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Picture or sketch

Top row:
Chas I. Norris, J. L Young, Chas. Marshall, Geo. L. Shelton, George Meredith, M. A. Hall, R. B. Howell.

2nd row: Chas. L. Saunders, Joseph Hall,
---- larger images: John H. Mickey, Gov. and E. G. McGilton, Lt. Gov ----
Wm P. Warner, James T. Brady.

3rd row: W. B. Reynolds, J. M. Alden ---- W. A. Way, C. J. Coffee.

4th row: W. C. Brown, M. L. Fries ---- Aaron Wall, J. H. Umstead

5th row: Shelby Hastings, Richard O'Niell ----- P. F. Beghtol, L. M. Pemberton

6th row: C. B. Anderson, W. H. Jennings
---- larger images: W. H. Harrison, pres pro temp and A. R. Keim, sec. -----
Robert J. Sloan, J. M. Cox.

Bottom row:
George L. Day, J. C. Hedge, Frank A. Dean, D. S. Hasty, W. D. Giffen;
Joseph H. Preggen?, Chaplain; Wm. M. Wheeler, (title not legible)

Note: As the names are handwritten & small print, most spellings are open to interpretation.

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