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Duglas (sic) C. Sutherland

   Burt County, one of the eight original counties in Nebraska, was named by acting Governor Thomas B. Cuming in honor of the first territorial governor, Hon. Francis G. Burt. The proclamation was issued Nov. 23, 1854. This was then the largest county in the territory.
   Hon. Francis G. Burt, a native of North Carolina, was appointed territorial governor of Nebraska by President Franklin Pierce. After a long and tiresome journey from his Carolina home, Governor Burt arrived at Bellevue October 7. He was a sick man and died eleven days later, October 18. Thus ended a pathetic episode in the early history of the territory. Upon his death, Thomas B. Cuming, territorial secretary of state, became acting governor.
   Oddly enough, the very day that Governor Burt landed in Nebraska territory, a band of explorers, headed by Col. Benjamin R. Folsom from Attica, New York, drove claim stakes and made the first permanent settlement on ground a part of Burt County, later set aside as a park in Tekamah named in honor of Col. Folsom.
   Burt County's boundaries defined in the proclamation of Governor Cuming were as follows: " Commencing at a point on the Missouri river two miles above Fort Calhoun, thence westerly crossing the Elkhorn river, 120 miles, to the boundary of the lands ceded to the United States, hence northerly to Mauvaise river and along the east bank of the same to the L'Eau qui Court, or Running Water, thence easterly to the Iowa river and along the south bank of it to its mouth; and thence southerly along the Missouri river to the place of beginning."
   Afterwards, the boundaries were changed by the legislature several times. The present boundaries remained unchanged except the northern until Feb. 22, 1879. Up to that time the 42nd parallel had been the boundary, but on that date it was extended eight and one-quarter miles to the northern border. It was then, as now, the middle line of Township 25 north. This was done for elective, judicial and revenue purposes.
   No county in all Nebraska stands out in the early history of the state as does Burt. Settlers began flocking to this section soon after the United States government in 1854 threw lands open to homeseekers. The year 1854 stands out in the annals of Nebraska history as the beginning of her existence as a governed territory. In like manner does the year 1854 carry similar significance to Burt County.
   Colonel Folsom, W. N. Byers, William T. Raymond, J. W. Patterson, John Young, H. C. Purple, Jerry Folsom and two others named Maynard and White were the first to make a permanent camp in Burt County (now part of Tekamah). The diary of Col. Folsom said they decided this was an ideal spot for their permanent abode after they had seen the many small streams, the forests of cottonwood, black, deep, rich soil, abundance of grass, sandstone deposits and the Missouri river with its broad valley to the eastward.
   The group of explorers at once sought a name for their new camp and it was agreed that each should write his favorite name and drop it in a hat and the first drawn out should be selected. The name "Tehama" written by Byers was drawn. Thus the future town and county seat now known as Tekamah received its name. Byers was a gold miner who had struck it lucky in California. He selected the name Tehama after recalling a mountain by that name in the northern part of the state, near which he found gold. It is presumed that the change to Tekamah, instead of Tehama, was made due to penmanship in mistaking the "h" for a "k." The final "h" at the end of the word, was not used until several years later.
   A few days after making camp at Tehama, the party returned to Council Bluffs, Iowa, for supplies, and when they returned they brought twenty-three more men, making thirty-two in all. A registry of all men was made so an election could be held even while they were camping long the banks of the stream which they had named "Tehama creek." It was on Oct. 15, 1854 that this first registration of qualified voters was taken.
   Each man pledged under oath that he was here for the purpose of making a permanent settlement, and that he would make this spot his home. The oath was one of the conditions imposed upon settlers by acting Governor Cuming. At the first territorial election held Dec. 12, 1854, B. R. Folsom was elected to the council, and a man named Robertson and H. C. Purple were chosen to represent the new settlement in the House of Representatives.
   In July of 1855, while the settlers were busily engaged in building homes, they had their first Indian scare. Two young white men had been killed by the Sioux Indians several miles to the southwest, near the now extinct village of Fontanelle. All male residents old enough to shoulder muskets were organized into a company of twenty-four men for defense purposes but their services were never needed. However B. R. Folsom sent a letter to Governor Cuming requesting protection. The governor responded by dispatching General John M.


in Nebraska


Thayer to the little settlement of Tehama to assist in organizing the men into a military unit and to superintend the building of a miniature fortress or "block house."
   The men were all set to work at various tasks, cutting timber, making logs, etc. The government block house when completed was forty by forty feet, two stories high. It gave ample room for housing all settlers in case of an Indian raid. The old block house is now the site of Burt County‚s $100,000 court house. The block house was also used for a court house, jail and hotel purposes.
   President Buchanan appointed Judge W. Wakely of Wisconsin as territorial judge to preside in Nebraska. He held the first term of court in Burt County May 5, 1857. Court continued to be held in the block house until 1867 when county officers were set up in what was known as Thomas Hall. This building was used until 1877 when a two story frame courthouse built by private subscription was accepted by the county and was used until 1916 when it was razed to make room for the present structure.
   The county's only Indian scare soon subsided and settlers started taking land to the west and north in the county. During the next few years the towns of Decatur, Oakland, Craig and Lyons came into being. The first railroad, the Omaha and Northwestern, built from Omaha toward Sioux City, reached Tekamah Aug. 30, 1876. Dec. 30, 1879 it was extended on to Oakland and in 1880 to Lyons, in the western end of the county.
   The first mail route from Omaha to Tekamah was established in 1855. It first came once a week, sometimes by horseback and later by stage coach. The first district school was taught in Tekamah in 1857. The first church in the county was built at Decatur in 1867. Previous to this time services were held in private homes. The first such meeting was conducted in 1856 by a Methodist circuit rider, Rev. Jacob Adriance. The first newspaper was The Burt County Pilot and was first published Dec. 15, 1871 at Tekamah. J. Y. Lambert was its editor. The first tax levy was made in 1855 on a valuation of $13,000 and brought in collections totaling $91.04. The present valuation is more than forty-five millions of dollars.
   The first bank, called "The Bank of Tehama" was established in 1857. It was one of the famous wild-cat banks that flourished throughout the midwest for a short time preceding the Civil War. Financed by parties from Louisville, Ky., and New Albany, Ind., it was capitalized for $150,000. It remained in existence about five years. Tobe Hight of Bloomington, Ind., was sent out to be assistant cashier. More honest than some of the others he told depositors the bank was going to close and warned them to withdraw their money, thus the settlers did not lose. Script bills from the bank are still scattered over the nation.
   Agricultural development of the county was rapid due to fertility of the soil. Burt County Agricultural Society was organized in 1872. It exhibited at the state fair, multiplying its displays and improving their quality each succeeding year. In 1893 it was barred from future competition as an agricultural society, after it had won gold medals three years consecutively. Exhibits of grains, butter, cheese and fruits were then taken to the World's Fair at Chicago where it won first honors and gold medals in competition with other states and in the woldwide competition.
   After an interval of many years dairying is again becoming a big industry. Two co-operative creameris, located at Tekamah and Lyons, ship more than a million and a half pounds of butter annually to New York City. Thousands upon thousands of acres of fertile farm land have been reclaimed on the Missouri river bottoms along the east boundary of the county by a million dollar drainage system some twenty miles long with numerous tributaries. Burt County is also one of the largest livestock feeding counties in the state. An annual dairy calf show is held in Tekamah every fall; a county fair is held at Oakland, and a corn show in Tekamah.
   Industries aside from agriculture include manufacture of honey and sorghum. Large deposits of valuable clay at Tekamah provide material for brick, tile and porcelain ware. Brick in some of Omaha‚s biggest building was manufactured at Tekamah.
   Historic points of interest in the county include: Folsom park in Tekamah with its native rock monument marking the spot of the camp of settlers Oct. 7, 1854; a monument erected by the Burt County Historical Society on the courthouse lawn upon which is recorded important dates of the county's development, beneath the stone are valuable records; Reservoir Hill, Tekamah, one of the highest points between Omaha and Sioux City; Golden Springs, located fifteen miles north of Tekamah on a highway leading to Decatur, noted as an ancient stopping place for Spanish explorers and Indians, water gushing from golden colored sandstone gave the watering place its name. Blackbird Hill, highest bluff on the Missouri river, is located north of Decatur. This hill was visited by Lewis and Clark in the summer of 1819. Here they planted an American flag on the grave of a famous Indian, Chief Blackbird, whose grave originally was 45 feet high and 30 feet in circumference. Lake Quinnebaugh, 16 miles northeast of Tekamah, forms an inlet for the Missouri river and is a popular summer camping and fishing resort.
   Burt County's Indian trails have given way to graveled roads and paved highways. Two federal paved roads, Nos. 73 and 77, cross it north and south. The county from border to border is now completely under cultivation, and its farms and towns are serviced with electricity and gas. Today it is known as "The Gold Medal County of Nebraska."



Who's Who

   ADAMS, ROBERT WARREN: Clerk of District Court; b Lyons, Neb Dec 25, 1900; s of Frank C Adams-Tessie Cleveland; ed Fort Calhoun HS; m Ellender West July 25, 1923 Council Bluffs Ia; s Richard Bryce; d Norma Kathryn; 1919-1928 teleg opr & agt C St P M & O RR, Fort Calhoun Wayne, Wausa, Hubbard, South Sioux City, Oakland, Herman, Sioux City, Ia; 1928-35 bkkpr, Hancock Impl Co, Tekamah; 1935- clk dist court, Burt Co; 1936- sch bd secy; C of C; Lions; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, gardening, hunting, fishing; off Courthouse; res 1016 L, Tekamah.

