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Lisle Hanna

LetterLAY County, history--a story of alternate periods of depression and prosperity, of troubled times and beneficent years--is typical of other Nebraska regions, but certain events make it distinctive. Indians who roamed this region before the white man's coming called it the "Flat Water" country because of its table-top terrain and the abundance of good water to be found. Clay County still has plenty of water below ground and therein may lie its salvation, for the difficult recent years are the result of not enough water falling from above the soil.
   French explorers seeking a shorter route to the south in 1739 were Clay County's first white visitors and were followed by the adventurous trappers and traders. Next to reach this country was the expedition led by General John Charles Fremont, who was exploring for a short route to the West. But the first homesteaders did not arrive until 1857, just a decade before Nebraska was made a state.
   County records indicate the first settler was John B. Weston, who arrived in 1857, and took land on the Little Blue. The next year James H. Lemon claimed what he called "Liberty Farm Ranch," and in 1864 James Bainter came. Benjamin and John Boyce arrived in 1867, followed by A. D. Peterson, Louis Peterson and Jonas Johnson, all Swedes, who settled in what is now Lewis Township. That was in the spring of 1870, two years before the coming of John L. Lewis, for whom the township was named. It was about that time, too, when I. C. Christiansen arrived. He was the first of sixteen Danes to be found in the county ten years later.
   The original organization of Clay included a great deal more territory than it now covers. These first boundaries, fixed in 1855, embraced a portion of the old Pierce and Lancaster Counties. An act of the territorial legislature, however, established Clay's present borders on Feb. 16, 1867. The rate of immigration increased about that. time, and county records list the arrival of a great many new settlers. Two Swedish brothers named Norman took up land in the School creek area, where they were followed by John Kennedy and A. K. Marsh, whose wife was the first white woman in that precinct. More than forty new homesteaders, most with their families, arrived in 1870-71, and occupied land in all sections of the county.
   Ezra Brown was the first to settle Harvard township, in 1871. The same year four others arrived who, according to local legend, conceived a novel idea to make pioneer life easier. N. W. Brass, E. J. Stone, Bartholomew Moger and George Van Guilder were the men, and they proceeded to settle adjoining squares of land. They constructed homes close to the point where the tracts of land met, and on the intersection dug a well to serve them all. Their group of houses was also served by a single road, which later became Harvard's main street, until the improvement of Clay Avenue, a block farther east.
   The last Clay County townships to be settled were Glenvil, Lynn and Inland, which were not populated until about 1875. The present arrangement of townships and their names was established that year, with the exception of Eldorado and Inland, which were changed some time later from Lincoln and Scott, respectively.
   Reuben Peachy erected the county's first mercantile building in 1870, and was also the first regularly appointed postmaster. A year later the first water driven mill was erected on the north side of the Little Blue near Deweese by Al Mills. William Watts, who came to Clay County in 1874 can still recall the stage coach and pony express stop at the Old Liberty Farm in the southwestern part of the county.
   Very early in the seventies, homestead land was still available and some slightly improved land could be purchased. Crops raised were excellent and farming was a profitable business. Even in the bad years land which cost $19 per acre for cultivation and purchase would almost pay for itself. Prairie fires were a scourge of farming in those days, however. Many such blazes were started by hot cinders from locomotives. A large one started near Harvard in 1872 and burned over a large area, destroying livestock, stables and farm implements. Another fire that same year could not be stopped until it approached the Platte. In 1884 another serious fire was started by sparks from a St. Joseph and Western locomotive. It seared the Fairfield area.
   In several years, too, farmers had to contend with grasshoppers in summer and blizzards in winter. Insect damage was so severe in 1874 that the government had to support many persons through the winter and spring until they could harvest another crop. Two of the county's worst blizzards occurred in 1871 and 1873. The latter lasted from April 13 to 16, A high wind piled snow above the house tops and several persons perished.
   Clay Center, the present county seat, was founded in 1887 after a controversy over the location of the seat of government. The original county seat, however, was Sutton, which is now the




