N THE bleak, cold Christmas day of 1812, seven weary travelers led by Robert Stuart entered Morrill County--the first white men on record to view this Nebraska panhandle region. At a camp midway between the present sites of Bayard and Bridgeport, the men made two important decisions: they were traveling along the great Nebraska (Platte) river; they would retrace their route three days travel and spend the winter in a grove of cottonwood trees near where Torrington, Wyoming is now located. Stuart, a fur company agent, kept a detailed log of his wanderings, and today his path is easily retraced.
     On Dec. 26, the men packed their meager camp equipage on the back of "Resonate," their only horse, and returned to the cottonwood grove. There they constructed a crude hut out of branches. This was their home until the following March, when they again began traveling westward, stopping at their former camp site and again near Broadwater before leaving Morrill County's present borders.
     Stuart realized the route to the far west which he had traveled was suitable for a pack train and wagon road to transport trade goods to frontier trading posts and to return furs to eastern markets. It was a much shorter distance than the old Missouri river route. But he did not foresee that thousands of wooden wagon wheels would carve the great Oregon Trail along his path.
     In the decade beginning with 1820, pack trains followed Stuart's route, carrying supplies and baubles to be exchanged with the Indians for furs. In 1830 the first wheeled vehicle, a small cannon being taken northeast by a man named Wyeth and a band of traders, moved along this trail. Six years later the first immigrant homemaker came through Morrill County on the way to the Oregon country. In this wagon train were the first two white women to see Morrill County, Mrs. Marcus Whitman and Mrs. Spaulding. Both were wives of missionaries. Mrs. Whitman, in her diary, says every evening after eating, the party gathered in a circle to sing gospel songs, offering thanks to God for their safe journey thus far.
     Letters written by these two women and tales of traders and trappers were printed in eastern newspapers, and soon hundreds of pioneer adventurers set out to make their fortunes in the northwest.
     From 1836 through 1860, thousands of pioneers passed over the route discovered by Stuart. Hardships and Indian depredations killed many; they were buried in unmarked graves near the trail. Occasionally one of them is discovered accidentally, such as that of one Amanda Lammon, of Devonshire, England, who was buried on the old trail about six miles east of Bridgeport in 1852.
     In 1847 a band of pioneers passed along the trail. They were the Mormons, who left their Illinois homes because of objections to their religious beliefs. Brigham Young led the advance party of this immigration, and on June 24, 1847, this group camped near Broadwater, within Morrill County's present limits. Later they camped near the present site of Bridgeport. A diary kept by one of the party mentions a large encampment of Indians on the south side of the river, just opposite the Mormons.
     In 1849 the California gold seekers passed through Morrill County along this same trail. The first groups of these adventurers went over the old Oregon Trail, but later travelers made a trail up the South Platte to near where Julesburg, Colo., now stands. From there they proceeded north up the Lodgepole valley past Sidney over the table land to Mud Springs in the southern part of the present Morrill County. Passing the eastern base of Courthouse Rock, they joined the older trail about five miles east of Chimney Rock.
     In 1854 an irregular mail service was established across the continent. Pack trains and wagons, carrying mail camped within Morrill County's borders.
     Stimulated by the desire to hear news of the Civil War a new era of rapid communication dawned in 1860. On April. 3, 1860, Pony Express service began, and four days later the first rider entered Mud Springs from the south. At the Mud Springs station rider Hogan handed the mail pouches to Henry Avis, who dashed to Pumpkin Creek station, Chimney Rock station, and Ficklin's Springs station east of Scottsbluff. Meanwhile, Hogan was resting at Mud Springs for his return trip to Fort Sedgwick. But this spectacular communication system lasted only sixteen months, for less than a year after its founding construction of the transcontinental telegraph began.
     The first telegraph wire followed the Pony Express route, and early in September, 1861, the movable station came into the old Mud Springs pony express post. This telegraph station was


Morrill County -- Who's Who
erected on runners, and was pulled along like a sled as construction progressed. Within the crude building was a complete set of instruments and batteries used by the crew to test the line. Every evening after work they would connect the wire and get the latest war news.
     As the telegraph line moved westward, the Pony Express rides were shortened, and all those east of the end of the wire were eliminated. News from the east traveled on the wire as far as possible and the riders carried it farther west.
     On Feb. 5, 1865, the Mud Springs telegraph station was attacked by Indians, but the operator and several freighters who happened to be camped there held off the redskins until soldiers arrived. A battle then followed, in which an estimated forty Indians and two soldiers were killed.
     Within a few years Morrill County and the rest of the Nebraska sandhills region were being taken over by large ranch operators. Among those established in Morrill County in 1888-89, were Sheedy's, the Bay State, Reddington and Adams, Tussler, Hart, Hall and Graham, Vaughn, King, and several others.
     Discovery of gold in the Black Hills in 1874 brought another great caravan of overland travelers through Morrill County. Thousands of persons passed northward through Morrill County from Sidney in Cheyenne County, the nearest railway point to the gold fields. Several stage stations and inns were established in Morrill County to handle this traffic, including Greenwood station near the southern border, Pumpkin Creek, about two miles west of Courthouse rock, Clark's, on the south bank of the North Platte three miles west of the present town of Bridgeport, and Hayne's station on Red Willow creek four miles west of Angora.
     In 1876 Clark built a toll bridge across the North Platte at the site of his old station. The bridge measured 2,016 feet. Timber for the piling was cut in the Wildcat hills south of the bridge site. It is said constructing the bridge cost $10,000, but heavy traffic between Sidney and Custer City soon repaid the investment. In 1906 a new bridge was built across the Platte near Bridgeport.
     In 1884-86 homesteaders began to arrive in Morrill County. They came to farm, and their arrival began the end of the large ranches. These Grangers, as they were called, took up land along streams and in natural meadows where the cattlemen had secured winter feed for their herds. They were a thrifty class of farmers and home builders, and fared well until the great drouths of the nineties. Most of them managed to survive these hardships and struggled along until irrigation was begun. They formed small stock companies, usually financed by their own labors, and dug several ditches. Among these canals are, the Belmont, Browns Creek, Chimney Rock, Alliance, and other smaller ones.
     In 1899 the Burlington began construction on the first railroad to enter Morrill County. The line ran between Alliance and Guernsey, Wyoming. With the building of this track, the following settlements were established: Bonner, Antelope Hill (now Angora), Vance, Northport, Bayard and Minatare, just west of the county line. The road was completed to Guernsey the same year, and the construction gangs returned at once to Northport to start building another line to Brush, Colo. In the spring of 1900 the town of Bridgeport and Simla station, at Mud Springs, were established. Seven years later the Union Pacific built a line from North Platte to Gering which passed through Morrill County and the towns of Lisco and Broadwater.
     During 1907, too, the county's population was swelled by the arrival of many new settlers attracted by the provisions of the Kinkaid homestead act. This law, passed in 1904, allowed each person 640 acres of goverment land, instead of the previous quarter section. The settlers who came in those years thrived until drouth and depression struck a few years ago. Irrigation, however, has saved many of them. The Pathfinder and Tri-State canals bring water to many thousands of productive acres.
     The first step in the organization of Morrill County came in 1907, when citizens of Cheyenne County's northern part petitioned the commissioners for division of the county. In the election which followed, a large majority approved the division, and in 1909 Morrill County came into existence, with Bridgeport as the county seat. The county was named for Charles H. Morrill, president of the Lincoln Land Company and for many years prominent in Republican circles.
     Morrill County's varied land formations provide facilities for both farming and ranching. The high table lands which border the Platte valley on either side are ideal for the raising of small grain, corn, and potatoes. And the natural meadows scattered through the grass covered sandhills in the county's northern part are excellent for cattle raising. A large portion of the land in the Platte valley is irrigated, and produces bountiful crops of sugar beets, alfalfa, and other commodities.
