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B. H. Bracken and I. M. Thomson

Letterhen the territory that now comprises Kearney County was first explored it was inhabited by the Pawnee Indians, and the United States government received title to the land by treaty and deed, signed by the Indian chiefs. In the main its history can be truthfully said to be similar to that of most other counties in this state. In 1835 Col. Henry Dodge of the United States army was detailed with 117 men to make a tour of the Platte valley. John C. Fremont with Kit Carson, as guide, on his first expedition of exploration through this territory, arrived at a point where he encamped on the evening of June 27, 1842, according to records found in his diary, which must have been approximately where Fort Childs, later named Fort Kearny, was established by act of congress in 1846. This was on the route which the Mormons traveled to Utah in 1847 and the gold seekers to California two years later.
   The Oregon Trail also passed through and crossed the Platte river at about this point. The first settlement in what later became Kearney County can therefore be traced to the establishing of Fort Kearny. The fort was discontinued by order of the war department May 22, 1871. Fort Kearny Military Reservation was set off by President Polk in an order dated Jan. 18, 1849. Ten miles square, it was ordered opened for sale to settlers by act of congress in 1876. It is not recorded that there ever was an attack on the fort by Indians but the service rendered to untold numbers of travelers passing on their way to the west and northwest was of great importance. The great trees that are still growing there are authentically said to have been planted in 1848.
   In 1872 Moses H. Sydenham platted the northwest quarter of Section 30, Township 8, Range 15. This was two miles west of Fort Kearny. He called it Centoria, as it was the approximate center of the United States. He published a weekly newspaper, called "The Central Star," through which he advocated the removal of the United States Capital from Washington, D. C., to Centoria. The paper was continued for two years.
   Kearney County was formed by an act of the territorial legislature of Nebraska, June 10, 1860. Kearney City, commonly called Doby Town, was considered the county seat. Records of any legal transactions are very meager. Deed book No. 1 was started by J. M. Pyper on Sept. 1, 1862.
   May 7, 1872, acting Governor W. H. James, in response to a petition signed by residents of the unorganized county, issued an order for an election to be held at the town of Lowell on June 17, 1872, at which thirty-one ballots were cast. The vote for location of the county seat was 23 for Lowell and 5 for Kearney City. Those voting were:


T. Munhall


Chas. W. Colt


Joseph Kent


W. S. Morlan


A. Gaines


C. Hollingsworth


N. B. Hamp


Nathan Platt


N. D. Bliss


R. E. Barney


Edgar N. Adams


J. V. Wilkerson


J. S. Cline


James Brown


Samuel Brown


P. Gustav Johansen


Wm. Knaggs


A. Michel


Richard Knaggs


F. M. Love


L. A. Kent


Jas. McGonegal


H. T. Cooper


A. A. Andrews


Amos 0. Hooker


James Riley


Fred Roberts


C. E. West


E. F. Longer


Moses H. Sydenham


Paul Peterson

   County officers elected were: Treasurer, A. A. Andrews; judge, H. T. Cooper; sheriff, F. Roberts; surveyor, Charles W. Colt, and superintendent of schools, L. A. Kent, who received every vote cast for his office. County commissioners elected were N. B. Hamp, James Brown and Moses H. Sydenham.
   With the settling of the central and southern portions of the county, a petition was presented to the commissioners for a relocation of the county seat. An election was held Nov. 11, 1876, at which nearly four-fifths of the electors voted to relocate the county seat on the southwest quarter of Section 7, Township 6, Range 14, which is the present location of the city of Minden. On April 29, 1878, the county records were removed to the new location.
   A courthouse was built at a cost of $3,949, which in 1906 was replaced by a modern three-story building of Bedford stone with an interior finish of marble and oak, at a cost of $98,000.
   At the general election Nov, 6, 1883, the county voted to adopt township organization, and the first set of supervisors for the fifteen townships were as follows: L. T. Meyer, Grant; Almon Stuart, Cosmo; J. R. Seckman, Sherman; F. 0. Dorn, Oneida; A. L. Cocklin, Mirage; Fred Bredemier, Hayes; John Sheckles, Logan; J. F. Hayden, Blaine; E. 0. Smead, Kearney; Dan Hecox, Newark; Chris Webber, Lowell; C. D. Emerson, May; Asa Smith, Liberty; J. S. Frank, Eaton; George Harding, Lincoln. These supervisors held their first meeting Nov. 21, 1883, to organize. At this time Kearney precinct was divided, leaving fourteen townships.
   At the time of the relocation of the county seat Lowell had become a thriving little city with a number of general stores, saloons, hotels and many sub-



