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Mrs. Lillian L. Jones

Letter1795-96 an expedition led by James Mackey, a Scotchman, reached the region of the North Loup river and journeyed westward to the sandhill lakes of Cherry County. The explorers went northward to the Niobrara river and followed the stream to the Missouri river. The accurate map of the region made by Mackey entitles him to receive credit as the first white explorer in this section.
   Many interesting stories are told of other expeditions which crossed this region, leaving but a trail through the tall grass, ruts of wagon wheels and perchance the ashes of a campfire. Hunting parties from the early settlements on the Missouri river found abundant game and furs a reward for their long journey up the Niobrara river and tributary streams.
   A military expedition under Lieutenant O. K. Warren made a thorough exploration of the country adjacent to the Niobrara river as early as 1857. Missionaries to western Indians, gold seekers and military companies left well defined trails over which the first settlers later came. The Sawyers Trail began in 1865 and the Gordon Trail in 1876. The Calamus Trail from Fort Hartsuff to other military posts was another early route. A small military supply post on the north shore of Moon Lake was probably the first settlement in the country as it now exists.
   Brown County, with the rest of the northwestern portion of the state, was one time known as Sioux county and the only government was administered from the military posts. Holt County was organized in 1876 and for a few years the land which later became Brown County was attached to Holt for taxation purposes.
   Cattle ranches were the first settlements stocked with Texas longhorns driven in over the old Chisholm Trail. The cattle men were attracted by the rich, abundant prairie grasses which offered excellent range for their herds. Water, shelter and firewood was found in the canyons. As a rule these ranchers held a "water front" on some running stream and had no legal title to the land since it had not been thrown open for settlement. Among the early comers were Cook and Tower on Bone Creek, A. M. Brickerhoff at the mouth of Pine creek, G. W. Howenstein, J. W. Roselle, James Abernathy and G. W. Kirkpatrick.
   Headquarters of the Tower outfit was first established in 1872 near the mouth of Bone creek. In 1877 Ed Cook became ranch manager and lived on his claim near the present site of Ainsworth. Fort Niobrara was established April 22, 1880. The buildings were mostly of adobe brick. The other materials used in their construction and supplies for the soldiers were brought by large freighting outfits from Neligh, then the western end of the railroad. These outfits consisted of ten to twenty heavy freight wagons with twelve yoke of oxen on each wagon with trailer. Some smaller freighting outfits did a thriving business hauling supplies for the new military post, and for ranchers who established themselves nearby.
   Immediately after the troops were sent to Fort Niobrara a government mail stage made regular trips twice each week. John and George Berry had the contract for this stage line. The Bassett home in Long Pine Canyon was a stage station in charge of John Danks. Bone Creek postoffice at the Cook and Tower ranch distributed mail for a large area. The ranch house was near the present city limits of Ainsworth on the northwest, where the Gordon trail crossed Bone Creek. Ed Cook was postmaster, Mrs. Nannie Osborne, deputy.
   The winter of 1880-81, one of the most severe ever known, resulted in the starvation of many livestock. Of the 3,000 head on the Cook ranch, only 800 were left in the spring. Other ranchers having similar experiences were forced to close out. This left the land open for settlement again.
   The newcomers were mostly farmers, with a few doctors, lawyers, preachers and merchants, all seeking land under the homestead law. These people came by covered wagon or by rail to Oakdale or Neligh and continued from there with freighters or others who kept suitable outfits for such journeys.
   The Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley railroad began building westward in the late 70's. Each year it pushed farther into the new farming regions. To supply the needs of the new settlers the railroad carried freight, mail, express and passengers to its western terminus, Oakdale. The road was extended to Neligh in 1880.
   The railroad, then called the Sioux City & Pacific, reached Long Pine in 1881. The town was named for the beautiful stream and canyon through which it winds, and the creek was so named because of high symmetrical pines on its banks. The first settlers, in order to be sheltered and to be near food and water, made their homes in the canyon. Several came in the late '70's: Rev. Irving H. Skinner-Bassett, James Graham, Seth Bates, Mike Ker-


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nan, F. E. Stockwell and family and the Donoher family. Another was John Coleman, who had been employed earlier on the Cook and Tower ranch on Bone creek.
   Other early residents in and near the town were Carleton Pettijohn, Isaac Mills, Theron Ford, Abe Bailey, John W. Vargison, Nels Ringsrud, Henry Tabler, Ed Ryan, Dr. Lewis, Sergeant O'Leary, W. H. Magill, Henry Danks, John and Henry Leadis, Granville Butler, John Hill, Charles and Thomas Glover, J. D. Whittemore, Z. B. Cox, J. H. Spafford, J. C. Pettijohn Rich, Severance, Thomas Moore, T. H. Warren and the Upstills.
   The first resident to occupy ground where the town now stands was "Dirty" Smith. With his family he homesteaded the ground now occupied by the depot and yards of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company.
   The Methodist Church of Long Pine was the second church in Brown County. It was organized Nov. 30, 1883 by Rev. I. H. Skinner, Cornelius B. Morefort, Charles R. Glover, W. E. Davis, Joseph E. Dunn and Benjamin Elliott. One of the earliest Methodist pastors, Rev. W. W. Thomas, often walked to Ainsworth and Johnstown and conducted services.
   The earliest school in Long Pine was held in a building on Main street. Dr. Learn, one of the first dentists in Brown county, was the teacher. In 1882 a small frame school house was built.
   On Jan. 9, 1884, the county commissioners granted a petition signed by Long Pine citizens making it an incorporated village.
   That portion of Ainsworth lying west of Main street was platted on the homestead of Mrs. Nannie Osborn. Leroy Hall, on the east side of Main, platted an addition extending as far north as Fourth street. North of that was Henry Woodward's addition. On the corner of Main and Fourth was the Woodward store, the first business house in the town. It was a log building erected in 1880, and was located on the freighter's trail. Ainsworth became an incorporated village Dec. 10, 1883.
   Among early business houses were Tracy and Glover's store managed by J. D. Crawford; Munson and Secor, later Munson and Ackerman, John DeBrown, George Reed, general stores; Frank Sellors, real estate; H. J. Sutton, jewelry; Dr. O. H. Crane, drugs; W. D. McCord, elevator; Orcutt house and Burns hotel; P. D. McAndrew, L. K. Alder, Alex Altschuler and S. E. Benton, lawyers; Ed Enderly, Frank Gillette and the Davisons; Alton and Sherwood, and Burns, bankers; Dr. Kenaston, physician; Hall and Chaney, hardware; Merithew, restaurant; Ainsworth Lumber Co.; Grave and Co., lumber; Leroy Hall, Journal proprietor; Morgan and Miller, publishers; Western News, T. J. Smith, publisher; P. P. Shade, livery owned by E. Loeb; Bridgeford's saloon.
   Early settlers in the west part of the county were Frederick and Gottlieb Schulz, Ed Fancher, John Brill, Charles Cowley, W. G. Townsend, B.M. Chase, George and D. D. Carpender, Casper Lochmiller and sons William, Casper, Fred Phillip and Henry; H. C. Stone, J. W. Terry, Max Rauscher and Jackson Billeter.
   The first train arrived in Ainsworth June 1882. The station was named for J. E. Ainsworth of Missouri Valley, Iowa, who was in charge of construction. O. B. Rippey was the first agent.
   Later in the summer of 1882 the railroad was completed across the present boundaries of the county. A station was established on the homestead of John Berry, for whom Johnstown is thought to have been named. A postoffice named Evergreen was established in 1881 two and one-half miles north of Johnstown. Following establishment of the town station on the new road, the postoffice was removed to the section house and Mrs. Parsons, wife of the section foreman, succeeded Harrison Johnson as postmaster.
   The first store in Johnstown was opened in 1882 by W. H. Marriner in the railway depot. Later it was moved to a building north of the railroad and operated as Scattergood and Marriner. Dr. Farleigh was the first physician in the town and W. G. Townsend conducted the earliest school, which was in the Harrison Johnson home.
   The spring and summer of 1882 saw a great influx of new settlers and in December of that year Frank Sellors and Merrit Griffiths circulated a petition asking that a new county be established. The petition set forth boundaries which include the present counties of Brown, Rock, Keyapaha and part of Holt. Frank North, representative from the twenty-third district, sponsored the bill and it was approved by Governor Dawes Feb. 19, 1883. Because five legislators were named Brown and because the petition suggested no name, the new county was called Brown.
   Special officers named March 17 were D. B. Short, clerk, and D. D. Carpender, Thomas Peacock and I. N. Alderman, commissioners. Ainsworth was made the temporary county seat. At a special election July 19, C. W. Stannard was chosen clerk; S. G. Sparks, judge; John Staley, treasurer; John Sullivan, sheriff; W. G. Townsend, superintendent of schools; Albert Palmer, coroner; R. Strait, surveyor, and P. A. Morris, D. B. Short, D. D. Carpender, commissioners. Ainsworth was also named as the permanent county seat.
   Bridges over the Niobrara river and across Pine, Plum and Bone creeks were soon built. Mrs. Nannie J. Osborn gave the county a small building to be used as a jail and in January, 1884 deeded a plot of ground to be used as a court house site. She also gave suitable grounds for a Congregational Church, which was erected in the spring of 1884. It was the county's first church and its pastor was