     Many of Morrill County's citizens enjoy the advantages of natural gas and electricity. Gas piped from Wyoming provides cheap fuel in most cities and many farms. Electric energy is obtained from the United States reclamation plant at Guernsey, Wyoming. This huge plant is connected with irrigation projects on the North Platte.


Morrill County -- Who's Who
     ANDERSON, VICTOR: Physician; b Appelbo, Sweden Mar 21, 1867; s of Andrew Anderson-Carrie Magnuson; ed Sweden; Republic Co Kas; U Med Coll, Kansas City Mo, MD 1887; m Elsie Spanogle Dec 5, 1894 Deweese; s Howard Lloyd; d Helen M (Mrs G F Johnston); 1892 came to Neb; 1887-90 prac med in Wabash RR Hosp, Peru Ind & Springfield Ill; 1890-92 gen prac Butler Ind; 1892-1902 prac med, Deweese; 1902- prac med, Bridgeport; 1902-03 owner & opr drug store, Bridgeport; past coroner in old Cheyenne Co; AF&AM 286; Scot Rite 32o, Alliance; Dem; hobbies, reading, fossil hunting; res Bridgeport.
     ATKINS, ALLAN BARNHART: Rancher; b Sidney, Neb Oct 14, 1896; s of Auburn Wayland Atkins-Lulia Barnhart; ed Bridgeport HS 1916, mbr alumni assn; m Mary Almeda Pritchet Oct 28, 1917 Bay Minette Ala; s Allan Clarke, Edward Auburn; d Ellen Yvonne; 1916-87 ranched with father, Morrill Co; 1937- opr ranch, Morrill Co; mbr sch bd dist 34, 22 consecutive years; pres Morrill Co fair bd 3 years; sponsor of 4-H Corn Club & Baby Beef Club; Western Neb Stockgrowers Assn, local brand inspector; past pres Farm Bur 10 years; AF&AM 285; Episc Ch; Dem, chmn Morrill Co Central Com; hobby, raising good stock; father came to Neb in 1880, was opr livery stable, lbr & coal bus in Sidney, homesteaded near present site of Broadwater, helped build first irrigation ditch in vicinity, pres Alliance irrigation dist 25 years, built 10 mi RR S of Bridgeport 1900, old Cheyenne Co commr 2 terms; ch mbr & treas AF&AM 285 until death; res Broadwater.
     BASTRON, CONRAD: Merchant; b Frank Saratov, Russia Sept 30, 1887; s of George Bastron-Julia Bastron; ed Russia; m Anna Margaret Forenbruch Jan 16, 1907 Frank Saratov, Russia; s Victor, Jacob, Robert, Adolph, Walter; d Caroline, Hilda, Freda, Bertha; 1901-08 & 1911-13 worked in flour mill, Saratov, Russia; 1913 laborer, Delta Colo; 1916-17 worked in UP RR roundhouse, Cheyenne; 1917-22 car repairman for CB&Q RR, Alliance; 1922-26 farmed near Bayard; 1926 owner & opr store, Conrad Bastron & Sons, Bayard, also opr store in Minatare; 3 years with Russian army 1908-11; hobby, building & modernizing; res Bayard.
     BELTNER, FRED D: Farmer & Rancher; b Avoca, Neb May 2, 1888; s of Henry H Beltner-Anna M Golterman; ed U of Minn; U of N; m Irma L Lynch Dec 10, 1918 Bridgeport; s Richard Norman; 1908-11 farmer & auto mechanic, Aurora; supt Aurora Electric Co; 1914- mgr of 26 farms, Bayard, owns 4 irrigated farms, 6000 A ranch in Morrill Co; one of incorporators of Scottsbluff Investment Co; cattle feeder; bank director; moderator of sch bd 15 years; pres Morrill Co Fair Assn; Neb St Hist Soc; BPOE; AF&AM; OES; Rep; hobbies, horses, hunting; res Bayard.
     BIGELOW, EDWARD MAVIN: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Newport, Minn Oct 25, 1869; s of Gilbert M Bigelow-Matilda Cooley; ed Newport Minn; St Paul Minn; m Emma Aurora Benson Feb 21, 1892 St Paul Minn; 1881-84 bellboy, Sherman House, St Paul Minn; 1884-86 clk in post traders store, Fort Meade, SD; 1886-87 owner & opr bakery bus, Sturgis S D; 1887-89 emp by RR, St Paul Minn; 1889-1905 owner & opr steam laundry plants in Ill, Texas, Colo, Minn & Neb; 1905-17 owner & opr Bigelow Gas Light Co, Lincoln; 1917- ins & real estate agt, Bridgeport; 1921-22 Morrill Co assessor; 1920-25 secy Bridgeport Light & Power Co; during World War Morrill Co food administrator & mbr fuel com; dir ARC, local chmn 1918-25 & 1929-30; mbr city coun 1935-39; ch mbr Bridgeport Lions, past prep, past secy; past mbr park com several years; past secy Morrill Co Fair Assn 2 years; AF&AM 285, holder of Jordan Medal; hobby, business activities; res Bridgeport.
     BRISTOL, RALPH FOOTE: Superintendent of Sugar Factory; b Fort Collins, Colo Sept 2, 1885; s of Judson Huron Bristol-Alice Foote; ed Fort Collins HS 1900; Colo St Coll, Fort Collins 1901-03; m Maude Sheely June 26, 1912 Fort Collins Colo; s Ralph Jr; d Lois; 1900-03 emp in various vocations, Fort Collins, Colo; 1903- off supt Great Western Sugar Co at Fort Collins Colo, Scottsbluff, Bayard & Longmont Colo; Lions, past pres; past mbr sch bd; Bayard Golf Club; AF &AM 302; Presby Ch, trustee; Rep; hobbies, golf & hunting; father came to Colo from Vt in 1875; off Great Western Sugar Co; res Bayard.
     BRUNER, HAVER: Merchant; b Monrovia, Kas Jan 1, 1886; s of Othniel Bruner-Minnie Olive Haver; ed Davis Co Mo; Mo Wes, Cameron; m Mina Richardson Aug 9, 1911 Gilman City Mo; s Miner Edwil, Haver, Lyall, Ralph Milan; d Marjorie Elinor (Mrs Paul Martindale), Fannie Olive (Mrs William McMillan), Charolene May (Mrs John Taylor); 1906-07 clk, drygoods store, St Joseph Mo; 1907-09 clk, Brady Whol & Retail Carpet Co, St Joseph Mo; 1909-12 clk M L Wehn Merc Co, Broadwater; 1911-18 P M, Broadwater; 1912-29 partnership with brother & brother-in-law in gen merc store, Broadwater; 1929- owner & opr groc & hdw, Broadwater; came to Broadwater on 1st train which ent town; C of C, past pres; city coun, past mbr 10 years; mbr sch bd for 15 years; MWA, past dir; Presby Ch, elder 25 years; Dem; hobbies, church work & civic activities; res Broadwater.
     BRUNER, VIRGIL O: Merchant; b Davis Co, Mo June 20, 1888; s of Othniel Bruner-Minnie Haver; ed Davis Co Mo; Mo Wes, Cameron; m Ann Kepler Oct 24, 1914 Clarinda Ia; s Donald L (dec), Howard Dale; d Bethine Ann, Katherine Elizabeth; 1906-07 emp in commissary dept CB&Q RR, Lincoln; 1907-09 traveling salesman out of St Joseph Mo; 1909-11 mgr of rubber dept of Noyes Norman Shoe Co, St Joseph Mo; 1911- partnership with brothers in gen store, Broadwater; now owner & opr store, Broadwater; has oprd stores at Big Springs, & Albion Wyo; C of C, past pres; mbr Broadwater city coun 20 years; mayor several years; past mbr of bd of edn 12 years; MWA; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, sports; res Broadwater.