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stantial residences. Lowell was the shipping point for large herds of cattle to eastern markets. The government land office was located there from 1872 to 1874 and was the center of great business activity during those years, until the county seat was moved away. When the railroad reached Minden business declined as rapidly as it had risen.
   Much of human interest could be written of the history of the early days of the county, but space will not permit. The great Easter storm which began on Sunday, April 13, 1873, and continued for nearly three days was the most severe blizzard ever experienced in this locality. No human lives were lost but large numbers of cattle perished. Josiah Mathers, in the eastern part of the county, lost ninety-four head.
   The grasshopper scourge visited this area three years in succession, the last and worst being in August, 1876, when they came and remained for fourteen days, devouring everything they could eat. The terrible drouth climaxed by the hot winds of July 26, 1894, is one of the outstanding severe trials which the settlers of Kearney County have had to endure.
   Until the establishing of the permanent towns that sprang up with the advent of the railroads, a number of postoffices were located at various farms and ranches and were served by mail carriers, usually on horseback from Fort Kearny and later from Lowell. Among them were Keene postoffice, established 1872 at Walker's Ranch, located one mile north and two miles east of Wilcox, to which town the postoffice was moved. Folsomdale postoffice, nine miles north of Minden, was established 1886, with William G. Cole as postmaster. Christina postoffice was established 1879, with L. B. Collins as postmaster on northwest quarter Section 26, Township 5, Range 15. Zyba postoffice was established 1880 with Almon Stuart as postmaster on southwest quarter Section 26, Township 5, Range 14. Fredericksburg postoffice, four miles south and one mile east of Minden, was established 1876, Jens L. Jensen postmaster. Osco postoffice was first established 1875 on southwest quarter Section 8, Township 5, Range 13, with E. M. Wills as postmaster. This office was moved a number of times and had a number of different postmasters, the last one being Lewis T. Meyer. Snowflake postoffice was established about Feb. 1, 1881, with John Byrne as postmaster. Mirage postoffice, on the stage road from Kearney Junction to Bloomington and seven miles west of Minden was established 1875 and had mail twice a day. E. W. Fosburg was postmaster. May postoffice was established 1875 on the mail route from Lowell to Riverton on Section 20-6-13 with Daniel Emel as postmaster. Eaton postoffice, established 1874 on southeast quarter Section 30, had Alexander D. Austin as postmaster. Park postoffice, established 1877 on Section 20-7-14, was served by Thomas W. Burchell, postmaster. Harmony postoffice was established 1880 on southwest quarter Section 11-7-15, M. C. Carpenter, postmaster. Blaineville postoffice was established 1880, M. D. Bogart, postmaster.
   In 1883 the Burlington and Missouri River railroad built its line, which was destined to become a part of what is now the main line of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad from Chicago to Denver, through Kearney County, passing through Minden in the center of the county.
   The towns of Heartwell in the eastern and Axtell in the western part of the county were established and soon became progressive country towns with several stores, grain elevators, livery barns, banks, schools and churches.
   During 1887 the Kansas City and Omaha railroad, which later became a part of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad system, was built through the county west to Alma, Neb. It entered Kearney County about eight and one-half miles north of the southeast corner of the county in an almost direct line to Minden, Norman was located three and one-half miles west of the east line of the county. From Minden the railroad ran west in a southwesterly direction to Wilcox, in the extreme southwest corner of the county.
   Kearney County, like most of those bordering on the Platte, has a strip of rich valley land from one to two miles in width, extending across the northern edge of the county. This was the first to be settled, largely by veterans of the Civil War. This land is capable of raising abundant crops during years of normal rainfall. In recent years large acreage has been watered by means of pump irrigation from wells of a shallow depth. The wells vary from thirty to sixty feet in depth and pumps operated by engine or electric power will supply from 800 to more than 1,000 gallons per minute.
   Joining the strip on the south is an area of from two to four miles wide, running across the county from east to west. This is most suitable for pasture, which through the years has been of great benefit to farmers on the "Divide." The divide is mainly level, black rich soil used for raising corn and grain, and is considered too valuable to be used for pasture.
   Certainly of greatest importance in the settlement of any country is the character of its settlers! That Kearney County was settled by an orderly, God-fearing class of men and women, is abundantly attested by the fact that as soon as a community became even sparsely settled churches and schools appeared. Often before public places of worship could be built, religious services were held in the homes which frequently were sod houses. In several instances sod churches were the forerunners of fine, spacious up-to-date edifices.
   One notable example is the Bethany Swedish Lutheran Church, three miles southeast of Axtell, which was begun in 1878 in a sod building 20x30 feet and with an earthen floor. In 1885 this was replaced by a frame structure, which has a fine pipe organ and a seating capacity of more than


