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V. B. Cargill

LetterIMBALL County, 958 square miles in area, is a in the extreme southwestern corner of the Nebraska panhandle and joins the state of Wyoming on the west and Colorado on the south. It is one of four units separated from Cheyenne County by vote of the people Nov. 6, 1888. There are three towns within its confines: Kimball, Bushnell and Dix.
   The first permanent settlements in the area which became Kimball County were made in 1868, the approximate year that the Union Pacific railroad was extended through the territory. Kimball, first called Antelopeville, was located on the south side of the track. Later a town was laid out on the north side by the Bay State Livestock company. This was named Kimball as the watering station was already called, after an official of the railroad.
   Jan. 22, 1889, the first meeting of Kimball County officers was held. At a special election shortly following county division the following had been chosen: N. E. Gassman, treasurer; Samuel Wooldridge, clerk; G. W. Beard, judge; Rev. R. Cooley, superintendent of schools; E. W. Rathman, sheriff; L. W. Bickel, James R, Newell and H. L. Challberg, county commissioners; Dr. L. R. Markley, coroner; J. B. Timony, attorney; W. D. Hall, surveyor.
   Though Kimball had a population of 451 in 1888 and was the largest town in the county, she was by no means assured of an easy victory in the election to determine location of the county seat. Dix vicinity was well populated and had the votes of Orkney (Bushnell) not been divided between that western settlement and Kimball, Dix might have been triumphant. For many years following, however, the Dix vote practically decided who county officers would be. Charles H. Randall, founder of the Western Nebraska Observer at Kimball in 1885, had early championed the cause of county division and establishment of a county seat at this point. His successor in 1886, A. B. Beard, continued the campaign.
   County business was carried on in a small frame building on Main street for a while and later in a Kimball hotel. But before the close of the first year of county government, bonds in the amount of $5,000 were voted for the construction of a two-story frame building and furnishings. Built in 1890 on the site of the present city park, this served until 1928 when a three-story edifice of granite was erected at a cost of $185,000.
   The first school in Kimball County was created in 1881 through the efforts of Mrs. James (Mary) Lynch, wife of the Union Pacific section foreman at Kimball. The first schoolhouse was an old "dobie" that section workers had abandoned. One boy came to school from Hillsdale, Wyo., forty-five miles distant from Kimball, and one of the youngest Lynch children, a boy four years of age, also attended. This gave enrollment of seven pupils necessary to organize a school district. George W. Martin, a man who had lost both limbs after exposure in a blizzard, was the first teacher.
   In 1887, a building erected in 1874 by John McIntosh for a saloon and living quarters for his family, was moved to the present site of Kimball's grade school. This structure was used until the present building was completed in 1917.
   Kimball high school has become the largest county school in the state and has an enrollment of more than 200.
   Among pioneer families of the county were James English and James J. Kinney, who came here in the early days of the Union Pacific railroad. Families who settled during the early eighties were B. K. Bushee, Peter Atkins, Adam Grubb, D. H. Schultz, E. J. Dillon, Henry H. Prouty, P. Maginnis, Mrs. C. A. Shafter, L. F. Shafter, P. J. Bellows, C. A. Bickel, George W. Beard, N. E. Gassman, A. H. Amos, J. W. Hurley, S. R. Walker, James Newell, Thomas Gering, W. D. Hall, Henry Vogler, D. A. Yoakam, Ira Sawyer, Gus Linn, H. Marshall, Samuel Wooldridge, S. A. Prescott, Theodore Menges, F. H. Jones, C. F. Robertson, and John McIntosh.
   The Methodist Episcopal Church of Kimball is the pioneer religious institution of this county. It began with the first settlement of the community in 1885.
   Kimball County is essentially an agricultural and livestock producing territory, hence its settlement, progress and evolution have been largely dependent on these enterprises. After several dry years in the early nineties, farming was abandoned in favor of ranching. Perhaps the largest ranches during that era were those of L. J. Kinney, J. J. Kinney, the Bay State and the Circle Arrow.



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   Large scale stockraising continued until about 1905, when a federal law was enacted under which the public land could be homesteaded in tracts of 640 acres.
   Wheat has been of first importance in the county's agricultural products and is successfully raised on dry land. Potatoes and sugar beets have constituted two more of the special cash crops of the county.
   The Union Pacific railroad traverses the county throughout its length and in 1913 the Lincoln Highway was constructed to run parallel with the tracks throughout western Nebraska.
   The population of Kimball County today is approximately 5,000, and nearly one-third of this number (1,711) live in the city of Kimball. Bushnell's population is 321 and Dix, 248. The remainder constitutes the rural population.