     BUELL, J ELMER: Mortician; b Burlington, Wis; s of Leroy Nathaniel Buell-Mary Seals; ed Bradshaw; m Angie May Thatcher Sept 28, 1898 Shelton; s Keith Seals (dec); 1889-1919 learned tinners trade from Andrew Kline, Bradshaw, followed trade in Neb & Ia, also worked in hdw store & later in hdw, undertaking firm & furn store; 1920- mortician, Bayard; past mbr sch bd 1 term; past pres lib bd; North Platte Valley Assoc C of C; 1st VP Lions; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; past 13SA town committeeman; Presby Ch, elder & clk of session 20. years; Rep; res Bayard.
     BURNHAM, ARNOLD GEHMAN: Physician & Surgeon; b Holmesville, Neb Oct 10, 1907: s of Lyvenus S Burnham-Myrtle L Hunt; ed Bethany HS 1925; Cotner Coll 1925-28; U of N, BSc 1930, MD 1932; Phi Chi; m Ruth C Laird May 29, 1938 Lincoln; d Bonnie Ruth; 1932-33 interne Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hosp, Omaha, 1933-34 prac med, Oconto; 1934- prac med, Bridgeport; 1938- city phys; past co phys; Lions, Past pres, Camp Clark Assn, past VP; Presby, Ch; hobby, flower gardening; res Bridgeport.
     BYRNES, JOHN MILTON: Office Manager for Gas Co; b Columbus, Neb Mar 18, 1900; s of John W Byrnes-Katherine Erb; ed Fullerton HS 1917; U of N 1918-19; Veterans Bur Coll of, Fort Wayne Ind 1924; Armour Inst, Chicago, 1927; m Helen Horton June 8, 1929 Casper Wyo; 1916-19 worked at various vocations in Neb; 1919-24 with CB&Q RR in engine service, Wyo; 1924 with Cyumel Fruit Co at LaCeiba Spanish Honduras in Central Amer as electrician; 1925-26 with Hoosier Engineering Co; 1926-27 electrician Ia-Neb Light & Power Co, Ia & Neb: 1927-29 in engine service CB&Q RR, Casper Wyo; 1929-31 in contracting bus, Casper Wyo; 1931- mgr North Central Gas Co, Torrington Wyo & Bridgeport; park commr of Bridgeport; during World War in service about 2 mos at Lincoln & Camp Taylor, Louisville Ky; Amer Leg post 29, past comm Lions, past secy; worthy master AF&AM 285; Episc Ch, sr warden; Rep; hobby, flowers; father came from Ireland, homesteaded at Central City in late 70's; res Bridgeport.
     CARMAN, KENNETH LESLIE: Nurseryman; b Stockville, Neb Aug 1, 1895; s of Merrill B Carman-Lulu Green; ed McCook; Minden; m Pearl Parker Farnum 1924 Minden (dec); 1914-17 emp by CB&Q RR, Plattsmouth; 1917-18 asst storekeeper, Great Western Sugar Factory, Bayard; 1918-21 cash & bkkpr, Lincoln Traction Co, Lincoln; 1921-28 in produce bus, Syracuse, West Point & Bridgeport; 1928-31 emp in hosps in North Platte, Rochester Minn & Wheatland Wyo; 1931-23 owner & opr recreation parlor, Bridgeport; 1933-37 owner & opr cleaning plant, Bridgeport; 1937- owner & opr nursery bus, Bridgeport: during World War spent 11 days at Camp Funston; Amer Leg post 29; Neb Nursery Assn; IOOF; Meth Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Bridgeport.


Morrill County - Who's Who
     CAVETT, JOHN THOMAS: County Clerk & Register of Deeds; b Phillips, Neb Oct 19, 1889; s of Thomas W Cavett-Martha L Hatch; ed Aurora Bus Coll 1906; Giltner HS 1909; Hastings Coll 1909-10; m Lelah Wheeler Dec 20, 1916 Grand Island (dec); m Zolla Church Aug 17, 1925 Burns Wyo; guardian of Arthur C Johnson, Robert T Johnson & Alvin Galusha; 1910-18 tchr in Hamilton Co; 1917-22 farmed near Bayard; 1922-24 water commr, Bayard; 1918-21 & 1922-23 worked for Great Western Sugar Co, Bayard; 1924-26 clk Ericson Hdw Co, Bayard; 1926- co clk & register of deeds, Morrill Co; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; Commrs; AF&AM 62; Rep; hobbies, ranching, livestock; parents came to Hamilton Co 1880, father first to raise purebred hogs & horses in co; res Bridgeport.
     CHALOUPKA, WILLIAM FRANKLIN: County Surveyor; b Wilber, Neb Nov 30, 1886; s of Frank J Chaloupka-Anna Sakora; ed Wilber HS 1903; U of N, BSc 1910; mbr of "N" Club, lettered in football & track 1906; m Rozanna Estella Murphy Feb 28, 1916 North Platte; s Donald Wayne, William Dean; d Marilyn Marie; 1903-10 in various vocations; 1910-12 in irrigation engineering work at Brogan Ore & Boise Idaho; 1912-14 with Neb St highway dept, also state aid bridge inspector; 1914-15 engr for bonding cos to complete irrigation structures, western Neb; 1916- prac engineering in western Neb; irrigation & drainage engr; co surveyor 4 terms; city engr 1 term; past mbr bd of edn 2 years; Neb St Hist Soc; AF&AM 285, past master; Presby Ch, past elder; Dem; hobbies, hist artifacts & paleontology; parents were early settlers of Neb; res Bridgeport.
     CONOVER, J CEDRIC: County Judge; b Pawnee City, Neb April 26, 1898; s of John Henry Conover-Jennie Atkinson; ed Sutherland HS; Neb Sch of Agr, Curtis 1916-17; U of N Coll of Agr 1918-19, Coll of Arts & Science 1919-20; LBC 1922; m Mildred Dunn Sept 1, 1928 Decatur Ill; s J Cedric Jr, Robert Dunn; 1921 salesman, F B Dickerson Co; 1922-28 with Farm Journal; 1927-28 dist sales mgr for N D & S D for Farm Journal, Aberdeen S D; 1928-32 ptr of brother W C, in credit & collection bus, Lincoln; 1933-35 publisher of comml rating directories in Colo, Neb, Wyo & S D; studied law with Otto Perrin & Max Kier, Lincoln; 1984 adm to Neb bar; 1935- gen law prac, Bridgeport; 1937 Morrill Co judge; Lions, secy 3 years; secy of Morrill Co Fair Assn 3 years; Neb Assn of Fair Mgrs; Morrill Co Hist Soc; Neb Assn of Co Judges; Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; Chris Sci Ch; Rep; hobbies, amateur magic, music; mother taught first sch in Alliance & also set type for Grand Lake Independent, first Alliance newspaper; father org & was dir first Alliance band; off Morrill Co Courthouse; res Bridgeport.
     COULTER, BERN RAYMOND: Attorney; b Cheyenne Co, Neb Nov 13, 1895; s of Warren Coulter-Mary Hendrix; ed Bridgeport HS; U of N, LLB 1921; Phi Alpha Delta; m Esther Scott Sept 9, 1927 Gering; s Calvin L; d Madelyn Ann, Nancy N; 1922- prac law in Bridgeport; 1930- in ptrship with Tom Neighbors in law firm; 1935- Morrill Co atty; city atty 1934-37; past city clk; 1925-31 representative from Morrill & Banner Cos to state legislature, speaker of house 1929-31; 1938- mayor; 1933- pres bd of edn; mbr Morrill Co Fair bd, dir 3 years; during World War in service 2 mos, with motor transport of Co H; Amer Leg Post 29; Lions; Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; Presby Ch;, Rep; hobby, raising good stock; father came to old Cheyenne Co in 1888, homesteaded & ranched; res Bridgeport.
     COULTER, WARREN BERN: Rancher & Farmer; b Quincy, Ill Apr 19, 1863; s of Josiah Coulter-Mary Jane Dunlap; ed Mo; m Mary V Hendrix June 12, 1886 Gallatin Mo; s Lester Roy, Bern Raymond; d Verna Viola (Mrs Clyde Lehr), Beulah Faye; 1884-88 with father on Mo farm; 1888- farmer on homestead near Bridgeport; mbr dist 106 sch bd 30 years; IOOF; Rep; hobby, collecting artifacts; res Bridgeport.