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a thousand persons. This church has been the center of a large Swedish born community and its membership has been as high as 800. A paragraph from its early history reads: "The secret of this success, next to the blessing of God, is that the first settlers were forced to be self-sustaining. They always tried to have the gospel among them, but never received any help from other congregations and never went into debt."
   The Fredericksburg Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, five miles south and one mile east of Minden, was organized July 20, 1879. It is the center of a large community which was settled almost exclusively by Danes from states farther east. In many cases they came direct from Denmark and Schlesvig-Holstein. The first church erected was destroyed by a tornado July 18, 1886, and a new one was built in 1888. After a number of years it became too small to accommodate its membership and was sold. A fine large modern church was put in its place.
   Another instance of loyalty to this faith is the Danish Baptist Church of Osco in the southeastern part of the county. This community was also settled largely by Danes. To the north and east of Minden is the American Liberty Baptist Church.
   Heartwell, in Eaton Township, was settled principally by Scotch and Irish and has a large and fine Catholic Church and parsonage. Each town has congregations of the different denominations and Christian instruction has been carried on by loyal consecrated ministers and Sunday School teachers through the years.
   During the years beginning with the close of the last century, a Chautauqua pavilion was erected at Minden, in what is now the city park. Chautauquas which were conducted here and in several other towns of the county contributed much to the intellectual and moral instruction and uplift of the people.
   An event of more than local importance was the establishment and development of an institution commonly known as the Bethphage Mission near Axtell. This is a charitable institution for the care and treatment of epileptics. It was the first institution of its kind to be erected in this country.
   The originator of the idea was a young Lutheran minister, Rev. K. G. William Dahl. He was also the founder of the institution. The first land was purchased in 1914 and construction of the first building commenced in 1915. It was established and has been supported entirely by voluntary contributions and is now valued at more than $300,000. Its property includes a fine dairy farm, modern laundry, central heating plant, its own system of water works and is modern in every respect. It is one of few institutions of its kind and its inmates come from all parts of the country. It has been supported by contributions from all parts of the country and from people of all denominations although it is controlled and largely supported by Swedish Lutherans.
   Another fine institution is the Bethany Old People's Home at Minden. This is a Danish Lutheran institution established by Rev. 0. P. Jensen about 1920. In 1925 the home received something over $15,000 by the provision of the last will and testament of the late Mrs. Mary Borgaard, who died that year. A fine brick building was erected out of this fund. The institution is widely known and is a fine monument to the large number of Danish people who pioneered in this county.
   Since the close of the World War the history of the county has been in most respects comparable to that of other counties.
   In the fall of 1919 a large homecoming celebration for the returning soldiers, sailors and marines was held in Minden. H. H. Wilson of Lincoln gave the address.
   For several years after the war business boomed. Prices and wages were high. Dry land farms sold for as much as $200 per acre. The people made money, lived high and invested too much in poor investments. By 1925 land prices began to recede. Prices of farm products were not so high and crops were not so good. These conditions gradually but steadily became worse from then until now. Farming land that sold for as high as $200 in 1920 is worth about $40 per acre now.
   The loss of farms by foreclosure of mortgages has probably been lower than in most farming communities but a great many farms have been taken by the mortgage holders.
   The county has been notably free from bank failures. Since 1929 one bank has liquidated and one has sold out. One small bank was forced into receivership after the bank holiday in 1933 but the receiver was able to pay the depositors more than 90 percent. There has been no other failure and the county still has six good going banks.
   At the end of the war the roads and streets in the county were all dirt. The soldiers returning from France tried to imagine the construction of all-weather roads such as they found there but it seemed beyond possibility because of the expense of procuring the necessary material which seemed to be always so abundant and close at hand in France. During the twenty years all the streets in the several towns have been paved or graveled, one highway has been paved across the county and all of the principal roads are graveled. What seemed impossible has been accomplished.
   During the past sixteen years Minden, the county meat, has become notable over the state and nation for its beautiful and distinctive Christmas decorations. The county courthouse is a square building with a dome and is located in the center of the principal business square. At the Christmas season this building and the adjacent streets are ornamented with several thousand varicolored electric lights. The effect is so brilliant and artistic that it has attracted the attention of railroad travel-



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ers and other visitors. On account of this distinction Minden has adopted the name "The Christmas City."
   During recent years the various plans of the national government for the relief and improvement of economic conditions have operated effectively. A good deal of the road building has been done with government assistance. Fine school buildings have been built at Minden and Axtell with PWA help. CWA and WPA and NYA have furnished a great deal of employment for men in need of work. This work has been used on projects of real and lasting value, among which may be listed several rural school buildings, a complete system of water works in Axtell, street improvements, water works extensions, sewage disposal and other improvements.
   Government checks under one plan or another have been of tremendous benefit in making it possible for farmers to hold on from year to year through this long and severe drouth period.
   By far the largest government project and perhaps the most important thing in the recent history of the county is the Tri-County power and irrigation project. Its official title is the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District and it includes or extends into more than three counties but it was originally planned for Phelps, Kearney and Adams Counties and has always been familiarly known as the Tri-County.
   The idea of irrigating in these counties with water from the Platte river was originally proposed by Joel Hull 50 years ago. Joel Hull was the same Minden man who assisted in platting and incorporating the original town and was active in getting the county seat moved from Lowell to Minden back in the seventies.
   In the early years of the present century a number of Minden men became convinced of the feasibility of the plan and succeeded in interesting several men in Holdrege and Hastings. For many years these men worked and planned without achieving any tangible results.
   Finally in 1933 the Nebraska legislature enacted a law, commonly known as senate file 310, which authorized the creation of the district. In 1934 a PWA grant and loan amounting to some $30,000,000 was obtained and construction commenced.
   Construction is not yet complete and it will still be one or two years before any ample supply of irrigation water will be available. The principal source of water supply is the Kingsley dam, now under construction across the North Platte river north of Ogallala. This dam was named in honor of the late George P. Kingsley, of Minden, who was active for many years in promotion of the project and was its first president. The dam will impound 2,000,000 acre feet of water which will be taken from there through canals and ditches to the irrigated farms in Gosper, Phelps, Kearney and Adams Counties.
   The effectiveness of the irrigation feature was seriously lessened by a decision of the Nebraska supreme court to the effect that no Platte river water could be taken for irrigation purposes beyond the Platte valley watershed. In spite of this it will still be possible to irrigate about one-fourth of the farming land in the county.
   The construction of the project has been very important in providing employment and furnishing some good payrolls in the county during these economically meager years. If the project is successful as planned it will substantially revolutionize the industrial and economic life of the community within the next few years.
   During these twenty years a great majority of the original pioneers have passed away. In 1920 most of the men who were prominent in business, profession, politics and industry were men who had then been here from thirty to fifty years. Nearly all those men have now died and their places have been taken by the younger men of the second generation. The old timers did a magnificent job of developing a new country and left a fine heritage to the present generation. We are now enjoying luxuries of which the pioneers never dreamed. In spite of all this it is to be seriously doubted if we are as happy or as genuinely prosperous as the pioneers with their sod houses, dirt roads, horsedrawn vehicles, no telephones, no radios and but little of anything else.
   It is certainly true that we have problems to solve which are far more difficult, and numerous than those confronting the preceding generation. The people of Kearney County are trying to overcome the difficulties which presently confront them by using the same determination, good sense and integrity of character that made the pioneers successful.

