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C. L. Ketler

LetterUNDY County is situated in the extreme southwest corner of the state. It extends twenty-four miles from north to south and forty-two miles from east to west. It is bounded on the north by Chase County, on the east by Hitchcock County, on the south by the state of Kansas and on the west by the state of Colorado.
   The county was named in honor of United States Judge Elmer S. Dundy of the United States circuit court. Though termed as a county, it had no actual organization as such originally but was attached to Hitchcock County for revenue, elective and judicial purposes. In fact it was but one large precinct of Hitchcock and had no powers other than as a precinct organization until its actual organization in 1884.
   In a history of Nebraska published by the Western Historical Society of Chicago in 1882, Dundy County was described thusly:
   "The north fork of the Republican river flows across the southern portion of the county, at a distance varying from three to ten miles from its southern border. The south fork of the Republican enters the county from the south and flows in a northeasterly direction, emptying into the main stream near the east central boundary of the county. The Arickaree river enters the county from Colorado, and after flowing a short distance, enters the north fork Republican west of Haigler. Besides these streams, Rock, Horse, Spring, Indian, Muddy and other smaller creeks enter the Republican from the north and Hackberry and Big Timber creeks enter the south fork from the south."
   In connection with creeks and rivers as quoted by the historian, it may be added that Dundy County is noted for its rivers and creeks, and is among the leading counties in the state from the standpoint of live water. The Rock creek state hatchery and recreation park, which is fed by springs, is noted for its excellent bass and trout fishing. It is said that more cold water fish are produced here than in any other hatchery of the state. The Benkelman hatchery likewise propagates a large quantity of fish for distribution over Nebraska each year. Both Rock creek and Benkelman hatcheries are state owned.
   The historian of 1882 writes further: "The soil of the entire county is fertile and the prairies are covered with a thick growth of the very richest of wild grasses. These are of several varieties, but the buffalo grass is predominant. This grass is short, grows thickly and resembles, to a great extent, one great mossy field. The lowlands are covered with a heavy growth of wild, blue joint grass, which in many places grows as high as a man's head. But owing to the dryness of the climate, farming has never been carried on to any great extent. A very few have tried crop-raising on a very small scale, but the yield of crops has never yet been such as to warrant the settler to depend on this alone for a livelihood. Were there but sufficient moisture, this county would equal any part of the state in productiveness of the soil.
   "The principal industry of the county is stock raising. Thousands of cattle and sheep find the very richest of pastures on these prairies. The buffalo grass, of which we have spoken, is very nutritious and cattle become exceedingly fat feeding upon it. During the winter, hay or grain is seldom if ever fed. The dryness of the climate insures the curing of the grass upon the ground without the loss of any of its nutritious qualities, and upon this cattle do well with no other food whatever. The winters are usually mild with but little snow. Shelter is never provided for stock, for, in the spring, after one of these mild winters, they are in as good order as if put up and fed with hay all winter.
   "But occasionally, there is a winter that is severe, with a heavy snow fall. During such seasons, there is a large percentage of loss, for whenever a large snow storm does visit these western prairies, it is terrible in its effects. These storms usually last two or three days; a heavy wind blowing incessantly during this time, the fine, dry snow constantly blowing and whirling, renders it impossible for men to be out without losing their way, and cattle keep moving before the wind to seek shelter, if possible, in the bluffs and near streams. To this is added the fact that when the ground is covered with snow, it is impossible for them to secure food, and of course, many die of hunger. The winter of 1880-81 was an especially severe one. Snow storms came every few days and the weather was very cold. As a result the loss of cattle was large. Several flocks of sheep were also nearly destroyed. But such a winter as this is unusual in the extreme.
   "The settlements of the county are few and the population is small. The census of 1880 showed a population of but thirty-seven, but this has increased to a considerable extent. Among the settlements is a cattle ranch at the mouth of the Arickaree owned by Jake Haigler who located there in 1872. This was about the time that cattle were first


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brought to the Republican valley to any extent. Before this time, they were kept out through fear of the Indians except by a few of the more venturesome cattle owners. There are two or three settlers on Rock creek and Richard Davenport has a stock ranch on Horse creek, but the principal settlement is at and surrounding Collinsville (or Benkelman). Early in 1882, the Burlington & Missouri railroad was completed through the county. This railroad extends from the Missouri river to Denver, Colorado. Regular freight and accommodation trains were put on during March, 1882.
   "Collinsville (or Benkelman) is the only town in Dundy County. The first settlement was made in January 1880. The town was then located near the forks of the Republican river on Section 17, Township 1 and Range 37 west, and named Collinsville in honor of Moses Collins, one of the early settlers and cowboys. Among other early settlers were J. G. Benkelman, E. E. Miller and A. King. In January 1880, a store was established by W. Z. Taylor & Co., and early in the spring a postoffice was established and E. E. Miller was appointed postmaster.
   "During the year 1881 and the early part of 1882, Collinsville was of considerable local importance as a business and cattle shipping center, the railroad having made this their supply station during the construction of the railroad through the county. There are four stores and a hotel. Early in 1882, the railroad company, having built a depot, changed the name from Collinsville to Benkelman in honor of J. G. Benkelman, the stock raiser who had thousands of cattle roaming over the adjacent prairies.
   "The town is pleasantly located on the north side of the Republican river, on level valley land. The business houses have a good trade with the cattlemen, this being their point for provisions and supplies. The town is destined to be one of importance in the shipment of stock."
   In copying the early-day historian's observations, estimates and conclusions, the writer is reminded of how well it still applies to Dundy County in at least a few instances. Dundy is still a cattleman's paradise because of the native grasses that spread over its uncultivated acres. Likewise, generally speaking, winters here are still mild, and too often the moisture required to grow the best crops is a trifle lacking in some years although there have been as many as eight consecutive years when moisture has been sufficient and crops excellent. Dundy County has three distinct types of soil -- the heavy, black loam of the Ough Divide section, the sandy black soil of the Hiawatha valley and the sandy, lighter soil of the northwest section of the county.
   The Ough Divide section rates well with any wheat growing district of Nebraska year in and year out. The black, sandy loam seldom fails in corn production and the lighter sandy soil not alone produces corn, rye and forage crops but it is also still covered with the very type of grasses described so well by the writer of the old county history in 1882.
   Dundy County still has everything it ever had with much more added. The quality of the soil is proven where there is ample irrigation as in the Sanborn district west of Haigler and in other sections of the county where there is water available for irrigation. Dundy County residents were among the first to promote the idea of flood control and irrigation for the Republican river valley.
   Following the organization of Dundy County, sixteen precincts were established but since Blaine precinct has been disbanded and the land lying therein divided between Haigler and Parks precincts.
   Max precinct was named after Max Monvoison, French-Canadian, who was an early pioneer and business man at Max for whom the town was also named. Max is still a representative and thrifty little business center.
   Benkelman was named after J. G. Benkelman, extensive cattleman who was given the honor by the Burlington railroad because he was the heaviest cattle shipper in 1882, the year the railroad came to Dundy County.
   Parks precinct was originally Ives but was changed to Parks in honor of a pioneer after the Burlington had placed the name of Parks on the depot.
   Haigler was named in honor of Jacob Haigler, pioneer ranchman.
   Calvert precinct was named in honor of Thomas Calvert.
   Ough precinct was named in honor of John C. Ough and his brothers, William, James and Henry. John C. Ough established the first postoffice and store there and was the first postmaster. The village of Ough was a thrifty business center and promising town for several years but has disappeared with the development of good roads. Its location still marks the center of the county's finest agricultural lands.
   Muddy precinct was named after Muddy creek.
   Hoover precinct was named in honor of the W. H. Hoover family, early pioneers.
   Lutz precinct was named in honor of the Robert, and A. O. Lutz families.
   Union precinct was named in honor of the Union church organization.
   Allston precinct was named after the little town of Allston, with its one store and newspaper. The town has been off the map many years.
   Harrison precinct was named in honor of Benjamin Harrison, former president of the United States.