   ALDEN, HERBERT RALPH: Dentist; b Grand Island, Neb Mar 11, 1894; s of William Alden-Elizabeth Moorehouse; ed Grand Island Neb; U of Ill, DDS 1916; U of N; Delta Sigma Delta; m Frances Lovitt Sept 5, 1922 Kearney; d Beth; 1916-20 prac dentistry Chicago, Ill; 1921- prac dentistry Kimball; 1936- mbr sch bd; past pres Western Neb Dental Assn; Neb St & ADA; during World War enl 1918 in AEF 344 inf; AF&AM; hobby, skiing; res Kimball.

   AMOS, HORACE CHURCHILL: Banker; b Racine, Wis May 8, 1878; s of Arthur H Amos-Julia McComber; ed Racine Wis, Kearney; Kearney Mil Acad; m Ema Tracey Nov 1903 Cheyenne Wyo; d Marjorie, Mariam; 1884 came to Neb; 1901-13 homesteaded, ranched & raised cattle, Kimball Co; past Kimball Co clk; 1915-22 cash Citizens State Bank, Kimball; 1923-24 rancher, Kimball, 1926-27 mgr Lincoln Highway Garage, Kimball; 1928-34 ptr in James Cafe, Sidney; 1935- secy-treas & mgr Bushnell Co-op Credit Assn, Bushnell; past mbr town bd, Kimball; 1936- city clk & treas Bushnell; Episc Ch; hobby, saddle horses; res Bushnell.

   BEARD, CHARLES BROADDUS: City Clerk & Light & Water Commissioner; b Kimball, Neb Feb 20, 1912; s of Andrew B Beard-Julia Wooldridge; ed Kimball Neb; Colo St Coll Ft Collins Colo; m Gwendolyn Brown July 3, 1937 Bridgeport; 1933-37 asst mgr of J C Penney Co, Kimball; 1937- city clk & light & water commr; Amer Radio Relay League Emergency Corps; Presby Ch; hobby, amateur radio; res Kimball.

   BENDIXEN, GEORGE P: County Treasurer; b Council Bluffs, Ia Oct 1884; s of Jacob P Bendixen-Marie Jacobsen; ed Audubon Co, Ia; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; m Clara M Miller Feb 15, 1911 Omaha, s Henry Eugene; 1902-06 with father in Bendixen Co gen mdse & hdw, Brayton, Ia; 1907-19 with Mo P RR thruout middlewest; 1919-21 mgr Farmers Union Store, Dix; 1922-24 with Hardman & Foster Lbr Co, Goodland Kas; 1924-30 in grain bus, Dix; 1930- Kimball Co treas; past mbr sch bd Dix rural HS & dist 2; IOOF; Neb Assn of Co Treas; Presby Ch; hobby, traveling; off Courthouse; res 610 S Chestnut, Kimball.

   BOGLE, JAMES FRANKLIN: Merchant; b Holbrook Neb Oct 19, 1900; s of Frank Bogle-Rosa Snyder; ed Furnas & Kimball Cos; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Esther Carlson Nov 25, 1919 Kimball; s Laurence Eugene; 1919-26 with Farmers Union Store, Bushnell; 1926- ptr Bogle & Son Gen Mdse & Groc, Bushnell; 1927- mbr town bd, Bushnell; IOOF; Evang Ch; hobby, travel; res Bushnell.

   BOGLE, JOHN FRANKLIN: Merchant; b Worth Co, Mo Mar 3, 1878; s of James William Bogle-Mary C Barnett; ed Gosper Co; m Rosa Snyder Sept 26, 1898 Gosper Co; s James Franklin, Merlyn Alva; d Ada May (Mrs Jack Land); 1898-1907 farmer, Gosper Co; 1907-26 rancher & cattle raiser, Kimball; 1927- ptr Bogle & Son Groc & Gen Mdse, Bushnell; past mbr sch bd Gosper Co; Ch of God; hobby, horses; res Bushnell.

   CARGILL, VERT B: Publisher; b Creston, Ia July 14, 1884; s of Ezra Cargill-Stella Ayres; ed Shannon City Ia; m Belle McElroy July 30, 1911 Corning Ia; s Wayne M; d Mary E, Elizabeth J; 1905-10 foreman mechanical dept of Adams Co Free Press, Corning Ia; 1910-13 owner & mgr of Afton Ia Star Enterprise; 1913- owner & mgr Western Neb Observer, Kimball; 1937- regent of County HS, Kimball; past pres & ch mbr Lions; AF&AM, Scot Rite 32o; Meth Ch; Rep; off 121 S Chestnut; res 215 S Walnut, Kimball.