   ALLELY, GEORGE FOSTER: Dentist; b Montezuma, Ia Mar 1, 1902; s of Robert A Allely-Laura Brown; ed Kimball Co; Neb Wes, BA 1927, BSc 1929; U of N, DDS 1931; Delta Sigma Delta; m Elyda Kennedy, June 19, 1931 Lincoln; s Donald George, John Robert; d Elyda Carole; 1931-37 dentist, Curtis; 1937-dentist, Tekamah; AF&AM, Lincoln; C of C; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, boys work; off First Natl Bk Bldg; res 310 N 10th, Tekamah.

   ANDERSON, A A A: Assistant Cashier; b Wahoo, Neb Oct 18, 1895; s of C M Anderson-Selma M Frank; ed Luther Coll, Wahoo; Augustana Coll, Rock Island Ill; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Anna C. Carlson Oct. 8, 1924 Stromsburg; s James C, Robert Carl; 1920-24 tchr, Grand Island Bus Coll; 1924- asst cash Farmers-Mchts Bank; city treas; sch treas; lib bd treas; during World War, in service 21 mos; Amer Leg; First Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading, stamp colleting; res Oakland.

   ANDERSON, ARTHUR: Abstractor; b Burt Co, Nebr Sept 21, 1868; s of John P Anderson-Albertina Shinstrom; ed Oakland HS; U of N, 1889-91; m Nellie M Workman Aug 18, 1897 Tekamah; s Ralph M; d Dorothy Jean; 1891-93 farmed near Oakland; 1893-98 Burt Co clk; 1898-1919 Anderson Abstract & Ins Co, Tekamah; 1919- A M Anderson Abstract Co; past mbr sch bd; past mayor; pres Co-op Creamery since orgn 1930; past pres C of C; AF&AM; IOOF, treas 15 yrs; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, off 234 S 13th; res 1004 L, Tekamah.

   ANDERSON, NELS: Well Driller; b Skane, Sweden June 11, 1878; s of Andrew Munson-Bengta Andrees; ed Skane Sweden; m Hulda Caroline Agren Apr 28, 1903 Providence R I; d Helen (Mrs. Sidney Wallerstedt), Mildred (Mrs. R E Paulson); 1899 came from Sweden to West Point; 1899-1901 worked for Hammarlund Well Drilling Co; 1901 pur int in the company; 1901- estab ptrship of Olson & Anderson, Oakland; during World War, mbr HG; past mbr city council; state dir Neb Good Roads Assn, dir 3rd dist; past mbr IOOF; AF&AM; Tangier Shrine; C of C, past dir; Firtst Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, sports, fishing; res Oakland.

   ANDERSON, RALPH MILTON: Attorney; b Tekamah, Neb April 14, 1899; s of Arthur M Anderson-Nelle Workman; ed Tekamah HS; U of N, LLB 1923; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi; m Dorothea Thomas June 14, 1926 Tekamah; 1923- prac law with A M Anderson Tekamah; 1926-35 Burt Co atty; AF&AM; RAM; MWA; C of C, secy; Lions, dist gov; Neb St Bar Assn; Omaha Athletic Club; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Tekamah.

   BARDWELL, MRS KATE HILL: Retired; b Sandy Lake, Penn July 12, 1856; d James Hill-Sara Cummings; ed Tekamah; m N W Bardwell Dec 22, 1881 Tekamah (dec); d Myra (Mrs Clark Spivey, dec); came to Tekamah 1874; att sch in winter, taught in summer; ancestry traced back to Sir William D Bardwell, 15th century; mbr Tekamah Woman's Club 25 years; past mbr ARC; mbr Meth Ch 63 years, oldest membership in Tekamah; considers Saturday an eventful day in her life; hobby, nature study; res Tekamah.

   BECK, ELVER DUDLEY: Superintendent Electrification Project; b Decatur, Nebr Nov 16, 1885; s of Edwin David Beck-Eva Louise Hoppock; ed Decatur HS; m Helen Anna Darling Oct 5, 1904 Decatur; s Ramond Elver, Kenneth Darling, Charles Robert; d Beulah Opal (Mrs. ---- Barnum), Helen Marguerite; 1903-04 worked in groc store, Decatur; 1905-35 RFD carrier, Decatur; 1937- supt rural electrification project, Tekamah; past chmn C of C 10 years, Decatur; secy sch bd; past mbr lib bd; chmn Burt Co Farm Bur 10 years; AF&AM, past master; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, flowers; res Tekamah.

   BORER, WILIAM JOHN: Clergyman; b St Bernard, Neb June 7, 1891; s of Jacob Border-Sybil Ramaekers; ed Holy Family Sch, Lindsay; St Joseph's Coll, Teutopolis Ill 1908; St Paul Seminary, Minn 1909-1915; ordained 1915 by Archbishop Ireland, St Paul Minn; 1915-1918 asst priest St. Bridget‚s Ch, Omaha; 1918-1919 asst priest St Cecelia's Cathederal, Omaha; 1919-1921 org Our Lady of Lourdes, pastor, Omaha; 1921-29 pastor St Rose's Ch, Genoa; 1923-30 att Coll of Mechanical Engineering, Marquette U; 1930-31 pastor St Joseph's Ch, Amelia; 1931- pastor St Patrick's Ch, Tekamah; C of C; KC; hobbies, mechanics, fishing, hunting, aeronautics; off & res 1010 N, Tekamah.

   BUCKLEY, JOHN EDWARD: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Lyons, Neb Mar 27, 1884; s of Edward Forknel Buckley-Jane Clements; ed Lyons HS 1904; U of N 1905; m Ruby Heintzelman Aug 1917 Lincoln (dec); 1905-07 emp Shumway & Son Lbr & Coal Dlrs, Lyons; 1908-09 homesteaded, Sturgis SD; 1909-15 with Little Lbr & Coal Co, Lyons; 1915-20 again with Shumway & Son; 1923-32 ptr C E Newmeyer in lbr & coal bus, Lyons; 1932-36 ptr C L Shumway in lbr & coal bus, Lyons; 1936- pur Shumway int, opr firm under own name; mbr village bd 14 years; clk 10 yrs; mayor 4 yrs; AF&AM, past master, holds certificate of proficiency 14°; Scot Rite; IOOF, past noble grand; Comm Club; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Prewby Ch; hobbies, lodge work, sports; off Buckley Lbr Co; res Lyons.

   CARLTON, NORMAN: Editor & Publisher; b Stanton, Ia July 20, 1911; s of C G Carlton-Esther V Thelander; ed Oakland HS; Midland Coll, BA 1933; Blue Key; m Natalie Grace Tunberg Dec 20, 1935 Oakland; 1928-30 emp by Independent Republican, Oakland; 1933-36 asstd mother in oprn Oakland Independent Republican; 1936 with brother pur Oakland Independent Republican; 1936- editor, co-publisher; mbr Oakland lib bd; C of C, past mbr exec com, now VP; AF&AM; Golf Club; NPA; Natl Edit Assn; First Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res 207 N Thomas, Oakland.

   CHESTEM, ABNER K: Farmer & Stockman; b Burt Co, Neb May 13, 1892; s of O A Chestem-Valborg Homes; ed Burt Co; U of N, sch of agr 1910-12 & 1913-15; m Frances Foltz August 10, 1916 Kearney; d Olena A, Martha Katharin, Ruth Ellen; 1915-17 steward at State Hospital, Kearney; 1920- farmer & stockman, Burt Co, 1921-34 produced purebread Duroc Jersey hogs; past pres Golden Springs local 500; Farmers Union; helped org Burt Co Fam Bur 1923; 1927- dir Burt Co Co-op Oil Co, secy 5 years, pres 5 years; 1934-35 chmn Corn-Hog Com, Burt Co; 1935-36 fieldman for AAA, NE dist of Neb; 1936- mbr Neb St Agri Conservation com, Lincoln, in chg of corn & wheat loans; during World War entered US army Sept 17, 1917, machine gun co, 355th inf, 89th div, AEF 9 mos, sgt, disch March 15, 1919; Amer Leg; AF&AM 88; RAM ch 24; hobbies, rifle shooting, travel; parents born in Norway, father came to US in 1882, mother in 1885, farmers in Burt Co; off 208 Terminal Bldg, Lincoln; res Decatur.

   CRAM, CHARLES EDWIN: Retired; b Washington Co, Neb Dec 8, 1872; s of Thomas A Cram-Emma Bailey; ed Herman; m Mary E Sisson May 4, 1898 Burt Co; s Victor S, Leslie E, Charles Sterling, Neil F, Clyde E; 1894-95 worked for John McDonald, Burt Co; 1895-1903 farmed in Burt Co; 1898 pur 80 A; 1902 pur 80 A, raised registered Holsteins; 1911 sold land, moved to Craig & farmed until retirement, 1937; 1926-34 P M Craig; past mbr sch bd; past twp assessor; past mbr county bd; pres Farmers Union 25 years; past mbr tele co bd, Burt Co; past mbr IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, stock, farming; res Craig.

