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LetterOST of the territory that is now Boyd County was originally Indian land--a part of the great Sioux reservation. The rest consisted of the part of the Fort Randall military reservation that was in Nebraska, and the original Turtle Creek precinct.
   The part of the Fort Randall military reservation in Nebraska was bounded by the military line which ran from section 3, township 35, range 10 diagonally southwest to section 31, township 34, range 11, then diagonally north to section 21, township 35, range 12. The original Turtle Creek precinct was the territory between the Keya Paha and Niobrara rivers in western Boyd. It was a part of Holt and was settled before the rest of this county.
   In 1889 the United States government and the Indians made a treaty whereby the Indian lands were to be thrown open for settlement by the "squatters." Adolf Reiser of Butte recalls when the government officials came from Washington to get the Indian Chief to sign the treaty. The Indian chief refused to sign and quarreled with the officers for some time. He would pick up a handful of dirt and let it fall, saying as he did so, that they could not eat dirt. However, the chief was finally persuaded to sign the treaty. The Indians were given six months to make selections for their homes and most of them from here went to Gregory County, S. D.
   President Harrison proclaimed the territory open for settlement in the middle of February 1890. Boyd was not officially proclaimed a county in Nebraska until Aug. 1, 1891, when Governor Thayer issued the proclamation.
   This county was named for James E. Boyd, who was governor when the bill providing for organization of Boyd County was approved on March 2, 1891. A bill known as House Roll 271 provided that the unorganized territory lying north of Holt County be organized into a new county to be known as Boyd.
   The county is forty-eight miles long. The width in the broadest place is fifteen and one-fourth miles and in the narrowest part six and three-fourths miles. It has an elevation of 1,650 feet and an area of 535 square miles. The lowest point, approximately 1,250 feet, is found where the Missouri river crosses the eastern boundary. The altitude reaches a maximum of approximately 2,000 feet in the upland west of Naper.
   The surface of the county has been roughened by wind in various places and running water has cut valleys through much of the terrain. Runoff is rapid in a considerable portion of the county and erosion is severe.
   The land area of 535 square miles is equivalent to 342,000 acres, about 40 percent of which is under cultivation. Approximately 10 percent is used for the production of wild hay and most of the remaining 50 percent is still native pasture. According to the federal census, there were 1,114 farms in the county in 1935. Most of these ranged from 100 to 500 acres in size, the average being 292 acres. There were also thirty-one ranches containing 1,000 acres or more.
   Boyd County is bounded on the north by Gregory County, S. D., on the east the Missouri river divides it from Charles Mix County, S. D. Knox County, Neb., also forms part of the boundary; on the south the Niobrara river divides Boyd and Holt Counties, while to the westward is Keyapaha County.
   Waterways which drain the county are the Niobrara and Keyapaha rivers, besides Ponca creek and others, all of which flow eastward toward the Missouri river.
   Natural vegetation consists chiefly of grass. In areas where there is still virgin prairie, the principal grasses are little bluestem, grama, buffalo grass, wheat grass, big bluestem. and needlegrass. Native trees include elm, ash, burr oak, hackberry, boxelder, cottonwood and willow.
   The climate is similar to that in other counties in northern Nebraska. The summers are hot and the winters are long and cold. The average date of the last killing frost is May 6 and the first Oct. 3. This gives an average frost-free season of 150 days which is enough time for maturing all farm crops commonly grown. Strong winds are common, but tornadoes are rare. Dust storms occur in years of severe drouth. The mean annual precipitation is 22 inches. In recent times the driest year (1910) had 12 1/2 inches, and the wettest year (1915) had 40 inches. The mean annual temperature is 47.8 degrees, the absolute maximum 112 degrees, and the absolute minimum 36 degrees below zero.
   Corn is the chief cultivated crop with oats, next. Other crops of importance are wheat, alfalfa, sweet clover, barley, rye and sorghums.
   The quality, depth and supply of well water varies in different localities but there is an abundant supply throughout most of the county. In 1899 a deep artesian well was drilled just south of Lynch. In 1904 it was sunk to a depth of 923 feet, en-
   *Condensed by Mary Aiken.



