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When our college days are over,
   When tomorrow kills today
What will be the recollections
   That will never pass away?
It won't he our Greek and Latin.
   Mathematics, bot., or chem.,
That will bring the fondest memories
   Of the old school once again.

It won't be the stern professor
   Killing joy and mocking fun;
But our memories will be turning
   To the foolish things we've done.
To the pranks we've played in college
   To the funny things we've said.
You and I will oft remember
   When the town was "painted red."

And the friends we've left behind us,
   Chums and sweethearts of the past,
Quickly vanish in the future
   And are memories at last.
When our college days are over.
   When tomorrow kills today.
These will be the recollections
   That will never pass away.


Sept. 19. Registration for the best year ever,
Sept. 20. The greener the sooner. Hordes of
    Frosh encumber the campus.
Sept. 21. Old Timers marvel at the high beauty
    average of the new crop of co-eds. Several
    bachelors of years standing put on white
    collars and patronize beauty parlors.
Sept. 22. First blood. Tony meets Willa at the
    train. Consternation in the bachelors quarters.
Sept. 23. All the frats assert that the rushing rules
    are not being broken. Dr. Lees acknowledges
    the fact.

Sept. 24. Spooning day. Old affairs of last
    spring again re-opened.
Sept. 25. Coach Stiehm trots his cohorts on
    the new sod gridiron.
Sept. 26. Oh such a hand-shaking. Seems like
    every one we ever knew has come back to
Sept. 27. Yates besieged by cripples, who are
    incapacitated for drill.
Sept. 28. Rushing season. Open season for
    Freshmen and other rare birds.
Sept. 29. Ed Field takes his first pledge.
Sept. 30. Same old story--John Uhl mistaken
    for the Chancellor.

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Oct. 2. President Taft. Uni Cadets extinguish themselves as special police. "Jerry"
   Warner returns and enters college.
Oct. 3. Ed. Fields announces that he has chosen Beta Theta Pi. One hundred and fifty
   others also pledged. Varsity wallops Frosh in first practice game of season.
Oct. 5. Hawley's Howling Hundred ? ? ? ? ? ? "Pink" Holmes is caught sleeping
   on the job, and Guthrie is elected Senior President by the Engineering College.
Oct. 7. Kearney Normal 0, Varsity and some others 117. Co-eds go Hawley one
Oct. 9. All the Beta Freshmen come to college at once. The Rag complains of the
   crowded condition of the campus.
Oct. 11, Clayte Radcliffe and the D. U.'s win junior election.
Oct. 12. Yates establishes an indoor rifle range, and the Yates Rifles begin shooting
   for high scores. Cutright elected Soph President.
Oct. 14. Kansas Aggies go down to defeat, 57-0. Geo. Racely makes four
   touchdowns in six attempts to carry the ball.
Oct. 15. The Uni men are Mercerized.
Oct. 16. Board of control decides to send the Band to Minneapolis.
Oct. 17. Bob McFarlane elected Freshman President.
Oct. 18. Tri-Delts are burgled. One man in the house that was NOT wanted. Varsity
   holds secret practice. Chancellor Avery goes to Minneapolis a day early to get a
   good seat for the game. Tate Matters comes back to show the boys how it is done
   at old Hahvahd.
Oct. 19. The team is off. Much straining of lungs and pocketbooks. Jack Farley goes
   with them in an unofficial capacity and strictly incog. Band heads German
   parade. Phi Delts are burgled, and lose their dress suit.
Oct. 20. All gone but the dog. Buck and Van Dusen decide to "bum their way."
Oct. 21. "'Tis true 'tis pity, and pity 'tis 'tis true. Owen Frank makes the highest
    priced field goal on record.
Oct. 23. Bob Switzler and Co. prefer the Blind, but get through all right and all coal
   dust. Coe Buchanan missing.
Oct. 24. A few more freights come in. Most of the boys are now back, but Buchanan
   still missing. A co-ed inquires why the band boys have eggs in their hair.
Oct. 25. Coe Buchanan returns via Chicago. C
ORNHUSKER staff announced.
Oct. 26. Missouri special to Rag announces that the Tigers are after our Nanny.
Oct. 27. Sophs put a flag on U. Hall. The Laws enjoy the fight, all except Prof.
Oct. 30. First case of sore eyes reported. Dr. Engberg advises complete rest.
   Alumni contribute to $200 fund to send Band to Ames. Lincoln business men
   and Athletic Board raise additional $199.70 to complete it.


