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Picture or sketchden to the United States about 1867 and homesteaded in Saunders County, Nebraska, in 1869 The family went to Loup County in 1882, where the father took a tree claim. Mr. Johnson received his education in the Fremont Normal College and the State University of Nebraska, and taught in Loup County before he was elected County Superintendent, He is a Republican and was Deputy Postmaster at Taylor, Nebraska. Mr. Johnson was married to Miss Viola Newbecker of Taylor in 1903. He was a member of Company F of the Third Nebraska Volunteers in the Spanish-American War and went to Florida with the regiment.

      G. A. EVANS was born November 26, 1863, in Madison County, Iowa, where he received his education in the public schools. He came to Nebraska and located in Loup County in 1886 and took a homestead in 1890. He was married to Miss Nettie Hooper of Loup County in 1890 and they have four daughters. Mr. Evans is a member of the People's Independent party and has served the public as Road Supervisor, Deputy Sheriff and is now serving his second term as Sheriff of Loup County.

      R. S. SCOFIELD was born March 21, 1871, in O'Brien County, Iowa. His parents moved to Brownville, Nebraska, in 1873. His father served in the Civil War in an Indiana regiment for three years. Mr. Scofield was educated in the Brownville and Nemaha High Schools and was the founder and editor of the "Johnson News" of Johnson, Nebraska, which he published for ten years. He was married in 1892



to Miss M. Melissa Minick of Nemaha, Nebraska, and they have one son and one daughter. Mr. Scofield settled in Loup County in 1901 and is editor of the Loup County News. He is serving his first term as County judge, having been elected by the Fusionists.

      G. S. HENRY was born April 17, 1873, in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, and removed to Adair County, Iowa, in 1877. Came to Loup County, Nebraska, February 21, 1884. Mr. Henry received his education in the schools at Cromwell and Fontanelle, Iowa, and the district schools of Loup County, Nebraska. He was married May 26, 1904, to Miss Myrtle B. Messersmith of Taylor, Nebraska. He is a Republican in politics and is serving his first term as Clerk of Loup County. His father served in a Pennsylvania regiment during the Civil War from 1863 to 1865.

      H. E. CARTER was born in Elmore, Vermont, January 22, 1848. He was educated in the People's Academy at Morrisville, Vermont, and came to Nebraska in 1885. By profession he is a lawyer, and in 1878 and 1879 was State's Attorney for Caledonia County, Vermont, and in 1880 and 1881 was a representative in the Vermont Legislature. From 1886 to 1892 he was Attorney for Loup County, which office he is filling at the present time. In 1896 he was Mayor of Tekamah, Nebraska.

      L. M. MOULTON was born in Woodford County, Illinois, November 19, 1839. He came to Franklin County, Nebraska, in 1871 and was one of the founders of Bloomington. Nebraska. In 1883 he moved to Loup County. He graduated from Eureka College of Woodford County, Illinois, in 1860, admitted to the bar in Nebraska June 4 1874. In May, 1861, he married Miss Permelia Clingman of Woodford County, Illinois. Mr. Moulton enlisted in Company B of the Eleventh Illinois Infantry in September of 1861, but was discharged. He enlisted again in 1864 and served until the close of the war and was a participant in the Mobile campaign. In Illinois he served as Police Judge and District Prosecuting Attorney, and was Judge of Franklin County, Nebraska, two terms; also served as Judge and Attorney of Loup County, two terms in each office.

      L. Q. BAILS was born near Charlestown, Illinois, July 13, 1865. In 1878 his parents moved to Sarpy County, Nebraska, where they lived until 1890, when they settled in Loup County. His father was a mechanic in an Illinois regiment during the Civil War. Mr. Bails homesteaded in Western Nebraska in 1886 and now owns a farm near Burwell, Nebraska. He was educated in the public schools of Nebraska and the Fremont Normal College of Fremont, Nebraska. He is a Populist and served two terms as Treasurer of Loup County.

      A. S. MOON was born in Schuyler County, New York, December 13, 1857, received his education in the public schools and at the Seminary of Starkey, New York. He came to what is now Loup County, Nebraska, in 1877, then unorganized territory. He studied law at Taylor, Nebraska, under the instruction of attorneys of Ord, Nebraska, and was admitted to the bar in 1887. Politically, he is a Republican, and has been County Superintendent of Loup County and County Attorney for two terms.

      J. RUSHO, one of the oldest settlers of Loup County, farmer and business man, located in 1877, one hundred miles from Grand Island, then the nearest town. The town of Taylor was laid out by Mr. Rusho in November, 1883. He was born May 23, 1850, in West Bend, Wisconsin; moved to Rice Lake, Minnesota, in 1863, and then to Nebraska. He received his education in the public schools and Milton Academy of Rock County, Wisconsin. Mr. Rusho was married, October 8, 1872, to Miss Josephine Murry of Delavan, Minnesota, and they are the parents of nine children, eight of whom are still living.

     W. A. CLARK was born May 12, 1854, on a farm at Walnut Postoffice, Pennsylvania, where he received his education in the public schools. He went to Illinois in 1855 and returned to Pennsylvania in 1865 and later came to Nebraska, where he is engaged in farming. He is a member of the People's Independent party and is serving as Treasurer of Loup County.

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