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Mrs. E. L. Durbin

LetterURIED deeply in the fertile fields of Nebraska are scattered pages from important chapters in the history of an early race which first inhabited this state. And in the north part of Knox County, near Niobrara, some of these pages have been dug up and read by Dr. Earl H. Bell of the University of Nebraska. Homes of a prehistoric Indian tribe and some artifacts have been unearthed.
   But the first white men to reach Knox County were French traders. Jean Munier was the first arrival. He traded with the Poncas in 1789. Five years later an expedition led by a man named Treadeau was storm-bound for three days in September, 1794. Jacques Machay was the third, and he trekked completely across Knox County from east to west, trading at the Ponca village in the northwest portion of the county..
   Knox County was organized by an act of the territorial legislature in 1857, and named L'Eau Qui Court, French which means "running water," the same meaning which is given by the Indian word Niobrara. The name referred to the present Niobrara river. A law passed Feb. 21, 1873, changed the county's name to Knox.
   The first Knox County election, held in 1858, saw the following persons elected: George Detwiler, Fred Reimer and D. B. Dobson, commissioners; James Tufts, judge; R. M. Hageman, clerk; J. Austin, treasurer; James Ogg, sheriff..
   Before 1853 the Niobrara country, as the Knox County area was then known, was claimed by the Omaha Indian tribe. During that year a treaty was concluded with them, in which they agreed to abandon this territory to the whites, rather than to reserve it as their permanent home. It is thought fear of the Poncas or the influence of some other persons caused them to carry out the treaty. In about two years they had moved, and the Niobrara country was thrown open to preemption and settlement. When the Omahas left, however, the Poncas then pressed a claim to the territory, posting notices which said neither persons nor property would be safe west of Aoway creek. In 1856 the following inscription was written on a board and posted conspicuously in Ponca: "I will not be responsible for injury done to white men or their property on this side of Aoway Creek. (signed) Michael Sayre, chief of the Poncas.".
   This Indian tribe opposed settlement for a number of years, but prudent conduct on the part of nearly all the settlers finally helped to settle the dispute without bloodshed. The Poncas lived on the Niobrara river bottom until May, 1858, when they were removed north of the river, in accordance with a treaty signed in March of that year. There were few Indian scares during Knox County's pioneer days, but in fairness it must be said the depradations and outrages committed by the Indians were not always without cause. Some old settlers of the county believe much of the trouble arose from dishonesty of the agents who were responsible for distributing annuities to the Indians..
   The Santee Sioux agency, about 180 square miles, was located in the northern part of Knox County about midway between the eastern and western borders. It was the Santee tribe which perpetrated the great Minnesota Massacre in 1862, after which they retreated into the northwestern plains. After wandering around for a few years, about 1,300 of them came to this reservation in 1866. For the next two years the Santees were in charge of soldiers, but in 1868 Asa Jenny was appointed agent, followed by Joseph Webster, Charles H. Searing and Isaiah Lightner.
   For eight years after being brought to the reservation the Santees changed their ways of life very little. They preferred their accustomed clothing, lived in tents, and still used the tomahawk and scalping knife. In later years they did their own farming without aid. In 1871 Rev. Alfred L. Riggs founded the Santee Normal Training School on the reservation. Its purpose was to centralize education and training in industrial arts among the various branches of Sioux in Minnesota, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming. The institution had about $50,000 invested in buildings. In 1928, however, government funds for maintaining the school were gone. The buildings were dismantled, and books and records transferred to the agency at Greenwood, where the Santees, Poncas and Winnebagoes were merged.
   The present town of Niobrara was preceded in its location by at least two other nearby settlements. Sixty-five Mormon families, before going to their "winter quarters" in Douglas County in 1846, had attempted a settlement near the mouth of the Niobrara river. They were guided to the site of their settlement by Ponca Indians from near Genoa. Several of these Mormons perished while in this encampment, including one Newell Knight, whose family in 1907 erected a monument to him and the other dead.
   About ten years after the Mormons were in Knox County, B. Y. Sherman of Council Bluffs determined to investigate reports he had heard of the excellent prospects in this region. In May,


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1856 he set out with R. R. Cowan to select a favorable site for a town. After a few weeks travel, the two arrived at the mouth of the Niobrara and marked out their claim June 7, 1856, on the plateau there. A large portion of the Ponca tribe accompanied them, and the men agreed to name the town Niobrara.
   After erecting a cabin of logs which were three feet in diameter, Shelley and Cowan returned to Council Bluffs and Sioux City. They formed the L'Eau Qui Court Company, which soon failed, being succeeded by the Niobrara Townsite Company. Some members of this latter group were Dr. Joel A. Potter, J. Shaw Gregory, Robert M. Hageman, Walter M. Barnum, Ferdinand Weis. Others who joined in 1858 were William Lamont, C. G. Benner, and T. N. Paxton. Patents to the townsite were issued in 1861, and in 1864 soldiers were sent to protect the settlers from Indians. Nevertheless, the town's records were removed for safe keeping to Omaha, where they remained until 1866.
   Another early settlement was Frankfort, founded by S. Loeber in 1856 when he opened an Indian trading post there. A tribe under Chief Smutty Bear was encamped immediately across the river. A year later the town was laid out and the plat filed in St. James in Cedar County.
   In 1871 J. A. Bruce, an Omaha merchant, organized a colony of Omahans to build a farming community and town. Among the group were Dr. Knowlton Bruce, C. Cheatham, J. H. Bruce, H. Brady, a Mr. Gallaher, a Mr. Gaslin, Miner W. Bruce, C. Lightner, Charles Osborn, Isadore Hammerly, B. Behrens, James Steele, A. L. Towle, Mr. Hubbard, I. E. Hammond, W. Cross, James Lovell. Others came later.
   On April 6, 1871, the whole party set out for Niobrara, and the next day came to the house of George W. Quimby, the only settler in that part of the country. The following evening John and Matt Wagner came in by another route from Omaha, so the town of Creighton came into being. It was named after the wealthy Creighton family of Omaha. A severe blizzard struck about this time, and the men dressed their horses in their own trousers and underwear to keep the animals from freezing.
   Bloomfield, Crofton, Knoxville, Venus, Middlebranch and Verdigre were other early settlements. Center, the county seat, was founded by James Lovell, and was platted in 1901. In 1876 there were thirteen postoffices in the county, of which three had daily mails, three tri-weekly and the others weekly.
   The Niobrara Pioneer, edited by Edward A. Fry, was the county's first newspaper. Papers which exist today are the Creighton News, the Bloomfield Monitor, the Wausa Gazette, the Verdigre Eagle, the Crofton Journal and the Niobrara Tribune.

