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Bellwood High School, 1913.
     First row, (next to doors): Eina Evers, Harry McKibben, Paul Anderson, and Edna Durkee.
     Second row: Ethel Hopkins, Georgia Evers, Mary Smith, and Ernest Wells.
     Third row: Ernie Smart, Jesse Jewell, George Daly, and Mabel Whitney. Professor D. R. Kuns.


Grades 6, 7, and 8, April 1919
     Seated in front: Elais Kitchen, custodian.
     Second row: Bob Bell, Maurice Benedict, Charles Smith, Jasper Raric, Don Bell, Chris Kamenske.
     Third row: Frederick Walker, Margaret Sauser, Mabel Patchen, Pearl Polark, Estella Burke, Maybelle Hoshor.
     Back row: Lula Walker, teacher, Carroll Hoste, Harley Beard, Helen Sauser, Helen Ellis, Lorena Hoshor, Mae Kitchen.
     Not pictured: Charles Hoshor and Margaret Hoshor.


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