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History of the Harbor District of Los Angeles, California

by Ella A. Ludwig:
Historic Record Company, Inc., no year given


Page 480

     Being the manager of a company that is constantly doing work for the improvement of the community by building highways, is the part of Sylvester Hampton, with the Dupuy Road Oil Company, a pioneer in that line and one among a few that remained to meet keen competition. He was born in Loretto, Nebraska, February 3, 1894, and is a son of George E. and Eliza Hampton, natives of Missouri. Both parents are living and now reside in Los Angeles, where the father is engaged in the real estate business. At one time he was a pioneer in Joplin, Missouri, in the lead and zinc mining district. He served several years on the school board of Los Angeles.
     Sylvester Hampton was educated in the public schools of Los Angeles and shortly after graduating took up automobile work. He then made a trip to the east coast and was with the Good Roads Corporation of Kansas City, Missouri, for nine years. With an abundance of experience in road building, gained through observation and hard work, he returned to Los Angeles and entered the employ of the Besone road Oil Company, which is now known as the Ben T. Dupuy Road Oil Company. Mr. Hampton is manager of the company and has general charge of their entire business. They have completed the state highway between Corona, Delmar and Laguna Beach, also widened the Ridge route highway and will shortly finish another Laguna Beach project.
     During the World war, Mr. Hampton was employed in the navy yard at Norfolk, Virginia, in the construction of dry docks to accommodate large vessels. He was later transferred to the Hog island shipyards, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in similar work.
     On June 5, 1924, in San Bernardino, California, Mr. Hampton was married to Miss Luella Harper, a native of Colorado, and a daughter of Louis and Mary Harper, representatives of a well known family of Kansas. Mr. Hampton is an optimist and stands firm in his belief that the Harbor District will continue to prosper and expand. Although not a sportsman, he is fond of swimming and other outdoor sports, and he takes a great interest in home life as well as a deep interest in his business.


Page 590

     Many men are forced into occupations through stress of circumstances, but the business career of Roy Hageman, as he is familiarly known, has been entirely devoted to mechanical pursuits because of a natural bent in that direction. His position as chief engineer, in charge of the mechanical department of the Seacraft Corporation, now known as the Carlson boat & Yacht Company, is one of considerable responsibility, and one for which his training, natural ability and broad experience have admirably fitted him.
     Mr. Hageman was born in Wallace, Nebraska, November 5, 1885, a son of William and Cora (Norton) Hageman. The father, who was a carpenter, is now retired and lives at Torrance, California. Our subject was educated in Kansas and Oklahoma, graduating from high school. In 1900, he became an apprentice machinist in Kansas and was so employed until 1904, when he located in San Francisco, and for two years was a machinist in revenue cutter service, having studied gas engines as a hobby. He then became connected with the automobile business as repair man and electrician in El Paso, Texas, where he was employed by the auto Sales Corporation, and had charge of the service department for the entire state of New Mexico for two years. He was a resident of El Paso, Texas, where he was employed by the Auto Sales Corporation, and had charge of the service department for the entire state of New Mexico for two years. He was a resident of El Paso for about seven years, and in 1918 he came to San Pedro, where he has since made his home. He had charge of John A. Phillips‚ shop for one year and then engaged in business for himself under the name of the Auto Sales Company, having charge of the agency for Overland and Oldsmobile cars and doing repair work for two years. Then for a time he had charge of the motors on Keith Spaulding's private yachts. In 1922 he became chief engineer for the Seacraft Corporation, but resumed his former connection with Mr. Spaulding for a short time, and then returned to the seacraft corporation, with which concern he still remains. He has charge of the work of five men in his department and cares for all the machinery on the boats, including plumbing and electrical work.
     In 1910, Mr. Hageman was married in El Paso, Texas, to Mary Carlos, a native of Ohio, and they are the parents of four children: Catherine, attending a convent school; Edward Roy, Jr.‚ Margaret, and Marian. Mrs. Hageman is a member of the Royal Neighbors. Mr. Hageman is the owner of other property besides his home in San Pedro, which town he considers an ideal place of residence. He is fond of fishing and hunting and his especial hobby is gas engines.


