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John Starr

LetterHE history of Harlan County begins in 1870 when a party of pioneer settlers, J. W. Foster, F. A. Beizon, General Victor Vifquain and some forty other men came into the territory. It is a history of recurrent combat with drouth, blizzard and insect pests. Farming has been the sole productive industry. Sturdy homesteaders and their successors have changed a monotonous prairie to productive farms, comfortable homes and pleasant towns. Windbreaks, shade trees and orchards surround the building sites, the towns, from a distance, appear to be forests.
   Drouths and depressions come and go. The self-denying survive and steadily build a better place in which to live. Fields, once plowed with oxen, are now tilled with rubber-tired tractors. Dugouts, heated with cow-chips, have been replaced by modem homes, fueled with oil and gas.
   Any literary effort, of less bulk than an un-abridged dictionary, would slight those deserving of mention. A few anecdotes, oddities and "off the record" incidents, which may amuse and possibly instruct, are substituted.

   Furthermore, proof is of record that a local historian is without honor in Harlan County:
   Hon. Thomas Harlan, of Republican City, is hereby appointed to write up the history of Harlan County, from its first settlement and organization1"

with this rebuff:

   This Board does hereby reject the report of Thomas Harlan as being a true history of Harlan County, but will give Mr. Harlan an opportunity to correct same ... 2

   With the "Honorable" removed, and his history rejected, Mr. Harlan carried on for many years. The Omaha World-Herald, a few months back, took the last vestige of acclaim away from him, when it denied the county was named after Thomas Harlan. You may take your choice, but most oldtimers believe the county was named after him. He was here before the county was established and organized. He was the leader of the second party of settlers coming to the county in February, 1871. He evidently was the "kingpin" in the unsuccessful attempt to organize the county, following the election of July 3, 1871; for the officers elected at the second organization election, June 29, 1872, paid Mr. Harlan $75 for the county seal, supplies and records in his possession.
   Competition was keen among the early settlers for the honor of having places named after themselves. J. W. Foster was reputedly the first homesteader in the county. In August, 1870, he located on what is now known as the W. G. Haskell farm, at the southeast edge of Alma and built himself a dugout in the creek bank. In 1871, N. P. Cook, a member of the Harlan party, located on the creek just above Foster, and built himself a log cabin. Both wanted the creek named after themselves.
   The county board awarded the verdict to Cook, his argument that he had built the first frame house prevailing over Foster's, that he was there first. Further honor came to the Cook family; the townsite of Alma was so named, after a daughter of Cook's.
   Demand for building sites in Alma did not immediately arise, following its location. On July 15, 1871, months after the townsite had been laid out, Judge William Gaslin, Jr., wrote in his diary: "Camped at night near townsite of Alma on site of which is not a house."
   Two other townsites were located by members of the Foster party. Gen. Victor Vifquain, a Frenchman, went on up the river about three and one-half miles above Foster's claim, and in the autumn of 1870 located a townsite which he called "Napoleon." Vifquain was dilatory in completing the legal steps necessary to perfect the site; and, before he got any inhabitants for his paper town, Judge William Gaslin, Jr., slipped in and homesteaded the townsite in the fall of 1871.
   F. A. Beizon, another of the Foster party, with eight or ten of his friends, went on up the river still further, to about two miles west of the present site of Orleans. Here they built a stockade as a protection against the Indians and spent the winter of 1870-71. Adjacent to the stockade, they located the townsite of Melrose. Beizon, himself, gave the town impetus by opening a store. Intermittently for the next two or three years, his store was the meeting place of the county board and served as court house.
   The townsite of Republican City was not only located but platted and established on government land. Even today, an infrequent inhabitant barges into the county judge, and asks for a deed to his lot, which on the first occasion was most surprising to the judge, but strictly according to law.
   The county acquired two settlers and a creek was named by reason of an accident. Two brothers, Albert and Garvin Gould, following H. Greeley's admonition, had reached the first creek west of Republican City, and still headed west. There was no bridge, and the banks were steep. In attempting a crossing, the wagon upset, and the team broke out the wagon tongue. The wreckage was most easily salvaged upon the east bank. A financial

   1Minutes of the County Board, June 12, 1876.
   2Minutes of the County Board, April 25, 1877.




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inventory disclosed twenty-five cents in pocket. So they backed up about a half mile, and homesteaded. The farm now belongs to the Gould estate. And the creek was named Tipover.
   Another member of the Harlan party located on Turkey creek, near the north edge of Township 2, Range 17. Thomas Mullally's pioneering is perpetuated by the name given this township. It is said that until the year Al Smith ran for president, only three Republican votes had been cast in Mullally township.
   Building isn't what it used to be. In this year of 1939, school district No. 2 of Alma is completing an $85,000 school house. The plans, specifications, blueprints, etc., will fill a wheelbarrow. Furthermore, no one but the architect, the PWA engineer, and the contractor, can read them. Contrast with this the verbatim plans for the first court house:

   to be 16 ft. front by 24 ft. depth, with shingle roof, with 12 ft. ceiling; 2 doors, 2x10, 6x10; 4 windows 12 light, 12x14 glass. Building to be sided with stock boards and battened; walls finished inside with building paper and ceiling with flooring. Material in building to be pine exclusively and of best material*

   Nor is bridge building what it used to be, The last river bridge to be built in the county, in 1936, west of Orleans, cost in the neighborhood of $100,000. May 31, 1879, the county board let a contract for a bridge across the Republican south of Alma, complete and ready for grade, for the sum of $978; length of bridge 140 feet or more.
   The bonds issued to pay for this bridge were sold for ninety cents on the dollar, and drew 8 percent interest.
   Bridging the Republican river has always been a "headache." At the time of the great flood of May 31, 1935, the county had seven bridges across it. When the flood waters subsided, three were left. One, at Carter, was across a dry bed--the river had dug itself a new channel a mile away.
   Places of worship have changed. July 4, 1871 Rev. John E. Whiting, a Free Methodist minister preached the first sermon in a grove of trees near Foster's dugout. All Whiting's activities were not confined to preaching. He took a homestead on the next creek west of Tipover creek. His neighbor, on the same creek to the north, was Jacob Friday. The question before the county board was: Whiting creek or Friday creek? The answer of the board was "Methodist creek."
   Whiting was the first elected county clerk to qualify and act. He insisted on holding forth at Alma while the county board persisted in meeting at Melrose and Orleans. Whiting refused to attend and clerk the meetings of the board. After about a year of this, the board ousted Whiting in no uncertain terms:

