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Branch Sailor's and Soldier's Home, Milford



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The University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska.

     The first building now called University Hall, was completed in 1871, the lumber and part of the brick being hauled from the Missouri River in wagons. The University of Nebraska, at Lincoln, Nebraska, was founded by act of the Legislature in 1869. The funds for the erection of the first building were provided by the sale of lots in the then new Capital City of Lincoln. With a faculty of five and ninety students the College of Literature, Science and the Arts was opened September 6, 1871. E. Benjamin Andrews is the present Chancellor. Allen R. Benton was the first Chancellor and following him were, Edmund B. Fairfield, Henry E. Hitchcock (acting), Irving J. Manatt, Charles E. Bessey (acting), James H. Canfield, George E. MacLean, Charles. E. Bessey (acting), and then the present incumbent. There are six members of the Board of Regents, two elected every other year for a term of six years. The University comprises the Graduate School (degrees, master of arts and doctor of philosophy) ; the College of Literature, Science and the Arts (degree, bachelor of arts) ; the Industrial College (degree, bachelor of science) ; this College including the School of Agriculture, the School of Mechanic Arts and the School of Domestic Science; the College of Law (degree, bachelor of laws) ; the College of Medicine (degree, doctor of medicine) ; the School of Fine Arts; the School of Music, and the Summer Session. Resident students of Nebraska pay no tuition in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and in the Industrial College. Non-resident students and all students in the professional schools and in the schools of fine arts and music, pay a small tuition. All departments

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