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Emerson R. Purcell

LetterHE first white men to enter Custer County in its recorded history were ranchers who drove their immense herds of white-faced cattle up from Texas as early as 1869. As happened in so many other Nebraska regions, the ranchers were later driven out by migrations a of homesteaders, who found Custer County's land suitable for raising crops as well as cattle. It was these permanent settlers who built up the country's resources until today its agricultural products total more than those of any other Nebraska county.
   Luxuriant grasses, fine winter range and plenty of water were the features which attracted the Texas ranchers. Each year after 1869 larger herds were driven up from the south and ten years later there were 60,00 head of cattle on Custer County's then unorganized open range. Abundant feed, open winters and the free range gave this area the title of "The Cattleman's Paradise."
   The severe winter of 1880-81, which killed a large number of stock, was the beginning of the rancher's end. Deep and crusted snow covered the ground nearly all that season. In the spring thousands of dead cattle covered the prairie. Before the cattlemen could regain their grip on the country, homesteaders had begun to arrive in great numbers. Their coming ended the "beef barons" rule, but the change was not accomplished without a struggle.
   Robert Harvey led a party of surveyors who laid out the county's principal lines in 1872, and testified there was not a single homesteader in Custer County then. During the next two years, however, a few persons took squatters' rights on the Middle Loup, South Loup, Clear creek, Victoria creek, Muddy creek and other streams. The county's first settler on record was Lewis R. Dowse, who made a claim in the Middle Loup valley in August of 1873. The first homestead entry was made by Frank Ohme a year later. Other early permanent settlers were Edward Douglas, Joseph A. Woods, Daniel Wagner, Harve Andrews, Judge Matthews. They all arrived in 1874. The county's best land had all been taken by the middle of the eighties.
   The cattlemen saw a portion of their range land disappear with the arrival of each new homesteader, and vigorously opposed settlement. Cowboys, who foresaw the loss of their jobs if the country became made up of farms, frequently made things unpleasant for the homesteaders. Bitter feeling between the two groups led to a great many violent acts and some killings resulted. A few ranchers fenced in large tracts of land, digging wells in pastures far from the streams. Cowboys in their employ took out homestead pre-emptions and timber claims. To give proof of residence, they constructed frame shanties on runners or wheels, moving them from claim to claim. But there were a hundred homesteaders for every ranchman, and the cattlemen's fight was a losing one. The ranchers' fine homes became residences of more prosperous homesteaders. But, the innumerable small herds on the farms increased the total number of cattle in the county.
   The county, organized by a legislative act Feb. 17, 1877, was named after the famous Indian fighter General Custer. Measuring 54 by 48 miles, Custer is the second largest Nebraska county and has with-stood several attempts at division. It is almost exactly in the center of the state, contains 72 townships and eleven incorporated cities and towns. Curiously enough, the county's most active organizers were the cattlemen, attempting to protect their interests.
   The first Custer County seat and courthouse were on the Young ranch in the southwest part of the county. A log house there remained the seat of government until January, 1883, when an election named Broken Bow as county seat. On their removal to Broken Bow, the county records were placed in a sod building on Wilson Hewitt's homestead. The next June the records were moved to a log house, on the south side of the present square and later a building was erected.
   Early in the county's settlement, rumors of an Indian uprising terrified the pioneers. Two forts were built, one near what is now Victoria Springs state park, and another close to the site of Comstock. Most of the white women went east to "safer" locations. But the Indian raids did not materialize, and Custer County in reality has had no Indian troubles during the entire period of its white settlement.
   Before 1866, Kearney, Grand Island and Lexington were the nearest railroad points and Custer County's products and supplies had to be taken by team to and from these points. Construction of the first railroad into the county in that year, however, injected new life into its citizens. More settlers arrived, new capital was invested, towns sprang up and a measure of prosperity returned. The whole county is now served by rails, two Burlington and one Union Pacific line crossing it.
   By the year 1894, Custer County had more than a quarter million acres under cultivation, while assessment records showed there were 100,000 cattle and 75,000 hogs in its borders. But that year also.

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brought a severe drouth. Livestock sold for practically nothing and farms were almost given away as hundreds of settlers evacuated. Many of those who remained became Custer County's most prosperous citizens in later years.
   For many years after the county was organized, there was a great deal of agitation for division. An election on the question was held in 1879 and others occurred periodically, proposing to divide the county into three, four, or five other counties with a wide variety of irregular lines. None of these efforts, however, was successful, Automobiles and good roads made it convenient to reach the county seat and most citizens were convinced one large county was less expensive to operate than several small ones. The last test of county division came in the voting for a tax levy to erect a new courthouse. The assessment, a small one covering only two years, was approved, and the new structure was erected without the issuance of any bonds. The county has no bonded indebtedness and no other obligations.
   This central Nebraska county has been quite influential in the operation of the state government. During the past half century two governors, two state treasurers, one secretary of state, one supreme court justice and many minor officers have been Custer County natives, Within its borders are three state parks, Victoria Springs State Park, Pressey Park and Arnold Park. They attract many visitors each year.
   Custer County is one of the most fortunate Nebraska counties in the character of its topography. The South and Middle Loup rivers and many creeks provide it with many fertile valleys. Outside these rich acres are vast table lands ideal for crop raising. Bordering the table lands are hills and small canyons which offer food and shelter for livestock. It is this unusual combination of land formations and its size which enables Custer to lead other counties in the value of its agricultural production.
   The progress which Custer County has made since the crude pioneer days is reflected in its advanced educational system. Two hundred and fifty schools with 375 teachers are available for the use of its 7,000 school age children. The teachers' monthly payroll reached $235,000, and the total value of school property in the county is more than one and a third million dollars. Custer ranks fourth among Nebraska counties in population.

   ABBOTT, FORREST J: Hardware Dealer; b Otoe Co Neb Mar 30, 1873; s of John F Abbott-Sarah Davis; ed Unadilla; Stanberry Mo Bus Coll; m Bertha L Yeighii, Unadilla; s John L, Floyd (dec); d Margaret, Esther (Mrs N Craus), Janice (Mrs David James), Thelma (Mrs G Bradt); 1894-1907 worked for father in hdw store, Unadilla; 1907- with ptr owner & opr C A Strahle Hdw Store under name Abbott Bros; 1909 built new building; Sargent Service Club, chmn road committee; res Sargent.

   ADAMS, ARTHUR HENRY: Mail Carrier; b Hamburg, Ia Sept 10, 1896; s of Henry T Adams-Mattie Belle Parish; ed Nebraska City; KSTC 1913-14; m Lillian G Johnson June 9, 1918 Deming N M; s Robert A, Howard W; d Jane Y, Lornabelle; 1896 came with parents to Nebraska City; 1915-16 tchr, Hamilton Co; 1916-17, 1919-20 bkkpr for Dierks Lbr & Coal Co, Callaway; 1920-23 farmed near Merna: 1923-28 bkkpr Dierks Lbr & Coal Co, Arnold; 1928- rural mail carrier, Arnold; during World War, in Co L 4th Neb inf, 8 mos O/S, priv 1st class, enl 1917, disch June 24, 1919; Amer Leg; Natl Rural Letter Carriers Assn; Custer Co Rural Letter Carriers Assn; past mbr Rotary; C of C; AF&AM; BSA committeeman; hobbies, gardening, fishing, hunting; res Arnold.

