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Polk Dairy Herd Improvement Association since 1929, and holds membership in various civic organizations at York. He is a member of the York Rotary Club, the Nebraskana Society, Modern Woodmen of America, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the First Presbyterian Church of York. In 1919 Mr. von Bergen was a member of the Nebraska Reserve Officers Training Corps. His chief recreations are hunting and reading.

On October 23, 1926, he was united in marriage with Clare Atkinson at Pawnee City, Pawnee County, Nebraska. Mrs. von Bergen, who is a home maker and noted clubwoman at York, was born at Pawnee City, October 17, 1899. She was graduated from the University of Nebraska where she held membership in Phi Mu. She taught Smith-Hughes Home Economics from 1924 to 1926, and has been a leader in the 4-H Girls Club for some time. She served as president of the York County Federated Woman's Club; 1930-1931, and prior to that was secretary-treasurer of that organization. Mr. von Bergen is a Republican.

Mrs. Von Bergen is the daughter of Charles A. Atkinson who is a descendant of Sir John Peckham who came to America in 1638. John C. Atkinson, father of Charles Atkinson, was born in Yorkshire, England, July 27, 1834, and was one of the first settlers of Nebraska. Mabel Clare Godard, mother of Mrs. von Bergen, was a descendant of Ethan Allan.

One child was born to their marriage: Sherill Lenore, September 15, 1927. Residence: York.

Emil J. von Gillern

Emil J. von Gillern was born in Chicago, on February 20, 1879. His father, Emil Julius von Gillern, was born in Breslau, Germany, in May, 1847, and died at Chicago, May 30, 1885. He was a free born German baron and count and a German counseller. Ella Lenora (Schmidt) von Gillern, his wife, was born at Hoboken, New Jersey, November 28, 1852, and is now living at Beatrice, Nebraska.

Mr. von Gillern attended the Beatrice High School until 1895, and later attended the Kearney Military Academy. He has lived in Nebraska for 47 years, and for the last 30 years has been connected with the Duff Grain Company at Nebraska City. He is now manager of this organization, a director of the Nebraska City Building and Loan Association; and vice president of the Lawless Grain Company of Kansas City, Missouri.

He was united in marriage with Nellie Cannon at Omaha, Nebraska, October 22, 1911. Mrs. von Gillern, who was born at Omaha, January 25, 1881, is a niece of County Attorney John Creighton. Four children were born to this union: Emil, born July 22, 1903; Marion, born January 19, 1909; Edwin, born August 3, 1910, who died August 6, 1910; and Jack, born August 19, 1911.

During the World War Mr. von Gillern served on the Liberty Loan Drive committee. He is an Elk, a member of the Parent-Teachers' Association. Affiliated with St. Mary's Catholic Church he is a member of the church committee, and the Knights of Columbus. His clubs are the Nebraska City Golf Club and the Nebraska City Country Club. His favorite sports are baseball and golf. He is a Republican. Residence: Nebraska City.

Emil M. Von Seggern

Emil M. Von Seggern, publisher, was born at Hooper, Nebraska, February 28, 1882, son of Henry Bernard and Sophia Kathrina (Brockshus) Von Seggern. Henry Von Seggern was born in Oldenburg, Germany, in November, 1845, and came to the United States in 1869. He was a farmer and stock feeder, one of Nebraska's pioneer farmers and earliest livestock shippers. He died at Hooper, in May, 1891. His wife, Sophia, was born in Oldenburg, in November, 1848, and died at Hooper, July 3, 1918.

Educated in the public schools, Mr. Von Seggern worked on his home farm until 21, when he became the publisher of the Nebraska Volksblatt (German newspaper). A printer and publisher since that time, he became editor of the West Point Republican on January 1, 1917, and still continues. He is independent in polities and has been in the city council for eight years.

On January 2, 1908, he was married at West Point to Margaret Anna Romberg, who was born there on July 11, 1885. There are three sons, Boyd, born October 23, 1908; Marvin, born June 15, 1910, and Robert, born September 22, 1922. Boyd Von Seggern, a member of the journalism class of 1932, University of Nebraska, was chosen editor of the Daily Nebraskan for the first semester. He is also a member of the Innocents and of many honorary fraternities. Marvin Von Seggern is a senior in the Engineering College, an Innocent, and a member of a number of honorary fraternities.

Active in Red Cross, Y. M. C. A. and liberty loan work in the World War. Mr. Von Seggern is now a member of the Community Club, the Lions Club and the Masons. His hobbies are reading, mechanics and building.

