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F. A. Scherzinger

LetterHE history of Nuckolls County may begin with the "great trail" period, of the Overland Route from St. Joseph, Mo., to California. This trail entered Nebraska in the south of Jefferson County, passed through the northern part of Nuckolls County, entered Elk Precinct on the east line and left the county through Liberty Precinct on the north.
   Settlements, were attempted in this territory as early as 1858, but since it was almost on the extreme border of the frontier, the leaders in the van of western immigration were not allowed by the Indians to see civilization established. The security and the privileges enjoyed by those who came later were purchased with the blood of these leaders. Much credit goes to those who arrived in 1870; glory is due those who came before.
   The Mormons on their western journey to Salt Lake passed through Nuckolls County along the course of the Little Blue river. This was the first "road" in the county and in 1858 was adopted and used by the government in transporting supplies to military posts along the frontier.
   The historical Pony Express was started over this route in 1859. The same year the Overland Stage Line began and stations were established along the route through Nuckolls County. The most noted of these was Oak Grove.
   Much of the credit and glory of opening Nuckolls County territory to civilization belongs to B. S. Comstock, who came here in 1858. He purchased Oak Grove in 1861, and with his family of four boys and three girls established the home where he remained until 1867. During the strenuous years of pioneer life spent in attempts at farming and ranching, they rightfully gained the title of "heroes." This ranch was destroyed in the great massacre of 1864. It was rebuilt the next year, but during the raids of 1867 all the white settlers were driven from Nuckolls County save John Larrimer, who refused to leave. Despite warning of the danger and hazard involved in remaining at the mercy of the Indians, Larrimer was determined to stay, having faith he would escape their fury. But in less than two weeks he fell victim to the tomahawk and scalping knife.
   A subsequent attempt at settlement was made in 1869 by Henry and Philip Michaels at Oak Grove. During the next year soldiers were stationed near the east line of Nuckolls County and the Indians became less bold and began moving westward. Settlers became more numerous and the building of a prosperous community to supplant the haunts of the savages was earnestly taken up.
   Nuckolls County suffered from Indian raids and depredations more than any other county in southern Nebraska with the possible exception of Thayer County, and its early history is rich in the lore of Indian warfare. Most noted of these was the great raid of Aug. 7, 1864, which extended from Gage County westward to Denver, Colo. Oak Grove -- the home of B. S. Comstock----was the only place in Nuckolls County which withstood that terrible onslaught. Comstock and his family were the only survivors.
   In that shrewdly planned and skillfully executed raid forty braves were assigned to Oak Grove. At the time planned for attack, Mr. Comstock was away, but five or six men were with the family, at the stockade. The Indians reached the ranch at noon, having left their horses some distance away. They were admitted and given a dinner and a liberal helping of tobacco, when without warning they drew their bows and opened war on the white occupants of the ranch. Fortunately, one of the men there -- W. R. Kelly from Beatrice -- carried a revolver. But the Indian charge came so suddenly that he could not use it, and fell victim to the first volley of arrows. One of the Comstock boys grabbed the revolver and shot the nearest redskin, who had hoped to get the weapon. At the report of the revolver the Indians rushed for the door, but three failed to get out alive, as young Comstock proved to be a skillful marksman. However, two other white men lost their lives and one man and a boy were wounded in the attack.
   Some five miles east of Oak Grove a boy eighteen years of age, named Ulig, was met by two Indians. While one shook hands with him the other struck him down with a spear and he was scalped while his life slowly ebbed away.
   Four miles up the river from Oak Grove at a point known as "The Narrows," the William Eubanks family of ten had settled a few months before that terrible Aug. 7, 1864. They were wholly ignorant of Indian warfare and how to cope with it. When they were attacked in the little log home, they rushed for the timber, where only two reached a place of concealment -- Mrs. Eubanks, the young wife of one of Eubanks' sons, and Miss Laura Roper, sixteen, who was visiting the Eubanks. Nine were killed, scalped, and stripped of their clothing.