   ...for refusing to attend the meetings of said Commissioners, and treating said Commissioners with contempt, and defiance, Therefore, he, the said Whiting, County Clerk of Harlan County, is hereby removed from said office...o*

and a warrant was given to the sheriff to take possession of all property and records belonging to the county, in Whiting's hands.
   At the next meeting of the board, the sheriff made return of the warrant, stating he was

... unable to find any of said property, and that the said Whiting told him that he might find the property if he couldÝ"

   The first church in the county was organized in Republican City, Feb. 15, 1874, and a building was started that year, but

   ... Three successive grasshopper years forestalled operations and the building remains unfinished (1876) --with a debt of $250 upon it . . . 1-2

   Tom Coffey, of Alma, trucker, probably thinks he is the first operator, aside from the railroads, to receive a license as a common carrier, in Harlan County. Not by about seventy years, Tom:

    ... An application was presented from C. Anderson and Eric Sandine asking for a license for a ferry across the Republican river on Section Line between sections 18 and 19, Town 2, Range 19, which was duly considered and it was ordered that the county clerk was authorized to give said parties a permit for running said ferry ... 1-2

   No question stumped a pioneer county board for long. On Oct. 6, 1877, the board summarily disposed of the problem of court house sanitation:

   ... The Clerk is hereby ordered to employ L. J. Schrack to erect a water closet for the county to be completed before the next term of the District Court shall meet, to be made of cottonwood at the cheapest possible rates ...

   We moderns assume that the New Deal's National Industrial Recovery Act (NRA), was the first untoward governmental interference with private business in America--a most fallacious assumption. On Jan. 28, 1874, sixty years before the New Deal, the county board of Harlan County fixed the prices which millers might charge for grinding, as follows: corn, one-fifth of the grist, or 10c per bu.; wheat, one-seventh of the grist, or 15c per bu.
   Reaction must have been immediate and forceful, for in October of the same year, the board rescinded the order.
   Many mills, operated by water power, were erected on the Republican river and its tributaries. Lewis Rifenburgh was one of the early millers. His mill was on the Prairie Dog creek, in section 35-1-19. In connection with the mill, he located a townsite, and called it Lewisburg. The township was also named Lewisburg. Soon Rifenburgh was county treasurer. He and the county board could not agree on the matter of bookkeeping, and he was forced out of office, the board demanding a sum of some $800 claimed due to the county from him. Other scandalous tales about Mr. Rifenburgh spread and it is reported he left the country precipitately. The citizens of the township felt so disgraced by the whole matter that they induced the county board to change its name to Eldorado. The town of Lewisburg never got beyond the promotional status. The Rifenburgh mill is now the home of O. B. Benson.

   *Minutes of the county board, July 25, 1874.
    o*Ý Commissioners Journal A, page 16.
    1Historical Record, Methodist Church, Republican City.
    2Minutes of County Board, July 1, 1873.


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   Every country editor claims the inalienable right to wield a trenchant pen against the county board. Evidently the editor of the Republican City News, in January of 1879, did an artistic job of this, to evoke the following retort:

   To the Citizens of Harlan County,
   Whereas, one Macmillan, editor of the Republican City News, did in the two last issues of his paper make false statements in publishing the proceedings of this board and whereas he the said Macmillan in said issues above mentioned in a false and villanious manner assailed one Will Downs, County Clerk, in regard to this board purchasing safes for this county and accused some one of making one hundred dollars thereby, which is as false as false can be. The said Downs had nothing to do with the purchase of said safes and the clerk will withhold the proceedings of this board from the editor of the Republican City News so long as he makes false statements concerning the proceedings of this board, but will furnish the proceedings to the other papers of this county.

County Commissioners.1

   The new safes arrived, and were installed, notwithstanding Editor MacMillan. It would appear, however, that the county treasurer demurred at using them as depositories for money, until:

   To James Billings, county treasurer of Harlan County:
   Sir; You are hereby ordered to withdraw all moneys belonging to the county and state which you may have in charge of as such treasurer, now on deposit in the First National Bank of Beatrice, Nebraska, or any other bank, and safely keep the same in the safes of Harlan County provided for that purpose.
   Witness our hands this 21st day of July, 1879.

County Commissioners
   Harlan County2

   The first assessment and levy for taxes was made in 1873. The assessed valuation of the county was $133,276.00. The county levies were:

General Fund, 5 mills, to raise $666.40
Poor Fund, I mill, to raise $133.28
Sinking Fund, 3 mills, to raise $399.84
Road Fund, 2 1/2c per acre.

   While in 1939, the assessed valuation of the county is $11,433,555.00, and the county levies are:

General Fund 2.17 mills, to raise $24,000
Farm Bureau .17 mills, to raise $ 2,000
County Fair .17 mills, to raise $ 2,000
Relief .91 mills, to raise $10,000
Mothers Pension .20 mills, to raise $ 2,200
Bridge .43 mills, to raise $5,000

   To make a fair comparison, it must be remembered that in 1873, property was assessed at one-fifth actual valuation, while in 1939, it is assessed at actual valuation. The actual property valuation in 1873 was therefore $666,380, and, the levies, as compared with actual valuation levies, were, general, 1 mill; poor, 1/5th mill; sinking fund, 3/5ths mill.
   Present farmers of the county recall the dust storms and drouth of 1934; and the ensuing winter when the government bought their skinny cattle or loaned them money to buy shipped in corn fodder at $20 per ton. Juge (sic) William Gaslin, Jr., tells how the first settlers and their livestock came through the winter of 1871-1872:

   . . . on the 16th of November, 1871, a terrible snowstorm set in which lasted three days and four nights. --A party of six men were caught on the divide between Republican and Solomon rivers and five of them perished.--The snow was deep and the weather very cold most of the time in the latter part of February, 1872. Mrs. Brown had a herd of 750 head of cattle and all perished but 55--The Coad brothers hauled meal, corn and grain from Grand Island, and yet lost one-half of a herd of nice cattle. . . .