   ALEXANDER, CHRIS B: County Treasurer; b Bloomfield, Neb Aug 4, 1905; s of Robert Alexander-Tillie Bosse; ed Plainview HS; Southern State Normal, Springfield S D 1923-24; m Marie Pischel July 10, 1931 Pierce; 1924-27 in banking bus, Santee & Magnet, 1927-30 Knox Co dep treas; 1930- Knox Co treas; Comml Club; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, outdoor sports; res Center.

   ANDERSON, ALBIN CARL: Mayor; b Boone, Ia Oct 25, 1884; s of August Anderson-Amelia Swanson; ed Wausa; m Minnie Wendell Dec 18, 1912 Wausa; d Hazel; 1908- impl & hdw dlr, Wausa; 1938 mayor, Wausa; 1914-38 mbr town bd; Luth Ch; hobbies, fishing, baseball; res Wausa.

   ANDERSON, CARL AUGUST: Editor & Publisher; b Mead, Neb Aug 25, 1879; s of August Anderson- Christine Jonasdaughter; ed Wausa; m Olga Elenore Monteen Aug 31, 1904 Mead; s Rupert Cedric, Gordon Vladimer; d Carmelita Nordica Lueyele (Mrs Otto K Fangmeyer); 1893 came to Wausa; 1893-04 clk in Anderson Brothers Store; 1895 with Wausa Times; 1896-97 in harness shop, Wausa; 1899-1900 with Harrison & Milligan, Wakefield; 1900-06, 1912-22 ptr in Wausa Gazette; 1908-16 P M, Wausa; 1906-12, 1922- owner Wausa Gazette; pres Knox Co Editorial Assn; NPA; past state chmn Neb div Meridian Highway Assn; coined term, Main Street of N Amer; Improvement Club, chmn 1938- 39, secy 1924-38; dir Wausa band 1912-35; treas local ARC 1918-38, pres 1939; chmn Woodlawn Cemetery Assn 1923-39; Luth Ch, trustee 1915-19, 1922-24, 1928-30, 1933-35, choir dir 1905-19, SS supt 1936-39; Rep, Knox Co committeeman 1936-39; hobbies, music, genealogy; res Wausa.

   ANDRESEN, ROY H: Druggist; b Bloomfield, Neb Oct 27, 1903; s of Hans L Andresen-Mary Kuhr; ed Bloomfield HS 1923; U of N, BSc 1927; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; m Gladys Foreman Aug. 11, 1927 Creighton; s Richard, Roy; 1927-28 athletic coach, Schuyler; 1928-30 coach, Bloomfield HS; 1930-32 bkkpr, Bloomfield Bank; 1932- in drug bus, Bloomfield; Lions; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, football, basketball, 3 years with U of N, also baseball, tried out with St Louis Cardinals & played one season in League; res Bloomfield.

   BAGGSTROM, JOHN E: Insurance Agent; b Stratford, Ia Jan 10, 1870; s of Eric Baggstrom-Ella Olson; ed Stratford, Ia; Luther Acad, Wahoo 1893-98; m Nellie Anderson May 6, 1903 Wausa; s Carl 0 T; d Lilly (Mrs Carl J Swanson), Mildred (Mrs R L Peterson), Vivian (Mrs Emil Shalander), Dorice (Mrs Alvin Overton); 1898-1901 ptr in Wausa Gazette; 1901-06 bldg contr, architect; 1906-11 mgr Lundberg Bros Lbr Co; 1911-30 secy-treas & gen mgr Union Tele Co, Wausa; 1931-39 auditor Magnet Indep Tele Co, Magnet; 1929- in ins bus, Wausa; J P 1928-39; past mbr sch bd; Knox Co Hist Soc, VP; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, gardening; res Wausa.

   BAKER, PAUL DEWITT: Osteopath; b Bartley, Neb May 6, 1899; s of DeWitt Clinton Baker-Eva Fox; ed Bartley HS 1917; Neb Wes, BA 1922; mbr track team; Chemistry Club; Biology Club; Kirksville Mo Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery, DO 1931; Theta Phi Sigma; m Mary McCandless June 25, 1924 Lincoln: s Paul DeWitt Jr, Lucian McCandless, George Franklin; 1925-27 tchr in Philippine Islands; 1927 toured world; 1931-37 osteopath, Bloomfield; 1937- with New Meridian Sanatorium, Crofton; past mbr bd of edn, Bloomfield; Neb Osteopathic Assn; C of C; AF&AM; Meth Ch, chmn bd of trustees; hobbies, gardening, golf; res Crofton.