in Nebraska


   Cries from the babe held in the arms of Mrs. Eubanks, however, led to their discovery and ultimate capture. The restlessness of the babe seemed to enrage its captors and an Indian crushed the infant's skull with his tomahawk, as the mother was holding it in her arms. The two women were held in captivity and underwent the hardships of living with these savages for two months. It was reported Miss Roper had been ransomed for $1,000, and turned loose near Denver, but in a letter dated Nov. 10, 1926, she says, "I was not ransomed; just set free at Fort Lyons Oct. 12, 1864."
   On Jan. 13, 1929, Mrs. Laura Roper Vance visited the scene of her capture sixty-five years before. She was a guest in the home of Mrs. George D. Follmer, near The Narrows, and a goodly number of people of Nuckolls, Clay and Webster Counties were invited to spend the day with the heroine of the great 1864 massacre. The party went to The Narrows -- the scene of the attack -- and after studying the surroundings she definitely located the spot where the capture was made. An iron post was driven into the ground by Grover Scroggin and Ralph Harritt to mark this historic spot, until a more permanent marker may be provided.
   In contrast to the bloody history of Nuckolls County during the establishment of civilization, it soon grew into a peaceful community once permanent settlement was effected.
   So consistently law abiding have been its people that there has never been a legal execution in the county. However, there probably would have been on one occasion had the court been allowed to exercise its jurisdiction.
   On July 14, 1887, the people of Nelson were astounded to learn that the body of Henry Sallen, a well known and highly respected farmer who lived on Liberty creek, had been found on the road northwest of town. He died from a bullet wound in the left side of the head. That morning Sallen had sold five head of hogs for $52.50. On leaving town for home, he graciously granted the request of a stranger to "ride to the country" with him, but after Sallen's body was found, the passenger could not be located. Citizens at once began a search and it was soon agreed John Conrad (or Coon), known as "Jim the Cook," formerly with the Burlington construction gang, was the guilty man. He was traced to his home and taken into custody. A coroner's jury found him guilty and the trial was set for hearing on July 19.
   So strong became the circumstantial evidence against Conrad that for two days and nights there was a growing spirit of revenge. Shortly after midnight, on the third night, about one hundred fully-armed hooded men quietly assembled in the park and went to the jail. In less than ten minutes they reached the prisoner. Without further explanation or ceremony, a rope with the regulation loop at one end, was adjusted about his neck. He was then hurried to the Rock Island bridge across Elk creek some seven blocks away. There the rope was quickly fastened to the rail, and the prisoner was forced to leap to his death. The incoming train next morning cut the rope which suspended Conrad's body in midair, letting it drop to the stream below. The train crew pulled the victim out onto the side of the bank, and then went on their way. Burial was made the same day in the "Potters Field" of the local cemetery.
   In the early summer of 1890 the quietness of the cemetery was disturbed when in the dead of night someone went to "Potters Field," exhumed Conrad's body and decapitated it. Coincident with this happening a phrenologist named J. K. M. Looker had come to Nelson. A few months later this phrenologist, when lecturing in an eastern Nebraska town, displayed a skull which he described as being that of "a murderer -- a man of low intellect and brutal instinct." Some of the persons acquainted with the case believed this was the skull of "Jim the Cook."
   Nuckolls County is situated in the south tier of counties, the sixth west of the Missouri river, and the eighth east of the Colorado State line. It is about 1,350 miles from San Francisco -- and from New York it is some 1,250 miles. Thus it is nearly, in the center of the United States, east and west. It is also near the geographical center of the famous South Platte country.
   According to government survey it embraces Townships 1 to 4 inclusive, north of the base line in Range 5 to 8 inclusive west of the Sixth Principal Meridian. The area of the county is twenty-four square miles. A government survey of the lands was made in 1858-59, and about the same time the territorial legislature mapped it out as a county. It was named in honor of a man then engaged in the mercantile business in Nebraska City.
   Numerous streams of clear water, skirted by timber land, course in and through the county. The largest of these are the Republican river in the southern part of the county, and the Little Blue which crosses the northeastern part. Between them lie broad rich prairie lands broken by slight undulations or rolling surface, forming together with the smaller streams a perfect drainage system, making it particularly well adapted to both farming and stock raising.
   In 1870 the territory which now comprises Nuckolls County had a population of only eight. The 1930 census listed 12,609 inhabitants.
   To men of vision this new country seemed destined to become a valuable portion of the "Great American Bread Basket." Acting upon this presumption Lord Scully, a wealthy Irish landlord who had visited America in 1851, decided to invest in Nuckolls County ground. His holdings, totaling