   As this is being written, in the autumn of 1939, Nebraska's governor is in Washington, D. C., pleading for more federal money for the relief of the drouth-stricken areas of Nebraska, of which Harlan County is one of the "most strickenest." Sixty years-ago, a governor was busying himself about relief:

                                          Lincoln, Sept. 8, 1880.
    Hon. V. B. Beern,
   Chairman, Board of
   County Commissioners,
   Harlan County, Nebr.
   Dear Sir:
   From advices received at this office I learn that there is likely to be some suffering among your people if aid is not extended.
   Are you as a county able to look after those who may be destitute?
   Trusting that you will investigate this matter carefully and write us at an early date as possible.

      I remain respectfully,
            ALBINUS NANCE

   The reply:
                                            Sept. 24, 1880.
   His Excellency,
   Albinus Nance,
   Dear Sir:
   In answer to yours of the 8th inst. to Hon. V. B. Beern, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Harlan County, Nebraska.
   I am directed by the county commissioners of said county to inform you that there are many destitute in our county at the present time and with the number already forced upon the bounty of the county. and with additions to the numbers every day and under the present outlook our county will not be able to take care of the poor, as her resources are already taxed to the utmost and that aid and relief is very much desired.
      I am, Sir,
          Yours most respectfully,
               WILL DOWNS
                          County Clerk.

   Let it be recorded that it was neither the state nor the United States that came to the rescue but a soulless private corporation, the Republican Valley Railroad company, predecessor of the C., B. & Q. railroad. Every settler in the valley, single-handed or with team, was given a job, as the railroad built its line on west through the valley to the Colorado line.

   1Commissioner's Journal A, page 160.
   2Commissioner's Journal A, page 175.



Who's Who

   ACHEN, JESSE EARL: Grocer; b Alma, Neb Jan 28, 1886; s of Charles Wesley Achen-Laura Alice Hoffman, ed Alma HS; m Edith Maude Russell March 24, 1910 Alma: s Leonard Earl; after leaving sch farmed with father, Harlan Co; 1909-16 Harlan Co farmer; 1916-24 RFD mail carrier, Republican City; 1924-28 emp by Vern Cassell in groc & market; 1828-30 ptr of O R Cassell owner & opr groc & market; 1930- owner & opr Achens Market, Alma; mbr Republican City village bd; past mbr rural sch bd: Republican City Comml Club; MWA; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, mechanics; res Alma.

   ALTER, CHARLES ERNEST: Lumber Dealer; b Mount Pleasant, Ia Oct 14, 1883; s of Josephus Alter-Julia Stevenson; ed Alma HS; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; U of N, LLB 1904; m Margaret Mae Druliner Dec 28, 1905 Alma; s Joe Ernest; d Marjorie (Mrs Everett M Hunt); Nola Pauline (Mrs Robert K Scott); until entering U of N worked with father who estab lbr co in Alma 1889; 1904-24 ptr of father, in Alter Lbr Co; 1924-29 ptr of John H vonSteen in Alter-vonSteen Lbr & Supply. Co; 1929- owner & opr Alter Lbr & Supply Co; past mayor of Alma; pres city coun; past mbr sch bd; 1933-35 NIRA code authority; Neb St Bar Assn; past pres Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; dir C of C, past pres; pres South Platte United C of C; ch mbr & dir Lions; Alma Golf Assn,ch mbr Uni Club, Lincoln; Neb Veteran Free Masons Assn; past master AF&AM 116; past high priest RAM; KT, Holdrege; Sesostris Shrine; Meth Ch; Rep; chmn Harlan Co Central Com several years, potential candidate for gov; hobbies, golf & politics; res Alma.

   AULT, LEWIS ABRAHAM: Retired; b Girard, Ill June 7, 1878; s of Andrew Jackson Ault-Maria Blocher; ed Gage Co; m Minnie Witzenberg Nov 6, 1901 Gage Co; s Maurice Ira, Onnie, Willard Woodrow; because of father's illness left sch at 12 years of age to help support family; 1904-10 farmed in Gage Co; 1910-16 farmed in Harlan Co; 1916-24 farmed near Alma, also raised purebred Duroc Jersey hogs & purebred Shorthorn cattle; 1925-29 owner & opr Chevrolet agcy, Alma; 1929-39 owner gas & oil bus; 1939- ret; dir & ch mbr Co-op Oil Co, Alma; 1927-29 Harlan Co supvr; C of C; YEO; AOUW, mbr since 1898; Rep; hobbies, hunting & bowling; res Alma.

   AUSTIN, GEORGE SMITH: Insurance Agent & Manager Credit Association; b Dwight, Ill Mar 31, 1880: s of James Byron Austin-Annetta Boyer; ed Wilsonville HS; LBC; m Bessie Irene Claypool June 22, 1904 Orleans; s George Smith, James Byron, Benjamin Randall; d Frances Elizabeth, Elsie Janis; 1899-1900 solicitor in SW Neb & NW Kas for Mallory Commission Co; 1900-15 owner & opr Austin Grain Elevator, Orleans, also coal & livestock dlr; 1915-18 pres State Bank of Orleans; 1919-20 representative from Harlan Co to constitutional conv, Lincoln; 1921-29 dlr in farm properties & farmer, Harlan Co; 1929-32 receiver for Neb St banking dept; 1932-33 bank receiver for US govt in eastern Neb; 1934- mgr, secy-treas Orleans Co-op Credit Assn; past mbr city coun; past mayor; past city treas; city clk; Orleans twp treas; past pres sch bd; treas Comml Club; treas & past pres Rotary; past master AF&AM 60; Scot Rite, Lincoln; Rep; hobbies, hunting & reading; res Orleans.