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   Indian Creek precinct was named after Indian creek.
   Precinct 3-36 was named in honor of the township.
   Thayer precinct was named in honor of a popular Nebraska statesman.
   Blaine precinct was named in honor of James G. Blaine.
   It was evident that politics were somewhat hot at the time of the county's organization since Harrison precinct first bore the name of Cleveland but was later named for his opponent, Harrison.
   First county officers to serve Dundy County were: John R. King, clerk; William Hacker, treasurer; A. Jameson, county judge; Carrie V. Prouty, superintendent of public instruction; William Gilmore, county surveyor; A. Terwilliger, sheriff; John W. Thompson, attorney; Freeman Scott, coroner; E. G. Neighbors, commissioner, first district; John Quincy Adams, second district; J. R. Porter, third district. The first soldiers relief commissioner was James Drummond.
   Dundy County's first courthouse was built in 1888 and was replaced in 1918 with a new one.
   The first homestead entry in Dundy County was made by Jake Haigler at North Platte on May 15, 1883, on the E 1/2 NW 1/4 and NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec. 28 and NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 29. Proof was made at McCook on this entry Dec. 4, 1883, before the clerk of the district court of Hitchcock County. The entry was commuted and certificate No. 138 was issued March 25, 1890. Witnesses to the final proof were Wallace Wheeler and Richard A. Burns.
   The village of Benkelman was incorporated on Feb. 8, 1887, and the members of the first town board appointed by the county commissioners were A. B. Starkey, John H. Leslie, William H. Hebert, Franklin W. Dawson and Thomas A. Reed.
   The first educational instruction in Benkelman, tradition says, was given in a sod house in what was then known as Collinsville. In 1883 a frame structure was built and Miss Carrie Prouty was installed as teacher. In 1888 a four-room brick structure was built and all the grades were then moved into it. In 1909 an additional frame structure was erected to take care of the constant increase in attendance. In 1911 a larger brick building was erected. This was believed sufficient to take care of all needs so the other buildings were dismantled. In 1924 a brick high school building was erected and the former grade and high school building was used as a grade building. At the time this is written, there is a growing demand for more room.
   Prof. Edwards was the first superintendent of schools in Benkelman. J. E. Delzell, who later became state superintendent of Nebraska, served as the Benkelman superintendent in the years 1894-95.
   The first hotel in Benkelman was hauled from Atwood, Kansas, on wagons and was named the Scott. The first boy born in Dundy County was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Scott. He was named John. The first white girl born was Nellie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Kimsey. She was born in their sod house on Indian creek March 20, 1882. At the time this history is written she lives at Wauneta and is now Mrs. Frank Ochs.
   The first newspaper published in Dundy County was launched by Frank Israel shortly after the coming of the railroad. Israel was a Republican and later served the county and district as county judge, postmaster and state representative. Later came dapper Edgar Howard with his Washington hand press and launched the Dundy County Democrat. A third paper was thereafter launched in Benkelman and there were two in Haigler, one at Allston and one at Hiawatha.
   The Allston paper had as its purpose the idea of bringing the county seat there, it being exactly in the center of the county. The Hiawatha paper had a similar purpose but in addition to this it was promoting Hiawatha academy, founded by Herbert J. Mott. Hiawatha was a thriving little trading center, well represented in the various lines of business. But like Ough and various other ambitious centers of the county, it couldn't survive the blackout years of 1893-94 and by the end of that time, only one newspaper was left in the county -- The Benkelman News published by J. F. Haskin. The early day newspapers depended largely on final proof notices for revenue. They varied from $5 to $7.50 each and there were thousands of them over a short period of years.
   Federal Judge Thomas Munger was among the first lawyers to settle in Benkelman. J. W. James, later district judge at Hastings, and J. S. West of Modesta, Cal., were other attorneys. First district judge was Judge Gaslin whose district extended from Kearney west.
   Beginning with a population of 37 in 1880: the country was filled with remarkable rapidity by the hordes of homesteaders who came to the county in the years 1886-87 and the population increase continued until the black years of 1894-95 when prairie schooners carried people away faster than the railroad had brought them in. It is doubtful if there were more than a thousand people left in the entire county when crop years again began to return.
   There has been a gradual population increase ever since. The county's population in 1910 was 4,098; in 1920, 4,869; in 1930, 5,610.
   With the towns of Hiawatha, Ough and Allston out of the picture as business centers, there are but four towns left, all on the main line of the Burlington. Haigler, on the west end, had 555 in the 1930 census, Parks 90, Benkelman 1,156 and Max 100. All these towns have excellent school plants and school systems.



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   Benkelman is the present county seat. It is the center of the county's livestock and agricultural sections and as in the old days, is still one of the foremost shipping points of the area. It has paved streets, an excellent municipal light and water plant, three blocks of modern business buildings and is at the junctions of U. S. highway 34 and State highway 61.

   ANDERSEN, CHRIS ANDERS: Postmaster; b Dundy Co, Neb Aug 6, 1905; s of Chris Andersen-Annie Christensen; ed Benkelman; m Florence G Weiss Aug 6, 1929 Beatrice; s Richard D, Roger LeRoy; 1925-31 with Bank of Benkleman & Farmers & Mchts St Bank, bkkpr, asst cash; 1931-35 with Continental Oil Co, Benkelman; 1935- postmaster, Benkelman; past city treas; C of C; Neb ch Natl Assn of PMs; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Benkelman.

   ANDERSON, HUGH LESTER: Auctioneer; b Fredonia, Kas June 4, 1899; s of Leo Anderson-Myrtle Fox; ed Genoa, North Loup; Amer Auction Coll, Kansas City, Mo; m Allura Maddox Nov 6, 1918 Grand Island; s Harold Leo, Lyle Ernest (dec); 1920 farmed, Greeley Co, 1921-23 Valley Co, 1923-31 New Raymer Colo; 1932-33 livestock auctioneer & commission bus, Ogallala; 1933- owner & mgr Farmers Livestock Sales Co, Benkelman, McCook & St Francis, Kas: past pres C of C, Benkelman; hobby, livestock; res Benkelman.