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40,684 acres, were purchased in 1870 at $1.25 an acre. This estate has been held intact to this day and is now owned by a son, Fred Scully, of Lincoln, Ill. W. W. Hawley and P. A. Peterson are the resident supervisors. Two hundred twenty-five tenants lease these lands on a cash rental basis which includes the taxes. Leases are signed annually and improvements are the property of the tenants.
   Early in 1871 a petition was sent to acting Gov. William H. James asking the organization of Nuckolls County. An order was granted for an election, which was held June 27, under an elm tree at Oak Grove in Elk precinct. Thirty-three votes were cast at this election, and the following county officers were chosen: Jonas Hannum, A. Naylor and Adam Simonton, commissioners; Elbridge Downing, clerk; E. A. Davis, probate judge; R. J. Harman, sheriff; Willis Henby, treasurer; Charles Goodman, superintendent of schools; F. Naylor, coroner; D. W. Montgomery, surveyor.
   The first informal meeting of elected officers was held in the home of Elbridge Downing Aug. 15, 1871. The first session of the county board was held Sept. 5, 1871, with Simonton, Hannum and Clerk Downing present. Their first official act was to subdivide the county into three precincts. From time to time as population grew other new precincts were formed, and those already existing were changed in size until the county now has sixteen civil precincts.
   The location of the Nuckolls County seat was established by a vote of the citizens in October, 1872, on the lands then owned by Horatio Nelson Wheeler of Peoria, Ill., whose middle name was adopted as the name of the town. Two other localities -- Elkton and Vernon -- both of them in Elk Precinct, entered the race for the county seat, but the vote resulted in favor of the place soon to become Nelson, because of its central location. In the winter of 1872-73 the townsite was surveyed and the plat filed with the county clerk, D. W. Montgomery, April 1, 1873. In the summer of 1873 a court house suitable for the needs of the county at that time, two or three residences, a hotel, and one business room were erected.
   For two years after the organization of the county, official business was transacted in the home of D. W. Montgomery, the first frame house built in the county. The lumber for this structure was hauled from Marysville, Kas.
   Upon completion of the new courthouse (now the Nelson Public Library), the legal business of the county was carried on in it for about fifteen years. But the expansion of the county's business made it necessary to provide more adequate quarters. In January, 1888, the county commissioners agreed to use a portion of the new brick block erected on North Main Street, across from the old courthouse. It was here that the business of Nuckolls County was carried on until the present courthouse, a stone structure 54x107 feet with an 80 foot tower, was completed in 1890.
   No sooner had the transfer of records been made in 1888 than criticism was heard and objections offered "against paying rent for rooms in which to do the public business." Agitation spread in favor of removing the county seat to Superior and feeling became so intense the county commissioners called a special election for July 30, 1889, to vote on the question of issuing $35,000 in bonds to erect a courthouse. The contest was a lively one, almost resulting in several fights. There were 1,136 votes cast for the bond issue and 1,003 against. It is noteworthy that in Beaver Precinct (Superior) there were 514 votes in the negative and 20 for the bond issue. In Nelson, out of 342 votes cast, only one opposed the bonds.
   Superior, the metropolis of Nuckolls County, was platted by Will W. Watson, April 10, 1875, for William Lowden, owner of the land. Its location in the beautiful Republican valley predestined Superior to become a desired place for residence arid business pursuits.
   Due to lack of transportation, the growth of Superior was quite slow for a number of years, the 1877 population being reported at about 150. Up to the time of the completion of the Burlington & Missouri River railroad up the valley in 1881, products of this locality had to be hauled to Edgar, in Clay County. In response to a petition filed Aug. 4, 1879, by J. D. Bums and others the county commissioners ordered the town to be incorporated. H. O. T. Brodestone, M. L. Fogel, V. H. Kendall, A. McCorkle and E. M. Snodgrass were named trustees to preside over the village business.
   Enterprising citizens soon began planning to acquire railroad service and in 1881 the Burlington & Missouri River road was built. In addition, the Nebraska & Colorado branch of the Burlington system was built from Superior through Nelson over to Edgar in 1886. Added to these were the Missouri Pacific in 1888 running to the northwest through the county; the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley in 1889 northeast through the county; and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe in 1889 coming from the south and terminating in Superior. With these splendid transportation facilities, Superior began to make steady growth and now has a population of 3,044.
   Since its first settlement, Nuckolls County has had two score newspapers to record the progress made. Of these, seven are still in existence. They are: The Express, established in 1900, and the Journal, founded in 1881, both at Superior; the Nuckolls County Herald (1877) and the Gazette (1884), at Nelson; the Locomotive (1887) Lawrence; the News (1910), Ruskin; the Herald (1881), Hardy. Those now known only to history are: The Elktonian, the Southwest Chronicle, the Inter-


