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hogs, $5.30.
   Henry Whitney won his law suit against the Continental Jewelry Co., and was given a judgement against the co. whose goods were not worth a continental. It is said all that glitters is not gold, which was true in this instance. Whitney's witnesses were Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Bouton, Miss Bertha Flaxal, Mr. George Pace, Harry Grant and James Roberts.

Dec. 31, 1908
   A little flower of the feminine kind came last week to cement and to bind in closer union, the father and mother, and also Freddie, her little brother, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Judevine. Now, may this little maiden so bright and so fair, that came into this home will drive away care, and bring in the sunlight with her face so rare, as she sits up to the table in her own high chair.

Dec. 31, 1908
   The old Leap Year of 1908 has about passed into history and has left in its place upon the matrimonial tree about two dozen young men - mostly wine saps - and about the same number of blushing maidens - also about a half dozen female lemons suitable to that number of lemon squeezers of the Siberian crab variety - old bachelors!!

   Geo. Bigger sold his barber shop.

   Will Needham - Fur buyer.
    Ed Hofrichter bought out Henry Lubker.
    D. C. Williams depot agent.
    Bellwood is now putting on city airs as they now have electric lights and they were used for the first time.

February 10, 1910
   An ordinance granting the right-of-way to A. T. Curtis of Bellwood, his successors assigned, through the streets and alleys of the Village of Bellwood, Nebraska, for the erection and maintenance of poles, wires for electric lighting and

power purposes and to regulate the same.
   This privately owned light plant served Bellwood until May 24,1921. At this time, the Village bought the power plant from A. T. Curtis for $1,250.00, and hired Mr. Curtis to run the plant for the Village. In 1928, the Village of Bellwood, contracted with the Iowa - Nebraska Power Co., to supply said Village and its occupants with electrical services. In 1941, the Consumer Public Power Co. was supplying electrical energy to our Village. Now we receive services from Nebraska Public Power District. This change over took place in 1971.
   The original Village of Bellwood was incorporated in the year of 1910. Then in December, 1922, legal steps were taken to incorporate the part south of town, commonly called: South Bellwood.
    April, 1923, south Bellwood was incorporated.
   In 1976, the Bell 3rd addition was annexed into the city limits. The Scholz addition was annexed in November, 1977. Trailer court. In 1978, extension of Bell Park was completed, including ball field, play equipment and picnic shelter.

   H. W. Buller who conducted a harness shop will leave for Nicaraugua, Central America, where he will be an assistant overseer for a banana plantation.
    Misses Paige and McCullough have sold Bellwood House to the Jewells.
    C. Meister sold his interest in the implement business to Ed Hofrichter.

   Phillip Smith purchased the Grimm general merchandise stock.
    F. C. Judevine purchased the D. M. Hudson building and hardware stock.
    Clarence Smith purchased the pool hall and bowling alley.
    Carl Jacobs purchased Ed Grisinger's store and stock for $3,000. 00. Mr. Hayek will run the business.
    O. A. Brandenburgh bought the store and stock of drugs from E. R. Roberts.



     Whitney's General Store 1904-1910. Henry Whitney, Millie Whitney, unknown, Guy Bouton and Julia Whitney.


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April 11, 1912
   On April 16, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Burch will celebrate their 50th anniversary. They came here 41 years ago from New York. They located then in what was known as Pepperville, later changed by Mr. Burch to Alexis after the Duke of Alexis who passed through here on a buffalo hunt. During those 41 years the Burch's have resided within five miles of Bellwood. They had charge of the Post Office for nearly 20 years.

June 21, 1912
   J. W. Smart - Fireworks and complete stock groceries, always fresh and clean.
    P. G. Smith - Seal of Minnesota flour, every sack guaranteed.
    J. W. Mitchell - Will pay highest market prices for cattle and hogs, honest weight.
    E. R. Roberts - Full line of fireworks at the drug store.
    Grays - Spring opening with special fashions.
    F. C. Judevine - Hardware, Stoves and Furniture.
    Bank of Bellwood - Walter Lloyd, Pres., Mrs. Hattie B. Lloyd, V. Pres., Jesse D. Bell, Cashier, Jasper S. Bell, Assistant Cashier.
    Fred Vrooman - Blacksmith Shop - located opposite the livery barn.

