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day. Joe was buried in the corner of the prison yard. Then there was little "Tessie," a fox terrier dog that for years was a pet of the boys until a swift kick by a mule sent her straight to the dog heaven. But by far the most popular of all pets was "Bob", a dog belonging to Warden S Melick. Not only was "Bob" an all around pet, but the mascot of the band as well. "Big Bill" is a pet and a curiosity besides. He is perhaps the largest goldfish in the state and has been in the greenhouse for over twelve years. I learn with regret as this book goes to press that poor old "Bill" and also his wife, have passed away, and the manager of the greenhouse is downhearted over the loss of his two friends.



On the sixth day of December, 1909, we received a yellow negro by the name of Albert Prince. He came from Omaha to serve twelve and a half years for the attempted murder of an Omaha detective. Prince, a stranger in Omaha, was hanging around a saloon at Fourteenth and Davenport Streets. When the detective went to question him he turned and without any provocation fired four shots into the body of the detective. Although seriously wounded, he afterwards recovered. Prince was arrested, tried and sent to Lancaster where he was registered as number 5374. He no doubt came to Omaha from Kansas City where two yellow negros had committed a lot of highway robberies. A policeman met Prince and his pal and ordered them to hold up their hands. The pal obeyed orders but Prince did not; instead he pulled out a gun and aimed at the


officer's heart, but the gun refused to work. With the gun still pointed at the officer he backed away into an alley, disappeared in the darkness and was never seen in Kansas City afterward. But from information furnished by his pal, the officers got a very good description of him and circulars were mailed broadcast. The Omaha detective recognized him from one of these circulars and was ready to arrest him when the negro shot him. We afterwards learned that his home was in Cincinnati where his mother lives. He left home when a mere boy, drifted through the western states, made a trip into Mexico and Central America, and visited the Island of Hayti. Never did he earn a dollar by honest work, always was he committing crimes, always was there murder within his heart. For a while he made a very good prisoner at Lancaster, and soon became the head barber. In this capacity he goes from shop to shop and shaves the men. While he ingratiated him


self with the officers, he at the same time became hated by most of the men. He charged a fee per month for giving good shaves, and woe unto the poor fellow who had no money to tip him. He literally tore the whiskers from his face, and also used towels upon their faces which he had previously used upon the face of a negro. The head barber is a privileged character at Lancaster, is not locked up at the same time as the other prisoners, but spends his evenings in the cell house corridors. During the fall of 1911, Prince entered into a plot to liberate Thomas Johnson, a negro murderer under sentence to be hung. His intention was to kill the night cell keeper or any prison official that crossed his path, to open Johnson's cell, scale the wall and depart. His plans miscarried, a confederate went to Warden Smith and told of the plot, a search was made, and a long double edged knife and a piece of gas pipe were found concealed beneath the barber chair. Prince