   BANKS, ARVILLE GRANT: Farmer; b Salem, Ind Feb 5, 1868; s of George William Banks-Weltha Gilstrap; ed Milford HS 1888; m Sara Elsie Schlachter March 14, 1899 Milford; s Miles Standish, Robert Arville; d Vera Irene (Mrs John F Clouse), Dorothy Evelyn (Mrs G T Furse), Betty Elizabeth (Mrs Merlin Calkins); 1888-91 tchr, Seward Co; 1891-96 emp by gen merc store, Trumbull; 1896-1905 farmed & raised livestock, Seward Co; 1905-20 farmed & raised livestock, Harlan Co; 1920-37 opr Farmers Co-op Elevator, Alma & mgr 480 A farm, Harlan Co; 1937- ret from elevator, mgr 800 A farm land; past mbr dist 6 sch bd; past mbr Alma sch bd; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, football; res Alma.

   BARBER, JOHN ROBERT: Lumber Dealer; b Inavale, Neb March 1, 1884; s of Charles Henry Barber- Anna Kathrina Wilhelmson; ed Almena, Kas; m Alice Edith Snider Apr 4, 1906 Concordia Kas; d Florice (dec), Ruth Lucille; after leaving sch farmed with father at Almena Kas until 1906; 1906-18 indep farmer; 1918-19 emp by Foster Lbr Co, Concordia Kas; 1919-22 mgr lbr yard for Foster Lbr Co, Sheridan Lake Colo; 1922- mgr lbr yard for Foster Lbr CO, Republican City; asst chief vol fire dept, 14 years; secy ARC; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Central Neb Vol Firemens Assn; Comml Club, pres; South Platte United C of C; MWA; IOOF; Dem; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Republican City.

   BARTLETT, WILLIAM CLARENCE: Physician & Surgeon; b Centerville, Ia Jan 7, 1878; s of Abner Matthew Bartlett-Julia Ann Wright; ed Stafford Co Kas; normal sch, Great Bend Kas; Kas Wes, Salina; Central Med Coll, St Joseph Mo, MD 1904- prac med, Alma; also has farm ints, past mbr sch bd: mbr city coun; local surg, CB&Q RR; during World War ent US army med corps as 1st lt Oct 1917, commd capt May 1918, stationed base hosp, Fort Riley Kas, disch April 1919; Amer Leg 118, past post comm, past co comm; AF&AM 116; RAM 59; secy Harlan Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Dem, dist del to natl conv, Houston Texas 1928; hobby, fishing; res Alma.

   BLUM, WILLIAM: Farmer & Stockman; b Harlan Co, Neb March 4, 1874; s of Carl Blum-Anna Mary Bartel; ed Alma; m Lillie White Sept 28, 1889 Harlan Co: s Glenn, G Harold; d Leta (Mrs Ralph Arnold), Irene (Mrs Merle Scoles), Dorothy (Mrs Walter Dixon); m Bessie Esther Gibson Myers Sept 8, 1938 Russell, Kas; step d Evelyn Leon (Mrs Orville Skiles), Margaret Carolyn (Mrs Robert Cain), Irene (Mrs Joseph Snyder), Bonnie June, Elizabeth Joan; 1896- farmer Harlan Co, with 2 sons owner & opr 1800 A, raises cattle & hogs on large scale; pres of bd, Farmers Co-op Elevator; Evang Ch; Dem; father came from Germany when 21 years of age & settled in Wis, 1871 came to Harlan Co, & homesteaded; res Alma.

   BOEHLER, JOSEPH JOHN: Farmer & Stockman; b Beatrice, Neb Jan 8, 1879; s of Conrad Boehler- Amelia Spittly; ed Cath parochial sch, Beatrice; m Etta Fuller May 13, 1914 Minden: s Conrad, John; d Margaret, Joanne; 1893 came with parents to Harlan Co; 1903- owner & opr farm, mgr 7 other farms belonging to Boehler est; raises livestock, Harlan Co; 1909-11 dep state game warden; 1911-14 in real est bus & dep sheriff, Harlan Co; chmn Harlan Co Jones-Bankhead farm purchase com; mbr advisory com on fed farm grants & loans; fed feed & seed loan commission; water facilities com, Harlan Co; Harlan Co land use com; mbr State Safety Coun; state planning bd; past mbr Harlan Co Fair bd 27 years; Cath Ch; Dem, chmn Harlan Co Central Com, mbr exec com of State Central Com; hobbies, reading congressional records & famous speeches; father came to Harlan Co in 1893 & farmed west of Alma; res Orleans.

   BOOHER, NELLE SARAH: County Superintendent of Schools; b Persia, Ia Aug 18, 1893; d of John Baxter Booher-Ruth Harris; ed Alma HS 1912; KSTC, BA 1823, mbr debate team; Columbia U, MA 1927; 1906 came with parents to Harlan Co; 1912-14 rural sch tchr, Harlan Co; 1914-16 tchr, Republican City grade sch; 1918-19 tchr in grade & HS Bratton Union consolidated sch, Humboldt; 1919-21 supt of schs, Arcadia; 1921-23 prin HS, Republican City; 1923-33 prin HS, Central City; 1933-36 substitute tchr, Franklin Co; 1935- Harlan Co supt of schs; NSTA; NEA; Neb Womens Ednl Club; Federated Womans Club; Meth Ch, recording steward, supt jr dept; hobbies, SS work, religious edn, patrons clubs in rural schs; res Republican City.