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county's largest city. The first "courthouse" was the private office of R. H. Brown, but a county building was erected in 1873 at a cost of $22,000. The present courthouse in Clay Center, was completed in 1918 and cost some $100,000.
   The original county clerk received $300 annually for his services, and the first postage bill in the office was 55 cents. County records were transcribed in long hand until 1908 when a typewriter was purchased. Although crime has never been a serious problem to Clay County, records list several lynchings, and a few murders, almost all of which happened in the early days. The county's first inquest, held in 1872 over the body of Maxmilian Reed, cost $7.10. Officers selected at the county's organization were A. K. Marsh, P. O. Norman and A. A. Corey, commissioners; F. M. Brown, clerk; J. Hollingsworth, treasurer; J. R. Maltby, judge; P. T. Kearney, sheriff; R. S. Fitzgerald, surveyor; and James Schermerhorn, superintendent of schools.
   These first elected officials found saloon licenses an imperative problem, and fixed a tax of $100 annually, or $60 for six months. Three licenses were granted in April, 1872. Commissioners also allowed an expenditure of $1.75 to buy medical supplies for the poor; five dollars was spent for a pair of handcuffs; and $16 was appropriated to build a county bridge. The tax levy in those days was set at 6 mills.
   Judge Gantt conducted the first district court session, and A. J. Weaver was the county attorney. F. M. Brown was court clerk, and F. Kearney acted as sheriff. The first civil case was a foreclosure for a mechanic's lien, and the first criminal trial convicted Lorenzo Snow of assault and battery. But in the early days the county court was not a money making proposition. Records show there were only two cases heard in 1872-73.
   In the approximately 70 years since Clay County's organization, there have been fourteen newspapers started. Some of them lasted only a year. Five, however, remain today, one in each of the county's principal cities. They are the Sutton Register, the Edgar Sun, the Fairfield Auxiliary, the Clay County Sun in Clay Center, and the Harvard Courier.
   The county's educational system has grown from a single institution in the School Creek township. That was December 14, 1871, and the first school report three years later recorded 996 persons of school age residing in the county. A 1938 school census showed there are 3,600 pupils being taught by 167 instructors, and the school budget for the county amounted to $141,558.
   The county's educational record, however, is not the only indication of its progress from pioneer days. Not so long ago 412 railroad cars of grain were shipped from Harvard, 330 from Sutton, 500 from Fairfield, Edgar and Glenvil--a far cry from the meager production of the early settlers. Clay County farms produce quality as well as quantity, however. The county's exhibit was awarded first prize in competition at the 1939 state fair.
   Another example of the county's agricultural progress is the recent growth of 4-H Clubs, combined with an increased interest in farm and home affairs and closer co-operation between the various communities and the county. There are now 44 active 4-H Clubs, with a membership of 297. They are carrying out 386 different projects, and are aided by the county's full time home demonstration agent, Florence Steward of Clay Center.
   Despite the drouths and insect invasions of recent years, Clay County citizens are optimistic about the future. They realize their banks, after some troubled times, are now better able to serve the county; schools are numerous and of good quality; farm organizations are actively teaching new and better agricultural methods. Clay County believes the trend is toward better times, better crops and their arrival is not far away.

   ADKINS, STEPHEN C: Dentist; b Pleasant Plains, Ill Feb 8, 1885; s of Richard Franklin Adkins-Rebecca Corson; ed Tecumseh HS 1904; Lincoln Dental Coll, DDS 1913; Xi Psi Phi; m Helen J Swan Oct 10, 1914 Tecumseh; d Rebecca Mary; 1905-10 with civil engineering dept CB&Q RR, Lincoln; 1913-14 dentist with Dr E R TrueIl, Lincoln; 1914- dentist, Fairfield; pres sch bd; AF&AM 84; Central Dist Dental Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; Comml Club; res Fairfield

   ALBERDING, WENDELL WALLACE: Funeral Director; b Harvard, Neb July 4, 1912; s of Paul Ruben Alberding-Mae Jennie Turner; ed Harvard; Williams Inst of Mortuary Science, Kansas City Kas; 1931-39 with Alberding & Sons Funeral Home, 1939- part owner & mgr; Neb St Funeral Dirs Assn; Comm Club; Chris Ch; hobbies, golf, tennis, swimming, softball; father (dec 1939) born in Clay Co, estab firm at Harvard; res Harvard.

   ANDERSON, CARL ROBERT: Banker; b Smoland, Sweden Aug 21, 1878; s of C L Anderson-Augusta Nelsson; ed Clay Co; Fremont Normal 1899-1900; m Mabel O Alberts Jan 6, 1915 Saronville; d Lucile E; brought to Amer by parents 1880; 1909-20 mgr Farmers Grain Co, Saronville; 1920- part owner, cash Farmers State Bank, Saronville; mbr town bd; treas sch bd; past twp treas; owner, opr & mgr 840 A farm land; Neb St Bankers Assn; Golf Club; Swedish Evang Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, travel, economics; off Farmers state Bank; res SaronviIle.

   ANDERSON, JOHN WARNER HARRISON: Merchant; b Aurora, Neb Mar 29, 1889; s of Olaf Anderson-Mary Carson; ed Aurora HS; Aurora Bus Coll 1911-12; m Blanche Richard Aug 4, 1917 Hastings; d Maxine; 1912-16 farmed in Hamilton Co; 1917-18 with Peterson Bros Clothing Co, Aurora; 1918-28 ptr in Fairfield Clothing Store, 1924- owner & opr clothing store, Fairfield; secy Comm Club, mbr since 1918; mbr sch bd; city clk several years; Dem; hobby, golf; res Fairfield.

   AXTELL, JESSIE L: Cashier; b Thayer Co, Neb Feb 15, 1887; d of John B Weaver-Kate Owen Hasbrook; ed Alexandria HS 1905; m James I Axtell Mar 3, 1909 Clay Center; s John Henry, Earl Owen; 1909-12 with M M Johnson Co. Clay Center; 1912-26 homemaker; 1925- with Clay Center Sun, 1937 cash; Meth Ch; hobby, gardening; off Sun; res Clay Center.

   AYTON, AGNES EMILY: Saleswoman; b Clay Co, Neb July 9, 1880; d of John Ayton-Agnes Matters; ed Harvard; 1908-18 clk, Yost-Ayton-Swartz Co, Harvard; 1918-20 clk, Wolbach &


in Nebraska


Brach, Hastings, 1920- clk Websters Store, Harvard; OES, secy, past worthy matron, PEO, past pres, record secy; Chris Ch; hobbies, flower photography, flower gardening; father born in England, settled Fillmore Co 1872, Harvard 1881; res Harvard.

   BARBEE, JAMES SHELDON: Veterinarian; b Froid1, Neb Sept 10, 1888; s of William Ulysses Barbee-May Pogue; ed Seward Co; Kansas City Veterinary Coll; Chicago Veterinary Coll DVM 1920; m opal Pauline Foster Dec 24, 1921 Clay Center; s James Max, Larry Dale; d Iris Mae; 1909-15 farmed in Seward & York Cos; 1920- veterinarian, Sutton; during World War, ent US army Sept 5, 1917 CIS 14 mos with 89th div 355th Inf, disch July 18, 1919; Amer Leg 611, past comm; mbr sch bd; Central Neb, Neb St & Amer Veterinary Med Assns; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; off & res Sutton.

