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  "What a cover! Why, I never heard of such a thing!" We knew you hadn't, so we got this kind.
  "The idea of putting our pictures in the back of the book!" Of course we regret this, but we didn't feel that we could put you all on the cover.
  "Look how they cut down the space on organizations." We're glad you see it. We have endeavored to put out an interesting book, not a catalogue, illustrated.
  "It's a dirty trick to cartoon a fellow that way." Popularity has its price.
  "Those slang descriptions and sketches are a disgrace to a college publication." If they get you mad, just think how we feel.
  "There is n't a single color plate in the book." Funny, but we had noticed that ourselves; after glimpsing at those halftones and zincs, what do you say?
  "It is n't worth two dollars." Neither is a diamond, but think what one sells for.
  "The shape is awfully clumsy." Do n't say that, please. We are just as sensitive about our shape as you are about yours.
  "I see the staff pictures are all in the front of the book." The engine usually heads the train. Are we not right?
  "It seems to me that this book is too hard on the Faculty." Is that so? We hadn't supposed it possible. But do n't you forget that they like a joke as well as the next one - and besides they are used to it.
  "A lot of these frat snaps are rotten." We are in no position to agree to or deny this, but if they are, lay it on the gang. We had to take what they gave us.
  "Why, they left out the Company pictures." We did. And it cost us good round money to do it; but since it saved every cadet the price of a laugh at the Orpheum, what are you kicking at?
  "Our class history has been left out." Right again, Mr. Mule. Wait until you have made a little history before you expect to see it in print.
  And we do n't have to apologize for the paper we use. just take a slant at it, and if it does n't rest, satiate, alleviate, and satisfy the human eye, better see Engberg, for you surely are in need of a change and a rest.



Picture/label or sketch

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