   DELONG, JOHN LURTON: Postmaster; b Monroe Co, Ia Nov 3, 1879; s of John A Delong-Adaline Taylor; ed Monroe Co Ia; m Elsa Taylor Mar 1913 Albia Ia; s Chester Max (dec); 1900-08 farmer, Monroe Co Ia; 1908-13 homesteader & rancher, Kimball Co; 1913-24 P M, Bushnell; 1924-33 mgr Cheyenne Creamery Co; 1933- P M; past mbr town bd; IOOF; Evang Ch; res Bushnell.

   EASTMAN, LEON ROY: Abstractor; b Phelps Co, Neb Jan 24, 1890; s of Nathan O Eastman-Arilla Current; ed Franklin Co; PSTC 1913-15; m Emma Dudek Dec 21, 1910 McCook; s Nathan L; d Doris P, Elizabeth; 1908-09 tchr Franklin & Webster Cos; 1911 tchr Henderson; 1912-13 supt Bostwick HS; 1915-16 supt Chappell HS; 1917 supt Campbell HS; 1918 supt Kimball Co HS; 1919-21 ptr in Kimball Abstract Co; 1921-27 P M; 1927- pres & mgr Kimball Abstract Co; past pres bd of regents Kimball Co HS; Amer & Neb Title Assns; past master AF&AM; Lions; Meth Ch; res Kimball.

   EASTON, THOMAS J: Publisher; b Glenwood, Mo Dec 2, 1873; s of George M Easton-Lydia Haney; ed Glenwood & Lancaster Mo; Kahoka Coll Mo; m Minnie Garrett June 26, 1905 Green City Mo; s James R, Harry Edgar; d Helen R (Mrs Harry Richardson); 1899-1900 resident of Ariz; 1900-1919 prac law Kahoka & Galena Mo; 1921- owner & publisher Bushnell Record; 1921-31 town clk & treas; 1922-28 J P, Bushnell; IOOF, past grand master Kahoka Lodge; NPA; Rep; Presby Ch; res Bushnell.

: Postmaster; b LaSalle Co, Ill Nov 30, 1877; s of John Eichenberger-Alvina Elerding; ed LaSalle Co Ill; m Florence Biggs June 20, 1900 Chicago; s Ralph Biggs; Gene Rutlidge; 1898-1902 with W Everett & Son, Chicago Ill; 1903-08 ptr in Eichenberger Bros Groc & Market, Chicago; 1909-15, 1921-28 owner & mgr F J Eichenberger Gen Mdse, Kimball; 1915-21 ptr in Eichenberger& Grayes Dept Store; 1928-32 owner & mgr Eichenberger Motor Co; 1932-36 city clk & light & water commr; 1936- P M; 1930- secy-treas Kimball Fraternal Hall Assn; past mbr village bd of trustees; MWA; Neb ch of Natl Assn of P Ms of U S; Meth Ch; res Kimball.

   FILER, JOHN I: Rancher; b Fulton Co, Ill Apr 26, 1876; s of Joshua Filer-Lusetta Morgan; ed Weld Co, Colo; m Elanore Lingelbach Mar 9, 1895 Grover, Colo; d Marcia (Mrs Leo Kronkright), Helen (Mrs Joe Poynter), Mildred (Mrs Doyle Vencill); m Lillie Statz Childers Apr 28, 1934 Alliance; 1885 came to Kimball, worked on roundup for Brown-Ileff Cattle Company, Weld Co Colo; 1895- rancher & raiser of Hereford cattle; 1898 drove cattle north on trail from Clayton NM, for Pawnee Cattle Co; past mbr sch bd; past mayor; 1916-31 VP Kimball Natl Bank, past dir Bank of Kimball; 1932- chief loan inspector for Regional Agrl Credit Corp, Farm Credit Administration; KP; Meth Ch; hobbies, saddle horses & Hereford cattle; res 502 S Howard, Kimball.

   GOODHAND, MARIE: Theater Owner; b McHenry Co, Ill; d of William Goodhand-Mary Ann Daniels; ed McHenry Co Ill; Northern Illinois Normal Sch, Dixon Ill; U of Colo; 1917-18 tchr Ord HS; 1923- owner & mgr Amer Theater, Kimball; past owner & mgr of Gem Theater, Ord; PEO; Presby Ch; hobbies, horses & dogs; res Kimball.

