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mouth, February 19, 1865. She was of Scotch-Irish descent.

David Andrew Young is a pioneer farmer, whose parents settled on a homestead in what is now Cass County, on March 5, 1855, and where he has lived continuously since. When the family first homesteaded they lived, in a tent while their log house was being constructed. Part of this house is still in existence, and all of the seven children born to his marriage were born in it except the youngest. They were married May 12, 1850.

Mr. Young married Anna Mann, who was born in Decatur County, Iowa, September 3, 1857. She died at Plattsmouth, January 24, 1932. Their marriage was solemnized at Plattsmouth, March 22, 1876. Their children are as follows: Ona Mae, born April 10, 1878, married Seeley L. Lawton, who was killed March 26, 1914; Lucelia, born March 29, 1880, was killed July 18, 1893; Albert A., born January 22, 1882, married Pauline Oldham; Lena Ethel, born February 23, 1885, married Edward O. 1.ynian; William Rex, born December 20, 1887, married Pearl Hinton; Clara Lee, born September 20, 1893, married Guy C. White.

William Rex is deputy sheriff of Cass County, and during the month of October, 1930, was shot three times in trying to arrest a man wanted for murder. He recovered, however.

Mr. Young is a Republican. For the past thirty-seven years he has held membership in the Modern Woodmen of America. For twenty-five years he served on the school board. He is also a member of the State Historical Society. His home is R. F. D. 1, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

Harry Raymond Young

Harry Raymond Young, former county treasurer of Nemaha County, was born at Brock, Nebraska, April 2, 1894. He is the son of George Valandingham and Ella Lucille (Cain) Young. His father was a native of Ohio, born May 27, 1864. A farmer and stockman of German descent, he was active in the affairs of his community until his death at Brock on November 30, 1904. Ella L. Young, mother of Harry R. Young, was born in Illinois, April 21, 1872. She was a public school teacher of Scotch and English descent. Her father enlisted for service in the Civil War at the age of 16.

Harry R. Young received his education in the public schools at Brock and Peru, and was graduated from the Model High School at Peru in 1910. He attended Nebraska Wesleyan University in 1913.

In 1916 he served on the Mexican Border, with rank of corporal, sergeant and first sergeant. On August 15, 1917, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and the same year went overseas with the 167th Infantry, 42nd (Rainbow) Division. He participated in the Lorraine defensive, and the Champagne-Marne and Aisne-Marne offensives. He was wounded in action July 26, 1918, and was thereafter promoted to first lieutenant.

After his discharge from the army he entered the University of Nebraska for the years of 1921 and 1922. On June 2, 1920, he was united in marriage with Ruth Ethyl Reeve at Brock. Mrs. Young was born at Talmage, December 14, 1894, and is of Scotch and English descent. They have two children, Phyllis Jean, born July 10, 1921, and Harold Raymond, born June 6, 1927.

Mr. Young is a Democrat, and was elected treasurer of Nemaha County, serving from January 6, 1923, to December 1, 1928, when he resigned to go into the abstracting business. He is now president of the Nemaha County Abstract Company at Auburn.

He is a member of the Disabled Veterans of America, and the American Legion, of which he is post commander of Post No. 23 for 1930, and member of the Drum and Bugle Corps. Mr. Young is a member of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and of The Nebraskana Society. He formerly held membership in the Kiwanis Club. He is a Mason. His chief recreation is reading. Residence: Auburn.

Homer C. Young

Homer Cleveland Young was born at Highmore, South Dakota, December 14, 1884, the son of Hiram Boucher and Sarah Jane (Adams) Young. His father, who was a farmer and grocer, was born at Somerset, Pennsylvania, December 14, 1854, and died at Mitchell, Nebraska, November 18, 1922; his ancestry was Pennsylvania Dutch. His mother was born at Dariton, Ohio, December 2, 1861, and died at Lincoln, June 17, 1920; she was of Scotch-Irish descent.

Mr. Young took a course in agriculture at Brookings, South Dakota, in 1905. He is now engaged in the grocery business in Lincoln. He is affiliated with the Bethany Church of Christ, is a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, and holds membership in The Nebraskana Society. He is interested in baseball.