in Nebraska


Ocean, the Time Table, the Republican, Superior Enterprise, Superior Guide, Superior Times, Alliance Herald, the Nelson Sun, the Oak Leaf, Superior Daily Headlight, the Oak News, the Nelsonian, Superior Circle, Lawrence Lancet, and Elk Creek Echo. The Superior Journal and the Superior Express were both issued daily and weekly for several years.
   In August, 1931, a noteworthy fossil deposit was found in Nuckolls County. Blanch Woodhead and Mildred Branstitre unearthed a large fossilized animal on the Ross Brooks farm near Angus, and reported their discovery to A. M. Brooking, curator of the Hastings museum. The animal measured approximately fourteen feet high and because of its size was given to the Denver museum, where it was fully restored. Discovery of an arrow point beneath the beast's shoulder blade seems to indicate there were human beings in this region at the time this prehistoric animal lived.

   BAIRD, PERCY S: Bank President; b Morning Sun, Ia July 26, 1876; s of Samuel C Baird-Siddy J Wilson; ed Pawnee City Acad; m Nelle Minor July 29, 1903 Nelson; s Minor P; d Faun; 1892-1902 tchr Nuckolls Co, HS prin Bostwick, HS prin Hardy, HS prin Lawrence; 1904 Nuckolls Co dep clk: 1905-16 cash Farmers State Bank, Ruskin, an org, 1905-26 dir; 1916 an org Farmers State Bank at Superior, 1916-39 cash, Jan-June 1939 VP, June 1939- pres; dir Comml Bank of Nelson; C of C; AF&AM 121; RAM 37; KT 27; Presby Ch; Dem; off Farmers State Bank Bldg; res 1208 Commercial, Superior.

   BOYD, JOSEPH W: Attorney; b Yuma Co, Colo Nov 3, 1894; s of Robert J Boyd-Barbara E Schwerer; ed Trenton HS; PSTC, editor-in-chief of Peruvian 1915; lettered in football, basketball & baseball; mbr debate team; U of N, LLB cum laude 1923; Delta Theta Phi; Order of Coif; m Gladys Chaney July 10, 1916 Riverton Ia; s Don Allison; d Janet Jo; 1912-13 tchr, Hitchcock Co; 1915-16 HS athletic coach & math instr, David City; 1913-20 farmer, Hitchcock Co; 1923 adm to Neb bar; 1923-24 prac law, Norfolk; 1924- prac law, Superior; past city atty, 6 years; Nuckolls Co dep judge; Nuckolls Co Bar Assn; VP 7th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; Kiwanis, past lt-gov Neb-Ia dist; C of C; Superior Country Club; Superior Rod & Gun Club; Superior Fishing Club; AF&AM 121, past master; RAM, capt; R&SM; KT, past comm; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, fishing, hunting, golf; off Security National Bank Bldg; res 653 Kansas, Superior.

   BRUBAKER, HARVEY A: Attorney; b Villisca, Ia Dec 24, 1877; s of David R Brubaker-Eliza J Woodburn; ed Ia; Furnas Co; Franklin Acad; U of N, LLB 1907; Order of Coif; m Ruth Peck Dec 20, 1906 Franklin; s David Gordon, Cecil S; d Elna M (Mrs Charles B Barrett), Dale, Beth, Sheila A (Mrs Horace W Shreck); 1896-98 tchr, Furnas Co; 1901-02 tchr, Franklin Co; 1902-03 supt of schs, Upland; 1907-08 prac law, Wilber; 1908-12 prac law, Superior; 1912- prac law, Nelson; 1911- 17, 1919-27, 1931- Nuckolls Co atty; past city atty, Superior; city atty, Nelson 20 years; past mbr bd of edn; during World War mbr draft bd, Nuckolls Co; Nuckolls Co, 7th Judicial Dist, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; AF&AM 77; Presby Ch; Rep, past chmn Co Central Com; res Nelson.