   ALLEN, RICHARD ELIADA: Retired; b New York Apr 21, 1857; s of Silas E Allen-Amelia Evaline ___; ed Linn Co Ia; m Lovira Lydia Parks Dec 8, 1879 Cedar Rapids Ia, d Gertia (Mrs A J Mcants) (sic), Myrtle (Mrs W Chadima), Blanche (Mrs Charles McGuire); 1880 came to Custer Co, located at present site of Arnold, farmed until 1939; 1939 ret; 1884 platted town of Arnold; 1882-89 owned & oprd "Pioneer Store"; 1881-89 P M Arnold; constable several years; 1889- raises, buys, & sells cattle; 1884 mbr Custer Co bd; past mbr sch bd; AF&AM; Scot Rite; OES; past mbr IOOF; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Arnold.

   ANDREWS, JENNIE: Pioneer: b Bruce Mines, Ontario, Can Jan 7. 1862; d of Thomas Loughran-Elizabeth Morrow; ed Mich; m Harvey B Andrews Sept 29, 1878 Loup City; s Charles Henry; d Mary Elizabeth, Jennie, Lillian Blanche, Alice Isabelle, Frances Cecelia, Stella Minerva; 1862-69 resided in Mich; 1869-76 lived in Saunders Co: 1876-78 lived with father on homestead; 1878-91 with husband homesteaded near Cedar Canyon in Custer Co; 1891-1911 lived in Anselmo; 1911 homemaker, Broken Row; OES; Prot; hobby, needlework; res Broken Bow.

   ARMSTRONG, CLARENCE M: Implement Dealer; b Westerville, Neb Nov 9, 1891; s of Nathaniel Eli Armstrong-Nora V Amos; ed Broken Bow HS 1910; U of N 1912-13; m Leah V Squires Dec 1, 1919 Broken Bow, s Robert Eugene; 1914-17 groc, Broken Bow; 1917-28 oprd ranch near Sargent; 1923 opr impl bus in Broken Bow; Pub Service Club; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Broken Bow.

   ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM GUY: Merchant; b Westerville, Neb June 3, 1888: s of Nathaniel Eli Armstrong-Nora V Amos; ed Broken Bow HS 1906; Custer Coll Broken Bow 1908; m Hazel Jewett 1920 Omaha; d Phylis Arlene; 1900-09 emp in J N Peale Gen Merc Store, Broken Bow, 1909-11 ptr, 1911-17 with brother Clarence owner store renamed Armstrong Bros; 1917- indep owner; past mbr town bd 2 terms; during World War 1917-19 supply sgt Co D 355th inf 89th div, disch Camp, Funston; Amer Leg; Fedn of Neb Retailers; Pub Service Club; Country Club; past mbr Rotary; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, aviation, livestock; off 480 S 8th Ave; res 535 S 6th Ave, Broken Bow.

   ARNOLD, CLYDE ARTHUR: Grocer & Produce Dealer; b Custer Co. Neb June 21, 1905; s of Arthur H Arnold-Allie Prettyman; ed Custer Co; m Vava A Condron Nov 18, 1927 Kearney; s Clyde Calvine; 1916-22 farmed with father, Custer Co; 1922-23 with CB&Q RR, Broken Bow to S D; 1923-25 emp by Kindess Produce Co; Broken Bow; 1925-39 owner Kindess Produce Co, renamed Clyde Arnold Produce Co; later also owns stores at Stapleton, Mullen, Arnold; Pub Service Club; IOOF; hobbies, baseball, hunting; res Broken Bow.

   ARP, HANS GOTTCH: Elevator Manager; b Denmark Oct 3, 1876; s of Peter Arp-Vilhelmine Neilsen; ed Denmark; m Mary C Robertson Oct 16, 1900 Mason City; s Robert Severin; 1885 came with parents to Kearney; 1888-90 herded cattle in Custer Co; 1890-1913 farmed with father; 1913-21 ptr of M B Bunnell in livestock bus in Mason City; 1921-39 mgr Farmers Union Co-op Elevator; 1910-31 owner of int in Farmers State Bank of Mason City; chmn town bd; past mbr sch bd; mbr Elk Creek twp bd; Comm Service Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite, Omaha; OES; IOOF; Rebekah; secy & treas of Rat Lake Club; Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, & hunting; res Mason City.



Who's Who

   AUBLE, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Farmer & Stockman; b Shiloh, N J July 22, 1866: s of James Auble-Charlotte Stire; ed McDonough Co Ill; m Minnie Ione Goodenow Dec 12, 1888 Lincoln Co; s Myron E, Charles Cortland, Allured D (dec 1899), d Fern L (dec 1890); 1876-82 farmed with father in Ill; 1882 came with parents to Otoe Co; 1886-1931 farmed in Lincoln Co; 1915-16 mgr Farmers Co-op Elevator, Gandy; 1931- farmer, opr milk route, Arnold; 1935-36 emp by Farmers Union Gas & Oil Station; past mbr sch bd, Garfield; 1930-36 pres Farmers Union Co-op Assn; past mbr Farmers Union; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, raising livestock; res Arnold.

   AYERS, HENRY WILLIAM: Clothier; b Sabetha, Kas Mar 19, 1887; s of Amos Ayers-Martha Warrick; ed Nemaha Co; Sabetha Kas; St Joseph Mo Bus Coll, m Grace E Kleckner May 24, 1914 Lincoln; s Melvin G, Billy Amos, Henry W Jr; d Frances (Mrs R Koozer), Lois A, Phyllis Claire; 1908-13 clk & bkkpr Graham Bros & McKnight Hiawatha Kas; 1913-18 clk in Kern, Ayers & Waymire Store, Broken Bow; 1918-39 owner & opr Ayers Clothing Co; Pub Service Club; past mbr Country Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 940 S 10th, Broken Bow.

   BAISCH, JOSEPH SEBASTIAN: Liquor Dealer, b Ottawa, Ill Oct 31, 1860; s of Jacob Baisch-Caroline___; ed Ottawa Ill; m Lilly Lalley July 2, 1881 Chicago (dec 1894); s Jacob F, Charles J; foster d Augusta (Mrs Charles LaPort); m Anna L Mooney, 1908 North Platte; s Jacob A; 1873-77 learned cigar mfg with A Hess & Co, Ottawa Ill; 1877-83 cigar maker in various cigar mfg cos; 1883-86 ptr in Baisch & Martin, Ottawa Ill; 1886-94 owner & opr Baisch Cigar Mfg Co Broken Bow; 1894-97 owner & mgr J S & J F Baisch Drug Store; 1897-1937 owner & opr Baisch Electric Shop, Broken Bow; 1937- owner & opr Baisch Liquor Store; past mbr city coun; past chief vol fire dept; past mbr Pub Service Club; Cath Ch; hobbies, mounting heads of animals; off 937 S D St; res 540 N 10th, Broken Bow.