   1Froid has been discontinued as a Postoffice. Mail is now sent to Julesburg, Colo.

   BENDER, NATHANIEL GUSTAVE: Implement & Hardware Dealer; b Sutton, Neb July 9, 1884; s of Jacob Bender-Eugene Reuss; ed Sutton HS 1904; U of N 1905-06; Chicago Coll of Law; m Clara Henrietta Landmann Jan 11, 1912 Scotland S D; s Paul Jacob, Frederick Gustave, Wallace Niel; d Gretchen Louise; 1906-09 with father in impl bus, Sutton; 1909-11 traveling representative in Europe for Parlin-Orendorff Plow Co, Canton Ill; 1911- owner of Jacob Bender & Son, dlrs in farm equipment, Sutton; mbr sch bd; city engineer 2 terms; pres cemetery bd; past mbr lib bd; past mbr coun BSA; past pres Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; past pres & mbr advisory bd Natl Fedn of Impl Dlrs Assn; past master AF&AM; life mbr Scot Rite 32o & York Rite, Tehamah Shrine, del to Internatl Imperial Coun, Toronto Canada 1930; OES, past patron; Comm Club; C Of C; US C of C; IOOF, past noble grand; KP; Lions; Uni Club, Lincoln; pres & deacon federated bd of Meth & Congl Chs; Congl Ch; Rep; 22 years mbr city com & chmn Clay Co Central Com, also mbr State Central Com; del to Cleveland conv 1936; hobbies, flowers, fishing, mechanics; res Sutton.

   BENNET, MRS JOSIE C: Homemaker; b Waterford, Wis Feb 14. 1863; s (sic) of Joseph Rupiper-Fidelia Mary Foat; ed West De Pere, Wis; s Edward J, George T; during World War & Sp-Amer War, chmn com to raise money; past natl treas WRC; past state pres, secy, councillor, inspector ARC; past mbr Rebekah; Cath Ch; hobby, child welfare work; res Harvard.

   BIECK, EDMUND: Hardware & Implement Dealer; b Harvard, Neb 1889; s of John G Bieck-___; ed Harvard; m Clara Frank Feb 21, 1912 Harvard; s Kenneth, Ivan, Wayne, Dale, Frank; d Lizzette; 1908- farmer near Harvard; 1923- ptr in Harvard Impl & Hdw Co; IOOF; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, stock; res Harvard.

   BIRCH, GUY RUEL: Clergyman, b Fairfield, Neb Mar 30, 1884; s of Samuel Wesley Birch-Margaret Lucetta Gorby; ed Doniphan; Grand Island Coll; Doane Coll; Chicago Theological Seminary; m Helen Kerstin Nyrop Oct 20, 1913 Grand Island; s Wesley Nyrop, Guy Julian, Dean Franklin; 1913-15 pastor Congl Ch, Center; 1915-18 pastor Congl Ch, Wisner; 1918-23 Scribner; 1923-25 Stanton; 1925-29 Weeping Water; 1929-36 Scribner; 1936- pastor Congl Ch, Clay Center; mbr continuation com Neb Chris Rural Fellowship Inst; org BSA at Scribner, asst scout master Stanton and Weeping Water; del to natl coun Congl Chs at Los Angeles, Springfield Mass, Grand Rapids Mich, Omaha; AF&AM; past moderator Lincoln assn & Blue Valley assn of Neb State conf Congl Chs; hobbies, tennis, horseshoes, baseball; res 210 S Alexander, Clay Center.

   BOHLEN, HENRY EMANUEL: County Treasurer; b Summit, Ill Apr 8, 1892; s of Rev Wessel Bohlen-Etta Janssen; ed Grafton; LBC; m Susan Isabell Hurst Aug 6, 1919 Sutton; d Marian Etta, 1906-22 did farm work, Fillmore Co; 1922-23 did gen work, Sutton; 1924-28 acct for Aurora Elevator Co, Aurora; 1928-32 timekeeper for Chambers Construction Co. Lincoln; 1932-34 auditor for Farmers Elevator Assn, Omaha; 1935- Clay Co treas; mbr Zions Luth Ch, Summit Ill; Congl Ch, Clay Center; hobbies, farming, poultry, livestock; father b in Germany 1853, came to America 1872, Neb 1907; mother came from Germany to Neb 1907; off Courthouse; res Clay Center.

   BROWN, BYRON FRANKLYN: Dentist; b Omaha, Neb July 7, 1900, s of Franklyn Melvin Brown-Elfreda Theresa Matthiesen; ed Mitchell S D; Creighton U, DDS; Delta Sigma Delta; m Helen Margaret Darrah June 13, 1931 Edgar; d Patricia Jean; 1925-30 dentist, Edgar; 1930-33 dentist, Alexandria; 1933 dentist, Clay Center; 1926-36 first lt dental res 7th corps area USA, capt since 1936; Neb St Dental Assn; Lions; hobbies photography, stamps; off Mitchell Bldg; res 115 S Clay, Clay Center.