   HALCOMB, L VERNE: County Attorney; b Johnson Co, Neb Mar 14, 1913; s of Angus Halcomb-Golda Herndon; ed Beatrice; U of N, LLB 1937, Phi Alpha Delta; m Dorothy Mae Calkins June 12, 1937 Beatrice; 1937- prac law, Kimball; 1938- Kimball Co atty; Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; bd mbr Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, outdoor sports; res Kimball.


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   HAMMOND, GEORGE A: Hardware Dealer; b Corydon, Ind Aug 14, 1894; s of Absalom Hammond-Sarah Hannel; ed Custer Co; m Maud E Jones Sept 6, 1903 Mason City; s Ralph R; d Myrtle; 1886 came to Neb; 1903-07 farmer near Mason City; 1907-15 ptr in A Hammond & Son Harness & Leather Goods, Mason City; 1915- hdw & harness dlr, Bushnell; 1928- mbr sch bd; past mbr town bd; 1917- chief vol fire dept; IOOF; MWA; Evang Ch; hobby, collecting old guns; res Bushnell.

   HANNA, SAMUEL BAKER: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Washington C H, O Apr 7, 1870; s of James Hanna-Tabitha Baker; ed Fayette Co & Washington C H O; Effie Briggs Nov 3, 1892 Greenfield O; m Coral Brewer Oct 27, 1927 Fort Collins Colo; 1891-94 ptr with Hanna & Son Groc, Greenfield O; 1894-1903 with Sun Mfg Co, Greenfield O; 1903 with Gallipolis O Chair Mfg Co, Gallipolis; 1904-06 farmer, Buffalo Co; 1906- real est, bond & ins agt; past chancellor comm KP 49, mbr 25 years; Meth Ch; hobbies, Indian artifacts & old books; off Fraternal bldg; res Kimball.

   HEYNEN, MRS D T: County Clerk; b Kimball Co, Neb Nov 11, 1883; d of Asa Tracy-Mary Shields; ed Kimball Co; U of N; LBC; m Frank Heynen May 7, 1910 Lincoln (dec); d Sara Dorothy; 1904-10 secy for Curtis, Towle & Paine Co wholesalers, Lincoln; 1915-17 Kimball Co dep clk; 1918- Kimball Co clk, has served as co clk longer than any other in state; past VP Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; Presby Ch; hobby, travel; off Courthouse; res Kimball.

   KINTZ, LAWRENCE: Priest; b Latrobe, Penn Dec 10, 1807; s of John Kintz-Catherine Bollinger; ed St Vincents parochial sch Latrobe, Penn; St Vincents Coll; St Francis Coll & Seminary, Loretto Penn, BA 1919; St Francis Seminary, Milwaukee Wis, MA 1923; 1924, ordained a priest at Pittsburgh Penn; 1924-28 priest St Elizabeth's parish, Oshkosh; 1928- priest St Joseph's parish, Kimball; KC; Cath Ch; hobby, books; res Kimball.

   LARSEN, MRS PEARL: County Superintendent of Schools; b Kimball Co, Neb Feb 20, 1908; d of Harry Phillips-Sarah Jane Green; ed Kimball; KSTC, BA 1930; U of N; Pi Omega Pl; Xi Phi; m Chester Larsen Oct 24, 1936 Kearney; 1930-34 tchr Sumner HS; 1934- Kimball Co supt of schs; 1938- VP Neb Assn of Co, Supts; Womans Club; Presby Ch; hobby, social work; off Courthouse; res Kimball.

   LINDAHL, CLARENCE HOMER: Superintendent of Schools; b Polk Co, Neb Oct 19, 1906; s of Charles Lindahl-Hannah Johnson; ed Hamilton Co; A O Thomas sch Kearney; KSTC, BSc 1929; U of Colo, MSc 1935; Caledonian; Pi Kappa Delta; Xi Phi; m Gwendolyn Swift May 25, 1930 Kearney; s Charles B; d Mary Jo; 1924-26 sch tchr, dist 74 Hamilton Co; 1929-30 summer tchr KSTC; 1929-39 prin of Paxton & Sarben schs; 1939- supt of schs, Kimball; AF&AM; Lions; NSTA; Meth Ch; hobby, home life; off HS; res Kimball.

   LINN, FRANK W: Farmer; b Kimball, Neb Sept 21, 1900; s of Eric Gustaf Linn-Anna C Willing; ed Kimball Co; U of N; m Bernice Bushee Oct 30, 1923 Lincoln; s Frank Berton; d Jane Ruth; 1923- farmer, Kimball & Banner Cos; 1935- mbr city council; 1927-29-31 asst secy Neb St Sen Sessions; AF &AM; Banner Co Farm Bur; Meth Ch; res Kimball.