   BALDWIN, WILLIS ANSON: Clergyman; b St Augustine, Ill Oct 17 1860; s of Anson Baldwin-Lucretia Allen; ed Galesburg Ill HS; U of N, 1883-84; m Viola Cash Jan 17, 1889 Rising City (dec); s Morris Delbert; d Gertrude Evelyn; 1879-90, farmed near Rising City; 1890-98 pastor Chris Ch, Rising City, 1898-1902 pastor, Ulysses; 1902-17 state secy missionary work in Lincoln; 1917- pastor First Chris Ch Broken Bow; AF&AM; Chris Ch Rep; hobby, travel; res Broken Bow.

   BATES, FRED ALBERT: Implement & Auto Dealer; b Orfordville, N H May 28, 1876; s of James M Bates-Lizzie Page; ed Custer Co; Clarks; certificate in veterinary correspondence course; m Bertha E Pummel June 24, 1899 Broken Bow; s Ralph E; d Nina (Mrs T Murray), Anna (Mrs E Towns); 1879 came with parents to Omaha; 1883 homesteaded with father near Broken Bow; 1896-1917 emp on farm; 1899 pur employer's farm; 1900-02 leased the farm; 1904-20 veterinarian in Custer Co, 1922- opr of farm; 1920- owner & opr F A Bates Impl Bus, Broken BOW; 1922 added livestock bus, 1937 added auto agcy; 1926-38 in groc bus; 1928 added plumbing & heating; past mbr sch bd 10 years, past pres Broken Bow PCA; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; past mbr Neb Retail Hdw Assn; past mbr Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; Neb Food Retailers Assn; Broken Bow Baseball bd; past pres Pub Service Club; past pres Custer Co Agrl So 4 years. AF&AM; York Rite; Shrine; hobbies, Hereford cattle & baseball; res 152 South E, Broken Bow.

   BECK, VICTOR LORNE: Dentist; b Hot Springs, S D June 7, 1905; s of William V Beck-Mabel Funk; ed Broken Bow HS 1923; U of N, DDS, BSc 1929; Sigma NU; Xi Psi Phi; m Mary Gwendolyn Foote Sept 14, 1929 Hastings, s William Lorne; d Mary Gwendolyn; 1929- prac dentistry with father in Broken Bow; 1938 piloted first air-mail from Broken Bow to Callaway & Grand Island; mbr sch bd; Neb St & ADA; Pub Service Club; Country Club, past pres & past dir Rotary; Aeronautical Assn of Neb, dir; ROA; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, aeronautics; off Arrow Hotel Bldg; res 819 S 9th Ave, Broken Bow.

   BECK, WILLIAM VICTOR: Dentist; b Washville, Ill June 31, 1879; s of Joseph A Beck-Urith Kingston; ed Washville, Ill. Central Ill Normal Coll. Danville Ill; Ill Normal U, Normal, Ill 1897; Omaha U, DDS 1903; m Mabel C Funk Mar 2, 1904 Broken Bow; s Dr Victor Loren; Dr J Aubrey; d Ruth E, 1897-98 rural sch tchr, Fillmore Co Ill; 1899-1901 clk in Harry Day & Co Dry Goods & Clothing Store, Broken Bow; 1903-06 prac dentistry, Hot Springs, S D; 1906- prac in Broken Bow; 1929 prac with son, Victor; 1924 engaged in ranching & livestock bus; past mbr sch & town bds; Neb St & ADA; Pub Service Club; Rotary, ch mbr; Country Club; AF&AM; RAM; Presby Ch, elder, Rep; hobbies, ranching, raising cattle: off 908 So E; res 735 S 10th Ave. Broken Bow.

   BEECHLER, BERNARD J: Retired; b Mineral Point, Wis; s of Bernard Beechler-Katherine Bloom; ed Custer Co; Callaway HS; Omaha Comml coll, 1900-01; 1888 came with mother to Lexington, settled near Plum Creek; farmed with father until 1924; 1925 after father's death leased the homestead & moved to Callaway; 1926- authorized Maytag dlr; 1931- dlr in bottled gas; 1926- engaged in raising Hereford cattle; now owns 4,600 A & town property; past mbr Neb Stockgrowers Assn; ch mbr C of C; past mbr Royal Highlanders; WOW; res Callaway.

   BENGER, CURTIS BADEN: Postmaster; b Callaway, Neb June 1, 1888; s of George O Benger-Clara McCreary: ed Callaway; U of N 1907; m Lydia H Hebbel June 1, 1909 Broken Bow; s Jack O; d Mabel (Mrs George R Whitney), Ruth H; 1907-28 farmed near Callaway; 1914-34 secy Neb Hereford Breeders Assn, Callaway; 1934- P M, Callaway; has sold more Hereford cattle than any other man in Neb; past mbr sch bd 12 years; C of C; past mbr Golf Club; past mbr MWA; past mbr IOOF; Neb Ch Natl Assn of P Ms; Whippoorwill Club; Episc Ch; Dem; hobbies, travel, sports; res Callaway.

   BENNETT, CLARA LOUISE: Postmaster; b Anita Ia; d of Dr Joseph L Bennett-Clara A Briggs; ed Kearney HS 1902; LBC 1907; 1893 came with parents to Kearney; 1911-84 oprd abstract & ins off in Broken Bow; 1934-39 P M only woman ever to hold this off in Broken Dow; Woman's Club; OES; Shakespeare Club; Custer Center Grange; DAR, org 1927; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, patriotic work, hist research, collection of Custer Co relics for museum; res 526 N 9th, Broken Bow.

   BERNERT, FELIX: Farmer: b Sudeten, Germany Mar 19, 1857; s of Joseph Bernert-Clara Wiche, ed Germany; m Clara Drechler June 1887 Buffalo Co (dec 1936); s Frank J (dec), Joseph, Felix Jr, Carl, John; d Mary (Mrs H Lanter); 1882 came from Germany to Cook Co Ill & farmed until 1884; 1884-85 worked on farm in Thayer Co: 1885- homesteader & livestock raiser near Mason City; Farmers Union; Cath Ch, Dem; hobby, reading; res Mason City.

   BISHOP, MRS EMMA J: Homemaker; b Jacksonville, Ill Oct 20 1859; d of James M Thompson-Margaret TayIor; ed Jacksonville, Ill; Ill Normal U, Normal Ill; tchrs certificate 1878; m Watson Walter Bishop June 25, 1880 Piper City, Ill; d Leah Zoe (dec), Madge Merle, 1878-81 sch tchr in Ill; 1881-87 homemaker in Mich; 1887-1905 sch tchr in Custer Co; 1905-18 farm homemaker, 1918- homemaker, Broken Bow; Woman's Club; Custer Center Grange; Shakespeare Club; Chris Ch; Dem, hobby, edn; res Broken Bow.