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larged to a diameter of ten inches, and at that time was the deepest artesian well in the state. More than 3,000 gallons of water per minute flowed from this well and as late as 1914 it threw water 20 feet into the air before this power was put to work. Finally its force was utilized to run flour mills and provide electricity for the town. It also was used partially as a water supply.
   Twin Buttes, which rise to a height of approximately 200 feet above the surrounding country, are a prominent landmark in the county. Located about eight miles west of Butte, these mounds are visible from South Dakota and may be seen as far distant as five or six counties away in Nebraska. A pair of similar formations, known as Harvey Buttes, are located south of Butte.
   In 1938 there were seventy-two school districts, sixty-six rural schools, five standard schools, six of the twelve grade schools, two of the ten grade schools, three normal training high schools, one parochial school and one high school offering Smith-Hughes agriculture courses. Enrollment in the city schools was 990 and in the rural schools 627. Rural pupils attending high school totalled 235 and the county had 112 teachers.
   State highway No. 12 runs through the county from east to west, and strikes all the towns except Anoka and Gross. There is a junction three miles southeast of Spencer where highway No. 281 joins No. 12. At the junction three miles northwest of Butte, No. 281 turns off No. 12 and goes northward into South Dakota. Highway No. 18 runs north from Spencer into South Dakota. All these are good graveled roads, maintained by the state. Just recently the road between Spencer and Butte has been oiled.
   The only railroad in the county is the Chicago and North Western, which goes through Monowi, Lynch, Bristow, Spencer and Anoka.
   The 1930 population of the county was 7,165, partially distributed as follows: Butte, the county seat, had 569, Spencer 653, Lynch 498, Bristow 181, Naper 177, Monowi 123, Anoka 107 and Gross 51. It is interesting to note in passing how the various towns were named.
   Anoka is a Dakota Indian word meaning "on both sides." This town was named by the PioneerTown-Site company after Anoka, in Anoka County, Minn. The Nebraska town, Anoka, is located on Ponca creek.
   Bristow was named in honor of Secretary of the Treasury Benjamin H. Bristow, of President Grant's cabinet. It was platted in 1902 by the Pioneer Town-Site company. The postoffice was established in 1890, but was west of the present site of Bristow.
   The name Butte was suggested for this town from the rocky upheavals of ground just south of the town-site, called the Harvey Buttes.
   The town of Gross was named in honor of B. B. Gross, one of the first settlers in this neighborhood. He homesteaded the land on which the town is located. He was the first postmaster and later engaged in business there.
   Lynch was named for John A. Lynch, who is known as the founder of this town. Originally a petition was signed by the citizens of Niobrara, asking the postoffice department at Washington to establish a postoffice at Lynchburg, Neb. In due time the department established the postoffice and called it Lynch. Mr. Lynch was the first postmaster and held that position for nine years.
   Monowi is an Indian name and means flower. This town was no doubt so named because there are so many wild flowers growing in the vicinity.
   Naper was originally called Naperville. It was named for Ralph Naper, who gave forty acres of his homestead for a town-site.
   When the town of Spencer was located and the site was selected, it was named Spencer for an army captain of Ed Whiting's.
   Baker, once a thriving village, was named for Fred Baker, who was the first postmaster there. Baker no longer has a postoffice.
   Mankato is the Dakota Indian word meaning blue earth. That may be the origin of the name of this almost forgotten town.
   At one time there was a postoffice at Basin, which is located about three miles southeast of Naper. The name originated from the characteristic low "basins" and lakes in the township. The township still carries that name.

BRADLEY, EDWIN BRUCE: Physician; b Charles City, Ia June 14, 1879; s of John Bradley-Susan Martin; ed Charles City HS 1896; Charles City Coll 1896-98; U of Ia 1898-99; Rush Med Coll, Chicago, MD 1903; m Josephine Mournsen Mar 1, 1912 Des Moines Ia; 1907-11 prac Burke S D; 1911- prac Spencer; Neb St Med Assn; past mbr bd of edn; past mbr village bd of trustees; dir Spencer State Bank; res Spencer.

   COOK, LUCIAN L: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Blair June 17, 1889; s of Charles Cook-Elizabeth Renard; ed Wausa HS 1907; Blair Bus Coll; 1909-22 with Spencer State Bank; 1932- real estate & ins agt; local supvr Prudential Life Ins Co, Boyd Co; past clk, treas, mbr Spencer village bd; conservator for Boyd Co in regulating taxes for property foreclosures; during World War 1917-18 in air corps, San Diego Cal; comm Amer Leg post 78; BPOE Norfolk; Rep; res Spencer.