   COLE, THOMAS W: Attorney; b Washington Co, Wis Feb 11, 1859; s of Gregory Cole-Katherine Cole; ed West Bend Wis; Chicago Ill HS, grad work; m Angeline Warren Mar 11, 1883 West Bend Wis Wee Feb 1, 1930); d Vivian J; 1880-83 studied law in offs of Barney & Kulchenmeister, West Bend Wis; 1883 adm to Wis bar; 1883-88 prac law, Colby Wis; 1888- prac law, Nelson; 1888 adm to prac before Neb dist court, & 1897 before Neb supreme court; atty for CB&Q RR 30 years; atty for Scully Estates 11 years; atty for Comml State Bank of Nelson & Scroggin & Co Bank, Oak; pres Nuckolls Co Bar Assn; mbr Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past pres C of C; AF&AM 77; RAM, R&SM, KT, Superior; Presby Ch, session mbr, elder; Rep; res Nelson.

   CRILLY, HOWARD M: Publisher; b Riverton, Neb Sept 6, 1894; s of Hugh Crilly-Mary Caroline Merriott; ed Campbell HS; U of N; Bushnell Guild; m Lenore N Hazel Oct 21, 1921 Beatrice; s Donn H; d Janis L; 1919-20 owner & publisher Campbell Citizen; 1920-21 printer, Neb State Journal, Lincoln; 1921-22 opr & printer, Beatrice Express; 1922-23 owner & publisher Bird City Eagle, Bird City Kas; 1923-25 owner & publisher McCook Evening News; 1925-36 owner & publisher Wilber Republican; 1936- owner & publisher The Superior Express; during World War in hdqrs detachment 24th machine gun batt, 8th div; Amer Leg; NPA; Kiwanis; C of C; Superior Golf Club; Superior Rod & Gun Club; AF&AM 64; Rep; off 148 East 3rd; res 848 Washington, Superior.

   DAY, FRED I: Lumber Dealer; b Superior, Neb Feb 10, 1888; s of George L Day-Isabelle Barber; ed Superior HS; U of N; Alpha Theta Chi; m Katherine Hole Dec 3, 1914 Fairbury; s George F; d Elizabeth; 1906-10 secy Day & Frees Lbr Co, Superior; 1910-17 ptr of father & B M Frees in Day & Frees Lbr Cc; 1917-39 ptr of father in Day & Frees, 1920- mgr, 1939- owner & opr since fathers death; past mbr bd of edn; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; past pres Kiwanis; C of C; Superior Country Club; AF&AM 121; RAM; R&SM; KT; Tehama Shrine; Presby Ch, elder commr to natl gen assembly, Columbus O 1925; Rep; hobby, golf; father (dec July 1939) came to Superior 1879, estab Day & Frees Lbr Co; active in bldg sch system; mayor several terms, & an org of B & L Assn; del to natl Rep conv, Philadelphia, 1900; mbr Neb sen 1903; off 200 E 2nd; res 210 E 6th, Superior.

   DENNY, G G: Auctioneer; b Ottumwa, Ia, Oct 11, 1881; s of Robert S Denny-Emma Rominger; ed Guide Rock HS; Hastings Coll; Carry M Jones Auctioneers Sch, Davenport Ia; m Georgia Gertrude Adamson Mar 14, 1905 Cowles; s Robert G, Wilbur R; d Orma L (Mrs Harvey B Jones), Doris P; 1884 with parents came to Guide Rock; 1901-1907 farmer in Webster Co, also auctioneer; 1907- auctioneer, livestock dir, has conducted 5000 pub sales since 1905; past Dodge car dlr 10 years; lic Neb real est dlr; 1915-16 mayor of Superior; Neb St Auctioneer's Assn; C of C; Meth Ch, trustee; Rep; res Superior.

   DODDS, GRANT R: Ice Cream Manufacturer; b Butler Co, Penn July 17, 1874; s of Andrew Preston Dodds-Maggie English; ed Page Co Ia; m Viola Thorn Sept 17, 1897 Concordia Kas (dec 1902); d Twila Grace (Mrs R W Wilcox); m Elizabeth English Aug 9, 1905 Newcastle Penn; d Ella Mae; 1896-99 farmer, Concordia Kas; 1899-1901 oprd candy kitchen, Superior; 1901-04 clk in retail store, Superior; 1904-37 in poultry & produce bus, Superior; 1909- ice cream mfr The G R Dodds Co, Inc 1920, 1920- pres; owner farm ints in Neb & Wyo; past pres bd of edn; 3 years state secy Assn of Neb Sch Bds & Execs; ch mbr Kiwanis; C of C; AF&AM 121; United Presby Ch, elder, SS supt; Rep; off 144 West 4th; res 1127 Kansas Ave, Superior.