   BROWN, CHARLES MARION: Publisher; b Sutton, Neb May 20, 1874; s of Francis Marion Brown-Mary Culver; ed Sutton HS 1891; m Marion Elizabeth Bishop June 27, 1901 Sutton; while in sch helped father publish Register, estab 1880; 1891-1909 with father on Register; 1909- mgr & publisher Sutton Register; 1919- publisher Sutton Register; 1934- P M Sutton; past mbr sch bd & city coun 19 years; helped org first ARC ch, Sutton; publicity mgr Comml Club; AF&AM; NPA; Neb ch Natl Assn of P Ms of U S; Golf Club; Dem; hobbies, guns, shooting; res Sutton.

   BUCK, JOSEPH RALPH: Retired; b Peoria Co, Ill Oct 7, 1878; s of John Mortimer Buck-Susie Zadee Clute; ed Peoria Co Ill; Sutton HS 1898; U of N, BSc 1903; pres of sr class Sutton HS & U of N; pres Delian Literary Soc; YMCA; m Mabel Louise Hoerger Nov 29, 1905 Sutton; d Kathryn Louise; 1903-08 prin Red Oak Ia schs; 1908-09 with Sutton Natl Bank; 1910-21 mgr local lbr bus in Idaho; 1922 ret, managing farm ints, also off of Sutton Sales Pavilion; past city treas: mbr sch bd in Idaho; past mbr Sutton sch bd; 1929-30 Clay Co representative in 45th & 46th sessions of legislature; IOOF 53; AF&AM; Yellow Dogs, past mbr Hoo-Hoo, lbr orgn; past mbr Lions; First Congl Ch; hobbies, chess, checkers; res Sutton.

   BYRKIT, RICHARD ARCHIE: Abstractor; b Fairfield, Ia Dec 25, 1874; s of Martin Luther Byrkit-Georgiana Parr; ed Fairfield; Bryant Normal U, Stromsburg 1896-97; m Grace Luella Fike June 15, 1904 Fairfield; s Richard Rollo; d Margaret Lucile (Mrs John V Keller); 1893-96 with S C Thompson real est off, Fairfield; 1897-99 with Thomas Walling abstract off, Plattsmouth; 1899-1902 with S C Thompson real est off, Hastings; 1902-05 with A H Cramer abstract off, Hastings; 1906-10 Clay Co dep clk; 1910- owner & mgr R A Byrkit abstract bus, Clay Center; past city clk; past secy bd of edn; past secy Clay Co Fair Assn; AF&AM; past supt SS, past secy SS, past secy bd of stewards, past tchr adult Bible class, Meth Ch, pres bd of trustees; hobbies, poultry, gardening; father came to Fairfield 1877, in bus nearly 60 years. Off 117 S Brown; res Clay Center.

   CERNEY, SAMUEL GRAY: Bank Cashier; b Sutton, Neb May 13, 1883; s of Samuel Carney-Eugenia Gray; ed Sutton HS 1900; U of N, BA 1909, pres law class 1907; U of Chicago, JD 1911, treas law class 1910-11; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; m Margaret Shelley Oct 5, 1918 Louisville Ky; s Hall Gray, Samuel M; 1900-01 tchr, Clay Co; 1902-03, 1906-07 with Carney Hdw Co, Sutton; 1905-06 miner Calif; 1911-12 assoc editor Calahan Law Book Co, Chicago; 1912-15 head law dept LaSalle Extn U of Chicago; 1915-20 prac law, Chicago; 1920-29 owner & opr Carney Hdw, Sutton; 1929- cash City State Bank, Sutton; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, fishing; off City State Bank; res Sutton.

   CRONNIN, CHARLES PATRICK SR: Coal & Feed Dealer; b Clay Co, Neb Jan 7, 1888; s of Cornelius S Cronnin-Mary Ann Hughes; ed Sutton HS; U of Minn; m Florence Buttell Oct 22, 1919 Sutton; s Charles Patrick Jr; d Mary Ellen; 1909-12, 1919-24 farmed; 1912-19, 1924-86 in bus of feeding & buying stock, Sutton; 1936- in feed & coal co; 1938- also grain buyer, Sutton; Comml Club; KC; hobbies, bridge, ball; res Sutton.

   DEINES, DANIEL ARNOLD: Dentist; b Clay Center, Neb Oct 30, 1893; s of John Deines-Magdalena, Schleicher; ed Clay Center HS, pres sr class; Creighton U, DDS 1916; Xi Psi Phi, VP & pres sr class of dental coll; m Rose Emma Schlick Sept 80, 1916 Logan Ia; s Dean Arnold; d Erma Louise; 1916 dentist, Clay Center; VP Clay Co Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; dental examiner Clay Co health confs & for 4-H Club; secy Thomas Dental Study Club; mbr med advisory bd during World War; past mbr C of C; past chancellor KP; Country Club; hobbies, golf, baseball; off 104 Brown Ave; res Calvary Ave, Clay Center.

   DETWEILER, LAURENCE EMERSON: Merchant; b Clay Center, Neb Oct A 1891; s of Clayton S Detweiler-Cora Albira Noble; ed Clay Center; m Lillian Pauline Venell Sept 3, 1918 Oxford Junction Ia; 1909-14 mgr groc dept C L Rippeteau Co,



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Clay Center; 1914-15 owner & mgr L E Detweiler & Co, Saronville; 1915-16 ptr in Peterson & Detweiler Gen Mdse, Shickley; 1916-20 ptr & gen mgr Detweiler & Co, Shickley; 1920-29 ptr & gen mgr Carleton Merc Co, Carleton; 1925-28 supvr Oak Mdse Co, Oak; 1929-33 gen mgr J H Eller Co at Clay Center; 1933- jr ptr in J H Eller Co; org & co-owner Savoree Foods, Clay Center; past pres C of C; past pres Lions; pres Clay Co Stamp Club; past moderator Blue Valley Assn of Congl Churches S Central Neb; trustee Congl Ch; pres Clay Co SS Assn; hobbies, stamp collecting, motoring; off J H Eller Co; res 812 N Clay, Clay Center.

