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Edith Swain McDermott

LetterREATED under a legislative act of March 1871, Greeley County is near the geographic center of the state and is bounded by Wheeler, Boone, Nance, Howard and Valley Counties. Of its 368,640 acres, 180,000 were included in the congressional grant to the Burlington and Missouri railroad in July 1864, and the remaining land within the county was open to homestead. The Loup and Cedar rivers, cross sections of the county, but many of the springs and creeks which were numerous in the early days have ceased to flow. The high table land and the hills are of clay soil, with the exception of the northwest section of the county, which is called the "sandhills" and which produces hay in large quantities. Excellent crops of small grain, rye, oats and barley have been grown in the county, and it is particularly noted for its corn production. In the past the cattle industry has been an important one.
   The county was settled by homeseekers. Soldiers of the Civil War, miners and laborers from eastern industrial centers, land hungry immigrants from Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark joined immigrant trains or trekked overland in white topped wagons to find homes and independence here.
   The first homesteads were taken in 1871, in the southwestern part of the county along the Loup river. Alice P. Fish filed upon the first claim, and in the fall of that year, a party of Seventhday Baptists from Wisconsin sought a location for colony in the Loup valley. Two of the party, Mansell Davis and John Sheldon, filed on claims Nov. 6, the first to be taken on the west side of the river. Others who took homesteads were John Kellogg, Samuel Scott, Alonzo Shephard, David Moore and George Hillman.
   County organization was perfected in 1872 when, complying with the request of citizens, acting Governor William H. James issued a proclamation ordering election of county officials. Thirteen votes were cast at the election held Oct. 8 at the home of George Hillman. The site chosen for the county seat was called Lamartine, and in April, 1873, the first postoffice was established. As settlement advanced up the river, it was felt that the county seat should be nearer the center of population. At a special election on Nov. 15, 1873, a new county seat site was selected and named Scotia. A small one room building constructed in 1877 served for both school and courthouse. W. H. West of Grand Island opened the first store in the county, and the first newspaper, edited by E. Bartlett and A. B. Lewis, appeared in 1877. A grist mill was built by F. M. Hawkins in 1880. The Greeley County Banking company was organized in 1884 with Lee Love of York, president, and George W. Scott, cashier. T. P. Lanigan, president, J. M. Marsh, cashier, opened the Farmers and Merchants Bank later in the same year. Henry McMillian, J. D. Watt, L. H. Keuhne, L. J. Traynor, Thomas Buckley, A. H. Floaten and Robert Hoy were other business men of the time. Judge E. K. Valentine presided at the first term of district court in July, 1877.
   Fish Creek, a settlement east of Scotia peopled by Germans from Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio, became one of the rich and thrifty communities in the county. The first homesteader there was David Locker, in 1876. Two years later Henry Meyer filed on land. Sautter brothers, Jacob, Michael and Jake arrived in 1879, and their cousins, George, J. H. and Martin Sautter, came in 1880. The German Methodist Church and the Evangelical Church were established early and became an integral part of community life.
   James L. Reed settled in the central part of the county in 1875, and is said to have been the first person in the county to own horses. The same year Charles and William Weekes, 17 and 16 years of age, drove an ox team overland from Illinois and settled not far from Reed. Other neighbors were Nathan Harris and Jonathan Crow. In 1876 Charles Weekes became the postmaster of El Dorado, and walked thirty miles twice a week to St. Paul to carry home the mail. He kept it carefully partitioned off for each patron, in his sod house in a trunk. William Starrett, Michael Nestor and A. M. Thayer and their families were also early settlers in this neighborhood. Scandinavian settlers of the early period in this vicinity included Eric Hansen, James Christensen, Andrew Larson, H. P. Larsen, Charles and Oscar Carlson.
   In the Cedar valley, James Kinnear and Robert McBride located claims along the river in 1873. Michael Sullivan homesteaded the next year. The grasshopper invasion of that year, however, was so devastating that it was not until 1876 that the families returned to build their sod houses and establish residence. Neighbors in the Cedar Valley soon included Joseph Grim, Adam Neis, Timothy Cronin, W. J. Lee, C. E. Tully, Thomas W. Glenn, Robert Gardiner, W. J. Fox, F. O. O'Neill, W. S. Keenan, James Connell, Edward Gilroy and W. P. Dunning.
   Two Irishmen, Patrick Hynes and Michael McCarthy, becoming dissatisfied with hazardous life in the mines of Pennsylvania, decided they wanted to rear their children in the wide open spaces of


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the west. They spent several weeks during the spring of 1877 looking for a location without success, until they met a government surveyor in a hotel in Grand Island. He gave them a glowing account of the land which was being opened in Greeley County. Making an inspection trip, they were delighted with the fertile, gently rolling land in the Spring creek valley and both remained to take homesteads, build sod houses and begin cultivation. Their families arrived in the summer and others who came that year from the Pennsylvania mining districts were John G. Foster, Patrick Brown, Thomas Burke and Michael Taylor.
   Another group of Irish-Catholic immigrants came from Boston the same year and were directed by Bishop O'Connor of Omaha to Greeley County. They all settled in a valley just east of Fish creek which they named Boston valley. This group included James Dolan, Phil Curnyn, John Cannon, Thomas Green, James and Peter Smith, John and Patrick Winn, William Ahern, P. W. Cadigan, William Ahern, John H. Maguire and Patrick Grady. Later arrivals were Patrick Kerrigan, Peter J. Kerrigan, P. F. Murphy, David Moore, John Fitzpatrick and John S. McFadden.
   In response to a need arising from the fact that many immigrants from Ireland were landing in congested eastern coast cities, the Irish Catholic Colonization Association was organized at Peoria, Illinois, in April 1879 by Bishop Spalding, Peoria, Bishop Ireland of Minneapolis, Bishop O'Connor of Omaha, and wealthy members of the Catholic laity. Twenty-five thousand acres of land were purchased from the Burlington and Missouri railroad in Greeley County for an Irish-Catholic colony.
   It was quickly sold and many more Irish Catholics arrived to homestead or purchase other land. Two towns, Spalding and O'Connor, were laid out. Churches were erected. The Rev. J. M. J. Smythe, a missionary priest stationed at Shell Creek in Platte County, served the spiritual needs of the colony until Rev. Julius Devos, who had been educated at the famous universities of his native Belgium, was stationed at Spalding in 1885. Rev. J. F. Hayes began a ministry in 1886 at O'Connor which lasted thirty-eight years, when the infirmities of old age compelled him to retire in 1924.
   The Sisters of Mercy from Omaha in September, 1889, opened a boarding school for girls. It was later converted into a grade school for both girls and boys. Patrick Hynes was in charge of a store and the immigrant house on the townsite. Lanigan brothers opened a store, T. C. Phaelan and E. E. Lanigan started a bank and M. B. Gearon opened a law office.
   Except for nearby rural schools, Spalding was without a school until Father Devos induced the Sisters of Mercy to open one in 1890. They conducted it for ten years and in 1900 relinquished it to the Sisters of the Dominican Order, who opened a boarding school for girls and a grade school for both sexes. The Franciscan Order from Brooklyn established an industrial school for boys in 1896 on land which adjoined Spalding. During the World War it was closed and transferred to Sioux City.
   Through the determination and energy of Father Devos, who had great faith in the future of the Cedar Valley, an irrigation project was promoted, a mill established and through his persistence after repeated defeats, Union Pacific officials finally consented to extend their line in 1902 from Cedar Rapids up the Cedar valley to Spalding.
   This was the first railroad to be built into the county. It had extended its line in 1882 from St. Paul to North Loup and in 1883 completed a spur into Scotia. Settlers all over the county felt it was an occasion for general rejoicing. Scotia became the market town for half the county and long hauls to markets at Grand Island or Columbus were a thing of the past.
   With both a railroad and the county seat, Scotia citizens felt that the future of their town was assured. However, Thomas Fox, a shrewd and far seeing resident of Valley County, in 1885 sold his holdings there and moved over into Greeley County, purchasing several sections of land in the heart of the county and opening a postoffice called Spalding.
   The B. & M. railroad announced its intention in 1887 of building up the Spring creek valley across the county to the northwest. The original survey included O'Connor, but when the citizens of that village refused demands of the railroad company for land concessions, the company abandoned its right of way, switching to the west to accept inducements of Thomas Fox to build thru his land. Spalding then became Greeley Center, designed for a railroad town, a junction of the Black Hills lines.
   The strike in 1888 and the hard times in the nineties ended railroad expansion in the western section of the state, but fourteen business institutions opened in the new town. The first church built in the community was erected by Methodists in 1887. The Catholic Church was built in 1892 and the Swedish Lutherans erected a small church in 1896.
   Despite the fact that Scotia had built and presented to the county a handsome building to be used as a courthouse, a county seat fight was precipitated in 1887. Residents of Greeley decided it would be to the best interests of the county if the county seat were moved to Greeley. Petitions for removal were circulated and filed, and the special election to decide the matter was set for Jan. 17, 1888. Despite the blizzard of January 12, the election was held and first returns showed Greeley had lost by 12 votes. A few days later returns from Spring Creek were being carried to Scotia by two messengers. They stopped in Greeley at noon for dinner, and while there a number of ballots were secretly added to the ballot box.


