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Charles Arthur Sweet

Charles A. Sweet, lawyer and banker, has lived at Palmyra, Otoe County, Nebraska, for 47 years and has taken an active part in the civic and business affairs of his community for many years. He was born at Milford, Otsego County, New York, November 7, 1855, the son of John and Maria (Eddy) Sweet. His father, a farmer, was born at Milford, March 22, 1820, and died there April 15, 1890.

His mother was born at Milford, in 1832, and died there in January, 1857.

Mr. Sweet attended Hartwick Seminary, Hartwick, New York, and the High School at Davenport, Iowa. He was appointed postmaster at Palmyra, January 1, 1899, and served in this capacity for 13 years during which time he also engaged in the practice of law. Since then he has been a banker and lawyer. At the present time he is cashier of the Bank of Palmyra.

His marriage to Minnie E. Hyde was solemnized at Cooperstown, Otsego County, New York, October 15, 1879. Mrs. Sweet was born at Jordansville, New York, November 3, 1860, and died at Palmyra, April 19, 1926. Four children were born to this union, three of whom are living. John Hyde, born September 1, 1880, who married Zelma Ringsby, is editor of the Nebraska City News Press. Evelyn, who was born March 15, 1882, died September 20, 1887. Grace was born October 28, 1884, and is a widow. Charles A., born June 23, 1888, married Floy A. Jones, and is assistant cashier of the Bank of Palmyra.

Mr. Sweet was active in loan drives during the late war. He is a member of the State Bar Association, and is president of the Otoe County Bar Association. He is a Mason. He is a Republican. Mr. Sweet is a profound thinker and student, whose hobby is reading. Residence: Palmyra.

John Hyde Sweet

John Hyde Sweet was born at Milford, Otsego County, New York, September 1, 1880. His father, Charles A. Sweet, has been a banker since 1883, and was recently honored in recognition of his 50 years practice as a lawyer. He was born at Milford, November 7, 1855, and is descended from Scotch ancestors who settled in Connecticut, in 1650. His paternal grandmother was one of the famous Eddy clan well known as ministers, educators and editors. He has lived in Otoe County over fifty years.

Minnie B. (Hyde) Sweet, who was born at Jordanville Herkimer County, New York, November 3, 1860, and died at Palmyra, Otoe County, Nebraska, April 26, 1926, was a clubwoman of some prominence in her state and community. She was the organizer of a pioneer Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and a member of an early Baptist Church congregation. The Hyde family is of Irish extraction, and was founded by the famed Sir Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon who was beheaded by Bloody Mary. Members of the family settled in Massachusetts and Connecticut early in the seventeenth century.

Mr. Sweet attended high school both in Nebraska and California. He studied special work at the University of Nebraska, during a summer term. He has been editor of the Nebraska Daily News Press at Nebraska City, since 1909. He entered the office first as a stenographer and was later made an accountant. In the last twenty years he has built the business into a flourishing one, and is the author of a daily column that has increased the popularity of the paper. He is president of the Press Printing Company, and is part owner of a small town newspaper in an eastern mountain state. Mr. Sweet is a Republican, and is interested in political affairs, but has never aspired to public office. He has, however, helped scores of others attain political positions.

His marriage to Zelma Harriet Ringsby was solemnized at Auburn, Nemaha County, Nebraska, October 5, 1904. Mrs. Sweet was born at Sterling, Johnson County, Nebraska, November 4, 1880. They have one son, Arthur Ringsby, born July 20, 1905, who was graduated from the University of Nebraska, in 1928. He is managing editor of the News Press.

At the age of seventeen Mr. Sweet attempted to enlist in the army in the Spanish-American War, but was rejected because of his youth. During the World War he was liberty loan driver for one district; was draft board adviser; and was head of the Otoe County department of justice in the secret service.

He is president of the Nebraska Press Association, and is vice president of the Inland Press Association at Chicago. He is past president of the Nebraska City Chamber of Commerce, and past president of the Nebraska City Rotary Club. From 1910 to 1925, he was secretary of the library board; he was at one time president of this organization. He was a charter member of the Nebraska State Historical Society and the Nebraskana Society. Golfing and mountain climbing are his favorite sports. Mr. Sweet likes contact with his fellow men. His hobbies are amateur photography, archeology, and literature. His club is the Kansas City Athletic Club. He is affiliated with the Unitarian Church. Residence: Nebraska City.