   DAVIES, WAYNE ANTHONY: County Judge; b Butte Neb Apr 20, 1905; s of John A Davies-Alberta Hyers; ed Butte HS 1923; Neb Wes 1924-25; Grinnell Ia. Coll, BA 1928; U of N, LLB 1934; Phi Delta Phi; Everetts; m Marie McQuistan Aug 31, 1935 Glenwood Ia; adm to Neb bar 1934; 1934- with father in prac, Butte; 1937- Boyd Co Judge; local atty for C&NW RR; mbr Neb Co Judges' Assn, Butte Comm Club; secy-treas 15th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; mbr Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past worthy master AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, football, tennis, travel; office Courthouse; res Butte.

   GIBSON, LAUNCE W: Banker; b Hamilton Co, Neb July 21, 1902; s of Peter H Gibson-Myrtle Warner; ed Blair HS 1919; U of N, 1920-21; m Julia Sutherland (Rock Co) Jan


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4, 1925 Glenwood Ia; d Jan; 1920-21 with Neb St Bank of Norfolk; 1921-26 emp Farmers State Bank of Newport; 1926- cash Neb St Bank of Bristow; mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd of Bristow; mbr Comml Club; publishes circular regarding comm events; AF&AM 261; IOOF 255; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbles, fishing, hunting, golf; res Bristow.

   GUTTERY, JOHN A: Dentist; b Holden, Mo Jan 11, 1881; s of W D Guttery-Lizzie May Austin; ed Bellevue HS 1899; Creighton U, DDS 1913; m Olive Drew June 22, 1915 Dickson Ill; 1913-19 prac Pilger; 1919-21 farmed near Scottsbluff; 1921-23 supt of schs, Mitchell; 1923-24 supt of schs Ainsworth; 1924- prac Niobrara and Lynch; Neb St & ADA; hobbies, woodwork, flowers; res Lynch.

   HAJEK, ED: Rancher; b Boyd Co, Neb July 18, 1901; s of Joseph Hajek-Anna Tichy; ed Boyd Co; m Bayonne Ott Jan 14, 1924 Winner S D; d Joyce Bayonne (dec), Donna Vae; 1928- rancher & farmer in Boyd Co on original homestead of father; 1924- mbr Four Corners sch bd dist 39; mbr Farmers' Union; co chmn soil conservation program; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, raising purebred Black Angus cattle; father & two brothers were first settlers in Boyd Co; res Lynch.

   HONKE, MAXIMILLIAN LEONARD: Bank President; b West Prussia, Germany June 5, 1876; 8 of Martin Honke-Emma Dobberstein; ed German pub sch; Heidelberg U German upper sch; Rohrbough Bros Bus Coll, Omaha 1896-97; m Stella Maynard, 1905 West Bend Ia; m Virginia Stroebele June 6, 1913 Carroll Ia; s Dr Edward M, Dr Richard W; d Jane C, Marion (dec 1932), Virginia H; 1902- with First Natl Bank, Butte, cash 1907-10; bank reorg 1910, VP 1910-26, pres since 1926; owner & opr of farm lands & ranches in Neb, S D, Mo, Mexico, Canada, village treas 25 years; real est & ins agt; mbr Neb & Amer Bankers Assns; Butte Comml Club; del to natl conv Cath Knights; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, travel, visited Florida 1938, Great Lakes 1939; res Butte.

   IRA, GUY B: Physician; b Greenwood, S D July 22, 1873; s of George W Ira-Beatrice Hobbs; ed Niobrara; St Louis Coll of Phys & Surgs, 1898; post grad New York, Chicago; m Florence Elsie Whipple Apr 10, 1898 Omaha; s Gordon H; d Naoma (Mrs G R Douglas); 1898-99 interne St Louis; 1899-1900 prac Newborn Ill; 1900- prac Lynch; surg for C&NW RR; mbr Neb St & AMA; past mbr town & sch bds Lynch; Feb 7, 1917 enl during World War, served in France 1918-19, 15th Belleau Sec & 1st Met 59th Inf; AF&AM 312; Meth Ch; Rep, chmn Co Central Corn; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf, baseball; res Lynch.

