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      JAMES CLEARY is a native of Ireland, having been born there in 1846. He came to the United States with his parents in 1859 and located in Virginia, remaining there until 1865 when they went to West Virginia for one year and then to Kansas one year. From Kansas they went to Colorado, then settled at Grand Island, Nebraska, in 1870, where Mr. Cleary has since resided and conducted a hardware business. He received his education in the West Virginia Public schools and by attending night schools in Denver. In 1874 Mr. Cleary was married to Miss Joana Donnahy of New York and they have four children. He was a member of Company A of the Fourteenth Virginia Cavalry and served until the end of the Civil War and was under General Lee in the Virginia campaigns during the latter part of the War. Mr. Cleary is Mayor of Grand Island.

      T. O. C. HARRISON was born in New Burlington, Clinton County, Ohio, May 23, 1849, where his father, a licensed Methodist Episcopal minister, operated a furniture and cabinet shop. He received his education in Ohio, having attended the common schools and the National Normal School at Lebanon and studied law in his uncle's office at London, Ohio. He was admitted to the bar in 1873 and in the same year located at Grand Island, where he has since been engaged in active practice except while serving on the bench. Mr. Harrison was County Judge of Hall County for eight years and seven years Judge of the Eleventh Judicial District, which position he resigned upon his election as judge of the Supreme Court of Nebraska. He is associated with the Republican party and served one term as State Senator and one term as Judge of the Supreme Court.

     JOHN R. THOMPSON was born in Lamertine, Carroll County, Ohio, August 4, 1850. His parents moved to Fayette County, Iowa in 1864, where he grew to manhood and by perseverance and industry in and out of school prepared himself for college and attended the Upper Iowa University at Fayette, Iowa. He then read law with Judge W. A. Hoyt of the McGregor District until 1875, when he entered the State University of Iowa, graduating with honors, from the Law Department in the class of 1877. In 1878 he came to Grand Island, Nebraska. Mr. Thompson is affiliated with the Independent party and was Judge of the Eleventh Judicial District for twelve years, during which time he never received an adverse criticism on his rulings and decisions by the press of any party. He was married to Miss Elizabeth Pryse of Iowa City in 1880, who died eight years later. He was again married to Miss Sarah A. Jones of Iowa City in 1900 and has four daughters and one son.

      W. H. THOMPSON was born December 14, 1853, in Carroll County, Ohio. In 1864 he moved to Fayette County, Iowa. His father was a blacksmith. Mr. Thompson was educated in common schools, select schools and Upper Iowa University, Fayette, Iowa, and graduated from the Law Department of the Iowa State University in 1877. He commenced practicing law in the fall of 1877 at what is now Arlington, Iowa. In 1881 he located and opened an office at Grand Island. He was elected Attorney of Hall County in 1886. From 1896 to 1900 he was Mayor of Grand Island. In 1890 he was a candidate for congress. In politics he is a democrat and was a delegate at large to the National Convention in 1892, 1896, 1900 and 1904. He was the fusion candidate for Governor of Nebraska in 1902. On September 27, 1879 he was married to Miss Nettie I. Hutchison and they have two sons and one daughter. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Grand Island College and has been since its organization.

      HENRY ALLAN was born in Scotland, February 14, 1858. In 1880 he came to Hall county, Nebraska and his trade is that of a machinist. His parents were John and Margaret Allan. From 1888 until 1899 he held the position of Deputy Clerk of the District Court, and from 1899 to the present time has been Clerk of the District Court. He is affiliated with the Republican party.

      S. N. TAYLOR was born at Sullivan, Illinois in 1861. In 1880 he removed to Cincinnati, where he remained eighteen months. He served in Troop S, United States Fourth Cavalry for five years. In 1886 he came to Wood River, Nebraska and there engaged in the harness business. He was City Marshal of Wood River from 1892 to 1897, when he became Sheriff of Hall County. He is a member of the Republican party.

      DAN H. FISHBURN was born in Belle Fonte, Pennsylvania, February 18, 1870. He removed to Grand Island in 1882 with his parents, where he has since resided. He received his education in the Grand Island public schools, having graduated from the High




School. His vocation has been that of a teacher and he is now serving as County Superintendent of Public Instruction, being a member of the Populist party.

      F. E. SLUSSER was born in Monroe, Jasper County, Iowa, July 11, 1868, where he lived until 1886, when he came to Wood River, Nebraska. He has since made Wood River his home and is engaged in the banking business at that place. He is a member of the Republican party and was elected Treasurer of Hall County on that ticket.

      J. L. SCHAUPP is a native of Iowa, having been born in Jackson county, May 22, 1867 of German parentage. From there he removed with his parents to Hall County, where he has since made his home. For eight years he was ticket clerk for the Burlington Railroad Company and prior to this time worked in his father's Roller Mills at Grand Island. He is a member of the Republican party and is now the Clerk of Hall County.

