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The Spirit of Track 1911

   THE track season of 1911 is somewhat a matter of history, but the sprit which pervades a track season is always new and yet ever old. The hard grind of early training with its bandaged ankles, stiff limbs, sore backs and dizziness from over-exertion, is a thing never to be forgotten by the follower of the cinder path. It is the same cry of "no pastry," "no smoking." "no late dates" each season. It is a sport where it is either clean living or defeat. Nebraska track athletes during 1911, though not winners of the Missouri Valley title, had one of the best all-around teams in the Valley. We had a live wire of a coach in Osmond Field, and he turned out a scrappy team under the leadership of Captain Reed. It was as clean a bunch of athletes as ever represented a college that fought Amos, Kansas, and Minnesota. Though they were not always victorious they proved themselves to be one of the best all-around teams in the Valley. Captain Reed and Anderson were the individual stars of the season. Both did such superior work that western critics have accorded them a place on the Olympic team to represent the United States in Stockholm during the summer of 1912. The entire team deserves a place in the memory of Nebraska students as one of the pluckiest that ever fought under the Scarlet and Cream.



100 yard dash--Christmas first, May second, time, 10 2/5.

220 yard dash--Reed first, Christmas second, time, 22 2/5.

440 yard dash--Reed first, Amberson second, time, 50 4/5.

880 yard dash--Anderson first, Becker second, time, 2:01.

One mile run--Anderson first, time. 4:46.

120 yard hurdles--Russell first, time, 17 2/1).

Shot put--Collins first, 38 ft. 9 in.

Discus throw--Collins first, 119 ft. 8 in. (New record).

Pole vault--Lindstrum first, Russell second, 9 ft. 8 in.

Broad jump--Munson first, 20 ft. 11 3/5 in.

1/2 mile relay--Nebraska won, time, 1:35 3/5.

One mile relay--Nebraska won, time, 3:37 3/5.


100 yard dash-May first, time, 10 2/5.

220 yard dash-Reed first, time, 22 1/5.

440 yard dash-Reed first, Amberson second, time, 51 1/5.

880 yard dash-Anderson first, Becker second, time, 2:02 3/5.

One mile run--Anderson second. best time, 4:44 3/5.

120 yard hurdles--Russell second, best time, 16 1/5.

220 yard hurdles--Powers first, time, 27.

1 mile relay-Nebraska won, time, 3:33 3/5.

Pole vault--Russell and Lindstrum tie for second, 11 ft. 1 1/2 in.

Discus throw--Harmon first, Collins second, 115 ft. 2 in.

High jump-Russell and Christmas tie for second, 5 ft. 9 in.

Shot put-Collins second, best distance, 37 ft. 2 in.

Broad jump--Munson second, best distance, 19 ft. 91/2 in.



220 yard dash--Reed first, time, 21 4/5. (New record).

440 yard dash--Reed first, time, .50. (New record).

One mile run--Anderson first, time, 4:34.

Two mile run--Anderson first, time, 10:07. (New record).

120 yard hurdles--Russell first, time, 18 2/5.

220 yard hurdles--Powers first, Russell second, time, 27.

Shot put--Collins second, best distance, 38 ft. 4 7/8 in.

Pole vault--Lindstrum first, height 11 ft.

Hammer throw--Collins first, Harmon second, distance, 130 ft. 4 3/4 in.

High jump--Russell second, height, 5 ft. 7 in.

Broad jump--Munson second, distance, 21 ft. 5 in.


100 yard dash--Reed second, May third, time, 10 flat.

220 yard dash--Christmas second, time. 22 flat.

440 yard dash-Reed first, Amberson second, time 50. (New record).

One mile run--Anderson first, time, 4:26. (New record).

One mile relay--Nebraska won.

Half mile relay-Nebraska won, time, 1:31. (New record).

Results: Missouri 1st, Kansas 2d, Nebraska 3d.

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Cross-country Team
Top Row -- Boggs, Dr. Clapp (Coach), Swanson.
Bottom Row -- Cales, Anderson (Captain), Kennedy, Slater.

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