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Rev. N. L. Packard. Mrs. Osborn male a similar gift for a Methodist Church and a building was erected a few years later.
   Mrs. Mary Wade taught the county's first school in 1882. Classes met in a little log building northwest of town, on the north bank of Bone Creek. Leroy Hall gave the county the ground on which its schools now stand.
   Shortly after the county's organization, agitation for division began. Several elections were held and on Nov. 4, 1884, Keyapaha county was formed. It was taken from that portion of Brown lying north of the Niobrara river; Rock was organized from the eastern portion of the original Brown, and was made a separate commonwealth in 1888.
   A petition was presented in 1886 asking the commissioners to call an election to approve issuance of $10,000 in bonds to build a court house in Ainsworth. After an irregularity nullified the first election, a second vote gave the bonds a majority approval. The building was constructed at a cost of $9,750, and $1,000 was allowed to purchase furniture. The commissioners accepted the court house Nov. 22, 1888.
   Lightning struck the new court house the next July, necessitating a few repairs and a few changes have been made from time to time. However in the main, the building has been altered but little. In 1929 a brick jail and sheriff's residence was erected near the court house at a cost of $25,000.
   Largely because of Brown County's 24 inch average annual rainfall, the early settlers were able to raise excellent crops. In 1884 and 1888 carloads of wheat from Ainsworth were awarded prizes for being the best grades received by the Chicago Board of Trade. Garden products of excellent quality grew with practically no cultivation. Despite their hardships, Brown County settlers had faith in the future of their country. And their vicissitudes were many--blizzards, hail storms, prairie fires, Indian threats, horse rustlers, cattle thieves and rattlesnakes.
   Persistent drouths began in 1890 and many farmers lacking food for their families and livestock, appealed to the county for aid. The state offered some assistance but each year more families were forced to ask for aid. Banks and business firms failed and by 1895 half the population had left the country. Carloads of food and clothing arrived from eastern states and Nebraska citizens contributed to the needy. No one starved and the state supplied seed grain so farmers could carry on. Slowly rainfall increased, bringing with it prosperity. Some of the former settlers returned to their farms and each year saw a few new families arrive. But the rate of immigration was slow until after the turn of the century.
   Passage of the "Kinkaid Law" in 1904 stimulated hundreds of families to move into northwest Nebraska. The law granted 640 acres to anyone who lived on it five years and added improvements worth $800. Population increased and the value of grain, livestock and personal property doubled in a short time. The sandhills were converted into an area of small cattle ranches with a few acres of wheat; a small dairy industry arose.
   And so Brown County of today is a modern, prosperous farming and grazing community. A fine highway has superseded the old Gordon Trail; maintained county roads are numerous; rural free delivery has replaced the country postoffice; the isolated ranch has been replaced by neat towns and modern homes.

   BALDWIN, FERMAN ARTHUR: Merchant; b South Bend, Ind May 19, 1872; s of William Henry Baldwin- Emma J Gulick; ed Ainsworth; m Alice R Boyd Jan 3, 1895 Ainsworth; s Glenn A, Eugene A; d Vivien (Mrs A F Johnson); 1896- opr Baldwin Merc Co; mayor; Comml Club; mbr sch bd 7 years; dir Izaak Walton League of Neb; 1929-33 mbr Neb State game & forestation commission; chmn log cabin & historical work; AF&AM; KT; Shrine; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Ainsworth..

   BARRY, R F: Clergyman; b Springfield, Mass Oct 11, 1880; s of Richard Barry-Bridget Walker; ed Springfield & Holyoke Mass; St Francis Acad, Loretto Pa; St Francis Coll 1913; 1913-16 instr Trinity Coll Sioux City Ia; 1916-18 pres Spalding Neb coll; 1918-19 pastor, Crawford; St Michael's Ch, Newport; 1922- Sacred Heart Cath Ch, Long Pine; KC; hobbies, sports & teaching; off sacred Heart Church; res Long Pine.