    J. M. Sauser's June discount sale including Lenox soap - 40 bars for $1. 00. - Gazette June 21, 1912

   June 21, 1912 - Dr. Gore left for his home at St. Joseph's, leaving Drs. Feldderman and McNally to care for the sick in Bellwood.

   Grand celebration at Bellwood, July 4th. A big fund has been raised, a band has been engaged and other attractions. About 5,000 are expected to come and help us celebrate. About 200 autos are looked for in the parade. $10.00 will be given for the best decorated auto and $5.00 second prize. As strangers will be here from miles around, let us all shine up and make our pretty little burg much prettier.

January 16, 1913
   Carl Holste is erecting a large platform on Frank Loomis ice pond and is arranging it so that he can supply all with ice.

February 6, 1913
   Civil Service examination will be held in Columbus for position of Postmaster in Bellwood. The salary is $868 per year.
    Ed Hofrichter has sold his implement business to Henry Lubker of David City. Mr. Lubker has rented the C. Meister implement house and will have a full line of farm equipment. W. H. Barklow will be manager.

February 13, 1913
   P. G. Smith has been appointed as rural carrier on Route 2 in place of B. Buffalo who has resigned.

April 10, 1913
   Mrs. G. W. Jewell has opened a millinery store.

May 20, 1913
   Henry Whitney has been appointed as Postmaster of Bellwood. He has rented a building west of the Bank for his Post Office.

May 22, 1913
   New fire bell has arrived and will soon be placed on a tower. The Village Clerk showed a balance of $548.27 on hand. on hand [sic].

October 23, 1913
   Bellwood High School football team defeated David City Y. M. A. Juniors 14-2. The Bellwood people should be proud of their athletic association. The constitution of the association forbids the use of cigarettes and any conduct that is ungentlemanly.

October 30, 1913
   At an early hour, the General Merchandise Store of J. M. Sauser was entered by burglars and were driven off by two

clerks, Matt Sauser and Herman Hosh. They had been sleeping in the store several nights to prevent it being burglarized. Three men entered the building with gunny sacks and were about to fill their sacks with merchandise when the clerks opened fire with seven shots at the thieves who returned fire. The burglars escaped in a buggy with no merchandise. Neither of the clerks were hurt. Blood hounds were brought from Beatrice and followed the trail to Columbus at a small house near the Brewery. It is thought the right parties have been secured at last.

December 25, 1913
   Dayton Smith sold his barber shop to Guy Green, son-in-law of A. Yanike.

January 6, 1914
   At 94 years of age, John Freeman, went to California and took his first ride in an electric car on a trip from Los Angeles to Redondo Beach.

January 29, 1914
   There was a good attendance at the dedication services of the new Baptist Church. Sermons were given by Rev. D. D. Proper of Omaha, Rev. Wilson Mills of Omaha and Rev. Fred Berry of Lincoln were at the three services.

March 5, 1914
   Mrs. H. Bouton and Mrs. T. Napier will open a millinery store. They will also do dress making.

March 13, 1914
   The muddy and deplorable condition of the streets was discussed. It was suggested the entire board take the matter of curbing, guttering, grading and graveling the main street up with the owners along main street. It was graded and graveled.

October 8, 1914
   Henry Hookstra had six watermelon that weighed 300 lbs. He received 1st and 2nd premiums at the County Fair.

October 22, 1914
   Mr. and Mrs. H. Closson have moved into the Wadsworth store and will have a lunch room and confectionary store.

January 12, 1915
   Gazette is 30 years old and never missed a publication.

March 11, 1915
   Movies two nights a week, the Bellwood Opera House by Jack Simmons.