Myron Harmon Swenk

Myron Harmon Swenk, noted entomologist and educator of Nebraska, was born at Polo, Ogle County, Illinois, August 8, 1883. His father, Howard Swenk, was born at Norristown, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, August 27, 1858. He came to Nebraska, in 1885, and settled in Beatrice, where he engaged in the building contracting business. In 1901 he moved to Lincoln. He is descended from Pennsylvania German ancestors who came to America early in the 18th century, and helped in transporting supplies to Washington's army at Valley Forge.

Susanna (Harmon) Swenk, his mother, was the daughter of German immigrants who came to America in 1854, and settled in Illinois. Her ancestry is Hessian. She was born at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, May 8, 1860, and her interest was largely confined to her home, family, and church activities. She died at Lincoln, Nebraska, July 7, 1925.

Prof. Swenk received his education in the public schools of Beatrice, and in 1901 was graduated from the Beatrice High School. Later he attended the University of Nebraska, where he was awarded his A. B. degree, 1907, and his M. A. degree, 1908. He was made a member of Sigma Xi, Gamma Sigma Delta, Alpha Zeta, and Phi Sigma at the University of Nebraska. During his high school days he was a member of the debating team, 1900-01, and was class orator in 1901.

He was laboratory assistant in entomology at the University of Nebraska, 1904-07; was adjunct professor, 1907-10; was assistant professor, 1910-11; was associate professor, 1911-14; and from 1914-1932, was professor. He was made chairman of the department of entomology in 1919; was assistant station entomologist, 19i3-19; was entomologist in the station, 1919; was made assistant state entomologist, 1908, serving until 1919; and was state entomologist from 1919 to 1927. At the present time he is professor of entomology, and is chairman of this department. He has lived in Nebraska 46 years.

On April 24, 1918, he was united in marriage with Jane Chandler Bishop. Mrs. Swenk, who was born at Clear Spring of La Grange, La Grange County, Indiana, October 13, 1885, is of Irish descent on the paternal side and English through the maternal line. Her great-great grandfather, James Chandler, (1761-1835) was fife major in the Revolution.

Mr. Swenk served as entomologist in food crop conservation throughout the World War. He holds a fellowship in the American Association for the Advancement of Science; is a member of the American Ornithologists' Union, an organization which limits its membership by election; and is an active member of the American Association of Economic Entomologists. In 1918-19, he was president of the Wilson Ornithological Club; was presi-

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dent of the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union in 1907, and has been secretary since that date. He is a member of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, Cooper Ornithological Club, the American Society of Mammalogists, and the Ecological Society of America.

His social club is the University Club of Lincoln. He is a Republican. His favorite sport is hiking. Residence: Lincoln.

Axel C. R. Swenson

Axel Swenson was born at Ramquila parish, Sweden, February 7, 1894, the son of Carl and Inga Swenson. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Sweden in 1848, and died there January, 1901. His mother was born at Backaby, Sweden, October 19, 1850.

Mr. Swenson immigrated from Sweden with his mother in 1901, and came to Oakland, Nebraska. He attended the Burt County rural schools and in 1910 was graduated from the high school at Oakland, Nebraska. He received his A. B. degree at the University of Nebraska, 1919, and his LL. B. degree at the University of Minnesota, 1921. He was made a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Innocents at Nebraska University, and was a member of the university debating team. He was admitted to the bar at Lincoln, Nebraska, June, 1922.

He is now a member of the law firm Ritchie, Swensen and Arey, at Omaha. He is attorney for the Swedish vice consulate for Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. He has been a resident of Nebraska for 29 years.

His marriage to Geneva Seeger was solemnized at Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa, December 28, 1918. Mrs. Swenson, who is of German and English descent, was born at Glenwood, August 29, 1896. They have two children: John Richard, born May 23, 1920; and Edward William, born October 24, 1926.