   LINN, JOHN THEODORE: Hardware Dealer; b Kimball, Neb Oct 4, 1898; s of Eric Gustaf Linn-Anna C Willing; ed Kimball; U of N, BSc 1921; Kappa Sigma; m Vyvyean Hazen Mar 8, 1929 Wayne; 1921-26 with R S Proudfit Hdw & Furn Co, Lincoln; 1926- with Gus Linn Hdw, Kimball; 1918 ROTC, Lincoln; Meth Ch; hobby, hunting; res Kimball.

   LINN, OSCAR GUSTAF: Merchant; b Kimball, Neb May 5, 1889; s of Eric Gustaf Linn-Anna C Willing; ed Kimball Co; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha 1905; m Ruby M Neely May 6, 1916 Fort Collins Colo; s Oscar G Jr; d Anna Margaret, Barbara Jane, Ruby Fern, Mary Elizabeth; 1906-10 with the C W M Co Idaho Falls Idaho; 1912-16 asst cash Anderson Brothers Bank, Idaho Falls Idaho; 1916-18 asst cash Bank of Kimball; 1919- with Gus Linn Hdw, Kimball; 1925- farmer, Kimball & Banner Cos; past mbr sch bd dist 3; 1938- mbr Kimball Co HS bd; during World War in U S army, co K div of transportation; Amer Leg; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o, RAM Shrine; Country Club; Meth Ch; res Kimball.

   LOW, OSCAR WAYLAND: Clergyman; b Hampton, Ia July 11, 1887; s of John Low-Rebecca Walker; ed Broken Bow; Neb Wes BA 1917; Boston U of Theology, STE 1920; m Rachel Stander Aug 6, 1922 Portland Ore; s John W, d Lucretia W, Margaret S; 1920-24 dir of religious edn Grace Meth Ch, Lincoln; 1924-28 dir religious edn Grant Ave Meth Ch, Denver; 1928-34 dir religious edn Congl Chs, Minneapolis Minn; 1934-38 minister of Meth Ch, Stanton; 1938- minister Meth Ch, Kimball; 1928-31 dean of Young Peoples Summer Inst, Minneapolis; past pres Elkhorn Valley Ministerial Assn, Norfolk; past pres Lancaster Co SS Assn; AF&AM; OES; Lions; Lodgepole Valley Ministerial Assn; hobby, collecting flags; res 311 Oak; Kimball.

   MANGANARO, CARL JOSEPH: Physician & Surgeon; b Omaha, Neb Oct 18, 1910; s of Sebastian Manganaro-Antoinette Franco; ed Omaha; N Y City; Creighton U, BSc 1932, MD 1934; Lambda Phi Mu; m Mary Cacioppo Sept 19, 1935 Omaha; s Sebastian Joseph; d Antoinette; 1934-35 interne in St Joseph Hosp Omaha; 1936-38 med prac in Omaha; 1939- med prac in Kimball, supt, Kimball Hosp; Lions; Neb St & AMA; Tri-County Med Soc; Cath Ch; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Kimball.

   MARKLEY, MELVIN: Dentist; b Cass Co, Mich Aug 1, 1862; s of Urias Markley-Caroline Lutz; ed Elkhart Co, Ind; Philadelphia Dental Coll, DDS 1896; m Mildred Veley Aug 12, 1902 Lincoln; s Miles R, Richard E; d Luella (Mrs Paul Mockett); 1896-1909 dentist Juniata; 1909- dental prac Kimball; past mbr sch bd, Juniata; past SS supt; 1910- tchr SS Meth Ch, Kimball; hobby, old violins; res Kimball.