   BARTA, FRANK A: Attorney; b Pishelville, Neb Dec 3, 1876; s of John Barta-Anna Schiner; ed Knox Co; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia 1901-02; WSTC, BSc 1903; U of N, LLB 1906; m Rose Shimanek Nov 26, 1906 Wilber; d June, Janice; 1906-07 homesteaded in Jones Co S D; 1907-10 in hdw & impl bus, Verdigre; 1911-20 Knox Co clk of dist court; 1921- prac law, Center, with Peterson-Barta law firm, 1921-36; chmn city coun since 1925; asst Knox Co atty several terms; 1927- atty for Fed Land bank; NE Neb, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; AF&AM; Congl Ch; hobby, sports, played with U of N baseball & football teams, also


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played professional baseball with Kearney team 1906-07; res Center.

   BLACK, LEONARD A: Merchant; b Knox Co, Neb Sept 20, 1896; s of William Black-Susanna Barns; ed Knox Co; Verdel HS; m Nora Dever Sept 11, 1919 Bloomfield; d Melba; 1914-18 with Farmers Union Store, Verdel; 1919- owner & opr Black Gen Mdse; owner & opr farm lands, Knox Co; 1935-39 pres Verdel Co-op Credit Assn; mbr village bd 4 terms; dir bd of edn; past chief vol fire dept; Gen Whol Groc Assn, Norfolk; during World War, enl 1918 in arty corps AEF, O/S 6 mos, disch 1919; Amer Leg, comm; Presby Ch; Dem; res Verdel.

   BLAIR, HOMER: Merchant; b Knox Co, Neb Jan 9. 1907; s of Mart Blair-Florence VanBrocklyn; ed Creighton HS; m Edna Kruger Oct 24, 1933 Creighton, 1923-30 with Fred Hartleib Gen Mdse, Creighton; 1930- owner & opr Homer Blair's Store; Gen Whol Groc Assn, Norfolk; Lions; Indep, hobby, fishing; res Creighton.

   BLANKENFELD, JOHN DAVID: Retired; b Geneseo, Ill Nov 21, 1873; s of Jacob Blankenfeld-Maria Eigler; ed Knox Co; 1891- farmer near Niobrara, raises cattle, horses, hogs, still owns farm homesteaded by father; 1916- in real est bus, Niobrara; 1924-25 mgr Hill Tele Co, Niobrara; 1922- 32 with State Bank of Niobrara; 1919-23 mbr Farmers Union Store & Elevator bd; 1915-16 mbr sch bd; 1920-24 mbr town bd, had chg of city park; 1932-33 Knox Co committeeman Corn-Hog Program; 1913-16 pct assessor Hill twp; secy relief distribution com for donation of grain, 1932; mbr Knox Co conciliation bd; 1920- mbr Farmers Union; Luth Ch, SS tchr, treas 1910-14; Dem; hobby, playing cards; res Niobrara.

   BOGNER, OTTO: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Howells, Neb Nov 20, 1883; s of Alois Bogner-Sibilla Pickel; ed Howells; Gray Real Est Sch of Kansas City Mo; Natl Realty, Chicago; Comml Correspondence; m Bernardina Schnuttegen June 15, 1909 Howells; s Ferdinand, Othmar, Norbert; d Delores (Mrs Robert T Haberman), Romona: 1909- in real est & ins bus in Crofton; 1930-34 Knox Co relief chmn; instrumental in construction Knox Co courthouse, Center; pres Devils Nest Natl Park & Game Preserve Assn; first Knox Co mbr Meridian Highway Assn, instrumental in obtaining highways of co; C of C, org & past pres; org & past secy vol fire dept; bd mbr Knox Co Hist Soc; 1912-27 state secy COF, 1918 state del to natl conv, Duluth; Cath Ch; Dem, chmn Knox Co Central Com 1926-39; hobbies, nature, politics, amusements, music; res Crofton.

   BORIN, FRANK WEBSTER: Lumber Dealer; b Osborne, Kas Apr 23, 1884; s of Frank Borin-Alma R Wells; ed Stockton Kas; m Lydia Ann Woods Apr 6, 1907 Schuyler; s Harlan Frank, Lawrence Sutton; d Jessie Arleene; 1905-06 buyer, T B Hord Grain Co, Archer; 1906-12 buyer, T B Hord Co, Rogers; 1912-20 owner lbr yard & gen mdse store, Angus; 1916-21 P M 1921-24 part owner Chicago Lbr Co Inc as F W Borin Lbr Co, St Paul; 1924- owner & opr F W Borin Lbr Co, Bloomfield; 1916 incorporated town of Angus, chmn town bd; instrumental in street paving, Bloomfield; 1922 pres St Paul Comm Club; Lions; AF&AM, 32o, OES; Rep; hobby, lbr bus; res Bloomfield.

   BORIN, HARLAN FRANK: Attorney; b Rogers, Neb July 12, 1909; s of Frank Webster Borin-Lydia Ann Woods; ed Bloomfield HS 1929; WSTC 1931-32; U of N, LLB 1935; Kappa Psi; Phi Alpha Delta; m Elaine Fae Pruess June 19, 1935 Bloomfield; s Frank William; 1935- prac law, Bloomfield; 9th Judicial Dist & Neb St Bar Assns; Lions; AF&AM; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Bloomfield.

   BRITT, CLAD T: Banker; b Creighton, Neb June 21, 1891; s of William H Britt-Martha A Warner; ed Creighton HS; m Alice K Roemer July 31, 1928 Spencer; 1920-30 asst cash Bank of Creighton; 1931 cash Center State Bank, Center; during World War, enl May 15, 1917 Camp Cody, Deming N M, served in France, disch Oct 1919; VFW; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, res Creighton.