He was married to Ina Grace Gingles at Lincoln, June 14, 1917. Mrs. Young was born at Douglas, Otoe County, Nebraska, January 21, 1888; before her marriage she was a teacher. They have two children: Marguerite M., born July 14, 1918; and Max E., born May 8, 1921. Politically, Mr. Young is an Independent. Residence: Lincoln.

James Tilton Young

James Tilton Young, osteopathic physician of Fremont, Nebraska, was born in Kansas City, Missouri, March 7, 1874. Since 1905 he has made his home in Nuckolls and Dodge Counties, Nebraska. His parents were John Young and Kisiah Caroline (Allen) Young. His father, being of Irish and English ancestry, came to America in 1869. He was a farmer most of his life, but moved to Kansas City, Missouri, and died there about two years later, February 14, 1902.

Kisiah Caroline Allen was born at Hightown, Virginia, April 25, 1847, and lived there during the Civil War and until 1871, when she came to Dallas County, Missouri. There she met John Young to whom she was married at Bolivar, Missouri, April 2, 1872. Originally of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, she is closely related to the prominent Rexrode families of Virginia, and later of Missouri and Texas. She now resides with her son, James Tiiton Young.

Educated in the rural schools of Missouri, in the Northwestern Normal School at Stanberry, Missouri, and, for a short period, at the Warrensburg Teachers College. Dr. Young taught in the rural schools of Gentry and Jackson Counties for six years. He was principal of the Ruskin High School near Hickman Mills, Jackson County, Missouri, in 1902, this being the first consolidated rural high school in Missouri. He was for two years president of the Jackson County, Missouri. Teachers' Association. In 1905 he received the degree of Doctor of Osteopathy from the Still College of Osteopathy at Des Moines, Iowa. He is a member of Iota Tau Sigma, and was president of his graduating class of eighty-one members.

Dr. Young practiced at Superior, Nebraska, from 1905 to 1910, when he removed to Fremont, where he continues to practice. President of the Nebraska Osteopathic Association from 1906 to 1908, he has been a member of the Osteopathic Board of Examiners beginning in 1908, for approximately sixteen years. For more than twenty years he has had a prominent part in securing legislation in this state which has widened the scope and more fully established and defined the legal standing of osteopathy. He is one of approximately a half dozen pioneer osteopathic physicians in Nebraska who have been most influential in establishing the legal and professional phases of osteopathy in the state. He is a member of the Amer-

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ican and the Nebraska Osteopathic Associations and has appeared on many professional programs.

He has been active in Red Cross work, having served as chairman or member of the local board for several years, and is now president of the Rotary Club. He is a member of the Fremont Congregational Church, the Modern Woodmen of America, the Knights of Pythias, of the Y. M. C. A., of the Parent-Teachers' Association and the Nebraskana Society. Fond of reading, especially economics, he is a disciple of Henry George's economic philosophy.

On June 22, 1911, he was married to Jeanette Ann Dysart, daughter of William and Margaret (Twinem) Dysart, at Superior. Mrs. Young, who was born in Ohio, March 28, 1877, was formerly music teacher and supervisor in the schools of Superior and Nelson. They have two children, Jean, born April 10, 1912, graduate of Fremont high school 1929; and John, born December 9, 1913, graduate of Fremont high school 1930.

A Democrat, Dr. Young has served as chairman of the Dodge County Democratic committee several years, and has been a delegate to state conventions at various times. Residence: Fremont. (Photograph in Album).

Shaw Ruskin Young

Shaw Ruskin Young, farmer and livestock feeder, was born at Grant, Virginia, November 10, 1896, and has resided in Nebraska for 16 years.

His father, Floyd Steven Young, was born in Grant, May 5, 1854, and is a farmer. The first Young ancestor came to the United States with General Braddock and was in the French and Indian wars. Laura Ann Warrick, wife of Floyd Steven Young, was born at Elk Creek, Virginia, January 21, 1860, and died at Trontdale, Virginia, May 13, 1931. She was a school teacher before her marriage and afterwards a religious leader. She was descended from the family of Lord Warwick of England.

Mr. Young attended public and high school, completing his education in 1914. Since then he has been a prominent livestock feeder and farmer, and at the present time is serving as president of the Scottsbluff County Farm Bureau, and is director of the Beet Growers Association.

