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March 17,1927
   Bellwood High School won Class "O" at the State Tournament. The only team in Butler County that year, to win a championship. Bellwood defeated Wriggle Creek (Loup City) 18-12, Palmyra, 29-5, Goodview Consolidated 14-7, and in the finals, Hampton 21-4.
   This was a historic year in Bellwood sports. The gymnasium was finished late in the fall. Professor Garrett even excused some of the boys during school hours to help shingle the roof.
   Although this team was not the greatest Bellwood ever had, we were fortunate, in our first year in the new gym, to win a first championship in basketball. Bud Kreizinger feels that the greatest value of this, was the probable inspiration for the many trophies won later by the Bellwood teams.

January 3, 1928
   There was an exciting basketball game between the five sons of Rev. Braymen and the Bellwood all-stars alumni team, Christmas night at the gymnasium. At the half, the score was 10-0 in favor of the all-stars, but during the second half the Braymens went on a scoring binge. Final score was 14-13 in their favor.

March 17, 1932
   Butler County Tournament. Bellwood won both Class A and Class C tournaments, Octavia 25-23 in Class A finals and the second team defeated Rising City 20-10. First team members are: Frank Benedict, Lloy Kamenske, Robert Raric, Gerald Reichwein, Walter Hoshor, James Powers, and Lester Fey. Second team members are: James Powers, Lester Fey, Francis Stemper, Leo Kreizinger, Tom Anderson, and Donald Peck. Mascot: Carl Kreizinger.

February 23, 1933
   Butler County Basketball Tourney: Bellwood 32 - Rising City 31. Class A Champs. Bellwood 50 - Brainard 21. Class C Champs. Robert Sisty was referee for the tourney.

March 6, 1934
   Bellwood are Champs of the District Tournament defeating St. Francis of Humphrey 26-24. In the Regional Tournament in Fremont, they defeated Mead 25-18, earning the honor of going to the State Tournament. In 21 games, Bellwood scored 681 points to their opponents 348 points. After winning Class B in Lincoln, the Bellwood businessmen gave the two teams a 6 o'clock dinner at the Thurston Hotel in Columbus, followed by a theatre party. When they returned home they had treats at Peck's Confectionery.


   Bellwood, winners of 1934 Class B laurels, climaxed a perfect season with its triumph over Stockham, 18-17, in the finals.
   Coach C. D. Garrett's team had a rough jaunt to the finals, eliminating the formidable Dorchester five in the first round, and then checking Winnebago and Avoca to get a crack at the crown. The latter two quints classic with flawless records.
   Besides capturing the State B crown, Bellwood also won the Butler County title during the season and eliminated Duncan, 1933 Class B Champ, in the District Tournament.
   Robert Raric was picked as forward on the Class B All Tourney team. Honorable mention were Lloy Kamenske, center and Walter Hoshor as guard.



Nebraska 1934 Class "B" Basketball Champions.
     Seated: Francis Stemper, Walter Hoshor, Leo Kreizinger, Gerald Reichwein.
     Standing: Coach C. D. Garrett, Lloy Kamenske, James Powers, Donald Peck, Paul Anderson, Robert Raric, Paul Challstrom.


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   Tom Anderson, Bellwood basketball player, knows life's most embarrassing moment.
   Tom was all ready to go into the Stockham game Saturday night. When he started to strip off his sweat suit he suddenly realized he had forgotten to put on his pants.
   He hurried to the dressing room to correct the error.



Did You Know That:
   That Bellwood is the only team in the state of Nebraska that has not tasted defeat this year?
   You can't play or rather the Nebraska Athletic Ass'n will not allow players to appear before Coliseum crowds without pants? Ask Tom Anderson;
   People can live years in just a few seconds. Ask Ike Brandenburgh and Lloyd Anderson the feelings they experienced in the last twenty seconds of the Stockham game;
   Bellwood High, by annexing four trophies this year, either must build an addition on the school or get a larger trophy case;
   The games have been played over and over again, around the stove in Pecks store;
   A rabbit's foot played a part in Bellwood's victory, Bob Raric carried a "bunny hoof" with him during the tourney;
   That Bellwood was referred to by some followers from other sections as "Splinterville" - We wonder why!;
   Our boys were the recipients of many telegrams while in Lincoln, from Bellwood followers, all of which had the desired effect of spurring the team on to victory;
   Bellwood is mighty proud of her boys and we again salute you!



1947 Pep Club
     Back row: Leola Baer, Joyce Raric, Mildred Klein, Mildred Rerucha, Joyce Stemper, Mrs. Paul Hiller.
     Middle row: Maxine Mais, Mary Margaret Peters, Lucille Rerucha, Beth Jacobs, Merlene Carpenter.
     Front row: Lila Jean Kruse, Claryce Ebel and Jackie Demuth, Cheer Leaders.


1940 Baseball Team.
     Front row: Virgil Smith, Virgil Graves, George Dworak, Bob Connell, and Richard Kirchner.
     Second row: Richard Smith, Ray Hough, Harold Kreizinger, Allen Baer, Dick Bouton, and Everett Hough.
     Third row: Murray Weyand, Harold Kirchner, Orsie Adams, Jim Jacobs, Leo Stohler, and John Urban.
     Fourth row: Audrey Kreizinger, Ben DePauw, Bob Bouton and Ralph Yanike.

   The Bellwood community has always been involved in baseball and softball. The town team played in what was known as Bock's pasture in the 1920's through the early 1930's. In 1934 and 1935 they played in the Butler County League and in 1936 they joined the Mid-State League until 1942. For three years during World War 11 there was no team but in 1946 they reorganized and entered the Mid-State league. In the 1930's there were also girl's and men's softball teams playing in the community.
   The Little League was organized by Frank Benedict in 1957 with three teams. In 1959, two more teams were added so that the town had five active Little League teams. In 1963 the Legion and Midget teams were organized for boys moving on from Little League. The new lights were installed for the 1963 season. Three years later the Pony League team was organized.
   In 1969 the girls softball team was organized with a team for younger girls, about three years later. At that time there were also a men's softball team and a town baseball team. At the peak of activity, there were 12 teams in Bellwood with an average of five home games every week on the ball field.
   For several years Little League football was also played on the field.
   The town has had several ball fields. In the 1920's and 1930's they played in Bock's pasture, later moving to the northeast part of Bellwood in the late 1930's. In the early 1940's it was moved to the southwest corner of town. On October 3, 1951, Jesse Bell deeded the ground for the new athletic field and in 1978 an addition was made to the park and a softball field added.
   The Ball Association was organized in 1959 with a 7-man board and all the youth teams were placed under the direction of the Ball Association.

August 25, 1949
   David City is throwing a 'Night for Bud Kreizinger' when Fremont comes to David City for the last appearance of the season. Kreizinger will be presented a watch and purse by David City fans. Bud had been a key man of the championship before the war and is featured performer of the Pioneer Night League.


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