     DUEKER, EDWARD E: Rancher. b Red Bud, Ill July 18, 1877; s of Henry Dueker-Mary Budde; ed Randolph Co Ill; m Minnie B Severson Sept 8, 1903 Malinda1; s John Henry, Glenn E; d Dorothy (Mrs Walter Vawter), Emma (Mrs Clarence Olsen), Viola (Mrs Ralph Omersher), Lydia (Mrs Albert Meyers); 1894-97 in various vocations in Ill: 1897 came to Neb, homesteaded, farmed & ranched in Cheyenne Co; drove stage from Gering to Alliance 1897-98; carried mail on star route from Malinda to Angora 1900-11; 1918-32 owner & opr of transfer line, Bayard; 1932- farmer & rancher, Bayard; 1924-32 mayor, Bayard; past mbr of Bayard city coun, 2 years; mbr sch bd dist 10 for 15 years; 1932- Morrill Co commr; past mbr Morrill Co fair bd 4 years; Bayard ARC, secy 6 years; Lions, ch mbr; BSA com; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, horses; res Bayard.

   1Malindda (sic), which was 20 miles N of Bayard, has been discontinued as a postoffice.

     EATON, PAUL HAROLD: Attorney; b Phillips, Neb Sept 23, 1889; s of Eugene Edward Eaton-Etta C Fligg; ed Stratton HS 1907; Doane Coll 1907-08; U of N 1908-09; m Anna Marie Ketler April 17, 1911 Benkelman; s Gene Clair; d Pauline Marie; m Clara Belle Cummings Sept 2, 1939 New Castle Penn; 1909-10 asst P M, Benkelman; 1911-12 asst clk in chg of guaranty fund, state banking dept, Lincoln; 1913-15 bkkpr, state auditor of pub accounts; 1915-18 bailiff of supreme court & asst state librarian, Lincoln; 1917 adm to Neb bar; 1918-23 banker, Palisade & Broadwater; 1919- farmed & raised stock near Broadwater; 1923- prac law, Broadwater; village clk 1919-22; past village atty; past mbr bd of edn; C of C, pres; Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; Broadwater Cemetery Assn; secy & atty for Beeline Irrigation Canal; AF&AM 19; Presby Ch, elder 19 years; Rep, past pct chmn; hobbies, farming & raising good stock; father was a direct descendant of John Eaton who settled in Dedham Mass in 1635; he came to Neb from Denmark Ia & homesteaded in Hamilton Co in early 80's; off Union State Bank Bldg; res Broadwater.
     ERICSON, AXEL ALFRED: Merchant; b Sweden June 8, 1882; s of John Ericson-Mary Peterson: ed Phelps Co; Natl Inst of Pharm Chicago; m Helen Dee Morrison April 19, 1917 Broken Bow; d Lucille L, Dorothy H; 1903-06 clk Ericson Drug Store, Edison, opr 1906-08; 1909-20 oprd drug store, Bayard; 1921- oprd drygoods store, Bayard; past mbr sch bd; mbr city coun 6 years; Lions, past pres; Bayard Golf Club pres; AF&AM 302; Presby Ch, elder; Rep; hobby, golf; parents came to Neb from Sweden 1882, family still owns original homestead; res Bayard.
     FULK, EARL VICTOR: Merchant; b Bloomfield, Ind Dec 31, 1889; s of James W Fulk-Delitha Woorkman; ed Bloomfield Ind HS 1906; Bus Coll, Indianapolis; m Edna R Bovenschen Dec 28, 1911 Switz City Ind; s Donald Earl, Victor Dale; 1906-11 with father on farm in Ind; 1911-13 in shipping dept Bloomfield Ind Chair Factory; 1913-15 in various vocations, Lincoln & Sumner; 1915-20 opr father's farm near Bloomfield Ind; 1920-26 worked at various vocations, Bayard & Kimball; 1926-27 owner & opr store in San Diego Cal; 1927-28 owner & opr gen store, Madrid; 1929- owner & opr gen store, Bridgeport; past mbr city coun 2 years; Lions; AF&AM 285; IOOF, past noble grand: Presby Ch, trustee; Rep; hobby, good stock; res Bridgeport.
     HARPOLE, CHARLES HENRY: Retired; b Booneville, Ind Dec 15, 1863; s of William Skiles Harpole-Eliza Jane Griffith; ed Booneville Ind; m Elinetta Mingus Aug 1, 1893 Lincoln (dec); m Emma Isabella Devault Mar 17, 1915 Bayard; came to Neb from Ind in 1884; 1884-99 agt, opr & conductor, CB&Q RR at various locations; 1899-27 owner & opr hdw store, Bayard; 1927- ret; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd; MWA; Meth Ch, trustee; Rep; hobby, reading; res Bayard.
     HARSHMAN, ROY THEODORE: Merchant; b Scotts Bluff Co, Neb Aug 22, 1891; s of Robert J Harshman-Mary Rosenbrook; ed Minatare HS 1910; m Mary L Burke Aug 17, 1927 Sidney; s Robert Burke; 1913- mgr & ptr J L Miller clothing store, Bridgeport; 1919-20 mbr city coun; past mbr bd of edn, 1 term; 1939- Morrill Co commr; 1925- mbr cemetery bd, pres & supt: past mbr vol fire dept 6 years; ch mbr Lions; AF&AM 285; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, hunting; parents were early settlers in this part of Neb, father collected toll on Camp Clark bridge 1889; res Bridgeport.
     HENDERSON, PAUL CLIFTON: Railroad Conductor; b Dewar, Ia Sept 22, 1895; s of Clifton D Henderson- Ida Della Parkhill; ed Angora; m Mary Helen Dunn April 2, 1923 Sterling Colo; d Pauline Helen, Marjorie Louise; 1903 came with parents to Morrill Co; 1913-15 ranched & farmed with father near Angora; 1915-17 salesman, Proudfit Lbr Co, Angora; 1917-18 brakeman CB&Q RR, Bridgeport: 1920- conductor CB&Q RR; 1937 apptd by Gov Cochran as mbr Oregon Trail Memorial Assn: 1939 Morrill Co historian for Who's Who in Neb; has mapped pioneer trails in western Neb & eastern Wyo, maps edited & published by


Morrill County -- Who's Who
U S Natl parks Service, during World war mbr of 61st engrs USA, in France 14 mos, disch 1920; Amer Leg post 29, Bridgeport; VFW; ORC; Neb St Hist Soc, archeological div; Western Neb Museum Assn, past pres; AF&AM 286; hobby, historical research; res 916 N Missouri, Alliance.
     HOCHSTETTLER, OTTO J: Merchant; b Pekin, Ill Nov 17, 1887; s of Christian Hochstettler-Mary Unzicker; ed Aurora; Aurora Bus Coll; m Ethel A Beard Mar 12, 1913 Aurora; d Phyllis Irene, Dorothy Mae; 1897-1904 in various vocations, Aurora; 1904-09 appr in Peterson Brothers retail drygoods & clothing store, Aurora; 1909-16 clk in Neb & Washington; 1916- owner & opr groc store, Bayard; past mbr city coun 2 terms; past mbr bd of edn 1 term; mbr Bayard vol fire dept, treas; mbr Neb St Vol Firemens Assn; mbr cemetery bd; AF&AM 302; Federated Ch, trustee of Presby; Rep: hobby. sports; parents came to Neb from Ill in 1888, settled in Hamilton Co; res Bayard.