   BITTERS, LOUIS WILLIAM: Service Station Owner; b Custer Co, Neb Nov 9, 1902; s of William G Bitters-Cora Chapman; ed Custer Co; Sargent HS; U of N; m L Fern Orvis Jan 8, 1927 Broken Bow; d Joyce Fern, Reata Marie; 1921-22 in various vocations in Neb & Kas; 1922-27 tchr, Custer Co; 1927-37 farmed near Sargent; 1937- owner & opr Texaco Red Star Service Station, Sargent; past dir sch bd; past dir Soil Conservation Com, Custer Co; dir Sargent, West Union & Milburn Irrigation Project; past mbr Comm Club; past mbr Grange, ch mbr & treas at Walworth; hobbies, hunting, travel; res Sargent.

   BLACK, ALLAN FREDRICK: Attorney; b Thomas Co, Neb May 8, 1906; s of Fred J Black-Pearl Roe; ed Oskaloosa Ia; Gandy HS 1924; Carroll Coll, Waukesha, Wis; Milwaukee Wis Normal Sch, 1925-26; Marquette U, Milwaukee Wis, LLB 1929- Delta Theta Phi; m Maomi K McCloughan May 23, 1987 Papillion; 1929 prac in Milwaukee; 1930 ad to Neb bar; 1930-31 ptr in law firm of Gadd & Black Broken Bow; 1935-38 Custer Co atty; 1930- special city counsel; mbr vol fire dept; Custer Co & Neb St Bar Assns; past sec Custer Co Agrl Soc; pres of Custer Co Fireman's Assn; past mbr Pub Service


in Nebraska


Club; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, travel, gardening, history & preservation of family heirlooms; grandfather was prominent livestock man & oldest Custer Co rancher; father was rancher in Thomas, Logan & Custer Cos; off Adams Bldg; res 1141 So D, Broken Bow.

   BOBLITS, MRS ALMIRA RIVERS: Postmaster; b Aroostook Junction, New Brunswick Canada Oct 8, 1890; d of Frank L Haycock-Ada Rivers; ed Callaway: Bus Coll St Stephen N B 1909-10; U of N, 1912-13; m James J Boblits Nov 14, 1918 Callaway; d Frances Ada; 1891 came with mother to Callaway; 1910-12 steno & bkkpr Callaway Milling & Electric Co; 1913-18 steno AF&AM grand lodge under Francis E White, Omaha; 1918-34 homemaker in Oconto; 1934- Oconto P M; 8 years mbr town bd, 4 years mayor; past treas sch bd; pres Amer Leg aux; DAR; OES; Dem, past vice-chmn Custer Co Central Com; com mbr Neb Childrens Home Soc of Omaha; Chris Sci Ch; hobbies, knitting, stamp collecting; res Oconto.

   BOBLITS, JAMES JACOB: Rancher; b Plum Creek, Neb Nov 4, 1876; s of Eugene Jacob Boblits-Hattie Duling; ed St Louis Mo; Plum Creek; Kearney Mil Acad 1893-95; m Almira R Haycock Nov 14, 1918 Callaway; d Frances Ada; 1891-1925 rancher with father on South Loup, Custer Co; 1925-34 oprd ranch & Boblits Dept Store; 1934-39 rancher, Oconto; past mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd; Royal Highlanders; past mbr IOOF, Rep; hobby, Hereford cattle; res Oconto.

   BOLLING, HENRY N C: Farmer; b Holstein, Germany Feb 18, 1867; s of William Bolling-Doris Heesch; ed Holstein Germany; m Katie Dierks Mar 7, 1895 Dodge Co; s Henry W, William J, George P; d Mary (Mrs E Donelson); 1881-82 clk for mayor of Meldorf, Germany; 1882-84 clk for T Kroger, atty in Elmshorn Germany; 1884-87 clk in lbr co in Schulpersiel Germany; 1887 came to U S; 1887-88 emp by uncle in dairy Manistee Mich: 1888-90 worked on farms, Scribner; 1890-95 farmed with father in Dodge Co; 1895-1900 farmed indep; 1900-10 owner & opr farm in Dodge Co; 1910-20 farmer near Central City; 1920- owned & opr farm near Broken Bow; 1933- ptr of son George; mbr sch bd 27 years; pres Broken Bow Co-op Creamery, Broken Bow; Co-op Marketing Assn, dir; Farmers Co-op & Ednl Union of Amer; Luth Ch: Rep; res RFD Broken Bow.

   BOWMAN, JOHN EDWARD: Physician & Surgeon; b Streator, Ill Sept 15, 1878; s of John Bowman-Alice Woodruff; ed McCool Junction; Cotner U, MD 1912; Lincoln Med Coll, MI 1912; Ill Med Coll 1914; Tau Alpha Epsilon; m Dr Carrie L Keef Jan 16, 1908 Wolbach; 1879 came to York Co; 1912-38 prac med, Loup City; 1938- prac in Broken Bow; stockraiser several years; past Loup City mayor, founded city recreation park; past Loup Co phys; past CB&Q RR surgeon, Loup City; 1929-31 Neb St sen; during World War mbr draft bd; secy-treas Custer Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; mbr good roads com; Pub Service Club; Rotary; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; past mbr IOOF; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, civic improvements & roads; off Kelly Block; res 630 S 7th Ave, Broken Bow.

   BRAKEL, FRANK JAMES: Railway Agent; b Solon, Ia Apr 16, 1893; s of William Frederick Brakel-Anna McMichael; ed Holdenville, Okl HS 1911; Kas Wes, Salina 1912-13; m Alice S Smith June 16, 1920 Lincoln; s Frank James Jr; 1913-14 rip saw opr for Ore Box & Mfg Co, Portland Ore; 1914-15 appr with UP RR, Fullerton; 1915-17 UP RR agt in Fullerton, relief agt Omaha to Grand Island; 1917-19 corp in US army Co D, 7th teleg batt; 1919-29 UP RR agt at Oconto, 1929- agt, Callaway; mbr city coun; past mayor; ORT; C of C at Callaway & Wood River; AF&AM; Amer Leg; Evang Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Callaway.

   BREGA, RICHARD EDGAR: Attorney; b Callaway, Neb May 7, 1902; s of Richard Everett Brega-Milly Varney; ed Callaway HS 1917; KSTC, 1916, 1920-22; Navy Prep Sch 1918-20; 1924-27 studied law with N T Gadd in Broken Bow & with Brega off in Callaway; m Bessie D King Apr 13, 1920 Arlington Va; s Richard Edwin, Charles Franklin; d Virginia Ann; 1927 adm to Neb bar; 1927- prac in Callaway; 1930- ptr of W F Haycock; 1931- co-owner Callaway Electrical Co; 1926- ins & loan agt; pres sch bd; Custer Co & Neb St Bar Assns; secy C of C; secy of Assoc South Platte C of C; past mbr Rotary; BPOE; Dem, chmn Custer Co Central Com; Episc Ch; hobby, flowers; res Callaway.

