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Ind., and has been a resident of this county since 1876, and is an enterprising and public spirited gentleman.

     J. P. HEALD, Title Abstracter, Real Estate, Loans, Insurance.--Mr. Heald came to this county in the fall of 1871. In the fall of 1875 be was elected county clerk and held that office six years, when he retired to become cashier in the Osceola Bank and is now Picturecashier in the Bank of Polk County, of which institution he was vice president at its organization, and afterwards was president. Mr. Heald now represents as agent several large land and loan companies, among which is Close Bros. & Co., of Chicago, who have about a half million acres of choice land in Trego and Graham Counties, Kansas. He also is agent for several insurance companies and steamship lines, and transacts a general loan business. He is the owner of the only set of abstract books in the county. These books were complete at the time of the burning of the court house, Jan. 1, 1881, in which some of the real estate records of the county were destroyed. He has complied with the new law governing abstracters, being under $10,000 bonds. He is a member of the Nebraska Business Men's Association and was a delegate from Polk County with the exhibit of Nebraska resources that went through the East. His son, Mr. O. P. Heald, is connected with him, having charge of abstract work. He is an expert stenographer. He was born in Illinois and came to Osceola with his father in the fall of 1871.

     R. K. BAUM, Drugs, Paints, Oils, Jewelry, Silverware, Fancy Goods and Notions; G. T. Ray, Manager.--This store, which is located in the Palace Hotel building, was established ten years ago by the late Jonas Baum. It is now conducted by his widow. Mr. Baum came to Osceola from Indiana, in 1879, taught school for one year and then engaged in the drug business, building a substantial business and constructing a handsomely designed store. Mrs. B. K. Baum, as administratrix, under the management of Mr. G. T. Ray, who has resided in Osceola for five years past, having been connected with this business for that length of time. Mr. Ray is a native of Wisconsin, and is an active and enterprising business man with a wide circle of friends.

     ALEX. HURST. Cigar Factory.--One of the best moves that has been made in this State for years past is the agitation of home industry. Mr. Hurst has been established here three years and has built up a prosperous trade in high-class goods, making a specialty of fine, hand-made Havana cigars, which he sells to the trade in this section. Among his brands are the Gold Dust, Little Treasure, Blue Anchor. and Yava. Mr. Hurst is a native of Michigan, and a skilled workman.

     A. O. MONSON, General Merchandise.--Mr. Monson occupies two stores, the dry goods department being 24x80 feet and the grocery department 20x50 feet. He is one of Osceola's old established business men, having located here twelve years ago, and has carried on business ever since. He employs polite and ready assistants. Mr. Monson is a native of Sweden and is a member of the Nebraska State Business Men's Association. He will shortly put up a new store building, brick, 75x80 feet and two stories high.

     H. E. MUSSELMAN, Confectionery and Bakery.--The leading confectionery and bakery of this city is that of Mr. H. E. Musselman, located on the south side of the square. He has a handsome soda fountain and his restaurant is also well conducted. Mr. Musselman is a native of Illinois and came to this county eleven years ago and has resided in Osceola for the past eight years. He established his present business three years ago and enjoys a large and growing trade.

H. F. Henderson.


Lumber, Coal, Wire, Paint, Etc.

     HOTEL BEEBE.--The Beebe Hotel has lately passed into the hands of Messrs. Pratt Dudney. It is a two-story brick structure, 35x85, and was put up in 1890 by Theodore Beebe, who was then its proprietor, afterwards being purchased by Mr. L. W. Paratte, and Messrs. Pratt & Dudney succeeded the latter gentleman as landlords on March 17,1892. Mr. Pratt is an old hotel man and was formerly located at Clark's in this State, being there two years, and was also two years at Silver Creek, also for a short time in Kansas. He is a native of Illinois, and during the war saw active service with the 33d Illinois regiment and is now a member of the G. A. R. Mr. Dudney is a native of England. but a Nebraskan by long residence and sentiment, and has lived in this State since a boy.


     J. B. JARMIN, Manager for Omaha Elevator Company.--This business, which has been carried on under different management for a number of years past, was taken by the Omaha Elevator Company in March, 1891 and placed under the management of Mr. J. B. Jarmin, who has many acquaintances in this section. The elevator and cribs have a storage capacity of 25,000 bushels. Mr. Jarmin is a native of Iowa, but a representative Nebraskan, coming to this county nineteen years ago. He also handles coal for domestic purposes.