On August 22, 1922, he was married to Mary Ellen Yensen at Denver. Mrs. Young was born at Lowel (sic), Nebraska, November 16, 1900, and until her marriage was a teacher. Her father, W. H. Yensen has served two terms in the Nebraska legislature. Her mother is of pre-Revolutionary English ancestry. Mr. and Mrs. Young have three children, Harden, born February 13, 1926; Charlotte, born August 17, 1927; and Miriam, born August 21, 1928.

A Republican, Mr. Young was candidate for county commissioner in 1930, and was defeated by 60 votes. He received 1100, while his opponent received 1160.

During the late war, Mr. Young held the rank of sargeant in the Engineering Corps. He is a member of the American Legion, the Cedar Valley Union Church (superintendent of Sunday School), the Gering Chamber of Commerce, the Nebraskana Society, and the school board (treasurer). From 1919 until 1922 he was a member of the Melbata, Nebraska, Red Cross committee. Residence: Gering. (Photograph in Album).

Libbie Delia Youngren

Libbie Delia Youngren was born at Corfu, New York, May 13, 1862, the daughter of Henry M. and Millie (Brown) Rich. Her father, who was a teacher and music instructor in early life, was born at LeRoy, New York, October 6, 1835, and died at Fairbury, Nebraska, July 13, 1927; he was a farmer and served as legislator and state senator from the 4th District 1883-85; his ancestry was Scotch-Irish.

Her mother, who was a teacher, and was interested in botany and music, was born at Corfu, May 24, 1839, and died at Fairbury, July 4, 1921; her ancestors settled in America in 1694; members of the Brown family served in the Revolution and in the Civil Wars.

She was united in marriage to Granville Samuel Merritt at Fairbury, May 1, 1881. Mr. Merritt, a lawyer, was born at Marion, Ohio, January 6, 1853, and was directly descended from General Wesley Merritt. His death occurred at Denver, Colorado, January 4, 1920. To this marriage one son was born: Glenn, born December 15, 1883, who served two enlistments in the United States Navy as wireless operator and chief electrician during the World War. He is married ao (sic) Emma J. Soderquist.

Her marriage to Fred Youngren was solemnized at Des Moines, Iowa, May 31, 1905. Mr. Youngren came with his parents from Sweden. Mrs. Youngren came to Nebraska 52 years ago, and has been prominent in civic and religious affairs at Fairbury for many years. She is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Fairbury, is affiliated with the Nebraskana Society, and holds membership in the Women's Christian Temperance Union. In the latter organization she served as president, 1921-22, and secretary, 1927, 1928, and 1929. Before her marriage Mrs. Youngren was a public school teacher for fifteen years. She is independent politically. Residence: Fairbury.

Elmer Ellsworth Youngs

A resident of Nebraska for the past 35 years, Elmer Ellsworth Youngs was born near Higginsville, Missouri, January 16, 1869, the son of Joseph Linsay, and Lavina (Stahl) Youngs. His father, who was a farmer, was born at Newark, New Jersey, December 4, 1835, and died at Higginsville, May 28, 1929; his English ancestors came to this country just before the Revolution. His mother, whose ancestry is Pennsylvania Dutch, was born near Youngston, Ohio, June 12, 1843, and died at Higginsville, November 26, 1919.

Mr. Youngs attended district school, was a student at La Fayette College during 1884 and 1885, and was graduated from the Spaulding Commercial College at Kansas City, Missouri, in January 29, 1889. He served as president of the local Grange Society for six years at Lexington, Nebraska, was president of the County Farm Bureau, 10 years, served as president of the State Bureau Federation for two years, and for over 21 years was president of the Lexington Shipping Association. He is a stockholder in the Overton National Bank, Overton, Nebraska, and was president of the Dawson County Fair Association from 1908 until 1916.

In 1907 Mr. Youngs began planting forest trees on his farm in Dawson County, Nebraska, and today has more than 40,000 on his home place. He is a member of the Lexington Kiwanis Club, the Lexington Chamber of Commerce, and the Nebraskana Society. He is especially interested in trees and breeding Hereford cattle. He took an active part in the "Increased Pork Production Campaign" in Custer, Dawson and Phelps counties during the late war.

On March 10, 1897, he married Nellie Tyree near Mayview, Missouri. Mrs. Youngs was born of Scotch and English parentage near Mayview, October 31, 1870. He is a Republican. Residence: Lexington.