CUTLER, RICHARD BLAKELY: County Surveyor; b Crawford, Neb Jan 12, 1899; s of William Blakely Cutler-Lottie M Price; ed Tekamah HS 1917; U of N 1925; correspondence courses in engineering U of N; Theta Xi; m Enid A McCurdy Aug 18, 1927 Tekamah; s Richard M, James B, John R; d Joan; 1923- engineer; 1925 Burt Co engineer; 1926- Burt Co surveyor; 1925- city engineer; 1935 mbr advisory bd of BSA, Burt Co; 1922-24 with USRS; AF&AM, past master; IOOF, past noble grand, encampment, past chief patriarch; C of C; Amer Leg; registered profesional engineer; during World War in SATC; tsfd to aviation corps, disch Jan 1919; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, wood turning; off Courthouse; res 516 N 13, Tekamah.

   EAGLETON, GERALD: Merchant; b Decatur, Neb June 18, 1904; s of George Eagleton-Nettie McClure; ed Decatur; Wentworth Mil Acad 1921; WSTC 1921-23; U of N, 1924; m Gladys Johnson Aug 1, 1926, Lincoln; s James; d Mary Lee, Jacqueline; 1924-27 sch tchr Decatur; 1927-36 in dept store; 1936- opr dept store & farm; AF&AM secy C of C; Episc Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Decatur.


in Nebraska


   EHLERS, DONALD ROY: Dentist; b Council Bluffs Ia Dec 13, 1902; s of Henry T Ehlers-Anna Rose McKinley; ed Council Bluffs HS 1920; Ia St U 1920; Creighton U 1921-22; Kansas City Western Dental Coll, DDS 1926; Trowel frat; m Ruth Ellen Collister Apr 3, 1927 Council Bluffs Ia (dec); m Clara Ellen Schroeder Aug 17, 1934 Dakota City; s Donald R Jr, Thomas Charles; d Arlene Ruth; 1926-28 dentist, Ewing; 1929-30 dentist Carroll; 1930-31 dentist Omaha; 1931 - dentist Decatur; past chmn bd of city coun; pres Tri Valley Baseball League, Decatur; 1932- res ofcr of US army, 1st lt dental corps June-Nov 1939; AF&AM, past master; RAM, Tekamah; C of C, secy; Dem, committeeman from Decatur; hobby, bridge; off First Natl Bldg; res Decatur.

   ELLENBERGER, HARVEY RUSSELL: Attorney; b Plattsburg Mo July 23, 1896; s of George William Ellenberger-Mary Polk; ed Mt Morris Ill Acad 1914; McPherson Kas Coll, BA 1918; U of Chicago PhB 1919; Creighton U, LLB 1927; m Maude Crist Jan 8, 1918 Hutchison Kas; d Phyllis, Shirley; 1927 prac Tekamah with Judge Herbert Rhoades; 1927 with Brogan, Ellick & Raymond, Omaha; 1928-35 estab prac in West Point 2 yrs; Cuming Co atty 4 yrs; past pres C of C, Tekamah, mbr exec com; during World War in base hosp 13 Limoges Bordeaux France 1917-19; active duty Jan 1918-Aug 1919; AF&AM; Lions; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, golf; res Tekamah.

   ENGDAHL, WILLIAM B: Retired; b Oakland, Neb Mar 16, 1878; s of Gust W Engdahl-Mary Gustafson; ed Oakland HS; Omaha; m Rena Sawson May 13, 1905 Oakland; 1900-03 with Deering Harvester Co, Sioux City; 1904-08 farmed in Burt Co; 1909-37 ptr with Laverty Bros, livestock commission, Omaha; 1927 ret, mgr farm ints in Burt & Dodge Cos; C of C; First Luth Ch; hobbies, baseball, hunting; res Oakland.

   FARRENS, SAMUEL S: Retired Farmer; b Page Co, Ia Jan 27, 1866; s of David M Farrens-Elizaeth Davidson; ed Page Co, Ia; m Ada M Beck Jan 19, 1893 Decatur (dec); s Harold R; d Mabel Lois; 1885-87 emp on farm in Taylor Co Ia; 1887-94 ptr Burt Co farm; 1889-1919 tenant farmer in Burt Co; 1890- owner & opr farms in Burt & Thurston cos; 1910-12 owner & ptr Decatur Merc Co; 1913-23 P M Decatur; past dir Burt Co Mutual Ins Co; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd, past mbr C of C; AF&AM, RAM Tekamah; OES; Federated Ch; Dem; hobby, gardening; res Decatur.

   GREENLEAF, DAVID WESTBROOK: Banker; b Woolwich, Me Nov 4, 1870; s of Silas Holt Greenleaf-Arabella Augusta Farnham; ed Tekamah HS 1887; Western Normal Coll, Shenandoah Ia; m Ida Dorothea Schumacher June 12, 1891 Chelsea Mich; d Marianne (Mrs. Thomas Tobin Jr), Ruth S, Dorothy A (Mrs. W F Most); 1893-95 farmed indep S E of Tekamah also sch tchr Burt Co; 1896-99 clk in First Natl Bank of Tekamah; 1899-1902 asst cash Chelsea Mich Savings Bank; 1902-06 farmed in Burt Co; 1906-32 ofcr & dir in Farmers State Bank of Tekamah; 1932 Farmers State Bank merged with First Natl Bank, dir & VP of latter; mbr sch bd 10 yrs; treas local ARC during World War, also chmn war loan activities; Burt Co Pioneer & Old Settler‚s Assn, past pres; IOOF; C of C, ch mbr, past pres, mbr rivers & harbor com; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, civic work; off First Natl Bank; res Tekamah.

   HANCOCK R K SR: Bank Cashier; b Burt Co, Ne Aug 1, 1884; s of James K Hancock-Sarah Etta Rankin; ed Burt Co; Fremont Normal 1908; m Belle Smith Dec 1911 Omaha; s Kenneth, Leonard, R K Jr; d Marjorie, Rosamond; 1908-09 Burt Co farmer; 1909-10, asst financial clk Indian Reservation, Thurston Co; 1910-14 bkkp Farmers St Bank in Tekamah; 1914-16 asst cash, Burt Co St Bank; 1916- cash; 15 yrs sch bd mbr; past mbr city coun; IOOF mbr 25 yrs; C of C; Lions; hobbies, gardening, baseball; res Tekamah.

   HANCOCK, ROY: Implement Dealer; b Tekamah, Neb May 24, 1899; s of James K Hancock-Sarah Etta Rankin; ed Tekamah HS 1918; m Edith Paulson Feb 12, 1927 Council Bluffs; d Sarah Kathryn; 1919 with Barrett Furn & Undertaking Co; 1920- ptr in Hancock Farm Equipment Co, Tekamah, later estab Hancock Farm Equipment Co, Oakland & Hancock Farm Equipment Co, Blair; 1935- pur 240 A farm; 1939- pur 80 A farm; 1932- dir Burt Co State Bank; C of C; AF&AM; Meth Ch, bd of trustees; Rep; hobbies, motion picture photography; off 434 S Main; res 1516 O, Tekamah.

   HANCOCK, WARREN D: County Clerk; b Clearfield, Penn June 12, 1876; s of James K Hancock-Sarah Etta Rankin; ed Tekamah HS; Fremont Normal; m Ida B McDonald Dec 1903 Burt Co; s Lloyd, Lewis, Erwin, Raymond, Emory; d Etta, Dorothy; June 1881 came to Burt Co; worked in State Capitol engrossing & enrolling room; 1918 farmed in Burt Co; 1918-33 pres Burt Co State Bank; 1934-38 treas Burt Co Soil Conservation Com; 1939- Burt Co clk; mgr farm land & raised Polled Angus cattle; past mbr city coun, dir Burt Co Rural Public Power Dist; AF&AM; hobby, livestock; res Tekamah.

   HANSEN, EDGAR: Farmer; b Cuming Co, Neb March 6, 1894; s of Peter Hansen-Marie Nelsen; ed US & Denmark HS; m Mildred Gorgensen July 5, 1918 Cuming Co; d Evelyn, Hazel; after completing HS in Denmark retd to US; 1912-13 emp on farm Burt Co; 1913-15 emp on farm in Cuming Co; 1915- farming indep in Cuming & Burt Cos; 1934- pur & opr farm in Burt Co; pres, dir Burt County Co-op Oil Co; past sch bd mbr Lyons HS; co bd of supvrs; ch mbr Burt Co Pub Power Dist; pres co com for farm purchase plan; AF&AM; IOOF; Comm Club; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, bridge, baseball; res Lyons.

   HART, MILTON D: Pharmacist; b Colfax Co, Neb May 25, 1901; s of John M Hart-Winnie White; ed Fremont HS 1919; Midland Coll 1921; Des Moines U 1923-24; m Madelyn Golliglee Oct 22, 1928 Fremont; s David, Phillip; 1914 moved to Fremont; 1915-23 while in HS & after grad worked for Brown-Fredrickson Drug Co, later Brown Drug Store; 1924-33 registered pharm, Brown Drug Store; 1933 owner Hart-Hemping Drug Co, Tekamah; C of C, dir; Lions, pres 2 yrs; secy & treas 1 year; Neb Pharm Assn, pres; Meth Ch; hobbies, golf, woodwork; res 221 N 14th, Tekamah.

