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Institute for Feeble Minded Youth, Beatrice



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Boys Industrial School, Kearney

Nebraska Boys' Industrial School.

     Since its organization in 1870, this institution has had in all fourteen hundred and eighty-three inmates. The first building was erected in 1881 by means of a state appropriation and it was known as the State Reform School. In 1887, by a legislative act, the name was changed to that of State Industrial School. The names of the Superintendents have been: C. W. Hoxie, James M. Campbell, John T. Mallalieu, Dr. J. V. Beghtol and B. D. Hayward. The school is located at Kearney.

The Nebraska Girls' Industrial School.

     This school, which is located at Geneva, is in charge of Horace M. Clark, as Superintendent. Originally the boys and girls were in the same institution at Kearney, but the work was not satisfactory, and a division of the school was made in March, 1892. The attendance varies from fifty to sixty, which is a little over half the capacity of the school. The law governing this institution was amended in 1902 so as to provide for the commitment of any girl, who is vagrant or vicious, under

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