   BURBRIDGE, ARTHUR ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Attorney; b Missouri Valley, Ia Nov 22, 1897; s of Abraham Lincoln Burbridge-Laura Elizabeth Jurgens; ed Logan Ia HS; Creighton U, LLB 1921; Gamma Eta Gamma; m Madeline Stanton May 30, 1933 Wayne; s James; d Elizabeth Ann; 1921-23 prac law, Logan Ia; 1923- prac law, Bloomfield; 1925-30 city atty; 1931- Knox Co atty: mbr bd of edn; Neb St Bar Assn; Lions; during World War in U S army, Sept-Dec 1918; service ofcr Amer Leg; Rep; res Bloomfield.

   BURNS, NORMAN: County Sheriff; b Knox Co, Neb July 31, 1886; s of John L Burns-Martha Ellen Grimm; ed Creighton; m Margaret Deddlow Feb 7, 1906 Creighton; s Louis, John; d Lucille K; 1905-07 on RR; 1907-20 foreman for contr J P Riddle, Creighton; 1920-23 foreman for Monarch Engineering Co, Falls City, also for J W Segrist, Sioux City Ia & Western Bridge & Construction Co; 1923-31 marshal, Creighton; 1931- Knox Co sheriff; 1923-31 chief vol fire dept, Creighton; MWA; Rep; res Center.

   CAHOY, A L: Dentist; b Gregory, S D Apr 26, 1907; s of Andrew Cahoy-Anna Simek; ed Gregory S D HS 1925; Creighton U, DDS 1981; Xi Psi Phi; m Anne Natelle Millard Feb 2, 1935 Omaha; s Richard Drew; 1931- dentist, Bloomfield; NE Neb Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; Amer Soc for Promotion of Dentistry for Children; Lions; Cath Ch; Indep; hobby, photography; res Bloomfield.

   CARRIG, MILTON HENRY: Physician & Surgeon; b Platte Co, Neb Apr 21, 1900; s of Charles J Carrig- Elizabeth Haney; ed Columbus HS; Creighton U, BSc 1922, MD 1924; Phi Rho Sigma; m Louise Kerz May 24, 1928 Chicago; s James; d Kathleen; during World War in SATC Sept-Nov 1918; 1925-27 Interne Mercy Hosp, Chicago; 1927-28 prac med, Iron Mountain Mich; 1928-29 in industrial work with Pullman Co, Chicago; 1929-85 prac med, Stuart; 1935- prac med, Bloomfield; Neb St Med Assn; Lions; Amer Leg; ARC; Cath Ch; res Bloomfield.

   CHALUPNIK, JAMES JOHN: Creamery Operator; b Podesin, Czechoslovakia Sept 14, 1884; s of John Chalupnik-Mary Kalous; ed Czechoslovakia; m Anastazia Beran Aug 30, 1909 Beroun Minn; s Henry; d Gertrude (Mrs Frank Ulrich), Marian (Mrs John Hospodka), Beatrice, Lillian; 1905-08 traveled & worked on bldg of RRs at Casper, Powder River & Cheyenne Wyo, & Denver; worked on Spokane Electric Dam, & on docks in Wash, 1906 after San Francisco earthquake worked in street car shop; 1907 prospected for gold in Nome Alaska; 1908 emp in brewery, Beroun Minn, also in creamery at Seattle; 1909-10 oprd creamery, Beroun Minn; 1910- opr creamery, Verdigre; 1915- opr city light & power plant; 1933- Chevrolet dlr; pres Co-op Bank; 1925-33 mbr sch bd; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; Natl Auto Dlrs Assn; C of C; Improvement Club; BPOE; state VP Sokol; Cath Workmen; KC; Cath Ch; hobby, cards; res Verdigre.

   CLARK, CHARLES S: Abstracter; b Niobrara, Neb Mar 15, 1896; s of Phil B Clark-Rose Stein; ed Bloomfield HS 1915; m Ethel Waid June 27, 1934 Wisner; s Thomas D; 1916-26 farmed, raised purebred Duroc Jersey hogs, Knox Co; 1919- with father in Knox Co Abstract & Title Co; Neb & Amer Title Assns; Niobrara Golf Club; Congl Ch; Indep; hobbies, hunting, golf; res Center.

   CLINE, JAMES ALEXANDER JR: Banker; b Minden, Neb May 8, 1887; s of James Alexander Cline Sr- Minnie E Shedd; ed Minden HS 1905; U of N, BA 1910; Innocents; Phi Delta Theta; m Emma Weller Sept 28, 1922 Scottsbluff: s James A 3rd, Donald; d Dorothy; 1911-13 asst cash First Natl Bank, Stromsburg; 1918-24 VP & cash First Natl Bank, Scottsbluff; 1927-29 with Neb state guaranty fund commission; 1929- cash Farmers & Mchts Bank, Bloomfield; mbr bd of edn 4 years; Neb Bankers Assn; Lions, past pres; Episc Ch; Indep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Bloomfield.

   COLLINS, HARVEY S: Baker; b North Bend, Neb May 23, 1897; s of Sanford W Collins-Lillian Snyder; ed North Bend HS 1912; m Marie Parkus Jan 25, 1924 Creighton; 1911-32 farmed near Creighton; 1932- opr cafe & bakery, Crofton; 1936- chief vol fire dept; 1936- treas sch bd; C of C; hobby, aviation; res Crofton.

   CREW, PAUL DONALD: Publisher; b Salem, Ia Jan 8, 1887; s of L B Crew-Mary Ella Matthews; ed Creighton HS 1905; m lone Simons Aug 15, 1913 Omaha; s Donald; 1903- with Creighton News, 1914 publisher; NPA; Indep; res Creighton.