   BEATTIE, LEO R: Dentist; b Norton, Kas Aug 9, 1899; s of Dr Jasper Beattie-Katherine Keefe; ed U of N tchrs coll HS; U of N, BSc 1922, DDS 1923; Pi Kappa Phi; Xi Psi Phi; m Gertrude Lear Dec 27, 1922 Springview; s John Lear, Richard Leon, Charles Leon (dec); 1923 prac Springview, 1937 Ainsworth; Comml Club, bd of dir; 1918 in SATC; post comm Amer Leg 179; 1st lt dental res; Neb St & ADA; AF&AM; English Luth Ch; Dem; hobby, ranching; res Ainsworth.

   BELL, ORRIN A: Superintendent of Schools; b Belleville, Kas Mar 19, 1904; s of James M Bell-May Bailey; ed Belleville Kas HS 1922; Cotner Coll, BA 1931; U of N MA 1939; Phi Delta Kappa; m Lenore June Coates April 12, 1924 Junction City Kas; s Milton Edward; d Betty Rose; 1922-23 tchr in Republic Co Kas; 1923-24 prin grade sch & athletic coach Courtland Kas; 1925-28 prin Havelock Jr HS; 1928-31 asst HS prin & shop instr; 1931-36 supt of schs, Ohiowa; 1936-39 supt of schs Bellevue; 1939- supt of schs, Ainsworth; NSTA; past pres Ohiowa Comml Club; scout examiner, Ohiowa; mbr Neb state planning board commission; AF&AM Havelock; Presby Ch; Non-partisan; hobbies, athletics, reading, golf; res Ainsworth.

   BOWEN, CHESTER TAYLOR: Banker; b Abingdon Ill June 2, 1881; s of Samuel F Bowen-Virginia Taylor; ed Clearfield Ia HS; Capitol City Comml Coll, Des Moines; m Bess L Corbitt June 7, 1905 Ainsworth; d Virginia Bess; 1905-07 in hdw bus; 1907-15 co clk & clk of dist court, Emery Co Utah; 1915-25 owner & opr Brown Co Abstract Co, Ainsworth; 1925- with Natl Bank of Ainsworth; mbr bd of edn; mbr city coun 4 yrs; AF&AM; York Rite; KT; OES; hobbies, golf, fishing, farming & hunting; res Ainsworth.

   BRADY, ROLLAND ROY: Physician & Surgeon; b Atkinson, Neb June 28, 1904; s of J F Brady-Ella Shaw; ed Atkinson HS 1928; U of N, MD 1931; 1931 Interne Salt Lake City Utah Gen Hosp; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Chi; m Helen Shrimpton July 20, 1935 Ainsworth; s John Benjamin; 1982-85 prac Wood Lake; 1935- prac Ainsworth; 1936- ptr W D Lear in Ainsworth Hosp; Comml Club; Holt & Northwest Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM; Congl



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Ch; hobbies, golf & hunting; off Ainsworth Hospital; res Ainsworth.

   BREWSTER, GEORGE C: Retired; b Omaha, Neb Feb 11, 1876; s of Charles F Brewster-Matilda D Wilson; ed Des Moines Ia; m Sarah Adelaide Harris Sept 30, 1919 Long Pine; 1902-1935 rwy mail clk; 1935- ret; mbr sch bd: cemetery bd; past mbr Lions; AF&AM; past patron OES; KT; Congl Ch, deacon & mbr bd of trustees 35 years; musician for lodge, church & all pub affairs; Rep; hobbies, music & embroidery; res Long Pine.

   CAREY, C LYLE: District Engineer; b Bancroft, Neb March 29, 1890; s of J E L Carey-Delia E Gage; ed Bancroft HS 1906; U of N 1912; m Harriett E Burke July 21, 1915 Lincoln; 1912-14 with Grand Trunk Pac RR in Canada; 1914-18 with Red Creek Irrigation Co in Utah; 1919-26 rancher & wheat farmer in Morrill Co; 1926- with Neb state highway dept, hdqrs in Ainsworth since 1935, dist includes 9 counties; during World War enl Feb 1918 in 318th engineers 6th div, O/S 14 months commd as lt July 1919; mbr Amer Leg; AF&AM 145; Scot Rite, Lincoln; Sesostris Shrine; OES; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting & fishing; off Ainsworth Natl Bank Bldg; res Ainsworth.

   CASSEL, JOHN K: County Clerk; b Stockholm, Sweden July 14, 1890; s of Erik Cassel-Anna Maria Hultberg: ed Stockholm Sweden HS; Neb Wes 1910-11; m Emma Burritt 1917 Ainsworth (dec 1937); s John Burritt; m Emilie Giske 1939 Gregory S D; 1906 came to Brown Co from Stockholm Sweden; 1911-12 with Ainsworth Light & Power Co; 1913-17 Brown Co dep clk; 1917-19 asst cash Amer State Bank, Long Pine; 1919-31 Brown Co clk; 1931-39 opr Cassel Abstract Co Ainsworth: 1939- co clk; Comml Club; secy AF&AM; secy RAM: York Rite; Scot Rite; recorder R&SM& KT; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, gardening; off Courthouse; res Ainsworth.

   CHAPPELL, GEORGE W: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Pike Co, Ind April 7, 1869; s of Moses L Chappell-Nancy D Freeland; ed Pike Co Ind: m Hila Virginia Perkins Nov 17, 1904 Louisville Ky (dec); s Kenneth; d Sarah Gladys (Mrs V C Hawkins); 1881 came to Logan Co from Ind; 1887-1901 farmed in Logan Co; 1901-03 ranched in Cherry Co: 1903-19 ranched in Brown Co; 1919- real est agt Ainsworth; 1896-97 Logan Co clk; Neb representative 1912-13; Neb Realty Assn; MWA: Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, business activities, reading current events; off Chappell; res Ainsworth.

   COLLINS, ED D: Postmaster; b Ellenville, N Y Dec 31, 1869; s of Thomas H Collins-Louisa H ___; ed Dawes Co Neb; m Eula C French April 21, 1923 Omaha; s Harold J; d Edna (Mrs Edna House), Florence (Mrs Florence Rokahr), Doris (Mrs G C Kirkpatrick); 1896-1900 opr merc store Whitney; 1900-20 opr merc store Merriman; 1914-36 opr hdw store Ainsworth; 1936- PM; mbr MWA; WOW; Lions; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies; fishing & hunting; res Ainsworth.

   CORBITT, F A: Garage Owner: b Cherry Co, Neb Nov 24, 1887; s of L F Corbitt-Ella G Elliott; ed Ainsworth HS, 1905; Doane Coll, 1908; Phi Kappa Delta; m Gertrude Short June 11, 1913 Ainsworth; d Mary Ella; mbr survey party in Utah: 1911- owner & opr garage & Ford Agcy; AF&AM 224; KT Long Pine; mbr C of C; Congl Ch: Rep; hobbies, fishing & hunting; res Ainsworth.