   HAWS, GEORGE G: Manager Light & Power Co; b Minden, Neb Apr 14, 1898; s of Irving Haws-Hannah Porterfield; ed Minden HS; m Ida Weedlun May 5, 1923 Lexington; s George Weedlun; 1920-22 emp minicipal light plant, Minden; 1922-27 supt Gothenburg Light & Power Co; 1927-29 supt Tekamah City Light & Power plant; 1929-31 supt Ia-Neb Power Co, Tekamah, formerly City Light & Power Co; 1931- mgr Ia-Neb Light & Power Co, Oakland; during World War, 1918 in 4th div 13 field arty batt B 2 yrs, 3 mos; VP Burt Co Agrl Soc; C of C, past pres, past VP; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, woodcarving, fishing, hunting, sports; res Oakland.

   HEMPHILL, FREDERIC DENISON: Editor & Publisher; b Clay Center, Kas Dec 19, 1909; s of Benjamin Hemphill-Mattie Florence Stewart; ed Clay Center Kas HS 1928; Kas State Coll, Hays, BA 1934; Sigma Tau Gamma; m Betty Kellog May 22, 1936 Lincoln; 1928-29 emp by father, publisher of Clay Center Kas Economist; Jan-Sept 1933 editor Ranson Kas Record; 1932 while att coll edit of Reveille; 1931 bus mgr of Hays Leader, student newspaper; 1933-34 during coll emp part time by News Pub Co, Hays Kas; 1933 emp by St Josephs Coll Hays Kas, linotype opr in print shop; 1934 with brother estab & opr Burt Co Plaindealer, Tekamah; MWA; NPA; C of C; Congl Ch; hobbies, fishing; off Burt Co Plaindealer; res Tekamah.

   HEMPHILL, MARION D: Editor & Publisher; b Clay Center, Kas Feb 11, 1902; s of Benjamin Franklin Hemphill-Mattie Florence Stewart; ed Clay Center Kas HS 1921; m Emma Engelhardt July 1, 1926 Clay Center Kas; d Irene June, Barbara, Ann, Emily, Helen, Mary Lucile, Paula Josephine; 1921-22 emp in print shops in Ark; 1922-23 farmed near Hammon, Okla; 1924-25 emp in print shop Ponca City Okla; 1925-30 emp by father Clay Center Kas Economist; 1930-31 ptr Quality Print Shop, Beatrice; 1931-34 with Wahoo Wasp; 1934-with brother estab & opr Burt Co Plaindealer Tekamah; AF&AM; MWA; C of C, bd of dir; NPA; Dem; hobbies, fishing, sports; off Burt Co Plaindealer; res 504 N 14th Tekamah.

   HOLMAN, EVERETT I: Veterinarian; b Trafalgar, Ind July 31, 1891; s of John A Holman-Henrietta Porter; ed Mortantown Ind HS 1910; Terre Haute Ind Normal 1910-11; Ind Veterinary Coll, DMV 1918; m Esta O Crouch Apr 9, 1912 Nashville Ind; s Keith Woodrow, Robert Porter; d Helen Bertha (Mrs. Richard Miller), Kathleen (Mrs. Charles Kilburn), Patricia Ann; 1911-13 tchr in rural schs Nashville Ind; 1913-14 farmed at Morgantown Ind; 1918-19 veterinarian Morgantown Ind; 1919-34 Veterinarian Decatur; 1934-36 US Meat inspector Kansas City Mo; 1935-36 emp by govt, T B elimination; 1936- prac in Decatur, also opr 165 A farm at Decatur with son



Who's Who

Keith; AF&AM, past warden; Neb St & Amer Veterinary Med Assns; Meth Ch; hobbies, farming, hunting, fishing; off & res Decatur.

   HOLMQUIST, AUGUST C JR: Grain & Lumber Dealer; b Oakland, Neb July 8, 1905; s of August C Holmquist-Ora D Minier; ed Oakland HS 1923; U of N, BSc 1927; Phi Gamma Delta; m Minerva C Monnich May 30, 1929 Onawa Ia; s August C Holmquist III; d Patricia Louise, Mary Ann; secy C of C; secy Burt Co Rodeo-Fair Grandstand Assn 3 yrs; secy Oakland rural fire dept; mbr city vol fire dept 7 yrs; AF&AM; hobbies, sports, fishing, movie photography, res 101 N Oakland Ave, Oakland.

   HOLMQUIST, HAROLD M: Grain & Lumber Dealer, b Oakland, Neb Sept 8, 1900; s of August C Holmquist-Ora Minier; ed Oakland HS 1917; U of N 1921; Phi Gamma Delta; m Eleanor Guhl June 8, 1925, Lyons; s Harold G, William L; 1921- owner & opr Holmquist Grain & Lbr Co Inc; mbr city coun; dir Neb Lbrmchts Assn; Amer Leg; 40 & 8; AF&AM; Tangier Shrine; C of C, past secy, pres; during World War in SATC U of N; Luth Ch; Rep; res Oakland.

   HOPEWELL, KEITH: County Attorney; b Tekamah, Neb Feb 4, 1909; s of Austin A Hopewell-Lola Twiford; ed Tekamah HS; U of N, LLB 1932, Phi Gamma Delta; 1932-39 prac law Tekamah; 1936-39 city atty; 1937- Burt Co atty; pres Lions; secy Burt Co ARC; C of C; Nebr St Bar Assn; First Presby Ch; Rep; Hobby, athleticcs; res Tekamah.

   HOPEWELL, WALTER MELVILLE: Attorney; b Tekamah, Neb Dec 25, 1880; s of Melville Reeves Hopewell-Harriet E Nelson; ed Tekamah HS; Shattuck Military Acad, Faribault, Minn; U of N, BA, LLB 1932; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Phi; m Ola Belle Hervey Sept 18, 1913 Omaha; d Elizabeth Jane; 1903-11 with father, Hopewell & Hopewell, Attys, Tekamah; 1911- prac law, Tekamah; past pres Burt Co Bar Assn; mbr Neb St & Amer Bar Assn; AF&AM past master; RAM; Bapt Ch; off 320 S 13th; res 1423 O, Tekamah.

   HOUSTON, EMSLEY CLINTON: Banker; b Monroe, Ind Jan 8, 1861; s of Clinton Monroe Houston-______; ed Ind U; Phi Gamma Delta, oldest mbr in west, honored guest at fraternity banquet at which there was a wire hook-up with Ind U, gold pin presented to him by coll frat friends in Burt Co; m _____ Templeton, July 1885 Tekamah; s Dick; 1885-1920 opr lbr yard, Tekamah; also opr several farms, 710 A in Neb, 600 A with half interest SD; 1919- in banking bus, Tekamah; 1920 mbr state senate; past mayor Tekamah; past mbr city council; during World War aided in Liberty bond campaign; drove 6000 miles to org work, 4-min man; AF&AM 33° , Scot Rite, Tangier Shrine, holds 50 year membership award; hobbies, association with others, lodge work, travel; res Tekamah.

   HOUSTON, MRS EMSLEY CLINTON: Homemaker; b Mt Pleasant, Ia Oct 23, 1864; d of Robert A Templeton-Eliza M Haywood; ed Tekamah; m Emsley C Houston July 1885 Tekamah; PEO, past pres; Woman‚s Club, has served in practically all offices, only mbr to receive service pin; OES; Presby Ch; first pres Women Workers; Rep; hobbies, flowers, bridge; res Tekamah.

   IRELAND, GEORGE A: County Treasurer; b Champaign Co, Ill Mar 11, 1871; s of Wallis L Ireland-Minerva M Johnson; ed Craig HS; m Rose B Thorndike May 30, 1893 Washington Co (dec); s Raleigh; d Ethel, Ruby, Amy; 1892-97 worked for Smith Bros Gen Mdse, Craig; 1897-1900 farmed in Burt Co; 1900-01 with Mixby Merc Co, Craig; 1901-04 PM, Craig; 1904-09 clk of dist court, Burt Co; 1908-18 co judge, Burt Co; 1918-19 with Tekamah Investment Co; 1919-26 with Latta Grain Co, Tekamah; 1927- Burt Co Treas; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd; past city clk; AF&AM; RAM; C of C; off Courthouse; res 1322 P, Tekamah.

   ISGRIG, EARL W: Postmaster; b Tekamah, Nebr Mar 15, 1893; s of William J Isgrig-Mary Reinert; ed Tekamah; m Sylvia L Killman Feb 1921 Wheatland Wyo; d Mary Louise, Ann; 1919-21 homesteaded, farmed, worked in Griffin garage, Wheatland Wyo; 1921- owner & opr Ice plant, Tekamah; 1935 - P M, Tekamah; during World War, 1917-19 sgt 89th div; Amer Leg, past co comm past post comm; past mbr city coun; C of C; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Tekamah.

   JOHNSON, HARRY G: Farmer; b Oakland, Neb Mar 15, 1875; s of P G Johnson-Caroline Johnson; ed Burt Co; Fremont Normal 1895; m Lottie M Ericson Aug 20, 1900 Oakland; s Irving W, Roger W, Lester; d Harriet, Adele, Henrietta, Carolyn (Mrs. William A Riaski); 1896- farming in Burt Co; 1897- raising livestock; feeds many hogs & cattle, specializes in Holstein dairy cattle; Burt Co fair bd 10 years; past pct assessor; past twp clk; past JP; past mbr sch bd; co supvr chmn; Master Farmer 1931; mbr Farmers Union; dir Burt Co Pub Power Dist; dir & treas Burt, Cuming & Dodge Co Farmers Mutual Ins Co; mbr Burt Co Oil Col mbr Farm Bur; AF&AM; during World War registered soldiers for draft, bond com; ofcr Baptist Ch; hobby, travel; res Oakland.

