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The legislature also passed a law providing for payment of earnings to the prisoners; but again they forgot to appropriate funds for such a purpose; and again the prisoners get nothing, not even a credit memorandum. If this, their just dues, was paid them, they could send this money to their wives and children who now live in poverty and misery. Will not some one start the ball rolling by calling on the governor or on the board, to have this wrong rectified? I wish to appeal to you who employ labor, and call your attention to the paroled men. Of these men, ninety out of each hundred make good; they cannot quit just when they please, but are under the supervision of the warden and the board. You assume no financial responsibility when you employ such a man, and you perform indeed a Christian and charitable act.

Several associations work to better the outgoing men. The Nebraska Prison Association has its office in the Little Building,


Lincoln. Its members are men of the highest standing. Its superintendents are Captain Gifford and Rev. Doctor Bullock. Then there is the Helping Hand Prison Association. Its officers are James Barrett, President; G. E. Hamlin, Secretary; V. A. Williamson, Vice-President; and P. R. Burling, Treasurer. Its members are G. A. Spangler, M. Persley, W. 0. Kester, Sheriff Hyers, John Farrier, L. L. Burd, J. E. Jewel, W. S. Loftin, A. Rumbaugh, R. Bancroft, 0. Rumbaugh, W. M. Ferrier, R. Opper, A. E. Adams, A. L. Berry, and William Styne. I know all the officers of these two associations and I have found them to be men, real men, who are working without remuneration to aid their fallen brothers. If you, my reader, wish to contribute a little for the benefit of the outgoing prisoner, then contribute to either one of these two associations, and shun all others. Give no aid to the others, although they sail under the title of "Reverend" or "Doctor" and have the


seal of sanctimonousness (sic) stamped upon their faces. Some of these latter come along and talk "penitentiary" to you and make you believe that they are connected with the prison; but with the exception of "bumming" a few meals, they have no connection with it whatever. Leave such reptiles alone.



Shortly after the election I had to go to Clay Center on a law suit. I registered at the Davis hotel. "Well, how is the pen?" said some of my friends in the lobby. "It is in good condition," was my answer. "Who is Governor Morehead going to put in as -------------------? they asked me. I told them that I did not know, but hoped that the present incumbent would be reappointed. "Well, he never will, for Morehead has already appointed Mr. ---------- said a state official who had just come in to register. "And what office will Mr. --------- and Mr. ------------ get?" I asked. "Well, I do not know for certain, but they will get something." "Do you mean to say that Governor Morehead will feed these snakes?" asked one of the gentlemen in the lobby. "You just wait and see for yourselves,',