David Yung

David Yung, pioneer banker of York County, Nebraska, was born at Kohlsville, Wisconsin, March 12, 1870, the son of John and Fredericka (Hofer) Yung. His father, who was a farmer, was born in Germany in 1934, and died at Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska, February 11, 1899. His mother was born in Germany in 1835, and died at Cedar Bluffs, July 18, 1912.

Mr. Yung attended a rural school near Kohlsville, and in 1888 was graduated from Fremont Business College. He served as cashier of the Gresham State Bank

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from 1915 to 1931, and at this time was elected president of that institution, and is secretary of the Gresham National Farm Loan Association.

He is a member of the Masons, Order of Eastern Star, Odd Fellows Lodge, and the Rebekahs. He is affiliated with the Gresham Presbyterian Church, and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society.

His marriage to Louise Lampert occurred at Cedar Bluffs, August 23, 1893. Mrs. Yung, who was a teacher in Nebraska public schools for ten years before her marriage, was born at Hortonville, Wisconsin, August 15, 1870. They have a daughter, Huldah, born July 31, 1899, who married Rev. William H. Hunter and resides at Omaha. Huldah is a graduate of Hastings College. Residence: Gresham.

Charles Fred Zabel

Charles F. Zabel, a Nebraska farmer for the past 65 years, was born at Doelitz, Germany, October 25, 1855, the son of Hanna Justina (WahI) and Christian Frederick Zabel. His father, who was also a farmer, was born at Doelitz, February 10, 1826, and died at Western, Nebraska, December 25, 1897; having come to this country from Germany, in 1866. His wife, Hanna, was born at Doelitz, May 16, 1829, and died at Western, July, 1905.

Mr. Zabel attended the country schools of Saline County, add farmed in Saline County until 1920, when he retired and moved to Western, where he is a director in the Saline County Bank. He is a member of the First Methodist Church of Western, and has always taken an interest in the civic and religious affairs of his community. He is a life member of the Nebraskana Society.

On January 17, 1878, he was united in marriage to Pauline Augustine Witt at Swan Creek Church, Saline County, Nebraska. Mrs. Zabel, who is of German descent, was born in Green County, Wisconsin, December 20, 1857, and died at Western, November 8, 1930. Eight children were born to them, all of whom are living: Ferdinand, born December 18, 1879; Herman, born December 18, 1879; Julia, born November 11, 1881; Lena, born June 13, 1883; John, born March 29, 1885; Sophia, born September 17, 1889; Esther, born April 30, 1894; and Hildreth, born October 28, 1899. Residence: Western. (Photograph on Page 1318).

Louise Shadduck Zabriskie

Louise Shadduck Zabriske, organist, violinist and teacher, was born at Cattaraugus, New York, January 14, 1884, daughter of Joseph and Alice (Broason) Zabriskie. Her father was born at Erie, Pennsylvania, December 10, 1854, and died at Omaha, December 8, 1930. He was a teacher of the violin. The mother, a teacher of piano, was born at Hamlet, New York, October 15, 1860.

Upon the completion of her public school education in 1904, she studied with Hans Albert, Ben Stanley, J. H. Simms and Robert Cuscaden, and in Berlin studied under Arthur Hartmann (violin) and Edward Boehm (piano). She had organ study in New York with Clifford Demorest, Warren Hedden and Clarence Dickinson.

When she returned from Europe in 1907, she became a teacher of violin, piano and organ in Omaha. At the present time she is organist and director of music of the First Presbyterian Church. She is past dean of the Nebraska chapter of the American Guild of Organists, past president of the Omaha Clef Club and the Fortnightly Musical Club.

On December 6, 1908, she was married to Edgar Rudolf Zabriski, at Omaha. There are two children living, one deceased: Bettie, born July 19, 1910, who is a successful cellist; Helen, born April 4, 1912; and George, born March 7, 1916, who died April 16, 1916. Residence: Omaha.

William T. Zahradnicek

Born at Bison, Oklahoma, November 17, 1903, William T. Zahradnicek is the son of Mike L. and Mary (Semrad) Zahradnicek. His father, who was a landowner and farmer in Nebraska in the early days, was born in Austria Hungary, February 5, 1872, and is living today at Atkinson, Nebraska; his fathers grandfather was an ammunition and supply dispenser in the German Army daring the Franco-Prussion War. His mother, whose father was a soldier in the German Army, was born in Austria Hungary, September 15, 1886.