   MILLER, ARTHUR L: Physician & Surgeon; b Plainview, Neb May 24, 1892; s of Rene J Miller-Ida Bell; ed Plainview 1911; U of N 1913; Loyola V, MD 1913-18; Phi Chi; m Florence Uhl July 39, 1934 Omaha; s Richard 2 years sch tchr; 1919-39 prac med, Kimball; 1934-36 mayor Kimball; 1937-39 sen from 43rd unicameral dist; sought investigation of highway dept 1937; opposed bill regulating oil transport trucks; sponsored cigaret tax bill; fought 5c gas tax; sponsored act to ban marijuana; opposed apptnt Maud Nuquist to bd of control; chmn ins investigation com; sponsored legislation to improve ins laws; urges development of Neb's natural resources for irrigation & power purposes; urges use of auto lic funds to reimburse hosps caring for indigent in accidents; holds Neb's big issue is absolute economy & efficiency & would halt growing state budget; urges merit system in apptmts; supports consolidation of state offs for economy & efficiency; against any new tax burden on prop; holds $5000 tax exemption for homesteads too high; believes old age assistance unsatisfactory; urges aid on basis need, not population; opposed gen sales tax; favors limiting gas tax; during World War, enl med res corps; Amer Leg; Lions, dist gov 1931-32; AF&AM, Shrine; mbr sch bd; FACS; pres Neb St Med Assn; AMA; Meth Ch; Rep candidate for nomination for gov 1940; hobby, study of govt, travel, has visited every state of union & many foreign nations; off Kimball Hosp; res 123 Chestnut, Kimball.

   MOORE, ALFRED: Hotel Owner; b Canton Aargu, Switzerland May 20, 1874; s of Adolph Moore-Fereina Yoder; ed Switzerland; m Mary Jane Shafer Mar 25, 1895 Muscatine Ia; s Verne, Lyle (dec); 1895-1908 mgr shipping dept Hutting Mfg Co, Muscatine Ia & Lincoln; 1908-17 construction man for Western Glass & Paint Co, Lincoln; 1917-26 mgr Logan Hotel, Elgin; 1926- owner & mgr Wheatgrowers Hotel, Kimball; past mbr town bd, Elgin; AF&AM; KT; Neb St Hotel Assn; Northwestern Hotel Assn; Bapt Ch; hobby, gardening; res Kimball.

   MOORE, VERNE E: Hotel Manager; b Muscatine, Ia July 5, 1897; s of Alfred Moore-Mary Jane Shafer; ed Muscatine Ia & Lincoln; U of N, mbr varsity football team 1920; Sigma Nu m Gladys Hallet Feb 24, 1922 Elgin; s Richard E; d Dorothy Jane; 1921 with Western Paint & Glass Co, Lincoln; 1921-26 mgr of whol dept Roberts' Dairy, Omaha; 1927- mgr Wheatgrowers Hotel, Kimball; during World War enl 1918 in USN stationed at Goat Island & Hampton Roads, Va; past comm Amer Leg; asst chief vol fire dept; past mbr town bd; dir Lions; past master AF&AM; mbr finance bd Meth Ch; hobby, coin collecting; res Kimball.

   MOSS, ALBERT EDWARD: Osteopath; b Colchester, Ill Apr 21, 1876; s of Samuel H Moss-Sarah A Briley; ed



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Colchester Ill HS; Columbian Coll of Med & Osteopathy, DO 1897; Natl Med Post-Grad Sch, Chicago; Iota Tau Sigma; m Molly Florence Wood Dec 24, 1902 Moulton Ia; s Victor H; d Lucile (Mrs Melford Lockwood, husband dec; now Mrs Clark Bowser), Florence Beatrice (Mrs George A. Leininger), Marian Josephine (Mrs Gene Bendixen); 1899-1907 osteopathic phys & surg, Moulton Ia; 1907- owner & mgr Moss Osteopathic Phys & Surgs Clinic, Kimball; 1907-11 homesteader, Kimball Co; 1921- instr in Denver Colo Polyclinic Hosp & in various post grad schs in middlewest; Amer Osteopathic Assn; pres Neb St Osteopathic Assn; past regent Kimball Co HS; IOOF, KP; Presby Ch; hobby, scientific osteopathy; res Kimball.

   OLSEN, HANS C: Farmer; b Jamestown, Kas Nov 10, 1881; s of Lars Olsen-Marie Hansen; ed Banner Co; m Velma Rachel Forsman Sept 1933 Alliance; s Harold Clair; d Mary Lou; 1881 left Kas with parents in covered wagon, took six weeks to reach Banner Co; stayed on father's farm until 1911; 1911- farmer, at present has 8920 A & rents an additional 1000 A; runs approximately 200 head of cattle; big crop is wheat; KP; MWA; Rep; hobby, machine work; father homesteaded in Banner Co in 1885; res Bushnell.

