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bridge in September of that year and resided there until two years prior to his death.

Sarah Phelps was born in Courtland Village, New York, July 19, 1825, and died at Cambridge, in April, 1901. Before her marriage she taught school. Her parents came from Wales and settled on a homestead near Courtland Village.

Mr. Shaw attended country school, which was a soddie covered with willow and dirt, graduating from the 8th grade in 1884. When a small boy he lived on a homestead with his parents, and since that time has always been a merchant. For the past 54 years he has made his home in Nebraska.

On February 13, 1902, he was married to Della Fair Downing at Omaha. Mrs. Shaw was born at Xenia, Missouri, February 24, 1870. Her grandfather was Scotch-Irish, and her mother's grandfather was a Frenchman from Paris.

For many years, Mr. Shaw has been a member and an active worker in the Methodist Episcopal Church of Cambridge. He is a member of the Red Cross, and a life member of the Nebraskana Society. His hobby is mechanics. Residence: Cambridge. (Photograph in Album).

Ernest Vincent Shayler

Ernest V. Shayler, bishop of the Episcopal church in Nebraska, was born in England, October 11, 1867. His father, Charles Shayler, was born in England, May 24, 1839, and came to America in 1880. He died at Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, in 1918. His mother, Charlotte (Sherman) Shayler, was born in England, November 1, 1837, and died at Columbus December 24, 1897.

Bishop Shayler received his early education in the grade and high schools of England. He was awarded the D.D. degree at Kenyon College. He has been rector of Calvary Church at Sandusky, Ohio; Grace Church, at Oak Park, Illinois; and St. Mark's Episcopal Church at Seattle, Washington. He is now bishop of the Diocese of Nebraska. He is the author of: Making of a Churchman; and History of the World. He has lived in this state for eleven years. His marriage to Mignon Louise Knight was solemnized at Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. Shayler, who was born at Columbus, December 31, 1869, is descended from Revolutionary War ancestors. They have one daughter, Ernestine, born April 20, 1900, who married Marion C. Heath.

Bishop Shayler was civilian chaplain at Puget Sound Camps and was chairman of the committee on loan drives during the World War. He is a member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club, and is a Mason. He holds membership in the Omaha Athletic Club and the Omaha Club. His favorite sport is golfing, and his hobby is gardening. Residence: Omaha.

Thompson Maple Sheaff

Thompson Maple Sheaff has lived in Nebraska since 1884, and since 1890 has been a resident of Nance County. He was born at Fulton, Illinois, December 31, 1852, the son of William L. Sheaff and Caroline (Efnor) Sheaff. His father, who, was a farmer, was born in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, November 16, 1824, and died at Hastings, Nebraska, January 28, 1905; his great-great-grandfather came to this country from Germany in 1752. His mother was born near Utica, New York, March 4, 1833, and died at Bushnell, Illinois, February 5, 1884.

Mr. Sheaff attended school in an academy for two years and was a student in college for a year. He has been engaged in the implement business at Fullerton, Nebraska for over 40 years. At one time he held membership in the Knights of Pythias, and for over 40 years was a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society.

His marriage to Amelia Evalyn Quigle was solemnized at Prairie City, Illinois, February 5, 1874. Mrs. Sheaff was born in McDonough County, Illinois, February 21, 1851. Five children were born to them: Rosa, June 7, 1875, who died October 14, 1875; Olive, January 21, 1879, who married William C. Mangels; George L., November 12, 1881, who married Pearl Fuller; Frank, April 1, 1884, who married Grace Chalfant; and Arthur O., January 20, 1890, who married Ruby Corriell. Residence: Fullerton.

Eva Lydia Shearer

One of Nebraska's pioneer leaders in civic and social affairs, Eva Lydia Shearer was born at Exira, Iowa, February 18, 1861, the daughter of Andrew Moore and Elizabeth Potter (Clayton) Hardy. Her father was the first commissioner of Webster County, Nebraska, organized the first Sunday school there, and was justice of the peace for a number of years. He was born at Johnstown, New York, December 30, 1820, and died in White Cloud, Kansas, June 3, 1896, after many years of service to his community and his state. Her mother, a physician and homemaker, was born at Elizabethtown, New Jersey, July 12, 1824, and died at Atoka, Oklahoma, June 24, 1906.