   JEDLICKA, VACLAV FRANCIS: Leather Workers; b Knox Co, Neb Nov 5, 1877; s of Vaclav Jedlicka-Marie Kalal; ed Knox Co; m Marie Bartak Nov 22, 1898 Creighton; s Leon, George, Adolph; m Marie Beran June 4, 1907 Verdigree; d Martha (Mrs C H Taylor); 1892-94 appr in harness & repair business with John Bartak, Verdigre; 1895-96 worked for manufacturer in Chicago; 1896-97 with father in farming in Knox Co; 1898- owner & opr of Jedlicka Harness & Shoe Shop, Lynch (oldest harness man in Lynch); mbr village bd of trustees, Lynch, 1932- chmn; mbr Cath Ch, KC, Cath Workmen; Dem; hobbies, gardening, fishing; res Lynch.

   JONES, ROBERT F: Mortician; b Union, Neb Feb 6, 1891; s of W F Jones-Louella Keysor; ed Magnet; Cincinnati Sch of Embalming 1925; m Martha Opocensky Nov 22, 1912 Niobrara; s Richard P; d Ilene Bernice; 1912-16 with funeral home, Niobrara; 1916-26 with funeral home, Burke S D; 1926- owner and opr funeral home in Spencer & in Niobrara since 1936; chmn village bd of Niobrara 8 years; mbr village bd of Burke 6 years; mbr village bd of Spencer 6 years; mbr Neb Funeral Dir Assn; AF&AM 261; Bapt Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, res Spencer.

   KIBBY, WAYNE D: Hardware Dealer; b Boyd Co, Neb May 11, 1912; s of LeRoy Kibby-Pearl Kelley; ed Butte HS 1930; m Helen Carmichael Oct 15, 1936 Grand Island; 1930-31 with Gust Weickum of Napier in grain farming; 1931-35 with A J Fink, rancher near Spencer; 1935- owner & opr Kibby Hardware Store; also eng in ranching; 1935- mbr village bd of trustees; mbr Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Comm Club; AF&AM; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, boating; res Butte.

   KOENIG, ADAM L: Elevator Manager; b New Vienna, Ia Sept 3, 1884; s of John Koenig-Elizabeth Hoefer; ed New Vienna Ia; m Eleanora Ritz (Iowa) May 29, 1906 Baker1; s Laurence J, Alphonse J, Vincent G, Albin J, Gregor G, Bernard, Norbert; d Aurallia, Leona: Clara, Doris, Elaine; 1901-17 farmed in S D; 1913 served in S D legislature; 1917-21 farmed in Boyd Co; 1921- mgr Farmers Union Elevator; mbr city coun 12 years; mayor 4 years; mbr Comml Club; Cath Ch; chmn Rep Central Com; hobbies, fishing, hunting, cards; res Spencer.

   KRIZ, RUDOLPH EDMUND: Physician & Surgeon; b Lodgepole, Neb Oct 8, 1892; s of Anton Kriz-Anna Hladjek; ed Weston HS 1910; Fremont Coll, BSc 1913; U of N, MD 1917; m Rose Chase Mar 23, 1912 Wahoo; d Elizabeth Jane (Mrs Andrew Classen), Margaret Ann; 1917-20 in US army, Mare Island base hosp, Galveston Tex & Guantanamo Cuba, lt comm USN; Amer Leg; 1920-21 prac in Norfolk; 1921- prac in Lynch; pres Holt & Boyd Co, Med Socs; mbr Neb St & AMA; AF&AM 228; Scot Rite, Lincoln; Sesostris Shrine; IOOF; Dem; hobbies, outdoor sports; res Lynch.

   LANDHOLM, EARL M: Editor & Publisher; b Bristow, Neb Apr 8, 1900; s of Charles Landholm-Ellen Peterson; ed Bristow; North Park Coll, Chicago 1920-21; m Verna Burt Sept 29, 1926 Bristow; d Helen; 1926-31 editor & publisher Bristow Enterprise; 1931- editor & publisher Lynch Herald; mbr Swedish Mission Ch; Comm Club; Dem; hobbies baseball, basketball, hunting; office Lynch Herald; res Lynch.

1 Formerly 10 mi NW of Spencer. Postoffice discontinued.

   LANDHOLM, MRS VERNA E: Editor & publisher; b Neodesha, Kas Sept 28, 1906; d of Edward W Burt-Mary E Pierce; ed Haddam Kas HS 1924; m Earl Landholm Sept 29, 1926 Bristow Neb; d Helen; 1924-31 asst editor & publisher Bristow Enterprise; 1931- asst editor & publisher Lynch Herald; mbr NPA; treas Rebekahs 214 & secy dist 39; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbles, photography & scrapbooks; office Lynch Herald; res Lynch.