     A. C. STRAUSS, Photographer.--One of the best equipped photographic studios in this part of the State is that of A. C. Strauss, who recently succeeded F. M. Hoyer. In point of fine work this gallery has always been famed, and Mr. Strauss is well qualified to maintain this reputation. His cabinet photos at four dollars per dozen are first-class in every respect and elegant in quality. Mr. Strauss is a native of Indiana and has lived in this city for the past two years, and is known as a popular and enterprising gentleman.


     West Point, "Queen City of the Elkhorn Valley," is a city of 2,500 inhabitants, and the county seat of Cuming County. It is situated on the east bank of the Elkhorn River, in the heart of what Prof. Hayden, in his report of his geological survey of the State, calls the "garden spot of the West," and has for its water supply and mill power the beautiful, full-volumed Elkhorn River. Seventy-four miles from Omaha, thirty-six miles from Fremont and forty-four miles from Norfolk, it is the largest and most important commercial point in a wide and exceedingly productive territory.
     A part of the present town site of West Point was surveyed and platted in June, 1857, by Andrew J. Bruner, under the direction of the Nebraska Settlement Association. It was first named Philadelphia, but the name was soon after changed to West Point, originating from the fact that it was the outpost of the advanced settlement in the Elkhorn Valley. It was the farthest point west (in the valley) established for trade and business, hence West Point. In 1870 the town site was re-surveyed and re-platted by Niels Larsen, and entered on record in the county clerk's office January 13, 1871 Hughes Addition was recorded April 17, 1871 Coburn's Addition was filed for record July 19,1871; Neligh's First Addition was filed June 3, 1875, and Neligh's Second Edition was entered on record in the clerk's office July 31. 1875. Crawford's Addition was surveyed and platted and on May 24, 1880, filed for record, and Kountz's Addition was filed for record on May 3, 1882. In 1884 King's Addition and Crawfordsville were surveyed and platted out. In September, 1885, the Elkhorn Land & Town Lot Company surveyed and platted its addition to West Point. City Park Addition was platted in 1887, and Fullerton's First Addition in June of the same year.
      A saw mill was erected here in 1857, and a postoffice was established in 1858. The first money order was issued August 3, 1871; remitter, George P. Belden; payee, St. A. D. Balcomb, Omaha. Nebr. The first money order was paid to Peter Baker, Sr., August 6, 1871. West Point postoffice was made an international money order office July 28, 1872.
     On the 12th of October, 1859, the first officers of the county were elected and immediately qualified and transacted their business at this point, at which the county seat was permanently located. The following are the names of the officers: probate judge, W. R. Artman; treasurer, J. C. Crawford; clerk, G. W. Houser; register, J. D. Neligh; sheriff, Henry Cline; commissioners, A. A. Arlington, John Bromer, and Josiah McKirahan.
     In the summer of 1865. A. E. Fenske opened a small store in West Point, being the first. mercantile establishment in the county. Up to this time the settlers had to send to Omaha for whatever they purchased, no matter how trivial its value.
     During the summer of 1866 the first school house was erected. It was constructed of brick, and was taught by Miss Buckley.
     The town of West Point was incorporated in 1867. The first regular hotel was erected by Josiah McKirahan, and opened during the summer of 1866. In 1867 a flour mill was erected by Bruner & Neligh, which added materially to the growth and importance of the town. The U. S. land office was located at West Point in June 1869, E. K. Valentine, register, and Uriah Bruner, receiver.
     On June 17, 1870, $100,000 bonds were voted in aid of the Sioux City & Pacific Railroad.
     The West Point Republican was established November 18, 1870, by E. N. Sweet.
     The first ordinance was passed by the board of trustees of West Point on May 27. 1870.
     In November. 1870, the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad was completed, and on the 28th of that month the first regular train ran from Missouri Valley to West Point From that time the town made forward strides and was soon recognized as a commercial point of importance.
     The West Point News, C. D. Waldo, editor, was established October, 1872, suspended in March, 1874.
     The West Point Butter and Cheese Association was incorporated in May, 1878.
     An extensive brick yard was established in 1878 and one million bricks were manufactured during the summer.
     The establishment of manufacturing interests