Ten children were born to Andrew and Elizabeth Hardy, as follows: George W., born November 4, 1843; John W., born April 13, 1847; Amy Hoover, born August 18, 1849; Mina A. Connelly, born August 14, 1852; Mary E. Kelsay, born December 26, 1854; Laura J., born June 16, 1857; Eva L., subject of this sketch, born February 18, 1861; Clara J. Van Doran, born March 29, 1863; Ada B. Casteel, born November 23, 1865; and A. W. Hardy, born February 19, 1869.

Mrs. Shearer studied under the tutelege of her parents, since there were few schools in Nebraska during her early years. She later attended a sod school house in Webster County, and was a regular attendant at the pioneer Sunday School which her father helped organize. At this time she is compiling a history of the early days of Webster County which she expects to hand down to her children and many grandchildren.

During the past half-century Mrs. Shearer has held membership in nearly all the civic and religious affairs of her community, and at this time is a member of the Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Women's Christian Temperance Union. She was recently elected to membership in the Nebraskana Society.

She was married to John B. Watt, who was a farmer, January 1, 1878. One daughter was born to this marriage, Lillian, November 2, 1878, who married E. L. Shuck.

Her marriage to F. A. Dickerson occurred at Webster, Nebraska in 1880, and the following children were born: D. F. Dickerson who is an educator, now residing at Winona, Minnesota, and who has been successful in his profession. He is now superintendent of schools at Winona and is the author of two books used in school work; Olive E., born October 3, 1883, who married Bernard McHugh; Ionn R., born February 2, 1888, who married Donald Bayles; and Ethel A., born April 22, 1890, who married Harold R. Cozier.

Five years after the death of Mr. Dickerson she married Horace F. Shearer, who is now retired from active business. Mr. and Mrs. Shearer are ardent advocates of temperance. Residence: Lincoln. (Photograph on Page 1081).

William Lete Shearer

William Lete Shearer, oral and plastic surgeon, was born at Fennimore, Wisconsin, July 6, 1880, son of John Edward and Mary Elizabeth (Ward) Shearer. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and Fellow of the American College of Dentists.

His marriage to Anna Katharine Wiley was solemn-

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ized in Wyoming, October 30, 1907. There are three children, William Lete, 2nd, born April 26, 1910; Elizabeth Ruth, born January 10, 1914; and Katherine Jane, born March 22, 1915.

Dr. Shearer is a member of the First Central Congregational Church, the Nebraska State Dental Society, the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association, the American College of Surgeons, the American College of Dentists, the Omaha Douglas County Medical Society, the Omaha District Dental Society, the American Association of Oral and Plastic Surgeons, and the American Association of Oral Surgeons and Exodontists. He is a Mason, and a member of the Omaha Club, the Country Club, and the Happy Hollow Club. He belongs to the Chamber of Commerce (national affairs committee), the Rotary Club, and is a regent of the Municipal University. Residence: Omaha.

Thomas James Sheehan, Jr.

Thomas James Sheehan, Jr., lawyer, was born at Mount Carmel, Ohio, April 21, 1893, son of Thomas James and Elizabeth Teresa (Hoey) Sheehan. Thomas J. Sheehan, Sr., was born in New York City on September 7, 1848. His father's parents came from Ireland in 1848, and Thomas J. Sheehan, Sr., was the first child of the family born in the United States. He engaged in the hotel and restaurant business, and is now city road inspector. His wife, Elizabeth Teresa Hoey, was born at Newtown, Ohio, and died at Mount Carmel, April 21, 1893. Her parents were born in Ireland.

Thomas J. Sheehan, Jr., was educated first in the publie and parochial schools of Cincinnati. He received his LL. B. from the McDonald Law Institute, which is now affiliated with the Cincinnati Law School, and also attended the University of Cincinnati. Admitted to the bar at Columbus, Ohio, on June 25, 1914, he practiced at Cincinnati, Ohio, until 1917. At that time he entered the First Officers Training Camp at Fort Harrison, Indiana, and was commissioned second lieutenant. He was promoted to first lieutenant and served until 1919, and now holds the rank of first lieutenant in the Reserve Officers Corps. He is a member of the American Legion.

In 1919 Mr. Sheehan came to Omaha, where he was admitted to the bar, and served as deputy county attorney of Douglas County in 1921. Previously, while in Cincinnati he was chief clerk to the United States Attorney from 1909-15. He is a member of the law firm of Lower and Sheehan at the present time.