      J. H. MULLIN is a native of Iowa, having been born in Des Moines County in 1851. When thirteen years of age he removed with his parents to Iowa City, where he went through the High School and Iowa University Law School, afterwards practicing law until his coming to Nebraska in 1879. In Grand Island he entered the business of book-dealer. He is a member of the Democratic party and is now occupying the office of County Judge of Hall county.

      R. R. HORTH, serving his second term as County Attorney of Hall county, was born in New Albion, New York, April 16, 1863, from whence his parents came to Hall County, Nebraska in 1872, where his father took a homestead and has since resided. He graduated from the Law Department of the University of Michigan in 1885 and was admitted to the bar the same year. Mr. Horth is associated with the Republican party and was City Attorney of Grand Island for three terms. He married Miss May Castiday, of Rawlins, Wyoming, in 1888.

      C. A. BALDWIN was born in Green County, New York, May 5, 1835. In 1861 he removed to Independence, Iowa, in 1865 to Bushnell, Illinois and to Nebraska in 1885, engaging in the occupation of contractor and builder. Mr. Baldwin comes of New England stock, his mother's people having come to New England in the second ship that landed at Plymouth, in March 1621, and his father's family having settled in Connecticut about 1630. He has been County Surveyor of Hall County from 1889 to 1895 and also since 1901. He is City Engineer for Grand Island as well.

      DAVID ACKERMAN was born in Pennsylvania, December 8, 1847, of German parentage. In 1874 he came to Nebraska. He is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and is a druggist by profession. He is associated with the Republican party and has held several offices. Mr. Ackerman has been Chairman of the Republican Central Committee, County Coroner from 1882 to 1886, County Clerk from 1886 to 1894 and is at present the Assessor of Hall County.


      At the time when the old "Pike's Peak" and "Mormon" trails were being traveled constantly, several ranches were established for the purpose of trade with the emigrants. The first white man in Hamilton County was David Millspaw, who occupied one of these ranches in 1861. The overland stage coach began running in 1863, and a relay station, called Prairie Camp, was put up. The first actual settlement was made in Blue Valley near the southern boundary by Jarvie Chaffee and George Hicks. Mr. Chaffee's dugout had the honor of being the first residence in the county. The first frame house was built in 1870 by F. H. Clark. A grandson of David Millspaw, the earliest resident, was the first child born in Hamilton County. The first schoolhouse was built of logs, each settler furnishing one log. Miss Jennie Laurie was the first teacher, and her school was composed of ten pupils. She was paid by subscriptions of money or wheat, whichever was most convenient. The school children of the county now number 5,115. The county seat was located at Orville until 1873. After hard fighting during five elections Aurora finally became county seat, at which time she contributed a good courthouse at her own expense. Her population is 1,921. The pursuits of the people are mostly agricultural. The soil looks like dark garden earth, and has



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a clay and silt subsoil. The Blue River in the south furnishes mill power the entire year, and the Platte borders the north. The streams in the eastern part are quite thickly timbered. Fruits, grains and grasses of all kinds flourish, especially in this county.

      C. A. COATS was born in Alleghany County, New York, March 11, 1847. He removed from New York to Pennsylvania, then to Illinois and came to Nebraska in 1879, settling in Aurora in 1902. For a time he was a private in Company H of the Eighth Illinois Cavalry. He has held several offices, having been on the town board, school board and was census enumerator in 1890 and 1900. He was elected County Judge on the Republican ticket. During his residence at Stockham he was Postmaster for eight years.

      FRED JEFFERS is a native of Illinois, having been born in Pike County, August 24, 1870. from whence he removed to Hamilton County and engaged in farming and school teaching. He received his education in the public schools and went to College in York, Nebraska, for a short time. He has been elected Clerk of the District Court by the People's Independent party.

      J. W. MARVEL was born in Vermillion County, Illinois, November 29, 1875. At the age of three years he removed with his parents to Southern Kansas and in 1890, when his education was completed, he came to Hamilton County, where he has since remained, teaching school and farming. He is a graduate of the Lincoln Normal School. He is affiliated with the Democratic party and has been elected County Clerk on that ticket.

      J. H. EDMONDSON is a native of Pennsylvania, having been born in Blair County, 1858, where he lived until he became of age, when he came to Nebraska, which state he has since made his home. During the years 1900 and 1901 he was representative in the lower house, has been County Judge four years, Mayor of Aurora two terms, and County Attorney, which position he now holds. He was elected on the Populist ticket.

     JOHN A. WOODARD was born in Henry County, Illinois, August 5, 1875, son of Dr. D. S. Woodard, member of the Illinois Legislature. In 1880 he came to Hampton, Nebraska, with his parents, and in 1897 settled at Aurora. He was educated at the Fremont Normal College and the University of Nebraska. He has

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