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Nov. 1. Hap Halligan comes to classes. New Yorkers form Knickerbocker Club.
   Owen Frank a cripple! ? Mystic Mugs listen to Chief Justice Reese.
Nov. 2. Fred Hunter organizes a football team at Farm. Ruth Rhinehart boasts of
   having missed the "Sentimental Age." Roy Temple held to a tie in a game of
   Matrimony. Rowly Thomas organizes a mandolin club.
Nov. 3. Off for Ames. Dierks reports expenses of trip as 5.5 cents. Sam Buck says
   it cost him $55.
Nov. 4. Score-One for the Red Rose Company. Case of Nebraska v. Ames hung
   up by jury. Soft pedal in the private car.
Nov. 5. Case of McGowan v. C. R. I. & P. R. R. decided against Beany. Fine,
   $1.10. Omaha is shocked and surprised at the osculatory exhibit put up by the
ORNHUSKER squad and friends at the Union depot.
Nov. 7. Chorus from Ames, Kansas, and Missouri, with response from Minnesota,
   "Oh Shonka, How Roughly You Play."
Nov. 8. Sororities in council assembled decide to abolish "tubbing." No remarks,
   please. Chancellor Avery reports from Boise, Idaho, en route to address the
   anniversary assembly of the University of Washington at Seattle.
Nov. 9. Omaha club formed "To Boost Nebraska." Dana VanDusen serves second
   term as master of ceremonies of the Military Ball.
Nov. 10. Annual interclass football games. Senior., lose to juniors in the cark, and
   Soph-Fresh game results in scoreless tie.
Nov. 11. Blizzard. Nebraska 27, Doane O. Stiehm looks worried.
Nov. 12. Chancellor Avery returns from Pacific. Jack Farley has a new suit.
Nov. 13. Peanut Hill decides to favor only those sororities that serve "eats."
Nov. 15. Torchlight parade announced. Chancellor Avery announces policy of
   "gentlemanly cheering," and advocates the "cussless victory."
Nov. 16. Football and cross-country teams leave for Jayhawk Land. Hundreds of
   students reserve space beneath berths and between chairs in the train. Beany
   McGowan's legs too long. The porter trips and Beany has to pay his fare.
   Special train also liberally patronized.
Nov. 17. Waiting.
Nov. 18. Watching.
Nov. 19. Celebrating. Kansas 0000000, Nebraska 29.
Nov. 20. Now for Michigan. Dana Vandusen announces that Co-eds may attend
ORNHUSKER banquet following the game.
Nov. 21. Peanut Hill effervesces in song, through the columns of the Rag. The Rag    announces the second consecutive Missouri Valley Championship as the lot of
   Shonka & Co.
Nov. 22. Wolverine alumni decide to join with C
ORNHUSKERS in joint banquet to
   the two teams at the Auditorium following the game. Commercial Club decorates    the village with Michigan and Nebraska Pennants.
Nov. 24. Michigan Rally. All there but six. "We must beat Michigan."


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Dec. 4. Back again. Turkey gives way to bacon and beans. Still talking of the
   Michigan game.

Dec. 5. Governor Aldrich has a word to say about University fees. Sixteen men
   receive the football honor "N."

Dec. 8. Nebraska-Iowa debate. Crape for the ship subsidy question.

Dec. 12. Missouri Valley Champs guests of thirty Lincoln business men. Some feed
   and -- Oh, but that punch! Jerry Warner elected football captain. Gold footballs
   voted to the Champs.

Dec. 13. What has become of Jerry?

Dec. 14. Omaha Alumni banquet Stiehm and his huskies in the Metropolis. The eats
   were defeated.

Dec. 15. Sororities adopt second semester pledging rule. "Rag" announces Nebraska
   has 1,800 Co-eds. And soon it will be leap year!!!

Dec. 16. Stiehm asked to suggest change in football rules. Recall of decision of
   referee Hinchey suggested. Military Ball. Some Hop!!

Dec. 17. Last chance for the men before vacation and leap year.

Dec. 18. Cast for the junior play announced. Booths and Russells disgruntled.

Dec. 20. Y. M. C. A. announces cafeteria soon to be opened. Band banquets on the
   fat of the land.

Dec. 21. Off to hang up the hosiery.


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 Jan. 2. Snowed under. Only a few of the best of us got back.
Jan. 3. 20o below, and all the water pipes bursted. Elopment in Greekdom. Ralph
   Kissinger and June Troxel married in St. Joe.
Jan. 4. Fijis, Phi Psis, and Alpha Phis at mercy of plumbers. No fire, no water, no
Jan. 5. Basketball begins in earnest.
Jan. 6. Glee Club finally organized. No more peace in the Temple.
Jan. 7. Sigma Chis have a fire. No damage and some of them get warm for first time
   this winter. "'Tis an ill wind"?
Jan. 10. Senior Prom. date announced. Nervous prostration epidemic in Sorority
Jan. 11. Higher Art exhibition in the Art Museum. How we envy the fellow with the
   longer neck. We must rubber and blush from afar.
Jan. 12. First basketball game. Nebraska 42, Ames 24. Crape again, Aggies.
   Contract let for Plant Industry building at Farm Campus.
Jan. 13. Dramatic Club Hams in action. The "Amazons" routed. Another yard of
   mourning for the Hawkeye basket shooters.
Jan. 16. Prof. Hoffman takes a shot at a Crane in convocation.
Jan. 17. "Sterilized Water" for the studes. Typhoid fever epidemic at its height.
Jan. is. Law student succumbs to brain fever due to carrying 22 hours. Sam Buck
   and Hap Halligan worried.
Jan. 19. Our elders trip the light fantastic. Senior Prom. night. "Half a leg--
   half a leg-?"
Jan. 20. Every one sleeps till noon. Just thirty days since the sun has shone.
ORNHUSKER staff frolic at A. T. O. house.
Jan. 21. More sleep, more cat, more cold.
Jan. 22. Colder than ever.
Jan. 23. Still colder.
Jan. 24. Chicago man gets into Dog for fifty--. Claims a patent on goal posts and
   blue sky.
Jan. 26. Band concert. Only room for 600 more. Basketball team leaves for
Jan. 27. First Frat basketball. A slaughter of the innocents; makes football look like a
   parlor pastime.
Jan. 28. Colder than --.
Jan. 29. The University grows. Lincoln kindergarten affiliated. The soaking towel
   and midnight oil now make the student's brain to boil; from dawn till dark he
   needs must cram to pass the middle sem. exams.


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