Mr. Sheehan was first married to Margaret Wahosky, the marriage taking place at Omaha, on October 18, 1918. She was born at Omaha, April 11, 1896, and died there September 18, 1922. His second marriage was to Elizabeth Cogan, who was born at Omaha, January 6, 1896. They were married at Omaha, November 8, 1924. There are two children, Thomas J., III. born August 18, 1922, of the first marriage, and Elizabeth Patricia, born February, 9 1928, of the second marriage.

Mr. Sheehan is a Republican. He is a member of St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus and the Elks. He belongs to the Omaha, Nebraska State and the American Bar Associations, the Red Cross, and the Washington School P. T. A. His club is the Omaha Athletic, and his hobby is reading. Residence: Omaha.

Addison Erwin Sheldon

Addison Erwin Sheldon, was born at Sheldon, Houston County, Minnesota, April 15, 1861, the son of Rolland Fuller Sheldon and Mary Adel (Hassett) Sheldon. His father, who was a Baptist minister and a physician, was graduated from Rochester University in 1856; he is descended from Isaac Sheldon (1640) one of the original settlers of Windsor, Connecticut, and Northampton, Massachusetts, from Elijah Sheldon who was active in French and Indian Wars, and Moses Sheldon, Revolutionary soldier.

Mary Adel (Hassett) Sheldon, mother of Addison Sheldon, who was a musician and teacher, was descended from early settlers in New England. Mr. Sheldon received his early education in frontier Nebraska schools, and from 1878 to 1883 was a student at Crete Academy, and Doane College, Crete, Nebraska. He was a student at the University of Nebraska, 1883-1902, where he received his A. B. degree, and in 1904 was awarded his A. M. degree at that institution. In 1918 he was awarded the Ph. D. degree at Columbia University.

He was a homesteader in Cherry County near Cody from 1886 to 1888. On October 18, 1884, he was married to Jennie Almira Denton, who. died July 20, 1907. His second marriage, to Margaret E. Thompson, occurred at Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, September 19, 1907. Mrs. Sheldon is past president of the Nebraska State Federation of Women's Clubs, and has been active in social and civic affairs at Lincoln. Their children are: Philip Lisle, who lives at Scottsbluff, Nebraska; and Ruth, who resides at Washington, D. C.

Mr. Sheldon was a member of the Republican party for many years, later was affiliated with the Populist party, and is now a Republican. He has held the following positions: member of the Nebraska house of repsentatives (sic), 1897; chairman and secretary of the Populist County Committee, 1891-1901; founder and director of the Nebraska Legislative Reference Bureau. Since 1917 he has been superintendent and secretary of the Nebraska State Historical Society.

Mr. Sheldon has always been interested in editorial work, holding the following positions: editor of the Burnett Blade 1884-86; editor Chadron Signal, 1888-98; editor of the Nebraska History Magazine; overseas correspondent 1918-19. He is the author of the following books; Semi-centennial History of Nebraska, 1904; Nebraska Constitutional Conventions, 1905-07; Poems and Sketches of Nebraska, 1908; Report on Nebraska Archives, 1910; History and Stories of Nebraska, 1913; Documents of Nebraska Life, 1910-20; Nebraska Blue Book, 1915-20; Land Systems and Land Policies of Nebraska, 1919; Nebraska Civil Government, 1925; The Nebraska National-Forest, 1927; New Standard History of Nebraska, 1928-29; Editor Nebraska History Magazine, 1917-32; and articles on Nebraska in Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Mr. Sheldon holds membership in the Chamber of Commerce at Lincoln, Laymen's Club, Modern Woodmen of America, Nebraska State Teachers Association, American Historical Association, National Geographic Society, National Association for the Advancement of Sciences, Folk Lore Association, the Young Men's Christian Association, Sons of the American Revolution, Nebraska Authors Guild, and the Nebraskana Society. He is a member of the Lincoln University Club, and a charter member of the Kiwanis Club at Lincoln. Residence: Lincoln.

Burton Wallace Sheldon

Burton Wallace Sheldon, farmer, was born at Forreston, Illinois, November 8, 1880, and has been a resident of Nebraska for 31 years.

His father, Martin Van Buren Sheldon, was born in Stephentown, New York, February 29, 1840, and died at Denver, March 3, 1921. He was a railroad engineer, and a minister of the gospel of the Advent Christian Church. His family settled near North Kingston, Rhode Island, in the early days of northern colonization.