   FLOREA, WILLIAM EARL: Osteopath; b Kirksville, Mo July 24, 1907; s of William Franklin Florea-Nellie Mae Griffin; ed Kirksville Mo HS; Kirksville Mo State Tchrs Coll; Kirksville Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery, Kirksville Mo, DO 1930, also grad work, Denver Polyclinic; Iota Tau Sigma; m Mildred Nebbergall Nov 3, 1929 Linn Mo; d Sara Elizabeth, Mary Susan; interne Laughlin & Kirksville Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery Hosps, Kirksville Mo; 1930- osteopath, Superior; 1936 estab clinic with facilities for complete diagnosis & emergency hosp treatment; Neb Osteopathic Assn, chmn professional & pub welfare com; Amer Osteopathic Assn; Kiwanis; C of C; Superior Country Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, mechanics; off 436 Commercial; res 745 Kansas, Superior.

   FURRY, THOMAS ROSS: President Serum Co; b New Enterprise, Penn Mar 6, 1876; s of Leonard E Furry-Carrie Ruth Border; ed Franklin HS; m Mary Frances Peery May 31, 1904 Franklin; s Thomas Earnest (dec); d Margaret Frances (Mrs F B Knoup), Carrie Ruth (Mrs Vernon Johnson), Mary Elizabeth; 1892-99 messenger & teleg opr McCook div CB&Q RR;



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1899-1903 brakeman for CB&Q RR, Alliance & Sheridan Wyo; 1903-04 brakeman for Santa Fe RR, San Bernardino Cal; 1904-16 in livestock & grain bus, Franklin; 1916- in Blue Cross Serum Co of Superior, Inc 1928, 1928- pres & gen mgr; Assoc Industries of Neb; Associated Serum Cos of Amer; C of C; Rep; res Superior.

   GARRISON, WAYNE ELLIS: Attorney; b Okarche, Okla Sept 20, 1910; s of Charles L Garrison-Susan M Gilbert; ed Superior HS; Cumberland U, Lebanon Tenn, LLB 1932; 1932-34 emp in law offs, Superior; 1934 adm. to Neb bar; 1934- prac law, Superior; 1938- city atty; 1938- Nuckolls Co dep atty; Nuckolls Co Bar Assn; 7th Judicial Dist Bar Assn, mbr bd of govs; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Kiwanis, past secy; C of C; Superior Country Club; AF&AM 121; Meth Ch; Rep, chmn Nuckolls Co Central Com; res Superior.

   GILLILAN, CHARLES L: Banker; b Hardy, Neb Feb 1, 1899; s of William E Gillilan-Orba Hurst; ed Hardy HS; U of N, BSc 1921; mbr basketball team; 1918-19 asst, 1919-20 bus mgr Agriculture; Delta Tau Delta, pres 1920-21; Alpha Zeta; m Harriet I Palmer June 18, 1924 Lincoln; s James P, Roderic W; d Shirley B; 1922- with the Farmers State Bank of Hardy, 1922-23 bkkpr, 1923-29 asst cash, 1924- dir, 1929- cash & managing ofcr; treas city coun; dir Republican River Pub Power & Irrigation Dist; 1928-38 2nd lt in 515th coast arty res, anti-aircraft div; during World War In USN; Amer Leg, past co comm; mbr exec coun Southern Neb Regional Clearing House Assn; Superior Golf Club; hobby, gardening; res Hardy.

   GINGRICH, WILLIAM F: Railroad Agent; b Dauphin Co, Penn Jan 1, 1870; s of Peter B Gingrich-Elizabeth E Forney; ed Callaway Co, Mo; Teleg Oprs Sch, Oberlin O; m Mollie E Randolph June 17, 1896 Rulo; s Randolph F, William F Jr; d Evelyn M (Mrs O E Earl); 1891- with CB&Q RR, 1891-92 night teleg opr at Humboldt, 1892 opr at Rulo, 1892-93 agt & opr at Highland Station Kas, 1893- 1900 agt at Rulo, 1900-06 cash at Beatrice, 1906-08 chief clk to div freight agt, Beatrice; 1908 station agt, Superior; past mbr bd of edn; C of C; MWA; AF&AM 121, past master; Meth Ch, past trustee, past pres Meth Mens orgn; Rep; off CB&Q Depot; res 948 Kansas Ave, Superior.