Emil Von Seggern has a state-wide reputation as a brilliant editor. He has conducted a fight against the bridge trust, led a crusade for the protection of the local power plant and has fought for all public enterprises. For the past twenty-eight years he has taken a stand on all public questions. Residence: West Point. (Photograph in Album).

Carl Friedrich Voss (sic)

For 50 years Charles A. Voorhees has lived at Edgar, Nebraska, where he is president of the Clay County State Bank. He was born at Pennington, Mercer County, New Jersey, January 17, 1854, the son of Isaac and Helen Elizabeth (Hunt) Voorhees. His father, who was born at Blawnburg, New Jersey, October 11, 1824, and died at Pennington, July 23, 1895, was a farmer. His mother was born at Stoutsburg, New Jersey, May 5, 1823, and died at Edgar, February 28; 1910.

Mr. Voorhees was a student at Eastman Business College, Poughkeepsie, New York, for a time. He was engaged in farming in New Jersey until 1882 when he moved to Edgar where he has since been a banker. He has been a member of the local school board for 20 years, has been treasurer of the local Red Cross since 1917, and is now a member of the Nebraskana Society. He is affiliated with the First Presbyterian Church of Edgar, is a Mason and Knight Templar, and is a member of the Republican party. His hobby is flowers.

He was united in marriage with Lucy Anna Titus at Pennington, September 15, 1877; she was born at Pennington. The following children were born to them: Frederick, born February 9, 1881, who married Carrie L. Taylor; Bertha, born September 12, 1885, who married Orvie C. Johnston; Blair S., born July 14, 1890, who married Alice Thompson; Olita, born June 22, 1888, who married Frank J. Johnston; Edward R., born June 22, 1900, who married Claire Graul; Clarence W., born June 21, 1880, who died April 27, 1882. Frederick, Blair and Edward are all engaged in the banking business with their father. Residence: Edgar.

Carl Friedrich Voss

Born in Sehwerin Mecklenburg, Germany, May 26, 1865, Carl Friedrieh Voss is the son of Edward J. Voss and Elsie M. (Ausborn) Voss. His father was born at Sehwerin, Meeklenburg, Germany, April 25, 1822, and was a customs officer and first sergeant in the German Army. He died in Germany, June 16, 1875. His wife, Elsie, was born in Mecklenburg, Germany, May 6, 1838, and died there, May 16, 1889.

Carl Voss was graduated from the elementary schools in 1881. On May 25, 1900, Ida E. G. Levermann became his wife at Byron, Thayer County, Nebraska. She was born in Zoelkow, Meeklenburg, Germany, November 31,

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1874, and her father was a teacher. To this union five children were born: Fritz, May 20, 1901; Elsie, July 10, 1902, who is married to David R. Steinle; Frieda, January 5, 1904, now the wife of George Gundel; Erica, April 5, 1907, died April 19, 1907; and Otto, November 3, 1913. Fritz is married to Leona Holtzen and is with the Nebraska Light and Power Company. Otto is attending college.

Mr. Voss has been engaged in hardware and undertaking business at Byron for twenty-five years. He is a Republican and is affiliated with St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church at Byron.

Before he came to America, Mr. Voss was a private in a Hunting Troup in Germany. He is a member of the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Byron.

Frank Patterson Voter

Frank P. Voter, lawyer and former member of the Nebraska state legislature, was born in Franklin County, Maine, December 28, 1869. He is the son of John R. and Augusta (Patterson) Voter, the former born in Franklin County, in 1832, and the latter in 1835. John R. Voter was a school teacher and died in September, 1907, his wife surviving him until February, 1914.

Educated first in the public schools, Mr. Voter attended the University of Nebraska from which he received his LL.B. in 1894. He has been a resident of the state since the Spring of 1882, and has been actively engaged in practice since his admission to. the bar. A staunch Republican, he is active in politics, and served as a member of the state legislature in 1905, and was delegate to the National Republican Convention in 1908.

On October 17, 1898, he was united in marriage to Eva B. Brockway, of Battle Creek, Iowa, at South MeAlister, Oklahoma. There are three children, Alma, born December 5, 1899; Gladys, born September 20, 1901, and Harold F., born August 11, 1907.

Mr. Voter is fond of golf, and is president of the Laurel Country Golf Club. During 1917-18 he was president of the Chamber of Commerce and is a member at the present time of the Nebraska State Bar Association, the Red Cross and Young Men's Christian Association. He is a former member of the Parent Teachers Association and was active in civilian projects during the World War. Residence: Laurel.

