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UNL, 1912 Yearbook

Picture/label or sketch
The Cornhusker Staff
(Spare our blushes--we want to get into print.)

The Cornhusker staff are so modest
They really won't tell of their art,
So in a few lines we'll endeavor
To show them to you--just in part.

Of course we must start with VanDusen,
You know he's the head of "the works."
No matter how others are "sluffing"
Our Dana's the boy who ne'er shirks.

"Walt Mason" must give it to "Peanut"
On rhymes 'bout the weather and school,
Sam Buck is just grand--he's our jokester;
He's also an expert at--dominoes.

There's Davies with his explanation,
He uses this standard excuse.
"I'll get this one in by tomorrow."
Van scolds him, but what is the use?

Ruth Munger with Peanut is happy
When as his stenog. she can serve.
And speaking of "bench work" in public,
They beat all the rest for pure nerve.

There's Graves. who you know never hastens,
He takes his own time to his work.
To help him with his enterprises
He really should have his own clerk.

Here's Coffee. For him we're all working,
Yes, he is the man with the "dough."
And Mosely? Poor Mosely has left us,
For Van said all sluffers must go.

Friend Holmes runs the "Rag" from our office;
He's got a bright head, there's no doubt.
And Hargrave, he, too, is a wonder,
There's no one he don't know about.

Bob Ferguson sits in the corner
With Laura Jean Libby, and sighs
To think that no damsel will listen
To songs which he writes to her eyes.

See Sweeley? Next year he'll be "bossing."
He's learning the ropes now, you know.
Miss Branson must see that the artists
Work right and do things with a go.

Miss Yates, like a bee, is ne'er idle.
She's working from morning to night.
This dope that is in the Cornhusker--
She's confident that it's all right.

There's many a one we've omitted,
There's lots of them who have gone free.
But wisdom and wit and much talent
Are present, you'll have to agree.

Belated springtime

   Where is the fresh and balmy Spring we usually have right now; where are the larks that sweetly sing on the elm tree's leafy bough? Oh where is the ripple of the brook, and fragrant blossoms there; oh where is the cool and shady nook, far from the city, and its care? Alas, the snow is drifted deep, and it till comes drifting down; the blossoms all are still asleep, for the fields are white all 'round. Though winter long has passed away, the real Spring's slow to 'pear. Oh, what is the reason for delay; don't you think it's queer?

A Bona Fide Letter from Michigan

SpacerAnn Arbor, Mich.
SpacerNov. 27, 1911.

Dear Stewed:--
   Now isn't that Hell? I have got to give it to Nebraska though for playing great football. Didyougeton a big sousethat night,, you and Upde or were you so all-fired busy writing up your stories?
   I am sorry I could'nt get you some good dope last week but things were so blamed busy Ididn't have time to turn around. Didyou get my wire D.P.R.?Ididn't get the dope until that morning.
   This is ahell of a job,trying to typewritewhen you don'tknow a damn about it.Iwill try to do a little better next time though. Will send done any good dope that comes. Hope things are coming nicely with you and Upde. Drop me a line now and then.
SpacerYours "Immer"
SpacerHappy Haviland.

A Co-ed at a Football Game

   Oh Gwendoline, dear,
   Aren't you glad we are here!
Don't your blood race along like a tide?
   I think it is glorious!
   Wish there were more of us,
Camped on the other side!
   Oh, look at the men
   They are rooting again.
Sketch or doodleSome one must be making a score.
   A touchdown, I guess,
   I 'in not sure, I confess.
I wonder which side it is for?
   Oh, Gwendoline, dear,
   Aren't you glad we are here!
Aren't you proud of our glorious school?
   The bleachers are going.
   The score? There's no knowing.
We've won; we do as a rule.
   Oh, there comes the team;
   Wave the scarlet and cream
Aren't they dear in their blankets of red?
   Oh, there starts the band.
   My, Isn't it grand?
That's Shonka, I think, ahead.
   Now look at them crouch
   Ain't that end man a slouch!
His sweater is torn down the back.
   Oh, look at them fight!
   I'm scared; it's a fright!
Now they're piled in a funny stack.

Found on A. M. (Mech. Arts Hall) Board, R. 211

If Conway is an old man is Ed Young,
If Dean Richards is a good man is Jack Best?
If Rudge & Guenzel sold a dress would Miller have a Paine,
If the building caught fire would chat burn? (Chatburn is a prof.)
If Prof. Mickey owes me 4 bits how much does Prof. Scipio?
If Prof. Davis is a gum-drop is Prof. Albert Candy?
When Gig got up a petition did Miss Ensign?
SpacerHurriedly yours,


Sketch or doodle

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