Abbie Howard Tanner, wife of Martin Van Buren Sheldon, was born at Stephentown, May 31, 1850, and died at Ogaliala, June 25, 1920. She was a Sunday School teacher and active in church work. Her family was of English origin and settled in America in 1732. Members

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of the family served in Washington's army in the Revolution.

Mr. Sheldon attended public and high schools, and was graduated in 1898. He was a member of the baseball team for years.

On April 6, 1904, Mr. Sheldon was married to Minta May Sly at McCook. Mrs. Sheldon was born at Fisher, Illinois, December 6, 1882, and is of English descent. She is the daughter of John and Ella (Waite) Sly. Her father died December 25, 1901, and her mother is living with her at the present time. They have seven children, Wallace, born July 17, 1905, who married Marvel May Atkinson; Rosalie, born September 16, 1906, who married Theodore Roosevelt Lee; Burton, born June 29, 1909; Beulah, born March 10, 1912, who married Walter William Klemme; Keith, born September 6, 1915; Stanley, born July 19, 1917; and Robert, born November 16, 1920.

Mr. Sheldon was a farmer and rancher, and a breeder of purebred Shorthorn cattle. His main interest in addition to this, is highway construction and maintenance work. From 1918 until 1925, he was secretary-treasurer of the Keith County Shorthorn Breeders Association, and from 1917 until 1921, was secretary-treasurer of the Keith County Farm Bureau. From 1929 until 1931 he was president of the Keith County Agricultural Society. A Democrat, he served as county commissioner of Keith County from 1911 until 1914, and was elected state representative from the 94th district 1931-1932. He is prominent in party politics and at the present time is a member of the county central committee.

During 1917 and 1918 he was a sergeant in the home guard of Nebraska, and took part in loan drives and registration work. He is affiliated with the First Congregational Church, is a member of the Red Cross, the Ogallala Commercial Club, the Modern Woodmen of America and the Odd Fellows. From 1929 until 1932 he served as president of the Ogallala School Board, and from 1907 to 1927 was a member of the District School Board. Residence: Ogallala.

Harry Brooks Shellenbarger

Born of a long line of distinguished ancestors, Harry Brooks Shellenbarger is the son of David Porter and Anna Catharine Shellenbarger. He was born at Monmouth, Illinois, December 27, 1874, and for the past 50 years has. been a resident of Harlan County, Nebraska where he has engaged in farming for many years. His father, who was also a farmer, was born in Pennsylvania, March 11, 1841, and died at Stella, Nebraska, April 23, 1904. His mother, whose parents were natives of Germany, was born in Pennsylvania, October 11, 1847, and died at Stella, August 30, 1931.

John Smilie, an ancestor of Harry Brooks Shallenbarger (sic), was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in 1742, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, assisted in establishing American independence as an officer in the civil service. He was a statesman of note, held important offices in the newly constructed American Government after the Revolution, served as a member of the assembly and was one of the signers of the constitution of Pennsylvania. He died in Washington, D. C. while on duty, and was buried in the Congressional Cemetery December 31, 1813.

Mr. Shellenbarger was graduated from the Stella High School. He has served as president of the Parent Teachers Association at Stamford for three years, and has served as member of the Nebraska senate three consecutive terms, 1923-25 and 27 from the 28th district.

His marriage to Emma Myra Shrauger occurred at Humboldt, Nebraska, April 9, 1905. Mrs. Shellenberger, whose ancestry is Swiss, Dutch, and German, was born at Humboldt, February 23, 1880. They have one daughter, Vesta Pauline, born August 23, 1906, who married Lester Schwass. His hobby is the production of good live stock and reading political history. Residence: Stamford.

Dorsey Lincoln Shenefelt

Dorsey Lincoln Shenefelt, banker, was born in Huntington, Pennsylvania, February 20, 1866, son of Abram Burns and Nancy Rose (Pollock) Shenefelt. His father was born in Huntington County, and died there. He was a farmer of Pennsylvania Dutch descent. The mother, born in Union, Pennsylvania, died at Ewing, Nebraska, in 1907. She was a school teacher of Scotch-Irish descent.

Mr. Shenefelt attended grammar school in Jersey City, New Jersey, and came to Nebraska in 1881, homesteading in Antelope County. He was a merchant at Petersburg, Orchard, Neligh and Oakdale; was with the Farmers Union State Exchange in Omaha, for seven years, from 1922 to 1929. That year he went into the banking business at Oakdale, and is now president of the First National Bank.

Mr. Shenefelt is a Democrat. He has served as chairman of the county central committee of Boone and Antelope counties and was defeated for state representative and county treasurer on the Democratic ticket.