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A bride who was asked to vacate her kitchen during the noon hour asked no questions about this gathering of certain more or less prominent citizens. When the ballots were delivered at Scotia and the canvassing board began counting, the fraud was discovered and the messengers promptly arrested. T. J. Doyle, attorney at Scotia, was appointed to prosecute the case, and all four of the lawyers in Greeley -- J. R. Hanna, M. B. Gearon, J. R. Swain and G. A. Neuman -- responded to the telegram for assistance from the defendants. They set out at dark with a four horse team thru the deep snow over roads that were mere trails. The lead team balked and the lawyers were obliged to pile out in the cold and snow and change teams fore and aft. They arrived in Scotia at midnight very cold and hungry. Next day the defendants were bound over to the district court. Much litigation developed and a great deal of bitterness was engendered. In the supreme court, county officials employed a young lawyer from Lincoln to appear for them, by name William Jennings Bryan. It was his first case in the supreme court. The high court ruled in favor of Scotia, and the specter of relocation was laid for a time. In 1890 the issue was revived and developed into a three cornered fight among O'Connor, Scotia and Greeley. The B. & M. town won by an overwhelming majority and Scotia resigned itself to the inevitable. O'Connor accepted the offer of Greeley to provide business and residence lots, if it would move up the valley. Most of the buildings were located on one street, which was named O'Connor Avenue.
   The Burlington laid out three other towns along its line thru. the county, Wolbach, Brayton and Horace. Wolbach was the home of E. D. Gould, who owned and operated several large cattle ranches centered around the town in the early nineties, making it an important shipping point for some years. Brayton was also a profitable shipping point for the B. & M. in the early years. For a time it boasted a bank, hotel, several stores and a newspaper. Horace was a convenient point for the residents of the northwest part of the countyand in the early days quantities of hay were shipped from there.
   Politically Greeley County in the first years of its existence was Republican. In 1876 the Democratic candidate for president received 3 votes, the Republican candidate, 38. With the advent of the German and Irish immigration, political convictions changed and Greeley County moved into the Democratic column to stay. During the rise of the Populist party in the nineties, both Republicans and Democrats were attracted to its platform, and it became strongly entrenched in the county. One of the leaders in the movement was Patrick H. Barry, a leader in Irish-Catholic affairs and in the G. A. R. He served in the legislature in the early nineties and was appointed adjutant general by Governor W. A. Poynter, serving until 1901.
   George W. McAnulty, 87, pioneer resident of Scotia, came into the Loup Valley in 1873, when a large portion of it was still unorganized territory. He fought Indians in the valley and helped build old Fort Hartsuff, where he enlisted under Captain Samuel Munson, serving for three years in Wyoming through the Sioux campaigns. After an eventful life, he is now active in a movement to restore the buildings at Fort Hartsuff and convert it into a state park.
   By the late nineties most of Greeley County's prairie land had been converted into fertile, productive farms. Sod houses had given way to comfortable homes with good improvements. Oxen were replaced by good horses and they in turn by automobiles. An era of prosperity began. Smooth highways cross the county, replaced the hilly cattle trails; modern homes, fine churches and well equipped schools are found in all the towns. Many of the pioneers, who endured drouth, prairie fires, blizzards, grasshoppers and panics, lived to enjoy the products of their labor. Storms of adversity, however, beset every generation. War prosperity that bred bank failures and depression, together with six years of crops seared by drouth and devastated by grasshoppers, are again the frowns of fortune confronting the descendants of pioneers.

   ADAMS, HOWARD CHALFIENT: Physician; b Warren Co, O Nov 27, 1878; s of Nathan J Adams-Charlotte Waters; ed Lebanon O HS; U of Lebanon; U of Chicago, MD 1901; m Helen Burgess Jan 1907 Evanston Ill; 1904- prac med, Wolbach; Tri-CO Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Comm Club; mbr town bd 4 years; Meth Ch; res Wolbach.

   ANDERSON, O CLARENCE: Auto & Implement Dealer; b Newman Grove, Neb Dec 4, 1898; s of Charles Anderson-Bell Christofferson; ed Newman Grove; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; m Helen Gaeth June 7, 1922, Newman Grove; d Janelle, Adilee; 1920-28 owner Chevrolet garage, Elgin; 1929 owner Willys-Overland CO, Neligh; 1930 distributor of auto trunks, Denver; 1931 salesman of auto accessories; 1932-39 mgr Spalding Motor Co, 1939owner; mbr town bd, Spalding, 2 years; honorary mbr Elgin vol fire dept; Comm Club; past pres Lions; AF&AM, Elgin; res Spalding.

   BALLWEG, JOHN: Farmer & Stock Raiser; b Greeley Co, Neb Sept 22, 1888; s of Aloysius J Ballweg-Rose Paul; ed Greeley Co; Spalding Coll; m Mary Bloemer Aug 28, 1917 Omaha; s John, Frank; 1911- farmer near Spalding; recd first prize in zone 6 on white corn at Chicago Internatl Live Stock Show 1935; Greeley Co Farm Bur; Neb Crop Growers Assn; dir North Star Tele Co since 1934; 12 years moderator sch dist 47; father (dec) homesteaded In Greeley Co in 1875; hobby, selecting grains; res Spalding.

   BARRETT, MRS IRENE L: Postmaster; b Imogene, Ia July 7, 1894; d of Michael Printy-Jane Carey; ed Imogene Ia Acad; Ia State Tchrs Coll, Cedar Falls Ia; m Patrick Joseph Barrett Apr 15, 1915 Council Bluffs Ia; s Frank Joseph; d Jane, Ellen, Patricia, Moira; 1911-15 tchr, Council Bluffs Ia; 1936- P M Greeley; Neb Ch of Natl Assn of P Ms; past del to state Amer Leg Aux conv; 40 & 8; Natl Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Greeley Co chmn; hobby, attending conv; res Greeley.

   BARRETT, PATRICK JOSEPH: Attorney; b Holt Co, Neb Mar 29, 1885; s of Patrick Barrett-Ellen Dempsey; ed O'Neill; Creighton U, BA 1908, MA 1912, LLB 1914; m Irene L Printy Apr 15, 1915 Council Bluffs Ia; s Frank Joseph; d Jane, Ellen, Patricia, Moira; 1908-11 tchr & supt of schs, Spalding; 1911-12 tchr, Creighton U; 1914-15 prac law, Omaha; 1915- prac law, Greeley; 1919-23 Greeley Co atty; 12 years city atty; chmn sch bd since 1935; Greeley Co



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& Neb St Bar Assns; Dem, chmn 1922-34, & 1916- secy Greeley Co Central Com; father (dec) farmed In Holt Co until 1929, homesteaded in 1881; res Greeley.

   BARRY, JOHN PAUL: County Assessor; b East Washington, Mass Jan 14, 1872; s of Patrick H Barry-Mary Monohan; ed Greeley; m Elizabeth Moloney Jan 18, 1895 Greeley; s Joseph, John (dec), Patrick, William, Thomas, Leo; d Mary (Mrs E I) Ryan), Agnes (Mrs Charles Obrist), Ellen (Mrs Ira Stephens), Elizabeth (Mrs Mark Smith), Madeline, Monica, Mildred; 1906-08 owner & opr meat market, Greeley; 1908-30 farmed Greeley Cc; 1937 Greeley Co assessor; Dem; hobby, working for single taxation; father (dec) Civil War veteran, in Neb legislature 2 terms, adjt gen NNG 6 years; res Greeley.