   DANIELSON, AUGUST: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Boone Co, Ia May 29, 1871; s of Peter Magnus Danielson-Sarah Lena Andersdaughter; ed Boone Co Ia; m Ida Louise Younger June 26, 1907 Alexandria Minn (dec Aug 11, 1919); s Lester August, George Elmore; d Sarah Genevieve, Luella; 1901-04 livestock buyer, Little Falls Minn; 1904-06 in threshing bus, Wausa: 1906 emp in law firm Keller & Ellis; 1907-08 buyer for Anchor Grain Co, also farm



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auctioneer; 1908-18 in chg of real est, ins & farm loans for G E Lunger; 1918- in real est & ins bus; mayor 4 years; pres bd of edn 6 years; village clk 12 years; instrumental in building light plant; Mission Ch; Rep; hobbies, growing flowers, reading, travel; res Wausa.

   DIEDRICHSEN, JOHN: Farmer; b Bennington, Neb Sept 20, 1877; s of Peter Diedrichsen-Margaret Peters; ed Douglas Co; m Hattie A Goetsch Oct 21, 1900 Osmond; s George; d Hulda (Mrs Paul Wollscheleger), Amanda (Mrs ___ Welch), Edith (Mrs Glenn Warnstaff); 1898-1904 oprd 160 A farm, Knox Co; 1904-08 owned & oprd 160 A farm, Knox Co, 1908 pur 160 A, also in 1919 pur 160 A, oprd all until 1920; 1920-34 livestock buyer & in whol livestock slaughter bus, Niobrara; 1934 owner & opr 320 A farm, Knox Co; 1923-30 owner third int in John Snyder Wildcat Oil Well No. 1 near Beggs Okla; mbr bd of edn 20 years; Luth Ch; Indep; hobby, mechanics, made first wind-charger seen in use, made binder improvements later used by McCormick Deering Impl Co; res Creighton.

   DURBIN, MRS MAE MURPHY: Librarian & Historian; b Pittsburg, Penn May 12, 1880; d of James Murphy-Mary Murphy; ed Albion; Fremont Normal; m E. L. Durbin Sept 10, 1902 Albion; d Marguerite E (Mrs E E Johnson); 1917- librarian, Bloomfield; 1924- historical recorder, Knox Co; org & secy Knox Co Hist Soc; state lib chmn NFWC 1928-29, 3rd dist chmn lib work since 1929; wrote Knox Co history for Who's Who in Neb; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, local history, young peoples study; res Bloomfield.

   EICKHOFF, MRS ELIZABETH BRUNS: Homemaker; b LaCrosse, Wis May 28, 1870; d of John Bruns- Mary Schomer; ed Cedar Co; m Edward Eickhoff May 12, 1892 St Helena (dec Dec 8, 1929); s John, Frank, Fred, Clarence, Henry; d Mary, Tress, Margaret, Eleanor, Gertrude, Kathryn; came to Knox Co 1873; past Knox Co supvr; past mbr sch bd; Christian Mothers Club; Cath Ch; hobbies, nature, travel; res Crofton.

   EVERTON, MARION E: Merchant; b Crofton, Neb July 22, 1896: s of Alvah Everton-Sarah Leader; ed Crofton HS 1914; m Ellen Ten Eyck Apr 20, 1932 Sioux Falls, S D; 1910-30 in groc bus, Crofton; 1930- mcht, Crofton; during World War, enl May 11, 1917 in 4th field arty, disch Feb, 1919; C of C; AF&AM; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res Crofton.

   FICKLING, WILLIAM W: Pharmacist; b Cambridge, Ill Aug 28, 1882; s of Edward A Fickling-Mary I Shannon; ed Yankton SD; Highland Park Sch of Pharm, Des Moines Ia, PhG, 1905; m Nola M Arnold Jan 1, 1913 Yankton, S D; s William A: d Mary Jane (dec 1938); 1906- in drug bus, Creighton; Lions, ch mbr; Rep; hobby, athletics; res Creighton.

   FILTER, AUGUST CHRISTOF EMIL: Merchant; b Bloomfield, Neb Mar 15, 1895; s of Ernest F Filter-Ida Boelte; ed Bloomfield HS 1914; U of N 1914-16; m Esther Becker June 7, 1922 Seward; s Ernest, David; d Charlotte; during World War, Sept 1917-Sept 1918 special duty in depot brigade at Fort Riley Kas & Camp Hancock Ga, OTC; 1916-17, 1919-20 with Farmers & Mchts Bank, Bloomfield; 1920- mcht; mbr bd of edn, 1922-37; 1936- mbr city coun; past adjt, comm Amer Leg; pres Lions, 1933; Trinity Luth Ch; res Bloomfield.

   FUNK, WILLIAM DILLE: Attorney; b Iowa City, Ia Sept 18, 1856; s of Joseph Funk-Leah Steely; ed Blairstown Ia Acad; Cornell Coll, Mt Vernon Ia; U of Ia, LLB 1886; m Cora A King Oct 22, 1883 Charles City Ia (dec Dec 1935); s Samuel W, Owen R; d Hazel King (Mrs -___ Miller), Angeline; 1886-92 prac law, Blairstown & Van Horne Ia; 1892- atty, Bloomfield; 1902-39 Knox Co atty; past city atty several terms; pres NE Neb Bar Assn; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; mbr AF&AM 45 years; past grand high priest RAM; KT 40 years; hobby, movies; res Bloomfield.

   GASS, GEORGE: Machinist; b Marshfield, Wis Nov 26, 1883; s of Michael Gass-Anna Schneider; ed Marshfield Wis; m Mary Niklai June 18, 1912 Marshfield Wis; s James J (dec); d Helen (Mrs Vern Nohr), Lucille, Sister Mary Georgetta, Lillian; 1911 came to Knox Co, estab bus, one year as ptr; 1912- indep machinist; 1934-39 mbr village bd; chief vol fire dept 15 years, ch mbr; Cath Ch; res Crofton.

