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cated in Indiana, St. Joseph, Missouri and the Peru State Normal. He is a member of the Democratic party and has filled several offices, Assessor, City Clerk, County Clerk, Register of Deeds and Clerk of the District Court, which poistion (sic) he still holds.

      JOHN HOSSACK was born in Wills County, Ohio, November 3, 1852. His parents came from Scotland. In 1857 they removed to Illinois, in 1858 to Iowa and the following year to Nebraska and located in Richardson County. They were travelling along the Pike's Peak trail through this county when they stopped to rest their animals and so determined to locate permanently. When John was three years old his mother died and when twelve, his father died. He is now in his third term as Sheriff of Richardson County and resides at Falls City. His politics are Republican. In 1874 he married Mary Sinclair and they have four sons and four daughters.

      JOHN HINTON is Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, serving his second term. He was born April 10, 1839 in England, whence he came with his parents to America in 1842. He lived in New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, before coming to Nebraska in 1872. He located at Falls City and is one of the early settlers of that section. His occupation is milling. He was married February 20, 1865 and has one son living in Falls City. He is a Republican.



      H. C. BARTON was born March 4, 1867, in Will County, Illinois. He received a public school education and when a boy his parents moved to Kansas. After a residence of four years there he went to Missouri and in 1894 came to Nebraska, where he has been engaged in the poultry business. He was married October 8, 1902 to Myrtelle Morgan. He is a member of the Democratic party and is serving his first term as Mayor of Falls City.


      Rock County is one of the newest additions to Nebraska counties, having been organized in 1888. It has a population of 2,809, and an area of 1,056 square miles. Bassett, the county seat, has a population of 270 people. The surface is composed of a plain, sand hills and valleys. A few canyons are found. The soil is dark and sandy and a little over half of it is tillable. The water supply is composed of the Niobrara and a great many small streams and lakes. There is a comparatively, small crop acreage, the raising of live stock being the principal occupation. Potatoes. wheat, oats and corn are raised to some extent, but hay is the principal crop. The market of sheep is greater than that of any other live stock. Land has increased 50 per cent in value recently, and there is a large demand for ranch land at present. There is some vacant government land. The county has two flour and grist mills. In the majority of schools, the terms last from six to nine months. There are 59 districts and 55 school houses. The entire school property is valued at $25,612.55 and 50 of the districts own their own textbooks. There are 1,151 children of school age in the county.

      G. D. MARSH was born in Ohio, January 2, 1861. In 1870 his parents hometseaded (sic) in Rock County, Nebraska, where they have made their permanent home since He was married to Miss Mary Artus in 1900 and they have two daughters. Mr. Marsh is a Republican and is serving his first term as Sheriff of Rock County, having previously been Deputy Sheriff for six years.

      GEORGE M. HOPKINS was born in Bear Grove, Iowa, October 16, 1866. Was educated in the Peoria high school, the Normal School of Valparaiso, Indiana and the Western Normal College of Shenandaoh (sic), Iowa. In 1890 he took a homestead in Rock County and was married October 9, 1894 to Miss Laura Green of Kirkwood. He is a member of the Republican party and is serving his third term as Superintendent of Rock County.

      P. H. DAVIS was born September 5, 1879, in Corning, Iowa, where he graduated from the high school. In July, 1899, he came to Newport, Nebraska, where he is engaged in the banking business and resided until he was elected Clerk of Rock County. He was married September 10, 1902, to Miss Cora N. Berry of Rock Rapids, Iowa, and was elected on the Democratic ticket in a Republican county, in 1903.

      C. H. PATCH was born in Massachusetts. March 1, 1848 and in 1855 went to Illinois with his parents. He graduated from the Bryant & Stratton Business College of Davenport, Iowa, in 1869. He was married in 1872 but his wife died a short time after their marriage and in 1876 he married Miss Orilla E. Carpenter of Michigan. In 1890 he came to Rock County, Nebraska, and as a member of the Republican party was elected Treasurer of Rock County.

      E. OLSON is a native of Sweden, the date of his birth being June 24, 1871. He came to America with his parents and settled in Rock County, Nebraska, in 1881. He received his education in the public schools of Rock County and the Luther Academy of Wahoo, Nebraska. He was married to Miss Carrie Good of Rock County in 1901 and they have one son. He is a member of the Republican party and is serving his third term as Judge of Rock County.

     JOHN C. RUPERT was born in Clarion County,. Pennsylvania, December 5, 1846. When the Civil War broke out he enlisted and served over three years, being one of the youngest soldiers in the war from his native state. He was married to Miss Susan Davis in 1866 and they have five children. Mr. Rupert settled in Rock County, Nebraska, in 1874, is a member of the Republican party and is one of the County Commissioners of Rock County.

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