Mr. Swenson served in the American Army from 1917 to December, 1918. He was commissioned 2nd lieutenant of infantry, and was twice promoted, having the coinmission of captain of infantry at close of war. He is a member of the American Legion, Omaha Bar Association, Nebraska State Bar Association, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and Ak-Sar-Ben.

He is affiliated with the First Central Congregational Church of Omaha, and is a member of the Omaha Club. In 1927 he was president of the Noon-day Club. He is a Mason and a Democrat. Residence: Omaha.

Samuel August Swenson

Samuel A. Swenson, distinguished physician of Nebraska, was born at Parish of Ramquilla, Province of Smaland, Sweden, May 22, 1879, the son of Carl John and Sophia (Peterson) Swenson. His father, who was chairman of the local school board, parish church warden, and song leader, was born at the Parish of Beckaby, Province of Smaland, September 17, 1850, and died at the Parish of Ramquilla, January 18, 1901; his ancestors were peasant farmers in Sweden. His mother was born at Beckaby, October 20, 1850, and was the mother of 12 children, two of whom died in childhood; her maternal grandfather was a merchant and a notary.

Dr. Swenson attended the common schools of Sweden; was a student in the Burt County schools; and in 1903 was graduated from Omaha Central High School. He was awarded the B. Sc. degree in 1908, and the M. D. degree in 1910, by the University of Nebraska, where he was elected to Sigma Xi, honorary society. Previously he attended the Omaha Commercial College. He was admitted to the practice of medicine at Wausa, Nebraska, June 10, 1910, and is now local surgeon for the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad Company.

He has held various civic and professional offices at Oakland, among them: president of the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, 1928; chairman of the Boy Scout committee, 1920-30; member of the local city council, 1923-4; and city physician for 10 years. He is the author of On the Abortive Treatment of Pneumonia, published in the Western Medical Review, (1914); and The Bacterin Treatment of Pectussi, published in the Nebraska State Medical Journal, October, 1925. He holds membership in the County Medical Society; Nebraska State Medical Society; American Medical Association; and the Sioux Valley Medical Society. In 1919 he helped organize the Burt County Young Men's Christian Association, and in 1920 was vice president of the organization.

Dr. Swenson served with the 10th Division of the Medical Corps as captain during the World War, stationed at Camp Funston, and at this time is captain of the Medical Reserves and is a member of the American Legion, having served as commander of the latter in 1922. His religious affiliation is with the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Oakland. He is a member of the Parent-Teachers' Association; was recently elected to membership in The Nebraskana Society; and is a Mason. His favorite sport is golf.

On June 18, 1912, he was united in marriage with Anna Margaret Preston at Oakland. Mrs. Swenson was born at Oakland, November 11, 1884; her father is English and her mother is Scotch. They have four children: *Anna Margaret, now a sophomore at the University* (sic), Anna Margaret, born July, 1913, now a sophomore at the University; Inga Rowena, born November 18, 1914; Samuel August, born January 14, 1917; and Jeanet Martina, born October 4, 1918. Residence: Oakland.

Erman Nathan Swett

Erman Nathan Swett, educator, was born at Ainsworth, Nebraska, August 19, 1890, son of Charles N. and Amanda Jane (Raper) Swett. His father, born near Yuba City, California, August 11, 1851, was a pioneer in Brown County, and took one of the first homesteads there. His grandfather went over the Oregon trail to California, in 1849. Of English descent, his ancestry is traced to pre-Revolutionary times, and some ancestors served in both the Revolutionary and the War of 1812. Amanda Jane Raper, was born in Bowling Green, Indiana, July 26, 1858, and died at Ainsworth, Nebraska, March 13, 1930. She was of Pennsylvania German descent.

Educated in the rural and village schools of Taylor County, Iowa, Erman N. Swett was graduated from the Grafton, Nebraska, High School in 1909, and received his A. B. from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1917. His education was interspersed with teaching, and from 1915-18, he was superintendent of schools at Grafton. He was valedictorian of his class in 1909, and is a member and past president of Phi Beta Sigma, at Nebraska Wesleyan. Active in athletics, he earned three letters in baseball and was captain of his team one year.