   COTTON, MRS NANNIE REMY: Insurance Agent; b Hope, Ind Jan 30, 1873; d of Dr George O Remy- Margaret Barrett; ed Norfolk HS; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines 1899-1901; m John M Cotton June 24, 1900 Valentine; s Remy; d Margaret; 1897 tchr Madison Co schs: 1898 tchr Thurston Co schs; 1900-03 ICS representative; 1905-11 with husband owner & opr Ainsworth Star Journal; 1918 representative for Connecticut, Phoenix, Mercantile, Commonwealth & Employers' Fire Ins Cos also Sun Casualty & Employers' Liability Ins Cos; s Remy a mbr of firm since Sept 1937; Rebekah; WRC; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, needlework; father homesteaded in Brown Co 1884 & prac med; res Ainsworth.

   ELY, WILLIAM McLOUTH: Attorney; b Marion, N Y Sept 21, 1875; s of William B Ely-Mary Frances Potter; ed Ainsworth HS 1892; U of N. LLB 1900; Alpha Tau Omega; m Grace M Chesnut June 7, 1905 Ainsworth; s Samuel C; d Rebecca F, 1899 Brown Co judge; 1900- prac in Ainsworth; 1903-07 co atty; city atty; past mbr sch bd; Comml Club; 15th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; IOOF 130; AF&AM 224; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Ainsworth.

   FARMAN, GEORGE A JR: Attorney; b Ainsworth, Neb Nov 19, 1898; s of George A Farman Sr-Lou I Richmond; ed Ainsworth HS 1916; U of N, LLB 1920; Alpha Sigma Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; m Hertha Lochmiller June 9, 1928 Madison; 1922- prac in Ainsworth; during World War enl Oct 8, 1918 in SATC, disch Dec 15, 1918; Amer Leg; 1938-39 pres 15th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; Amer Bar Assn; 1924-26 mayor; 1927-29 mbr Neb legislature, dist 78; past master AF&AM 224; Rep; hobby, sports; res Ainsworth.

   FLEMING, W E: Jeweler; b Long Pine, Neb April 14, 1902; s of Lee R Fleming-Laura H McElroy; ed Neligh HS 1920; m Sylvia Gaeth July 7, 1930 O'Neill; 1922-31 emp by L C Hewitt, Neligh; 1931 owner & opr jewelry bus in Ainsworth; Comml Club; past master AF&AM 224, was youngest master in state; MWA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, athletics & fishing; res 212 3rd, Ainsworth.

   GALBRAITH, FRANK RICHARD: Rancher; b Wayne Co, Neb Dec 3, 1879; s of Richard Galbraith-Jane Mann; ed Wisner HS; Fremont Coll, BSc 1902; U of N, MSc 1908; m Edith Perdee Aug 24, 1904 Bancroft; 1908-09 prin schs, Weeping Water; 1909-15 editor Dunbar Review & Columbus Journal; 1915-21 editor Ainsworth Star-Journal; 1921-23 PM; 1923-30 oil dlr; 1930-34 Brown Co judge; 1935-36 cash Natl Bank of Ainsworth; 1936- rancher in Brown Co; AF&AM 224; RAM; KT; Patron OES: Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, cattle; res Ainsworth.

   GATTEN, CECIL LEON: Chiropractor: b Brighton Ill Dec 31, 1888; s of Thomas Gatten-Fannie Jeanes; ed Carroll Ia HS, 1907; U of Ia 1907-10; Palmer Sch of Chiropractic Davenport Ia 1923; Dearborn Coll Osteopathy 1927; passed natl bd chiropractic examiners; passed board; passed Neb bd; m Olive Stella Hoffman June 11, 1910 Iowa City Ia; s George Thomas; d Emma Lynnette, Modesta Frances; tchr Ia schs 3 years; engaged in various kinds of bus in Ia; 1924- chiropractor Ainsworth; com on legislation Neb Chiropractic Assn; mbr executive com Lincoln Ind, Chiropractic Coll; during World War Aug 20, 1917- Apr 3, 1919 was civilian foreman in Rock Island arsenal; past pres Comml Club 5 years; ch mbr FFA; helped org first BSA & 4-H Clubs in Brown Co; past consul MWA; past grand master IOOF, dist Dep grand master; Bapt Ch: Dem; hobbies, golf, football, books & reading; res Ainsworth.

   HAGEL, CHARLES L: Lumber Dealer; b Pine Ridge S D Sept 6, 1894; s of Herman Hagel-Bertha Davis; ed Rushville Neb; m Nellie Hubbard Aug 4, 1915 Rushville; s Charles Dean; d Doris Charline; 1914-18 in lbr & grain bus, Rushville; 1918-26 in lbr & grain bus Herrick S D; 1926-30 in lbr bus Scotia Neb; 1930-35 lbr bus Ulysses; 1935- lbr bus Ainsworth; secy-treas Comml Club; 1936-37 mbr city coun; past master AF&AM 188; Congl Ch; hobby, travel; res Ainsworth.

   HANNA, JAMES M: Rancher & Banker; b Lisbon, N Y May 29, 1853; s of John Hanna-Mary Purves; ed Lisbon N Y; m Agnes Morrow April 7, 1879 Blue Earth Minn; s Lloyd; d Janett (Mrs Lee Jouvenat); 1881-98 ranched in Cherry Co; 1898-35 active in Natl Bank of Ainsworth; 1898- ranch owner in Brown Co; Sandhill Feeder Cattle Producers Assn; Neb Stockgrowers Assn; AF&AM; KT; Tangier Shrine; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, cattle; res Ainsworth.

   HARP, EARL C: Railway Mail Clerk, b Douglas, Neb June 20, 1893; s of Edward Harp-Lulu M Nunn; ed Douglas HS, 1911; PSTC; m Kathleen Bacus Feb 6, 1919 Council Bluffs Ia; s Robert Gaylord; d Betty Jean, Beatrice Joan; 1913-17 with postal service, Douglas; 1919-25 with railway mail service, Omaha; 1925- railway mail clerk, Long Pine; during World War June 5, 1917-Feb 2, 1919, Camp Deming N M; O/S in England & France, Co B 134th inf, sgt; Amer Leg; Railway Mail Assn, Rapid City, S D; Lions; leader & dist chmn BSA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Long Pine.

   HEWETT, DAYLE E: Oil Dealer; b Holt Co, Neb Mar 22, 1898; s of William B Hewett-Mary Corrigan; ed Holt Co; m Armgarde Rex Dec 27, 1924 Winner S D; s Donald Dayle; d Lorraine Elizabeth; 1921- opr Hewett Oil Co, Ainsworth; Indep Oil Men's Assn of Neb; Comml Club; AF&AM 224; IOOF; Congl Ch; Rep; res Ainsworth.