   JOHNSON, NELS: Retired; b Skane, Sweden Nov 14, 1859; s of Swen Johnson-Ingrid Okason; ed Sweden; Burt Co; m Hannah Anderson Dec 23, 1885 Burt Co; s Harry W, Russell C; 1879-93 farmed in Burt Co; 1894-1908 farmed 1 mile from Oakland; 1905 in impl bus Oakland; 1909 ptr in confectionery, Oakland; 1908- res Oakland; 1908-09 mbr st legislature; past mayor Oakland 6 yrs; past mbr city coun 9 yrs; past mbr sch bd 10 yrs; past co superv 16 yrs; past JP 2 terms; first asst PM, Argo; Swedish Evang Ch; Rep; res Oakland.

   KOKES, ANTON RUDOLPH: Druggist & Jeweler; b Bohemia, Aug 29, 1977; s of Joseph Kokes-Anna Bukac; ed Ord; U of Chicago Coll of Pharm; m Mary E Perkins June 26, 1901 Ord; s Rupert T; d Lillian Lucile; 1892-98 worked in Patty Drug Store, Ord; 1900 emp by W K Forsyth Drug Co, Chicago; 1900-01 with W W Morse Drug Co, Fairbury; 1902-07 owner drug store, Chapman; 1908 emp Kate Ryan Drug Store, Tekamah; 1908- owner-opr drug store; Tekamah; past pres, VP, C of C; AF&AM, RAM; Lions, past pres, past VP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res 1109 L, Tekamah.

   LUNDSTROM, FRANK OTTO: Merchant; b Omaha, Neb June 23, 1886; s of Charles Lundstrom-Anna Anderson; ed Omaha HS 1905; m Bessie L Green Apr 19, 1911 Council Bluffs Ia; s Louis Carl, Justin Frank; d Frances Louise; 1905-08 with Omaha Natl Bank; 1908-14 with First Natl Bank, Tekamah; 1914-22 Burt Co clk; 1922-24 ptr in law bus with James A Clark, Tekamah; 1924-34 clk of dist court, Burt Co; 1935- owner-opr groc, Tekamah; VP Lions; C of C; past mbr sch bd 10 yrs; mbr fire dept 28 yrs, chief 9 yrs, AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, photography; res Tekamah.

   MARTIN, EVERETT JOHN: Police Judge; b Macy, Ind Jan 1, 1876; s of Jacob C Martin-Ruth M Hutchings; ed Craig HS; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia; m Emma D Gates May 9, 1900 Craig; d Helen Ramona (Mrs. Clarence S Beck, dec); 1896 emp W R Bennett Co Omaha; 1896-97 emp Bank of Craig; 1898 bkkpr Norfolk Beet Sugar Co; 1899 bkkpr First Natl Bank, Tekamah; 1900-03 reorg Craig St Bank; 1903-25 ptr & cash Farmers St Bank, 1912-25 pres; 1925- in real est, ins & farm loan bus, Craig; past mbr city coun; police judge; past mbr twp bd; past JP; past mbr sch bd; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobby, gardening; res Craig.

   MEGRUE, ELMER E: Retired; b Bureau Co, Ill Aug 12, 1873; s of Joseph F Megrue-Elizabeth Zeh; ed Clay Co; Nevada Mo, osteopathy 1894-95; m Lillian Gallentine Feb 18, 1897 Harvard; s Floyd M; d Nellie May (Mrs. C H Swanson); 1891-94 emp on farm in Clay Co, ranched in Redwillow Co; 1895-97 osteopath Harvard; 1897-98 osteopath Clay Co; 1898-1908 owner opr ranch in Garfield Co; 1908-10 traveled for Manhattan Oil Co, Omaha; 1910-24 held half int Greeley Co ranch; 1924-27 sold cattle for Great Western Commission Co & Corn Belt Co; 1927-32 owner-opr filling station, Scitual 1923-35 owner-opr filling station Ord; 1935- res Tekamah; past mbr sch bd, Garfield Co 8 years; past assessor, Garfield Co 8 years; IOOF; Royal Highlander 28 years; played baseball with Grover Cleveland Alexander at Burwell, played with Dazzy Vance, also played at Harvard, Hastings, Sutton, Clay Center, Edgar, Fairfield; Chri Ch; Dem; hobbies, horse races, baseball; res 1122 J, Tekamah.

   MEGRUE, FLOYD M: Cafe Owner; b Harvard, Neb Oct 2, 1897; s of Elmer E Megrue-Lillian Gallentine; ed Hastings HS; Hastings Bus Coll 1914; m Clarice Brown Apr 9, 1919 Ord; s Gene, Bill, Russell, Floyd; 1914-21 semi pro baseball Neb, SD, Minn; 1921 Western League Orgd Ball, Sioux Falls SD; 1922 in Wichita Kas; 1922-26 with Platte Valley Investment Co; 1926-31 in oil bus, Scotia; 1931- mgr Tekamah Recreation Club; 1937- opr cafe; 1931- mgr Tekamah semi-pro baseball; 1937- mgr Amer Jr Leg baseball; C of C;


in Nebraska


Tekamah Flying Club; Chris Ch; Dem; hobbies, baseball horses; off 247 S 13; res Tekamah.

   NELSON, WILLIAM ALDEN: Garage Owner; b Stromsburg, Neb Nov 20, 1884; s of John Nelson-Hannah Olson; ed Stromsburg, Neb; m Dagmar Beckman June 5, 1907 Omaha; s William Alden Jr; d Vivian (Mrs. M J Dickson), Eloise, Elaine; 1898-1903 with Scott-Haldeen Gen Mdse, Stromsburg; 1903-16 with UP RR, motor div, Omaha; 1916-19 with Ford Motor Co, Omaha; 1919- owner-opr Ford Motor Garage, Oakland; 1935- John Deere Agcy; mbr city coun; ch mbr Golf Club; C of C, past pres; Bapt Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Oakland.

   NEUMANN, ARTHUR LORENZO: Bank President; b Andover, Ill Feb 3, 1870; s of Valentine Newmann-Annie Wickstrom; ed Okland HS; 1885-87 & 1890-92 emp gen store, Oakland; 1887-90 emp in PO, Oakland; 1892 - in Oakland Natl Bank; Neb st sen 1927-35; 1888- dir Oakland band; co chmn Liberty Loan coms during World War; AF&AM; Fremont BPOE; IOOF; C of C; conserative Dem; hobbies, music, gardening, hunting, fishing; off Farmers & Mchts Natl Bank; res 400 N Thomas Ave, Oakland.

   NEWMYER, CLAY EVERETT: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Lyons, Neb Aug 23, 1893; s of William Shadrach Newmyer-Clara Ethel Everett; ed Lyons HS 1910; U of N 1911-13; Alpha Theta Chi; m Clara Beatrice Canfield Feb 19, 1916 Chicago; 1913-16 farmed with father in Burt Co; 1916-22 farmed indep, Burt Co; Mar-Oct 1922 emp in Farmers Bank, Lyons; 1922 pur Givler Lbr Co, Lyons; 1923 sold int to J E Buckley; 1932 pur Buckley int, 1932- owner opr under name of Lyons Lbr Co; past mbr sch bd; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite; Tangier Shrine; OES, past worthy patron; Comm Club, secy; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Presby Ch, past elder, musicial dir since 1912; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, music; off Lyons Lbr Co; res Lyons.

   NEWMYER, WILLIAM SHADRACH: Retired; b Mt Pleasant, Penn July 8, 1861; s of George Washington Newmyer-Ann Elizabeth Parker; ed Central City; m Clara Ethel Everett Sept 2, 1889 Lyons; s Clay Everett; d Clara Ann (Mrs. E J Christensen, dec), Helen Marie (Mrs. M L Chumway); 1881-83 emp Charles A Stitcher Drug Store, Central City; 1883 on father‚s farm Merrick Co; 1883-85 emp by J S Lindley Drug Store, Central City; 1885-86 estab Bentley & Newmyer Drug Store; 1887-88 estab Newmyer Drug Store, Palmer; 1888-93 emp Goodman Drug Store, Lyons; 1893-96 bkkpr in farmers Bank of Lyons; 1896-1918 cash Farmers Bank; 1918-32 pres; 1932- retired; 1924-26 in state legislature; past mbr city coun; past mayor; past mbr & past pres sch bd; oast mbr twp bd; treas Cemetery Assn; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, farming; res Lyons.

   OSTERBURG, WILLIAM C: Merchant; b Gotland, Sweden Dec 18, 1879; s of Olof C Osterberg-Elizabeth Levin; ed Gotland Sweden; m Esther Julia Johnson Sept 7, 1912 Oakland; s William H; d Jeanette; 1896 came to US; 1896-1903 emp by gen stores in Sutton, Orleans Beaver City; 1903-11 ptr in gen merc store; Oakland; 1911- owner & opr; mbr sch bd 9 yrs; chmn lib bd; C of C, past pres; during World War served with ARC; AF&AM; Bapt Ch, treas, usher 32 yrs; hobby, reading, res Oakland.