in the town in 1878, added materially to its wealth and prosperity and its growth has been steady and permanent. In 1885 a city form of government was established. In 1886 West Point's drive well system of waterworks was established at a cost of 16.000. The reservoir capacity is 3,500 barrels. There are four and a half miles of mains laid and distributed throughout the principal portions of the city are twenty-five double attached hydrants.
     The fire department is under city control and is excellently equipped.
     The West Point Electric Light and Power company was organized and duly incorporated January, 1889. The plant is constructed on the Edison system and cost $15,000. Two dynamos are used and capacity is provided for 600 lights.
     No city in the State is better provided with schools. The high school building is a fine two-story brick edifice, heated by hot air, and contains eight large rooms. A school is conducted under the auspices of the Catholic Church society. The building is a two-story brick structure and cost $10,000.
     There are seven church societies, the Methodist, Catholic, German and English Lutheran, Congregational, German Methodist and Evangelical, all of which have houses of worship. The German Lutheran denomination has in the course of erection one of the finest brick churches in the county, and the Catholic Church, considered the finest in northern Nebraska, is nearly completed.
     The city has three English and one German newspaper. The West Point Republican, owned by A. J. Langer, is a paper widely read, well edited, and enjoys an excellent patronage. The Progress, Democratic in politics, was established in 1876, and is owned by P. F. O'Sullivan, a keen writer and careful editor. The Advertiser and Nebraska Volksblatt, both Democratic in politics, are edited by M. O. G. Gentzke. The Volksblatt has a good circulation and ranks well among German newspapers.
     The city has two national and one State bank, their total capital, including surpluses and profits, amounting to about $180,000.
     West Point has a population of 2,500, the largest creamery in the State, one foundry and one machine shop, one immense and perfectly equipped brick yard, with a capacity of 3,000,000 bricks per season, one planing mill, one brewery and three capacious elevators. It is the best trade center of any city of equal population in the State.
     This city contains substantially constructed and well appointed brick business blocks, in the fine store rooms of which may be found large, varied and elegantly displayed stocks, representing the whole mercantile field. The Cuming County Court House is one of the most imposing edifices of the kind in Nebraska. The city hall, built in 1890. is a source of pride to the citizens. The present of West Point is prosperous, and the future bright and promising.


     B. Y. YODER, Dealer in Farm Machinery, Seeds, Etc.--Among the large mercantile enterprises which form the basis of the commercial importance of West Point, is Mr. B. Y. Yoder's, founded eight years. The spacious premises occupied are 30x80 feet in extent. He does a large wholesale and retail business in all kinds of farm machinery, seeds, etc., windmills, pumps, tanks, etc., McCormick and Milwaukee harvesters and binders, and Standard mowers, wagons, buggies, carts, etc. The facilities he has for successfully conducting his large business are of a very complete character, whereby he can offer his numerous customers exceptional advantages. He employs five assistants. Mr. Yoder was born in Pennsylvania, but is one of our early and influential settlers, having resided in Cuming County nineteen years. He belongs to the G. A. R., and is a very prominent Mason, having taken the full number of degrees (32). He is generally esteemed as among the foremost and deservedly successful men of West Point.

      J. C. CRAWFORD. Attorney at Law.--Of the various names which go to make up the strength of the West Point bar, none command more confidence than the above. Judge J. C. Crawford is a native of Pennsylvania, and is one of the finest examples of self-made men the great West affords. By sheer hard work, plodding and study, he has gained his present position in the community, after having climbed from the bottom of the ladder, rung by rung. He was district judge for four years. He has lived here thirty-four years, and was admitted to the bar in 1860. He is a K. T. Mason, I. O. O. F., K. P., and G. A. R., having served in the 2nd Nebraska Cavalry. The judge prosecutes his cases with a care and assiduity which deservedly command for him the respect of the fraternity and the confidence of the people.

     T. M. FRANSE, Attorney-at-Law.--The practice of law calls into requisition more variety of talent than any other business or profession. Mr. T. M. Franse was born in Pennsylvania. He studied law with Mr. Wm. Seltzer, under tutelage of Judge Francis P. Hughes, of Pennsylvania. Mr. Franse has been practicing in West Point seventeen years with success, and is generally recognized as doing one of the most paying practices here. He is a Mason.