   BERBERICH, BERNARD JOSEPH: Mortician & Furniture Dealer; b Spalding, Neb May 20, 1913; s of Charles A Berberich-Elizabeth Krick; ed Spalding Acad; Williams Institute of Mortuary Science, Kansas City Kas, 1937; m Helen Curran Oct 8, 1935 Greeley; s William Joseph; d Michaela; 1927 mortician & furn dlr, assoc with father until death in 1938, Spalding; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; Comm Club; Dem; hobby, hunting; res Spalding.

   BISSELL, ROY PORTER: Hardware Merchant; b Friend, Neb Apr 20, 1891; s of W H Bissell-Susie Lenox; ed Maywood; m Laverne Macey Aug 1, 1915 Utica; s Charles Eugene; d Betty Jean, Dorothy Helen; 1919-20 civilian employee U S N, Bremerton yard, Puget Sound; 1920- mgr hdw store, Wolbach; Neb Hdw Assn; Comm Club; AF&AM 292, past sr warden; Meth Ch, financial secy; Rep; res Wolbach.

   BISSELL, WATSON HENRY: Retired; b Brockville, Ontario, Canada Oct 21, 1858; s of Aaron Bissell-Catherine McLean; ed Algonquin Canada; m Susan J Lenox Oct 26, 1881 Friend; s Roy Porter; d Mabel (Mrs A H Holm), Helen (dec); 1883-86 owner & opr hdw store, Friend; 1896-1906 Frontier Co auto dlr; 1906-20 auto dlr, Beaver Crossing; 1924-35 owner & opr hdw, lbr & furn bus, Greeley; 1903-05 mbr sch bd; Meth Ch steward; Rep; hobby, collecting old coins; father (dec) farmer in Saline Co 10 years; res Wolbach.

   BOWEN, EMMETT JOSEPH: Pharmacist; b Greeley, Neb Dec 27, 1893; s of Dr George Sanford Bowen-Mary Hurley; ed Greeley HS; Creighton U, PhG 1914; 1915-20 pharm, Unitt-Docekal Drug Store, Omaha; 1920- owner & opr drug store, Greeley; 1930-34 mbr town bd; 1937- mbr sch bd; Neb Pharm Assn; during World War pharm mate U S N, Marine Hosp, Mare Island receiving ship, Brooklyn N J; Amer Leg Post 186, adjt 1930; Greeley Service Club; Dem; father (dec) doctor In Greeley 50 years; res Greeley.

   BRANNEN, GEORGE ARDEL: County Treasurer; b Ogdensburg, N Y Sept 13, 1875; s of Lawrence Brannen-Bridget Monohan; ed Greeley; Creighton U, 1897-1901; m Mary Doyle Sept 5, 1910 Greeley; s Joseph Lawrence, George Ardel, Clare Edward, Robert, Raymond Paul, Edward; d Mary Frances; 1904-07 mgr lbr yard, Brayton; 1907-23 cash & dir Bank of Brayton; 1927-32 mgr Spalding Lbr Co, Brayton; 1934- Greeley Co treas, Greeley; 1907-23 mbr sch bd, Brayton; 1932-33 treas corn-hog program, Greeley; dir Greeley Service Club; Neb Assn of Co Treas; Creighton Alumni Assn; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Greeley.

   BRANNEN, JAMES LIGOURI: Physician & Surgeon; b Waddington, N Y June 22, 1869; s of Lawrence Brannen-Bridget Monohan; ed Fremont Normal; Creighton U, MD 1901; Elizabeth J Buckley Nov 11, 1903 Greeley; s James F, John R, Fred L Thomas J, Paul W (dec), Frank L Charles F; 1885-95 prin Chappell HS & Palmer HS; 1901- med prac, Greeley; 1910- Greeley Co phys; Four Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; secy sch bd 14 years; KC; hobby, collecting cigar bands; res Greeley.

   BREDTHAUSER, ALBERT: Merchant; b Valley Co, Neb Feb 13, 1891; s of William Bredthauser-Dorothy Vogler; ed Valley Co; m Ruby Horton Jan 5, 1932 Hastings; 1909- owner & mgr dept store, Scotia; during World War in 88th div 350th inf, O/S July 1918 to May 1919, disch June 3, 1919; past co comm & past comm Amer Leg 150; past pres Comm Club; Luth Ch; Rep; father (dec) farmed in Valley & Greeley Cos 40 years; res Scotia.

   CARLIN, HENRY: Theater Manager & Implement & Hardware Dealer; b Spalding, Neb Jan 4, 1894; s of Peter R Carlin-Nellie Sullivan; ed Spalding HS; Spalding Coll; m Vera Lee June 4, 1917 Spalding; s Richard, James, Peter; d Nellie Dee, Ronnie Lee, Bessie Marie; 1914-27 with father in impl & hdw bus, Spalding; 1927- owner & opr impl & hdw bus, Spalding; 1927- owner & mgr Carlin Theater, Spalding; Neb-Ia Theater Owners Assn; Comm Club; Dem; father (dec) in impl & hdw bus in Spalding 25 years; res Spalding.

   CARRAHER, THOMAS: Farmer; b Madison Co, Neb Mar 10, 1884; s of Peter S Carraher-Mary Ryan; ed Madison Co; m Edna Ford June 31, 1909 Elgin; s Albert Martin, Michael Matthew, James Peter; Paul Thomas, Robert Patrick, Edward Dennis; d Ellen Ernestine (Mrs Lloyd Bumgardner), Mary Annette, Margaret Cecilia, Teresa Joan, Elizabeth Ann; 1908-16 P M, Arden; 1909-18 rancher in Wheeler Co; 1918- farmer in Greeley Co; 1908-18 dir sch dist, Wheeler Co; past chmn Greeley Co AAA; mbr Greeley Co Soil Conservation Com; KC; Dem; hobby, feeding cattle; father (dec) farmer in Madison Co 40 years; res Spalding.

   CHAMBERLAIN, RAYMOND MARSHALL: Dentist; b Verdon, Neb Feb 4, 1904; s of Robert M Chamberlain-Zora Sailors; ed Verdon HS; Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis; U of N, DDS 1930; Delta Chi; Xi Psi Phi; m Thelma Walvoord Feb 12, 1936 Lincoln; 1930-32 with Dr Floyd Ryman, Lincoln; 1933-37 dental prac, Falls City; 1938- prac, Wolbach; NW Dist Med Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; Comm Club; Falls City Rotary; IOOF, Falls City; Chris Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting & fishing; father farmed in Richardson Co 50 years; res Wolbach.

   CLINCH, RICHARD LEO: Manager of Lumber Company; b Madison Co, Neb June 5, 1894; s of Richard J Clinch-Bertha O'Brien; ed Greeley HS; m Mary A Boyden June 23, 1919 Omaha; s Leo Francis, Paul Joseph; d Mary Catherine; 1913 depot helper CB&Q RR, Greeley; 1914 clk in gen mdse store, Greeley; 1915-19 emp in Spalding Lbr Co, Greeley, 1919- mgr; during World War in signal corps 322nd field signal batt, Leavenworth Kas & Camp. Meade Md, disch Jan 1919; Past adjt Amer Leg 186; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Greeley Service Club; secy-treas sch bd; past mayor; mbr town coun 6 years; 1919- mbr vol fire dept; Dem; res Greeley.

   COYNE, WILLIAM SYLVESTER: Merchant; b O'Neill, Neb Jan 7, 1885; s of Thomas Coyne-Katherine Lowery; ed Holt Co; m Estella Wilson June 16, 1909 Ewing; s Harold William, Frank Leo, Donald (dec); d Margaret Ruth; 1908-15 photographer, Ewing; 1916-19 photographer, Spalding; 1919- owner & opr gen merc store, Spalding; professional wrestler 3 years; mbr town coun; Comm Club; IGA; MWA; Dem; hobby, raising potatoes; father (dec) farmed in Holt Co 30 years; res Spalding.