   PECK, LLOYD CARL: Furniture Dealer; b Tekamah, Neb Febr 22, 1896; s of John T Peck-Minnie Seivert; ed Tekamah 1914; U of N 1914-15; m Alice Blanche Skryme Aug 22, 1922 Portland Ore; s John Lloyd; d Alice Joan; 1915-18 farmed indep in Burt Co; 1919 pur Mrs. George Wixer's int in Wixer & Hopley Furn & Undertaking establishment, firm Hopley & Peck 1919-25; learned undertaking profesion & passed state bd 1923; 1925- ptr of I P Schafer; VP sch bd 6 years; AF&AM , past high priest RAM; C of C; hobbies, fishing, bridge; off Schafer & Peck Furn Store; res 1010 I, Tekamah.

   PERSON, OSCAR FRANK: City Clerk; b Oakland, Neb Dec 3, 1887; s of Frank William Person-Amelia Anderson; ed Lincoln Acad 1910; m Julia C Hanson June 21, 1922 Oakland; 1910-14 in sawmill & threshing bus Burt Co; 1914-16 ptr in Larson & Person restaurant; 1916-17 opr sawmill; 1919-29 opr restaurant & confectionery; 1929-35 odd jobs; 1935- city clerk, Oakland; past police judge; past mbr city coun, past mbr lib bd; 1917-19 during World War lst class priv; IOOF; C of C; Amer Leg, past comm, adjt, finance ofcr, service ofcr; Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, reading, fihing, swimming; res Oakland.

   PETERS, ALEXANDER: Stockman; b Cuming Co, Neb Aug 29, 1888; s of Claus Peters-Mary F Radis; ed Bancroft; m Maude Murphy Dec 25, 1935 Callaway; s Alexander Robert; 1936- farming, Burt Co; 1923 pur farm in Burt Co in ptrship; 1934 pur farm in Burt Co in prtship, feeding market cattle & hogs; dir First Natl Bank; mbr Farmers Union; mbr sch & twp bds; Farm Bur bd, Burt Co; Burt Co Rural Pub Power Dist, pres; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing, res Lyons.

   PHIPPS, LAWRENCE GRANT: Sheriff; b Guthrie Co, Ia May 24, 1886; s of Levi David Phipps-Hanna M Davis; ed Tekamah; Bellevue Coll; m Lola D Meader Jan 25, 1911 Herman; s Willard D; d Lorraine (Mrs. L Bliss); 1904-13 dep shefiff of Burt Co; 1913-15 owner & opr Blair Ice Co; 1916-17 stock buyer, Herman; 1917-22 ranch owner & opr Pondera Co Mont; 1922-23 emp on fruit ranch in Portland Ore; 1923-37 emp odd jobs, in own bus & worked for state; 1927- sheriff Burt Co; AF&AM; MWA; OES; mbr vol fire dept; C of C; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, flowers; off Courthouse; res 116 S 12th, Tekamah.

   POUCHER, WILLIAM THOMPSON: County Superintendent of Schools; b Mooresville, Ind Sept 18, 1878; s of John Poucher-Annie Cross; ed Greencastle, Ind; De Pauw U, BSc 1898; Cornell U 1900; Phi Kappa Psi; m Dorothy Mason July 27, 1904 Decatur; s John; d Lucy Anne; 1898-1906 tchr, Hot Springs SD, Tekamah, Weeping Water, Chadron; 1906-12 farmed, Burt Co; 1912-Burt Co Supt of Schs; past mayor; mbr lib bd; during World War co chm united war work campaign; AF&AM, RAM; C of C; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading, gardening; res Tekamah.

   RANKIN, GEORGE E: Manager Oil Company; b Tekahah, Neb June 11, 1903; s of J M Rankin-Esther Arthur; ed Tekamah HS 1921; m Kathryn Jones Apr 2, 1926 Seward; s Gordon; d Carma Jane; 1921-25 secy to supt of schs, Tekamah; 1925-29 bkpr Lynch-Reinhart Construction Co; 1929-33 bkpr for Burt Co Co-op Oil Co; 1933- mgr; IOOF; Lions; C of C; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, collecting advertising pencils; off 104 S 13th; res 915 M, Tekamah.

   RHOADES, HERBERT: District Judge; b Atchison Co, Mo July 6, 1880; s of Richard M Rhoades-Sarah Elizabeth Netherland; ed Fairfax Mo HS;William Jewell Coll, Liberty Mo, BA 1902, mbr debate teams, mbr football team 3 years, ctp 1 year; U of Mo, LLB 1908; Phi Gamma Delta; m Elizabeth Little Dec 28, 1910 Lyons; d Elizabeth (Mrs. Marsh Lawton); 1902-04 prin of Lyons HS; 1908-13 prac law, Ulysses Kas; 1909-13 Grant Co Kas atty; 1913-27 prac law Tekamah; 1914-22 Burt Co atty; 1919 Neb st sen; 1920 mbr constitutional conv; 1923-27 Burt Co atty; 1927- judge 4th judicial dist, state of Neb, presiding judge of domestic relations & juvenile court; Douglas Co & Neb St Bar Assns; mbr Neb St Assn of Dist Judges; past city atty of Tekamah; pres First Natl Bank of Lyons; Omaha C of C; Tekamah C of C; Lions Club, Omaha; IOOF; BPOE; KP; FOE; AF&AM 31; Scot Rite 32°; KT; past potentate Tangier Shrine; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; grandfather George Rhoades was circuit judge in Mo; off Douglas Co Courthouse, Omaha; res Tekamah.

   RICE, A B: Mayor; b Sterling, Neb Sept 25, 1877; s of John Melville Rice-Rhoda A Reed; ed Sterling HS; Lincoln Normal; LBC; Alexander Hamilton Inst; U of Neb; played solo cornet in coll band; m Irene Kathryn Birmingham June, 1907 Omaha; s Richard A, Alan Howard; d Beryl, Ruth, Adelaide; worked for Neb State Journal one year; with Omaha Natl Bank 11 yrs; emp Updike Commission Co 5 yrs; Chicago Bd of Trade; ranched in Idaho 5 yrs; pres Hillsdale Highway Dist; pres Hansen Bridge Commission which constructed suspension bridge across Snake River, Ida; master Frontier Grange, Hazelton Ida 3 yrs; past asst cash Idaho St Bank & in real est, abstract & ins bus in Hazelton; VP Barlow Grain and Elevator Co; mayor of Tekamah; mbr sch bd 7 yrs; mbr city coun one term; pres Tekamah Baseball Assn; pitched for baseball team, Omaha Crescents, C N Dietz team, Suburbans, Council Bluffs 2 yrs, for Lake Manawa Amusement Co 2 yrs; during World War in charge of guards over irrigation works; org Lions Club; hobbies, experimental radio, photography, chickens; res 1414 J, Tekamah.

   ROBERTSON, GLEN CHARLES: Auctioneer; b Lyons, Neb Feb 6, 1893; s of Charles Robertson-Katherine Elizabeth Thompson; ed Lyons HS 1912; Kansas City Auction Sch 1920; m Theora M Willey Sept 21,



Who's Who

1921 Denver; s Ralph Kenneth, Gerald Coy; 1912-17 farmed Burt Co; 1919-20 wheat farmer in western Nebr; 1921- engaged in auctioneering; has been in life ins bus; during World War ent US Army Oct 3, 1917, O/S with Co E 134th Inf of 34th div, tsfrd to 4th div 7 mos Rhine River Germany, chosen as one of group that made up Gen Pershing's parade regiment, disch Sept 21, 1919; C of C; past pres, VP; AF&AM; IOOF; past noble grand; Amer Leg, comm; mem st exec com; 40 & 8; Golf Club; NE Neb Underwriters Assn; Rebekah; Presby Ch; past co chmn Rep Central Com; hobbies, fishing, traveling; res Lyons.

   ROGERS, WALTER BERNARD: Publisher; b Mason Co, Ill Feb 20, 1872; s of Bernard Rogers-Ann Maria Buck; ed Talmage; m Grace Alice Beetem June 6, 1900 Douglas; s Paul Marcus, Richard Douglas; 1885-88 apprenticeship under Al Ewan, Talmage Tribune; 1888-89 printer, Talmage Tribune; 1889-90 printer Douglas Enterprise; 1890-91 mgr Talmage Tribune; 1891-95 with Frank Childs, Douglas Enterprise; 1895-1909 owner-publisher Douglas Enterprise; 1909 owner-publisher Lincoln Co News Chandler, Okla; 1909-12 owner-publisher Giltner Gazette; 1912-15 farmed near Giltner; 1915-18 owner-publisher Gibbon Reporter; 1922-23 editor Friend Sentinel; 1913-27 editor Hastings Democrat; 1927-29 owner-publisher Crete News; 1929- owner-publisher Burt Herald; NPA; Lions; C of C; Presby Ch; hobbies, baseball, sports; off Burt Co Herald; res 224 S 13, Tekamah.