Francis Ira Waddell

Francis Ira Waddell was born in Dakota County, Nebraska, April 18, 1872, and for the past 60 years has lived in that county. His father, Christie Waddell, who was a pioneer farmer in Nebraska; was born in Ohio, July 3, 1834, and came to the western country in a covered wagon train with the late Gideon Warner; his ancestry was Welsh. His mother was born in Indiana, April 25, 1844, of Pennsylvania Dutch extraction, and died at South Sioux City, Nebraska, October 12, 1907.

Mr. Waddell knew all the experiences of early days in Nebraska, and most of the hardships. He recalls the grasshopper invasion and the disastrous flood of 1881. It is interesting to note that he crossed the Missouri first in a ferry boat, later on the pontoon bridge, and now has seen the construction of the combination bridge.

He has always been interested in the progress of both his community and the slate. During the World War he assisted in Red Cross and war savings drives, and together with his family, did everything possible to co-operate with the government. He is a member of the Republican party and the Nebraskana Society. His favorite sport is hunting.

He was united in mariage (sic) with Eve Belle Tunnicliffe, at Sioux City, Iowa, March 16, 1896. Mrs. Waddell was born at Antwerp, Ohio, November 16, 1878, and is descended from the Tunnicliffes who came from England in 1875; General Curtis was a relative of her maternal grandmother. Their children are: Ethel, born May 11, 1907, who married Charles Fox; John, born July 25, 1900, who married Lillie Pearl Cain; Sue, born March 18,1902; Raymond, born January 25, 1904; Phil, born April 18, 1906, who married Sylvia Gertrude Lake; and Lois, born June 13, 1913. Residence: South Sioux City.

Olin Bennett Waddill

Olin Bennett Waddill, executive, was born in Coryal County, Texas, March 28, 1897, and for thirty years has resided in Nebraska. He is the son of Elias Marion and Elizabeth Melvina (Irwin) Waddill.

The father was born in Austin County, Texas, April 12, 1854, and was a rancher until his death at Gordon, on January 18, 1931. The family, which was Scotch-Irish, moved from Tennessee to Texas and settled in Austin County about 1827. Mr. Waddill's great-grandfather and great-grandfather (sic) rode to Texas from Tennessee by horseback. His grandfather brought the rest of the family through in a covered wagon. Elisabeth Melvina Waddill was born in Fayette County, Texas, March 6, 1856, and died at Gordon, October 31, 1930. She was active in the work of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Her mother and father were pillars of strength and honesty through trying times in early days in Texas.

Mr. Waddill attended the elementary and high school at Gordon, graduating from the later in 1917. He was president of his graduating class and a member of the committee of eight. During the years 1918 and 1919 he attended Boyles Business College at Omaha.

At the present time Mr. Waddill is the manager and owner of a retail hardware store at Gordon. He has served as postal clerk, office manager, city clerk and city treasurer, and at present is a candidate for mayor. He has been active in every civic and cultural project in his community. He is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church at Gordon, and at the present time is assistant superintendent of the Sunday School there.

He is past secretary of the Gordon Welfare Board, president of the Gordon Kiwanis Club, an officer in Arcana Lodge No. 195 of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, is a member of the board of education, a trustee of his church, and a member of the Nebraskana Society. He is past chairman of the court of honor of the Gordon troop of the Boy Scouts.

His marriage to Alida Mosher was solemnized at Gordon, April 9, 1919. Mrs. Waddill is the daughter of Ward and Mary Mosher. She graduated from Gordon High School and attended Chadron State Normal College, and Boyles Business College at Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Waddill have two children, Betty Mae, born September 2, 1920; and Olin Joel, born August 15, 1931.

During the late war Mr. Waddill was a first class seaman at the Naval Training Station at San Francisco, California, and in 1921 was a commander of the local post of the American Legion. His favorite sport is baseball, while his hobby is mechanics. Residence: Gordon. (Photograph on Page 1227).

John A. Waggener

John A. Waggener, physician and surgeon, was born at Burksville, Cumberland County, Kentucky, October 6, 1852. Louis Allen Waggener, his father, who was born at Burksville, July 27, 1825, and died there December 6, 1894, was a farmer. He was active in political and civic affairs serving as sheriff for 16 years and clerk of the court for 12 years.

Sarah Elizabeth (Alexander) Waggener, mother of John, was born at Smith's Grove, Warren County, Kentucky, July 21, 1834, and died at Burksville, February 24, 1898.