   HOOKER, HAROLD E: Dentist; b Leigh Neb July 23, 1900; s of Henry C Hooker-Mary Springer; ed Leigh


in Nebraska


HS, 1919; Midland Coll, 1920-21; Creighton U, DDS 1926; Delta Sigma Delta; m Bernice Barden Nov 26, 1931 O'Neill; d Donna Lee; 1926-33 dentist, Long Pine; 1933- dentist, Ainsworth; Neb St & ADA; Comml Club; AF&AM 224; Congl Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Ainsworth.

   HOUSE, ERNEST A: Auto Dealer; b Hall Co, Neb July 26, 1886; s of Hiram W House-Florence Ghant; ed Ainsworth; m Alta Weltha March 4, 1914 Lincoln; 1909-17 in hdw & furn bus, Ainsworth; 1917 opr automobile bus, Ainsworth; past pres C of C; past mbr city coun; Neb Good Roads Assn; AF&AM 224; OES; Nonpartisan; hobbies, music, hunting, fishing: res Ainsworth.

   JESSEN, HAROLD NORMAN: Mortician; b Hooper, Neb Aug 28, 1900; s of Julius Martin Jessen-Matie Lusk; ed Ainsworth; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; Worsham Sch of Embalming, Chicago; m Lois Regina Gake Sept 12, 1933 Beaver Crossing; 1921-24 in Chicago mortuary; 1924- mortician in Ainsworth; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; Comml Club; AF&AM 224; Country Club; hobbies, aviation, fishing, golf; res Ainsworth.

   JOHNS, PERRY T: Editor; b Gandy, Neb Jan 1, 1893; s of Jay D Johns-Ida Caroline Peak; ed Blair HS 1914; WSTC, BA; m Ethel D Cates June 12, 1919 Bancroft; s Donald E, Max E; 1921-26 tchr Chester HS; 1923-36 supt Chester schs; 1926-27 editor Republic City Kas; 1927-28 supt schs Shickley; 1928-33 supt schs Davenport; 1933-38 printer & editor; during World War enl 1917 40th RR Arty, disch 1918; Amer Leg; mbr NPA, mbr AF&AM, Carleton; mbr Lions Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, collecting moths & butterflies; res Long Pine.

   KURTZ, JIM S: Tourist Camp Operator; b Long Pine, Neb Feb 21, 1894; s of John Henry Kurtz-Katie Ann Turner; ed Long Pine & Norfolk HS; Norfolk Bus Coll 1912; m Selma J Claus Dec 15, 1912 Stanton; s Charles A, Robert V, John C, Jim S Jr; d Dora Jean; 1912-14 emp in Norfolk; 1914-19 farmed in Rock Co; 1919-26 opr of dray line, Long Pine; 1926- opr Long Pine Tourist Park; mbr Lions; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Long Pine.

   LAW, FRANK M: Implement Dealer; b Elkhorn, Neb July 26, 1882; s of Dr Alonzo J Law-Elizabeth Pry; ed Long Pine HS, 1901; m Lula E Sisson Oct 3, 1902 Denver Colo: d Eva 134 (Mrs Robt Kelley); 1901-03 emp in groc store, Long Pine; 1903-05 barber, Denver; 1905-07 in furn & undertaking bus, Ainsworth; 1907-11 street car conductor, Omaha; 1911-17 farmed, Brown Co; 1917-19 in groc store, Ainsworth; 1919-20 chief of police; 1920-24 in govt service, White River Ariz; 1921-29 oil dlr, Ainsworth; 1927- implement dlr; past Pres Comml Club, dir; past mbr city coun; AF&AM 224; Rep; hobbies, travel, hunting & fishing; res Ainsworth,

   LEAR, WILLIAM D: Physician & surgeon; b Springview Neb Dec 20, 1897; s of William W Lear-Corilda Tarr; ed Springview HS 1917; U of N, BSc 1922, MD 1924; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Rho Sigma; m Ruth Chatfield Jan 24, 1924 Omaha; s William J; d Anne Elizabeth; 1924-25 interne Uni Hosp, Omaha; 1925-36 prac in Springview; 1936- ptr of Dr R R Brady in oprn of Ainsworth Hosp; during World War enl Oct 6, 1918 in SATC Camp Grant Ill, disch Nov 26, 1918; Amer Leg; Holt Co & Northwest Dist Med Socs; Neb St & AMA; Comml Club; Congl Ch; hobby, golf; res Ainsworth.

   LETSON, HARRY ALISON: Merchant; b Des Moines, Ia Apr 20, 1878: s of William Letson-Alison Chisholm; ed Red Cloud HS; m Grace Edna Stonebreaker Jan 5, 1910 Red Cloud: s William A; prior to 1925 in clothing & merc bus also rancher at Red Cloud; 1925-28 in lbr bus, Julian; 1928- with Shaneyfelt Lbr Cos, mgr at Aurora & Long Pine; ARC work; AF&AM, RAM, York Rite, Tehama Shrine, Hastings; IOOF, Aurora; Presby Ch; off Shaneyfelt Lbr Co; res Long Pine.

   MACDONALD, MRS BESSIE: Clubwoman; b Glen Ellyn Ill, April 1, 1884; d of Joseph Clarke-Nettie Churchill; ed Glen Ellyn Ill HS 1899; Elgin Ill Acad, 1900; m Lewis Weitzel MacDonald Feb 8, 1901 Butte Mont; s Charles Clarke; 1913-26 cash C&NW RR Long Pine; past mbr lib bd; past pres Amer Leg Aux; past pres Womans Club; past matron, past state supvr OES, grand representative from Kas; Congl Ch, treas; hobbies travel, club work & golf; one of grandparents, William Bradford, was gvr of Plymouth colony 1621-52; branch of mother's family, Churchill, lives in England; father real estate dealer; res Long Pine.

   MACDONALD, CHARLES CLARKE: Lieutenant Commander Navy Air Corps; b Glen Ellyn, Ill Nov 15, 1901; s of Lewis W MacDonald-Bessie Clarke; ed Long Pine HS, 1918; Wentworth Mil Acad, Lexington Mo, 1918-19; U of Ill 1919-20; Annapolis Mil Acad 1920-24; commd ensign 1924; mbr Annapolis athletic com: mbr varsity baseball team; U S naval air station, Pensacola Fla, 1926-27, instr 1931-34; m Loretta Miller May 20, 1927 Pensacola Fla; d Ann; 1927-29 jr lt U S navy air corps, Coronado Cal; 1929-31 flight ofcr USS Saratoga; 1935-36 with USS Texas, Long Beach, Calif; 1936 stationed at Coronado, Cal; 1936-39 naval air station, Anacostia, Washington DC, 1938 commd lt comm; 1939 stationed Norfolk Va; one of first US navy pilots to land plane on airplane carrier; motion picture pilot including Flying Fleet; AF&AM; RAM; KT; Masonic Club of Ofcrs of Navy; hobbies, hunting, fishing & baseball; res Long Pine.