From 1919-22, Mr. Swett was superintendent of schools at Homer, and from 1922, to the present time has been superintendent of schools at South Sioux City. During 1909-11, he taught in the rural schools of Fillmore County, and during 1911-12 in the grammar grades at Grafton. His professional memberships include the Nebraska State Teachers' Association, the Nebraska School Masters' Club, and the North East Nebraska School Men's Club of which he was president in 1930. He was a second lieutenant in Field Artillery during the World War, and is a member of the American Legion, and county chairman of the Citizens Military Training Camp. Mr. Swett is active in civic and fraternal work, and is a member and former director of the Commercial Club, and a member of Alpha Lodge No. 316 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, and Laura Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star. He enjoys baseball and golf, and his hobbies are history, reading and new inventions.

On August 19, 1915, he was united in marriage to Bess Florence Gilbert at Grand Island, which is her birthplace. Mrs. Swett was born November 2, 1893, and was a teacher

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prior to her marriage. There is one son, Robert Earl, born August 22, 1928. Residence: South Sioux City. (Photograph in Album).

Goodwin Deloss Swezey

Goodwin D. Swezey has lived at Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, for the past 37 years, and has been prominent in educational circles there for many years. He was born at Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois, January 10, 1851, the son of Lewis Samuel and Sarah (Cook) Swezey. His father was of the Massachusetts Colonial family, Swezey, originally spelled Suasey. His mother was descended from early New York residents.

Professor Swezey received his early education in the rural schools near Rockford, and later he attended the Rockford High School. In 1869 he was graduated from the Beloit College Academy, and in 1873, he was awarded his A. B. degree at Beloit College. He was a student at Yale Divinity School in 1873 and 1874, and he received his A. M. degree at Beloit, in 1876. His B. D. was awarded him at Andover Theological Seminary in 1880.

He is, and has been for many years, professor of astronomy at the University of Nebraska. During his years in educational work, Professor Swezey has written scores of articles and reports for various professional journals and other publications. He is the author of: Catalog of the Plants of Wisconsin; Elementary Agriculture; Nebraska Board of Agriculture, (1886-91); Wisconsin Academy of Sciences; Nebraska Horticultural Society, (1892-93-98) ; Proceedings, Nebraska Academy of Sciences; Nebraska Irrigation Annual, (1897); Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station, (1902) ; and is the joint author with Bessey and Bruner of Practical Exercises in Astronomy. He is the author of scientific reports in Geology of Wisconsin. He has also written numerous scientific, articles in Popular Astronomy, Science, Nebraska Farmer, and Nebraska Blue Print.

His marriage to Mary Frances Hill was solemnized at Beloit, Wisconsin, August 7, 1884. Mrs. Swezey was born at Janesviile, Rock County, Wisconsin. There are the following children: Minnie Lucretia, who married George F. Elmendorf; Emma Josephine; and Marien Francis. Mrs. Swezey is deceased.

Professor Swezey is a member of the American Astronomical Society; the Nebraska Academy of Science; and the Nebraskana Society. He is a member of Beta Theta Pi, is a member of the Faculty Club, and is affiliated with the Y. M. C. A. He is a member of Vine Congregational Church where he is serving as trustee. Residence: Lincoln.

Elicha C. Swigert

Elicha C. Swigert, insurance man and cattle rancher, was born at Mineral Ridge, Iowa, April 1, 1886, son of Medill and Matilda (Johnson) Swigert.

The father, born in Mineral Ridge, December 25, 1854, was a cattle rancher, and owned and operated the first hotel and livery barn in Gordon for more than 20 years. He was of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry. His death occurred at Gordon on November 24, 1931. His wife, Matilda, was born at Stratford, Iowa, March 31, 1856, of Swedish ancestry and died at Gordon, December 30, 1909.

From 1886 until 1891, Mr. Swigert attended grade school at Gordon, and from 1891 until 1893 attended high school there, graduating the last named year. Afterward he was a student at Black Hills College, Hot Springs, South Dakota. A trained athlete, he was a member of football and baseball teams while in school.

For the past 15 years Mr. Swigert has been in an insurance business at Gordon; prior thereto he was a general merchant for about 17 years. A Republican, he has served as justice of the peace of the city of Gordon for the past 12 years.