   ARTIST, ELMER WARD: Service Station Operator; b Wilber, Neb May 7, 1883; s of Jacob W Artist-Laura I Mathews; ed Dundy Co; Doane Coll; m Alta M Frasier Dec 25, 1927 Benkelman; s Elmer J; d Leta L (Mrs Peter O'Brien), Lila P (Mrs Melvin Turman); 1903-04 with St Louis Car Co, St Louis Mo; 1904-26 rancher, cattle raiser. Dundy Co; 1927-39 Dundy Co treas; 1939- owner & mgr Artist Service Station, Benkelman; 1939- farmer, Dundy Co; 1931-87 mbr sch bd; IOOF, past grand, 1935 del to state conv, Omaha; past pres Enders Produce & Supply Co; C of C: Meth Ch; Rep: hobby, raising livestock; res Benkelman.

   BEHLKE, EDWARD HENRY: Farmer; b Lake Co, Ill Sept 27, 1878; s of William F Behlke-Minnie Worth; ed Lake Co, Ill; Benkelman; m Mary Audra Young Mar 31, 1918 Holyoke, Colo; s Ted, Deward E (dec); d Marjory, Marylyn; 1900- farmer, stock raiser Dundy Co; 1900- sch bd, treas; 1926 selected as first Master Farmer of Dundy Co; Meth Ch, steward, bd of trustees; Rep; res Benkelman.

   BLANCHARD, LOUIS FREDERICK: Veterinarian; b Whitley Co, Ind Nov 17, 1882; s of Charles Michael Blanchard-Sarah Snyder; ed Gosper Co; Kansas City Veterinary Coll 1914-17; m Mabel Bowers Sept 14, 1910 Elwood; s Neil Birdell; d Birdeena (Mrs Morris Boswell), Marquitta Ilena; 1903-14 farmed, Holbrook; 1917- veterinarian, Benkleman; past mbr town bd 3 terms; Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; Meth Ch, past steward; res Benkelman.

   BOSWELL, LLOYD EDWARD: County Treasurer; b Dundy Co, Neb June 25, 1901; s of Fletcher Boswell-Ethel Pierson; ed Dundy Co; U of N; m Caroline Kannow Aug 28, 1925 Council Bluffs Ia; d Alice Marie, Caroline Gay; 1922-38 farmed, Dundy Co; 1938- Dundy Co treas; 1932-38 treas sch bd; Meth Ch, bd mbr; Rep; res Benkelman.

   BROWN, WILLIAM HENRY: Rancher & Farmer; b Dundy Co, Neb Mar 30, 1890; s of William Brown-Caroline Burrell; ed Dundy Co; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Leila Lyman Nov 1917 Denver; s Royal; d Frances; 1911- stock raiser & farmer Dundy Co; 1914- treas sch bd dist 41; 1932 elec co commr, re-elec 1936; Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 5 mi NW Haigler.

   BUTTERFIELD, MRS IRMA: Hotel Manager; b Bradshaw, Neb Jan 21, 1904; d of Milton M Cline-Anna Kief; ed York; Colo State Tchrs Coll, Greeley; m Arthur Butterfield June 11, 1924 Julesburg Colo; 1923 tchr Amherst Colo; 1924-26 tchr Phillips Co Colo; 1937- owner & mgr Shamrock Hotel, Benkelman; OES; Meth Ch; hobby, music; res Benkelman.

   CAMPBELL, EARL LEE: Produce Dealer; b Republic Co. Kas May 8, 1885; s of Preston N Campbell-Christina Heimburger; ed Davenport; Dundy Co; m Laura May Watt Aug 31, 1914 Benkelman; s Laurence Ray, Leonard Leon; d Eva May; 1906-16 in farming & fur bus, Dundy Co; 1916- owner & mgr Campbell Produce House, Benkelman; 1906- fur buyer, Benkelman; past mbr sch bd & city coun; C of C; hobby, hunting; res Benkelman.

   CLEGG, HARRY OWEN: Retired; b Philadelphia, Penn Sept 6, 1861; s of Henry Samuel Clegg-Mary Wolfinton; ed Fremont Co Ia; m Ida J Fox Dec 14, 1892 Indianola; s Archie, Lee, Elden (dec); d May (Mrs J B Logan), 1881-83 farmed in Madison & Loup Cos; 1884- farmer & cattle raiser in Dundy Co: 21 years mbr sch bd dist 41; past mbr town bd at Haigler; past grand IOOF, Haigler; AF&AM; res Haigler.

   CRANE, FRANK WILBUR: Farmer; b Shenandoah, Ia, Jan 16, 1880; s of John Crane-Elizabeth Herd; ed Page Co Ia; Western Normal, Shenandoah Ia; m Inez Heffner Oct 1903 Maryville Mo; s Boyd H: 1902-03 grain buyer Coin Ia; 1903-06 hdw dlr Blanchard Ia; 1907 farmer Coin Ia; 1907-10 farmed, Aurora; 1910- farming Dundy Co: 1910-33 mbr sch bd dist 2; res Benkelman.

   DeWESTER, JAMES MADISON: Mill Owner; b Hastings, Neb July 30, 1893; s of Jacob H DeWester-Ida Tucker; ed Cambridge: m Nina Edna Bush May 27, 1916 McCook; s James M, Ronald Lee; d Eva (Mrs William C Gilmore, dec), Nina E, Darline G; 1916-19 with Cambridge Flour Mills; 1919-21 with Heacock Milling Co, Falls City; 1921- owner mgr Benkelman Roller Mills; mbr city coun 8 years; past mayor; AF&AM; C of C, Presby Ch; hobby, hunting; res Benkelman.

   DIXON, HARRY LEE: Farmer; b Farmington, Ill Nov 18, 1878; s of Joseph Dixon-Margaret Threw; ed Polk Co; Dundy Co; m Selma Nelson Apr 6, 1912 Dundy Co; s Marvin W, Maurice M, Mardelle O; d Mildred (Mrs Don Humphrey), Madeline; 1900- land owner, farmer & stockman; 1927 named Master Farmer, one of 3 in Dundy Co; 1914- mbr sch bd dist 70; 1931- pres Dundy Co Farm Bur; leader 4-H Club; Farmers Co-op Assn, Enders; res Benkelman.

   DRULINER, ROSS DEY: Attorney; b New Carlisle, Ind Feb 6, 1873; s of Joseph G Druliner-Margaret York; ed Pottawattamie Co Ia; U of N, LLB 1901; m Josie M Dennon Jan 1, 1908 Alma; s Ross D, Glenn E, Jerome A; d Frances L (dec), Elaine May, Shirley L, Berenice, E; 1901-03 with W S Morlan law off, McCook; 1903- prac law, Benkelman; past city & cc atty several terms; past mbr sch & town bds; during Sp-Amer War, May 1898 enl in Co I 3rd Neb inf mustered Fort Omaha, stationed Jacksonville, Fla; VFW; AF&AM; Neb St Bar Assn; 14th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; C of C: Meth Ch, supt SS since 1913, trustee; Rep; hobbies, agr, raising livestock; res Benkelman.