   ROTH, FRANK: Pioneer Farmer; b Des Moines Co, Ia Sept 18, 1844; s of John Roth-Magdalena Adam; ed Des Moines Co; Internatl Coll, Chicago; m Mary Nealey Davis May, 1876 Des Moines Co; s Carl (dec), Joe, Paul, Gordon, George, Bruce, Bryan; d Mary (dec), Lucy (Mrs. Floyd Corkill); 1880-1918 farmed in Burt Co; 1918- farmed near Tekamah; at one time sold 40 yearlings for $6,600; on sch bd in Des Moines before 21 yrs old; Burt Co sch bd; owns 884 A & 120 A Burt Co farms; Farmers Elevator bd, secy 11 yrs; past dir Farmers State Bank, Tekamah; during World War served local com, HG; Cath Ch; Indep; hobby, reading; res 1415 M, Tekamah.

   RUSSELL, CHARLES A: Mayor, b Nemaha, Neb Aug 1, 1895; s of William T Russell-Alamanda Shadley; ed Weatherford Okla HS; Southwestern Normal, Weatherford; Columbia U; Palmer Sch of Chiropractic, Davenport, Ia; m Josephine I Woodmen Sept 26, 1926 Rock Island Ill; 1923-25 chiropractor Weeping Water; 1925- chiropractor Oakland; mayor; city coun; past pres Neb Chicropractic Assn; C of C, past pres, past secy; AF&AM; past mbr IOOF; during World War in USN 1917-19; Amer Leg; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf; res Oakland.

   SAMSON, OSCAR: Retired; b Osedapare, Sweden June 18, 1949; s of John Samson-Christine Anderson; ed Andover, Ill; m Carolyn Nygren, Sweden (dec); s Arthur William; d Ida D (Mrs. W S Swanson), Evelyn M (Mrs. Victor Anderson), Lydia (Mrs. W A Johnson); 1865-68 worked for L B Boyd, Henry Co Ill; 1868 came to Neb, worked for John Oaks; 1868- homesteaded Burt Co, farmed; 1869 brought mother and family to Neb. in covered wagon; all land pur paid for in cash; 1868 pur 700 A farm land; mbr city coun 3 terms; co commr 2 terms; VP First Natl Bank Oakland 32 yrs; has farms in Knox Co & in Wyo & Colo; past mbr C of C; son is writer, has published 3 books on range & pasture management; AF&AM, past master, 32°; Tangier Shrine, high priest; Luth Ch; hobby, helping others; res Oakland.

   SCHAFER, IRVING PHILLIP: Undertaker & Furniture Dealer; b Syracuse, Neb Dec 15, 1895; s of Jacob Schafer-Elizabeth Goering; ed Syracuse HS; LBC; Worsham's Sch of Embalming, Chicago; m Maxine R Choyce Feb 18, 1936 Decatur; d Mary Kathleen; 1923-24 with Castle-Roper & Matthews Funeral Home, Lincoln; 1925-ptr Schafer & Peak Furn & Undertaking Establishment; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; Natl Funeral Dirs & Embalmers Assn; C of C; Lions; AF&AM, past master; RAM; hobbies, flowers, hunting, fishing; off Shafer & Peak; res 1103 J, Tekamah.

   SEARS, EDGAR ALLISON: Physician & Surgeon; b Edinboro, Penn Apr 16, 1859; s of Stephen Speed Sears-Mary Ann Wilson; ed Meadville, Penn; Alleghany Coll, Meadville; Drake U, MD 1886; m Rhoda Barlow Feb 23, 1888 Decatur; s Harry Allison; d Gulielma (Mrs. Carl Schultze); 1880-83 tchr in Burt Co & Decatur; 1883-86 att sch; 1886- prac med, Decatur; 1894-95 also prac Lyons; assoc several yrs with Dr William Stephenson, Decatur; govt physician Macy Indian Sch 15 yrs; Burt Co supt of schs 2 yrs; Burt Co coroner several yrs; past mbr Neb St & AMA; mbr Tekamah Militia Co during battle of Wounded Knee; AF&AM; C of C; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Decatur.

   SIDNER, JOHN EUGENE: Attorney; b Fremont, Neb Dec 4, 1901; s of S S Sidner Sr-Myrtle Cramer; ed Fremont HS; Coe Coll, Cedar Rapids, Ia, BA 1923; U of N, LLB 1926; Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Delta Phi; m M Evelyn Cameron March 23, 1929 Herman; d Mary; 1926-37 prac law, Tekamah; 1935-37 Burt Co atty; 1937- general counsel for Neb Unemployment Compensation Div; Scoutmaster BSA troop 158 in Tekamah 7 yrs, com chmn troop 32, Lincoln BSA; Burt Co ch ARC, past secy; Neb St Bar Assn; AF&AM 31; RAM 6, Lincoln; First Presby Ch Tekamah, elder, past bd of trustees; Dem; hobbies, boys work; off 358 State Capitol; temporary res 2729 Ryons, Lincoln; res Tekamah.

SMALL, WALTER WILLIAM: Mayor; b Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada Nov 29, 1883; s of John Small-Hannah Marshall; ed Fond du Lac, Wis HS; Fond du Lac Bus Coll; m Tessa Mayberry Sept 15, 1910 Macy; s Walter William Jr; d Helen Roberta; 1902-04 emp by post trader, Fort Washakle, Wyo; 1904-08 emp in Indian trading post, Crow agcy, Mont; 1908-10 clk in US Indian Service, Winnegago; 1910-12 clk in charge of Indian agcy, Macy; 1912-16 supt & special disbursing agt for Cheyenne & Arapahoe Indian colony, Okla; 1916-17 special supvr in Indian service, visiting various reservations; 1917-21 owner opr G H Busse Hdw Store, Decatur; 1921-24 ranched Wyola, Mont; 1924- owner-opr Rickards Hdw; agt John Deere Farm Impl; 1925-mayor of Decatur with exception of 2 yrs; 1919-21 VP First Natl Bank; AF&AM, Weatherford, Okla, RAM, KT; MWA; C of C, past pres; Neb Retail Assn; Federated Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Decatur.

   STOUT, ROBERT I: Bank President; b Hutchinson, Kas, Aug 7, 1891; s of John F Stout-Lida M Stitt; ed MacKenzie, Dobbs Ferry, N Y; Amherst Coll, Mass, BA 1913; Chi Psi; m Anna Louise Knoedler Sept 30, 1919 Chicago; d Barbara; 1913-17 with Omaha Natl Bank; 1917 with Natl Bank of Commerce, N Y; 1919-29 VP First Natl Bank, Tekamah; 1929- pres of bank; during World War served 19 mos, lst lt field arty; Plattsburg Training Camp, N Y; past pres First Neb Regional Clearing House Assn; past pres group 2, Neb Bankers Assn, mbr exec coun 1935-37, chmn 1937; pat mbr sch bd & lib bd; past mbr at YMCA com; past pres C of C; past master AF&AM; Scot Rite 32°; RAM, past high priest; mbr Omaha Country Club; elder First Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Tekamah.

   STROMBERG, LEONARD: Clergyman; b Arboga, Sweden July 11, 1871; s of Per August Stromberg-Adolfina Mellander; ed Arboga HS, Sweden; Theological Seminary, Uppsala, Sweden; Neb Wes, DD 1919; m Mabel Paulson Apr 22, 1900 Genoa; s Edmund, Eugene (dec July 21, 1939); Elroy; d Bernice; 1894-95 pastor, Ostersund Sweden; 1895 came to US; 1895-98 pastor, Concord; 1898-1901 editor two Swedish papers, Chicago, Sandagsskol Klockan (Sunday School Bell), Sandebudet (Messenger); 1901-05 pastor, Dayton Ia; 1905-06 pastor, Looking Glass Ch, Platte Co; 1906-12 pastor, Keene; 1912 pastor, Westside Meth Ch, Oakland; 1912 del gen conf Meth Ch, Minneapolis; Neb Writers Guild; Soc of Midland Writers; Swedish Cultural Soc; Swedish Hist Soc; honorary mbr Forreninger for Svenskhetens Bevarande i Utlandet; mbr Soc for Advancement of Scandinavian Study; Swedish-Amer Journalist Soc; AF&AM; honorary mbr C of C; first poetry published 1892 in Sweden, Sma Blommor (Little Flowers); first novel published 1894 in Sweden, Olika Banor (Divided Roads); writer of approximately 50 novels; all in Swedish, many have been translated into other languages; writer of many short stories, poems, essays which have been published; recd several gold metals for writings; 1938 won first prize for poem on 300th anniversary of first Swedish colony in Amer; 1934 decorated by King Gustav V of Sweden with royal order of Vasa; lecturer in US; Rep; hobbies, writing, wood carving; res Oakland.

   SUDMAN, WILLIAM ROBERT: Superintendent of Schools; b Sarben, Neb Aug 4, 1907; s of Henry Sudman-Mary Ambrassat; ed Paxton 1924; Midland Coll. BSc 1929; U of Chicago, MSc 1934; U of N; Columbia U; m Katharine Stahl Nov 25, 1932 Elmhurst Ill; d Mary Suzanne, Katherine Prudence; 1929-31 supt of schs in Octavia; 1929-31 emp in Sarben State Bank; also field work for


in Nebraska


Midland Coll; 1934-37 prin of Oakland HS; 1937- supt of Oakland schs; bd of trustees Midland Coll; C of C, exec bd; Luth Ch; hobbies, reading, fishing, sports, hunting; res Oakland.