   McMEEN, KENNETH M: Merchant; b Mt Vernon, Ill May 24, 1896; s of James F McMeen-Mattie J Mannen; ed Spencer Neb & in Gregory S D; Yankton S D Coll 1914-15; m Phyllis Alford Mar 16, 1920 Pierce; 1915-20 with father in gen stores at Lynch & Gregory S D; 1920- owner & opr McMeen Merc Co at Lynch; mbr & past pres bd of edn; past mbr village bd of trustees; secy Lynch Business Men's Club; owner 80 A Boyd Co farm land oprd during World War by tenants; enl in AEF June 1918 in 88th div, corp O/S 6 mos, disch Jan 31, 1919; Meth Ch, mbr bd; Dem; hobbles, fishing, horticulture; res Lynch.

   MEAD, BENJAMIN H: Superintendent of Schools; b Omaha, Neb Mar 26, 1902; s of Benjamin M Mead-Florence Hazzard; ed Central HS 1921; U of Omaha 1925; grad work U of Ia, 1928; Theta Phi Delta; m Beatrice Dinkel (Iowa) June 2, 1928 Wayne; s Richard B; d Shirley 18, Marilyn, Joan; 1925-28 athletic coach, Laurel; 1928-34 supt of schs, Fort Calhoun; 1934-38 supt of schs, Long Pine; 1938- supt of schs, Spencer; registered ofcl of Neb HS Activities Assn; Assn of Supt & Prins of Neb; NSTA; NEA; C of C; AF&AM, Omaha; OES & Lions, Long Pine; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, sports, travel; office HS bldg; res Spencer.

   MURRAY, JOHN THOMAS: Attorney; b Castilla, S D Oct 24, 1900; s of John Murray-Bridget Mather; ed Platte S D HS; Columbia College, Dubuque Ia. 1919; Creighton U, LLB 1924; m Mary Harrington Oct 5, 1926 O'Neill; 1924-25 with Fred Lynch, atty Platte S D; 1925-27 with finance co Omaha; 1927-32 prac in Lynch; 1932- prac in Spencer; 1938- atty for Spencer State Bank; city atty; mbr Neb St Bar Assn; Spencer Comml Club; Cath Ch; Rep; hobbies, baseball, football; off Spencer State Bank Bldg; res Spencer.

   NELSON, WILLIAM: Postmaster; b Galesburg, Ill June 15, 1881; s of Ashford H Nelson-Adelia Keyes; ed Boyd Co; m Ella Kinnaley Dec 16, 1902 Spencer; d Audree, Wilma (Mrs L D Putman); 1898-1903 opr 20 A Boyd Co farm lands; 1903-1935 opr 180 A in Boyd Co; 1935- PM; mbr Neb & Natl PMs Assns; Comml Club; mbr township bd 14 years; Dem, past pct committeeman; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Spencer.

   OLSON, JULIUS E: Merchant; b Saunders Co, Neb Jan 13, 1878; s of P B Olson-Albertina Anderson; ed Wahoo; Luther Coll; m Ella Peterson Jan 15, 1900 Wahoo; s C Edwin; d Gladys C (Mrs R C Swanson); 1899-1900 opr store in Wahoo; pres Neb St Bank; 1900-25 opr store in Malmo; 1925- opr gen mdse store Bristow; Luth Ch, organist at Malmo & Bristow 20 years; Dem; hobby, music; off Red & White Store; res Bristow.



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   PEARSON, NILS HOLGER: Clergyman; b Skane, Sweden Jan 2, 1887; s of Per Holger-Hanna Nelson; ed Sweden; Augustana Coll, Rock Island Ill 1917; Augustana Luth Seminary, BD, 1920; m Aida Elizabeth Skarin Oct 16, 1920 Lemont Ill; s Nils Holger; d Lois Elizabeth; 1920-22 pastor Zion Ch, Fort William Ont Canada; 1922-29 pastor Luth Chs at Hordville, org Luth Ch, Central City; 1929- pastor Rosedale Luth Ch, Bristow; dist pres Wakefield dist conf, Augustana Synod; hobbles, woodwork, fishing, gardening; res Bristow.