   EWING, SAMUEL MITCHELL: Rancher; b Bedford, Va Nov 6, 1851; s of William Ewing-Lydia Patterson; ed Bedford Va, Pittsburg Penn; m Addie Hamilton Mar 1888 Dundy Co; s Henry, Merle, Robert, Samuel (dec); d Mary (Mrs Charles Nelson), Lenna (Mrs Jess Purdy), Ida (Mrs C J Toler), Harriett (dec), Ann (Mrs Jack McEvoy), Florence, Gladys (Mrs Merle Borchert); 1873-83 farmed in Bedford Co Va; 1884-85 farmed in Franklin Co; 1885- farmer & stockman in Dundy Co; 13 years mbr sch bd dist 19, 6 years mbr sch bd Benkelman; org & builder of Presby Ch; pres & org Parks City Bank; 1917 elec Neb state representative; past Co commr; past mbr city coun; AF&AM, mbr since 1882; Presby Ch; Dem; res Benkelman.

   FITZGERALD, JOHN JAMES: Lumber Dealer; b Los Angeles, Cal Aug 29, 1915; s of James Fitzgerald-Nellie Murphy; ed Palisade; Creighton U, BSc 1937; Phalanx; 1937- mgr Krotter & Fitzgerald Lbr Co, Benkelman; 2nd lt res corps, US army; C of C; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Cath Ch; hobby, outdoor sports; res Benkelman.

   FOSTER, JOHN CALVIN: Clergyman; b Corning, Ia July 12, 1880; s of Samuel Foster-Margaret Taylor; ed Monroe Co Ia; William Penn Coll. Oskaloosa Ia; Tarkio Mo Coll; Xenia O United Presby Seminary; m Mina Randolph Aug 1904 Oskaloosa Ia; s Glen Randolph, John Samuel; d Ruth (Mrs Ralph Stroup), Mary (Mrs Beverly Sloan), Elva Jane; 1908-13 minister United Presby Ch, Seaman O; 1913-18 minister in chg of mission Olathe Colo;


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1918-20 in mission work Torrington Wyo; 1920-23 in Potash bus at Antioch Neb & silver mining Lake City ,Colo; 1923- minister United Presby Ch, Benkelman; 1933 pres Dundy Co ch ARC; mbr Neb Presbytery; hobbies, checkers & church work in rural sections; res Benkelman.

   GALL, GUSTAVE: Merchant; b Germany Apr 18, 1878; s of Ferdinand Gall-Charlotte Nietz; ed Racine Wis; m Caroline Stute June 4, 1902 Racine Wis; s Ralph G; d Eleanor (Mrs Louis Wheaton), Irene; 1888-1905 iron moulder with J I Case Threshing Machine CO, Racine Wis; 1906-1928 farmer & stockman in Dundy Co; 1929- owner & mgr Glenwood Cafe Haigier; 1938 chmn Haigler town bd; past mbr sch bd 8 years Indian Creek dist; hobby, fishing; res Haigler.

   GALLATIN, DENT EUGENE: Banker; b Massillon, O Jan 5, 1893; s of Eugene Upton Gallatin-Wilmetta Eckard; ed Wayne Co O; Bartley; Cotner U; U of N; m Bernice Stilgeboner Oct 1919 Indianola (dec); s Bruce E (dec), Lee Upton Forster; m Opal L Maxwell May 29, 1936 Benkelman; 1910-14 tchr, Frontier, Redwillow Cos; 1915-16 prin Max HS; 1917-18 prin Bartley HS; 1918-22 with State Bank, Indianola; 1923-25 with P & R Refinery, Casper Wyo; 1925-32 cash Max State Bank; 1932 cash Benkelman State Bank; 1918 during World War in Co B 23rd machine gun 8th div, Camp Fremont, acting supply sgt; AF&AM; C of C; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, traveling; res Benkelman.

   GIBBONEY, BESS: Nurse; b Belleville, Penn Mar 9, 1863; d of Samuel R Gibboney-Margaret Casey; ed Osborne Kas; Kansas St Normal, Fort Scott Kas; nurses training Denver Emergency Hosp, Denver; Raymond Wash, Willapa Harbor Hosp; 1880-90 tchr in Osborne, Smith & Jewell Cos Kas; 1890-93 tchr Arapahoe Co Colo; 1905-08 nurse D & R G RR Hosp, Salida Colo; 1908-11 nurse Raymond & South Bend Wash; 1911-13 nurse Holyoke Colo; 1921- nurse Haigler; hobby, crossword puzzles; res Haigler.

   GORDON, JOHN McKINLEY: Merchant; b Manning, Kas Jan 23, 1897; s of George W Gordon-Nancy Jane Jenkins; ed Utica & Garden City Kas; m Mary Catherine Curnutt Sept 18, 1927 Sterling Kas; d Mary Jane; 1919-22 with Baugh's Drug Store, Garden City Kas; 1922-24 with Walter's Clothing, Garden City Kas; 1924-29 with J B Byars Co in Sterling & Garden City Kas; 1929-34 mgr of J C Penney Store, Fort Lupton Colo; 1934- mgr of J C Penney Store, Benkelman; during World War in USN, seaman San Pedro Cal; AF&AM; BPOE; C of C; res Benkelman.

   GORTHY, JAMES: Farmer & Stockman; b Fulton Co, N Y Nov 12, 1864; s of Peter Gorthy-Marian Reddish; ed Fulton N Y; m Laura B Edmonds May 16, 1888 Cheyenne Co Kas; s Walter L, Paul, Harold James (dec); d Hazel (Mrs E S Sutton), Mildred (Mrs Bert Smith), Anna Laura; 1885-1914 farmed in Cheyenne Co Kas; 1914- overseer of real est holdings; past mbr sch bd dist 14 Cheyenne Co, Kas; past mbr town bd 3 terms Benkelman; past mbr sch bd; Presby Ch; hobby, raising livestock; res Benkelman.

   GRIMMEISS, ANDREW JOHN: Merchant; b Wilburgstetten, Germany Nov 28, 1891; s of Andrew Grimmeiss-Lena Neuhauser; ed Wilburgstetten Germany; Superior Neb; 1910-17 with W G Montgomery Clothing Co, Benkelman; 1917-27 ptr W G Montgomery; 1927- owner & mgr A J Grimmeiss Clothing Store, Benkelman; Cath Ch; hobby, photography; res Benkelman.

   HAM, JOSEPH OSCAR: Retired; b Jackson Co, Ia Apr 19, 1854; s of John Ham-Justina Pool; ed Nodsway Co & Maryville Mo; m Martha E Thompson Dec 30, 1877 Guilford Mo; s Roy A, Ray O, Earl D, John P, Eugene F; d Grace (Mrs C C Foster); 1875-76 tchr, Nodaway Co. Mo; 1876-86 farmed, Nodaway Co, Mo; 1886- farmer, cattle raiser Dundy Co; 1890-1918 mbr sch bd dist 26; past mbr sch bd, Benkelman 9 years; past mbr Dundy Co Fair bd, Benkelman; past co assessor; AF&AM; Meth Ch, bd mbr; res Benkelman.

   HAMILTON, LEE THOMAS: Druggist; b Burchard, Neb Aug, 1894; s of William C Hamilton-Evelyn Logan; ed Benkelman; m Maude L Davis Apr 1915 Sterling, Colo; d Doris Evelyn; 1915-20 with Hastings & Hatcher Lbr Co, Venango; 1920- owner & opr Hamilton Drug Co, Benkelman; 1924-32 mbr town bd; AF&AM; C of C; NARD; hobby, traveling; res Benkelman.