He was married in October, 1888, to Louisa True in Wheeler County, Nebraska. Mrs. Shenefelt was born at Audubon County, February 5, 1871. There are four children: Leona, Helen, Dorsey L., Jr., and Victor H. Mr. Shenefelt was raised a Presbyterian and was later a member of the Congregational Church. He is not now affiliated with any local organization. He is a member of the Red Cross, and for 18 years served on the school board at Petersburg, Nebraska. At the present time he is a member of the board of trustees at Gates College. His hobby is reading. Residence: Oakdale.

Fred Shepherd

For the past fourteen years the Honorable Fred Shepherd has been judge of the district court for the Third Judicial District of Nebraska. Born near Galesburg, Illinois, January 4, 1864, he is the son of Frederick Everest and Elizabeth Dickinson (Bull) Shepherd. Frederick Shepherd was a native of North Haven, Cannecticut (sic), who went with the Forty Niners to California, and later pioneered in Nebraska. He was of Scotch and English descent. His death occurred at Lincoln. Elizabeth, his wife, who was descended of early English settlers in New England, was born at Milford, Connecticut, and died at Lincoln. She was an ardent church worker and homemaker.

Judge Shepherd attended the Lincoln public and high schools, and graduated from the latter in 1881. He thereafter attended the University of Nebraska. He was a member of the Palladian and Philodicean Literary Societies. There were no organized athletics at that time, and therefore no letters were granted. However, Judge Shepherd was captain of the baseball team during his entire time in college.

In 1890, upon his admission to the bar he entered the active practice of law, in which he engaged until he was elected district judge in 1916. He has written various opinions appearing in the Nebraska State Reports during the past fourteen years.

His first marriage was to Harriet Maria Curtiss of Lincoln, Nebraska, who died at Lincoln, on May 10, 1893. There is one daughter of this marriage, Helen, born in 1892, who is married. On September 30, 1904, he was married to Edna M. Curtiss, sister of his deceased wife, at Denver, Colorado. They, too, have a daughter Elizabeth, born July 28, 1906. She is also married.

Judge Shepherd has always taken an active part in the cultural life of Lincoln, and is a member of the University Club, the Country Club, the Round Table, Laymen's, Candle Light and the Low Twelve Club. He is a Mason, a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, the Modern Woodmen of America, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. His professional organizations include the Lancaster County Bar Association of which he is a form-

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er president, and the Nebraska State Bar Association of which he is now president. He attends the Plymouth Congregational Church of Lincoln. Residence: Lincoln.

Viola B. Shepherd

Viola B. Shepherd, county superintendent of schools of Morrill County, was born at Adams, Nebraska, October 21 1880, daughter of Silas and Clarinda (Young) Bryson. Her ancestry is Scotch, her family having come to the United States in 1770.

Graduated from Adams High School, Mrs. Shepherd afterward attended Peru State Normal School, Chadron State Normal School, and Nebraska Wesleyan University. She has the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Mrs. Shepherd has always been engaged in school work, and has held her present position of county superintendent for nine years. She is a Republican, a member of the Eastern Star, of the Rebekah Lodge, the Woman's Club, the National Educational Association (life member), the Nebraska State Teachers Association (president 6th district), the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Bible Study organization. Her hobby is beautifying school grounds, while her favorite recreations arc library work and out-door sports. She is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Residence: Bridgeport.

Charles Sumner Sherman

Charles Summer Sherman, newspaperman, has lived in this state for the past 50 years, and has been prominent in the newspaper life of his community. He was born at Villisca, Iowa, March 10, 1871, the son of Charles Wheelan and Orilla (Groom) Sherman. His father, a newspaper publisher and editor, was born in Richland County, Ohio, June 6, 1841, and died at Los Angeles, in January 1921. He served as a member of the Third Iowa Cavalry for over three years during the Civil War. His ancestors emigrated from England in the 17th century, and his paternal great-grandfather was a soldier in the New Jersey troops during the Revolution.

Orilla Sherman, mother of Charles S. Sherman, was born in Marion County, Iowa, August 26, 1842, and died at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, May 31, 1900. Her family, of Scotch, Irish, and English extraction, in America for many generations.