     WEST POINT NATIONAL BANK--This bank was organized as a national institution in May, 1885, but is one of the oldest banks in the West, dating back its inception to 1870, when it was known as Bruner's Bank. The capital is $50,000: surplus and undivided profits $25 000. Mr. Wm. Stuefer, president, born in Wisconsin, has lived in the county since 1863 and has been banking since 1882. He was formerly four years county clerk. Mr. Otto Baumann, vice-president, born in Germany, has lived in the city since 1870. Jas. W. Shearer, cashier, born in Pennsylvania, has


lived fourteen years here, and was formerly county clerk two years and was in the lumber business. He belongs to the G. A. R. and served in the 167th Pennsylvania Infantry. The patronage received at this bank is drawn from the best custom of the vicinity and the officers are gentlemen of established financial ability and enterprise.

     WM. EMLEY, County Clerk.--Mr. Wm. Emley, the popular and esteemed county clerk of Cuming County, Nebraska, is a native of Wisconsin. He is serving his first term and has performed the duties of county clerk with careful attention and conscientiousness. He is one of the oldest settlers in the West, having resided in Cuming County twenty-six years. He was formerly in the drug business eight years. He is much respected for his excellent qualities and integrity.

     JAS. H. GALLEN, Sheriff.--There are few names better known in Cuming County than that of Jas. H. Gallen, for he is one of our oldest settlers, having resided in the county for twenty-three years, and formerly farmed. He is a native of Ohio and is serving his first term as sheriff. Mr. Gallen is one of the most capable and efficient men that the county has ever had in any office and is cut out for a sheriff.

     WM. COLLINS, School Superintendent.--Our pen sketches of the enterprising men of West Point would be much amiss without the record of Wm. Collins. He is a native of Ohio and was formerly four years county surveyor. He is a Mason and has resided in the county nine years. He is a gentleman of scholary (sic) attainments and as a county school superintendent is emphatically the right man in the right place.

     EMIL HELLER, Clerk District Court.--Mr. Emil Heller, the popular clerk of the district court, is a native of Wisconsin He is serving his second term, and has unanimously been elected for the next. He has lived in the county since 27th June, 1865, and was formerly engaged for twelve years in the mercantile business at Wisner, Nebr. Mr. Heller belongs to the M. W. A. Mr. Heller is an official who is eminently possessed of the best qualities, and in his administration has given perfect satisfaction to all parties.

      P. M. MOODIE, Attorney--Mr. Moodie is a native of Vermont and studied law at Michigan University, and in this city with Mr. M. McLaughlin. He has practiced law in West Point since May, 1887, having been admitted to the bar in 1886. He is prominently identified with the Masonic Order. In the capacity of attorney he has rendered many acceptable services here, and well deserves the confidence placed in him. A bright future awaits an energetic young man like Mr. Moodie.

     C. W. ACKERMAN, Treasurer of Cuming County.--Among the names which have acquired prominence on the wings of West Point's prominence none command more respect than this one. Mr. C. W. Ackerman is a native of Illinois. He has been in Cuming County since March, 1876, and has been engaged in various pursuits. He is serving his second term as county treasurer, and by prudence finds himself as young to-day as he was twenty years ago. He has filled his office with satisfaction to the people. He is a Mason, and one of the most trustworthy men that ever handled county finances.

     FIRST NATIONAL BANK.--The First National Bank was organized in 1885.Picture The capital is $50,000 and surplus, $10,000. Exchange bought and sold on all the principal cities of the United States and Europe Money loaned on real estate. Special attention given to collections. Judge J. C. Crawford, president. is one of West Point's foremost attorneys. Mr. W. A. Black, cashier, upon whose shoulders devolves the management, is a native of Vermont and has had twenty-five years' experience in banking, the good results of which are daily shown by the tact and skill he uses as cashier.