   AABEL, CHRISTIAN: Retired; b Saby, Denmark July 15, 1864; s of Christian Aabel-Minnie Marie Jacobsen; ed Denmark; Franklin Acad; Saby Coll, Denmark; m Minnie May Olson Nov 20, 1890 Newark; s Wilhelm Marrus, Lloyd Hhods, Bartholdt Otto; d May Albertine (Mrs H J Runquist); 1878 learned bakers trade, Saby, Denmark; 1882 came to Lincoln, emp in bakeries, Omaha, Lincoln, Friend; 1883-97 estab & oprd bakery, Minden; 1887-1937 owned & oprd mdse bus, Minden; 1894-1901 farmed1400 A Kearney Co; 1907-14 dir Minden Exchange Natl Bank; 1914-37 with Neb Natl Bank, Minden; 1938- ret; past mbr sch bd & city coun; Neb Good Roads Assn, brought first highway DLD thru Neb; dir Fort Kearney Memorial Assn which gave land for state park; past mbr vol fire dept; dir Tri-Co project: dir of Old Peoples Home, Minden since founded 1916; past dir C of C; Danish Brotherhood; AF&AM; Danish Luth Ch, dir 20 years; Rep, past chmn Rep State Cen Com; res 236 W 1st, Minden.

   ABRAHAMSON, CHARLES OTTO: Farmer; b Henry Co, Ia July 24, 1868: s of Otto Abrahamson-Maria Nelson; ed Kearney Co; Luther Coll Wahoo; m Jenny A Nelson June 5, 1899 Kearney Co; s Otto Vincent, Milton Leander. Reuben Sylvester, Chester Charles; 1876 came with parents to Kearney Co; 1889-95 clk in father's store, Axtell; 1895-1915 farmed in Kearney Co: 1915- farmer near Ax-


in Nebraska


tell; past mbr town bd; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res RFD 1, Axtell.

   ALLBEE, JOHN HENRY: Retired; b Farmington, Me Apr 13, 1845; s of Henry P Allbee-Louise Allen Hutchins; ed Livingston Co, Ill; m Celia Hortense Thatcher Mar 6, 1869 Pontiac Ill; s George Ray; d Marcia May (Mrs W M Jones), Alice Lillian (dec), Lena Gertrude (Mrs H Strine, dec), Verdie Agness (Mrs Layton Newcomb), Emma Ruth (Mrs O Warp); 1865-74 worked on farm & farmed indep in Livingston Co, Ill; 1874-1900 homesteaded & farmed in Clay Co; 1900-05 carp, Harvard; 1905-35 painter, Minden; 1935- ret; during civil war, enl Jan 1864, Chicago, Co M 1st Ill light arty, in 27 engagements, disch July 25, 1865; GAR, state chaplain 4 years; IOOF; IOGT; Ch of Christ; Indep; hobbies, flower raising; res Minden.

   ANDERSEN, CLARENCE T: Real Estate Broker; b Minden, Neb May 28, 1896; s of Peter N Andersen- Nikoline Andersen; ed Kearney Co: Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha: m Martha Fleming Aug 8, 1920 Hastings; s Pete N; d Dorothy Jean, Georgia May; 1915-17 with CB&Q RR in Alliance div; 1919-24 in real est off, Hastings; 1924-29 represented Buick Co; 1929- in real est bus, Minden; during World War, enl in US army Bayard Oct 5, 1917, sent to Fort Logan. Colo, Fort Leavenworth, Kas, O/S to Liverpool, to France, Co E 7th engrs, 5th div, disch Aug 1919; Amer Leg, past comm: past mbr Neb Real Estate Assn; C of C; pres Kearney Co Fair Board; past mbr KP; Presby Ch; Indep; hobbies, golf, race horse breeding; off 353 E 4th: res 127 Smith Ave, Minden.