On August 13, 1893, he was married to Josephine Ada Sage at Clayton, Missouri. Mrs. Swigert was born at Bonaparte, Iowa, February 10, 1877, of English ancestry. She is past president of the P. E. O. and past grand matron, O. E. S., State of Nebraska. She is the daughter of Frank and Margaret E. Sage, pioneer settlers of Nebraska, who removed from eastern Nebraska, to Hay Springs in 1886. Mr. Swigert is a member of Gordon Lodge No. 195 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; Consistory No. 1 of Omaha, Shrine of Omaha, and Elks Lodge No. 961 of Alliance. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, although baptized in the Swedish Lutheran Church. He is also a member of the Kiwanis Club. His hobby is travel. Residence: Gordon.

Raymond Clarence Swisher

Raymond C. Swisher, clergyman, was born at Woodstock, Ohio, May 25, 1880, the son of French and Sarah Viola (Unkefer) Swisher. His father, who was born in Ohio, January 6, 1855, had been in the mercantile business for several years until his death, November 4, 1882. He was a soldier in Company H, United State Infantry, stationed at Atlanta, Georgia, October 5, 1876, and was commissioned captain of Company D, 7th Regiment of the Ohio National Guard, August 12, 1882; his ancestry was Dutch; his great grandfather came to America from Switzerland.

Sarah Viola Unkefer, mother, was born at Urbana, Ohio, January 18, 1857, and died at Spencer, South Dakota, March 3, 1925. She possessed an unusual knowledge of house and garden plants and flowers. She was of German and Welsh descent.

Dr. Swisher attended the country school of Seneca County, Ohio, and in 1899, was graduated from the high school at Bloomville, Ohio. He holds the following degrees: Ph. B., Fenton College, 1902; A. M., Ohio Northern University, 1904; Ph. D., 1917, University of Southern Minnesota; D. D., Iowa Christian College, 1911. He was a student at Bonebrake Theological Seminary, 1900, and the Divinity School of the University of Chicago, 1910, 1911, 1913.

On October 4, 1908, he entered the Congregational ministry, and was consecutively missionary to the Lake Erie Islands; pastor at Vermillion and New London, Ohio; Dekalb, Illinois; Sedalia, Missouri; Austin, Minnesota; and York and Arlington, Nebraska. He is now pastor of the First Congregational Church of Arlington. He is the author of The Boy and His Religion, (1917); The Influence of the Platonic Philosophy, (1904) ; and The Relation of Philosophy to Theism, (1909).

He was united in marriage with Harriet Estelle Bates at Rising Sun, Ohio. Mrs. Swisher, whose ancestry is English, was born at Wayne, Ohio. She is instructor in dramatics and public speaking in addition to her homemaking activities. One child was born to them, Beatrice Elinor, who died in infancy.

Dr. Swisher was a four minute man during the World War and made addresses in various camps and cities. He is a member of the Platte Valley Ministerial Association; the Nebraska Congregational Conference; and the Omaha Association of Congregational Ministers. He is a member of the American Academy of Political and Social Science; the Arlington Community Club; the Nebraskana Society; the Knights of Pythias, and is an honorary member of the country clubs at Sedalia, Missouri, and Austin, Minnesota. Politically, he is independent. Residence: Arlington.

Robinson Merideth Switzler

Robinson Meridith Switzler, lawyer, was born at Omaha, Nebraska, November 19, 1885, son of Warren and Mary Duncan (Wilson) Switzler. The father, a practicing lawyer in Omaha for forty-five years, was

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born in Boone County, Missouri. The mother was born in Washington, D. C.

Mr. Switzler received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska in 1910 and his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1912. On September 7, 1918, he was married to Kathleen Gilmore, daughter of Dr. Robert Gilmore, at Omaha.

Since his admission to the bar Mr. Switzler has been in active practice at Omaha. He is a member of the Red Cross, the Young Men's Christian Association, and the Omaha and Happy Hollow Clubs. Residence: Omaha.