Mr. Zahradnicek was graduated from Atkinson High School in 1922 as valedictorian of the class, and was graduated from Wayne State Teachers College in 1929, having attended the University of Nebraska for a year. He taught a rural school, 1922-23, was grade school teacher at Crofton, Nebraska, for two years, served as English instructor in the high school at Coleridge, Nebraska, for five years, and is now superintendent of public schools at Johnstown, Nebraska.

He has been unusually successful as coach of various basketball teams, one of them winning a district championship. Mr. Zabradnicek is a member of the Nebraska State Teachers Association, the North Central Nebraska School Men's Association, Red Cross, and the Nebraskana Society. He is a Mason, is affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church of Atkiuson, and is president of the Parent Teachers Association at Jobnstown. He is interested in all school athletics and sports.

On May 15, 1926, he was married to Ita Jay Watkins at Lincoln, Nebraska. Mrs. Zahradnicek, who was born at Plainview, Nebraska, October 20, 1903, is the daughter of John Watkins who served as corporal of Company G in the United States Army during the Spanish-American War. They have one son, William Bruce, born November 17, 1931. Residence: Jobnstown. (Photograph in Album).

Rudolf Zajicek

Rudolph Zajicek was born at Medovim, Ojezde, Proske, Czechoslovakia, December 30, 1859, the son of Anton and Josefa (Veverkova) Zajicek. His father who was born at Medovim in 1828, died at Wilber, Nebraska, February 1, 1914. His mother was born at Medovim, December 4, 1838, and died at Wilber, May 4, 1920.

Mr. Zajicek has lived in Nebraska for the past 62 years; he is a retired farmer. He is a member of Z C B J and the Modern Woodmen of America. He is a Roman Catholic. During the World War he was chairman of loan drives for Saline County. He is a Republican.

He married Josefa Svoboda at Tecumseh, Nebraska, January 5, 1889. Mrs. Zajicek was born at Kraj, Proske, Czechoslovakia, October 20, 1864. When he was married he built a sod house in which he lived for 12 years and their four children were born there. Their children are: Mary, born October 10, 1884, who married Phillip Wenzel; Matilde, born October 10, 1886, who married Stephen Freouf; and Anna, born August 7, 1891, who married Anton Kostecka. All of them are farmers. Residence: Wilber.

Nicholas Edward Zehr

Nicholas Edward Zehr, son of Christian and Katherine (Roth) Zehr, was born at Pontiac, Illinois, March 30, 1871. His father was born in Alsace-Lorraine, France, March 6, 1835, and came to America at the age of twenty. He was a farmer, whose death occurred at Seward, Nebraska, November 14, 1907. His wife, Katherine, was born at Hamilton, Ohio, October 6, 1841, and died at Meadows, Illinois, June 1, 1910.

Mr. Zehr attended public school and on November 9, 1893, was married to Nancy Edna Roth at Chappell.

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Mrs. Zehr was born at Archibald, Ohio, October 30, 1874. Her father was a Canadian. Mr. and Mrs. Zehr have three children, William, born June 29, 1894 (see Nebraskana); Edna, born February 3, 1898; and Nicholas, born September 14, 1903. William is mayor of Chappell at the present time, while Nicholas is assistant postmaster.

Mr. Zehr is a Democrat. He has resided in Nebraska for the past 50 years, is affiliated with the Methodist Church, is a member of the Red Cross, the Chamber of Commerce, the Modern Woodmen of America, and the Nebraskana Society. His hobby is willow weaving. Residence: Chappell. (Photograph in Album).

William Emanuel Zehr

William Emanuel Zehr, tractor and implement dealer, was born at Chappell, Nebraska, June 29, 1894, son of Nicholas Edward (see Nebraskana) and Nancy Edna (Roth) Zehr.

The father was born at Pontiac, Illinois, March 30, 1871, and the mother at Archibald, Ohio, October 30, 1874. She is president of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit of Chappell.