     JONES, Z HAROLD: Clerk of District Court; b Gretna, Neb March 28, 1891; s of Z Jones-Mary I Stansbury; ed Gretna HS 1907; Alliance Jr Normal 1908-12; York Coll 1912-13; m Nellie Jeffords Jan 1, 1919 Bridgeport; s Robert H, Richard A; d Margaret: 1908-12 tchr Sioux & Box Butte Cos; 1913-14 sch tchr, Bridgeport; 1914-17 dep co clk & clk of dist court, Morrill Co; 1917-20 Morrill Co clk & clk of dist court; 1920- Morrill Co clk of dist court; secy & mbr of BSA coun; Bridgeport bd of edn, secy 17 years; mbr Bridgeport lib bd since 1922, past pres; treas of Morrill Co ARC 8 years; ch mbr Lions, past secy & dist dir; Neb Assn of Clks of Dist Court; Alliance Irrigation Dist, secy & treas; AF&AM 285, past master, past secy; Presby Ch, elder, treas, past SS Supt, tchr HS boys class, 1939- moderator of Box Butte Presbytery of western Neb; Dem, secy & treas of Co Central Comm 20 years; off Courthouse; res Bridgeport.
     KAEMPFER, ANTON CHRISTIAN GUSTAVE: Blacksmith; b Milwaukee, Wis July 8, 1869; s of Anton Kaempfer-Wilhelmina Pieritz; ed Douglas Co Colo; Denver U, BSC 1895; Colo Normal, Denver; m Ethlyn E Ford, Nov 25, 1903 Bridgeport; s Myron Anton, Karl Kenneth; d Nina Madge (dec); 1870 with parents came to Sidney: 1877-89 learned blacksmith trade, Elizabeth Colo; 1889-1903 oprd blacksmith shop & farm while working way through school & studying music; 1903- owner & opr blacksmith shop, Bridgeport; past mbr Bridgeport bd of edn; ch mbr IOOF 129, ch mbr & org 301, also org chs at Minatare & Dalton; hobby, collection of artifacts; res Bridgeport.
     LOEWENSTIEN, JOHN L: Manager of Lumber Co; b Keokuk, Ia Aug 12, 1882; s of Chris Loewenstien-Caroline Schultz; ed Keokuk Ia; Keokuk Bus Coll; m Edna F Caine May 25, 1904 Keokuk Ia; d Madeline (Mrs J F Barry), Lillian (Mrs A A Ladd Jr), Josephine; 1901-02 emp by CB&Q RR, Keokuk Ia; 1902-04 emp by Ia St Ins Co, Keokuk; 1905-09 owner & opr drug store, Cantril Ia; 1909-11 emp by E G Caine & Co, Indianola; 1912- mgr L W Cox Lbr Co, Bayard; Past mbr city coun 11 years; Golf Club; Lions, ch mbr; AF&AM 301, treas; IOOF, past noble grand; Meth Ch, trustee; hobby, golf; res Bayard.
     LOGAN, CHARLES S: Retired; b Mansfield, O May 30, 1861; s of Ephraim Logan-Belle Malone; ed Mich; m Sarah Jane Sessler Dec 9, 1888 in old Cheyenne Co (dec); s Samuel J, Fred B (dec); d Ruth I (Mrs Charles Burry); 1876 came to Neb from Mich, worked on Custer Co sheep ranch; 1877-80 emp by Rankin Livestock Co, Custer Co: 1881-85 emp by Mark M Code on ranch, later sold to Bay State Cattle Co; 1885-88 freighted from Sidney to Camp Clark; 1886 homesteaded 2 1/2 mi from present site of Bridgeport; 1888-1909 blacksmith & farmer, Camp Clark; 1909-29 indep farmer, Morrill Co; 1929- ret; with yoke of oxen dug first ditch leading from Platte river in Morrill Co; res Bridgeport.
     LONIE, WALLIS GEORGE: Pharmacist; b Sarnia, Ontario Canada Oct 22, 1890; s of Edward Lonie-Mary Penny; ed Stacyville Ia HS 1908; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines, PhD 1912; m Madge B Lewis Sept 15, 1914 Presho S D; s Wallis G Jr; d Mary Elizabeth, Barbara Jean; 1912-15 registered clk for F M Newman, Presho S D; 1915-17 owner & opr drug store, Draper S D; 1919-21 owner & opr drug store, Bayard; 1921-24 owner & opr drug store, Bloomfield; 1924- owner & opr drug store, Bayard; during World War stationed at Fort Riley Kas; O/S 12 mos, in service 24 mos; disch as 1st class sgt from base hosp 70, Alleray France; Amer Leg post 200, past comm, past adjt, past service ofcr; VFW; past mbr bd of edn 8 years, pres 2 years; Lions, past pres; Neb Pharm Assn; past mbr Morrill Co fair bd; past mbr BSA coun; mbr Presho S D vol fire dept 5 years; Bayard Golf Club; Bayard Rifle Club; AF&AM 158; Episc Ch, trustee; Morrill Co Rep Central Com; hobby, hunting; father was one of Abraham Lincoln's first 75,000 volunteers; off Rexall Drug Store; res Bayard.
     LYON, FREDRICK JOHN: Depot Agent & Mayor; b Greenup, Ill Oct 6, 1878; s of Joseph Fletcher Lyon-Elizabeth Sophia Numer; ed Fort Scott Kas HS 1897; Salina Kas comml sch 1899; m Charlotte Klatt Nov 21, 1901 Broken Bow; s Ralph; d Jessie Fay (Mrs Neal Harrigan), Grace Margaret (Mrs Dean Durell); 1899-1900 teleg opr for CRI&P RR in Kas; 1900- teleg opr & station agt, CB&Q RR, 1919- station agt, Bayard; 1936- mayor of Bayard; mbr city coun 1930-36; mbr of Bayard sch bd 1927-30; pres Platte Valley Baseball League 1930-31; Lions, dir, past pres, past dep dist gov 4 years; VP Bayard Country Club; IOOF, treas, past noble grand, past dep grand master; Amer Assn of RR Ticket Agts; Rep; hobbies, baseball, sports; parents homesteaded 1868 near Fort Scott Kas, father was a tchr, past assessor Bourbon Co Kas; res 701 Wyoming, Bayard.
     MCKELVEY, WILLIAM THOMAS: Retired; b Martinsville, Ill Feb 17, 1857; s of Patrick McKelvey-Mary Campbell; ed Ill; m Elizabeth Jane Webb Dec 25, 1892 Martinsville Ill; 1873-84 worked at various vocations in Ill; 1884-86 emp on farm near Parsons Kas; 1886-87 took tree claim & homesteaded in North Platte Co; 1887-92 cowpuncher in Mont & Wyo; 1892-1930 owner & opr stock ranch near Bayard; 1930- ret; IOOF, past noble grand; past mbr city coun, past chmn; past mbr, Chimney Rock dist sch bd several years; elec 1st co commr of Morrill Co; Meth Ch, trustee; Rep; hobby, raising good stock; res Bayard.
     MANNING, CHARLES FRANK: Retired; b Mercer Co, Mo Dec 9, 1864; s of Marshall Green Manning-Caroline Virginia Meyers; ed Butler Co; m Paulina Hainline Dec 10, 1884 David City; s Thornton Benton, Jesse Frank (dec); 1880-91 clk & pharm, T B Myers Drug Store, David City; 1891-94 pharm W B Thorpe Drug Store, David City, 1894-1902 owner & opr of store; 1908-05 owner & opr drug store, Bayard; 1904-08 homesteaded 6 mi E of Bayard; 1908-13 pharm in Dr V Anderson drug store, Bridgeport; 1914-20 owner & opr drug store, Bridgeport; 1920-23 Morrill Co relief administrator; 1923-26 owner & opr Dr Anderson drug store, Bridgeport; 1926- ret; Bridgeport mayor 1986-37; past mbr city coun 14 years; past city treas, David city; past mbr & dir Morrill Co fair bd 15 years; past pres Lions; Neb Pharm Assn: AF&AM 285; Presby Ch, elder; past chmn Morrill Co Dem Central Com; hobby, fishing; res 1010 O, Bridgeport.