   GAY, REX R: Superintendent of Schools; b Oakland, Ia Aug 2, 1902; s of Alva Gay-Clara Rednall; ed Ashland HS 1918; Doane Coll, BA 1928, asst coach 1928, letterman in football 2 years; U of N, MA 1938; Alpha Omega, Phi Delta Kappa; m Henrietta Dreusen Jan 4, 1933 Spirit Lake Ia; s Larry; d Constance; 1926-28 coach & prin of Verdon schs; 1928-29 asst supt & coach Pawnee City schs; 1929-38 supt & coach of Rock Co schs: 1938- supt Creighton schs; pres N Central Schoolmens Assn 2 terms: mbr managing bd dist 3, NSTA: NEA; pres Lions 3 terms, Bassett; worthy master AF&AM, Bassett; Indep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf; off & res Creighton.

   GOSSARD, JEFFERSON B: Mayor; b McLean Co, Ill Jan 2, 1868; s of Phillip Gossard-Mary Leeper; ed Washington Co; Western Normal, Shenandoah Ia, 1891; m Ethel Lydick Jan 1, 1892 Fontanelle; s Phillip; d Leila (Mrs Bonnie Naprasky), Beryl (Mrs Gyle Tague); 1891-95 farmed, Washington Co; 1895-98 in drug bus, Herman; 1898-1903 in livestock bus, Bloomfield; 1903-06 in hdw bus; 1906-09 rancher, Knox Co; 1909-12 oprd Comml Hotel, Bloomfield; 1912-26 Ford dlr; 1913-33 mbr city coun; 1933- mayor, Bloomfield; past mbr Comml Club; League of Neb Municipalities; AF&AM; West Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; res Bloomfield.

   GRANDEN, HOWARD W: Physician & Surgeon; b Omaha, Neb Dec 7, 1895; s of Charles A Granden-Belle Stackpole; ed Central HS, Omaha 1914; U of N Coll of Engineering 1915-21; U of N, BSc 1934, MD 1936; Phi Beta Pi, Alpha Sigma Phi; m Thelma E Godsey May 24, 1929 Omaha; 1920-21 tchr Culver Mil Acad, Culver Ind; 1921-28 electrical contr in Omaha; 1937 prac med, Omaha; 1937- prac med, Verdigre; during World War 1918-20 ensign in USN; comm Amer Leg; Neb St Med Assn; Improvement Club; AF&AM; hobbies, tennis & golf; off & res Verdigre.

   GREEN, CARL RAYMOND: Physician & Surgeon; b McCool Junction, Neb Jan 10, 1898; s of Ernest Green-Dorothy Hubenbecker; ed McCool Junction HS 1917; U of N, BSc 1923, MD 1925: Phi Beta Pi: m Lulu Hart June 1924 Kas: d Helen Louise, Betty Jane; 1926 interne in Immanuel Luth Hosp, Omaha; 1927- prac in Niobrara; chmn bd of edn 3 terms; mbr village bd; during World War enl Sept 1918 in AEF, disch Nov 1918; Amer Leg; Madison-Six Co Med Soc: Neb St & AMA; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep: hobbies, hunting, golf; res Niobrara.

   HAGERMAN, CALVIN GEORGE: Dentist; b O'Neill, Neb Dec 18, 1908; s of Melvin Hagerman-Ethel Wright: ed Niobrara HS 1925; U of N, DDS 1930; Delta Sigma Delta; m Laura Sheets June 24, 1935 West Point; 1930- prac in Niobrara; July 1939 recd apptmt as 1st lt in US army dental corps, stationed at Fort Douglas Utah; 1937 stationed at Fort Snelling Minn as 1st lt in dental corps; mbr vol fire dept; ROA; Comml Club; Presby Ch, past mbr bd; Dem; hobbies, golf, fishing; res Niobrara.

   HALES, RALPH: Railway Station Agent: b Tilden, Neb Jan 4, 1890; s of Felix Hales-Elizabeth Thorten; ed Tilden HS 1907: m Frankie Burner June 1, 1910 Stanton; s Stuart; d Virginia; 1907 emp by C&NW as station helper at Tilden, 1907-08 Clearwater, May-Aug 1908 Pierce, Aug 1908-May 1909 Tilden, May-Aug 1909 teleg opr at Battle Creek, Aug-Oct 1909 Neligh, Oct 1909-Jan 1910 Bassett, 1910-12 Battle Creek, 1912-18 Tilden, 1918- station agt, Ewing; co-owner 320 A Wheeler Co farm land; mbr bd of edn, chmn since 1924; ORT; Comml Club; Ewing Golf Club; Episc Ch: Rep; hobbies, golf, hunting, fishing; res Ewing.

   HANSON, HAROLD G: Dentist; b Little Sioux, Ia Mar 25, 1896; s of Charles Lawrence Hanson-Dora Gleason; ed Little Sioux Ia HS 1914; U of Ia 1914-15: U of Minn 1915-16; Creighton U, DDS 1927; Delta Sigma Delta; m Florence Liedl Dec 22,1919, Minneapolis Minn; 1927-28 prac dentistry, Omaha; 1928-30 prac, Loup City; 1930- prac, Crofton; during World War enl Sept 21, 1917 in 344th field arty, hdqrs Co, served in France, disch June 25, 1919; Neb St Dental Assn; AF&AM; Meth Ch: Rep; hobby, photography; res Crofton.

   HAROLDSON, LEWIS S: Grain Dealer; b Rock Co, Minn Jan 7, 1887; s of Sivert Haroldson-Ingred Iverson: ed Rock Co Minn; Northwestern Bus Coll, Fergus Falls Minn 1905-07; m Bertha Prosch June 19, 1934 Bloomfield; 1908-10 carp, Jasper Minn; 1910-14 with G W Van Dusan Elevator Co, Jasper Minn; 1914-18 mgr Farmers Elevator, Kenneth Minn; 1918-24 mgr Farmers Elevator Co of Valley Springs S D; 1924-29 mgr Farmers Union Elevator Co, Rowena S D; 1929-32 mgr J J Maloney Elevator, Bloomfield; 1932- mgr Farmers


in Nebraska


Elevator; Luth Ch; Rep, hobbies, gardening, travel; off & res Bloomfield.