   BROWN, ULYSSES ALSWORTH: Theater Manager; b Beechamville, Neb Jan 3, 1880; s of Mentor Alsworth Brown-Elizabeth Beecham; ed Webster Co; Kearney Bus Coll, 1890-91; m Carolyn S Crawford Oct 26, 1904 Kearney; s Mentor A, Byron L; d Ruth (Mrs Guy R Dunn); 1891-1901 farmed with mother in Webster Co; 1901-20 learned printing trade with father on Kearney Hub after mother's death; 1920-32 owner & publisher Arnold Sentinel; 1982-33 owner & publisher Wood River Sunbeam; 1933-34 editor, owner & publisher Grand Island Herald; 1934 turned business over to sons; 1934- mgr Rialto Theater, Arnold; C of C; past mbr Rotary; past mbr Woodland Golf Club, Grand Island; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Arnold.

   BRYSON, ROY DOUGLAS: Physician & Surgeon; b Gage Co, Neb Apr 21, 1883; s of Douglas Bryson-Laura E Howland; ed Adams HS 1901; Lincoln Med Coll, MD 1907; Tau Alpha Epsilon; m Georgia S Harrow Sept 18, 1929 Lexington; s James D, foster s Melvin S; d Lois Marie, Mary Jeanette; 1906-07 interne Lincoln City Hosp; 1907-11 prac med, Udall Kas; 1911 prac at Harvard & Ithaca; 1912 pract, Callaway; city phys; mbr sch bd; 1917-19 during World War in 168th ambulance Co 42nd div, capt, O/S 18 mos; Amer Leg; Custer Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; 1920-39 councilor 9th dist, AMA; past pres Rotary, 1927 att conv, Ostend Belgium; C of C; MWA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, movie photography, travel, bridge; off & res Callaway.

   BUCHFINCK, ARTHUR HENRY: Rancher & Merchant; b Grand Island, Neb Jan 16, 1904; s of August Buchfinck-Johanna Niemoth; bd Grand Island HS 1928; Grand Island Coll 1925; bus mgr football team 1923; m Hazel L Bryson Nov 14, 1923 Council Bluffs Ia; d Julia Ann, Madeline Jane, Elizabeth Jean; 1924-25 owner & opr Motortorium, Grand Island; 1926 6 mos in charge of ins dept, Grand Island Trust Co; 1926-27 traveling salesman for Gordon Candy Co, Omaha; 1927-28 ptr of brother J L in cattle bus, Whitman; 1928- ranch owner & opr in Cherry Co; raises Hereford cattle; 1935-36 owner opr Seneca Drug Store; 1936- opr Arnold Liquor Store; 1937 opr Art & Hazel Buchfinck Loan Bus; pres C of C; Rotary; an org Arnold Gun Club; AF&AM, past master at Grand Island; Whol & Retail Liquor Dlrs of Neb; Indep; Episc Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting, raising Hereford cattle, horses; res Arnold.

   BURNHAM, FRANK ASAHEL: Physician & Surgeon; b New York City, N Y July 28, 1877; s of Charles L Burnham-Amelia Smith; ed Burchard HS 1896; U of N, BA 1909, MD 1911; Phi Rho Sigma; m Olivia Jane Nelson June 3, 1914 Eaton O (dec Jan 1938); 1911-12 interne Clarkson Hospital, Omaha; 1912- prac med Arnold; 1917- engaged in farming & cattle raising in Custer Co; 1918-38 with wife who was nurse opr Arnold Hospital; city phys; 18 years mbr sch bd: Custer Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Rotary; AF&AM, 32o; Shrine; IOOF; Rep; hobbies, woodwork, clock making, violin making, landscaping; res Arnold.

   BUTLER, EDWIN ADAMS: Retired; b Galesburg, Ill Aug 31, 1859; s of Natthew A Butler- ___ Drake; ed Galesburg, Ill; m Clara L Anderson, Seward; s Edwin A, Harry F; d Alice (Mrs Charles Chandler); Della (Mrs R Lockhardt); 1874 with parents came to Seward; 1883-85 farmed in Seward Co; 1885-1928 in coal, impl & auto bus, Ansley; 1928- ret; past mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd; past mbr AF&AM; past mbr IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, woodwork; res Ansley.

   CAROTHERS, EVERETT CHARLES: Jeweller; b Ansley, Neb June 1, 1890; s of John Henry Carothers-Mary Wallar; ed Ansley HS 1909; Bradley Polytechnic Inst, Peoria Ill 1911; Winters Sch of Engraving, Chicago 1915; m Elsie May Osbourn June 10, 1917 Broken Bow; s Charles E Jr; 1911-16 in Ind, Ill, Ohio, Ia & KY; 1916-20 with A H Souders Drug & Jewelry Store, Broken Bow; 1920 owner & opr Carothers Jewelry, Broken Bow; 1935- also engaged in farming; during World War in S C of US army, disch Dec 18, 1918; Amer. Leg; Amer Natl Retail Jewelers Assn; Pub Service Club; Country Club; AF&AM; KT; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, whiteface cattle, riding horses; res 605 S 7th Ave, Broken Bow.

   CHALUPSKY, JAKE JOSEPH: Merchant; b Elba, Neb June 5, 1878; s of Anton Chalupsky-Katherine Dusek; ed Elba; m Antonia A Polak Nov 17, 1914 Geranium, Valley Co;



Who's Who

s Joseph J, William J, Arthur L; d Lillian (Mrs Joe Ruzicka), Norma May, Eva May; farmed with father until 1899; 1899-1911 clk in John Peters Merc Store, Elba; 1911-13 ptr of brother, Joseph Jr, in genl store; 1913-36 clk for firm of Wescott-Gibbons & Bragg at Comstock; 1936- mgr; mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd; Comm Club; MWA; KC; Cath Casualty Co of Columbus; Cath Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Comstock.

   CHASE, HAL: Merchant; b Loup City, Neb Mar 8, 1903; s of Albert E Chase-Anna Sutton; ed Loup City HS 1919; Koester Sch, Chicago 1921; m Bessie B Leui Sept 6, 1925 Ord; s Hal Jr, Joe E, William T; d Eva Jane, Annette Rae; 1915-29 clk in father's store, Loup City; 1929- ptr of H C Leui in Broadway Market; hobby, home; off 444 8th Ave; res NE of Broken Bow.