Mr. Zehr attended public school and since that time has been engaged in business. He is a Democrat, and at the present time is serving a mayor of Chappell, just completing his second term. During the late war he was corporal of ordanance (sic) detachment, 338th Field Artillery, 88th Division. He is a member of the American Legion, the Methodist Church, the Red Cross, the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, the Modern Woodmen of America, the Odd Fellows, the Masons, and the Nebraskana Society.

On August 18, 1921, he was married to Meta Dorothy Sick at Sterling, Colorado. Mrs. Zehr was born at Omaha, December 30, 1897, and was a teacher in the public schools at Chappell before her marriage. Mrs. Zehr is post presiden (sic) of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit at Chappell. Residence: Chappell. (Photograph in Album).

Frank Connell Zehrung

Frank C. Zehrung has lived in Nebraska for 60 years, and has been prominent in business and civic affairs during much of that time. He was born at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, October 7, 1858, the son of John and Mary E. (Connell) Zehrung. His father, a druggist, was born in Marion County, Ohio, February 15, 1831, and died at Los Angeles, California, March 11, 1908. His mother, who was of Scotch descent, was born at Greenville, Connecticut, October 7, 1835, and died at Lincoln, on September 13, 1893.

Mr. Zehrung attended the Lincoln High School and for two years was a student at the University of Nebraska. He has been a druggist, and a theatrical manager, and was president of the Western League. He is now president of the Zehrung Company, an outdoor advertising company.

A Republican, Mr. Zehrung has been prominent in politics in Lincoln and throughout the state for many years. He was elected mayor of Lincoln five times, and was defeated for this office twice.

He married Jessie Laura Voris at Lincoln, March 15, 1911; she was born at Geneva, Nebraska, July 11, 1881. He served as manager of the Liberty Theatre at Camp Stuart, Virginia, is a member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the Advertising Club, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, and the Lincoln Rotary Club. He holds membership in St. Paul's Methodist Church of Lincoln and the Young Men's Christian Association, is a member of the University Club, the Country Club; and Eastridge Country Club. He is a member of the Elks. Residence: Lincoln.

Isidor Ziegler

Isidor Ziegler, lawyer, was born at St. Louis, Missouri, April 30, 1876. His parents, Jacob and Sally (Friedman) Ziegler were natives of Germany, who came to America in 1844.

Mr. Ziegler attended the public schools of Huntington, West Virginia, and the University of Preparatory School at Petersburg, West Virginia; was graduated from Huntington High School and attended Harvard University and the University of Michigan Law School, from which latter he received his LL. B. in 1899. For the past thirty years he has been engaged in the practice of law in Omaha, and is one of the city's outstanding lawyers.

He was married to Pearl Kiper at Chicago, in 1914, There are two children, Louisc J., born January 6, 1912, and Julian, born May 30, 1921.

Mr. Ziegler is a Republican, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and of the Elks and Masons. He is a member of Temple Israel of Omaha, the American Bar Association, the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Omaha-Douglas County Bar Association. His clubs are the Omaha Athletic and Highland Country Clubs. Residence: Omaha.

Elmo Murry Zike

Elmo Murray (sic) Zike, who has been engaged in the real estate business at Edison, Nebraska, for the past 20 years, was born at Shueville, Iowa, August 13, 1870, and since 1885 has been a resident of this state, locating at Edison arriving from Iowa in a covered wagon. His father, Samuel Pinkerton Zike, who served in the Civil War, a member of the Iowa Volunteers, was born at Louisville, Kentucky, and died at Hudson, Colorado, January 4, 1921. His mother, Kate Sophia (Hill) Zike, whose ancestry was German, was born at Pittsburg, November 10, 1841, and is still living at Edison at the age of 91.

Mr. Zike was a liveryman and stock buyer for 10 years, and for the past 20 years has been engaged in the real estate and insurance business at Edison. He holds membership in the Commercial Club, is a life member of the Red Cross, and for over 20 years has served as secretary of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. His sport is golf.

On December 25, 1895, Mr. Zike was married to Cora Virginia Watkins at Edison, Nebraska. Mrs. Zike, who was a clerk prior to her marriage, was born at Missouri City, Missouri, September 8, 1874, of early American stock. To them were born two children, Eugene Eldrege, July 27, 1897, who married Emma Jensen of Minden on October 8, 1924, the parents of Patricia Lon, born September 13, 1927 at Minden, Nebraska; and Arva, born May 8, 1902, who married Roy C. Bendler of Oxford, Nebraska, June 20, 1923. Their son, Jack Charles, was born June 3, 1926. Residence: Edison. (Photograph in Album).