   HEALEY, EDWARD J: Hardware Dealer; b Scranton, Penn June 24, 1872; s of Anthony Healey-Mary Kelley; ed Hay Springs HS; m Catherine E Doyle June 21, 1905 Creighton; s Francis; d Helen; came by ox team from Wisner to Knox Co Mar 1877; 1898-1908 in bus, Creighton; 1903-04 in bus, Central City S D; 1904-05 in bus at Winnetoon & Plainview; 1905-07 in whol cigar bus, Council Bluffs Ia; 1907-10 in real est bus, Creighton; 1910-12 in hdw bus; 1912-15 in real est bus, San Diego Cal; 1915-17 oprd gen store, Meadow Grove; 1918- in hdw bus, Creighton; 1927-37 mbr city coun; Lions; BPOE since 1905; KC, ch mbr; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, cards, horse racing, formerly owned pacing horses; res Creighton.

   HENGSTLER, W C: Furniture Dealer & Undertaker; b Creighton, Neb July 9, 1878; s of Andrew Hengstler-Martha Zepf; ed Creighton; m Bertha Schoenfeldt Sept 22, 1904 Bazile Mills, s William; 1903-08 impl dlr, Battle Creek & Meadow Grove; 1908-16 farmed, Knox Co; 1916-17 owner W C Hengstler Impl Co, Creighton, 1929- owner W C Hengstler & Son, Creighton; Lions; Luth Ch; Rep: res Creighton.

   HOUSTON, EVERETT ALLEN: Attorney; b Marion, Ia Aug 26, 1857; s of Alexander P Houston-Catherine Beckner; ed Ia; Cornell Coll, Mt Vernon Ia 1879-81; m Sarah Ann McCulls Dec 29, 1886 Niobrara (dec 1936); s Everett T; d Ruth Alice (dec 1930); 1888 adm to Ia bar; 1884- prac, Niobrara; 1890-91 Knox Co atty; 1900- city atty; 1900-01 pres Niobrara Mo River & Black Hills RR Co; Neb St Bar Assn; Comml Club: AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby. hunting; res Niobrara.

   HOUSTON, EVERETT T: Attorney; b Niobrara, Neb Nov 14, 1893; s of Everett Allen Houston-Sarah Ann McCulla; ed Niobrara HS 1910; Cutter Acad, Colo Springs Colo 1910-12; U of Tex, LLB 1916; Delta Theta Phi; Acacia; m Mildred Marie Breneman Feb 16, 1936 Tarpon Springs, Fla; 1921-25 prac law, Raymondville Tex: 1925- prac law, Niobrara; during World War, enl June 1917, 112th U of Tex ambulance squadron: 823rd aviation repair squadron, stationed in England, disch Dec 31, 1918; Neb St Bar Assn; Comml Club; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Niobrara.

   HUIGENS, BERNARD JOSEPH: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Knox Co, Neb Dec 29, 1884; s of John Huigens-Mary Fitzler; ed Knox CO; Fremont Normal; m Jeannette Watteyne Feb 8, 1909 Creighton; s Bernard Joseph Jr, John Pierre, Robert William; d Grace (Mrs E A Harmon), Dorothy Ann (Mrs Paul Napratek); 1908-19 in banking bus, S D; 1920- real est & ins agt, Creighton;, past mbr Lions; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, good roads, woodwork; res Creighton.

   JANKIEWICZ, WENCEL J: Editor; b Juncevo, Germany Sept 9, 1899; s of Samuel Jankiewicz-Louise Zamiar; ed WSTC HS; WSTC; m Albina Pavlik Nov 17, 1981 Verdigre; s Jimmie Wencel; 1926-31 prin Verdigre HS; 1931-32 in ins bus, Omaha; 1932- editor & publisher Verdigre Eagle: NPA; KC; Improvement Club; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, stamp collecting: res Verdigre.

   JELINEK, VICTOR C: Lumber Dealer; b Linwood, Neb Sept 16, 1906; s of Frank Jelinek-Marie Bunda; ed North Bend HS 1925; U of N 1925-26; m Mary Hoffman Aug 1932 Fremont; d Bonnie Jean; 1926-38 emp by Morse Bluffs Lbr Co; 1928-32 with Cherry & Watson at Rogers; 1932-39 mgr Fullerton Lbr Co, Loretto; 1939- mgr Bloomfield Lbr Co, Bloomfield; Lions; KP; res Bloomfield.

   JOHNSON, LESLIE THEODORE: Superintendent of Schools; b Lexington, Neb Oct 26, 1902; s of Robert Johnson-Mary A Webster; ed Lexington HS 1921; Cotner Coll 1921-23. BSc 1930; letter in baseball & basketball; LBC 1924; LSC summer 1927; U of N, summer sessions 1925-26; Colo St Tchrs Coll, Greeley, MA 1936; Philornathean; m Bess Sanborn Apr 12, 1926 Marysville Kas; d Marcia Marilyn, Mary Lou; 1923-24 tchr of mathematics, science & athletics, Beaver Crossing; 1924-29 supt of Inavale schs; 1930-37 supt, Hay Springs; 1937- supt of schs, Bloomfield; NSTA; Lions; Chris Ch; conservative Dem; hobbies, reading, history, golf, hunting, mechanics; off & res Bloomfield.