   CHRISMAN, CHESTER ALLEN: Hardware Dealer; b Custer Co, Neb Sept 6, 1893; s of Albert R. Chrisman-Emma Dean Tooley; ed Broken Bow HS 1915; m Lily R Myers Feb 25, 1920 Lincoln; d Doris Arlene; 1915-20 with C S Tooley Hdw, Broken Bow; 1920-25 farmed, Custer Co; 1926-28 rancher, Dunning; 1928-34 owner half int in Tooley Hdw; 1934- owner & opr store, now Chrisman Hdw; past mbr city coun; during World War 1917-19 sgt in Co D 355th inf 89th div, disch June 2, 1919; Amer Leg; past mbr Pub Service Club; AF&AM: clk MWA; worthy patron OES; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 837 So D; res 941 North E, Broken Bow.

   CHRISTIANSEN, JULIUS I: Bank President; b Schleswig, Germany Sept 17, 1893; s of John Julius Christiansen-Petrina Sorensen; ed Germany; Grand Island Bus Coll 1917; m Ruth E Deininger Mar 15, 1919 Wauneta; s Jack I, Robert E; d Gwendolyn R; 1906 came with parents to Culbertson; 1917-18 cash & clk Wauneta Falls Bank, Wauneta; 1918 worked on farm; 1918-26 cash First State Bank of Enders; 1926 clk, Wauneta Falls Bank, Wauneta; 1926-28 cash Seven Valleys State Bank at Callaway, 1928- pres; org Co-op Creamery Assn 1928, 1932 added ice plant to creamery; treas bd of edn; village treas; Neb Bankers Assn, mbr agrl com; past pres C of C; Callaway Golf Club; secy AF&AM; Meth Ch, bd mbr; Rep; hobbies, golf, fishing, hunting; res Callaway.

   CLIZBE, WILLIAM EARL: Manager Lumber & Coal Co; b Custer Co, Neb Dec 4, 1896; s of James L. Clizbe-Alice McFate; ed Custer Co; Wagner Okla HS; m Violet J Walker Nov 16, 1917 Julesburg Colo; s Robert E, Donald J; 1909-13 worked in hay fields, harvester & helped father on farm, Okla; 1913-18 farmed near Callaway; 1918-20 carp, Arnold; 1920-28 with Dierks Lbr & Coal Co Arnold, 1923 mgr; mbr sch bd 2 terms; C of C; past pres Rotary; IOOF; Rep; hobbies, travel, woodwork; res Arnold.

   CONRAD, WILLIAM EDGAR: Merchant; b Webster Co, Neb Mar 22, 1876; s of Ezra K Conrad-Sarah H Green; ed Webster Co: m Gertrude Mae Hall 1903 Chicago; 1893-94 worked on ranch, Galesburg Ill; 1894-96 clk & salesman for John S Brittain Whol Co, St Joseph Mo; 1896-1908 various jobs, Rochester N Y, St Joseph Mo, Tulsa Okla; 1908-12 traveling salesman for Wheeler & Motter Merc Co, Arnold; 1912-22 oprd Conrad Merc Co, sold 1922; 1922 estab store at Dunning, sold 1935; 1924 owner & opr Conrad Merc Co, Arnold; owner farm in Custer Co; AF&AM, 32o; Callaway Golf Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, bridge, golf; res Arnold.

   COSNER, JOHN ALBERT: Garage Owner; b Merna, Neb Aug 12, 1889; s of Albert L Cosner-Mina Dodge; ed Merna HS 1904; m Merle L Gordon Apr 26, 1913 Merna; d Dorothy, (Mrs Charles Hein); 1904-12 worked for father in well bus; 1912-16 rural mail carrier, Sargent; 1916-26 opr Sargent Auto Co, sold in 1926; 1926-36 opr Sun Theater, Sargent; 1936-owner & opr Goss Motor Co, renamed Cosner Motors, Western Auto Store & Garage, Sargent; mayor of Sargent 1932-33; past mbr sch bd; past pres Lions Club; AF&AM; Sargent Golf Club; hobbies, fishing, golf, sports; res Sargent.

   COX, VANCE LEONARD: Hardware Dealer; b Sutherland, Neb Feb 2, 1905; s of John W Cox-Lucy Ann McGrew; ed Sutherland HS 1925; m Rena V Howe Apr 9, 1932 Wallace; s James F, Larry D; d Carmen L; 1925-29 clk Charles R White Hdw Store, Sutherland; 1929-34 with Coles & White Lbr Co, Wallace; 1934-39 owner & opr Cox Hdw Store, Merna; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; mbr sch bd; chmn Comm Club; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, hunting; res Merna.

   CRABLE, BOYD BEDELL: Dentist; b Nebraska City, Neb July 31, 1898; s of Frank J Crable-Frances Strong; ed Broken Bow HS 1916; U of N, BSc 1926, DDS 1927; Delta Sigma Delta; m Mary E Gates Sept 26, 1921, Lincoln; 1927- dentist, Broken Bow; during World War, Jan 1917 ent inf Fort Logan Colo, also 19th inf Fort Sam Houston, Tex; O/S 21 mos with Co F 26th inf 1st div, gassed; Amer Leg; VFW; Neb St Dental Assn; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby pheasant raising; res 547 So E, Broken Bow.

   CRAWFORD, EVERETT JASON: Bank Vice-President; b Westerville, Neb Aug 16, 1885; s of Nathaniel J Crawford-Emma S Woodfill; ed Custer Co; Broken Bow Bus Coll 1906; Neb Wes, bus course 1908; m Martha E Hiser (dec 1911); d Marion M (Mrs Alvin Naab); m Edith M Cleveland Aug 27, 1918 Lincoln; 1907-08 tchr, Custer Co; 1908-09 bkkpr Ansley State Bank; 1909 an org, cash Farmers & Mchts Bank of Comstock, 1909- VP; owner farm land in Custer Co; treas town bd; chmn city sch bd 18 years; past chmn Custer Co Bankers Assn; past chmn Central Neb Bankers Clearing House Assn; chmn Businessmen's Club; chmn Loup Valley C of C; Middle Loup Valley Assoc C of C; IOOF; Comm Meth Ch, chmn of bd 12 years; Rep; hobbies. fishing, hunting; res Comstock.

   DADY, GUY: County Treasurer; b Mason City, Neb Aug 26, 1892; s of Perry M Dady-Ellen J Beard; ed Mason City; Grand Island Bus Coll 1916; 1916-24 asst cash Mason City Banking Co; 1924-29 Custer Co dep treas, Broken Bow; 1929- Custer Co treas; during World War, corp in chief engrs off; VP & Past secy Neb Assn of Co Treas; Pub Service Club; Country Club; Amer Leg, comm; Dem; bobbies, fishing, hunting; off Courthouse; res Broken Bow.

   DEVINE, JAMES VINCENT: Banker; b Streator, Ill May 9, 1877; s of John A Devine-Bridget Sharpe; ed Custer Co; Fremont Normal 1900; 1889 came with parents to Georgetown, Custer Co; 1900-03 tchr, Custer Co; 1903-05 with Custer Natl Bank, Broken Bow; 1905- org & opr Farmers Bank, Oconto; engaged in farming & stock raising since 1918; city treas during World War, sold Liberty Bonds; Neb St Bankers Assn; treas Oconto Business Men's Assn; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, baseball, boxing; res Oconto.