   OTT, CLARENCE MONROE: Merchant; b Oregon, Mo July 19, 1887; s of John Ott-Margaret Stroble; ed Mound City Mo; m Jessie A Nelson Oct 6, 1911 Clarinda Ia; d Carolyn (Mrs Ralph G Bissey), Geraldine; 1905-08 with Meyer-Fuller Merc Co, Mound City Mo; 1908-10 with Lidd Brothers Clothing Co, Shenandoah Ia; 1911-12 with Cooks Clothing Store, Clarinda Ia; 1912-16 with George B Luft Clothing Co, Scottsbluff; 1916-17 mgr Zoellner & Son, Gering, 1917-18 with William Deines, Bayard; 1918- pres & mgr Kimball Clothing Co; 1920-26 mbr grade sch bd; past master AF&AM 294; past pres & ch mbr; Lions; Meth Ch; hobby, aiding dependent children; res Kimball.

   POMEROY, DEAN: Superintendent of Schools; b Dixon Co, Neb June 24, 1896; s of John Pomeroy -___ Hamlin; ed Dixon Co Neb; Neb Sch of Agr, Lincoln; PSTC; U of N, LLB 1930; Phi Alpha Delta; m Bernice Roberts July 16, 1935 Council Bluffs Ia; s Clifford D; 1923-25 prin & coach HS, Battle Creek; 1925-26 prin & coach, Benkelman; 1931-34 prin & coach, Ulysses; 1934-35 supt of schs & coach, Tamora; 1935-37 coach, Lodgepole; 1937- supt of schs Bushnell; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, hunting; res Bushnell.

   RHOADS, HENRY CAREY: County Commissioner; b Medora, Ill Dec 21, 1872; s of William H Rhoads-Miriam Wagner; ed Medora Ill; m Blanche Elkinton Oct 9, 1895 Jerseyville Ill (dec 1920); d Edith E (Mrs Ernest Engle), Beryl A (Mrs Bruce Hart) 1894-96 in transfer bus, Medora Ill; 1898-99 owner & mgr Medora Light Plant; 1899-1901 owner & mgr H C Rhoads Confectionery, Medora Ill; 1901-08 bldg contr Medora Ill; 1908-19 with Hutchison & Oakford construction & levee work thruout (sic) middlewest; 1919- carp & building contr, Kimball; 1938- Kimball Co commr; AF&AM; KP; Bapt Ch; hobby, hunting; res Kimball.

   RODMAN, WALTER MARION: Banker; b Blair, Neb Dec 15, 1892; s of Walter B Rodman-America Robertson; ed Blair; LBC; m Vera Bradley Mar 30, 1915 Kimball; d Joan; 1911-14 cash State Bank Redmond, Ore; 1914-17 cash Citizens State Bank, Kimball; 1917-31 cash Amer Natl Bank; 1931- pres Amer Natl Bank; past mbr city coun & sch bd; AF&AM, Scot Rite; Lions; Kimball Country Club; Neb & Amer Bankers Assn; Meth Ch; hobby, agriculture; res Kimball.

   RODMAN, WINFIELD SCOTT: Banker; b Salem, Ind Mar 17, 1880; s of Walter B Rodman-America Robertson; ed Blair; m Grace V Baird Dec 1903 Carroll Ia; s Charles B, Winfield Scott; d America E (Mrs Kenneth Linn), Pauline H; 1901-04 with Edwards & Bradford Lbr Co; 1904-17 real estate bus, Omaha & Sidney; 1917- org & chmn bd of Amer Natl Bank, Kimball; past mbr city coun; grade sch & HS bds; Neb St Bankers Assn, past chmn exec coun; Amer Bankers Assn; AF&AM; Lions, Country Club; Meth Ch; hobby; stamp collecting; res Kimball.

   SMITH, FRANK A: Real Estate Agent; b Lancaster Co, Neb Mar 19, 1879; s of Alva Smith-Eliza Dyer; ed Lancaster Co & Waverly; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; LBC; m Mary Brookings Aug 19, 1909 Tekamah; d Mary Catherine; 1900-04 with state banking dept, Lincoln; 1905-19 dist court reporter, Omaha; 1919- real est agt & court reporter, Kimball; AF&AM; BPOE; NASR; Neb St Assn of Court Reporters; Meth Ch; hobby, harness horses; res Kimball.

   STETT, DAVID MOYLE: Physician & Surgeon; b Waterford, Wis Feb 17, 1904; s of Charles Stett-Adellne Moyle; ed Waterford Wis; Chicago Ill; Milbank S D; U of S D, BA 1926; U of Minn, MD 1933; Beta Theta Pi; m E Marie Leighty Feb 9, 1934 Watertown S D; d Janice Marie; 1932-33 interne in Gillette State Hosp for Crippled Children; Minneapolis Gen Hosp, St Paul & Minneapolis Minn; 1933-35 prac med South Shore, S D; 1935-36 mgr & resident phys of Burns Wyo Hosp; 1936- prac med Kimball; 1938- owner & mgr Stett Hosp Kimball; 1939- co & city phys; Tri Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Lions Club; Country Club; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobby, books; res Kimball.