   BROWN, OSCAR THOMAS: Retired; b Lafayette, Wis March 25, 1864; s of Hayes Brown-Lyda Way; ed Ia; m Mae Boicourt Jan 11, 1894 Minden; d Leona, Florence, Mildred; 1884 came with parents to Minden; 1893-1903 in restaurant bus, Minden & Wilcox; 1905-06 in furn bus, Cambridge; 1906-26 furn & undertaking bus, Orleans; 1926- owner 107 A farm land, Orleans; mgr farms & other property; lic mortician; past mbr sch bd; past mbr village bd; mayor; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, farming & gardening; res Orleans.

   CALLAWAY, DAVID WILLIAM: Farmer & Stockman; b Alma, Neb Apr 9, 1890; s of James R Callaway-Ida M Day; ed Alma; m Nora Pearl Stevenson March 18, 1914 Alma; s Merle Wesley; after leaving HS farmed with father in Harlan Co; 1914-18 indep farmer; Harlan Co; 1918- owner 760 A land & opr 1000 A; raises comml hogs, cattle & horses; mbr Farmers Co-op Elevator & Co-op Oil Co of Alma since orgn; Chris Ch; Dem; hobbies, travel, reading, good livestock; res Alma.

   CARRAHER, LEO BERNARD: Banker; b Newman Grove, Neb July 22, 1891; s of Justus Patrick Carraher-Catherine Cunningham; ed LaJunta Colo HS; m Susan Belle Holliday June 20, 1917 Alma; s Charles Ed-


in Nebraska


win; d Elizabeth Joan; 1908-12 bkkpr, Stamford Bank, 1912-19 cash, bkkpr & stockholder, 1919 cash & mgr; chmn town bd, mbr 16 years; past mbr sch bd 12 years; helped org Beaver-Sappa Irrigation Project, secy; South Platte United C of C, mbr of com sent to Washington D C in ints of irrigation in Republican River Valley; past pres C of C; KC, Orleans; Cath Ch; Dem; res Stamford.

   CAYTON, WILLIAM OREAR: Merchant; b Nevada, Mo Sept 2, 1894; s of Samuel Price Cayton-Nancy Elizabeth Orear; ed Bunceton Mo HS 1911; Central Coll, Fayette Mo; m Mildred Irene Sennett Nov 25, 1931 Sedalia Mo; 1914-16 emp by Bank of Longwood, Longwood Mo; 1916-18 emp by T B McKnight Merc Co, California Mo; 1919-20 traveling representative for Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co, Sedalia Mo; 1920-24 emp by various retail dry-goods Cos, central & southern Mo; 1924- with J C Penney Co, mgr since 1929; ent U S army April 1918 stationed at Ames Ia, Columbia S C, Spartanburg S C & Louisville Ky; disch Dec 1918; C of C; Alma Golf Assn; AF&AM 116; Dem; hobby, golf; res Alma.

   CLARK, EMMET LE ROY: Retired; b Erie City, Penn Sept 16, 1857; s of William James Clark-Harriett Viers; ed Penn; m Adga Ann Olson Dec 8, 1890 Red Cloud; s Okey, Emmet Young; d Marie (dec); first with drug bus as clk in H P Duffield Drug Co, Shenandoah Ia; 1877-88 emp in P A Williams Drug Store, Riverton; 1888-1921 owner & opr Clark Drug Store, Ragan; 1921- ret; only surviving pioneer bus man in Ragan; owner 160 A near Ragan; past mayor; past mbr village bd; past mbr Neb Pharm Assn; past noble grand IOOF 374; Dem; hobby, home; after Civil War in which father served 4 years in Union Army, family moved to Raymond Ill, Shenandoah Ia and later to Colo where father homesteaded on present site of Fort Collins; moved to Cheyenne Wyo and later to Black Hills S D where they joined a company of soldiers & helped build flume for Homestake mine, still in oprn; res Ragan.

   COFFEY, J THOMAS: Owner Transfer Co; b Oxford, Neb June 12, 1907; s of Benjamin Franklin Coffey- Clara Louise Smith; ed Stamford HS 1925; Hastings Coll 1925-28; Gamma Gamma Gamma; m Zelma Theola Kemper Dec 25, 1931 Alma; d Margaret Lucille, Marilyn June; 1928-29 emp by various firms in Neb & Ia; 1929-32 owner & opr Coffeys Transfer Co, Stamford; 1932- owner & opr Coffeys Transfer Co, Alma; secy Harlan Co Trackers Assn; dir Neb Comml Truckers Assn; C of C, secy; AF&AM 116; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, photography & golf; res Alma.

   DANLY, BERT CUNNINGHAM: Agricultural Extension Agent; b Axtell, Neb Aug 16, 1886; s of George Ernest Danly-Sarah Elizabeth Seacrest; ed Axtell HS 1903; KSTC, BE 1908; U of N, BSc 1913; Chicago Law Sch. LLB 1918; Alpha Zeta; m Grace Estella Moore July 18, 1925 Middlefield O; s Robert George, Herbert Arthur; d Marjorie Louise; 1903-06 worked with father on farm, Kearney Co; 1910 supt of schs Eddyville; 1913-14 agr tchr York HS, introduced Smith-Hughes system; 1914-17 farmed with brother at Axtell; 1917-18 extn agronomist, U of N; 1918-24 with brother farmed in Kearney Co; 1924-25 supvr of agrl census for 4th census dist of Neb; 1925-33 farmer, Kearney; August 1933 asst agrl agt, Buffalo Co; 1933- agrl agt, Harlan Co judge of agrl exhibits at state fair 6 years; helped judge agrl exhibits at many co fairs; past mbr sch bd, Buffalo Co; past treas, Center twp, Buffalo Co; supvr 4-H Club work; life mbr Farm Bur; Neb Assn of Co Agrl Agts; past pres Neb Crop Growers Assn 6 years; C of C; Meth Ch; hobby, photography; res Alma.