   CURRAN, MAURICE W: Publisher; b Lincoln, Neb Oct 21, 1910; s of Edward P Curran-Alta Haley; ed Greeley HS; U of S D; m Irene Jurzenski June 29, 1936 Greeley; s James William, Edward Patrick; 1925-33 asst publisher Greeley Citizen, 1933- publisher; 1933- mbr vol fire dept; Greeley Service Club; Dem; res Greeley.

   DOLCE, MICHAEL JOHN: Bank Cashier; b Omaha, Neb Mar 17, 1893; s of John Dolce-Barbara -----; ed Spalding Acad; Spalding Call; m Margaret Lanigan Jan 7, 1915 Spalding; s Michael Desmond; d Margaret Ann; 1908-16 bkkpr Spalding City Bank, 1916-20 asst cash, 1920- cash; Neb Bankers Assn; Comm Club; past dir Lions; KC; hobbies, hunting & fishing; father (dec) homesteaded in Wheeler Co in 1900; res Spalding.

   DOYLE, EDWARD ANTHONY: Dentist; b Greeley, Neb Aug 7, 1887; s of Joseph James Doyle-Mary E McFadden; ed Greeley HS; Creighton U, DDS 1914; m Florence Curnyn July 4, 1931 Grand Island; 1914- dentist, Greeley; during World War in depot brigade, med detachment, dental unit 1, Camp Grant, capt MORC; org & past comm Amer Leg 186; mbr vol fire dept; Greeley Service Club; active in dramatic work; mbr town band; past secy KC; Dem; hobbies, sports & music; father (dec) Greeley mcht 50 years; res Greeley.

   DOYLE, JOHN FRANCIS: Grocer; b Greeley, Neb Oct 8, 1893; s of Joseph J Doyle-Mary Elizabeth McFadden; ed Greeley HS; m Anna Dewburst Aug 31, 1920 Shawnee Okla; s John Francis, William Joseph, Lawrence Mertha; 1911 clk in Finn's Groc, Greeley; 1912-14 clk in Nelson's Groc; 1919- owner & opr groc & meat market; owner Greeley Transfer since 1932; 1916-17 in U S army border service; during World War 1917-18 with U S army, 1st lt 134th inf Camp Llana Grande at Mercedes Tex, Camp Pike at Little


in Nebraska


Rock Ark, Camp Cody Deming N M, OTS at San Antonio Tex, Camp Zachary Taylor at Louisville Ky; 1929 post comm, 1938 adjt Amer Leg 186; 1927-29 mbr town coun; 1929 secy Greeley Co Fair bd; 1935-36 65th dist representative in state legislature, mbr unicameral com; 1937- 29th dist state senator, mbr legislature coms on banking, labor, commerce, communications, govt & pub welfare; Dem; hobby, band music; father (dec) was mcht in Greeley 40 years; mbr town band 20 years; res Greeley.

   DURYEA, JAMES E: Auto Dealer; b Arcadia, Neb Nov 8, 1891; s of Peter D Duryea-Eveleen Cooper; ed Arcadia; m Ruth Brown Dec 25, 1911 Arcadia; s Paul; d Eveleen (Mrs Edgar Stillman); 1909-13 blacksmith, Scotia; 1916-19 mechanic, Scotia; 1920- owner & opr motor co, Chrysler & Plymouth dlr Scotia; played semi-professional baseball 26 years; Congl Ch; hobby, fishing; father (dec) blacksmith in Arcadia 40 years; res Scotia.

   EBMEIER, HENRY C: Superintendent of Schools; b Coleridge, Neb, June 13, 1906; s of Henry Ebmeier-Louise Meyer; ed Laurel HS; U of N, BA 1930, MA 1938; m Alma Swanson Aug 3, 1933 Waverly; 1930 athletic coach, Scotia HS; 1931- supt of schs, Scotia; NSTA; NEA; U of N Alumni Assn; Comm Club; Meth Ch; hobby, collecting publicity material; res Scotia.

   ECHTERNACHT, ALFRED CHARLES: Hardware Merchant; b Miller, Neb Feb 6, 1900; s of Fred Echternacht-Bessie Nelson; ed Genoa HS; U of N letter in football, 1920; m Teresa Brennan June 2, 1925 Spalding; d Geraldine; 1925-26 emp as ice-cream maker for Hutchinson Creamery, Atlantic, Ia; 1927-35 clk for Weber Bros, Spalding; 1935-38 interior decorator; 1938- mgr Brennan Hdw; Comm Club; mbr vol fire dept; secy-treas Lions; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Spalding.

   ECHTERNACHT, STANLEY EDGAR: Druggist; b Genoa, Neb Nov 5, 1908; s of Fred Echternacht-Bessie Nelson; ed Spalding HS, letter in basketball; m Angela Pritchard May 14, 1935 Spalding; 1927-35 interior decorator, Spalding; 1935- owner Stanley's Pharm; Neb Pharm Assn; Comm Club; Dem; res Spalding.

   EVERETT, JACOB SHERIDAN: Farmer & County Commissioner; b Montour Co, Penn Jan 9, 1868; s of John Everett-Margaret St Clair; ed Lucas Co Ia; m Bertie Acker Jan 1, 1891 Beemer; s Joy C; d Jessie (Mrs Robert Vogt, dec); 1894- farmer, Greeley Co; 1939- Greeley Co commr; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; past treas sch dist; Meth Ch; Socialist; hobby, planting trees & raising livestock; res Scotia.

   FAHERTY, MICHAEL: County Commissioner; b Co Mayo, Ireland July 6, 1886; s of Patrick Faherty-Winnifred Lavelle; ed Ireland; Mar 26, 1893 came to Greeley Co, located on farm of uncle SW of Greeley; 1893-1913 farmer in Greeley Co; 1913-18 opr of dray line, Greeley; 1919-20 helper CB&Q RR; 1921-22 water & light commr, marshal & city clk, Greeley; 1923-27 pct assessor, Greeley ,Co; 1927-37 opr Faherty Oil Station; 1930- Greely Co commr; 1910-17 dir sch dist 19; 1938- mbr town bd; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds, & Co Highway Commrs; Comm Club; Service Club; secy MWA; KC; Dem; hobby, baseball; res Greeley.

   FALLON, DANIEL JAMES: Manager of Oil Station; b Spalding, Neb Sept 15, 1887; s of Daniel Fallon-Margaret McMonagle; ed Spalding; m Catherine McCran Oct 18, 1917 Lincoln (dec); m Genevieve Leonard Oct 16, 1933 Spalding; 1910-20 farmer, Greeley Co; 1925- mgr Peoples Filling Station; mbr town bd 1926-32; mayor 2 terms; mbr sch bd 1926-32; Comm Club; KC; Dem; father (dec) pioneer farmer in Greeley Co 45 years; res Spalding.

   FINN, JOSEPH: Mortician; b Indianapolis, Ind Mar 18, 1912; s of Timothy J Finn-Nellie J Buckley; ed Sacred Heart HS, Greeley; Indiana Sch of Embalming 1931; Alpha Chi Epsilon; 1931- mortician, Greely; lic embalmer in Neb & Ind; Neb & Ind Funeral Dirs Assn; secy & dir Greeley Service Club; father (dec) was mortician in Greeley 20 years; hobby, collecting obituaries; res Greeley.

   FOSTER, IDA ETHEL: County Superintendent; b Greeley, Neb Mar 19, 1890; d of John A Foster-Julia Ann White; ed O'Connor HS; St Joseph Acad; 1908-15 tchr Greeley Co; 1915-30 tchr, Greeley; 1930- Greeley Co supt; NSTA; Neb St Assn of Co Supts; Amer Leg aux 186; mbr gen com, diocesan coun of Cath women; Cath Ch; res Greeley.

   FOSTER, JAMES PATRICK: Mail Carrier; b O'Connor, Neb Feb 22, 1883; s of John A Foster-Julia White; ed Greeley; m Mary McKenzie Sept 2, 1916 O'Connor; 1904-13 farmer, Greeley Co; 1915- RFD carrier; Neb Rural Letter Carriers Assn; Dem; father (dec) homesteaded in Greeley Co in 1879, was sheriff & farmed 40 years; res Greeley.