   DULAIGH, DWIGHT WILLIAM: Dentist; b Saline Co, Neb Oct 7, 1877; s of Benjamin Dulaigh-Sarah Denton,; ed Dorchester; Omaha U, DDS; m Dorothy Klinschmidt 1908 Sutton (dec); s Dwight Francis; 1905-10 in gen mdse store Heinz & Dulaigh, Sutton; 1903- dentist Sutton; past mbr city coun; past pres & acting mayor; past mbr sch bd; past pres Central Dist Dental Soc; IOOF, noble grand; DeMolay, recipient cross of honor; past mbr C of C; past mbr Sutton Golf Club; past mbr Lions; past master, AF&AM; past high priest, RAM; Shrine; Scot Rite; OES past worthy patron; hobbies, hunting, fishing, bull dogs; res Sutton.

   EGLY, CLAYTON DANIEL: Farmer; b Clay Co, Neb Oct 25, 1889; s of Daniel Egly-lda May Norris; ed Sutton; m Vera Weldenbach Jan 17, 1915 Sutton; s Donald Clayton; d Leota Fern; 1906-13 farmed for father; 1913- farming indep near Sutton; twp assessor 8 years; IOOF; hobby, horses; res Sutton.

   EKHAML, OTTO HENRY: Clergyman; b St Paul, Minn Aug 8, 1908; s of Ernest Louis Ekhaml-Mary Habrova; ed Nazareth Hall Seminary; St Stanislaus Sch, St Paul Minn; St Paul Seminary; St Procoplus, Seminary, Lisle Ill; 1935-37 asst pastor St Wenceslaus Cath Ch, Wahoo; 1937 38 Pastor St Lukes Ch, Loma; 1938- pastor Assumption Ch & St Martins Ch, Deweese; one of first to att Nazareth Hall Prep Seminary, was student dir of athletics; while in school active in baseball, track, football, basketball, hockey; 1935-36 pitcher for Wahoo KC softball team, also mbr KC & KD bowling team; 1937-38 org & pres of 3rd league KD softball, Loma; KC; Cath Workmen Of Amer; Natl Alliance of Bohemian Catholics; Lawrence Golf Club; Priest's Eucharistic League; Cath Near East Welfare Assn, hobbies, photography, radio; res Deweese.

   ELLER, JACOB H: Merchant; b Wapello Co, Ia Aug 27, 1861; s of Harvey Eller-Mary Caroline Vannoy; ed Wapello Co Ia; m Bertha Athey; s Raymond; d Mabel Ruth (Mrs Jesse G Jessup), Mary Merle (Mrs Calvin Rollens), Florence Athey (Mrs Ralph Cowan), Frances Martha (Mrs Edward E Anderson); m Francess Gillette Ray May 24, 1924 Mankato Kas; 1882-83 farmed in Wapello Co Ia; 1884 farmed in Clay Co; 1884-86 in impl & teaming bus, Clay Center; 1886-88 in real est, stock & grain bus; 1888-90 clk for D Leach & Son; 1890-92 supt Clay Co poor farm; 1892-93 held various salaried positions, Clay Center; 1894- opr gen mdse store Clay Center; past chmn city coun; past secy bd of edn; past dir First Natl Bank, Harvard; past pres J H Eller & Co, Clay Center; C of C; AF&AM; past trustee, deacon Congl Ch, Clay Center; hobbies, reading, gardening; off 108-110 Fairfield; res 201 E Sutton, Clay Center.

   ERICKSON, ERNEST MARVIN: Hatchery Operator; b Harvard, Neb Feb 20, 1892; s of Alfred Erickson-Charlotte Benson; ed Clay Co; m Edna Rebecca Whitt Aug 20, 1919 Harvard; s Marvin Alfred; d Breta Lucille; 1915-29 farmed, Clay Co; 1924- opr hatchery, Harvard; 1930- owner & opr service station; 1932-33 mbr city coun; 1934-35 mayor; during World War, ent US army June 1918, stationed Fort Riley Kas, Del Rio Tex, Fort Worth Tex, Fort Sill Okla; disch Dec, 1918; Amer Leg, past comm; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting, travel; res Harvard.

   EWING, MRS ALMA: Librarian; b West Union, Ia June 3, 1860; d of Alex Thompson-Lavina Foster; ed Peru; 1878-83 tchr, Hall Co; 1894-1920 tchr, Fairfield; 1920- librarian, Fairfield; Womans Club, ch mbr; hobbies, reading, gardening; res Fairfield.

   FERREE, CHARLES MORTON: Real Estate, Insurance Dealer; b Clermont Co, * Oct 6, 1866; s of George Washington Ferree-Mary Elizabeth Robinson, ed Clay Co; m Margaret Olive French Oct 14, 1891 Nelson; d Mary Ethel (Mrs Cecil C Stout); 1883-84 clk, William Saxton Store, Edgar; 1884-88 clk, James H Brown Store, Edgar; 1888-93 mgr J H Brown Store, Oak; 1894-1919 co-ptr Brown & Ferree Bros Store, Edgar; 1919- in real est & ins bus, Edgar; AF&AM; KT, Hastings; hobbies, golf, baseball; res Edgar.
* No state given.