Dr. Waggener was a student at Alexander College, at

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Purdy Studio -- Gordon


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Burksville, and from 1874 to 1876 studied at Louisville Medical College, where he was graduated as salutatorian of his class. Since leaving school he has practiced medicine continuously, and in 1882, he helped to organize the first medical society in southeastern Nebraska, acting as president of this organization. He has been president several times of the Richardson County Medical Society, and has acted as councillor for the third district of the Nebraska State Medical Association.

He married Annie L. Grinstead at Summer Shade, Barren County, Kentucky, March 12, 1878. Mrs. Waggener was born at Summer Shade, April 3, 1863. They have three sons and one daughter: Hewitt A., born November 1, 1879, who married Ethel Miller; William R., born September 3, 1881, who married Nettle Shier; John T., born September 27, 1883, who married Mabel Shier; and Lillith V., born August 16, 1886. The three boys are all physicians, while the daughter is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, and assistant principal in the Beatrice city schools.

From 1918 to 1919, Dr. Waggener was a member of the Medical Reserve Board. He is a Knight of Pythias, an Odd Fellow, and a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, the Security Benefit Association, and the Chamber of Commerce at Humboldt. He is a Democrat. His favorite sport is fishing. Residence: Humboldt.

Joseph Henry Wagner

Born in Cedar County, Iowa, April 22, 1868, Joseph Henry Wagner is the son of Martin and Sarah Ann (Doman) Wagner. His father, born in Pennsylvania, July 21, 1831, was a farmer who settled in Iowa in the middle 1800's. He married Sarah Ann Doman, also a native of Pennsylvania, born November 9, 1831. She died in Richardson County, June 17, 1908.

Joseph Wagner received his education in the country schools of Cedar County, Iowa, and Richardson County, Nebraska, to which he came with his father in 1875. He has been engaged in farming extensively for nearly fifty-five years. Mr. Wagner is a Republican, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Stella.

He was united in marriage with Clara Fisher in Nemaha County, October 27, 1892. There are four children: Bertha, born September 26, 1894, who married Lowell Lambert; Elva, born July 12, 1896, married to William Albin; Earl, born June 13, 1902, married Georgia Hoppe, and Ray, born February 29, 1904, who married lone Kapps. Residence: Stella.

Mary Ann Wagoner

A pioneer in Nebraska is Mary Ann Wagoner who has lived in this state for the past 68 years. She was born at Beardstown, Illinois, December 13, 1862, the daughter of William and Susan Elizabeth (Jones) Durell. Her father, a farmer, was born at Terre Haute, Indiana, October 18, 1833, and died near Auburn, Nebraska, October 14, 1902. Her mother, whose ancestry was Welsh, was born near Fort Madison, Iowa, December 22, 1844, and died at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, September 30, 1922.

Mrs. Wagoner was one of the organizers of St. Stevens Church at Broadwater, which has now been discontinued. She is affiliated with the Church of the Good Shepherd at Bridgeport and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. In 1864 she came to Nebraska with her parents, and in 1885 homesteaded in Cheyenne County with her husband.

Her marriage to Carl A. Wagoner was solemnized near Auburn, Nebraska, March 27, 1881. Mr. Wagoner, who was a stockraiser in his younger days, was born at Coshocton, Ohio, December 14, 1857, and died at Alliance, Nebraska, May 23, 1928. Mr. Wagoner's ancestry was German. His parents came to Nebraska in 1864 and settled near Peru. In 1884 they migrated to western Nebraska.

Mr. Carl Wagoner was the first man to raise sugar beets in the western part of the state; He lead a very active life and was a leading figure in solving the irrigation problems of the western people. At the time of his death he was engaged in the oil business at Broadwater.

To Mr. and Mrs. Wagoner was born one child, Thomas Leroy, February 11, 1882, who died June 14, 1882. Residence: Broadwater. (Photograph in Album).

Evard Oliver Waite

Evard O. Waite was born at Laurel, Nebraska, October 12, 1896. Oscar M. Waite, father of Evard was a pioneer merchant until his death at Laurel in 1904. Luella, his wife, was a teacher before her marriage. Oscar Waite was instrumental in the incorporating of Laurel in 1892.

After graduating from Laurel High School in 1917, he worked at the Laurel National Bank, and later he enlisted in the World War. He was employed at the Federal Reserve Bank of Omaha, Nebraska, in 1919, the Laurel National Bank from 1920 to 1926, the Standard Oil Company of Nebraska in 1927, and attended the University of Nebraska from 1928 to 1929. He attended Wayne Normal during the summer of 1928 to 1929.

