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While the good work done among the prisoners by the true Christian men and women is immeasurable, at the same time the work done by the ever increasing army of "would-be reformers," fake religionists, gushing sentamentalists (sic), female convict lovers and blabbering gossippers (sic) does more to destroy the prison discipline than anything else and makes life an everlasting burden for the prison officials and guards. "There is no doubt", says a Clay county paper, "that the murder of the prison officials may be traced to the unrest caused by the mistaken zeal of the 'alleged reformer' who has been hounding the governor for the removal of the warden who laid down his life in the service of the state." And the paper told the truth. Likewise did the "Lincoln Herald", a weekly that knows not what fear is. The


publisher was formerly a prison official and is in my opinion the best posted newspaper man in the state as far as prison doings are concerned. Time and time again he has called the public's attention to the menace of these workers, and in the issue following the murder of the officials, says: "The cruel murder of Warden Delahunty, Deputy Warden Wagner, Usher Heilman, and the wounding of Cellkeeper Doody at the state prison Thursday, is chargeable directly and primarily to prison reformers, religionists and outside influences, all of which destroys discipline and works a menace to the prison officials." And the "Lincoln Herald" is right as it always is. This paper always tells the truth. Its sympathies are with the under dog, and as long as you are right this paper is with you and for you with all its might; but if you are wrong, be you president or pauper, rich or poor, big or small, it is likewise against you. When I received my "Herald" I read this article to an official


much in sympathy with the "reformers," not because they were "reformers," but because they were females (he was very fond of the opposite sex), and said: "There at least is one publisher who has the nerve to tell the truth." "Well," he drawled, "that is only a little weekly and is not in sympathy with the reform movement." "No, you are right," I answered, "it never was, and never will be in sympathy with liars, hypocrites and murderers." I sat down and sent the publisher my check and asked to be notified when to renew, and as long as I live I shall continue to subscribe for this noble paper. Now naturally my reader will say, "If these people are so destructive to prison discipline, why does the warden permit them to come?" I will tell you why. This gang of fakirs consists of about three fake preachers or self-constituted evangelists, and seven or eight women. They commenced to come to the prison several years ago, but under Warden Beem-


er's administration they were much restricted. When Warden Smith took office this gang held free sway and high carnival at the pen. Services over with they went to the officers' dining room and were fed. From there they would go to the cell houses and unrestricted visit from cell to cell. Is it a wonder that the prison was full of "dope"? And did the prisoners appreciate these women? Some much preferred after a week's hard work to take a rest on Sunday afternoon. Others were much pleased to see these women come around, not because they were soul savers, but because they were women. I will give you an illustration. I passed one of these women on a gallery. She was a woman of forty-five or fifty, no spring chicken by any means, yet she was dressed like a seventeen-year-old. She was reading to a young man, a recent arrival, about the prodigal son and the fatted calf. Was he interested? Yes, in a way; but as he listened to her reading I noticed his eyes