   ANDERSEN, LEONARD CLARENCE: Farmer; b Kearney Co, Neb Oct 24, 1894; s of Anton M Andersen-Tilda Olson; ed Kearney Co; m Ruth H Bergsten Sept 10, 1919 Minden; s Eugene Euclid, Ivan Dale; 1915-32 with father oprd impl bus, Norman; 1932- farmer near Norman; Southern Neb Rural Pub Power Dist, dir, secy, past VP; pres Kearney Co Indep Tele Co, of which father was one of founders, first pres, 1904; mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd; during World War, 1918-19 in US army Co C, 309th ammunition train 84th div; Amer Leg; past mbr IOOF, past noble grand; Luth Ch; Dem; res Norman.

   ANDREWS, HENRY SEELEY: Surgeon, b Nemaha, Neb Mar 28, 1885; s of Bell Andrews-Ida Olive Seeley; ed Stella, Presby Coll, Cordell Okla, BA 1904; U Med Coll, Kansas City Mo, MD 1909; Phi Delta; m Ellen M Rasmus Mar 18, 1918 Hastings; s Harry Hubbard, Thomas Gaylord; 1909 interne Uni Hosp, Kansas City; 1909-12 prac med, Barada: 1912-15 surg, Belgrade; 1915-25 surg, Minden; 1925-28 ptr of Dr Jarmin in med prac, 1928-35 ptr of Dr Blume, 1935-36 indep prac, 1936- ptr of Dr B B Sutton; 1928-39 estab, built & oprd Seeley Hosp; 1925-39 surg, Bethphage Mission Hosp; 1934- mayor, Minden; during World War, capt field hosp service 2; Adams Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA, councilor 10th dist; FACS; C of C; past pres Rotary; Minden Golf Club; KP: IOOF; BPOE; Presby Ch; hobby, fishing; off 444 E 5th; res 141 N Smith Ave, Minden.

   BASS, ARMAND: Clergyman; b Sallisaw, Okla Jan 20, 1904; s of Henry T Bass-Lucile Roper; ed Sallisaw Okla HS; Kas St Coll & Manhattan Bible Coll, BA 1986; Transylvania Seminary & Coll, Lexington Ky, BA 1938; m Marguerite McAlpine Dec 28, 1934 Marysville, Kas; 1920-31 with father in construction bus, Okla; 1938 pastor Chris Ch, Humboldt; 1938- pastor Chris Ch, Minden; while at Manhattan Bible Coll had chg of big church, Washington Kas; designed & dedicated remodeled church, Lyons Kas; AF&AM; hobby, bldg & remodeling churches; off & res 439 Tower, Minden.

   BATTISTE, HUME LE PRINCE: Owner Tire & Service Station; b Grahmville S C Dec 2, 1892; s of John Battiste-Martha Hume; ed Sch for Deaf, Mt Airy Penn; Gallaudet Coll for Deaf, Washington DC; m Rosamond Fern Rummell Oct 15, 1924 Smith Center Kas; s Robert Hume Battiste; 1914-17 played professional baseball, on west coast & in Canada; 1918 emp by Goodyear Tire Factory; 1919- opr tire & service station, Minden; C of C; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, painting, gardening; res 126 S Nance, Minden.

   BAUER, CLARENCE ELWOOD: Garage Owner; b Minden, Neb Mar 24, 1910; s of Charles J Bauer-Carrie Hardy; ed Minden HS 1927; m Rather Christensen Dec 28, 1929 Denison Ia; s Larry M; 1927-29 with Lienhart Motor Co, Minden; 1929-31 with Nelsen Garage, Minden; 1934-37 agt for Dodge & Plymouth; 1937-39 agt for Chrysler & Plymouth; 1931- owner & opr Lienhart Motor Co, named Bauer Motor Service; C of C; Rotary; Chris Ch; hobby, photography; off 319 N; res 319 Brown Ave, Minden.

   BERGGREN, CHARLES EMIL: Machinist; b Vec, Sweden May 25, 1877; s of Gustaf Berggren-Lena ___; ed Ragan; m Ella C Carlson Aug 15, 1904 Minden; s Kenneth, Clarence; d Dorothy M (Mrs W Stricklor), Margaret (Mrs A Burgeson); 1888-1903 with father in blacksmith shop, Ragan; 1903-owner & opr blacksmith & machine shop, Wilcox; C of C; MWA: Indep; hobby, blacksmithing; res Wilcox.

   BERGSTEN, HARRY WILBURN: Lumber Dealer; b Kearney Co, Neb July 1, 1905; s of Frederick Bergsten-Anna Anderson; ed Norman; Luther Coll, Wahoo; m Anna M Jacobsen Aug 15, 1928 Kearney; d Marion, Helen, Elaine (dec); 1922-27 emp on farms, Kearney Co; 1927-29 emp by Kingsley Lbr & Coal Co & Keene Grain, Stock & Lbr Co; 1929 clk in Farmers Store, Keene; 1929-39 teller, Norman Exchange Bank, also lumber salesman; 1939 bank moved to Bertrand; 1930-39 secy-treas Kingsley Lbr & Coal Co; 1929-39 in ins bus, Norman; 1929-39 Norman city clerk; mbr sch bd; pres Parent Tchrs Club; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, carp work: res Norman.