   FRY, WILLIAM RALPH: Machinist; b Stockton, Kas Mar 11, 1891; s of Steven J Fry-Mary Jane Murtey; ed Stockton Kas; m Ruth Edna McFadden Oct 21, 1913 Clay Center; d Edna Lucile; 1907-11 gen laborer, Clay Co; 1911- owner & mgr William R Fry Clothing Store, Clay Center; past mbr AF&AM; C of C; Country Club; secy-treas Clay Center Cemetery Assn; Dem; mbr Clay Co Central Com; res Clay Center.

   FURSE, RONALD ROY: Editor; b Alma, Neb Aug 16, 1904; s of Harry Cory Furse-Bertha Evelyn Dow; ed Alma; m Irene Louise Polley June 27, 1936; s Donald Lee; d Marjorie Lou; 1923-24 founder & opr Edison Echo; 1924-29 representative of Swift & Co, McCook; 1929-33 owner & opr Fontanelle Weekly, Florence; 1933-35 sales representative in Rocky Mtn states; 1935-39 editor & owner Advertiser, Republic Kas; 1939- with KMMJ, Inc, editor Clay Co Sun; past pres Republic Co, Kas Printers Assn; past pres Republic Co Kas ARC; mbr city coun, Republic Kas; past master councillor DeMolay, Alma; C of C; Lions; Sixth Dist Editorial Assn NPA; Chris Ch; past pres Republic Co Kas YD Club; hobby, newspaper work; off Clay Co Sun; res 321 E Johnson, Clay Center.

   GARTRELL, IRVING DE WITTE: Osteopath; b Stockton, Kas May 10, 1891; s of John Thomas Gartrell-Elizabeth Hicks; ed Rooks Co Kas; Kirksville Mo Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery; grad work, Kirksville Co of Osteopathy & Surgery, Kirksville Mo; Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn; Alpha Tau Sigma; m Mildred Epperson Feb 8, 1919 Clay Center; s Leland Epperson; d Vesta Jean, Virginia Clare, Dorothy Gail; 1909-12 farmed with father, Rooks Co Kas; 1916- osteopath, Clay Center; pres bd of edn; Neb Central Ostopathic Soc; state secy Neb Osteopathic Assn; Amer Osteopathic Assn; del to natl conv; past pres Lions; AF&AM; Clay Center Gun Club; Clay Center coun BSA troop 281; past pres C of C; Two-I Club; during World War ent USN July 6, 1918, disch Sept 30, 1921; Amer Leg, adj; elder, mbr bd of edn & tchr young men's Bible class, Chris Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father b in O 1845, settled in Rooks Co Kas 1888; off Furhken Bldg; res 120 N Clay, Clay Center.

   GELLATLY, WILLIAM: Farmer; b Dane, Wis May 24, 1857; s of William Gellatly Sr-Margret Cameron; ed Dane Co, Wis; m Louise Campbell Sept 20, 1893 Sutton; d Martha Margret; 1877-78 farmed, Hamilton Co: 1878- farmed in Clay Co; IOOF; Rebekah; past mbr WOW; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, making baskets, wood carving; res Sutton.

   GOOSIC, CHARLES ANDREW: Merchant; b Lincoln, Neb July 19, 1891, s of Charles Fredrick Goosic-Anna Elder; ed Hardy HS; m Mabel Fletcher June 16, 1920 Sioux City Ia; s George, Gerald; 1919-20 worked on farm near Beaver City; 1920-21 farmed indep; 1921- owner groc store & meat market, Fairfield; during World War, 1917-19 spent 10 mos at Camp Funston Kas, 1 year in service supply train 314; Amer Leg; past mbr IOOF; Comm Club: city clk 10 years; mbr town bd; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, gardening, raising flowers, hunting; res Fairfield.

   GRIESS, WILLIAM FREDERICK: Bank Bookkeeper; b Sutton, Neb Jan 9, 1875; s of William Griess-Katherine Ochsner; ed Sutton; Doane Coll 1892; m Minna M Bachmann June 22, 1899 Sutton; s Paul W; d Nelda K (Mrs K K Mahannah), Marie J (Mrs. W G Mettlen); 1893-95 worked for father at Sutton; 1895-1901 with A C Burlingame Gen Mdse, Sutton; 1901-05 Clay Co dep clk; 1905-09 Clay Co clk; 1909-14 with C L Rippeteau Gen Mdse, Clay Center; 1914 bkkpr City State Bank, Sutton; 1936- city clk; past mbr sch bd; AF&AM; Royal Highlanders; MWA; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, baseball; off Sutton State Bank; res Sutton.

   GROSSHANS, FERDINAND JOHN: Retired; b Sutton, Neb Sept 23, 1883; s of August Grosshans-Magdalena Fritchie; ed Sutton; LBC; m Marie Griess June 22, 1905 Sutton; 1900-01 in impl bus, Sutton; 1901-06 in gen mdse & clothing bus; 1906-10 in gen mdse bus, Stockham; 1910-15 rancher, Tripp Co, S D; 1915-16 in impl bus, Stockham; 1916-20 in clothing bus, Sutton; 1920-22 in furn bus, Sutton; 1922-24 in whol & retail baking bus, Superior; 1924-26 ptr in coal & lbr bus, St Paul; 1926-27 part owner Omaha Whol Milk Corp; 1927-35 in grain bus, Rising City; 1935-36 resided at York & Sutton; 1936- ret; AF&AM; hobbies, baseball, horse races; res Sutton.


in Nebraska


   GROSSHANS, RICHARD FRED: Lumber Dealer; b Clay Co, Neb May 9, 1882; s of Fred Grosshans-Elizabeth Griess; ed Clay Co; German sch, Sutton; m Sarah Schwarz Nov 24, 1904 (dec 1916); m Claudia M Griess Oct 5, 1918 York; s Leo W; d Lorene E (dec 1926), Marie M, Ruth C, MarCella H, Margaret H; 1904-10 farmed, Clay Co; 1912- ptr in Grosshans Bros Lbr Co, Sutton; 1927-33 mbr city coun; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; past treas & trustee Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Sutton.