   GOODRICH, BLANCHE: County Superintendent of Schools; b Nelson, Neb Feb 18, 1896; d of H E Goodrich-Leola Monger; ed Nelson HS; KSTC 1914-16; Colo U 1917-18; U of N, BA 1924, Delta Kappa Gamma, past state pres; 1916-17 tchr Bridgeport HS; 1918-19 tchr, Nelson; 1920-23 supt of schs, Bladen; 1925-30 head of language dept & debate coach, Hastings HS; 1931- Nuckolls Co supt of schs; NSTA; Neb St Assn of Cc Supts; life mbr NEA; U of N Alumni Assn, life mbr; Womans Club; Amer Leg aux; OES; PEO, past pres; Meth Ch; hobby, Girl Scout work; res Nelson.

   GOODRICH, HENRY E: Real Estate Agent; b Scioto Co, O July 4, 1859; s of Richard Goodrich-Jane Bonser; ed Sciotoville O; m Leola Monger Feb 5, 1895 Goodhope Ill (dec); s Donald H; d Helen (Mrs Paul E Hutchinson), Blanche; m Ida Mae Bosserman Aug 30, 1908 Lincoln; 1876-85 plasterer & bricklayer, southern Ohio; 1886-1919 in groc bus, Nelson; 1885- real est agt in Neb, now ret from active bus; 1919-21 representative in Neb legislature, 1925-27 chmn claims and deficiencies com, mbr finance, roads & bridges corns; 1888- pres Nuckolls Co B & L Assn; chmn village bd 1888-89; vice-chmn city coun; past pres bd of edn; AF&AM 77, past master, mbr 50 years; ch mbr OES, mbr 50 years; Rep, several years mbr Neb St Central Com; hobbies, trees, flowers; res Nelson.

   GRAHAM, JOHN A: Manager of Seed Co; b Portland, Ore May 16, 1892; s of Gilbert H Graham-Margaret Duff; ed Osborne Kas HS; m Estelle Gerard Jan 10, 1914 Osborne Kas; d Marian (Mrs William Aldrich); 1908-14 with Thomas Elevator, Osborne Kas; 1914-16 ptr in Thomas Grain Co, Irving Kas; 1916-17 with Thomas Brothers Grain Co, Grainville Idaho; 1917-19 opr of Almena Hotel, Almena Kas; 1919- with Bowman Seed Co of Concordia Kas, 1919-26 salesman & buyer at Concordia Kas, 1926- mgr at Superior; 1938- mayor of Superior; Western Seedsmens Assn; C of C; AF&AM, Osborne Kas; KT, Phillipsburg Kas; Rep; hobby, gardening; off 1st & National; res 326 Kansas, Superior.

   HANNA, HARRY C: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Cedar Co, Ia Oct 27, 1881; s of Joseph B Hanna-Sarah A Kessler; ed Superior HS; LBC; m Arabelle J Peart June 3, 1914 Superior; 1888 with parents came to Nuckolls Co; 1902-03 bkkpr for George Scoular Grain Co, Superior; 1903-04 in grain bus; 1904-12 asst cash Superior Natl Bank, cash 1912-14; 1914-15 asst cash State Bank of Superior; 1915- in real est & ins bus; city treas 12 years; C of C; Superior Country Club; Presby Ch, trustee; Rep; hobbies, golf, baseball; off 337 Commercial; res 739 Central, Superior.

   HANTHORN, WALTER A: Farmer; b Galesburg, Ill Sept 18, 1873; s of James Hanthorn-Sarah E Teel; ed Superior HS 1893; U of N 1898-1900; m Anna O Ellison Feb 20, 1907 Nuckolls Co; s James E, Herbert G, George W, Lindell L, Allyn E (dec June 24, 1929), Walter W (dec Nov 27, 1918); d Eunice E (Mrs Harold Hafford), Gladys Orpha (dec Jan 5, 1908); 1879 with parents came to Nuckolls Co; 1894- farmer on home place, Nuckolls Co; 1894-95 & 1897-98 tchr, Smyrna; 1895-96 tchr, Superior; 1896-97 & 1901-03 & 1919-30 tchr, Cadams; 1900-01 tchr, Nora; 1904-05, 1913- 14 sch tchr, Nuckolls Co; 1935-36 mbr Neb legislature 50th & special 51st sessions; past dir sch bd; twp assessor; 1900 census-taker, Nora & Highland pcts; during World War, mbr coun of defense; Meth Ch, trustee 4 years, lay del to Neb annual conf; Rep; hobby, coin collecting; res RFD 2, Superior.