   BLOOM, RALPH: Real Estate & Insurance Dealer; b Kearney Co, Neb May 15, 1888; s of Oscar Bloom-Emella Schutz: ed Kearney Co; Luther Coll, Wahoo; KSTC; m Ellen Nyquist Nov 27, 1912 Axtell; d Violette Mae; 1909-34 cash, Bank of Axtell; 1929- owner & mgr farms in Kearney Co, also in real est & ins bus; secy Axtell Grain & Elevator Co; past mbr sch bd; village treas 1914-39; past mbr vol fire dept; C of C, past pres, post dir; Augustana Luth Ch, trustee; Rep; hobbies, golf, driving; res Axtell.

   BORGAARD, CLARENCE C: Clerk of District Court; b Kearney Co, Neb June 18, 1898; s of John C Boorgaard-Anna Christine Johnson; ed Minden HS; m Della Pearl Barnes Sept 13, 1919 North Platte; d Marian Faythe; 1918-19 emp by Patterson Hdw & Oil Co, Minden; 1919-22 with H M Davidson Cash Store, Minden; 1922-25 owner & opr groc; 1925-27 clk. L C Larsen Hdw; 1927-31 with W E Nickod & Son Mortuary & oprd Standard Oil Station; 1931- clk of dist court, Minden; Neb Assn of Clks of Dist Court; Minden Golf Club; IOOF; Chris Ch, elder; Rep; hobby, gardening; off Courthouse; res 409 N Smith, Minden.

   BRACKEN, BENJAMIN HARRISON: Attorney; b Wallace, Kas Aug 16, 1888; s of Reed P Bracken-Floretta Erskln; ed Wallace; Emporia Kas; Hastings Coll, BSc 1913; U of N 1916-17; m Helen O Jones Aug 27, 1919 Hastings; s Benjamin H; d Octavia Jane; 1914-16 tchr, Potter; 1919-22 supt of Minden schs; 1920 adm to bar; 1922- prac law, Minden; 1934- Minden city atty: during World War, 1917 in US army Co M, 165th inf, 2nd lt, O/S 1 1/2 years, disch Feb 1919, Camp Dix, N J; Amer Leg; Rotary; C of C; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off Courthouse; res 407 Hull Ave, Minden.

   BRACKEN, HELEN OCTAVIA: Homemaker; b Hastings, Neb Dec 16, 1893; d of Charles L Jones-Octavia Howard; ed Hastings HS; Hastings Coll, BA 1916; m Benjamin H Bracken Aug 27, 1919 Hastings; s Benjamin H Jr; d Octavia Jane; 1919- homemaker, Minden; 1938-39 VP Womans Club, 1939- pres: Amer Leg aux; past mbr DAR; past mbr Garden Club; PEO; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, reading; res 407 Hull Ave, Minden.

   BRADY, DUER SOMES: Publisher; b Stotesbury, Mo Apr 15, 1905: s of M S Brady-Ida Atkins; ed Tecumseh HS; U of N, 1924; m Merle Devenney Aug 23, 1927 Tecumseh, d Patricia Jean; 1925-28 co-publisher Johnson Co Journal, Tecumseh; 1929-36 co-publisher Franklin Sentinel; 1939- VP & editor Minden Courier; 1939- troop committeeman BSA, Minden; Rotary; C of C, pres Franklin; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, photography; res 334 N Smith, Minden.

   BRAINARD, GEORGE WASHINGTON: Publisher; b Denison. Tex Sept 23, 1890; s of Lewis Scott Brainard-Sophia Jensen; ed Minden; m Clara Hamilton Nov 22, 1923 Smith Center Kas; d Georgia Clarice; 1907- 09 printers devil, Minden Courier; 1909-16 foreman; 1915-16 foreman Geneva Daily Gazette; 1916-17 foreman Fairbury Daily Gazette; 1917-19 foreman Superior Daily Gazette; 1919-22 foreman Minden Courier, 1922 org The Courier Publishing Co, 1922-



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pres; Minden Ad Club, past pres; C of C; KP; hobby, fixing up home; res Minden.

   BREHM, SAMUEL: Manager Lumber Company; b Davenport, Neb Dec 8, 1892; s of Conrad W Brehm-Maggie E Hamburger; ed Harvard, Lincoln HS; La Salle Extn U, Chicago; m Fern Garvin Sept 15, 1915 Lincoln; s Junior; d Kathryn L (Mrs Robert Mahoney); 1904-14 farmed with father, Harvard; 1914-15 yard man, Pauley Lbr Co, Clay Center: 1915-17 bkkpr for Pauley Lbr Co at Lincoln, 1917-18 at Milford; 1918-19 mgr J H Yost Lbr Co at Sutton; 1919-21 mgr at Harvard; 1921-22 salesman Joslin Lbr Co, Fairbury; 1922-23 salesman for Lehigh Portland Cement Co, Kansas City Mo; 1923-31 oprd restaurant, Harvard; 1931-34 mgr J H Yost Lbr Co, at Grafton, 1934- mgr at Minden; past mbr city coun & sch bd; past chmn cemetery bd, Harvard; C of C; Rotary; dir Minden Golf Club; AF&AM; past mbr IOOF & KP; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbles, golf, hunting; off 247 N Colorado; res 236 S Nance, Minden.