   HAGEMAN, HENRY JOHN: High School Superintendent; b Platte Center, Neb Dec 10, 1904; s of Peter Louis Hageman-Elizabeth Mary Baltz; ed Chadron HS 1925; CSTC, BSc 1933; U of N MA 1934; Kas St Tchrs Coll, Pittsburg 1938; m Helen Dorothy Hawkins Aug 10, 1937 Pittsburg Kas; 1927-29 tchr, Crawford; 1929-33 math tchr, Chadron Jr HS; 1934-37 supt Clatonia HS; 1937- supt Fairfield HS; pres Clatonia PTA 2 years; introduced new method of awarding sch letters, giving student credit for points on scholastic work as well as athletics, dramatics, music; Clay Co Supts Assn; Southern Neb Schoolmens Assn, secy treas; NSTA; Meth Ch; hobby, duck hunting; off HS: res Fairfield.

   HANKE, FREDERICK HERMAN: Tailor; b Freeport, Ill July 30, 1861; s of Frederick Hanke-Matilda Schafer; ed Freeport Ill; m Anna Stenson Apr 29, 1891 Aurora; s Laurence Frederick; d Freda Marie (Mrs P L Bauer); 1886-90, tailor, Freeport; 1890-94 with brother in gen mdse bus, Aurora; 1894- tailor, Sutton; past mbr sch bd; past pres Lions; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Royal Highlanders, dir; IOOF; Comml Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res Sutton.

   MANNA, R LISLE: Editor; b Pickering, Mo Nov 5, 1893; s of John Henry Hanna-Elizabeth Neal; ed Pickering Mo HS 1912; Northwestern State Tchrs Coll, Mo, BSc 1918; Stout Inst, Menominee Wis; U of Minn; Dunwiddie Inst, Minneapolis Minn; m Jeneva Strohm June 17, 1923 Jewell Kas HS; 1922-29 tchr of manual training & printing, Concordia Kas; 1929- owner & publisher Harvard Courier; past mbr sch bd; mbr city Coun; NPA; S Central Press Assn, past pres, past secy; Natl Edit Assn; Comm Club, past treas; Clay Center Golf Club; during World War enl in U S army 1917, never called, enl in USN 1918, stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Ill; Amer Leg 185, past post comm, past co comm, 1936-37 comm 10th dist, 1938 dept vice-comm; 40 & 8: SS tchr, First Meth Ch; Rep, city committeeman; hobbies, golf, sports, landscaping; off Harvard Courier; res Harvard.

   HANSON, HERBERT MILTON: Merchant; b Mt Pleasant, Ia Dec 13, 1868; s of Henry Webster Hanson-Mary Marsh; ed Howe's Acad & Tchrs Training Sch, Mt Pleasant Ia; Ia Wes, Mt Pleasant Ia; m Stella May Sherman Aug 1889 Mt Pleasant Ia; s Henry Sherman, Floyd Arthur, Robert Edward; d Laura M (Mrs Cecil W East), Mary Louise (Mrs Paul M Haines), Grace Isabelle, Olive E (Mrs William W McClaren); 1889-92 owner & opr broom factory Mt Pleasant Ia; 1892-1902 city letter carrier Mt Pleasant Ia; 1902-06 representative for Mutual Life Ins Co, of N Y at Mt Pleasant; 1906-09 with Old Trusty Incubator Co & in carp trade, Clay Center; 1909-12 part owner & opr Hanson & Overstreet pump, windmill, plumbing & heating establishment; 1912-24 owner & opr Houston & Overstreet Co; 1921-34 P M Clay Center; 1935- owner & opr Hanson Furn Exchange; secy C of C; past pres sch bd; 1929-32 secy Clay Co Agrl Soc; AF&AM; IOOF 55; Chris Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, gardening; res Clay Center.

   HANSON, ROBERT EDWARD: Clergyman; b Clay Center, Neb July 22, 1908; s of Herbert Milton Hanson-Stella May Sherman; ed Clay Center HS; Cotner Coll, BA 1931; Butler U, Indianapolis Ind, BD 1937; Pi Kappa Delta; Alpha Psi Omega: m Mary Eleanor Wolfe of Manila, P I Nov 1, 1932 Truman Minn; s Elbert Lawrence; d Ruth Eleanor; 1926-27 clk Portwood-Sharpe Co, Clay Center; 1931-35 pastor Palmer Ch of Christ; 1937- pastor Clay Co Ch of Christ, pastoral unity, consisting of Harvard, Clay Center & Fairfield Churches of Christ; sponsor Clay Co Christ Youth Fellowship; Harvard Ministerial Alliance; Fairfield Comm Club; pres Clay Center HS Alumni Assn; com on town & country church of Home Missions Planning Coun; dir of worship, faculty mbr State Young Peoples Summer Conf of Churches of Christ; hobbies, composing popular music, gardening; res 315 S Alexander Ave, Clay Center.

