield, was born at Edison, Nebraska, January 7, 1894, son of Eli J. and Virginia Adeline (Young) Samples. His father, born in Clay County, West Virginia, September 11, 1852, was a farmer of Scotch-Irish descent, who died at Edison, May 19, 1981. His mother, also born in Clay County, West Virginia, on December 22, 1859, died at Edison, May 5, 1928. She was of ScotchIrish descent.

Educated in the public schools of Edison to 1913, when he was graduated from high school, Lester Miller Samples attended the University of Nebraska, Wyoming University and Kearney State Teachers College. In high school he was a member of the basketball and baseball teams.

Employed as a printer at Edison and at Pine Bluffs. Wyoming, Mr. Samples was at the age of seventeen editor of a newspaper at Edison. Constantly since 1918 he has been in school administrative work, three years as superintendent at Smithfield, one year at Holbrook, two years at Edison and twelve years at Litchfield. During the year 1924-25 he was editor of the Litchfield Monitor. He is the author of two short articles on special activities in school administration.

On December 20, 1919, Mr. Samples was married to Irma Sadie Smay at Hastings. Mrs. Samples, who was a teacher and a nurse before marriage, was born at Nevada, Iowa, December 26, 1900. There are three children, Althea, born September 11, 1921; Everett L., August 28, 1928; and Evan J., November 16, 1980.

Mr. Samples is a Republican. He served as a private in the World War with the 255th Field Hospital Company at Fort Riley, Kansas, and Camp Custer, Michigan. He is affiliated with the Christian Church at Litchfield, is a member of the Nebraska State Teachers Association, the Odd Fellows, the Nebraskana Society, and the Litchfield Commercial Club of which he was chairman in 1930. His hobby is printing. Residence: Litchfield.

Arvid Stanley Samuelson

For the past eight years Arvid Stanley Samuelson has served as postmaster at Axtell, where he was born, May 21, 1890. His father, Anders Samuelson, a native of Ostergotland, Sweden, was born April 23, 1841, came to Nebraska in 1885, and settled at Axtell. A farmer, he served several terms as district school director, prior to his death at Holdrege, on June 30, 1912.

Anna Gustava (Johnson) Samuelson, wife of Anders, was born in Ostergotland, Sweden, July 17, 1847, and died at Omaha, July 21, 1917. A devoted wife and mother, in later years she was much interested in church work.

Arvid S. Samuelson attended country school in Kearney County, and for two and a half years was a student at Franklin Academy, Franklin, Nebraska. He had one year at Holdrege High School, and thereafter attended Grinnell College for a year.

On June 3, 1925, he was married to Vivian Margurette Wilcox Carlson at Axtell. Mrs. Samuelson, who was born at Sayre, Pennsylvania, March 19, 1903, is a post office clerk. Her ancestry is English and Dutch. There are two children, Stanley Dorey, born April 22, 1926; and Ligne Lou-Aisne, born February 28, 1929.

A farmer for a time, Mr. Samuelson was in the general mercantile business for two years, and thereafter served in the World War. He served with the 355th Infantry, 89th Division at Camp Funston, and with the 4th United States Infantry, 3rd Division, with the rank of corporal, participating in the following: Champaigne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, St. Miheil, Meuse-Argonne and the Army of Occupation.

A member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Mr. Samuelson is also a 14th degree Mason, a member of the Presbyterian Church, the Nebraskana Society and the National Geographic Society. His favorite sport is golf, while his hobby is reading biographical, historical and scientific works. Residence: Axtell. (Photograph in Album).

Charles Edwin Samuelson

Charles Edwin Samuelson was born at Brobe, Sweden, September 1, 1864, and for the past 47 years has been a resident of Nebraska. Samuel J. Samuelson, his father, who for many years was engaged in secretarial work and farming, was born in Sweden, and died at Axtell, Nebraska. Johannah (Burman) Samuelson, his mother, who is descended from a princess of the royal family of France, was born in Sweden and died at Axtell in May, 1909.

Mr. Samuelson was a clerk in a general store at Holdrege, Nebraska, later becoming a partner in the company, and after several years purchased controlling interest in the organization. He is connected with the Hildreth Milling Company and the Trumbull Lumber Company, is vice president of the State Bank of Hildreth, and is engaged in the mercantile business there.

A Democrat, Mr. Samuelson served as colonel on the staff of Governor Morehead, and was elected to the Nebraska senate; he holds membership in the local Democratic Club. During his stay in this state he has always been active in projects for the betterment of his community and state, and has been a member of the Lutheran Church, the school board, Modern Woodmen of America, Knights of Pythias, and the Masons. He was county chairman of war loan drives during the World War.

His marriage to Gladys Harris occurried (sic) at Superior, Nebraska, December 7, 1890. Mrs. Samuelson, who was formerly a teacher, was born at Burr, Kansas, April 16, 1872, a descendant of the famous Cameron Clan of Scotland. To them were born three children: Leon, April 22, 1893, a lawyer, who married Velma Satchel; C. Ransom, July 19, 1900, and is county attorney of Franklin County, a lawyer and musician, who married Hazel Wilson; and Ruth, August 9, 1903, who is commercial instructor in the high school at Newman Grove, Nebraska. Residence: Hildreth.

Isaac Theodore Samuelson

Isaac Theodore Samuelson, a lifetime resident of Nebraska, was born at Stromsburg, Nebraska, January 21, 1877, the son of Matthew and Margaret (Hedman) Samuelson. His father, who was born at Ockelbo, Gestrikland, Sweden, September 22, 1831, and died at Stromsburg, June 30, 1903, was a pioneer homesteader in Polk County in 1872. His mother, who was a devoted

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