     MIDDLESWART, THOMAS C: District Engineer; b Oconto, Neb May 23, 1895; s of John W Middleswart-Emma J Graham; ed Oconto HS; KSTC 1916-17; m May Gwen Smith March 11, 1918 Shelton; d Gwen Falerne; 1909-12 in various vocatIons, Oconto & Bridgeport; 1912-19 US Reclamation Service in Neb & Wyo project, hdqrs Mitchell, rod man, instrument man & chief of party in irrigation, engineering & construction; 1919- with Neb Highway Dept, project & dist engr, now at Bridgeport; Neb Engineering Soc; hobby, paleontology; parents came to Neb, settled in Custer Co 1889, grandparents settled near Warren Co Ia in 1850; res Bridgeport.
     MINSHALL, JESS ROBERT: Hardware Dealer; b Springfield, Mo Feb 14, 1882; s of James R Minshall-Mary E Hoagan; ed Scotts Bluff Co; Fremont Normal 1901; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha 1903; m May R Clary Sept 1, 1910 Lewellen; d Georgia Louisa; 1904-07 worked in C O Morrison gen store, Bayard; 1907-08 ptr of Leo P Fox in gen store, Lewellen; 1908-09 with Bank of Lewellen & Bridgeport Bank, clk & bkkpr; 1909- owner & mgr hdw bus, Broadwater; 1911-17 clk of dist court, Morrill Co, past mayor of Broadwater; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd; dir Chimney Rock Pub Power Dist, past VP; 1917 helped org Union State Bank, cash until 1920; C of C; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Neb Petroleum Industries Com, Morrill Co chmn; AF&AM 285, Scot Rite 32o, Alliance; Episc Ch; Dem, mbr Co Central Com; hobby, geology; parents came to Neb in 1885, settled near North Platte; res Broadwater.


Morrill County -- Who's Who
   MOOMAW, AUSTIN: Retired; b Pike Co, Ill July 29, 1860: s of Joel Moomaw-Susan Pence; ed Audrian Co MO; m Ida Agnes Spriggs Dec 23, 1886 Moberly Mo (dec); s Leon A; d Vera E (Mrs Roy Walford); 1986 came to Neb from Mo & homesteaded in old Cheyenne Co, has lived on same homestead since; 1936 with son, opr of highway store, Bayard; Highland pct assessor approximately 30 years; Mrs Moomaw was Scotts Bluff Co supt for 2 terms; Chris Ch, Dem; hobby, work; off Moomaw's Highway Store; res Bayard.
     MOOMAW, LEON AUSTIN: Merchant; b Cheyenne Co, Neb Dec 27, 1887; s of Austin Moomaw-Agnes Spriggs; ed Bayard HS 1905 (first graduate); Cotner Coll, BA & BO 1911; U Of N, MA 1916; m Minnie Edith Young April 2, 1914 Lincoln; s Robert A, Russell Scott; d Evelyn A (Mrs George E Hubbard); Phyllis; 1914 homesteaded in Banner Co; 1916-19 natl traveling secy for inter-collegiate Probation Assn; 1919-22 history & social science tchr, Cotner Coll; 1922-23 farmer near Bayard; 1933 owner & opr country store & farm produce market 4 mi N of Bayard; mbr Farm Bur, past pres 7 years; Sugar Beet Growers Assn, past dir & twice representative in Washington D C; Chimney Rock Light & Power Dist, dir & VP, mbr dist 4 sch bd 16 years; Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, collecting hist information; off Moomaw's Highway Store; res Bayard.
     MORRISON, CHARLES OSCAR: Retired; b Dixon, Ill Aug 10, 1862; s of William Fredrick Morrison-Virginia Lucinda Lichtenberger; ed York Co schs; m Catherine Miller Sept 1, 1896 Aurora; came to Neb from Ill in 1870; 1880-91 oprd threshing & corn shelling machines near York; 1891-98 owner & opr shoe store, Bradshaw; 1893-1900 owned & oprd gen store, Phillips; 1900-17 owned & oprd store, Bayard; 1917 ret; org First Natl Bank, Bayard, VP 22 years; past mbr & chmn Bayard city coun; mbr city coun, Phillips, 2 years; past mbr & pres sch bd 8 years; Bayard mayor 1934-36; Morrill Co commr 1925- 32; MWA; AF&AM 56; Episc Co; Rep; father emigrated from Ill by team & homesteaded in York Co; res Bayard.
     MUHR, WALTER ANDREW: Merchant; b Banner Co, Neb Oct 31, 1892; s of John Muhr-Elizabeth Millard; ed Sidney; m Edna L Baldwin July 25, 1913 Sidney; s Jack L, Winfred F; 1914-19 homesteaded in Banner & Morrill Cos; ranched & farmed indep with 1300 A under supervision; 1919 owner & opr store, Redington; 1926-28 mail carrier from Redington to Bridgeport; 1938- PM, Redington; past mbr Redington sch bd a years; chmn Pension bd from time org until relinquishment; active in Jr Leg baseball; AF&AM 285; chmn Dem co central com; hobbies, baseball, sports; parents came to Neb from Kas in 1886 & homesteaded in old Cheyenne Co, father was Civil War veteran; res Redington.
     MUNKRES, RAYMOND CLAY: Banker; b Chadron, Neb Dec 30, 1891; s of John Alvis Munkres-Susan Foxworthy; ed Chadron HS 1909; Doane Coll, BA 1915; m Emma H Wildhaber April 22, 1919 Plymouth (dec); m Thelma Spearman Dec 2, 1927 Bridgeport; s James Raymond, Robert Lee; 1909-11 emp on ranch at Douglas Wyo & in Neb; 1911-15 emp in various vocations, Crete; 1915-16 tchr & coach, Blackfoot Idaho HS; 1916-17 math tchr & coach, Hood River Ore HS; 1917-18 cash Sarben State Bank, Sarben; 1919-20 cash same bank after war; 1920- pres Union State Bank, Broadwater; 1925- engaged in ranching & livestock bus, 10 mi N of Broadwater; during World War, June 8, 1918-Jan 23, 1919 in 69th inf machine gun co of 10th div at Camp Funston Kas, 7 mos in service; Amer Leg Post 312, finance ofcr; C of C, past treas; past mayor, Broadwater: mbr city coun for several years; past city clk; past mbr bd of edn, Broadwater; treas of Brown Creek Irrigation Dist for several years; AF&AM 285; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, raising good stock; father came from Mo to Neb & homesteaded near Chadron 1885; off Union State Bank; res Broadwater.
     NELSON, EDWIN CLARK: County Agricultural Agent; b Saunders Co, Neb Nov 11, 1889; s of Peter T Nelson-Annie Lind; ed U of N Sch of Agr, Lincoln 1912; U of N, Coll of Agr 1918-16; Epsilon Sigma Phi; m Esther Bostrom Mar 23, 1920 Omaha (dec); 1913-16 ofcl tester of dairy cows, Lincoln; 1916-17 ofcl tester of dairy cows, Wis; 1917-19 owner & opr dairy farm, Superior; 1919-23 emp by Neb Dept of Agr as dairy inspector; 1923- cc agrl agt, Bridgeport; MWA; AF&AM 285; Neb Assn of Co Agrl Agts, past dir & VP; Presby Ch; hobby, travel; res Bridgeport
     PALMER, CLAUDE: Physician & surgeon; b Dallas Co, Ia Apr 5, 1872; s of Daniel Palmer-Angeline Stover; ed Pacific Junction Ia HS 1890; U of N, MD 1906; m Anroe Johnston Sept 17, 1902 Weeping Water; 1885-89 drug clk, Pacific Junction after sch & during vacations; 1890-1902 rural sch tchr in Neb, supt of Murray schs 4 years, supt of Avoca schs 2 years; 1906- prac med, Bridgeport; Morrill Co phys 30 years; Bridgeport city phys 30 years; CB&Q RR surg several years; during World War med examiner in Morrill Co for war dept; past mbr Bridgeport sch bd; past mbr city coun; mayor; Scotts Bluff Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Bridgeport Rifle Club 2302, won 1938 state championship in Capt Riley match, Neb Rifle Assn shoot in Grand Island 1939 was in his honor; mbr Neb St & Natl Rifle Assns; Dem; hobbies, hunting, rifle shooting; res Bridgeport.