Mr. Sherman first attended the public schools of Glenwood, Iowa, and in 1887 was graduated from the Plattsmouth High School. He has always been in the newspaper business and for 16 years has been sports editor of the Lincoln Star. Mr. Sherman first named the Nebraska University's athletic teams the Cornhuskers, a title by which they are known throughout the inter-collegiate sports world today. He is a member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, the Lincoln University Club and the Nebraskana Society. His favorite sport is billiards, and his hobby is landscape gardening and beautifying his home.

His marriage to Nancy Ada Moore was solemnized at Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, August 16, 1893. Mrs. Sherman was born at Davenport, October 31, 1870; her ancestry is Scotch-Irish.

Mr. Sherman is a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge Number 80, of Lincoln. He is a Democrat. Residence: Lincoln.

Lucius Adelno Sherman

Lucius A. Sherman, educator at the University of Nebraska, was born at Douglas, Worcester County, Massachusetts, August 28, 1847, the son of Asahel and Eunice (Walker) Sherman. His father, who was born at Burriliville, Providence County, Rhode Island, May 2, 1804, and died at Douglas, May 6, 1887, was a builder; Philip Sherman, who settled at Plymouth Colony in the early history of America, came from southern Norfolk, England. His mother, whose ancestors were prominent in colonial America, was born at Douglas, September 14, 1810, and died there March 5, 1891.

Dr. Sherman attended the district school at Douglas, the high school there, and the East Greenwich Seminary, later attending Andover Phillips Academy. He received the A. B. degree at Yale, 1871, and the Ph. D. degree in 1875. He was awarded membership in Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Delta Phi. He was professor of English and dean of the Arts College and later the Graduate College, and is now professor emeritus at the University of Nebraska. He was the founder and editor of University Studies, 1888. He holds membership in the Modern Langguage (sic) Association, the Nebraskana Society, and the St. Paul Methodist Episcopal Church of Lincoln, and holds membership in the University Club.

He was married to Antoinette Whittlesey at New Haven, Connecticut, July 6, 1875; she was born at New Haven, May 10, 1854, and died there August 14, 1900; she was descended from the Whittlesey family of Connecticut. To this marriage one child was born: Lucius, born July 22, 1876. On September 28, 1878, he was married to Anna Barber Williston, at Athens, Pennsylvania. Two children were born to this marriage: Horace, born October 21, 1879, who married Rosannah Cannon Sherman; and Winifred, born April 26, 1884, who married Robert Updike of Omaha. Dr. Sherman's marriage to Mrs. Josephine Fisher was solemnized at Boston, June 26, 1902. Residence: Lincoln. (Photograph in Album).

Nancy Moore Sherman

Nancy Moore Sherman was born at Davenport, Iowa, October 31, 1870, daughter of William Francis and Mary Ann (Treftz) Moore. Her father was born near St. Louis, Missouri, May 10, 1845, and died at Davenport, Iowa, February 4, 1881. He was of Scotch-Irish descent. Mary Ann Treftz was born at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, March 11, 1849, and died near Spokane, Washington, October 7, 1920. Her ancestry was Scotch-Irish and German.

Upon the completion of her elementary and high school work in the schools of Davenport, Iowa, Nancy Moore entered the University of Nebraska. There she was a charter member of the Dramatic Club, and vice president of her freshman class. On August 11, 1893, she was married to Charles Sumner Sherman, at Davenport, Iowa. Mr. Sherman, who was born at Villisca, Iowa, March 10, 1871, is sports editor of the Lincoln Star.

Mrs. Sherman taught in the public schools of Iowa and Nebraska for several years; during the World War she was a member of the first class in bandage making and taught four classes. At the present time she is assistant secretary of the Lincoln Trust Company of Lincoln.

She is a member of the First Presbyterian Church, and of the Altrusa Club, its secretary at the present time and was its president during 1929-30. Residence: Lincoln.

S. Toledo Sherry

S. Toledo Sherry, retired educator of Dakota County, Nebraska, was born at Mechanicsville, Missouri, March 3, 1862, the son of Thomas and Lorena (Sherry). His father, who was born at Brookborough, Ireland, and died in 1874, was a stone mason; he invented the check row corn planter and cultivator. His mother's ancestors were originally natives of Kentucky and Virginia.

Mr. Sherry received the B. S. degree in 1896 at Valparaiso University, Indiana, and the A. B. degree in 1920. He was later a student in universities in Missouri, Texas, Chicago, and Geneva, Switzerland. After twenty years in public school work and thirty years in the United States Indian Service he is retired on a federal annuity. He is the author of The Model Farm Plan of Education; and

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