   DOWNING, ALBERT REZEN: Physician & Surgeon; b Camp Point, Ill July 27, 1859; s of William Downing-Mary E Bates; ed Camp Point, Ill HS; Valparaiso Ind U, 1879-80; Lincoln Ill U, 1880-81; Quincy Ill Coll of Med, MD 1886: grad work, U of Omaha; m Emma H Strickler Apr 11, 1888 Waco; s William S, Howard B; 1886-94 prac med, Waco; 1894-95 prac med, Henderson; 1895- prac med, Merna; past Custer Co phys; mbr town bd; Custer Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; past mbr MWA; past mbr Royal Highlanders; IOOF; UB Ch; hobby, collecting relics; res Merna.

   DUNCAN, CLARK E: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Buffalo Co, Neb Dec 12, 1891; s of George W Duncan-Susan Pool; ed Ravenna HS 1909; m Nell E Swan June 4, 1915, Geneva; s Clark H, Bruce G; 1909-11 contr; 1911-12 bkkpr & yardman for Foster Lbr Co, Kimball; 1912-17 mgr Hatcher Lbr Co, Farnam; 1917-22 yard mgr Dierks Lbr & Coal Co, Ravenna; 1922-23 auditor Dierks Lbr Coal Co at Broken Bow; 1923-33 purchasing agt, Kansas City, Mo; 1933- purchasing agt, Broken Bow; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Pub Service Club: AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobbies, flowers, lawn, gardening; off 134 N 9th; res 140 South F Broken Bow.

   DUNN, JOSEPH ERMAN: Physician & Surgeon; b York Co, Neb June 16, 1889; s of John F Dunn-Ora M Mauglin; ed Cozad HS 1907; KSTC 1907-08; Creighton U, MD 1912; Phi Beta Pi; m Pearl D Lewis Jan 26, 1916 Kearney; s Joseph Edward; d Marion; 1912-13 interne Mercy Hosp, Council Bluffs Ia; 1913- phys & surg, Arnold; 1930 estab Marion Dunn Hosp, Arnold; city phys; mbr city coun 10 years; mbr town bd; past pres Custer Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Rotary; BPOE, mbr 25 years; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishIng, collecting Indian relics; res Arnold,

   DYE, WILLIAM WALLACE: Retired; b St Peter, Minn Mar 21, 1857; s of Andrew I Dye-Sylvina Cole; ed Fayette Co Ia; m Cora Guthrie Apr 27, 1884 Ord; s Clinton R; d Flora, (Mrs C R Stone); 1897 came to Neb & farmed until 1913 in Custer Co; 1913- ret, son opr farm; past mbr


in Nebraska


town bd; past mbr sch bd; Farmers Union; past mbr, IOOF; hobby, work around the house; res Comstock.

   EASTBURN, CHARLES HENRY: Gas & Oil Dealer; b Kinbrae, Minn Aug 27, 1895; s of Barton Thomas Eastburn-Cora Cornish; ed Heron Lake Minn; m Alta V Hoy Feb 14, 1920 North Platte; s Charles H Jr, Thomas R; d Margaret V; 1908-14 worked in log camps & drives in woods of N Minn; 1914-17 farmed with father in S D & was ranch hand on several ranches; 1920-21 farmed near Burkmere, S D; 1921-36 farmed near Arnold; 1936- owner & opr Eastburn Service Station, in which son, Charles Jr, has been asst since 1928; still owns & leases farm; past mbr sch bd; 1939 mgr Jr Amer Leg baseball team; during World War with 97th Co 3rd batt, 6th regiment marines, 2nd div, O/S 1 year, corp & sgt, wounded at Belleau Wood & St Mihiel; disch May 22, 1919; past comm Amer Leg; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Arnold.

   ELLIOTT, WILLIAM CONE: Merchant; b Brighton Ia Apr 24, 1856; s of William Elliott-Siloma N Craven; ed Pella & Kellogg Ia; Central U, Pella Ia; m Adna Deal July 16, 1889 Ortello Valley, Custer Co; s Dwight, Floyd D; 1888-89 homesteaded in Ortello Valley; 1889-91 ptr of John H Bair in merc bus, Merna; 1891-94 ptr of I Deardorf in hdw & livestock bus in Mason City; 1894-96 opr Elliott Hdw & Harness Shop, sold 1896; 1896 pur A Gates Gen Merc Store; 1896- mcht; 1914 built new bldg; past mbr sch bd; past pres Fedn of Neb Retailers; Comm Club; Bapt Ch; res Mason City.

   EMPFIELD, CHALMERS GEORGE: Contractor; b Indiana Co, Penn July 21, 1868; s of Rev Jackson B Empfield-Jane Pittman; ed Mechanicsburg Penn Acad; m Carrie B Waddington June 12, 1901 Custer Co; s George C, Weir S; d Hazel L (Mrs H C Blakeman), Vera B (Mrs V Daily), Lela M (Mrs M Daily); 1885-86 tchr, Indiana Co Penn schs; 1887- carp & contr, Custer Co; 1891-93 tchr, Custer Co; 1906-39 agt Neb Central B & L Assn; mgr Anselmo Comm Club bldg; secy Dismal River Irrigation Project; past mbr sch & town bds; AF&AM, secy 25 years; RAM; York & Scot Rites; Shrine; Degree of Honor; MWA; RNA; AOUW; Rep; hobbies, bldg, travel, has visited every state in US, also in Canada, Mexico & Cuba; res Anselmo.

   EMRY, JAMES GUY: J P; b Hesperia, Mich June 7, 1885; s of Richard A Emry-Sarah E Swain; ed Thomas Co; S D; m Bertha B Allen Dec 29, 1914 Loup City; 1888-1906 farmed with father near Loup City; 1906 with Olsen Brick Co, Loup City 4 mos; 1907-08 with CB&Q RR, Alliance; 1908-09 with UP RR, Grand Island; 1909-10 ptr of father in groc & merc store, Andrews; 1910-12 farmed with father near Comstock; 1912-17, 1919-39 in various vocations at Comstock; 1917-19 marshal; 1935- J P, Comstock; an org & dir Middle Loup Public Power & Irrigation Dist; past mbr vol fire dept 5 years; past mbr town bd; Comm Club; Valley Comml Club; past mbr IOOF; past mbr KP; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting, irrigation; res Comstock.