     PRINCE, FRANK C: Superintendent of Schools; b Valley Co, Neb Jan 11, 1895; s of Joseph Prince-Antonia Jankovec; ed Ord HS 1912; Hastings coll, BSc 1916; U of N, MA 1933; m Fern L Warmer June 2, 1920 Milford; s Donald Frank; d Doris Fern, Bernice Louise; 1916-17 sch tchr, McCook; 1919 food administrator in Neb; 1919-25 HS prin & coach, Alliance; 1925- superintendent of Bayard schs; during World War in Co E 355th Inf, 89th div, OTC, 2nd lt, comm, 1st lt & capt, in service 18 months; bayonet Instr in Inf replacements, Camp Lee Va; Amer Leg post 200, past comm; capt of Inf res past mbr state com Amer Leg Jr baseball; Lions, past secy & pres, past dist gov; past pres North Platte Valley Assoc C of C; mbr dist com BSA, mbr Wyo-Neb coun; past pres North Platte Valley Assoc C of C; Neb Schoolmasters Club; dist secy & dist pres NSTA, mbr state exec com, NEA; AF&AM 302; Scot Rite 32o, Alliance; Past patron OES: Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, firearms, hunting, sports; res Bayard.
     PUGSLEY, GEORGE WILLIAM SR: Physician & Surgeon; b Woodbine Ia Oct 20, 1880; s of Marcellus Pugsley-Nettie Thompson; ed Woodbine Ia HS 1900; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines 1903; Creighton U, MD 1907; Phi Rho Sigma; m Grace Taylor Oct 26, 1910 Daykin; s Dr George W Jr; 1907-08 homesteaded near Riverton Wyo; 1908 asst to Dr C C Allison, Omaha, 1909-10 prac med, Ralston; 1910-13 prac med, Panama Ia 1913-17 prac med, Omaha; 1919-24 prac med, Persia Ia; 1924 prac med, Bayard; during World War 1st lt in NNG, 7 mos in border service, med dept 39th div, O/S 1 year; 31 mos in service, commd capt & maj Amer Leg post 200, adjt of Swanger post 314, also mbr of 40 & 8, Logan Ia; Bayard city phys 10 years; CB&Q RR surg 7 years; BSA, pres town com; Lions, past pres, key mbr; Amer Assn of Railway Surgs; Scotts Bluff Co Med Soc, pres; Neb St Med Assn del; AMA; Assn of Internal Secretions; assoc mbr of Grad Med Assembly, New Orleans La; Amer Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology; IOOF, past noble grand, mbr grand sovereign lodge; Rebekah; Chris Ch, trustee; hobbies, medicine, gardening; maternal grandfather Thompson came to Amer from Scotland 1848; father experimented with apple root grafting & wrote description of work for horticultural dept in Washington D C; res Bayard.
     PUTMAN, GLENN GREENE: County Treasurer; b old Cheyenne Co, Neb Mar 16, 1892; s of Frank Harrison Putman-Emma Hutchinson; ed Bridgeport HS 1908; Lexington Bus Coll 1908-10; m Lenore C Anderson May, 6, 1912 Alliance; s Richard Franklin, Glenn Herbert; d Jean Marvel; 1910-12 with uncle in drug store, Shenandoah Ia; 1912-14 ptr, R V Brown groc store, Bridgeport; 1914-16 owned & oprd groc store, Bridgeport; 1916-21 & 1928-29 farmer, Morrill Co; 1921-27 owner & opr drug store, McGrew; 1929-31 with Chevrolet garage as gen foreman, Bayard; 1931-34 opr Conoco Service Station Bayard; 1935- Morrill Co treas; mbr city coun, McGrew, secy & treas 5 years; treas McGrew sch bd; Neb Assn of Co Treas; Lions; AF&AM 285, advisory coun of DeMolay & assoc guardian of Job's Daughters; Assembly of God Ch; Rep; hobbies, flying, sports; father came to old Cheyenne Co 1878, took tree claim near Bridgeport; off Morrill Co Courthouse; res Bridgeport.
     RADCLIFF, MACK: Rancher; b Cleveland, O July 25, 1854; s of George Radcliff-Ann __; ed Ohio; m Bertia Gast Nov 26, 1884 Sidney; s Claton; d Harriet (dec), Ann (Mrs Gordon F Bryant), 1868-75 various vocations in Ohio, Mo & Tex; 1875-85 foreman for Shadier Brothers Ranch & foreman for Ogallala Land & Cattle Co; 1885- rancher, Morrill Co, has lived in western Neb since 1875; past Morrill Co commr 4


Morrill County -- Who's Who
years; past mbr sch bd, Sidney; mbr Camp Clark Days Assn; Dem; hobby, good stock; res Broadwater.
     REYNOLDS, LLOYD VALENTINE: Telephone Office Manager; b Buffalo Co, Neb Feb 14, 1899; s of Fredrick Reynolds-Elizabeth Croston; ed Buffalo & Sherman Cos; m Dorothy Marie Doud Oct 15, 1928 Midland S D; s Donald Lloyd; d Eloise Virginia, Agnes Carol; 1915-18 farmed, section hand, CB&Q RR, Hazard; 1918-22 in car repair dept CB&Q RR, McCook; 1923- with Northwestern Bell Tele Co, construction & maintenance dept, Neb & S D, mgr, Bridgeport since 1935; dir Morrill Co fair bd; Lions; dir Camp Clark Days Assn; Yeoman Mutual Assurance Co, past VP; hobbies, mechanics, football; mother came to Neb 1873; res Bridgeport.
     RYASON, MRS KATHLEEN DUNN: Associate Publisher; b Sidney, Neb Mar 30, 1906; d of Patrick J Dunn-Gertrude Wood; ed Bridgeport HS 1923; m Ray Ryason Feb 5, 1928 Pueblo Colo; s Raymond, Daniel, John; d Mary Ann; 1923- emp by Bridgeport Herald, News-Blade & Morrill Co, Sun; Womans Club; Rebekah; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; parents came to Neb in 1886 & in 1888 father homesteaded in old Cheyenne Co NE of Bridgeport; off News-Blade Herald; res Bridgeport.
     RYASON, RAY: Publisher; b Chariton, Ia June 27, 1888; s of William Ryason-Mary Tuttle; ed Creston Ia HS; m Kathleen Dunn Feb 5, 1928 Pueblo Colo; s Raymond, Daniel, John; d Mary Ann; 1904-14 with Independent Morning Amer Newspaper, Creston Ia; 1914-18 in newspaper bus in various locations; 1918-21 emp by Star Herald & Republican, Scottsbluff & News-Blade, Bridgeport: 1921- 29 owner & opr Bridgeport Herald; 1929- owner & opr Bridgeport News-Blade Herald; 1938- owner & opr Morrill Co Sun, Bridgeport: NPA: Lions; IOOF; MWA; Rebekah; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, gardening; off News-Blade Herald; res Bridgeport.
     SEARS, BARBARA B: County Superintendent of Schools; b Tekamah, Neb March 13, 1911; d of Edgar A Sears-Margaret Atkins; ed Dix & Kimball HS; CSTC 1929-30; 1930-34 tchr, Morrill Co; 1934-36 tchr, Kimball Co; 1936-39 tchr, Bridgeport Jr HS; 1939- Morrill Co supt, Bridgeport; Bridgeport Womans Club, past pres 3 years; Rebekah, Dix; Neb Co Supts Assn; NSTA; hobby, craftwork; off Morrill Co Courthouse; res Bridgeport.
