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Emigrants to Utah and California Crossing Elkhorn River
Twenty-three Miles from Omaha.

moved westward along parallel lines of latitude, mingling only lightly along the edges. The northern stream with some re-enforcement of Dutch and Quaker stock, colonized New York, Pennsylvania and the region north of the Ohio, while the southern one, supplemented by Scotch-Irish and Huguenot blood, filled Kentucky, Tennessee and the country south to the Gulf. The immigrants into these newer parts, northwest and southwest, had many common characteristics, forest-bred in the same hardships and dangers of frontier life. They fought together with mutual enthusiasm against England and Indians during the war of 1812; their general views of politics and society were much the same; their personal qualities of independence and self-confidence were quite alike; their problems of internal trans-
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Captain Carlisle's California Train Nooning in the Platte Valley



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The First Claim Cabin in Nebraska, Built by Daniel Norton in 1853, Between Omaha and Bellevue.

portation and development similar. They were linked together in interest by the great river which drew them into one focus of navigation and exchange. There seemed no good reason why. the two wests,--the northwest and southwest,--should not work together for common political and social ends in the new nation. That was, in fact, their tendency and the night
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Where Three States Meet Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri
Descendants of Joseph Roubidoux, Early French Fur Trader.

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