   FOX, NICHOLAS: Pharmacist; b Alma, Ia Aug 13, 1882; s of Robert Fox-Jane Riley; ed Chandler Okla HS; U of Okla, PhG 1907; m Margaret Walsh Oct 19, 1910 Spalding; s Leo, Robert, John, Thomas; d Mildred (Mrs Lawrence Kean), Anna Jane; 1908- pharm, Spalding; mbr sch bd; mbr town bd 6 years; treas Greeley Co Fair Assn; Comm Club; Rep; res Spalding.

   GIEVER, JOHN CONRAD: Physician & Surgeon; b Ashton, Ia Nov 12, 1892; s of John Giever-Margaret Pfeiffer; ed Ashton Ia HS; Dubuque Ia Coll; Creighton U, MD 1920; Phi Chi; m Thelma Smith Nov 20, 1918 Omaha; s John Bertram, Richard Joseph; d Alice Eileen; 1920-21 interne, St Josephs Hosp, Omaha; 1921- prac med, Spalding; assoc phys St Francis Hosp, Grand Island; 1925-35 mayor of Spalding; city phys; Four Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; mbr BSA coun 5 years; 1917 during World War in med res corps; 1918 SATC; past adjt & past finance ofcr Amer Leg; Dem chmn Greeley Co Central Com 1936; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Spalding.

   GLASER, ALBERT ABDEN: Farmer & Stockman; b Greeley Co, Neb July 30, 1895; s of Vincent Glaser-Anna Loidolt; ed Spalding Acad & Coll; m Mary Langer Nov 10, 1920 Pierz Minn; s Vincent James, Donald Anthony, Alfred Cletus, Jerome Michael; d Elaine Mary, Joanne Rose, Mary Helen; 1921 farmer, Greeley Co, owner & opr of 640 A in Cedar Valley; VP Farmers Co-op Oil Co; dir Spalding Tele Co; vice chmn agrl conservation com, Cedar pct; dir Spalding Elevator; dir Greeley Co Fair Assn; 1925 dir Greeley Co Sch Dist 10; Greeley Co Farm Bureau; Cath Ch; hobbies, machinery, purebred Angus cattle; res Spalding.

   GLASER, VINCENT: Retired Farmer; b Jetzles, Austria Jan 16, 1858; s of Frans Glaser-Mary Berger; ed Austria; m Anna Loidolt July 2, 1888 Spalding; s Albert Abden, Edward Michael; d Anna, Rose, Elizabeth, Amelia; 1873-1935 homesteaded & farmed in Greeley Co; carp in Spalding 5 years; 1885-1912 an org & dir sch dist 47; 1890-1937 dir Spalding City Bank; 1895-1937 pres Spalding Elevator Co; treas Spalding Tele Co 20 years; hobby, reading; res Spalding.

   GLASSMAKER, HENRY ALONZA: Dentist; b Cleghorn, Ia Sept 9, 1904; s of William Glassmaker-Frances Zimmer; ed Cherokee Ia; U of Ia; Creighton U, DDS 1932; Psi omega; m Agnes McCarthy Feb 26, 1936 Greeley; d Rose Marie, Sheila Ann; 1933- prac dentistry, Spalding; Neb St & ADA; Creighton. Alumni Assn; Comm Club; res Spalding.

   GORMLEY, JAMES THOMAS: Mayor; b Loda, Ill Aug 7, 1878; s of Partick Gormley-Katherine Connell; ed Greeley Co; m Irene Rutledge Sept 15, 1920 Omaha (dec); s James Edward; 1898-1908 farmer, Greeley Co; 1909- in pump, well & windmill bus, Spalding; 1920-29 salesman for Challenge Co, Omaha; 1936- mayor of Spalding; 1937- chmn Greeley Co commrs; 1912-20 mbr city coun; Comm Club; Neb Well Drillers Assn; res Spalding.

   HAGGSTROM, GUSTAF: Farmer; b Howard Co, Neb June 27, 1889; s of, John I Haggstrom-Anna Marie Lindberg; ed Howard Co; m Olga Eugene Okeson June 3, 1911 St Paul; s Melvin, Wilbur, Kenneth, Orville, Wendell; d Violet, Lillie, Mildred; 1910-38 farmed in Howard Co; 1938- owner Haggstrom's Highway Service Station; 1915-18, 1926-29 dir sch dist 43, Howard Co; chmn Howard Co Farmers Union Co-op Assn; AF&AM 282, Scot Rite 321; Meth Ch, trustee & treas; Dem; hobbies, hunting & travel; father (dec) farmed in Howard Co 50 years; res Wolbach.

   HARRIS, CHARLES AUGUSTUS: Barber; b Alma, Ia Aug 1, 1878; s of John Harris-Mary Fox; ed Greeley HS; m Ida Dixon Oct 1903 Grand Island; s James, Charles, Harry, Paul; d Marie (Mrs K V Hoist), Catherine (Mrs Frank Bryer); 1902- owner & opr barber shop, Greeley; 1927- dir Greeley Co-op Creamery; past pres Comm Club; past mbr town coun; mbr Greeley Co Racing Assn 4 years; KC; Cath Ch; Dem, hobby, golf; res Greeley.

   HELMS, MAURICE: Druggist; b New London, Mo Feb 11, 1881; s of Charles Helms-Margaret English; ed Hannibal Mo; m Rose Viau Jan 15, 1907 Omaha; d Zoe Margaret (Mrs B V Anderson); 1898-1907 teleg opr & ticket agt UP RR, Grand Island;



Who's Who

1907-12 salesman Cudahy Packing Co, Omaha; 1912-20 owner & opr book store, Columbus; 1920-36 supvr Standard Oil Cc; 1936- owner & opr drug store, Greeley; pres Greeley Service Club; res Greeley.

   HOLM, ADOLPH HJALMAR: Physician & Surgeon; b Omaha, Neb Nov 4, 1874; s of Carl Gustave Holm-Anna Elizabeth Burke; ed Omaha; Howard Co; U of N, MD 1905; m Mabel Converse Bissell Oct 26, 1907 Maywood; July 1905- prac, Wolbach; assoc staff phys St Francis Hosp, Grand Island; 1913-19 pres sch bd; 1916-39 clk, chmn, treas town bd; during World War captain med corps, maj in MORC; Howard Co, Tri-Co Med Socs; Neb St Med Assn; IOOF; Meth Ch; del to annual conf & chmn ofcl bd; Rep; hobbies cabinet work, carpentry; res Wolbach.

   HOWARD, TITUS JEFFERSON: County Attorney; b Lancaster, Mo June 7, 1861; s of Amos Howard-Syrilda Ray; ed Mills Co Ia; Malcolm; m Sarah E Sapp June 12, 1887 Lincoln (dec); s Ray O; 1881-89 section foreman, Malcolm; 1890-92 millwright, Greeley, 1892-94 grain buyer & supt of elevators for Kendall & Smith, Lincoln; 1889-95 CB&Q RR land agt, Greeley; 1896 adm to bar; 1896- prac law, Greeley; 1900 adm to prac of law before supreme court; 1904- Greeley Co atty; 1911 elec to Neb house of representatives; past master AF&AM, 3 terms del to grand lodge, RAM; OES; Meth Ch del to annual confs since 1924; Rep chmn Greeley Co Central Com 15 years; hobby, hunting; res Greeley.

   JOHNSON, HERMAN: Grocer; b Howard Co, Neb Nov 20, 1901; s of Leander Johnson-Clara Larson; ed Wolbach HS; LBC; m May Mathissen May 30, 1926 Wolbach; s Harold Martinus; d Lois May; 1920-35 farmer, Greeley Co; 1935 owner & opr Hansens Market, Wolbach; 1934- secy sch bd; Comm Club; AF&AM 292, deacon Luth Ch; Dem; father (dec) farmed In Greeley Co 25 years; res Wolbach.