April 7, 1915
   The matter of building a Band Stand in the park was presented to the Village Board.
    On July 6,1915, the Band Stand was built in the park with the help of the band organization.
    The Bellwood Band gave free concerts on Saturday evenings for the enjoyment of the Bellwood vicinity.
    In June of 1952, it was decided to sell the Band Stand to the highest bidder.

April 8, 1915
   Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGaffin have rented the Bellwood House, repaired it and new furniture installed. It will be open to the public this week.

May 27, 1915
   Charles Rumler, Burlington Station agent, has resigned.

June 17, 1915
   Iona Hornish was the winner of the prettiest baby in Bellwood or vicinity. She had a majority of 113,645 votes. She received a gold ring and her mother a 42 piece dinner set.

July 1. 1915
   Anton Cerny will open a 10 cent store in the Clarence Smith building on the east side.

November 11, 1915
   J. H. Rector, new station agent.


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November 23, 1915
   A. T. Curtis electric lighting plant and the building in which it was housed, belonging to the Village of Bellwood, burned at 5 a. m. Mr. Curtis valued the plant at $4,000 and had $2,000 insurance. There was no insurance on the building which was valued at $5,000. The 2nd floor was a meeting room and on the west side of the west floor was room in which the Village fire fighting apparatus was kept, most of which was saved.

   Heat from the fire broke windows in J. M. Sausers building. Also Dayton Smith's Barber Shop and A. Yanikes meat market.

   As a result of the fire the village is without street lighting and various homes which had electric lights are now lighted with kerosene lamps. The Gazette suggests the advisability of having an election to vote bonds for establishing a village water and light plant.

December 2, 1915
   A. T. Curtis has installed another electric lighting plant to replace the one destroyed by fire. It occupies part of Peter Powers implement house.
    Bellwood once more has protection from fire. The new pumping engine has arrived and has been installed on the site of the electric plant.

January 27, 1916
   Frank Beard, Jr., new assistant to railroad station agent.

February 8, 1916
   Voters of Bellwood will have an opportunity to vote on a proposition to issue bonds for establishing a water system for fire protection, etc. This will be on the ballot for regular village election on April 4.

February 17, 1916
   At the masquerade dance at the Bellwood Opera House on Febr. 3, the attendance was large with many original costumes. Prizes were won by Miss Isabel Selzer, Miss Rose Meinyer, Mrs. Marie Peck, Otto Selzer, John Marks and Alfred Peck. Music was by the Bellwood Orchestra.

March 9, 1916
   F. O. Requist has rented M. G. Hudsons store building and has moved his stock of goods into it.

April 20, 1916
   Mr. and Mrs. Royal Judevine have rented the Bellwood Hotel. Only breakfasts will be served.

June 8, 1916
   Work has begun on We new school building for St. Mary's Church, east of Bellwood. It will be a brick building and will cost $12,000. The cornerstone was laid on October 15.

June 22, 1916
   At the Bellwood school meeting reports show that the estimated cost to run the school next year will be $4,000.

June 29, 1916
   Clayton Smith sold his store building to W. C. Dargel for $1,000. Lester Lovelace sold his draying outfit to Claude Buffalo. Dr. Shriver sold his practice and business location to Dr. Matheny.

July 18,1916
   At a special meeting the bid for the installing of water works plant in Bellwood was awarded to Alamo Engine Supply Co. will be ready for use Nov. 9, 1916.

August 3, 1916
   Mrs. W. H. Barkalow rented the Bellwood Hotel from the Judevines.

December 5, 1916
   A box containing several thousand dollars worth of notes was found on the railroad tracks north of Bellwood. These has been stolen from W. A. Wells Lumber Co.

January 4, 1917
   George Claypool was demonstrating a Ford Steering device and stopped at Clark Halls garage with the intention of entering it. Since the door was closed, George thought he would drive up to it and stop; but in some way he placed his foot on the wrong pedal and when the darn little Ford took a



J. M. Sauser's grocery store where the new Rebekah Hall is situated.


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