   DANLY, MRS GRACE ESTELLA MOORE: Homemaker; b Burton, O Aug 17, 1893; d of Alba DeLance Moore-Emma Bartholomew; ed Burton O HS 1911; Ohio U, Athens, BSc 1917; Cornell U; grad Chautauqua reading course; m Bert Cunningham Danly July 18, 1925 Ravenna O; s Robert George, Herbert Arthur; d Marjorie Louise; 1911-15 primary tchr Welshfield O; 1917-25 home economics tchr, Warren O HS; 1925- homemaker; Federated Womans Club, dist treas 1936-38; pres 1938 Federated Womens Club; past pres Heap-o-living Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, home economics; res Alma.

   DUNLAP, REUBEN GEORGE: Auto Dealer; b Dawson Co, Neb Sept 11, 1889; s of Samuel Carothers Dunlap-Mary James; ed Hastings HS 1909; Hastings Coll, BSc 1916; Mich U; m Mildred E Porter Nov 6, 1915 Fairmont; s Kenneth Porter; d Jean Elizabeth; 1911-13 tchr, Fairmont schs; 1914-15 prin & athletic coach, Sidney HS; 1915-16 supt & athletic coach, Kenesaw; 1917-18 Ford dlr, Oxford; 1919- Ford dlr, Alma; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn: past VP & pres C of C; AF&AM 116; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, growing flowers & trees; res Alma.

   EGELSTON, MRS ELIZABETH JANE: Librarian; b Millwood, O July 28, 1873; d of Thomas Furse-Mary Jane Sandercock; ed Alma HS 1892; m Henry Jay Egelston Apr 28, 1897 Alma (dec 1927); s Horace Jay, Joshua Worth (dec 1925); 1897- homemaker; 1927- librarian at pub lib, Alma; Neb Lib Assn; past worthy matron OES; Chris Ch; Rep; hobbies, needlework & work with children; res Alma.

   EGELSTON, HORACE JAY: Jeweler; b Alma, Neb Mar 20, 1901; s of Henry Jay Egelston-Elizabeth Jane Furse; ed Alma HS 1920; U of N, BSc 1926; m Lorine H Eggers Aug 5, 1935 Council Bluffs Ia; d Phyllis Jane; 1926-31 with Graybar Electric Co, Omaha; 1931-34 installed automatic tele offs in Neb, Ia & S D for Western Electric Co; 1934-35 emp by H M Dayton, Jeweler, Alma; 1935- owner & opr jewelery store, Alma; pres Lions; Chris Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Alma.

   EVERSON, PHILLIP METZGER: Beverage Dealer; b Harlan Co, Neb Nov 19, 1874; s of John L Everson- Elizabeth Metzger; ed Alma HS; m Mabel Mitchell Dec 25, 1899 Alma (dec); s John Mitchell, William Gaylord, Phillip Metzger; d Elizabeth (Mrs Paul Seyler), Jane (Mrs Virgil Malone); 1889-94 appr druggist with B M Simms, Alma; 1894 became registered pharm; 1894-95 pharm for B M Simms; 1895-97 pharm for H D Ferguson; 1897-1906 owner & opr drug store, Wilcox; 1906-08 asst cash WilCox Exchange Bank; 1908-19 with brother owned Bank of Alma, pres; 1909-18 real est dlr; 1919-21 owner & opr cattle ranch, Dawes Co; 1922-26 ptr in Everson Oil Co predecessor of Alma Oil Co; 1926-33 bottler carbonated beverages; 1933- owner & opr wholesale & retail beer bus, Alma, also int in oil bus; C of C, Hastings; FOE, Hastings; MWA; Dem; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Alma.

   FEESE, JESSE Z: Sheriff; b Shamokin, Penn July 6, 1888; s of Uriah D Feese-Elizabeth Zerbe; ed Alma; m Lucy Violet McCollum 1911 Alma; s Jesse Reed; d Frances Lucille; 1904-08 in gen construction work, Neb; 1908-09 bridge construction work for CB&Q RR; 1909-16 emp by Internatl Harvester Co; 1916-19 emp by John Day Rubber Co, Omaha; 1919-26 emp by Alma light plant; 1926-30 emp by Cudahy Packing Co, Alma; 1931- Harlan Co sheriff; Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; AF&AM 116; Dem; hobby, mechanics; res Alma.

   FLAMMANG, ALPHONS CLEMENT: Farmer & Dairyman; b St Donatus, Ia Feb 6, 1878; s of Nicholas Flammang-Mary Niemann; ed St Donotus, Ia; m Christine Wolbers Jan 9, 1901 Otter Creek Ia; s Arthur, Harold, Joseph; d Eleanor (Mrs William Grime), Bertha (Mrs Ford McCoy), Genevieve, Elverna, Magdelena, Mildred; 1900- farmer, Harlan Co, first lived in sod house; owner & opr 320 A farm, several years specialized in purebred Spotted Poland China hogs, now specializes in Holstein dairy cattle; past mbr dist 4 sch bd; 19 years dir Farmers Equity Co-op Creamery Assn, Orleans; past dir Stamford Bank; KC; St Mary's Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, travel, reading; res Orleans.

   FLAMMANG, JOSEPH: Farmer & Stockman; b St Donatus, Ia June 20, 1874; s of Nicholas Flammang- Mary Niemann; ed St Donatus Ia; m Mary Ann Eltz Oct 26, 1897 Assumption; s Harry Louis, Clarence, Alfred L, Walter Joseph; d Margaret (Mrs Harold Baltes, dec), Agnes (Mrs Carl Brackman), Regina (Mrs James Schumacher), Louise; 1895 came from Ia to Harlan Co; 1896- farmer, Harlan Co; owner 560 A of land. raises purebred Poland China & Hampshire hogs, Hereford cattle; owner 250 A irrigated land near Gering: VP Stamford Bank; Stamford C of C; KC; St Mary's Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, travel; res Orleans.