   KAFKA, ADOLPH JOSEPH: Physician & Surgeon; b Beemer, Neb June 5, 1909; s of Frank D Kafka-Mary Kacin; ed Clarkson HS; Creighton U, BSc 1932, MD 1935; U of Minn; Phi Rho Sigma; m Laura Nobel* Nov 16, 1932 Omaha; d Joann Arleigh, Betty Jean; 1935-36 interne Mercy Hosp, Council Bluffs Ia; 1936- med prac, Scotia; staff phys St Francis Hosp, Grand Island; Hall Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; capt MORC; Comml Club; father farmed in Colfax Co 35 years; res Scotia.
(* Wife's maiden name HOBEL, see Leigh Centennial History for her family.)

   KARRE, HENRY: Farmer & Stockraiser; b McCool Junction, Neb Nov 18, 1882; s of Henry Karre-Elizabeth Teinert; ed York Co; m Maggie Walbrecht Feb 27, 1906 York; s Raymond E, Lewis H, Horace W, Howard G, Richard F; committeeman tenant farm purchasing program, Greeley Co; Farm Bur; past Greeley Cc committeeman AAA 2 years; dir Greeley Co Fed Land Bank Assn; past dir Farmers Union Merc store; Farmers Co-op Oil Co, past dir; past mbr dist sch bd 17 years; WOW; mbr church coun when 21 years of age; hobby, white leghorn chickens; res Scotia.

   KAVALEC, EMIL: Merchant; b Omaha, Neb Feb 18, 1883; s of Louis J Kavalec-Caroline ___; ed Brainard HS; Midland Coll; m Sophie Horacek June 12, 1906 David City; s Roy E, Dean Gordon, Emil Jr, Charles J, Norman John; d Evangeline (Mrs Raymond F Bouzek), Eileen (Mrs Darl Sanders); 1906-08 tchr, Brainard; 1909-11 asst cash First Natl Bank, David City; 1912-16 owner & opr gen mdse store, Bruno; 1916-32 cash Union State Bank, Omaha; 1932- VP & mgr Spalding Mere Co; Comm Club; Dem; father (dec) Butler Co farmer 10 years; hobby, hunting; res Spalding.

   KIMPSTON, WILLIAM MONROE: Dentist; b Holdrege, Neb Aug 8, 1889; s of Frank Kimpston-Martha Yearous; ed Fremont Normal; Upper Ia U, Fayette, Ia; Creighton U, DDS 1915; Xi Psi Phi; m Elexzine Farncoeur Feb 18, 1916 Chappell; s William Y, Robert J; d Bette Elexzine; 1915-16 prac dentistry, Chappell; 1916-18 dental prac, Omaha; 1918-21 prac Sidney; 1921-23 prac, Fremont; 1923-28 prac, Omaha; 1928- dental prac, Spalding; Central Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; past mbr sch bd; Comm Club; res Spalding.

   LANIGAN, AGNES TAYLOR: Homemaker; b Greeley, Neb Dec 18, 1888; d of Michael J Taylor-Mary J Burke; ed Greeley HS; Mt St Mary Coll, Omaha, BA 1905; Fremont Normal, BSc 1909; m James Martin Lanigan June 5, 1911 Greeley; d Agnes Patricia; 1905-11 asst prin, Greeley HS; 1911homemaker; 1937 diocese chmn, 1938 dist pres diocesan coun of Cath women, Grand Island; Cath ch; father homesteaded in Greeley Co, 1878, res Greeley.

   LANIGAN, JAMES MARTIN: Attorney; b Scotia, Neb Nov 29, 1885; s of Thomas Peter Lanigan-Ellen Phelan; ed Greeley HS; Creighton U, BA 1905, LLB 1910; m Agnes C Taylor June 5, 1911 Greeley; d Agnes Patricia; 1910-12 in law prac Greeley; 1912-13 law prac, Pocatello Ida; 1914-18 law prac, Salt Lake City, Utah; 1918- law prac, Greeley; pres Neb St Bar Assn 1939; Amer Bar Assn; Greeley Service Club; mbr town coun 3 years; chmn Dem Co Central Com; father (dec) was atty In Greeley Cc 27 years; res Greeley.

   LANIGAN, THOMAS WUNIBALD: Assistant United States Attorney General; b Scotia, Neb Feb 22, 1888; s of Thomas Peter Lanigan-Ellen Phelan; ed Greeley HS; Creighton U, BA 1909, mbr varsity baseball team; U of Mich, LLB 1913; m Gertrude E Swain June 1916 Seattle Wash; s James Swain, Thomas Peter; 1913-34 law prac, Greeley; 1934- special asst to atty gen, Washington D C; 1915 mbr Neb legislature; 1934 candidate for congress; Neb St, & Dist of Columbia Bar Assns; pres Neb Club, Washington D C; during World war, chmn Greeley Co Liberty Loan drives; res Washington D C & Greeley.

   LARSEN, ALFRED JULIUS: Implement Dealer & Mayor; b Washington Island, Wis Dec 19, 1882; s of Christian Larsen-Marie Grave; ed Nance Co; ICS; m Grace I Peterson Oct 30, 1910 Wolbach (dec); d Naomi Grace, Lois Marie (Mrs Les Dall), Lucille Louise; 1896-1902 farmer, Nance Cc; 1902-10 with brother at Wolbach; 1910- owner & opr impl store; 1935- mayor & city treas, Wolbach; past chmn, past secy sch bd; Comm Club; mbr AF&AM 292; Scot Rite, Tangier Shrine, Omaha; Dem, pct committeeman & mbr State Central Com; supt Luth SS 2 years; hobbies, hunting, collecting old guns; res Greeley.

   McANULTY, GEORGE W: Farmer Stockman; b Latrobe, Penn July 8, 1852; s of John McAnulty-Catherine Hammers; ed Westmoreland Co Penn; m Lillie E Moore Mar 24, 1880 Scotia; s Fred M, John L; d Louise M; homesteaded in 1873; 1873- farmer & stockman; has traveled past 5 years to east & west coasts; during Indian Wars enl Mar 1, 1875 Co C 9th U S inf, disch Mar 1, 1880, campaigned under Gens Crooks & Dodge through Wyo Territory, stationed at Forts Hartsuff, Laramie, Fetterman, D A Russell & Robinson; during World War 1918 capt HG; IOGT; pres Loup Valley Pioneers Assn; Rep, chmn Greeley Co Central Com; res Scotia.

   McDERMOTT, EDITH SWAIN: Homemaker; b Greeley, Neb May 31, 1888; d of James R Swain-Jennie Hopper; ed Greeley HS; Mt St Mary Coll, Omaha; U of N; Alpha Omicron Pi; m John F McDermott Aug 8, 1919 Scottsbluff; s John Swain, Thomas Kevin; 1904-08 with father in law off, Greeley; 1910-18 bkkpr Greeley State Bank; Greeley Co secy ARC; pres Woman's Club, Greeley & Bloomfield; participated in Neb woman suffrage campaign; Episc Ch; Dem; res Greeley.

   McINTYRE, CHANCEY DELAY: Clerk of District Court; b Greeley Co. Neb May 22, 1889; s of DeLay McIntyre-Cynthia McKeeman; ed Wolbach HS; m Myrtle Cartwright July 23, 1909 Council Bluffs, Ia; s Dale Cecil, Donald LeRoy, Billy Dean, Wayne Keith; d Delores (Mrs O K Powell), Creda May, Theda Marie; 1908-14 bkkpr Farmers State Bank, Wolbach; 1914-26 asst cash, State Bank of Wolbach; 1926-28 cash Farmers State Bank of Scotia; 1929, hdw dlr, Ewing; 1929-38 cafe owner, Scotia; 1936- clk of dist court; Greeley Service Club; Meth Ch; Dem; father (dec) stockman came to Greeley Co in 1872, farmed 50 years; res Greeley.

   McINTYRE, WALTER EDWARD: Furniture Dealer & Undertaker; b Greeley Co, Neb Mar 20, 1893; s of Delay F McIntyre-Cynthia McKeeman; ed Wolbach HS; m Rose May Elliott May 28, 1914 Wahoo; s Verden Edward; d Zola May (Mrs Vic Grossart); 1914-20 clk in McIntyre Hdw, Wolbach; 1920-27 mgr McIntyre Hdw; 1918 became lic embalmer; 1927- owner McIntyre Hdw; 1939 owner McIntyre Furn & Undertaking, St Paul; 1934- pres Peoples State Bank, Wolbach; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; mbr sch bd, treas 2 years; 1934-35 mbr town bd; Comm Club; past secy AF&AM 292; dir Trinity English Luth Ch; Rep; father was pioneer mcht & homesteader in Nance Co 1876; res Wolbach.