   HART, EARL FRANKLIN: Grain & Coal Dealer; b Clay Co, Neb Nov 23, 1888; s of William Alonzo Hart-Eliza Ella Nall: ed Clay Co; Neb Wes; m Inez Elizabeth Ferree Oct 24, 1911 Edgar; s Robert Merton; 1911-16 farmed, Clay Co; 1916-29 co-ptr in Walley & Hart Dry Goods & Shoe Store, Edgar; 1929 owner & mgr Hart Grain & Coal Bus, Edgar; mayor; past secy, pres bd of edn; AF&AM 22, past secy lodge 67: KT, Lions; past mbr Neb Grain Dlrs Assn; treas, trustee Meth Ch; hobbies, golf, fishing, hunting; res Edgar.

   HAYES, ARTHUR WILLIAM: Merchant, b Byron, Neb May 11, 1896: s of Harmon Hayes-Bertha Kimball; ed Byron; m Kathryn Sisson Sept 1920 Nelson; s Vayle, Billee; d Vonna Jeane, Verda Beryle; 1913-17 clk for Worl Eggerss, Byron; 1919-23 with father in Byron Hdw & Impl Co; 1923-24 representative for Internatl Harvester Co; 1924-25 with Bixby Gen Mdse Store, Hardy; 1926 with Portwood Gen Mdse Store, Clay Center; 1926-30 with Portwood Gen Mdse Store, Deweese; 1930 owner & opr gen mdse store, Deweese; during World War in USN 1917-19, seaman & gunner; past mbr town coun; epaminer (sic) for drivers licenses Clay Co 1937; MWA: Amer Leg; Meth Ch; Dem committeeman 6 years; hobbies, golf, fishing; res Deweese.

   HESS, FRED E: Music Teacher; b Tama, Ia Jan 18, 1880; s of Henry C Hess-Elisabeth Jane Johnston; ed Storm Lake Ia; Morningside Coll, Sioux City Ia 1909; m Maybelle Brown 1911 Sioux City, Ia; s Fredrick C, Richard Vernon; d Margret Elisabeth, Shirley Mae; spent 4 years in music concert work in studios in Sioux City Ia; 1921-29 music tchr Central City HS; 1930-36 music tchr in Aurora HS; 1937- tchr at Harvard; AF&AM; IOOF; WOW; MWA; hobby, gardening; res Harvard,

   HRBEK, HENRY WILLIAM: Retired; b Nuckolls Co, Neb Feb 29, 1876; s of Jacob Hrbek-Marle Svoboda; ed Nuckolls Co; m Antonie Karmazin May 15, 1900 Lawrence; s George, Joseph, Frank, Albert, Godfrey, Stanley (dec), Henry R; d Florence (dec), Mary (dec), Helen (dec), Bessie; 1900- farmer in Nuckolls Co; 1939 ret from active farming & moved near Deweese; formerly raised Duroc Jersey hogs & Shorthorn cattle, now raises Poland-China hogs; started with 80 A of land & thru 39 years has accumulated approximately 1400 A in Clay & Nuckolls Cos; mbr sch bd 23 years, Nuckolls Co; KC; Cath Workmen of Amer; Cath Ch, Rep; hobby, travel; res Deweese.

   HUBBELL, CLIFF JAY: Hydroelectric Power Plant Operator; b Fairfield, Neb Aug 27, 1884; s of Orlan Collins Hubbell-Frinda Minerva Newcomb; ed Fairfield HS 1901; U of N 1909-13; Sigma Tau; m Elsie Emma Brown Jan 21, 1916 Holdrege; s Jack B; 1902-31 with father oprd Hubbell & Son Flour Mill, estab 1873 at Deweese & in continuous oprn until 1937; 1911-32 aided father in hydroelectric plant until latter's death; 1932- indep opr of plant; int in farming; developing irrigation system on farm, has only alfalfa under irrigation in Clay Co: originator of Northern Neb Power Co near Spencer; home located on old Oregon Trail, on banks of Little Blue River has marker of Pony Express station with distinct outlines of old foundations on old Liberty Farm Ranch; First Chris Ch of Fairfield; Rep; hobby, gardening, travel; off & res Deweese.

   INGAMELLS, GERALD FREDERICK: Printer; b Clay Center, Kas Aug 23, 1901; s of John Frederick Ingamells-Alta Osborne; ed Clay Center, Kas; m Mildred McMullen Oct 15, 1922 Hebron; d Venice Cecile, Geraldine Danliea; 1918-22 with Times Publishing Co of Clay Center Kas; 1923-24 with Seagull Press, Salt Lake City Utah; 1924-28 with Telescope Publishing Co of Belleville, Kas; 1928-29 with Tribune, Manhattan Kas; 1929-32 gen mgr Artcraft Printing Co, Clay Center Kas; 1934 div sales mgr of S Central Neb & N Central Kas for Stewart-Warner K-K Co, Belleville Kas; 1935-36 with Republic Co News, Belleville Kas; 1936- with Union Coal, Stoker & Furnace Co of Lincoln; 1937 with Tribune Printing Co, Hastings; 1937- with Sun Publishing Co, Clay Center; KP, past mbr; AOUW, past mbr; Lions Club; res Clay Center.

   JENISON, MRS ERMA JOHNS: Clubwoman; b Fairfield, Neb; d of Joseph Johns-Ernestina Philimena Grambou; ed Fairfield Coll; m Dr Andrew J Jenison Jan 10, 1900 Fairfield (dec 1932); before marriage was tchr in rural & city schs of Clay Co 5 years; 1900-16 homemaker in Harvard where husband had prac; 1916-26 first librarian of Carnegie lib in Harvard; 1926-28 lived in Cal for Dr Jenison's health; 1928 retd to Fairfield & since husband's death in


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