   BURDEN, HARRY H: Postmaster; b Franklin Co, Neb Dec 22, 1883; s of William A Burden-Nettie L Crosby; ed Campbell HS 1901; Queen City Bus Coll, Hastings; m Hazel M Leafgren Nov 15, 1911 Axtell; d Norma Irene, Vera Mae, Doris Mildred, Dorothy Marie; 1904-05 with C Keohler Elevator Co; 1905-07 & 1908-09 mgr Koehler Elevator, Carter; 1907-08 worked in Campbell; 1910 in construction work in Mexico; 1911-25 with Central Grain Co, of Lincoln at Axtell; 1925-34 with Crete Mills Elevator, Axtell; 1984-86 Kearney Co dep treas; 1936- M, Axtell; past mbr town & sch bds; Tri-Co Postal Service Coun, past pres; Neb League of Dist P Ms: Neb ch Natl Assn of P Ms; C of C; dir of United South Platte C of C; Minden Golf Club; Dem; hobbies, fishing, golf; res Axtell.

   CANADAY, MRS MARY JANE: Homemaker; b Clark Co, Ill Dec 6, 1866; d of Franklin Z Winters-Mary A Daniels; ed Clark Co Ill; Daniel Ind Norm; m Joseph S Canady June 29, 1890 Clark Co Ill, (dec); d Mary Golda; 1884-89 tchr, Clark Co Ill; 1890- homemaker, Minden; secy Kearney Co Hist Soc; past pres Womans Club; Garden Club; Chris Set Ch; Dem; hobby, historical work; res 708 E 5th, Minden.

   CAVANAUGH, MIKE: Farmer; b Kearney Co, Neb Oct 26, 1888: s of Thomas Cavanaugh-Milsa Walker; ed Kearney Co; m Helen B Hansen Jan 12, 1926 Grand Island; s Hodson Arthur; 1904-26 farmed with father; 1926- indep farmer, Kearney Co; 1937 Master Farmer; Farmers Union; Farmers Elevator; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, farming; res RFD 1, Minden.

   CHAMBERS, JOHN GARFIELD: Station Agent; b Holland, Ia Dec 20, 1878; s of John Henry Chambers-Mary Angeline Thorne; ed Atwood Kas HS; m Cora T Jones June 25, 1902 Minden; s John Burdette; 1897-1900 CB&Q RR relief opr & station agt, Eckley Colo; 1900-03 opr, Minden; 1908- 06 agt Lafayette, Colo & Ludell, Kas, 1906-07 station agent, Haigler; 1907-18 agt, Stratton; 1918-21 agt, Yuma Colo; 1921- station agt, Minden; past mbr sch bd; ORT, ch mbr McCook div; C of C; AF&AM. past master; past mbr IOOF. & BPOE; Presby ch, treas, financial secy, elder; Rep; hobbies, golf, football; off depot; res 219 E 1st, Minden.

   CHAPPELL, CHARLES ARTHUR: Attorney; b Pike Co, Ind Oct 9, 1882; s of McLeod W Chappell-Ann Arthur; ed Minden HS; m Eletta H Pattison July 18, 1917 Minden; s Arthur McLeod, John Charles: d Ruth Ann, Marjorie Jean; 1904 adm to Neb bar; 1904- prac law, Minden; 1910-14 Kearney Co atty; 1917-1919, 1927 mbr state senate; Kearney Co & Neb St Bar Assns; AF&AM; United Presby Ch; Dem; off 306 E 5th; res 181 N Nebraska, Minden.

   CHAPPELL, WILLIAM ELLIOTT: Dentist: b Minden, Neb Mar 26, 1895; s of McLeod Washington Chappell-Nancy Ann Arthur; ed Minden HS 1913; U of N, DDS 1917; Delta Sigma Delta; m Mona Elizabeth Saltzgaber May 25, 1918 Lincoln; s Elliott R; d Ida Janice; 1917-18 prac dentistry in Minden; mbr sch bd; during World War 1918-19 in med corps, Fort Riley Kas, Fort Oglethorpe Ga, & Camp McClellan Ala; Amer Leg; past pres SW Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM; KT; Shrine; past mbr KP; United Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, golf; off Binderup Bldg; res 344 W 2nd, Minden.

   CHRISTENSON, ARTHUR ALVIN: Clergyman; b Marquette, Kas May 9, 1891; s of John P Christenson-Betty Larson; ed Marquette Kas HS; Bethany Coll, Lindsborg Kas BA 1915; Augustana Theological Seminary, Rock Island Ill, BD 1921; m Irene E Carlson Nov 28, 1917 Lindsborg Kas; d Martha Irene, Helen Ann; 1915-18 HS tchr Buffalo Kas; 1921-23 pastor Calvary Luth Ch, Oberon N D; 1923-26 pastor Salem Luth Ch, Creston Ia: 1926-32 pastor Luth Ch, Olsburg Kas; 1932-39 pastor Bethel Luth Ch, Holdrege; 1939- dir & treas Bethphage Mission; 1936-40 VP Neb conf of Luth Augustana synod; Rep; hobbies, fishing, reading, athletics; off & res Axtell.