   HANSON, WILLIAM CURTIS: Station Agent; b Bloomington, Neb Apr 10, 1877; s of William Knute Hanson-Martha Holverson; ed Bloomington; m Grace Clut Jan 1900 Arapahoe (dec); m Minnie Schultz June 1922 Louisville, s Hugh H (dec), William C (dec); d Carol, Hope (Mrs Forrest H Rhineheart), Helen (Mrs Kenneth D Bratt), Virginia (Mrs Rhedoy D Heck), Doris (Mrs John Ray Miller), Wilma Grace (Mrs Earl S Powell); 1898 teleg opr, Arapahoe; 1899-1905 station agt CB&Q RR, Bartley; 1906- station agt, Benkelman; past mbr sch & town bds; AF&AM: ORT; Episc Ch; Rep; res Benkelman.

   HASKIN, HAROLD FRANCIS: County Clerk; b Benkelman, Neb Feb 4, 1900; s of Joseph Francis Haskin-Emmeline Balderson; ed Benkelman; m Dorothy Herring Jan 15, 1919 Benkelman; 1918-30 with father in Haskin's Cash Store, Benkelman; 1930- elec co clk; 1934 & 1938 re-elec; AF&AM; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Benkelman.

   HASKIN, JOSEPH FRANCIS: Merchant; b Harrison Co, Ia Feb, 1870; s of Joseph Haskin-Lucy Barnes; ed Harrison Co; m Emmeline Balderson, 1891, Benkelman (dec 1911); s Harold Francis; m Elsie E Jones Brooklyn NY; 1890-93 printer, Benkelman Bee; 1893-1900 estab, owner & mgr Benkelman News; 1900-36 owner & mgr Haskin's Gen Mdse Store, Benkelman; past mbr sch & town bds; 1935-39 mbr Neb game, forestation & parks commission, 1939 elected chmn; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Benkelman.

   HESTER, ELMER ELLSWORTH: Rancher; b Cornell, Ill Feb 1, 1866; s of David Hester-Sarah Ann Hallam; ed Amity twp, Ill; Dixon Ill Bus Coll; m Minnie B Kimberling Mar 3, 1915 McCook; s Vinton P; 1885 came to Oxford in covered wagon; 1888-89 tchr, Amity twp, Livingston Co Ill; 1889- farmer, stock raiser Dundy Co; 1890-91 tchr Dundy Co; 1891-95 tchr Lone Tree Sch, Phillips Co Kas; past pres Farmers & Mchts State Bank, Benkelman; past mbr dist sch bd; SW Neb Breeders Assn; pres Dundy Co Stock Growers Assn; mbr Dundy Co Fair bd; bd mbr Cemetery Assn; OES assoc patron; AF&AM, past master; Meth Ch, chmn bd of trustees; Dem; res Benkelman.

   HINES, LEON LLEWELLYN: Attorney; b Imperial, Neb Sept 25, 1891; s of David G Hines-Cordelia G Smith; ed Benkelman; McCook; U of N, BA 1915; Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; m Keturah E Sipe June 20 1917 Bartley; s Leon Clifford; adm to Neb bar 1915; 1915- prac law, Benkelman; 1926-30 Dundy Co atty; 1935-36 Neb senator 29th dist; AF&AM; SW Neb Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; res Benkelman.

   KAMLA, JOHN: Merchant; b Glescitch, Germany Dec 1887; s of John Kamla-Pauline Straub; ed Cheyenne Co Kas; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Bertha Beckel Dec 4, 1910 Benkelman; d Berdean; 1910-13 ptr in Kamla & Son, Haigler; 1914-15 mgr Bert Trading Co, Parks; 1916-33 farmed, Cheyenne Co, Kas; 1933- owner & mgr Kamla Groc, Haigler; past mbr sch bd 17 years, Cheyenne Co Kas; 1937 mbr town & sch bds, Haigler; res Haigler.

   KETLER, CHARLES LEE: Publisher; b Bradford Penn Mar 7, 1881; s of John Ketler-Clara M Cummings; ed Benkelman, 10th grade; m Jessie A Ough May 16, 1910 McCook; s Vaughn O, Lee Wayne; 1886 came to Dundy Co; 1894-1900 learned printer's trade in off of Benkelman News under various owners; 1900-04 editor Benkelman News, I B Raichart, owner; 1904 pur News in ptrship with J A McDonald; 1905 pur Benkelman Chronicle & consolidated with News, named News-Chronicle; 1908 sold paper, pur drug store, oprd in ptrship with J A Me Donald until 1915; 1909-16 apptd under Taft & served as P M Benkelman; 1916 estab Benkelman Post; 1922 pur News-Chronicle & consolidated, named Benkelman Post & News-Chronicle owner-editor to date; secy Dundy Co Fair bd; city clk several years; past pres, past secy C of C; mbr Benkelman sch bd 10 years, pres 4 years; 1 year pres, 1 year secy SW Neb Press Assn; AF&AM, mbr several years; res Benkelman.

   KIRSCHMER, ALBERT GEORGE: Implement Dealer, Farmer; b Wayne Co, Neb June 13, 1893; s of Charley Kirschmer-Amelia Sponehultz; ed Wayne Co; Lincoln Engineering Sch; 1914-25 farmer, stock raiser Dundy Co Neb, Cheyenne Co Kas; 1926- owner & mgr A G Kirschmer Impl Co, Benkelman; one of largest wheat growers in NW Kas; Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; Cheyenne Co Farm Bur; res Benkelman.

   KUHLMAN, GEORGE FRED: Merchant; b New Knoxville, O Jan 16, 1883; s of George Kuhlman-Elizabeth Kuck; ed New Knoxville, St Marys O; m Elizabeth Daum Feb 1, 1925 Wray Colo; 1900-04 appr machinist St Marys O Mach Co; 1904-08 with Toledo O Mach & Tool Co; 1908-11 farmed Dundy Co; 1911-21 homesteaded & farmed Cheyenne Co, Kas, also Dundy Co; 1921-25 with Equity



Who's Who

Exchange, Parks; 1925- owner Kuhlman IGA Cash Store, Parks; Comm Club, bd mbr; asst P M; AF&AM; OES; Meth Ch, bd mbr since 1929; hobby, photography; res Parks.

   LEWIS, NELSON HIRAM: Physician & Surgeon; b Bell Center, Wis Aug 9, 1868; s of John B Lewis-Rhoda A Thompson; ed Bell Center Wis; Northern Institute of Osteopathy, Minneapolis Minn; Natl Med U, Chicago, MD 1901; Marquette U, Milwaukee Wis, MD 1905; m Jeannette Korbmacher Oct, 1906 Milwaukee; s Jerome B; d Ruth K; 1901-04 prac med Chicago & Polo Ill; 1905-15 prac med McDonald Kas; 1915- prac med, Benkelman; past mbr sch bd; IOOF, past mbr grand lodge, Two Harbors Minn; AF&AM; res Benkelman.