     SHARP, DANIEL ARTHUR: Retired; b Gallia Co, O Nov 3, 1857; s of Peter Sharp-Elizabeth Jane Wiseman; ed Gallia Co O; m Florence Goodwin Mar 15, 1892 Omaha; s William Peter (dec), Robert, Daniel Arthur; d Eva May (Mrs Max Barrett), Hazel (Mrs Jess Rochell), Doris (Mrs Vern Lamb), Fern (Mrs F B Shaffer), Rena (Mrs Robert Wolaver); 1874 came to Kas from Ohio: took trips to Tex, to Denver & to Colorado Springs; 1879 came with trail herd to Pine Bluffs Wyo from Tex; during journeys west through old Fort Wallace & Dodge City Kas; 1894-1900 res Alliance; 1900- res Bridgeport, in hog & cattle bus; Bapt Ch; Rep; res Bridgeport.
     SHEPHERD, MRS VIOLA: Retired; b Adams, Neb Oct 21, 1875; d of Silas Bryson-Clarinda Young; ed Adams HS 1893; PSTC 1897; Neb Wes; CSTC, m Joseph B Shepherd June 7, 1898 Adams (dec Feb 14, 1925); s Joseph, Duke B; d Ruth (Mrs Ruth Brown), Kathryn (Mrs D R Atkison); 1893-98 rural tchr in SE Neb; 1898-1903 tchr 2 terms & homemaker; 1903-07 rural tchr in Cheyenne Co, Kas; 1907-16 homemaker; 1916-19 rural tchr, Gage Co; 1919-24 prin of ward sch & Jr HS, Bayard; 1924-39 Morrill Co supt of schs, Bridgeport; 1939- ret; 1933 opened drive for funds to send Helen Seifert, blind & deaf, to school; 1935 raised fund to provide schooling for Elmer Meglemre, also blind & deaf; Neb del to Natl conv of Co supts 1932 in Washington D C; past VP NSTA; past pres 6th dist; Bridgeport Womans Club; Rebekah; past matron OES, past matrons club; Presby Ch, Chris Endeavor sponsor; Dem; hobbies, rock gardening & stamp collection; res Bridgeport.
     STEUTEVILLE, JOHN HENRY: Attorney; b Grayson Co. Ky Dec 1, 1873; s of Richard F Steuteville-Narcissa E Haynes; ed Brownville HS 1890; U of N, LLB 1899; m Bessie Wagoner March 27, 1934 Bridgeport; with parents came to Neb from Ky in 1880; 1890-96 tchr Neb rural sch & prin, Brownville; 1899-1903 prin of schs, Howe, Johnson & Brownville; 1903-06 supt of schs Belle Fouche S D; 1906-08 prac law, Gering; 1908- prac law, Bridgeport; 1909-20 Morrill Co judge; 1925-29 Morrill Co, atty; 1931-37 representative for Morrill & Banner Cos in Neb legislature; during World War Morrill Co food administrator, 4-min man, mbr coun of defense, mbr ARC & HG; Morrill Co & Neb St Bar Assns; AF&AM 285, past master; Scot Rite 32o, Omaha; IOOF 201, past noble grand; Rebekah 811; MWA; Presby Ch; past chmn Morrill Co Dem Central Com; res Bridgeport.
     STOCKWELL, JAMES ADELBERT: Bank Cashier; b Dawson Co, Neb Sept 1, 1897; s of Frank E Stockwell- Emily Elizabeth Adams; ed Bayard HS 1916; Grand Island Coll July 5, 1922 Bayard; s James D; 1917-26 asst cash Bank of Bayard; 1926- cash First Natl Bank, Bayard; during World War in USN 3 mos; Amer Leg post 200, past comm; Bayard city & sch treas 20 years; past dir Morrill Co fair bd; past treas Natl Beet Growers Assn; treas Nine Mile Irrigation Dist 10 years; North Platte Valley Assoc; C of C, past pres; Lions; AF&AM, past master; Meth Ch, deacon; Rep; hobby, hunting, fishing; parents came to Neb from Ia & homesteaded near North Loup 1872; res Bayard.
     VANDRUFF, BRYCE LEROY: Grain Dealer; b Gosper Co, Neb Jan 14, 1894; s of Lemuel A Vandruff-Lucretia Chambers; ed Arapahoe HS 1913; m Esther Schwass Oct 12, 1918 Minden; s Bryce Dale; d Blythe Maxine, Evelyn Mae, Audrey Elaine; 1913-16 tchr, Gosper Co; 1916-19 farmer, Gosper Co; 1919-26 worked in grain elevator, Bushnell; 1926- owner & opr grain elevator, Broadwater; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd; 1939- Morrill Co commr; C of C; Neb Millers & Grain Dirs Assn; AF&AM 294; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; father homesteaded in Gosper Co in early 80's; res Broadwater.
     WILCOX, MRS ELSIE ELEANOR: Homemaker; b Ringgold Co, Ia Nov 20, 1878: d of Samuel Oliver-Sophia Warden; ed Ia & Neb; m Bruce Wilcox Jan 16, 1894 Cheyenne Co (dec July 14, 1927); s Max, Rex Oliver; 1894-1914 homemaker; 1914- in real est bus at Alliance & Bridgeport; 1917-27 reporter Bridgeport News-Blade, husband reporter; 1935-37 owner & opr Wilcox Bakery, Bridgeport; OES; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, real est; parents came to western Neb from Ia in 1886, homesteaded, father org first sch dist in vicinity, sister Cora was 1st sch tchr in vicinity; husband prac law in Alliance 1893- 96, was police judge, later co judge, receiver of US land off, owner & opr Bridgeport News-Blade 1914-27; res Bridgeport.
     WILLIS, ROBERT HENRY: Chief of Bureau of Irrigation; b Cheyenne, Wyo Mar 22, 1869; s of John Gregory Willis-Cecelia Jane Beek; ed Omaha HS 1885; Creighton U 1886, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst 1887-89: Zeta Psi; m Carrie Lee Melius Dec 30, 1891 Albany N Y (dec Sept 14, 1911); d Cornelia Elizabeth (Mrs Frank Gordon); m Anna E Hascall Jan 6, 1911, Cheyenne Wyo; 1890 emp 6 mos in city engineer's off, Omaha; 1890-91 emp by UP RR in Utah, Wyo & Ida; 1892-94 emp by Douglas Co engr; 1894-1919 engr Belmont Irrigation Canal & Water Power Co; 1894-1909 Cheyenne Co surveyor; 1895-1911 state water commr in Panhandle; 1910-18 state supt of water div 1; 1915-20 Morrill Co surveyor; 1919 asst state engr in chg of irrigation; 1920- chief of Bur of Irrigation, Water Power & Drainage; 1919- secy Neb St Irrigation Assn; 1895-1910 mbr of Camp Clark & Bridgeport sch bd; 1895-1933 int in cattle & ranch bus; 1903-08 owner first newspaper published in Bridgeport, Bridgeport Blade; 1923 interstate river commr on S Platte River, completed compact between Colo & Neb concerning water supply of stream; 1935- chmn water resources com of Neb st planning bd; Western Assn of State Engineers; Amer Soc of Engr; ch mbr & pres Bridgeport Lions; AF&AM 285; KP; Episc Ch; hobby, amateur photography; res Bridgeport.
     WILSON, ELMER M: Auto Dealer; b Harrisburg, Neb Jan 9, 1901; s of John M Wilson-Ruby Fitzsimmons; ed Harrisburg HS 1918; Sweeney Auto Sch, Kansas City Mo 1918-19; m Goldie May Ewing Nov 26, 1926 Harrisburg; d Mary Jo, Martha Jean; 1918 with father in drug store bus Harrisburg; 1919-23 in various vocations, Harrisburg; 1923-28 homesteaded & farmed in Wyo; 1928-35 farmer & rancher in Banner Co; 1936- owner & opr Wilson Motor Co, Bridgeport; past dep sheriff of Banner Co 2 years; KP, past chancellor comm; Dem; res Bridgeport.


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