     R. C. PETERS, Investment Banker.--One of the oldest and most reliable investment bankers in Nebraska is Mr. R. C. Peters, who has been established here five years. He is one of the go-ahead men of the State, and is well-known in financial circles, being the possessor of a large capital. He gives personal attention to all transactions. References by permission: Gilman, Son & Co., bankers, 62 Cedar Street, New York; Col. E. S. Ormsby, capitalist, 150 Nassau Street, New York; Pearsons & Taft, 175 Dearborn Street, Chicago; Hon. A. B. Chapman, capitalist, Reading, Mich.; H. K. Wilcox, Esq., capitalist. Middletown, N. Y.; W. H. Clark, Esq., West Town, N. Y.; R. H. McClellan, Esq., capitalist. Galena, Ills.; A. C. Burnham, capitalist, Champaign, Ills.; West Point National Bank, West Point, Neb.; First National Bank, West Point, Neb.; R. G. Peters, wholesale lumber, Manistee, Mich.; H. V. Moore & Co., bankers, Monticello, Ill.; Bank of Monticello, Monticello, Ill.; J. W. Chapman, Esq., president Waterman-Chapman Barrel Machine Co., Detroit, Mich. Correspondence is solicited. He makes a specialty of bonds, farm loans, lands. Mr. Peters was born in Michigan. and is a Mason. The facilities he has for successfully conducting


the business are of an unusually complete character, enabling him to offer his customers advantages difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate.

     THE WESTERN REAL ESTATE AND MERCANTILE EXCHANGE, F. Sonnenschein, Manager.--Mr. Sonnenschein has had twelve years' experience in this business. He transacts business at room 14, Chamber of Commerce, Omaha, Neb., and at corner Main and Grove Streets, West Point, Neb. From the start his business has had a rapid and substantial growth. All descriptions of city and suburban real estate, merchandise and other personal property bought, sold and exchanged. Agencies in all principal cities of. Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Dakota and Wyoming. Money loaned on real estate, and the fair and equitable terms offered have drawn to the office a highly desirable patronage. Mr. Sonnenschein has been favorably known in our city twenty-two years, and is one of the pioneer settlers of the State.


     WEST POINT WATER POWER AND LAND IMPROVEMENT CO., West Point Flour Mills, Manufacturers of Brick and Flour.--Among the industries of West Point which deserve favorable mention in our work, we notice the West Point Flour Mills These mills have always maintained a high reputation, so much so that they have no competition, being the only mills of the kind at West Point. The building is brick, very imposing, and built at a great cost. It is fitted up with the best and most improved machinery and other appliances. Family flours are manufactured here by the full roller process. The capacity is 125 barrels per day. The owners of this corporation also control the West Point Water Power and Land Improvement Co,, their water power being the largest in the State of Nebraska. They are heavy manufacturers of brick, making 3000 bricks per hour. From thirty to fifty men are required on the premises. Mills and elevator on Elkhorn River and Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad. Mr. R. R. urray (sic), the general manager, is from New York, and is well-known for enterprise and skilful management. He has had many years' practical experience.

     M. MCLAUGHLIN, Attorney at Law,--This gentleman, by general acknowledgment, is one of the lending at the bar of this city. He is a native of Ohio. He studied his profession with C. A. Shober, of Ohio, being admitted in 1865. He affiliates with the Masons. He practised five years in Cedar County, Iowa, and has been in West Point since January 1, 1875. Mr. McLaughlin observes while other men speak, and, in detail of preparation for the court house, leaves no stone unturned which will weigh in the scale of evidence in favor of his client.

     G. A. HELLER, County Surveyor and City Engineer.--In depicting the various resources and enterprising men of West Point and this section of Nebraska, it is important not to omit mention of Mr. G. A. Heller, the popular county surveyor and city engineer. He is a native of Wisconsin, but has resided here most of his life. As county surveyor, he is serving his fifth term. His engineering fees are most reasonable. Fees except town lots: For surveying land per day. $4.00. For recording each survey, twenty-five cents. For establishing corner, each, twenty-five cents. For platting and certificate, each, fifty cents. For mileage to and from work, per each mile, ten cents. For surveying county roads, per day, $5.00. All expense of necessary assistance shall in addition be paid by the party or parties requiring the work to be performed. Party or parties ordering the work are held responsible for the payment of same. He is prepared with every facility to promptly prepare plans, maps, specifications and computations for engineering work. He is accurate and careful, insuring estimates that are close to accuracy. He was formerly for twelve years in mercantile life in Wisner, Nebraska.

     A. J. LANGER, Postmaster.--Mr. Langer, the city postmaster, has lived his entire lifetime in Nebraska and is well-known as editor and owner of West Point's newspaper, Republican, which has a circulation of 2,000. He worked ten years on the Omaha Bee. During the year he has been postmaster, he has done his duties in a careful manner and is the right man in the right place.

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