   MACDONALD, LEWIS WEITZEL: Retired Railroad Executive; b Centerville, O April 8, 1879; s of William Wallace MacDonald-Ann Parcell; ed Troy Grove Ill HS, 1893; Amer Correspondence Sch; m Bessie Clarke Feb 8, 1901 Butte Mont; s Charles Clarke; 1893-1900 in maintenance dept C&NW & Ill RRs; telegrapher C&NW & Ill RRs, Marengo Ill; 1900-02 Elgin Ill; 1902-05 GN RR station agent Fort Benton, Great Falls & Stockett Mont, 1905-08 in gen acctg off C&NW RR, Chicago; 1908-10 cash C&NW RR Deadwood S D; 1910-11 station agt Newell & Nisland S D; 1911-37 supervisory agent Long Pine; past mbr bd of edn; past mbr village bd of trustees; past mayor three terms; mbr cemetery bd six years; mbr & 1st pres lib bd; state dir BSA, Covered Wagon Area; AF&AM: RAM; Shrine, Deadwood S D; KT; most excellent grand master, grand coun R&SM of Neb, 1937-38; grand patron OES of Neb, 1936-37; Congl Ch. mbr bd; past mbr Rep Central Com; res Long Pine.

   MASTERS, GLENN CLAUDE: Oil Dealer; b Bancroft, Neb Feb 9, 1896; s of Squire Winfield Masters-Lula P LaPart; ed Buffalo Gap S D; m Rose Mildred Childs Jan 23, 1918 Ainsworth; s Paul LaVerne, Dale Dean; d Phyllis Irene, Gertrude LaJean, Janice Rose; 1912-22 farmed in Keyapaha Co; 1922-30 rural mail carrier to Springview; 1930- oil distributor, Ainsworth; during World War 1918-19 at Camp Dodge Ia, Camp Jackson Fla & with grave registration corps in France; Amer Leg; Comml Club; mbr sch bd; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, gardening; res Ainsworth.

   MILTON, MERLE J: Railroad Yardmaster; b Saline Co, Neb June 10, 1896; s of John Milton-Flora Dunnam; ed Long Pine HS 1913; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha, 1913-14; WSTC; m Nell Guhlin April 27, 1918, Valentine; d Jean; 1915-16 C&NW call boy; 1916-17 yard clk; 1917-18 express & transfer agent, clk in off; 1918-23 switchman; 1923-29 yard foreman; 1929- relief yardmaster & yardmaster; owner & opr 1700 A ranch in Rock Co; runs approximately 150 head Hereford cattle per year; BRT; past mbr village bd of trustees; past pres Lions; master AF&AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, travel & ranching; res Long Pine.

   OATMAN, FRED LASELLE: Retired Rancher; b Arlington, Vt Aug 28, 1868; s of Gilbert Edwin Oatman- Ophelia LaSelle; ed Webster Co; m Estella Mae Redinger Jan 1, 1891 Lawrence; s Glen, LeRoy, William; d Ada Gertrude (Mrs C F Wales), Arretha Estella (Mrs Ford Dodds), Jessie Mae (Mrs J R Kirkpatrick), Norma Bell (Mrs T H Shanley), Mary Ophelia (Mrs Earl Peck); oprd farm lands of father in Webster Co until 1899; 1899-1916 owned & oprd 360 A in Webster Co; 1916-32 owner & opr of 4880 A ranch in Brown Co; land still included in holdings; averages approximately 400 cattle per year; Moon lake, largest in Brown Co, is on ranch; Sandhill Feeder Cattle Producers Assn; past mbr dist 14 sch bd 5 years; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; five generations Oatmans lived on Vt homestead; LaSelles trace lineage to Mayflower; res Ainsworth.

   OLSON, ELOF: County Judge; b Radon, Sweden June 14, 1871; s of Henry A Olson-Martha Christoferson; ed Brown Co; Luther College; m Carrie Good Oct 30, 1901 O'Neill; s Elmo; 1901-06 Rock Co judge; 1906-16 receiver of pub money in US land off, Valentine; 1914-32 owner & opr of hdw & impl bus, Johnstown; 1933- Brown Co judge; secy & treas Johnstown Natl Farm Loan Assn; Comml Club; past pres & past secy Valentine sch bd; secy, past noble grand & past dist dep grand master IOOF; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Ainsworth.



Who's Who

   POTTER, MARION J: Hardware Dealer; b Harlan, Ia Mar 25, 1874; s of Charles Wesley Potter-Harriet Shorett; ed Ainsworth HS; m Dessie Dodds May 17, 1908 Fremont; 1903-06 in grain & coal bus, Long Pine; 1909-12 real estate dlr & barber in Ainsworth; 1912 publisher Ainsworth Star-Journal; 1912- in hdw, furn & undertaking bus Long Pine; mbr city coun; mayor; AF&AM 224; Lions; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Long Pine.

   PRENDERGAST, EDNA EMILY: Hotel & Cafe Owner: b Burwell, Neb Oct 28, 1900; d of Frank J Carlisle-Della E Akins; ed Burwell; m Martin M Prendergast Nov 30, 1919 Burwell; s John L, Francis James, Lyle L; 1919-26 lived on ranch in Brown & Rock Cos; 1926- owner & opr hotel & cafe in Ainsworth; D of H; RNA; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, family travel & business; res Ainsworth.

   PRESCOTT, KENNETH E: Physician & Surgeon; b Glen Flora, Wis April 1, 1897; s of William O Prescott-Grace A Anderson; ed Plymouth Ia HS 1914; Upper Ia U, BA 1918; U of N, BSc 1926, MD 1928; Alpha Kappa Kappa; 1929-30 interne St Lukes Hosp, Chicago; m Mildred Frederick Sept 24, 1931 Mitchell S D; s Bill; 1920-28 traveled for sch supply co; 1930-35 prac med, Long Pine; 1935- 38 prac, Tecumseh; 1938- opr Long Pine Hosp; mbr Holt Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; past mbr sch bd; ch mbr & past pres Lions; past mbr C of C & Kiwanis, Tecumseh; AF&AM & OES, Tecumseh; hobby, flowers; res Long Pine.

   RADENBAUGH, DONALD O: Creamery Manager; b Trumbull Neb Sept 24, 1915; s of Ernest R Radenbaugh-Ada O'Donnell; ed Grand Island HS 1933; U of N, BSc 1938; Farm House; m Marjorie Hyatt Aug 21, 1936 Rockport Mo; s Roderick William; 1938 mbr natl champion butter judging team; 1938-39 tchr of agr, Ainsworth HS; 1939- mgr Farmers Co-op Creamery of Ainsworth; Lions; Comml Club; Meth Ch; Non-partisan; hobbies, raising pure bred livestock, hunting & golf; res Ainsworth.