Clarence Howard Zimmerman

Clarence Howard Zimmerman was born at North Platte, Nebraska, August 24, 1908, the son of Thomas Franklin and Esther Retta (Masters) Zimmerman. His father, who homesteaded in western Nebraska in the early 1890's was born at Rensselaer, Indiana, April 9, 1878; his grandparents came to this country from England. His mother, who was a pioneer homemaker on Nebraska prairie land, was born in Ohio, September 24, 1878; her ancestry is English.

Mr. Zimmerman, attended the rural schools of Osgood, Nebraska, and in 1926 was graduated from the North Platte High School. He attended Cotner College where he was prominent in dramatics and oratory. Upon his graduation from high school he ran his father's dairy for a time, and was employed by the Piggly Wiggly Company and the Rush Mercantile Company. For one year he was a clergyman at Brownville, Nebraska, in the oldest Protestant church in Nebraska, and for the past two years has been pastor of the Christian Church at Vir-

Horz. bar

ginia, Gage County, Nebraska. He plans to continue his he education.

He is a member of the Parent Teachers Association, the Young Men's Christian Association, and the Nebraskana Society. He has been active for some time as leader in Hi-Y work and as a commissioned scout master.

His sports include swimming, tennis, hiking, baseball, and basketball, while his hobby is commercial and private art. He is a Republican. Residence: Virginia.

Frank Zimmerman

Henry Zimmerman, father of Frank Zimmerman, was a native of Schleswig, Holstein, Germany, and was born October 25, 1856. In 1868 he came to America, settling in Sarpy County. He married Anna Busche, who was born at Cedar Creek, Nebraska, March 23, 1860. He died at Burwell, December 5, 1905. His wife survived him almost twenty-years, and died at Omaha, March 17, 1924. Her parents came from Switzerland.

Frank Zimmerman received his education in the public schools of Gretna and Millard. On February 20, 1901, he married Bertha Elizabeth Gottsch. Mrs. Zimmerman was born at Springfield, November 24, 1879, and died at Omaha, April 28, 1930. She was of German descent. She leaves the following children: Henry J., born October 9, 1901; Mabel H., born February 6, 1903, married to Randall Biart; Hazel A., born June 29, 1907, and Margaret A., born June 18, 1910.

Mr. Zimmerman has been a resident of Sarpy County since birth; and since early youth has been a stock feeder. From 1914 to 1919 he was a partner in the firm of Weeth & Zimmerman and from 1920 to 1928 was a member of the firm of Zimmerman & Gottsch. Since that time has owned and operated the Zimmerman Feed Yards. Mr. Zimmerman is a Lutheran and a Republican. Residence: Springfield.

Andrew Zoz

At Lincoln, Logan County, Illinois, Andrew Zoz was born on February 13, 1869. He is the son of Alois and Martina (Weber) Zoz. His father, who was born in Germany, came to America in 1858, and died at Murdôck, Cuss County, Nebraska. He was a farmer.

His mother was born in Germany, came to America in 1860, and died at Murdock, March 18, 1923.

Mr. Zoz received his education in the country schools and later attended Creighton University at Omaha for one year. A resident of Nebraska since 1881, he has engaged in farming here since that date. He has been a director on the school board for 12 years.

He was united in marriage with Anna Mae Bartz, at Manley, Cass County, Nebraska, April 30, 1907. Mrs. Zoz, of German descent, was born at Murdock, July 11, 1883. There are eleven children: John L., born April 13, 1908; Edna M., born May 12, 1909; Martin A., born March 4, 1911; Joseph A., born August 25, 1912; Gerald F., born February 5, 1914; Robert H., born March 2, 1915; Helen M., born September 27, 1916; Rose A., born December 16, 1917; Clara F., born March 9, 1919; Walter E., born March 23, 1920, and Lawrence D., born August 4, 1922.

Mr. Zoz is affiliated with St. Mary's Catholic Church at Elmwood. His hobby is reading. He is a Democrat. Residence: Murdock.



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