   EMRY, STANLEY V: Rural Mail Carrier; b Custer, S D July 23, 1892; s of Richard A Emry-Sarah Swain; ed Kearney; St Paul HS; extn work U of Mass, 1925; m Mona V Henderson Dec 28, 1920 Central City; 1894-99 farmed, Madison Co; 1899-1903 farmed near Loup City; 1903-06 resided in Kearney where father was in real est bus; 1905-08 farmed near St Paul; 1908-10 farmed, Valley Co, father also in groc bus, Andrews; 1912 farmed near Comstock, emp in various vocations, especially construction work in several states; 1924-25 fed cattle for E G Stone, Comstock; 1925- rural mail carrier, Comstock; 1936- correspondent for Outdoor Life Magazine; during World War 1918-19 corp Co A 350th Inf, 88th div, O/S, disch June 6, 1919; Amer Leg, holder of 20 year card; Business Mens Club; Middle Loup Valley Assoc C of C; Neb Rural Letter Carriers Assn; Natl Rifle Assn; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Comstock.

   ERICKSON, GEORGE T: Physician & Surgeon; b Mora, Minn, Apr 1, 1907; s of Peter Erickson-Hannah Johnson; ed Mora Minn HS: U of Minn, BSc 1930, BM, MD 1932; Phi Chi; m Minerva Worthman Sept 21, 1934 Chicago; s Thomas George; d Barbara Jean; 1930-32 interne Fairview Hosp, Minneapolis, Minn; 1932-33 interne Hackensack N J Gen Hosp; 1933-35 prac med, Hackensack N J; 1935- prac med, Broken Bow; past secy Custer Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Country Club; Pub Service Club; Meth Ch; hobby, fishing; res Broken Bow.

   EVANS, IVAN DENZIL: County Attorney; b Thedford, Neb June 22, 1896; s of John H Evans-Lusetta Jane Norris; ed Thedford HS; Midland Coll 1915-16; Creighton U 1919-20; m Anne Marie Neumeyer Mar 22, 1922 Omaha; s John Henry, Robert Aubrey; d Shirley Anne; 1913-15 helper CB&Q RR at Thedford while in HS; 1921 adm to Neb bar; 1921-33 prac law, Thedford; 1933-35 prac law, Broken Bow; 1935-39 law ptr of Miles N Lee; 1923-83 Thomas Co atty; 1939- Custer Co atty, Broken Bow; during World War 1917-19 sgt Co M 134th Inf, Camp Cody, N M, with prisoners of war escort service, O/S 14 mos, Brest, France; Amer Leg; Custer Co & Neb St Bar Assns; Pub Service Club; Rotary; IOOF, MWA; Presby Ch; Rep; off 918 South E; res 209 N 11th Ave, Broken Bow.

   FARISS, LESTER EARL: Clothier; b Mustang, Okla Oct 4, 1906; s of Marvin Earl Fariss-Gladys Jones; ed Broken Bow HS 1925; U of N 1925-1929; Hastings Coll 1926-27; m Eleanor D Worthman Oct 21, 1937 Louisville; 1912 came with parents to Lincoln; 1916 moved to Broken Bow; 1918-34 emp part time in Kern-Ayers Clothing Store; 1934-37 owner & mgr Fariss Mens Shop, Broken Bow; 1937 ptr in Fariss & Black, Broken Bow; Pub Service Club; Country Club; Rotary; AF&AM; chmn advisory bd DeMolay; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, golf; off Broken Bow St Bank Bldg; res 1207 S East, Broken Bow.

   FARRITOR, ROBERT JOHN: Cattleman; b Streator, Ill May 23, 1878: s of Robert Garrett Farritor-Anna Graham; ed Custer Co; m Emma L Knoell Feb 8, 1906 Anselmo; s William Joseph, Arthur Richard, Maurice Bernard, Edward Knoel, Robert Gerald, Ira Julius; d Margaret Mary, Ann Held, Elenora Lucille, Caroline Helen; 1880 homesteaded in Custer Co, walked 7 1/2 miles to log sch house; 1895-96 resided in Texas; 1897-98 resided at Norman Okla; 1898-99 resided in Okla Indian Territory; 1899 retd to Custer Co; 1902-34 owned & oprd farm near New Helena; 1934-35 farmed near Merna; 1936 opr ranch near Broken Bow; past dir sch bd 25 years; MWA; Mutual Benefit Assn; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, travel, writing hist novel of Custer Co; res 1204 Broadway, Broken Bow.

   FENSTERMACHER, CLARK HENRY: Physician & Surgeon; b Marcellus, Mich Mar 2, 1878; s of Christian Alfred Fenstermacher-Margaret Hill; ed Marcellus & Three Rivers Mich: U of Louisville Ky, MD 1900; grad work 1915 U of Louisville; m Olive Griffith Nov 10, 1913 Sargent; s Robert C; d Inez Helene; 1900- phys & surg, Sargent; 1903 built P O bldg; 1914 estab new off bldg; 1902- CB&Q RR phys, Sargent; past mbr town bd 20 years; AF&AM; KP, Broken Bow; Meth Ch; hobbies, studying med, collecting Indian relics & guns; res Sargent.

   FENSTERMACHER, MRS RHODA OLIVE: Homemaker; b Callaway, Neb Feb 20, 1888; d of George Griffith- ___; ed Callaway; Fremont Bus Coll; m Clark H Fenstermacher Nov 10, 1913 Sargent; s Robert C; d Inez Helene; bkkpr & steno Broken Bow Bank; 1906-13 asst & cash Sargent State Bank; 1913 homemaker; Meth Ch; res Sargent.

   FINCH, FAY G: Pharmacist; b Arnold, Neb Dec 17, 1888; s of John Finch-May Kelley; ed Arnold; KSTC 1905-08; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia; Babcock Sch of Pharm, Des Moines Ia; May 1918 became lic pharm; m Ruth M McFarland Nov 6, 1921 Columbus; s Faylin Swain; d Patsy Mae; 1908 ptr of father in drug store estab 1886, Arnold; also ptr of father on ranch near Arnold. raises Hereford cattle & Spotted Poland China hogs; 1910-11 emp by Benson Drug Co, Omaha; mbr town bd; Neb Pharm Assn; AF&AM; Scot Rite, Omaha; Tangier Shrine; life mbr BPOE 984; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Arnold.

   FINCH, JOHN: Druggist; b Tipton, Ia Sept 6, 1860; s of Thomas Finch-Mary Ann Robins; ed Cedar Co Ia; m May Kelley Nov 28, 1883 Cozad; s Rex (dec 1887), Fay G; 1873 came with parents to Neb; 1876-83 helped mother rear family after father's death, worked at various ranches; 1882-83 worked for Pratt & Ferris, Wyo; 1883-84 P M also oprd groc, Cozad; 1884 homesteaded on South Loup River; 1884-86 farmed & raised cattle; 1886-87 clk in R E Allen Gen Mdse Store; 1886-87 ptr in Finch & Cannon Drug Store; 1887-1908 owner & opr John Finch Drug Store; 1908 ptr in John Finch & Son Drug Store, also ptr of son in ownership of ranch near Arnold; built lib in Arnold for which his aunt, Sarah A Finch, left money in her will; pres Finch Lib; past mbr sch bd 9 years; past mbr town bd; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite 33o, Omaha; life mbr Tangier Shrine; hobby, Hereford cattle; fa-


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