   RAITT, ROY D: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Dodge, Neb April 26, 1897; s of John Raitt-Lillian Dickson; ed Shelby HS; U of N 1916-17; m Luella B Berendes June 20, 1923 Colome S D; s Dale B, Ronald R, Charles E; 1919-23 with father on ranch Keyapaha Co; 1923-35 mgr & ptr in ranch, Keyapaha CO; 1932-33 regional inspector for Agrl Credit Corp; 1933-35 ancillary receiver Royal Union Life Ins Co; 1935- real est & ins bus, Ainsworth; during World War enl spring 1918 in naval aviation service for duration of war with four year reserve, Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Chicago; released from active duty spring 1919, hon disch 1922; past comm Amer Leg, past dept chmn safety com; Neb Real Estate Assn; Comml Club; Sandhill Feeder Cattle Producers Assn; AF&AM; KT, capt gen; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Ainsworth.

   RASCK, ALFRED GREGOR: Physician & Surgeon; b Des Moines, Ia Feb 13, 1882; s of George P Raack- Lillie Thompson; ed East Des Moines Ia HS; Loyola U, MD 1916; interne German Amer Hosp, Chicago 1916-17; Phi Delta Phi; m Maude Thorley Jan 20, 1916 Ainsworth; 1917-21 owner & opr of Long Pine Hosp; 1921-36 owner & opr of Ainsworth Hosp; owner & opr of 320 A farm land & 3000 A ranch in Brown & Rock Cos; Neb St & AMA; FACS; past mbr BPOE; AF&AM; KT; Shrine; Presby Ch; res Ainsworth.

   REED, IRA M: Sheriff; b DeKalb Co, Ill June 11, 1862; s of Joseph Reed-Nancy Perry; ed Jones Co Ia; m Francelia, E Fournier Apr 28, 1886 Langworthy Ia (dec); s Hugh (dec Apr 15. 1909), Joseph M (dec 1908), James William (dec 1909), Thomas B; d Jessie (Mrs John C Kirkpatrick, dec), Nellie (Mrs Fred Lydick), Lou (Mrs Cecil Randolph), Hope (Mrs Bryan Madison), Maude (dec 1915), Marion (Mrs C Spearman); m Inez Pearson Nov 1, 1936 Ainsworth; 1880-87 farmed in central Ia; 1887-97 teamster, Marshalltown Ia; 1897-1910 emp in Ainsworth; 1910-19 Brown Co sheriff; 1919-25 Ainsworth chief of police; 1925-26, 1930- Brown Co sheriff; Neb St Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, stock raising; res Ainsworth.

   RODGERS, WALTER SCOTT: Stockman & Lumber Dealer; b York Co, Neb Mar 17, 1880; s of Hector Rodgers-Agnes Stephenson; ed York Co; York Coll, 1898-1900; m Nellie Strickler Sept 23, 1903 Waco; s Willard; d Doris, Vesper (Mrs Ralph Randal), Helen (Mrs Jack Thompson); 1900-01 with Searle & Chapin Lbr Co, Utica, 1902-03 mgr, 1903-09 mgr, Gresham; 1909-11 traveling representative Hass Machine Co, York; 1911-12 owner & opr of 360 A farm land, Ansley; 1912 mgr Searle & Chapin Lbr Co, Seward; 1912-38 mgr & ptr W S Rogers Lbr Co; owner & opr livestock farm, runs approximately 900 head of cattle per year; past mbr sch bd, treas 1 term; Comml Club; Meth Ch, bd of foreign missions, past del gen conf, 1939 del to uniting conf, past SS supt; Rep, past mbr co Central Comm; hobbies, church work & livestock; res Ainsworth.

   ROHWER, HANS: Banker; b Holstein, Germany July 1885; s of Claus Rohwer-Lena Kroger; ed Sarpy Co; Grand Island Bus Coll 1908; m Nora Wulf 1911 Ainsworth; s Rollin S; d Lillian M; 1900-08 with father on farm in Sarpy Co; 1908-09 emp in CB&Q RR off Omaha; 1909-24 with bank in Ainsworth; 1924-29 with Amer Trust Co, San Francisco; 1929- banker in Ainsworth, pres Natl. Bank of Ainsworth; AF&AM 224; past comm KT Long Pine; Congl Ch; res Ainsworth.

   SALZMAN, ALBERT RAY: Rancher; b Brownlee, Neb March 6, 1897; s of John H Salzman-Anthone Schluter; ed Ainsworth HS 1915; Ia St Coll 1916-17; m Leona Bower Sept 28, 1920 Ainsworth; s Sidney Eugene; 1920- owner & opr ranches in Brown & Cherry Cos; during World War enl June 1, 1918 in naval res force, with Dunwoodie naval detachment, disch Dec 13, 1918; Amer Leg, past comm; dir Sandhill Feeder Cattle Producers Assn; past mbr co bd; mbr sch bd; AF&AM 224; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, raising & feeding cattle; res Ainsworth.

   SHRIMPTON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: Miller; b Buffalo, Ill Sep 11, 1869; s of George Shrimpton-Ann Freeman; ed Buffalo Ill; m Helen Jordan May 27, 1894 Salem; s Worth Freeman; d Helen Winifred (Mrs R R Brady); 1893-98 miller Nemaha Co; 1898-1900 grain buyer in York Co; 1900-02 opr mill, North Bend; 1902-04 miller, Waterloo Ia; 1904-14 miller, Fremont; 1914- assoc with brothers in milling, Ainsworth; past mayor; past mbr city coun; chmn bd trustees Congl Ch; past chmn Co Rep Central Com; Rep; hobbies, golf hunting, fishing; res Ainsworth.

   SHRIMPTON, FRANK W: Miller; Dekalb, Ill Dec 29, 1874; s of George Shrimpton-Ann Freeman; ed York, Gage & Richardson Cos; m Maude Spurlock Nov 21, 1900 Salem; d Alice Janice (Mrs Ivan M Stone), Virginia Ann (Mrs James Blackman); 1892-99 with father in mill, Salem; 1899-1913 miller, Greenwood Wis; 1913- with brothers in milling; Ainsworth; Comml, Club; AF&AM; Rep; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Ainsworth.

   SKINNER, FRED W: Hardware Dealer; b Marshalltown, Ia July 15, 1877; s of Henry J Skinner-Emily Eastman; ed Springview; m Ezada Phelps Dec 1901 Springview; s Morris F; d Ruby E (Mrs Cecil Green); prior to 1930 in bus in Springview; 1930- owner & opr hdw bus, Ainsworth; during World War enl 1918 for special duty coast arty disch 1919; MWA; KP; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting & baseball; res Ainsworth.