Mr. Waite is a Republican. He is now the owner of the E. O. Waite Insurance Agency. He has been a member of the American Legion since the World War. He is secretary and treasurer of the Laurel Cemetery Association and treasurer of the city of Laurel. His religious affiliation is with the First Presbyterian Church of Laurel. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and The Nebraskana Society. Residence: Laurel.

Harold P. Waite

One of McCook's most prominent citizens, Harold P. Waite was born at Swanton, Vermont, on September 28, 1855, and came to Nebraska in April, 1879, with his brother, Edwin, in a covered wagon locating five miles west of Wilsonville on a homestead. There he experienced all the hardships and pleasures of the early settlers. He recalls his first buffalo hunt in December, 1879, and has in his home the hide of his first kill.

His father, Pomeroy Waite, was born at Swanton, Vermont, December 28, 1828, and died at Nashua, Iowa, June 13, 1912. He was a descendant of Thomas Waite, who came to Rhode Island in 1610. Avis Niles, wife of Pomeroy Waite, was born at Swanton, Vermont, October 15, 1830, and died at Nashua, Iowa, May 26, 1910.

Mr. Waite attended common school and Bradford Academy, what was known at that time as Bradford in Chickasaw County, Iowa. From 1896 until 1925 he was in the hardware business at McCook. He is a director of the First National Bank at the present time. From 1873 until 1878 he taught rural school in Iowa, coming to McCook in 1888. A Republican, Mr. Waite has held many minor political offices, including a member of the city council, and was elected mayor in 1905, for two terms.

He is treasurer of the Associated Charities of McCook, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Elks Lodge No. 1434, and is a former member of the Nebraska State Historical Society, also of the National Geographic Society.

On December 9, 1885, he was married to Jessie B. Randolph at Cambridge, Nebraska. Mrs. Waite was born at Indianola, Iowa, March 1863, and died at McCook, July 5, 1922. Her family came from Virginia to Indiana. They have two children, Edna, born October 10, 1886; and Edith, born June 15, 1888, who married Dr. Al Kee at McCook, December 9, 1914. Residence: McCook.

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Willis Roseberry Waite

Willis Roseberry Waite, son of John Daniel and Juliette (Roseberry) Waite, was born at Palmyra, Iowa, July 22, 1870. His father, a farmer and steam engineer, served from 1862 until 1863 with the New Jersey Volunteers during the Civil War. He was born at Pittstown, New York, May 12, 1830, and died at Arcadia, October 20, 1891. His wife, Juliette, was born in Bethlehem, New Jersey, October 1, 1834, and died at Loup City, December 9, 1912. Both were of English descent.

Educated in public school at Palmyra, Iowa and Arcadia, Nebraska, Mr. Waite was later graduated from the Columbian Business College at Chicago and the Capital City Commercial College at Des Moines.

Coming to Nebraska from Palmyra, Iowa, with a team and covered wagon, he started on September 30, 1880, and arrived at Loup City nearly a month later, Sunday, October 24, 1880. He taught school and music, engaged in bookkeeping and then began farming. Strongly inclined to horticulture, he now has an orchard of 142 trees of 28 varieties. These include all the late improved apples, among them four varieties of Delicious trees, sixty-six in number.

For the past fifteen years Mr. Waite has been seeretary and treasurer of the Hayes-Creek Threshing Machine Company, composed of himself and seven neighbors. A progressive Republican, he was a member of the Nebraska house of representatives 1925-26 (43rd session), but was defeated for a second term.

He was married to Abbie Grow at Loup City, October 25, 1899, and to them were born three children: Charles Edmund, born January 9, 1901, who married Frances Mildred Kennedy; Lucy Grow, born April 17,1902; and Alice Helen, born June 3, 1916. Mrs. Waite was born at Loup City, October 18, 1879.

Mr.Waite's parents, John D. and Juliette (Roseberry) Waite, had five children, as follows: Charles Edmund, born in New Jersey July 16, 1854, died in Nebraska, February 2, 1883; William Henry, born in New Jersey, June 6, 1856, died in Mexico, April 4, 1912; Elmer Ellsworth, born in Minnesota, August 31, 1866, lives at Vancouver, Washington; Willis Roseberry, born in Iowa, July 22, 1870, the subject of this sketch; and Wilber Stanton, born in Iowa, July 22, 1870, who lives in Loup City.