   TORGESON, SEVERINE EMIL: Attorney; b Beresford, S D July 28, 1895; s of Thomas Ludvig Torgeson-Trina Andrina Torgerson; ed Beresford S D; Asbury Coll, Wilmore Ky; U of N; Agrl Coll, Park River N D; Beta Theta Pi; m May V Johnson Mar 18, 1923 Denver; d Sonia May; 1921- prac law, Kimball; 1921-25 Kimball Co atty; past city atty; past village atty, Bushnell; past pres Western Neb Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; 1938- dlr Neb Petroleum Marketers Assn; past master AF&AM 294, Scot Rite 32o; Rep vice-chmn 5th dist; mbr Neb St Central Com; chmn bd of stewards Meth Ch; hobbies, collecting first editions & antiques; res Kimball.

   TRITT, JOHN RANDOLPH: Mayor; b Jasper Co, Ill Nov 8, 1878; s of Joseph M Tritt-Mary Elizabeth Gibson; ed Sweetwater; East Carondelet Ill; m Laura Vedene Aug 14, 1912 Minden; s Myron V; 1899-1907 road bldg contr, East St Louis Mo; 1907-16 gen contracting bus, Shelton; 1916- gen contracting bus, Kimball; 1936- mayor Kimball; past regent Kimball Co HS; 1919-20 chmn town bd; bd mbr Country Club; AF&AM; Lions; Meth Ch, mbr & trustee finance bd; hobby, hunting; res Kimball.

   VOGLER, HENRY: County Judge; b Weinheim, Germany Oct 8, 1864; s of George Peter Vogler-Annie Pflester; ed Weinheim, Germany; prep sch Germany; m Clementine Nealy July 18, 1887 Dix; s George L, Shirley, Robert, Donald; d Olive (Mrs W T Young), Margaret (Mrs Clare Long), Bonita, Ruth (Mrs Norman Long); 1882 came to Neb; 1886-95 owner & mgr Vogler's Store, Dix; 1896-1902 Kimball Co clk; 1902-08 ptr Bushee & Vogler mdse store, Kimball; 1904-10 cash Bank of Kimball; 1906-10 Kimball Co treas; 1910- farmer & stock raiser; 1925- Kimball Co judge; past mbr town bd; past regent Kimball Co HS; first P M Dix, helped obtain first sch & P O; MWA; Meth Ch; hobby, livestock; off Courthouse; res Kimball.

   WALKER, IRVING SETH: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Saratoga Co, N Y Jan 26, 1861; s of Seth R Walker-Ruth Baker; ed Champaign Co & Mansfield Ill; m Hattie E Ainsworth Apr 6, 1887 Cheyenne Co; d Ethel (Mrs George F Nugent), Ruth (Mrs Vernon E Linn); 1886-92 homesteader & rancher, Cheyenne Co; 1894-98 with Bank of Kimball; 1898-1910 cattle raiser Kimball Co; 1901-07 owner & mgr Kimball Hotel; 1904- real estate & ins agt; 1908-33 org & pres Kimball Irrigation Dist; 1915- secy of AF&AM, ch mbr; MWA; 1930- warden Episc Ch; hobby, horses; born in house located on Saratoga battlefield, now a N Y state park; res Kimball.

   WISDOM, ORVILLE CARLTON: Attorney; b Blockton, Ia Mar 31, 1882; s of Josephus Wisdom-Laura Shearer; ed Cedar Co; U of N; LLB 1908; Northeast Neb Coll, Wayne; Drake U; Highland Park Coll; m Evangel Hibben Mar 9, 1928 Fremont; 1908-11 with Pert W Richards Ins Agcy, Lincoln; 1911-19 prac law, Emerson & Wakefield; 1918-21 owner & mgr Wisdom Variety Store, Pender; 1921-23 owner & mgr Wisdom Variety Store, Cevenia Cal; 1923-24 with Washer Wilson Co, Fullerton Cal; 1924-26 with Pierce Electric Co, Fremont; 1926- prac law Kimball; 1926- elec Kimball Co atty, re-elec 1930 & 1934; 1929- service ofcr Amer Leg, Kimball; during World War enl 1918 in U S army Co F 19th inf stationed at Port Arthur, Tex; past assoc grand guardian Jobs Daughters, Neb; AF&AM; KP, Neb St Bar Assn; Meth Ch; hobby, home life; res Kimball,


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