   SUTHERLAND, DOUGLAS CONGER: Editor; b Terkamah, Neb July 14, 1888; s of James R Sutherland-Mary S Conger; ed Tekamah HS; while att sch learned newspaper bus under brother who owned Burt Co Herald; 1915-26 co-owner & editor; 1926-30 owner & publisher; 19300 city editor; 1909- AP staff correspondent; former staff correspondent; has traveled in US, Canada & Mexico; writer of feature stories for some of larger US newspapers; wrote history of Burt Co for Who's Who in Neb; AF&AM, 32°, Omaha RAM; C of C, dir; NPA; NE Neb Edit Assn, pres 1930; Lions; Burt Co Hist Soc, pres; First Presby Ch, trustee; hobbies, history, photography; off Burt Co Herald; res 1622 M, Tekamah.

   VALDER, CLARENCE: Retired; b Burt Co, Neb Nov 30, 1872; s of Edwin E Valder-Sarah Ann Johnson; ed Burt Co; m Ethel Ione McMullin Mar 6, 1895 Burt Co; s Clayton S, C Gerald; d Ethel Pearl; 1893-99 farmed indep in Thurston Co; 1899- farmed in Burt Co; 1899-1903 groc in Tekamah, farmed 320 A in Burt Co; stock raiser; 1929-31-33 mbr state Legislature, also 2 special sessions; treas of sch dist; IOOF 45 yrs; C of C; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, reading, raising stock; res 1422 N, Tekamah.

   VOGT, WILLIAM JR: Postmaster; b Cuming Co, Neb Jan 1, 1886; s of William Vogt-Elsie Stange; ed Pender HS 1904; Fremont Normal; US Mill Acad, 1905-08; m Irene Lemmon Nov 24, 1926 Sioux City, Ia; m Marjorie McKinley; s William McKinley; d Patsy Marlene, Joan Maxine, Helen Clarice, Mary Isabel; 1908-09 ptr in grain bus in Thurston; 1910-15 Thurston Co clk; 1915-31 asst cash, later VP Winnebago Bank; 1931 sold banking int; 1932-37 asst receiver of failed state banks for state banking dept; 1937- acting P M of Oakland; 1938- apptd P M under civil service; 1915-31 real est dir, opr many farms; mbr city coun Winnebago, also mbr sch bd; C of C, dir; past mbr IOOF, MWA, BPOE, Sons of Herman & of Owls; AF&AM; Winnebago Scot Rite, 32°; Abu-Bekr Shrine, Sioux City, Ia; German Luth Ch; hobby, bridge; res, Oakland.

   WALLERSTEDT, SIMON L: Retired Farmer; b Mercer Co, Ill Oct 26, 1861; s of Lars August Wallerstedt-Johannah Anderson; ed Orion Ill HS; m Nellie Swanson Feb 18, 1891 Oakland; s Sidney L, Theodore C; d Genevieve (Mrs. H A Johnson), Ethel M (Mrs. R J Kruse), Helen (Mrs. C N Lindahl, Marjorie (Mrs. E J Anthony); emp by father until 1881 on farm in Ill; 1881-84 emp by father on farm Burt Co; 1884-86 clk in gen store, Craig; 1886-1925 farmed indep in Burt Co; 1888 homesteaded in Colo; 1893 pur 240 A farm in Burt Co; 1927 pur 160 A in S D; mbr sch bd 6 yrs; dir Luther Jr Coll, Wahoo 12 yrs; dir Augustana Coll, Rock Island, Ill 4 yrs; 1905-38 pres Cuming, Burt, Dodge Cos Fire Ins Co; int in farm programs; stockholder in Farmers Union, ofcr 20 yrs, pres 8 yrs; past mbr C of C; AF&AM since 1888; Luth Ch, 24 yrs trustee; Rep; hobbies, gardening, sports, baseball; res Oakland.

   WALTON, CHARLES HENRY: Publisher; b Muscatine, Ia July 2, 1895; s of Herbert Walton-Edith Uhland; ed Muscatine Ia HS 1910; Muscatine Ia Bus Coll 1911; m Agnes McMahan Apr 24, 1924 Lyons; d Gloria Jean; 1911-12 with Roach & Musser Sash & Door Co, Muscatine; 1912-15 emp by Muscatine, Ia News-Tribune; 1915-18 emp by L I Hutchins, printers, Monmouth, Ill; 1919-21 ptr with J R Armstrong, owners & oprs of Pomroy Herald & Palmer Press in Ia; 1921 owner & publisher Mirror-Sun in Lyons; chmn Burt Co Soldiers & Sailors Relief Com; chmn local ch ARC; secy of Eastern Neb Baseball League; during World War ent US army Apr 28, 1918, stationed at Camp Dodge Ia, Camp Francis, San Antonio, Tex, disch Apr 28, 1919 as sgt, Co K 349th inf 88 div; IOOF; Comm Club, pres, past secy, past VP; Burt Co Fair Assn, secy, past pres; Amer Leg, past comm, adjt; 40 & 8, past chef de gare; BPOE; NPA; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, civic & comm work, sports; off Mirror-Sun Print Shop; res Lyons.

   WEBSTER, HARVEY L: Farmer; b Troupsburg, N Y Mar 21, 1867; s of Albert Webster-Rhoda Delana Horton; ed Burt Co; Fremont Bus Coll; m Mary Ann Gilbert July 15, 1893 Burt Co; s Everett W (dec), Kenneth Leland (dec); d Nora M, Alice R (Mrs. Carlson), Neva M; after leaving sch, farmed short time with father; 1886-87 emp by N W RR bldg road from Chadron to Douglas, Wyo; 1887-89 emp on farms in Burt Co; 1889-92 emp by Austin Nelson on farm; 1892-96 ptr Austin Nelson; 1896 pur & opr farm; 1897-1901 sales representative McCormick Harvester Co, Neb & Canada; 1901-1909 Lininger Impl Co, Omaha; 1909- farmer & stockman N of Tekamah; 1920-23 mbr Neb legislature 40th & 41st assembly, introduced first farmer's warehouse farm bill in U S, obtained soil survey Burt Co, also int in road improvement; led campaign for T B test of cattle in Burt Co; mbr Neb Co Fair Mgrs Assn 6 yrs, pres 2 yrs; past mbr ch bd 25 yrs; past chmn of dist during World War for all loan activities, raising quota in each instance; elec to Agrl Hall of Achievement, U of N; Master Farmer 1926; stockholder Burt Co Co-op Oil Co; VP & dir Burt Co Creamery; chmn river com; owner approx 1,200 A; IOOF; AF&AM; RAM; Blair KT; Tangier Shrine; Farmers Grain Livestock Assn; dir C of C; First Bapt Ch, bd pres 15 yrs; Burt Co S S Assn; hobbies, farming & raising livestock; Tekamah.

   WELCH, BART: Real Estate Dealer; b Burt Co Oct 23, 1881; s of Burteen T Welch-Cecilia Engleman; ed Burt Co; m Alta Mabel Johnson Feb 18, 1920 Hot Springs, Ark; s Edward Dale; 1900-01 in cafe at Walthill when CB&Q RR was bldg route; 1901-03 homesteaded Flagler, Colo; 1903 starved out, relinquished land; 1903-08 ptr of brother in painting & contracting, Tekamah; 1908-13 ptr in garage, sold Maxwell, Columbia, Stoddard & Dayton Autos in Tekamah; first garage built in Burt Co; when United Motors discontinued took over Reo agency; 1913-16 owner Reo garage in Tekamah; 1916-32 Dodge agcy; maintained gen garage; 1932- DeSoto & Plymouth sales service; 1908- agt US Tires; 1908- real est dir in Burt Co, owner of 6 farms, 586 A owned in ptrship, stock feeder; dir Burt Washington Drainage Dist, one of largest systems in Neb; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, farming & stock feeding; res Tekamah.

   WHITNEY, ROBERT FULTON: Undertaker & Furniture Dealer; b Sidney, N Y Aug 25, 1877; s of Amaziah Whitney-Martha Eckerson; ed Wilber; Craig; Creighton U; m Selma Fridlund Sept 15, 1909 Craig; s Ronald F; d Ruth (Mrs. Harold Shawver), Gayle Lucille, Marjorie Mattie Vernelle; 1898-1900 C St P M & O RR; 1900- ptr in fur store; past mbr city coun; pres C of C; AF & AM, past secy; OES; past secy, past noble grand IOOF; Rebekah; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, stamp collecting; res Craig.

   YOUNG, JOHN ALFRED: Attorney; b Dakota City, Neb Oct 29, 1898; s of John Young-Emma Sund; ed Lyons HS 1917; U of N 1925; m Margaret L Moore Feb 29, 1928 Lincoln; d Constance L; while in HS emp in C S Newmyer Drug Co, Lyons; 1917; U of N 1925; m Margaret L Moore Feb 29, 1928 Lincoln; d Constance L; while in HS emp in C S Newmyer Drug Co, Lyons; 1917 in Frank Solt Drug Store; 1917-18 cash C St P M & O RR; 1918-24 with First Natl Bank; 1925- adm Neb bar, prac in Lyons; sch bd 4 terms, lib bd since orgn; 1925- city atty; AF&AM; IOOF; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Presby, secy & bd mbr trustees; Rep; hobby, reading, off & res Lyons.


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