   LOGAN, KATYE ELIZABETH: County Superintendent of Schools; b Max, Neb Oct 15, 1886; d of Charles J Hickman-Viola M Ostrom; ed Max; Benkelman; Colo St Tchrs Coll, Greeley; m Earl Everett Logan Mar 17, 1907 Max; d Blanche B, Florence M (Mrs Herman Cannon); 1902-07 tchr in rural schs Dundy Co; 1912-16 tchr Washington Co, Colo; 1922-29 tchr Parks & Haigler; 1931- Dundy Co supt of schs; Woman's Club; Rebekah; Neb St Assn of Co Supts; RNA; Meth Ch; hobbies, flowers, books; res Benkelman.

   LONG, ISAAC DAMASCUS: Rancher; b Indiana Nov 20, 1866; s of Jacob Long-Nellie McNeal; ed Redwillow Co; m Katie Amelia Gockley Aug 24, 1890 Arvada Colo; s Ernest Teddie, Ira J; d Dorothy M (Mrs John J Groothuis); 1876 came to Redwillow Co; 1887-91 rancher & carp, Denver; 1891-1906 rancher & farmer, Redwillow Co; 1906-08 owner & mgr Long Hdw Co, Haigler; 1908- in real estate bus & farming, Haigler; 1916-32 Dundy Co commr; past highway commr Dundy Co; 1906-19 owner Long Undertaking Parlor, Haigler; AF&AM; Meth Ch; res Haigler.

   McDONALD, JOHN ALEXANDER: Grocer; b Quebec, Canada Aug 1869; m of Kenneth McDonald-Liza Rhoe; ed Marysville Kas; Benkelman; m Mazie L Ketler Apr 27, 1898 Benkelman; s John Arden, Lyle A; 1885-94 with CB&Q RR, Benkelman; 1894- ranching, raising cattle, Dundy Co; 1899- owner & mgr groc & mkt; now mayor; past VP & dir Bank of Benkelman; past mbr sch & town bds 16 years; pres Dundy Co Mutual Tele Co; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, raising livestock; res Benkelman.

   McKAY, HUGH JAMES: Garage Owner; b Prince Edward Island, Canada Aug 28, 1893; s of William McKay-Christine McKay; ed Clifton, Prince Edward Island; m Jane Pidgeon June 1917 Kensington, Prince Edward Island (dec); m Lillian Muir Jan 17, 1926 Haigler; s Wallace; 1914-18 in mail service of Canadian govt, Prince Edward Island; 1919-30 with Wood-Found Lbr & Grain Co Haigler; 1930- owner-mgr H J McKay Garage, Haigler; 1933- mbr sch bd, treas; 1935- mbr town bd, treas; pres Comml Club; past master Justice Lodge 180, AF&AM; OES; Meth Ch; hobby, motoring; res Haigler.

   McKAY, MRS LILLIAN MUIR: Clubwoman; b Saline Co, Neb June 13, 1898; d of John Muir-Lillie Kethcart; ed Lancaster Co, Nuckolls Co; Hastings Coll; PSTC: m Hugh J McKay Jan 17, 1926 Haigler; s Wallace; 1916-21 tchr Nuckolls Co; 1921-25 tchr Adams Co; 1924-35 tchr Haigler sch; past matron Holly ch 233 OES Benkelman; secy Haigler Womans Club; pres Better Homes Extn Club, Haigler; Meth Ch; hobby, travel; res Haigler.

   McVEY, ANDREW J: Merchant, Farmer, Rancher; b Scotland Co, Mo Aug 25, 1869; s of William Washington McVey-Elizabeth Daniels; ed Scotland Co Mo; Gem City Bus Coll, Quincy Ill; m Luella Noble Mar 21 1900 Memphis Mo; s Raymond N, Edgar L, George Wilbur, William Wayne; d Elizabeth (Mrs J P Tollman), Frances G (Mrs F J Bean), Arlene; 1890-98 rancher, sheepraiser Black Butte Coulee, Teton Co Mont; 1896-1900 farmed Scotland Co Mo; 1900- farmer, rancher, merchant Haigler; past pres Haigler sch bd; past mbr town bd; past grand IOOF lodge 200; Meth Ch; res Haigler.

   MOREHOUSE, GEORGE ALBERT: Physician & Surgeon; b Benkelman, Neb Dec 26, 1903; s of John E Morehouse-Mary E Pigg; ed St Francis Kas; Neb Wes, BA; St Louis U, MSc; U of Colo, MD 1934, DMD; Phi Rho Sigma; Sigma Xi; m Marguerite Chipperfield May 19, 1928 Lincoln; d Margie Ellen, Marilyn Louise; 1921-24 tchr South Fork & Green Valley schs, Cheyenne Co Kas; 1934-35 interne Colo Gen Hosp; 1935-36 resident phys, Childrens Hosp, Denver; 1936- phys & surg, Benkelman; surg CB&Q RR; AMA; Meth Ch; hobbies, gardening; res Benkelman.

   MORRIS, PAUL FERD: School Superintendent; b Grand Island, Neb Sept 7, 1906; s of Wilbert Morris-Edna Ketchum; ed Grand Island HS; Grand Island Coll; U of N, MA 1938; Phi Delta Kappa; m Agatha Brown Aug 26, 1931 Grand Island; s Thomas L; d Judith Ann; 1929- tchr Benkelman HS; 1932 supt of Benkelman schs; AF&AM; OES; NSTA, dept of supts & principals; NEA, dept of secondary sch principals; C of C; Meth Ch; hobby, photography; res Benkelman.

   MOSES, EVAN JOHN: Pharmacist; b Hitchcock Co, Neb Mar 2, 1907; s of John Moses-Elizabeth Jones; ed Trenton; U of N, BSc, PhD 1932; Kappa Psi; m Louise Campbell Jan 27, 1935 Colby Kan; 1924-25 tchr, Hitchcock Co; 1932-35 with Lawritson Drug, Trenton; 1936- owner & mgr Moses Drug, Benkelman; ch mbr Corner-Stone Club; AF&AM; Neb Pharm Assn; Meth Ch; hobby, outdoor sports; res Benkelman.

   MURPHY, JOHN WILLIAM: Lumberman; b Sterling, Neb Nov 1886; s of Laurence L Murphy-Mary Craney; ed Sterling; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Alice Robidoux Apr 15, 1913 Red Cloud; d Peggy Alice, Elaine Elizabeth; 1907-09 with Citizens State Bank, McCook; 1909-28 asst cash, later cash Bank of Benkelman; 1928-32 in ins bus, Benkelman; 1932- mgr Murphy & Ballard Lbr Co, Benkelman; past city treas; C of C; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Cath Ch, KC; hobby, outdoor sports; res Benkelman.

   O'BRIEN, PETER E JR: Hardware Merchant: b Chase Co, Neb Aug 24, 1908; s of Peter O'Brien-Mary Gleason; ed Chase Co; Cheyenne Co, Kas; Regis Coll, Denver; m Leta Artist Feb 10, 1936 Benkelman; s Glen Joseph; 935-37 rancher, Chase Co; 1937- owner & mgr O'Brien Hdw Store, Haigler; past mbr sch bd; mbr town bd; Cath Ch: Dem; res Haigler.