William Bodine Tagg

W. B. Tagg was born at Waco, Nebraska, September 28, 1875, the son of Thomas Colter and Mary Elizabeth (Bodine) Tagg. His father, a stockman and merchant, was a farmer in York County for a time, and served in the Union Army in the Civil War. He was born in Chatham, England, September 15, 1838, and died at Omaha October 17, 1919. Mary Elizabeth Bodine, who was a music instructor, was born at Staten Island, New York, January 20, 1841, and died at New York City, February 14, 1926.

Mr. Tagg, who has been a prominent executive in Omaha, since 1894, attended high school at Waco. He is now president and manager of the firm Tagg Brothers & Rosenbaum, live stock commission agents at Omaha; is treasurer of Klink & Taylor Company and secretary of the Masonic Temple Craft of Omaha. He is also president of Walnut Grove Products Company at Atlantic, Iowa.

On November 23, 1907, he was married to Mary Alicia Leonard at Louisville, Kentucky. Mrs. Tagg, who was in the advertising business before her marriage, was born at Petersburg, Kentucky, February 23, 1879. There are three children: Richard, born September 4, 1908, who was graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1930; William, born January 4, 1911, who is a student at Annapolis; and Mary Elizabeth, born March 30, 1913, who attends Ferry Hall at Lake Forest, Illinois.

Mr. Tagg was active in all loan drives during the World War. He was chairman of the Omaha chapter of the Red Cross for one year; and is a member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce. He was president for two years and director for nine years of the Omaha Live Stock Exchange. He was president two years and director for nine years of the Omaha Athletic Club. He was president of the National Live Stock Exchange for two years and a member of the executive committee six years; was a member of the National Live Stock and Meat Board for eight years. He is a member of the Masons, Elks, and Royal Arcanum, is affiliated with St. Martin's Episcopal Church at Omaha, and is a Republican. Residence: Omaha.

Paul F. Taggart

Paul F. Taggart, county extension agent at Red Cloud, Nebraska, has been a resident of this state all his life. He was born at Chambers, Nebraska, October 1, 1900, the son of Samuel and Edith May (Smith) Taggart. His father, who was a farmer, was born at Cordova, Illinois, September 28, 1861, and died at Chambers, September 26, 1914; his ancestry was Irish. His mother, who was born in Virginia, July 28, 1870, was an educator. Mr. Taggart attended district school in Holt County, Nebraska, was graduated from the Chamber High School in 1917; and received the B. S. degree at the University of Nebraska in 1922. He held membership in Alpha Zeta at the university. He served as vocational agriculture instructor at Weeping Water, Nebraska, 1922-24, was superintendent of schools at Barneston, Nebraska, 1924-26, and was superintendent of schools at Dix, Nebraska, 1926-29. He is now county extension agent of Webster County, is president of the Red Cloud Ad Club, and holds membership in the County Agents Association.

He has held membership in the Parent Teachers Association, of which he was formerly secretary, and now holds membership in the Nebraskana Society, School Board, Red Cross, and Masonic Lodge. His sports include golfing, baseball, basketball, and football, while his hobby is reading. Mr. Taggart is affiliated with the Congregational Christian Church of Red Cloud.

He married Louise Elizabeth Cook at Waverly, Nebraska, July 16, 1924. Mrs. Taggart, who was formerly an educator, was born at Waverly, November 30, 1900, of English parentage. Two children were born to them: J. Mark, October 12, 1926; and Donna Louise, August 31, 1928. Residence: Red Cloud.

Elias Fogle Talbert

Born at Shelbyville, Indiana, September 17, 1873, Elias Fogle Talbert has resided in Nebraska for more than fifty years. His father, Harrison B. Talbert, was born in Shelbyville, April 19, 1842, and died at Long Beach, California, February 22, 1922. He was a farmer of English descent who served in the Civil War 1861-65. His wife, Matilda Jane Rittenhouse, was born in Shelbyville, July 11, 1842, and died at Trumbull, Nebraska, May 1, 1917. She was of Dutch descent.

Elias F. Talbert attended district school in Adams County, attended Hastings College one year, and was graduated from Grand Island Business College in 1893. A traveling salesman from 1901 to 1927, he was with Martin Brothers and later with J. C. Slife both at Trumbull. He traveled for Doniphan and Company at St. Joseph and later the firm of Donald and Porter and The Donald Company at Grand Island for seventeen years.