   McNELIS, PATRICK: County Clerk; b Donegal Co, Ireland Sept 2, 1895; s of James McNelis-Margaret Byrne;


in Nebraska


ed Greeley; Spalding Coll; 1918-30 farmer, Greeley Co; 1930-37 mcht, Greeley; 1939- Greeley Co Clk; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; Comm Club; past pres, mbr vol fire dept since 1929; Dem; hobby, fishing; father (dec) farmed in Greeley Co 35 years; res Greeley.

   McQUILLAN, JOSEPH MICHAEL: Banker; b Kenesaw, Neb Dec 25, 1881; s of Michael McQuillan-Hannah Rachtigan; ed Heartwell; m Lucy M Hoban Jan 8, 1913 Hartwell; s John Joseph, James Michael, Michael Joseph, Bernard Leo; d Catherine, Ann Frances, Mary Grace; 1900-09 mcht, Heartwell; 1909-16 owner of plantation, Demopolis, Ala; 1916-20 asst cash Heartwell State Bank; 1920-24 real est dlr; 1924-27 asst cash First Natl Bank, Minden; 1927-30 in life ins bus, Greeley; 1930- org & pres City Natl Bank, Greeley; Amer Bankers Assn; mbr sch bd; res Greeley.

   MADDOX, JOHN VERNON: Theater Owner; b Concordia, Kas Jan 11, 1887; s of Milton Maddox-Lucienda Bell; ed Concordia Kas HS; m Louise M Mayo Apr 12, 1910 Kansas City, Mo; s Benny; d Harriett L (Mrs W H Waters); 1909-25 barber, Scotia; 1934-37 ofcr State Bank of Scotia; 1936- theater owner, Scotia; mayor since 1901; Comm Club; AF&AM 191, past master, secy since 1929; U B Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, hunting, res Scotia.

   MARCOE, MRS POLLY: Merchant; b Wolbach, Neb Sept 9, 1886; d of Francis M Cutler-Mary Bartunek; ed Wolbach; m David H Marcoe Mar 17, 1932 St Paul; 1910- mcht, Wolbach; Meth Ch; father (dec) was pioneer mcht in Wolbach & farmer in Greeley Co; res Wolbach.

   MILLER, FRANK: Hardware Dealer; b Saunders Co, Neb Feb 17, 1877; ed Clay Co; Scotia; m Ethel Cook at Scotia; s Dameron Cook, Donald Dean, Jerry R; d Vera (Mrs L P Hatch); 1899-1912 salesman in lbr yard, Scotia; 1912 with brother in hdw & undertaking bus; Comm Club; past mbr town bd 20 years; past mbr sch bd 6 years; pres Farmers Co-op Creamery 1926-30; dir State Bank of Scotia; past master AF&AM 191; RAM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Scotia.

   MILLER, HARRY LOUIS: Hardware Dealer & Mortician; b Clay Center, Neb May 27, 1885; s of Jerry J Miller-Eliza ___; ed Scotia HS; Neb Wes; m Avis Daily Apr 29, 1909 Lincoln; d Gail Elizabeth, Delores Barrett; 1891-1912 with father in hdw & undertaking bus, Scotia; 1912- with brother in hdw & undertaking bus, Scotia; 1914 became lic embalmer; 1934- pres State Bank of Scotia; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; past mbr sch bd; past clk town bd; Comm Club; AF&AM 191; Meth Ch; Rep, del to 1934 state conv; father (dec) pioneer business man of Scotia, org bus in 1891; res Scotia.

   NIELSEN, HAROLD LLOYD: Elevator Manager; b Wolbach, Neb July 3, 1902; s of Chris Nielsen-Sophia Christensen; ed Wolbach HS; m Odetta Bower August 1932 Wolbach; d Karen Lee; 1921-26 emp by Tom Christensen on ranch near Merna; 1926-36 owner truck line, Wolbach; 1936- mgr Farmers Union Co-op Elevator; secy vol fire dept; Comm Club; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, feeding hogs; father was farmer in Greeley Co 40 years; res Wolbach.

   O'MALLEY, GEORGE: Internal Revenue Collector; b Greeley, Neb Oct 15, 1881; s of Austin O'Malley-Mary Salmon; ed Greeley HS; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; m Catherine Bolin June 5, 1911 Greeley; s Lawrence Joseph, John Austin, George Raymond, Robert James; d Catherine Ann, Mary; 1895-1907 farmer, Greeley Co; 1909-10 owner news & confectionery store, Greeley; 1910-32 owner furn, hdw & undertaking bus, Greeley; 1933- collector of internal revenue for Neb; 1923-34 floor leader & speaker of house of representatives Neb legislature; 1926-33 Dem minority leader, Neb legislature; 1922-28 councilman; mbr sch bd; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; past secy-treas Neb Co-op Creameries, Inc; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; past pres of C of C; past chancellor KC, Omaha; Dem, del to natl convention in 1924, also In 1928, del to several state convs; hobby, politics; office Federal Bldg; res Omaha & Greeley.

   PAULSEN, PAUL: Creamery Manager; b Vildbjerg, Denmark May 21, 1884; s of Paul Paulsen-Marie Jeppesdatter; ed Vildbjerg, Denmark; m Alice Petersen June 11, 1919 Wolbach; s Paul Ervin; d Cotta LeVora; 1903-08 farmer in Denmark; 1909-12 butter maker in creamery, Tranekjaer, Langeland, Denmark; 1912-14 emp by Pioneer Creamery Co, Camp Point Ill; mgr Farmers Co-op Creamery, Wolbach; dir Farmers Elevator since 1921; dir People's State Bank; 1921-25, 1928-32 mbr town bd; 1927-33 mbr sch bd; Danish Brotherhood, del to natl conv Milwaukee 1919, Chicago 1939; Comm Culb; IOOF, St Paul; dir Luth Ch 6 years; Rep; hobby, farming; res Wolbach.

   ROONEY, PATRICK JOSEPH: Grain & Livestock Dealer; b Dublin, Ireland Jan 29, 1861; s of John Rooney-Ellen Archer; ed Castle Knock Dublin HS; m Eleanor Thorpe Nov 1899 O'Connor; s Harry Joseph; d Mary (Mrs Paul Van Ackeren), Helen (Mrs W J Gartland); 1882-87 farmer, Greeley Co; 1888- in livestock & feed bus, Greeley; Greeley Service Club; res Greeley.

   SCHOEMAKER, JOHN CONNOR: Merchant; b Eagle Lake, Ind Nov 29, 1865; s of Martin Schoemaker-Anna Meyer; ed Benton Co Ia; m Mary Miller Aug 28, 1889 Scotia; s Walter, Roy Oscar; d Alice Bessie; 1889-1918 farmer Greeley Co; 1918- owner & opr gen mdse store, Scotia; Greeley Co Farm Bur; past mbr town bd; past treas sch dist 52; Evang Ch, trustee since 1889; Rep; father (dec) farmed in Greeley Co 30 years; res Scotia.

   SCOTT, JESSE LEE: County Judge; b Scotia, Neb Aug 27, 1889; s of George W Scott-Mary E Gebhardt; ed Greeley HS; St Paul Bus Coll; m Catherine A Harrahill Apr 10, 1917 Central City; s James Paul; d Mary Lorraine, Catherine Ann; 1907-10 steno for father; 1911 steno for UP RR, Grand Island; 1912-13 steno for MoP RR, Omaha; 1915- Greeley Co judge; 1925 mbr sch bd; past mayor & mbr town coun; Greeley Service Club, chmn exec com; secy vol fire dept; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Greeley.

   SEMPER, FERDINAND C: Owner Meat Market; b Weissenalbern, Austria Oct 14, 1871; s of Philip Semper-Tecla Binder; ed Weissenalbern; m Teresa Kunzman May 8, 1902 Albion; s Leo, Paul, Cletus; d Pauline. (Mrs Paul Milander); 1894-1902 emp in meat market, Cedar Rapids; 1902- owner & opr meat market, Spalding; mbr town bd 8 years; Royal Arcanum; MWA; res Spalding.