   HARTZLER, NOAH D: Wholesale Grocer; b Lagrange Co, Ind Apr 7, 1870; s of Benjamin Hartzler-Nancy Nofsinger; ed Lagrange Co Ind & Cass Co Mo; Baker U, Baldwin Kas; m Pearl G Skillman Jan 19, 1905 Pleasant Hill Mo; 1893-94 tchr, Cass Co Mo; 1894-96 oprd store, Lanton Mo; 1896-21 opr gen mdse stores in Harrisonville, Pleasant Hill, East Lynn & Peculiar Mo & Cass Co Mo; 1921- org & pres Superior Whol Groc Cc; past mbr city coun; Missouri Valley Whol Groc Assn; C, of C; AF&AM 121; Meth Ch, trustee; Rep; off 2nd & Central; res 1121 Kansas, Superior.

   HAWLEY, WILLIAM W: Manager of Estates; b Rock Co, Wis Jan 27, 1864; s of Richard A Hawley-Elizabeth Jane Warner; ed Nemaha Co, Brownville; Sutton; m Elizabeth C Foresman Aug 24, 1887 Lincoln; 1867 came to Nemaha Co; 1884-86 student at CB&Q RR station, Syracuse; 1886-88 station agt for CB&Q RR, Blue Springs, 1888-89 station agent, Elk Creek, 1889-95 station agt, Liberty, 1895-98 station agt, Nelson; 1898-1917 asst to agt & mgr of Scully Estates, Nuckolls Co, 1917- agt & mgr; co owns 40,684 A of land; 1918- dir Commercial Bank, Nelson, 1939- VP; past mayor of Nelson; C of C; AF&AM 77; KT; Tehama Shrine; Presby Ch; Rep, chmn Nuckolls Co, Central Com; hobby, photography; res Nelson.

   HILL, HUGH B: Manager Oil Co; b Beloit, Kas May 31, 1909; s of John O Hill-Anna M Boyd; ed Hardy & Hastings HS; U of N 1927-28; Notre Dame U 1931; Delta Tau Delta; m Frances Stubbs Aug 16, 1932 Hastings; s Robert Dean; 1927-31 station attendant & mgr Hill Oil Co; 1932-35 opr service station & 2 tank wagons, Washington Kas; 1935-36 estab & oprd Hill Oil Co, with 4 stations & bulk plant, Pueblo Colo; 1936-37 mgr Hill Oil Co, Washington Kas, & Pueblo Colo, lived at Washington Kas; estab Branch C Service Station & bulk plant, Colorado Springs Colo; 1937- mgr Hill Oil Co, Superior; C of C; Superior Country Club; Indep; hobby, sports; res Superior.

   HULL, CHAUNCEY O: Merchant; b Nuckolls Co, Neb Aug 13, 1883; s of Martin A Hull-Nellie D Winfough; ed Ruskin HS; m Maude Reed Hayden Sept 15, 1916 Ruskin; 1900-03 station, agt, helper & relief man CRI&P RR, Nelson & other locations, 1903-09 station agt Ruskin, 1909-12 cash Fairbury, 1912-14 station agt Deshler; 1914- in gen merc bus, Ruskin; 1923- clk of Spring Creek Cemetery Assn; 1917- mbr Ruskin village coun; 1923village elk; 1916-28 clk of bd of edn; Fedn of Neb Retailers; AF&AM 304, past master; York Rite, secy since 1928; Tehama Shrine; Community Ch, clk since 1920; Rep; res Ruskin.

   IMLER, CHARLES R: Abstractor; b Pavia, Penn Nov 4, 1873; s of Eli W Imler-Elizabeth Ickes; ed Nelson HS; U of N; Alpha Theta Chi; m Helen Hill Oct 28, 1903 Beaver Crossing (dec); s John Gordon, Charles Robert; 1881 with parents came to Nelson; 1894-95 tchr, Nuckolls Co; 1895-96 tchr, Nelson; 1898-99 tchr, Stella HS; 1899-1900 HS prin Oak; 1900-08 emp in abstract, real est & ins off of George Lyon Jr; 1908-12 Nuckolls Co treas; 1913-29 ptr in firm of Lyon, Imler & Lyon, abstracts, real est, ins & farm loans; 1929- ptr in firm Lyon, Imler & Myers; 1929- in abstracting bus; 1919-38 secy-treas Nuckolls Co Natl Farm Loan Assn; mbr city


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