   OUGH, DANIEL LEWIS: Real Estate Dealer; b Henry Co, Ill May 4, 1875; s of John C Ough-Mary A Moore; ed Henry Co, Ill; Benkelman; m Anna E McDonald June 5, 1901 Benkelman; s Walter L; d Marguerite, Helen (Mrs Otto Schafer), Melba, Genevieve; 1897 homesteaded near Benkelman; 1898-1906 ranched & with John Roemmich in gen mdse store, Benkelman; 1906-10 Dundy Co treas; 1910 in real est bus & farming, Dundy Co; past mbr town bd; past mayor Benkelman; 1924 elected to 43rd session of Neb legislature, re-elec to 44th, 45th, 46th legislatures; author Early Recollections of Ough Community; historian at 50th anniversary of AF&AM lodge 180; RAM; MWA; OES; bd mbr Meth Ch; hobby, music; res Benkelman.

   OUGH, JOHN CLEMMENS JR: Dentist; b Dundy Co, Neb Feb 26, 1892; s of John Clemmens Ough-Mary A Moore; ed Dundy Co; U of N, DDS 1914; Xi Psi Phi; m Eleanor Ingersoll Aug 9, 1920 Kansas City Mo; d Patricia B, Jacqueline; 1914- prac in Benkelman; past mbr town bd; past pres Lions Club; during World War in dental corps, San Antonio; AF&AM; ADA; hobby, books; res Benkelman.

   OWENS, DANIEL EDWARD: County Attorney; b Benkelman, Neb May 25, 1911; s of Griffith J Owens-Agnes M Bagan; ed Bankelman, Creighton U, LLB 1936; Gamma Eta Gamma; m Estelle Carlin Apr 3, 1937 Omaha; d Barbara Ann; 1936-37 with Personal Finance Co. Omaha; 1937- prac law & in real est & ins bus, Benkelman; 1938 pres Corner-Stone Club; Dundy Co atty; Neb, St Bar Assn; 14th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb Assn of Co Attys; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, collecting Indian artifacts; res Benkelman.

   OWENS, G J: Merchant; b Rewey, Wis Dec 7, 1877; s of George Washington Owens-Jane Ellen ___; m Agnes Bagan June 3, 1903 Le Roy, Minn; s Joseph G, Daniel E; d Genevieve M; four generations of Owens family live in Benkelman; opr 2 farms, 1 lbr yd, 1 sash & door mill; 8 years pres C of C; past mbr town coun, sch bd, Dundy Co Fair bd; dir St Thomas Orphanage, Lincoln; during World War, in final draft, not called due to armistice; sold Liberty Bonds; St Joseph Cath Ch, past bd mbr; hobby, geology & collecting artifacts; res Benkelman.

   PHELPS, HUBERT GLENNARD: County Sheriff; b Rawlins Co, Kas, Aug 1899; s of Jay Phelps-Margaret Frisbee; ed Rawlins Co Kas; m Helen Morrow Dec 25, 1926 Atwood, Kas; d Marjorie Jean, Margaret Joan, Janice Esther; 1898-1922 with C B Diehl Co, Stratton Colo; 1922-38 mcht, Benkelman; 1938 Dundy Co sheriff; Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Benkelman.

   PRINGLE, FRED EUGENE: Merchant; b Nanticoke, Penn Oct 1889; s of Harry Pringle-Anna Cain; ed Nanticoke, Penn; Dundy Co; m Ethel Holden Nov 1914 Benkelman; Vernice (Mrs A P Silvas); 1900-13



in Nebraska


with Pringle Ranch, Dundy Co; 1913-15 with Bank of Benkelman; 1915-19 with Farmers Equity Grain Elevator Benkelman; 1923- owner-mgr Pringle's Store, Benkelman; mbr sch bd since 1933; AF&AM; OES; C of C; Indep Mchts Assn of Neb; Civic Assn of Cole; Meth Ch, bd of trustees; hobbies, fishing, collecting artifacts; res Benkelman.

   PUTNAM, WILLIAM HENRY: Judge of County Court; b Clay Co, Kas Sept 17, 1877; s of William Henry Putnam-Ella A ___; ed HS; Kas St Agri Coll, Manhattan; m Bessie C Allison May 23, 1903 Manhattan Kas (dec Jan 4 1938); s Theodora A; d Eunice C (Mrs ___ Mosier), Genevieve M (Mrs ___ Borchert), Bernice, LaVella Mae (dec); prior to 1905 mgr cheese factory, Manhattan Kas; 1905-38 farmed, Dundy Co; 1938- judge of Dundy Co court; MWA, Rhode Island Ill; Meth Ch; hobbies, reading, checkers; off & res Benkelman.

   RATCLIFFE, CHRISTOPHER ARCH: Director Telephone Company; b Wayne Co, Ia Sept 15, 1865; s of Thomas J Ratcliffe-Jane Ann Boswell; ed Wayne Co, Ia; Northwestern Normal, Mo; m Nora May Niday May 16, 1900 Corydon, Ia; s Forrest Dale; 1886-92 tchr, Wayne Co Ia; 1892-97 supt of schs, Wayne Co Ia; 1897-1900 HS supt, Page Co Ia; 1900-03 studied law with Perry & McCullough, Stanberry & Albany, Mo; adm to bar 1905; 1905-10 prac law Stanberry & Albany, MO; 1910-16 prac law Jamestown, ND; 1916- atty, Benkelman; 1921- secy, managing dir tele co, Benkelman; past Dundy Co atty 2 terms; AF&AM; IOOF; MWA; C of C; Meth Ch, steward; hobby, horticulture; res Benkelman.

   ROACH, WILLIAM: Water and Light Superintendent; b Lincoln, Neb Mar 7, 1877; s of Samuel Roach-Susan Baker; ed Lancaster Co; Haigler; m Maude Heinlein Aug 31, 1908 Holdrege; s Charles L, William Jr; d Margaret (Mrs Ralph Grenier), Margery, Marceldine, Esther (dec); 1897-1902 cowboy, Thomas Ranch, Dundy Co; 1903-06 with CB&QRR, Haigler; 1906-22 ptr, Roach Bros Impl House, Haigler; 1922- city water & light supt light supt, Benkelman; past chmn town bd, Haigler; Episc Ch; res Benkelman.

   SAMPLES, LESTER MILLER: Publisher; b Edison, Neb Jan 7, 1894; s of Eli J Samples-Adeline Young; ed Edison; KSTC; U of N; U of Wyo; m Irma Smay Dec 20, 1919 Hastings; s Everett L, Evan J; d Althea; 1913-16 supt Smithfield HS; 1917-19 supt of schs, Edison: 1920-33 supt of schs Litchfield; 1933-36 owner & publisher West Neb Beacon, Oshkosh; 1936- owner & publisher Haigler News; 1918 during World War, in 255th hosp co stationed Camp Custer, Mich; res Haigler.

   SASS, MRS MARIE PAULINE: Missionary; b Schorndorf, Germany May 9, 1875; d of Jacob Frederick Stoesser-Regina Staiger; ed Schorndorf, Germany; Cheyenne Co Kas; m Peter F Sass Aug 5, 1893 St Francis, Kas (dec); s Frederick Albert; d Esther Leona (Mrs Esther Goodell); 15 years missionary in various parts of world; author: Father's Evening Stories; From the Rockies to Egypt; True Stories of the West; Happy Ever After; The Farm Home; Home Amusements; song, White Flag of Peace; hobby, music; res Haigler.