   SMITH, TED SHELBY: Pharmacist; b Holbrook, Neb Dec 3, 1901; s of William E Smith-Syble Wambaugh; ed Holbrook HS; U of N. PhG 1924; Kappa Psi; mbr U of N football squad 1924; m Marjorie Mae Haskin Feb 14, 1926 Superior; s Donald Dean; d Carmen Ann; 1921-23 pharm, Superior; 1923-28 pharm, Hastings; 1929- owner & opr Ted's Drug Store, Wolbach; Neb Pharm Assn; pres Comm Club; Wolbach Golf Club; past mbr sch bd & town bd; Meth Ch; hobby, golf; father (dec) farmed in Furnas Co for 50 years; res Wolbach.

   SULLIVAN, MURT MATTHEW: Physician, Surgeon, Banker; b Spalding, Neb Oct 13, 1878; s of John H Sullivan-Jane ___; ed Spalding HS; Creighton U, BA 1899, MA 1901, MD 1903; 1904 interne Mercy Hosp, Council Bluffs Ia; 1905- prac med, Spalding; assoc phys, St Francis Hosp, Grand Island; 1919 mbr Neb St Constitutional Conv; 1920-31 editor Spalding Enterprise; 1906-07 mayor, Spalding; past pres FourCo Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Neb Bankers Assn; past mbr NPA; mbr state game, forestation & parks commission; Cedar Valley Power & irrigation Dist; during World War mbr Greeley Co examining bd; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; father (dec) came to Greeley Co 1877, org bank in Spalding, 1902; res Spalding.

   SWAIN, JENNIE M: Homemaker; b Tama Co, Ia Sept 1, 1866; d of Solomon Hopper-Ellen DeHarty; ed Smithland Ia HS; Northern Ill Collm, Fulton Ill; m James R Swain Feb 15, 1887 Sioux City Ia; d Edith M (Mrs John F McDermott), Gertrude E (Mrs Thomas W Lanigan); ch mbr Womans Club, Greeley 1892; pres Bay View Womans Club; Bird Club; head ARC work room activities during World War; 1934-35 mbr city coun; OES; Episc Ch; pres Democratic Womans Club 1896; res Greeley. I

   TAYLOR, KATE: Music Teacher; b Greeley Co, Neb; d of Michael Taylor-Mary Burke; ed Greeley HS; St Mary's Seminary; 1900-05 tchr, Greeley; 1905-09 organist, St Peters Ch & opr piano studio, Omaha; 1909- music tchr, Greeley; pres Greeley Dist Study Clubs; Amer Leg aux; hobby. gardening; father (dec) homesteaded on site of town of Greeley in 1878; res Greeley.

   TYLER, GERIT VANDERWERF: Publisher; b Winchester, Kas Dec 22, 1904; s of Harold B Tyler-Garretta Vanderwerf; ed Wood Lake HS; Neb Wes; Everett; m Muriel Stringfellow Feb 10, 1927 Oakdale; s Gerit Vanderwerf Jr, Robert Lynn; d Lois Marian, Phyllis Jean; 1925-30 with father on Ainsworth



Who's Who

Star-Journal; 1930- publisher Spalding Enterprise; Loup Valley Press Assn; NPA; ch mbr Lions, pres 1938-89; Comm Club; AF&AM 223, Ainsworth; Presby Ch; father was publisher of Ainsworth Star-Journal; res Spalding.

   VANDENBERG, LOUIS JOSEPH: Mill Proprietor; b Brady, Neb Nov 28, 1888; s of Jacob Vandenberg-Mary Sanders; ed Spalding HS; Browns Bus Coll, Lincoln; m Katherine E McGovern July 22, 1926 Kansas City Mo; d Judy Ann; 1908-18 with father in mill, Spalding; 1910- opr light plant, Spalding; 1919- opr Spalding mill; 1920- owner of Stanford Milling Co, Stanford Mont; past pres Neb Millers Assn; Comm Club; past chmn & secy Lions; MWA; dir Spalding Golf Club 1928-35; KC, Greeley; hobby, feeding cattle & hogs; father (dec) in milling bus at Spalding 17 years & at Badger 12 years; res Spalding.

   WARNER, JOSEPH FRANCIS: Stockman; b Clay Co, Neb Mar 19, 1885; s of Charles Warner-Elvina Preissler; ed Clay Co; m Julia Schley Apr 20, 1910 Schuyler; s Raymond Joseph, Harold Anthony, Robert Vincent; d Mary Margaret, Gertrude; 1910- in livestock bus; owner Warners Dairy, Greeley; 1920-29 mbr town bd; 1930- chmn Greeley Co Farm Loan Assn; Sacred Heart Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, raising purebred Polled Shorthorn cattle; father (dec) homesteaded 1871 & farmed in Clay Co; res Greeley.

   WARREN, LISLE JOHN: Manager Lumber Yard; b Tilden, Neb Dec 27, 1894; s of Giles Warren-Maizie Ryan; ed Tilden HS; m Maude Eggers July 10, 1928 Tilden; s Giles Henry; 1911-18 with father in lbr yard, Tilden; 1920-31 2nd man Chicago Lbr Co, Norfolk; 1931- mgr Chicago Lbr Co, Spalding & Wolbach; during World War in special service as machine gun instr, disch Apr 1919; adjt & past comm Amer Leg 256; mbr vol fire dept; BPOE, Norfolk; Cath Ch; res Wolbach.

   WEBER, CHRISTOPHER AUGUST: Postmaster; b Spalding, Neb Jan 4, 1896; s of Chris Weber-Katherine O'Connor; ed Spalding HS; m Helen Sullivan Nov 12, 1926 Spalding; s Christopher Robert, Richard d Betty Louise, Barbara Ann; 1915-33 with father & brother in gen mdse bus, Spalding; 1935- P M, Spalding; during World War in 34th div, 109th supply train AEF, O/S Sept 1918-June 1919, disch June 28, 1919; Jim Kissler post Amer Leg; Neb ch of Natl Assn of P Ms; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; father (dec) was in gen mdse bus in Spalding 50 years; res Spalding.

   WEINERTH, CLARENCE CASS: Superintendent of Schools; b Geneva, Neb Sept 11, 1904; s of William Wein (sic)-Julia Rock; ed Geneva HS; KSTC, BSc 1931; mbr varsity basketball team; Colo State Coll, MA 1939; Phi Delta Kappa; m Aileen Harrahill Dec 1937 Greeley; s Robert Michael; d Ann; 1922-23 prin of schs, Able; 1923-24 coach & tchr, Clarkson; 1924-28 prin & supt St Edward schs; 1928- supt of schs Greeley; NEA; NSTA; Neb St Tchrs of Speech; Greeley Civic Club; Greeley Co chmn ARC; Dem; hobby, speech work; father, ret, farmer in Fillmore Co 50 years; res Greeley.

   WILLIAMS, MEREDITH GLENN: Publisher; b Stockville, Neb June 15, 1909; s of A G Williams-Lucy Bailey; ed Stockville HS; U of N, BA 1932; mbr N Club, 3 years mbr baseball team; Delta Sigma Lambda; m Margaret Urich Dec 22, 1934 Lincoln; s Thomas Glenn; 1932-33 with Neb St highway dept; 1933- editor & publisher Scotia Register; NPA; Scotia Comm Club, pres 1938; Rep; father was engineer with Neb St highway dept; res Scotia.

   WISBY, ANDREW B: Grocer; b Warrens, Wis Nov 13, 1899; s of A N Wisby-Agatha Christensen; ed Greeley HS; U of N 1919-21; m Imogene E Horton Sept 6, 1925 Greeley; s John Andrew; d Betty Jean, Janet Louise; 1922-23 auditor United Fruit Co, Spanish Honduras; 1924-27 clk Greeley; 1928 owner & opr groc & meat market; Greeley Service Club; mbr town bd 1933-36; mbr vol fire dept since 1928; Meth Ch; hobby, athletics; res Greeley.





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