During the World War period Mr. Waite was part time president and part time secretary of the local registration board. He is affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church and is a life member of The Nebraskana Society. He enjoys baseball and horseshoe pitching, while his hobbies are music and orcharding. Residence; Arcadia.

John W. Waitman

John W. Waitman was born at Webster City, Iowa, June 13, 1879, son of Watson L. and Lavinia (Wilcox) Waitman.

The father was born in Pennsylvania, July 29, 1849, and was a pioneer farmer in Nebraska. He died at Chappell, November 26, 1887. His wife, Lavinia, was born at Vinton, Iowa, April 12, 1852, and died at Bayard, Nebraska, February 8, 1915. She was a teacher of English descent. Mr. Waitman was graduated from school at Center Valley, in 1895. He has been with the reclamation department of the Department of the Interior for 20 years, beginning as a laborer, and being promoted to superintendent of irrigation. At the present time, he is watermaster for the Gering and Fort Laramie Irrigation District at Lyman, Nebraska. He is a Republican.

His marriage to Maud Fletcher was solemnized at Mitchell, on April 25, 1911. Mrs. Waitman was born at Atwood, Kansas, September 12, 1887, and is of English descent. There were six children born to them, five of whom are living, Ruth, January 13, 1913; Mearl W., January 6, 1915; Mary E., November 17, 1915; John F., born March 11, 1918, who died September 29, 1920; Dean L., April 2, 1926; and Billie L., March 10, 1928.

During the late war, Mr. Waitman was active in Red Cross and loan drives. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Odd Fellows, the Parent Teachers Association, and is a school trustee. His favorite sport is baseball. Residence: Lyman.

Clifton Henry Walcott

On February 26, 1882, Clifton H. Walcott was born at Hudson, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, the son of David Knights and Persis Victoria (Cutting) Walcott. His father, who was a farmer, was born at Bolton, Massachusetts, December 15, 1837, and died at Leominster, Massachusetts, September 11, 1897. His English ancestors came to America shortly after the arrival of the Mayflower; one of his ancestors was lord mayor of London, and was distinguished by defeating the King of England at chess, and was awarded a coat of arms, with a chessman worked on it, by the king; the coat of arms is still used by the Walcott family.

His mother was born at Berlin, Worcester County, Massachusetts, July 12, 1840, and died at Leminster, August 5, 1911. Her ancestry was English.

Mr. Walcott, who has been a clergyman for the past 20 years, attended the public schools of Leominster, and was graduated from the Mount Herman Preparatory School in 1906. He was awarded the A. B. degree at Brown University, 1910; the B. D. at Newton Theological Institution, 1913; and was a student at the University of Nebraska,. 1929-30. He was a member of the Brown University debating team for three years; was president of Phi Gamma Delta; and was active in football, hockey, track and basketball at Brown University. He was a member of the Sphinx Club and Delta Sigma Rho, national intercollegiate debating society and Phi Beta Kappa.

He has held the following pastorates: First Baptist Church, Ashland, Massachusetts, 1911-13; First Baptist Church, Sharon, Massachusetts, 1913-20; First Baptist Church, Winchester, Massachusetts, 1920-26; and since 1926, First Baptist Church of Lincoln, Nebraska. He is the author of sermons in religious periodicals, papers written for the Boston Literary Society, and other religious publications.

He was united in marriage with Adelaide Eleanor Payton at Leominster, March 22, 1911. Mrs. Walcott, who is of English descent, was born at Waterloo, Quebec, Canada, March 8, 1883. They have two children: Jane, born June 2, 1917, and David, born September 18, 1921.

Mr. Walcott was awarded a medal for his unceasing efforts in loan drives during the World War. He was president of the Lincoln Ministerial Association, 1929; was a director of the Social Welfare Society, 1927-29, and is now vice president; and was a director and member of the headquarters committee of the Anti-Saloon League. 1926-31. He was a member of the Professional Men's Club. 1926-28. He holds membership in the Hiram Club; the Young Men's Christian Associtaion (sic); and the Nebraskana Society. He is a Mason, Blue Lodge and Chapter. Formerly he was active in tennis, football, hockey, basketball, and baseball; his sports now include golfing and bowling. His hobby is the study of philosophy. He is an independent Republican. Residence: Lincoln.

Peter Waldorf

Peter Waldorf, a resident of the Nebraska since 1878, was born near Mendota, LaSalle County, Illinois, March 14, 1857, the son of Phillip and Margaret (Gudtt) Waldorf. His father was a farmer who was born in Germany, November 28, 1813, and died at Mendota, October 26,

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