   CLEARMAN, ROMNEY CLEVELAND: Merchant; b Harvard, Neb Jan 14, 1892; s of John H Clearman-Harriett May Morgan; ed Kearney HS & Mil Acad 1909; Lake Forest U, Ill 1914; Omega Psi; m Margaret Jane Wilson Feb 15, 1916 Lincoln; d Harriett Elizabeth, Mona Lois; 1914-17 & 1918-26 with father in gen store, Minden; 1926-36 traveled in US, Canada & Mexico for T K Kelley Sales System; 1936- owner & opr store in Minden; int in irrigation promotion; during World War 1917-18, 5th Co 3rd batt inf OTC, Camp Pike Ark; C of C; Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, trout fishing; off Clearman Store; res 444 Hull Ave, Minden.

   CODNER, HARRY EARL: Superintendent of Schools; b Lisbon, Ill Apr 14, 1888; s of George W Codner- Ada Comstock; ed Gibbon HS 1906; U of N 1911-12; KSTC, BA 1922; m Vernice M Coffey Aug- 24, 1913 Adams; d Beverly Beth, Blair Bernice, Doris Dale; 1906-07 carp with father; 1909-11 Supt of schs, Atlanta; 1911-12 supt of schs, Axtell; 1913-16 supt of schs, Hickman; 1916-18 supt of schs, Hayes Center; 1918-20 supt of schs, Cortland; 1920- supt of schs, Axtell; town bd, past chmn; Kearney Co Men Teachers Assn, pres 1938; NSTA; C of C; Presby Ch, past trustee, elder 3 terms; Rep; hobby, woodwork; res Axtell.

   CURTIS, CARL T: Congressman; b Minden, Neb Mar 15, 1905; s of Frank O Curtis-Alberta Mae Smith; ed Minden HS; Neb Wes; U of N; Beta Kappa; m Lois Wylie Atwater June 6, 1931 Minden; d Clara Mae; has been prin Minden schs; Kearney Co atty 1931-35; 1937- congressman; mbr bd of edn; secy, dir & pres C of C; pres of Minden Cemetery Assn; Neb St Bar Assn,, mbr dist com on inquiry; dir Rotary; AF&AM; IOOF; First Presby Ch, elder, trustee, SS supt; Rep; hobby, Politics; off 424 N Minden; res 1127 N Tower, Minden.

   DOSSETT, CHARLES FRANKLIN: Real Estate & Insurance Dealer; b Nebraska City, Neb Nov 6, 1884; s of Jacob Dossett-Nancy Ann Kearby; ed Axtell HS; Grand Island Bus Coll 1902-04; m Nina M Thompson Jan 2, 1907 Oak; foster s Arden Van; 1905-07 with Keene Grain Stock & Elevator; 1907-11 farmed near Keene; 1911-21 cash Farmer's State Bank, Mrs Dossett asst cash Keene; 1921-34 VP Bank of Axtell; 1934 bank liquidated; 1911- real est & ins agt; 1921- village clk; past twp treas; past sch bd mbr; mbr vol fire dept; 1937-40 secy C of C; Minden Golf Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite; past mbr AOUW; Presby Ch, att gen assembly, Pittsburgh Penn 1931; Rep; Mrs Dossett grand representative OES of Neb to conv in Ky; hobby, raising gladioli; off Bank Bldg; res Axtell.

   DOSSETT, CLARENCE BOWEN: Editor & Publisher; b Nebraska City, Neb Feb 2, 1880; s of Jacob F Dossett-Nancy Ann Kearby; ed Axtell & Keene HS; m Olga B Lundberg Dec 26, 1906 Sumner; d Pearl (Mrs D C McGill), Dorothy C, Marjorie; 1901-04 farmed near Axtell; 1904-07 in Wilcox; 1907- 08 printer for Minden News; 1908-11 editor & publisher Craig News; 1911- editor & publisher Axtell Times; past mbr sch bd; mbr cemetery bd; NPA; C of C; Presby Ch, elder & SS supt; Rep; hobby, gardening; off & res AxteIl.

   ENGLAND, JOHN D: Banker, Physician & Surgeon; b Sweden, Feb 27 1858; s of John England-Matilda Hanson; ed Sweden; Dekalb Co Mo, Bellevue Hosp & Med Coll, New York City, MD 1887, m Nannie O Sanden Oct 1887 Salina Kas; s CarIyle S; 1887-90 prac med, Lindsborg Kas; 1890-91 prac in Salina Kas; 1891 prac in Holdrege; 1891-1917 prac in Axtell; 1907 estab Farmer's & Mchts Bank in Axtell; 1917- ret from prac, devoted time to banking; past mbr sch bd; past mbr Neb St & AMA; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Shrine; past mbr MWA; past mbr KP; past mbr AOUW; Dem; hobby, politics; off & res Axtell.

   ERICKSON, BEN CLARENCE: Clergyman; b Oakland, Cal July 31, 1910; s of Clarence Edward Erickson-Christean Krone; ed Oakland Cal, McClymands HS 1926; Lake Merrit Bus Coll, 1928; Bible Inst of Los Angeles, 1930-33; Evang Free Ch of Amer Seminary, Chicago 1935; ordained Feb 25, 1936; m Fern Violet Holmgren Mar 20, 1935 Oakland Cal;


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