Page 751


     When August John Hagenow came to San Pedro twenty-two years ago, he was but sixteen years old and he has been content to make this thriving city his home ever since. He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1888, a son of William and Mary Hagenow. The father has been engaged in business as a painting contractor since taking up his residence in San Pedro in 1904. The son, August John Hagenow, attended grammar school in Lincoln, Nebraska, and after coming to San Pedro worked with his father in the contracting business for five years. Then for seven years he was with L.C. Tubbs as butcher, and in 1916, together with Mr. Tubbs, he organized the Pacific Grocery & Retail house located at Twelfth street and Pacific avenue, employing five men; this partnership continuing until 1922, when Mr. Hagenow withdrew from the business and took a vacation of one year, after which he opened his present market at 412 South Grand avenue, where he has built up a good trade.
     In January, 1912, Mr. Hagenow was united in marriage with Miss Abigail Powell, a native of San Pedro and a daughter of E.C. and Alice Powell. Mr. Powell is foreman for the Kerckhoff Mill & Lumber company, a position he has occupied for many years. Mr. and Mrs. Hagenow are the parents of two children: William E. and Grace. Mr. Hagenow owns a one-half interest in the business building at 1115 Pacific avenue and his home at 663 Twelfth street. He belongs to San Pedro Lodge, O.O.O.F., and in politics is a republican.


Pages 848-849

     For the past six years Albert A. Lanphear has been active in the real estate business of San Pedro and has done his share toward the promotion of enterprises for the betterment of the city. He was born December 12, 1862, in Waukesha county, Wisconsin, a son of Ezra and Orcelia Mathilda (Sanders) Lanphear, theirs being a family of excellent standing and well known farmers in that locality. He received his education in the grade schools and until the age of forty years followed farming both in Wisconsin and Nebraska. About 1902 he became interested in electrical work and remained at that until 1909, a period of seven years. For eight years he then lived in retirement, and 1917 removed to Pasadena, California. Later, however, he opened a grocery store at Red Bluff, where for three years he continued in business. In 1920 he came to San Pedro but shortly afterward made a visit to Texas, where he remained almost a year. In 1921 he again came to San Pedro and entered the real estate business, selling homes and business property. His business has continued to prosper and there is every indication that it will continue to do so.
     Mr. Lanphear was married in Nebraska in 1885, to Miss Ida Moody, a daughter of a pioneer family of that state. They have two children, a daughter and a son, Orcelia M., now married, and Ray F. Lanphear, who is a chief credit manager for the American Steel Wire & Fence Company of Texas. Mr. Lanphear is a member of Lodge No. 119, I.O.O.F., of Broken Bow, Nebraska, and also a member of the Knights of Pythias at that place. Politically, he is a democrat. He is the owner of his own home and considers that home and business life in the Harbor District comes near to being ideal. The extent of his business does not permit a great deal of time for recreation and amusement, but he finds pleasure in touring and riding horseback. From 1912 until 1917 he made an extensive tour of the United States by automobile, and through all his travels he has been unable to find a place where the climate is more ideal than that of southern California.


Page 925

     A prominent place in the medical fraternity of the Harbor District is accorded Dr. William E. Guidinger, who enjoys a popularity deserving of his professional skill and learning. He was born on his father's farm in Lee, Nebraska, October 29, 1890, one of a family of eight children born to John and Anna (Frank) Guidinger, both natives of Wisconsin, and his boyhood was spent on the farm, where he developed a healthy physique. He first attended a country school, then went to normal school, after which he entered medical college in 1913, and was graduated form the University of California in 1917. Following his graduation he took an internship in the Los Angeles Hospital and in 1918 removed to San Pedro, where he became health officer and police surgeon, which work occupied him for one year, since which time he has engaged in general practice.
     On November 2, 1910, Dr. Guidinger was married to Miss Anna Bertha Cover of Riverside, daughter of Theodore M. Cover, pioneer resident of Riverside and extensive orange grower. Her mother was Miss Mary Logan before her marriage. Dr. and Mrs. Guidinger are the parents of three children: Phyllis Ruth, Anna Elizabeth and William Arthur. In 1924 the Doctor was first elected president of the San Pedro General Hospital, a corporation, and at the present time occupies this important position. This hospital has a contract with the United States government to take care of all government employees. Dr. Guidinger is a member of the Harbor Branch of the Los Angeles County Medical Society, and belongs to the State Medical Society and the American Medical Association. Fraternally he is a thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Mason and a Shriner, holding membership in San Pedro Lodge, No. 332, F.7A.M.; Long Beach Consistory, and al Malaikah Temple of Los Angeles; also San Pedro Lodge, No. 966, B.P.O.E. He is vice president of the Lions Club of San Pedro. Although very busy with his hospital duties, Dr. Guidinger finds time for some writing and is frequently called upon for speeches, cheerfully giving his time for the benefit and enlightenment of the general public along medical lines.

     NOTE: If anyone is researching this Guidinger family, my great-uncle worked for him and Dr. Guidinger's daughter, Ann, was my homemaking teacher in middle school. I have a bit of material aside from this. Becky

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