   SMITH, WILLIAM C JR: County Attorney; b Long Pine, Neb May 20, 1909; s of William C Smith Sr-Grace E Beckwith; ed Long Pine HS 1927; U of N 1934; Phi Alpha Delta; m Helen Virginia Lindberg June 10, 1934 Lincoln; d Helen Jean; 1934- prac law, Long Pine; 1936-38 city atty; 1938- co atty; past secy-treas Lions, chmn roads com; chmn state resolutions com, Neb League of Municipalities; past master AF&AM; patron OES; chmn Rep Co Central Com; Congl Ch; hobbies, yard & flowers; res Long Pine.

   STOLL, JOHN B: Rancher & Farmer; b Rulo, Neb Feb 2, 1867; s of John P Stoll-Elizabeth Sohn; ed Rulo; m Ella M May Oct 12, 1892 Purdum (dec 1938); s George C, Bernard F, Howard; d May (Mrs Lyle Cunningham), Ruby (Mrs William Miller); 1882-88 assoc with Joe Miles, Rulo; 1888 rancher in Cherry & Brown Cos; past Brown Co treas; co commr 18 years; MWA; Luth & Meth Chs; Dem; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Johnstown.

   STRELOW, GEORGE FREDRICK: Druggist; b Norfolk, Neb April 16, 1888; s of Herman Strelow-Anna Koehn; ed Long Pine HS 1906; Creighton U, PhG 1908; Kappa Psi; m Ella A Zabel June 28, 1909 Omaha; s Gordon; 1908-09 with Christoph Drug Co, Norfolk; 1909- owner & opr Strelow Drug Store, Long Pine; past mbr state exec com Neb Pharm Assn; pharm examining bd; st del to natl conv Amer Pharm Assn; past dir Brown Co State Bank; past chmn sch bd; village bd of trustees; past mayor; Lions Club; AF&AM; mbr Brown Co Dem Central Com;


in Nebraska


Luth Ch: hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Long Pine.

   THOMPSON, WILLIAM P S: Farmer; b Morgan Co, Ohio April 21, 1855; s of Ellis P Thompson-Martha Rounzend; ed Vernon Co, Wis; m Nettie Chase Oct 1876 Chaseburg Wis (dec); d Stella L (Mrs T Burger), Cora Alletta (Mrs J A Cassleman), Emma Grace (Mrs Frank Graff), Lutheria A (Mrs A B Williams); m Mae Kellison Dec 10, 1919 Johnstown; 1876-82 farmed in Vernon Co Wis; 1882- farmer in Brown Co; past vice pres Citizens Bank; MWA; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, hogs & cattle; res Johnstown.

   TYLER, HAROLD B: Editor & Publisher; b Niles, O Oct 2, 1870; s of James Tyler-Suzanna McElwee; ed Niles O; Westminster Coll, Wilmington Pa, LLB 1895; Xenia O Theological Seminary, BD 1898; m Garetta Vanderwoof Nov 16, 1898 Cleveland O; s Gerrit V, Norman P, Robert H; d Dorothea Margaret (Mrs G W Siebold); 1898-1910 pastor, United Presby Ch; 1907-19 rancher, Brownlee; 1919-23 Cherry Co assessor; 1919- publisher of Wood Lake Stockman; 1923- publisher Ainsworth Star Journal; NPA; Comml Club; Lions; Congl Ch; res Ainsworth.

   WHITNEY, GEORGE QUINTON: Druggist; b Tilden Neb July 12, 1879; s of Daniel Wing Whitney-Mary Ann Quinton; ed Tilden HS; Omaha Coll of Pharm, 1905; m Susan Gillespie Jan 19, 1905 O'Neill; s Donald G, Gale Quinton; 1905-07 ptr in Newhall & Whitney Drug Store, Tilden; 1907-09 with Remington Drug Store, Neligh; 1909-12 with J G Pollock Drag Store, Tilden; 1912-17 with Owl Drug Store, Beatrice; 1917-19 with Rome Kelleher Drug Store, Norfolk; 1919- owner & opr Whitney Drug Co, Ainsworth; Neb Pharm Assn; past mbr bd of edn; chmn city coun; Comml Club; AF&AM; Congl Ch, mbr of bd; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting & golf; res Ainsworth.

   WILLIAMS, BERT HAROLD: Merchant; b Elizabeth, Ind July 30, 1900; s of Andrew Jackson Williams- Mahala Belle McRae; ed Mo, Ill & Ia; m Hanna Amelia Norland June 11, 1919 Windom Minn; s Harold Kenneth, Harry Earl; d Annabelle Marie; 1920-28 ranched in eastern Colo; 1923-25 with gen store; 1925- with J P Croff Co, mgr of Ainsworth store for firm since 1932; past pres Comml Club; past mbr sch bd; Non-partisan; hobbies, athletics, golf, hunting, fishing; res Ainsworth.

   WILLIAMS, WALTER H: Banker; b Schenectady, N Y May 22, 1865; s of James M Williams-Jane Ann Hoteling; ed Albany N Y; m Blanche Gregory June 9, 1885 Burlington Junction Mo; s Jay Harold, Ralph G, George C; d M Vera (Mrs R L Millay), Alta (Mrs William S Castleberry); 1884 opr of lbr yard, Burlington Junction Mo; 1885-1913 opr of Excelsior Lbr Co; 1913- cash Comml Natl Bank, Ainsworth; Comml Club; AF&AM 224; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Ainsworth.

   WOODS, HAROLD O: County Treasurer; b Lucas Co, Ia March 25, 1903; s of Oscar E Woods-Nancy Isabell Black; ed Long Pine HS; Creighton U; PhG 1924; Kappa Psi; m Helen Marie Mack Jan 30, 1937 Chadron; 1928-30 in newspaper & ins bus, Long Pine; 1931- Brown Co treas; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, smoking, conversation & reading; res West Court Ave, Ainsworth.

   YOUNG, MARION ALBERT: Grocer; b Chickasaw Co, Ia April 26, 1885; s of Edwin Cheater Young-Ella Warner; ed Ia; m Emma Beyer June 6, 1906 Buffalo Center Ia; s Floyd Dale, Robert Beyer; 1904-06 emp in groc store Buffalo Center Ia; 1906-10 owner & opr gen store, Draper S D; 1910-13 owner & opr groc store, Newell S D; 1918-23 owner & opr gen store Prehso S D; 1924- owner & opr groc store, Ainsworth; past mbr sch bd, Presho S D & Ainsworth; past mbr city bd, Ainsworth; C of C; MWA; past noble grand IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, fishing & travel; res Ainsworth.




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