   SCHMUTTE, VOLAND HERBERT: Cafe owner; b Haigler, Neb July 17, 1912; s of Carl W Schmutte-Marie Young; ed Haigler; m Eloshia Pearson Nov 21, 1936 Benkelman; 1933-36 farmed & emp by CB&QRR, Haigler; 1933- owner & mgr Schmutte's Cafe, Haigler; past pres Comml Club, Haigler, secy-treas; owner & mgr recreation parlor, Haigler; farmer & beet raiser, Dundy Co; mbr Dundy Co Fair bd; Luth Ch; hobby, music; res Haigler.

   SCHWABAUER, GEORGE ALBERT: Clergyman; b Thayer Co, Neb Feb 3, 1891; s of David Schwabauer-Kate Kisling; ed Thayer Co; SD Wes BA; Boston U Sch of Theology; Boston U Grad Sch, STB; Philo Soc; m Blanche Chaffee Rynearson Aug 19, 1916 Huntsburg O; d Mary Lenore; 1917 minister, Ashland Mass Meth Ch, 1918-20 North Cohassett Mass, 1920-23 Bryantville Mass, 1923-24 Arnold, 1924-27 Ansley, 1927-28 Overton, 1928-32 North Loup, 1932-39 Benkelman, 1939- Meth Ch, Sidney; 1931- mbr bd of ministerial training, Neb conf; AF&AM, master; SW Neb Ministerial Assn; res Benkelman.

   STILGEBOUER, FORSTER GEORGE: Banker; b Shelbyville, Ill July 4, 1865; s of Solomon W Stilgebouer-Elizabeth Bastian; ed Gasconade Co Mo; Tuscola Ill; Danbury Neb; m Rosa Ruby Dec 25, 1888 Danbury; s Solomon W, Dale (dec); d Lizzie (dec), Bernice (dec); 1875 came to Redwillow Co; 1888-91 homesteaded & farmed, Redwillow Co; 1891-92 Redwillow Co dep treas; 1892-1922 banker, farmer Redwillow Co; 1922- banker, farmer, Dundy Co; pres State Bank, Benkelman; taught near Danbury 6 years; AF&AM; Meth Ch, bd of trustees; Rep; hobby, books; res Benkelman.

   STONEBERG1, SANFORD: Farmer & Stockman; b Sweden, Nov 24, 1867; s of John Peter Stenberg-Johanna Johanson; ed Varna, Ill; Vartofta, Sweden; 1883 came to Varna, Ill from Sweden; 1886 came to Dundy Co; 1892- farmer, cattle raiser, Dundy Co; helped organize Dundy Co Stock Growers Assn; AF&AM; res Max.

   1Name Stenberg in Sweden, changed after coming to U. S.

   SUTTON, MRS HAZEL GORTHY: Homemaker; b Cheyenne Co, Kas Aug 20, 1891; d of James Gorthy-Laura B Edmonds; ed Cheyenne Co Kas; m Everett S Sutton July 26, 1916 Benkelman; s Eldon J (dec), Allen Dent (dec); d Ava Justine; 1908-13 tchr Cheyenne Co Kas; 1913-15 tchr Parks; CB&Q RR custodian, Max; 1937-38 pres fifth dist NFWC, past dist chmn pub welfare, past treas; past pres Inter-County Woman's Club; 1937-38 Dundy Co chmn extn clubs; past pres PTA, 1929-37 leader 4-H Clubs Dundy Co; an org & bd mbr Dundy Co Farm Bur; Meth Ch; hobby, handwork; res Max.

   SWAN, MILTON WILLIAM MADISON: Real Estate Dealer & Insurance Agent; b Peru, Neb Sept 22, 1868; s of Pleasant Green Swan-Harriet Amanda Faulkner; ed Peru; m Nettie J Hacker Dec 16, 1894 Nemaha City; s Floyd, Arthur, Eldred; d Gladys (Mrs L L Wood), Lela; 1889-91 with W D Abbott Drug Co & Clark & Glasgow Drug Co, Peru; 1892-1907 farmed in Nemaha Co; 1907-12 farmed in Dundy Co; 1907- owner & mgr M W M Swan, real estate & ins, Haigler; past mbr sch bd dist 44 Dundy Co; past mbr Haigler sch bd; Meth Ch; hobby, gardening; res Haigler.

   VAN DEEST, WILLIAM: Hotel Owner & Operator; b Ogle Co, Ill Mar 17, 1881; s of William Van Deest-Harmka Poppen; ed Dawson Co; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Kathryn Green June 15, 1906 Holdrege; s Charles L: d Edith (Mrs W A Ellingson), Mildred; 1902-04 with Abbot's Groc, Hastings; 1904-07 traveled for L A Kinney & CO, Hastings; 1907-23 traveled for Hager Candy Co, Hastings; 1923-26 traveled for Richmond Candy CO, Lincoln; 1926- owner & mgr Ough Hotel, Benkelman; UCT; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Benkelman.

   WEBBER, DAVID: Auto Dealer; b Platteville, Colo Feb 27, 1895; s of James Webber-Sarah Sansom; ed Lafayette, Colo; m Corinne Stubbs May 18, 1919 Denver; s Robert D, Clifford S, Paul T; d Betty Lou; 1916-28 with Stutz Motor Car CO, Denver branch; 1928-29 with Louis K Brown, Denver; 1929-35 owner & mgr Webber Furn Co, Denver; 1935- owner & mgr ball room & Packard & Plymouth Agency, Benkelman; AF&AM; C of C; Meth Ch; res Benkelman.

   WESTERMARK, VICTOR: Attorney; b Oakland, Neb June 16, 1895; s of Nels R Westermark-Emma S Jonson; ed Oakland; U of N, LLB 1923; Delta Theta Phi; m Corrinne M Robidoux Sept 4, 1926 Fort Collins, Colo; d Celestine M; 1915-17 tchr, Burt Co; past tchr Oakland grade sch; 1923- prac law, Benkelman; 1924- Benkelman city atty; 1931-39 Dundy Co atty; past pres Comml Club; 1930 pres Twin Valleys Assn of Comml Clubs; 1937 comm Amer Leg post 65; AF&AM; 14th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; 1917-19 during World War mbr 353rd aero squadron station, Bordeaux France; hobby, horticulture; res Benkelman.

   WILL, CARY LEE: Rancher; b Meigs Co, O July 28, 1869; m of George W Will-Eliza J Cumings; ed Syracuse O; m Alice M Myer Dec 24, 1926 Haigler; s Albert Lee, Howard Cary, George Warren, Charles Walter; d Margaret Irene, Ruth Elaine; 1888 came to Haigler in covered wagon from eastern Ia; 1888-98 homesteader, tchr Dundy Co; 1898-1906 owner & publisher Benkelman Chronicle; past owner-publisher Dundy Co Journal, Haigler; 1903-10 owner-publisher Wray Colo Rattler; 1910 rancher, cattle raiser Dundy Co; 1922-31 mbr sch bd dist 42 Dundy Co; 1900 Peoples Party nominee for Dundy Co supt of schs; AF&AM 32o; Shrine; SUV; Meth Ch; hobby, newspaper work; res Haigler.



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