   FORBES, HARRY ALFRED: Clerk of District Court; b Republican City, Neb Nov 19, 1899; s of Odo J Forbes-Ida Elizabeth Woolman; ed Alma HS 1917; m Faye Marie Achen Sept 14, 1935 Holdrege; while in HS ptr of father in raising purebred Poland China hogs & farming, Harlan Co; 1917-24 ptr of father; 1928- elec clerk of dist court; 1930-35 ptr of brother in farming & raising livestock; 1932 raises registered Hereford cattle, Prince Domino-Mischief strains, original stock came from Mousel Broth-



Who's Who

ers & Miles E Cadwallader herds; Neb Hereford Breeders Assn: Amer Hereford Assn; C of C; MWA, Republican City; Rep; hobbles, registered Hereford cattle, farming; res Alma.

   FOWLER, WARREN B: Banker; b Pacific Junction, Ia Mar 28, 1902; s of Wilbur Curtis Fowler-Rachel Elizabeth Jones; ed Alma HS 1920; Hastings Bus Coll; m Anna Gertrude Medinger Feb 19, 1922 Alma; d Elizabeth Joan; after finishing bus coll emp 5 mos by J C Sealey Dry Goods & Clothing Store, Alma; 1921- with Harlan Co Bank at Alma, 1921-37 asst cash & bkkpr, 1937- cash & in charge of loan dept; city clk; dir C of C; Lions; Alma Golf Assn; KC; St Joseph's Cath Ch; Dem; hobbles, fishing, golf; res Alma.

   FURSE, HARRY CORY: Publisher; b Millwood, O June 8, 1875; s of Thomas Furse-Mary Jane Sandercock; ed Alma HS 1888: m Bertha Evelyn Dow June 8, 1898 Alma; s Merle Dow, Harry Garold, Ronald Roy, Gersham Thomas, Wesley Dean, Hubert Cory; d Hope (Mrs Aubrey A Carlson); 1888-89 emp by E E Brown, publisher of Alma Tribune; 1889-96 emp by E J Mock, publisher Alma Record; 1896-99 with brother owner & opr Alma Record; 1899-1905 owner & opr Alma Record; 1905 sold Record to E H Batty; 1907- Publisher Harlan Co Journal; July 1, 1925 pur Alma Record & combined it with Harlan Co Journal; 1914-18, 1934-37 P M of Alma, resigned because of ill health: past city clk: past city treas; past clk & treas of Alma twp; NPA, MWA; IOOF 81; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Alma.

   FURSE, MERLE DOW: Assistant Publisher; b Alma, Neb Aug 30, 1899; s of Harry Cory Furse-Bertha Evelyn Dow; ed Alma HS; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Thelma Wood July 28, 1923 Alma; d Jo Ann, Dorothy Gail; while in HS learned printing trade from father, publisher of Harlan Co Journal; 1923-28 owner & publisher Wilcox Herald, Wilcox; 1928-29 with father in Harlan Co Journal; 1929-33 with brother Ronald owner & publisher Florence Fontanelle and Minne Lusa Review, Omaha; 1933-36 owner & publisher Milligan Review, Milligan; 1936-37 owner & opr job printing shop, Brush Colo; 1937- asst publisher HarIan Co Journal; during World War was called in draft 1918, vol in place of married man, meanwhile Armistice signed; MWA; KP, Milligan; Chris Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Alma.

   FURSE, WILLIAM JOHN: Land Owner & Investor; b Millwood, O Aug 20, 1871; s of Thomas Furse-Mary Jane Sandercock; ed Ohio; Franklin; Kas Wes Bus Coll & Kas Wes U, Salina, 13A 1910; m Bertha Ellen Repath Apr 11, 1893 Lake City Colo; s Dudley Repath; d Gladys Marie (Mrs Lee W Fitzpatrick): 1887- 89 printers appr with Loren Chapman, Alma; 1889-91 emp by various printers in Denver Colo; 1891-93 ptr of O H Knight, publisher Lake City Colo Times; 1893-99 with father oprd shoe store at Alma, feature writer for various newspapers; 1899 ofcl court reporter for Judge E L Adams; 1907-09 court reporter for Judge Harry S Dungan; 1907 adm to Neb bar; 1909-11 priv secy to Gov A C Shallenberger; 1911-12 mbr Neb St railway commission; 1910 adm to prac in dist & circuit courts of U S; 1912-18 stockholder & VP Harlan Co Bank; 1918 sold int in bank; 1918- priv investor & mgr farm lands; during World War chmn coun of defense & Liberty Loan drives, Harlan Co; Denver Typographical Union 49; AF&AM 116; RAM 59; Dem: hobbies, fishing, travel, home; res Alma.

   GARDNER, ALBERT JOHNSTON: Physician & Surgeon; b Brookfield, Mo Apr 28, 1873; s of Johnston C Gardner-Elizabeth Jane Spivey; ed Brookfield Mo Acad; U of Mich; Washington U, St Louis Mo, MD 1901; Western Reserve U, Cleveland O; U of Penn; Nu Sigma Nu; m Nelle Gertrude Fort June 24, 1905 Red Cloud; s Albert Fort; while in acad assisted father in art studio, Brookfield Mo; 1894-96 emp by Eagle Whol Hdw & Pottery Supply House, East Liverpool O; 1901-02 prac med, St Joseph Mo; 1902- 06 surg & examiner for CB&Q RR at St Joseph Mo, Alliance & Wymore; 1906- prac med Orleans; lic to prac in Mo, Ind & Neb; local surg & examiner for CB&Q RR; city phys; past mbr Orleans sch bd; past mbr Orleans first lib bd; past mbr Neb St & AMA; past chmn Harlan Co ARC; mbr Mo NG 1889-94: chmn Harlan Co CMTC; capt MORC; past pres C of C; org and past pres Rotary; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, nature study, study of social problems & a better ethics, sports; res Orleans.