   JOHNSON, RUDOLPH EUGENE: Physician & Surgeon; b Ottumwa, Ia Feb 18, 1892; s of Andrew Johnson- Wilhelmina Swanson; ed Central HS Omaha 1911; U of N, BSc 1916, MD 1918; interne Immanuel Hosp, Omaha, 1918-19; Nu Sigma Nu; m Ruth Nordstrom Sept 25, 1923 Wausa; d Janis; 1919- prac, Wausa; mbr Bch bd; during World War, res ofcr; Madison Six-Co Med Soc, Neb St & AMA; Comml Club; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Wausa.

   JORGENSEN, HARTVIG HILLERUP: Reporter; b Cherry Co, Neb June, 26, 1907; s of H P Jorgensen- Christina Christiansen; ed Creighton H S 1925; U of Denver 1926-27; to Phyllis Wright Kay 23, 1931 Randolph; d Marilyn Phyllis; 1929-30 with Randolph Times-Enterprise, Randolph; 1930 with Creighton News, Creighton; 1937- continuity & advertising writer for radio station WJAC, Norfolk; Lions, secy; Plainview Country Club; Danish Luth Ch; Indep; hobby, golf; res Creighton.

   JUNDT, PHILLIP: Farmer & Stockman; b Leigh, Neb June 10, 1895; s of Phillip Jundt-Katherine Vogt; ed Creighton; Moeller Barber Coll, Omaha 1914; m Helen LaFarge Dec 26, 1923 Sioux City Ia; s Bruce, Dwight; with Foster Smith Barber Shop, Verdel 1914; 1915 with Jake Jundt, farmed in Knox Co; 1916 with J F Edelstein, purebred cattle breeder, Dallas S D; 1916 herdsman for purebred cattle breeder, Fergus Falls Minn; 1916 with Jake Jundt on farm; ptr of Jundt in oprn of 80 A of grain & hay lands in Knox Co 1917; 1918-20 oprd 2410 A farm; 1919 owner & opr 80 A grain land at Leigh in Colfax Co; 1920- owner 160 A Knox Co grain land; 1919 pur 76 A; 1933 pur 80 A; averages feeding & breeding approximately 200 purebred Black Poland China hogs per year; ptr of Elmer Haverkamp in oprn of 240 A of farm land since 1938; 1919- real est dlr; 1926- twp assessor; dir bd of edn, dist 58; chmn temporary twp com, soil Conservation Com: an org of Knox Co Fair Assn; Lions, 3rd VP; Federated Ch; Dem; res Creighton.

   KENASTON, HARRY W: Oil Dealer; b Butte, Neb June 12, 1901; s of H W Kenaston-Susan Lampitt; ed Butte HS; WSTC 1921; m Elizabeth Munro June 19, 1932 Burwell; d Betty Jean, Mary Lou; 1922-27 farmed near Butte; 1927-28 with Anoka Butte Lbr Co, Anoka; 1928-30 traveling representative for International Harvester Co; 1930-32 oprd box factory at Lynch; 1932-33 opr bulk station of Standard Oil Co at Elgin; 1933- oil dlr in Bloomfield & in Knox & Cedar Cos; AF&AM; Meth Ch;. Rep; hobbies, fishing, res Bloomfield.

   KILE, MARVIN WENDELL: Optometrist; b Creighton, Neb May 13, 1907: s of Milford Kile-Maude Buckmaster; ed Creighton HS 1925; U of N, 1926-27, 1929-31; Northern Ill Coll of Optometry 1931-33, OD; Omega Delta; m Gertrude Collipriest May 27, 1934 Lexington; 1933-35 optometrist, Lincoln; 1935- optometrist, Creighton; Neb Assn of Optometrists, Inc; Amer Optometric Assn; Lions, secy 1936-38; AF&AM; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, fishing, stamp collecting; res Creighton.

   KNUDSON, MATT: Implement Dealer; b Cedar Co, Neb Oct 12, 1888; s of Martin Knudson-Hannah Olson; ed Knox Co; m Minnie Fagenbush Feb 18, 1912 Center; d Lila (Mrs Gene Kniser), Kathleen (Mrs D W Dawes), Winifred (Mrs Ralph Wakely): m Mina Parker May 22, 1934 Broken Bow; 1912-21 farmed, Knox Co; 1921-26 with state highway patrol, Knox Co; 1926-27 with Lincoln Road Maintainer Co; 1927- impl dir, Crofton; 1932-38 mbr sch bd; C of C, pres; AF&AM; OES: Luth Ch; Rep, committeeman Eastern twp; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Crofton.

   KOOL, DICK: Merchant; b Wydenes, The Netherlands Nov 11, 1879; s of Jacob Kool-Elizabeth Hofstede; ed The Netherlands; m Anna Bloomquist July 10, 1925 Sioux City, Ia: d Gladys, Ruth (Mrs M W Remander); 1908-18 with G E Lundgren Co. Wausa; 1918- hdw & furn dir; Comml Club; AF&AM; Dem; hobby, baseball; res Wausa.

   KOTROUS, ADOLPH: Secretary Credit Association; b Fillmore Co, Nov 18, 1890; s of Andrew Kotrous-Anna Salak; ed Fillmore Co; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha 1923; m Martha Trsek Nov 6, 1934 Yankton S D; s Thomas Adolph; 1916-16 farmed in Knox Co; 1916-17 owned dray line in Verdigre; 1920-23 emp on Knox Co farms; 1923-28 in off work for Wallath & Sherwood Lbr Co, Omaha, 1928-34 mgr branch yard of Wallath & Sherwood Lbr Co, Verdigre; 1935 secy & treas of Verdigre Co-op Credit, Assn, one of orgs; 1930- treas village bd; mbr bd of edn; during World War, enl Dec 12, 1917 in AEF, 31st Inf Co A stationed in Philippines 5 mos, in Siberia 17 mos; Amer Leg; ZCBJ; Improvement Club; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Verdigre.


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