   PUCELIK, JEROME MARTIN: Dentist & Banker; b Dodge, Neb Apr 21, 1895; s of Thomas Pucelik-Christina Dostal; ed Spencer 1913; U of N, DDS 1918; Delta Sigma Delta; m Lola Brinkerhoff (Iowa) June, 30, 1926 Mitchell S D; s Robert Dean; d Patricia, Joan; 1913-15 tchr, Boyd Co; 1919- dentist, Spencer; 1922-23 pres fire dept; 1923-24 mbr town bd; 1927- chmn sch bd; 1931- exec VP of Spencer State Bank; 1937-38 key Banker in Boyd Co; 1937 pres North Neb Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; pres Comml Club; dist chmn BSA; 18 years in Scout work; during World War capt dental res corps, Fort Snelling, Minn; mbr Assn Military Dental Surgs of U S; ZCBJ; Rep; hobbies, scouting, outdoor sports; res Spencer.

   PUTNAM, FRED A: Lumber Dealer; b Gratiot Co, Mich Jan 21, 1869; s of Eri C Putnam-Eliza Goodrich; ed Meadow Grove; m Florence G Sanders Nov 2, 1892 Stockville; s Charles E, Carlton B, Fred A, Wayne H (dec), Woodrow (dec), Ward E, Walter (dec); d Ruth (Mrs John Johnson), Dorothy (dec); 1891 homesteaded in Boyd Co; 1900-04 Boyd Co clk; 1905-09 with Peoples Bank, Naper; 1909-13 with Citizens State Bank, Butte; 1914-18 Boyd Co treas; 1919-30 with First Natl Bank, Naper; 1935- with William Krotter Co; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Naper.

   SANNER, GEORGE U: County Superintendent of Schools; b Valentine, Neb Aug 29, 1891; s of H C Sanner-Mary A Novak; ed Doane Acad 1915; WSTC, BA 1927; grad work U of N: m Carol Mae Stump July 22, 1930 Fremont; s Franklin Joseph, William Douglas; d Louise Katherine; 1915-24 tchr in Antelope Co; 1925-26 & 1927-28 tchr McFadden Wyo HS; 1928-38 supt city schs in Bristow; 1938- co supt of schs; mbr NSTA; 1918 during World War enrolled in SATC U of N, Yale U; Amer Leg; Meth Ch; Indep; hobbies, gardening, farming; off Courthouse; res Butte.

   SCHINDLER, EMIL: Farmer & Stockman; b Austria Aug 31, 1861; s of Carl Schindler-Anna Miller; ed Knox Co; m Theresa Kurke (Austria) May 6, 1888 Dukeville; s Roy Richard; d Alma Matilda (Mrs Warren Heston), Emeilia Anna (Mrs C C Miller); 1876-81 emp in gen mdse store, Bonesteel S D & Turner gen mdse, Niobrara; pre-empted & farmed 160 A in Knox Co; 1890 moved to Boyd Co, took 160 A reservation land by squatter's right; 1890- farmer, stock raiser, owner of 420 A farm & grazing lands; past mbr Monowi pub sch bd; Meth Ch; Rip; father engaged in farming in N E Neb, came from Chicago 1869; res Lynch.

   SEDLACEK, GEORGE DANIEL: Deputy County Treasurer; b Dixon S D June 4, 1908; s of Charles Sedlacek-Adelina Korab: ed Lynch HS 1926; LaSalle Extn U; m Ethel Louise Peterson (Iowa) May 22, 1926 Winner S D; s Gary Dee; d Georgene Denise; 1927-32 emp by Rosicky & Alfred Hdw Co in Lynch; 1932-36 emp by Standard Oil Co & Farmers Union Co-op Assn in Lynch; asst Scout Master; Prot; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; office Courthouse; res Butte.

   SIELER, JACOB H: County Commissioner; b near Odessa, Russia Dec 21, 1868; s of Jacob J Sieler-Sybila Herrmann; ed Bonhomme Co S D; Waverly Ia Synod Coll 1883-84; m Mary W Holt Aug 8, 1897 Butte; s Orlon J, Edwin Leroy; d Iris (Mrs Willis Couch); 1893-1922 opr Sieler Bros; 1922- engaged in farming; 1925- co supvr; AF&AM 233; Comm Ch; Rep; hobbles, gardening; res Butte.