During the latter part of 1919 he organized his own concern the Ulry-Talbert Company of Grand Island, and in January, 1926, opened a branch house at Columbus. Mr. Talbert is vice president and manager at Columbus.

He was married on December 14, 1899, to Erma Beatrice Ray at Marquette, Nebraska. Mrs. Talbert was born at Marquette, October 6, 1877, of Irish parentage. There are two children, William H. Ray, born December 10, 1912; and Elias Francis, Jr., born June 21, 1917.

Mr. Talbert is a member of the Grace Episcopal Church, the Red Cross, the Chamber of Commerce, the Modern Woodmen of America, the Masons, Knights Templar, and the Hastings Shrine. He is a member of the Wayside Country Club and a life member of the Nebraskana Society. His favorite recreations are golf and bridge. Residence: Columbus.

William Robert Talboy

William Robert Talboy, physician and surgeon, was born at Palmyra, Iowa, July 4, 1865, son of Benjamin and Martha (Garner) Talboy. His father, a native of Birmingham, England, came to America at the age of twenty-five and was employed in a woolen mill as a carder. He died at Silver City, Iowa, at the age of ninety-two years. Martha, his wife, was born in Lynn, England, and died at Silver City at the age of eighty. She was a homemaker and active in the work of her church.

Dr. Talboy attended Palmyra public school, and was graduated from high school in 1880. He received his medical degree from the Sioux City Medical College, and attended the Iowa City, Iowa, Medical College. Thereafter he taught in Iowa schools for four years. He is admitted to practice in both Texas and Nebraska, and has been a resident of this state 37 years. A Republican, he was state representative in 1925; has been chairman of the town board 20 years, and secretary of the school board twenty-five years.

On June 10, 1897, he was united in marriage to Lena

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Schroer. Their marriage took place at Ponca, Nebraska. Mrs. Talboy was born at Victor, Iowa, September 18, 1873, of German parentage. There were five children born to this union, Marie, born April 5, 1896; Ruth, born in 1899; Esther, born January 2, 1902, married Paul Jacobsen, and died October 15, 1929; Willis, born September 18, 1905, and Margaret, born January 13, 1913. All are teachers or students.

Dr. Talboy is a member of the Nebraska State and Sioux Valley Medical Societies, the Masons, Modern Woodmen of America, and the Congregational Church. Residence: Newcastle.

Earl A. Talhelm

Earl A. Talhelm was born at Crete, Nebraska, October 30, 1885, son of Samuel B. and Mary M. (Casterline) Talhelm. Samuel Talhelm was born in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, August 11, 1856, and is a grain buyer for the Crete Mills. His family has been in America for several generations. Mary, his wife, was born at Hartford City, Indiana, April 5, 1864, of American ancestry for several generations.

Mr. Talhelm attended Crete High School from which he was graduated in 1904. He was a student at Doane College and Peru State Normal School, and was graduated from Doane in 1911. He represented that college in debate 2 years, was a member of its orchestra and glee club. At Peru, he was a member of the band. His fraternity is the I. D. C.

At Crete he won four first prizes in track, was center on the basketball team, and a member of the baseball team.

He was married to Lucretia May Smith at Crete, November 29, 1912. Mrs. Talhelm was born at Freeport, Illinois, October 12, 1886. They have one daughter, Ruth, born February 25, 1914. Mr. Talhelm is a Democrat. At the present time he is manager of the Crete Mills, at Crete, Nebraska. He is president (1929-31) of the American Corn Millers Federation; in 1929 was president of the Nebraska Millers Association; in 1930, was vice president of the Midwest Feed Manufacturers Association; and is now a member of the board of directors of the Crete Commercial Club, and the Nebraska Manufacturers Association. In 1930 he was president of the Crete Rotary Club. A member of the School Board for the past 10 years, he served as president one year and secretary eight years. He is a member of Grace Methodist Church, and for ten years was superintendent of its Sunday School. His fraternal memberships include the Modern Woodmen of America and the Security Benefit Association. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society, 1931-. His hobby is music. Residence: Crete.