   GEHLEY, EDWARD FRANCIS: Farmer & Stockman; b Orleans, Neb Mar 18, 1888; s of George Francis Gehley-Anna Mary Sheppel; ed Harlan Co; m Amelia Elizabeth Willy Nov 26, 1912 Orleans; s Lawrence Edward, Charles William, George Francis; d Genevieve Eleanor; as young man assisted father on farm; 1913- farmer, Harlan Co; 1932 dir Harlan Co Fair Assn, pres since 1933; in chg of first 4-H Club com in Harlan Co; past road overseer, Orleans twp, 8 years; Farmers Equity Co-op Creamery Assn; Comm Club; KC; St Mary's Cath Ch; Dem hobby, mechanics; father came from Fort Madison Ia to Harlan Co 1871, homesteaded near Orleans; res Orleans.

   HAHN, JOHN EDWARD: Clergyman; b Easton, Penn Mar 7, 1877; s of T L Hahn-Mary Mattes; ed Easton Penn; Johns Coll, Brooklyn N Y; Saint Mary's Seminary, Baltimore Md; 1904 ordained at Baltimore Md; 1904-08 pastor of Saint Joseph's Church, Paul Neb; 1908-09 pastor Saint Mary's Ch, Orleans; 1909-10 pastor Saint Mary's Ch Nebraska City, estab Saint Bernard's Acad; 1910- pastor Saint Mary's Cath Ch, Orleans, dean of Orleans deanery; 1932 was made Monsignor; 1919 built Saint Mary's Sch, Orleans; instrumental in development of Cath Ch in SW Neb; mbr of bishops coun, Lincoln; helped org Rotary Club in Orleans; KC; hobby, mechanics; res Orleans.

   HAMMOND, ARCHIE VERNON: Merchant; b Edison, Neb June 26, 1890; s of Lyman Franklin Hammond-Sarah Elley; ed Stamford HS; U of Ark, prep sch & coll; m Grace Leota Holliday Apr, 1913 Alma; s Jean Franklin, Darrell Elton; d Marilyn Jane; 1912-17 traveling representative for Johnson Fruit Co. Holdrege; 1917-22 asst cash, Stamford Bank; 1921-27 ptr of brother in groc & meat market, Norton Kas; 1926-28, with brother owner & opr Hammond Bros Coffee Co, Pueblo Colo; 1929- with brother owner & opr gen mdse store, Stamford; mbr sch bd several years; past pres C of C; Rep; hobby, golf; res Stamford.

   HAMMOND, LYMAN ALFRED: Merchant; b Stamford, Neb July 5, 1898; s of Lyman Franklin Hammond- Sarah Elley; ed Stamford HS 1915; m Mildred Helen Johnson May 8, 1921 Stamford; s Dean F; 1915-17 emp by Dave Elder in garage & light plant, Stamford; 1917-20 emp by Oscar Anderson as clk in gen store, Stamford; 1920-21 with father oprd Farmers Co-op Mete store, Stamford; 1921-26 with brother in groc & meat market, Norton Kas; 1926-28 with brother owner & opr Hammond Bros Coffee Co, Pueblo Colo; 1929- with brother owner & opr gen mdse store, Stamford; past mayor; past mbr town bd; C of C, dir; Chris Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golf; res Stamford.

   HANSON, OLAF: Creamery Manager; b Slagelse, Denmark Sept 2, 1883; s of Ole Hanson-Johanne Jespersen; ed Denmark; m Lillian Bankson 1917 Sioux City Ia; d Gloria Angeline; came to Amer 1904, became Amer citizen 1910; 1904-10 emp by Farmers Co-op Creamery, Pipestone Minn; 1910-12 emp by Blue Valley Creamery, Sioux City Ia; 1912-19 emp by Fairmont Creamery, Omaha; 1919-mgr Farmers Equity Co-op Creamery Assn, Orleans, largest co-op creamery in the world; 1926- mgr Farmers Equity Co-op Creamery Assn, Denver subsidiary; Mfrs Assn of Colo; Comm Club; BPOE 159; AF&AM 60; Presby Ch; Indep; hobbies, playing bridge, mechanical work; res Orleans.

   HASKELL, WILLIAM GASLIN: Bank Vice-President; b Alma, Neb Apr 20, 1912; s of William Greenlief Haskell-Bertha Estelle Friend; ed Alma HS 1929; Drake U; U of N; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; 1929-30 while in U of N worked in state banking dept under A C ShaIlenberger; 1933-39 asst cash Harlan Co Bank at Alma: 1939- VP & chmn bd of dir; Chris Ch; Rep; 1936-37 treas Neb Y R Club. 1938 VP congl dist 4; past pres C of C; hobby, movie photography; father came from Augusta Maine to Harlan Co 1881, lived with William Gaslin, pioneer & dist judge; res Alma.

   HASKINS, MRS ALICE HAWLEY: Homemaker; b Phillips Co, Kas Jan 6, 1899; d of Rozo DeLeo Hawley-Mattie Anna Mitchell; ed St Francis Kas HS 1917; Whittier Cal Coll, BA 1924, pres YWCA 1922-23; m Raymond Lee Haskins Dec 19, 1926 Whittier Cal; 1917-19 tchr, Cheyenne Co Kas; 1920-21 emp by First Natl Bank, St Francis Kas; 1922-26 emp in First Natl Bank of Whittier Cal; 1926- homemaker; 1924-26 pres Whittier Cal B&PW; 1924-26 Girl Res adviser, Whittier Cal; 1936 Harlan Co project work chmn; 1929- helped org Comm Players, dir; trustee Neb Farm Bur Fedn; 1926-29 guardian Campfire Girls; Rep Valley Turkey Growers Assn; Better Homes Project Club; Rural Youth; OES, McDonald Kas; IMP Social Club; Meth Ch.


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