   TIENKEN, HENRY: Retired Rancher; b Germany Apr 28, 1851; s of Jurgen Tienken-Margaret Burje; ed Germany; m Alice Zimmerman (Iowa) Dec 13, 1887 Boyd Co; s Charles L, William B; d Gertrude Marie (Mrs Walter S Travis); 1870 came to Amer from Germany; 1874-1902 eng in stock raising near Niobrara; 1902-14 owner & opr impl & hdw store; Luth Ch; Indep; hobby, horses; res Naper.

   TOMEK, CHARLES T: County Clerk; b Knox Co, Neb July 6, 1893; s of Vac B Tomek-Jennie A Bartak; ed Lynch HS 1909; m Vera McLaughlin Feb 7, 1915 Butte; s C Robert; d Catherine Mavis; 1910-18 dep co treas; 1918-26 co treas; 1927- co clk; past village clk; past master AF&AM 233; IOOF, Comm Ch; Rep hobbies, hunting, fishing, baseball; office Courthouse; res Butte.

   WELLS, JACK B: Editor; b Minneapolis, Minn Dec 7, 1907; s of W A Wells-Paula Curtis; ed Sisseton S D 1927; U of Mo 1928-29; N D State Sch of Science 1929-30; Lambda Chi; m Carol Westcott Sept 14, 1935 Sioux Falls S D; d Paula Lee; 1927-28 with father on Journal, Webster S D; 1930-35 with Parkston S D Advance; 1935-36 with Standard Oil Co, Sioux Falls S D; 1936- editor Spencer Advocate; Comml Club; asst Scout Master; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, stamp collecting; office Spencer Advocate; res Spencer.

   WHITLA, WILLIAM KENNETH: Editor & Publisher; b Madison, Neb Dec 12, 1900; s of William Whitla-Delia Mead; ed Butte HS 1918; U of N 1919-20; m Flora Fleming June 30, 1924 Council Bluffs Ia; s Dean K, Fay E, Bryce L; 1922- editor & publisher Butte Gazette; mbr NPA, secy Comm Club; AF&AM 293; Comm Ch; Rep; office Butte Gazette; res Butte.

   WHITLA, WILLIAM: Attorney & Abstractor; b West Union, Ia, Nov 9, 1869; s of David Whitla-Agnes Webb; ed Madison Co; Fremont Normal, 1891; m Delia Mead Sept 26, 1894 Madison; s William K; d E Lois (Mrs A B Busch), Myra (Mrs P 0 Friedrichs), Helen D; 1889-94 studied law with Robertson & Wigton in Norfolk; 1894-99 tchr Meadow Grove; 1899-1901 emp in co clk's off in Madison; 1901 with Edwards & Bradford Lbr Co; 1902-11 mgr grain & lumber bus in Avoca; 1911- abstractor; 1914- prac law; mbr Neb St Bar Assn; past mbr Com Club; MWA; Rep; res Butte.

   WILSON, ROYAL ROBERT: Auto Dealer; b Haywarden Ia Sept 12, 1894; s of Robert V Wilson-Hannah Wills; ed Butte 1910; LBC 1910-13; m Rose J Sedivy July 28, 1920 Butte; s Robert Vere; 1911-13 emp summers by Wilson & Couch Motor Co in Butte; 1913-16 emp by Herrick S D Drug Co; 1919-21 with father in auto, electric appl & supply bus in Butte; 1921-24 with C&NW RR; 1924-26 owner & opr Wilson & Couch Motor Co, Butte; 1926-30 with Couch Motor Co in Butte; 1930- owner & opr Wilson Motor Co, Spencer; mbr Neb Auto Dealers Assn & Omaha Zone of Chevrolet Motor Div & Neb; Comml Club; enl Jan 1917 in air service of U S army, 18 mos O/S during World War as 1st class sgt stationed at Romamanti, France flying field: stationed at Camp Hancock Ga, Camp Upton NY; Camp Green N C, Air Depot 1 Roosevelt Field NY; disch at Camp Dodge Ia. Aug 1919; Amer Leg, post 78; AF&AM; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, baseball; office Wilson Motor Co Bldg; Spencer.

   WILLS, WILLIAM P: Attorney; b Butte, Neb May 17, 1906; s of W T Wills-Esther Pooley; ed Butte HS 1924; U of N, BA, LLB 1936; Delta Theta Phi; 1930- with father in law firm of Wills & Wills, since father's death in Mar 1939 prac indep; mbr 15th Judicial Dist & Neb St Bar Assns; Comm Club; AF&AM 233; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, tennis, gardening; res Butte.



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