Dora Alexander Talley

Dora Alexander Talley, national secretary of the Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle, was born in Franklin County, Alabama, November 14, 1879. She is the daughter of James D. and Nancy E. (Arnold) Alexander, the former of whom was state organizer of the Woodmen of the World for the state of Texas, and representative at six national conventions. He was born at Center Star, Alabama, June 15, 1851, and died at Garland, Texas, February 18, 1920. He is of Revolutionary descent, his uncle, Dr. Thomas Douglas being a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. His wife, Nannie, was born at Russellville, Alabama, April 5, 1858, and is a descendant of Matthew Smith, Revolutionary soldier.

Dora Alexander was educated in the public schools of Texas, where her parents settled when she was a girl, and attended summer normal courses. Until 1911 she was a teacher in the public schools of Texas. Her association with the Woodmen Circle began in 1904, when she joined the society. She was elected national secretary in 1911, and has been unanimously re-elected four times.

On August 19, 1919, she was married to John Robert Talley, at Omaha. Mr. Talley, who was born near Gallatin, Tennessee, July 25, 1869, is in charge of the records of the Supreme Forest, Woodmen Circle.

Mrs. Talley is a Democrat. She is affiliated with the First Baptist Church of Omaha, and with the Young Women's Christian Association. She is a member of the Women's Division of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Business and Professional Women's Club, and the Omaha Woman's Club.

Her fraternal organizations include the Order of Eastern Star, the Rebekah Lodge, the Brotherhood of American Yeomen and the Women's Benefit Association. Her social club is the Happy Hollow Country Club. She is also active in the National Fraternal Congress of America, having served the Secretaries' section for several years. Residence: Omaha. (Photograph on Page 1175).

Edward Tanner

Dr. Edward Tanner, pioneer physician of Madison County, Nebraska, has been engaged in the practice of medicine at Battle Creek for the past 51 years. Born at Lacona, New York, February 6, 1855, he is the son of Charles and Mary (Hamer) Tanner. His father, a farmer, was born in England in 1817, and died at Lacona, September 1, 1896; he came to America in 1838. His mother was born in Wales in 1812 and died at Lacona, in 1898.

Dr. Tanner attended district school and in 1876 was a student at Union College, Schenectady, New York. He received the M. D. degree at the University of New York in 1879, and practiced medicine exclusively until 1919 when he assumed the duties of president of the Farmers Bank at Battle Creek. A Republican, he was county coroner for a number of years and served as a member of the school board for 12 years.

He holds membership in the Madison County Medical Association, Nebraska State Medical Association, American Medical Association, and the Nebraska State Historical Society. He is a member of the Battle Creek Commercial Club and the Red Cross. His favorite sport is golfing. During the World War Dr. Tanner served as a member of the Advisory Examining Board of Madison County and took part in all Liberty Loan and Red Cross drives.

He was married to Laura A. Hurford at Battle Creek, December 24, 1882; she was born at Canton, Ohio, April 6, 1858, of English and German parentage, and died at Battle Creek, July 11, 1920. Their daughter, Helen, born October 8, 1888, married John B. Dufphey. Dr. Tanner married Mary E. Berry, March 21, 1922. She is the daughter of George S. and Katherine (Hull) Hurford. She is a sister of Laura A. Hurford, Dr. Tanner's first wife. Residence: Battle Creek.

Harry H. Tappan

Harry H. Tappan was born at St. Clair, Michigan, on March 19, 1863, the son of Tochesly Tappan and Jane Catherine (Kunt) Tappan. His father was born in Onandaga County, New York, October 26, 1826, of English parentage. He was a rancher until his death in Grant County, Nebraska in October, 1908.

Mr. Tappan was educated in rural schools, and came to Nebraska in 1881, from Michigan. On July 4, 1885, at St. Clair, Michigan he was united in marriage to Anna A. Richmann, a native of Danzig, Germany.

Mr. Tappan is affiliated with the Republican party and is a member of the Nebraskana Society. He has been in the hardware business since he came to Nebraska, fifty years ago. Residence: Daykin.

Alfred Garfield Taylor

Since March 13, 1922, Alfred Garfield Taylor has been postmaster of Chappell. He was born at Nassagaweya,

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