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Mrs. Edgar M. Cox

LetterIERCE County was created by the territorial legislature in 1859, eight years before Nebraska was admitted to the statehood. It was named for Franklin Pierce, fourteenth President of the United States. Today Pierce County is square, but as originally laid out that part which is now Township 28, located in the northeast part of the county, was omitted. On Feb. 5, 1875, a bill passed by the legislature included that corner, thus making sixteen townships.
   The same year Pierce County was created saw the great Colorado gold rush, and many of the gold seekers were so impressed with the miles of waving prairie grass that they abandoned their quest for gold and came back to take up homesteads in Nebraska.
   Although the wagon trains which crossed the state did not come as far north as Pierce County, adventurous settlers followed the north fork of the Elkhorn on exploring trips and carried back stories of the rich land to the northward. One of these exploring homeseekers was Christian Huebner, who located a mile and a half northeast of Hadar in 1866. He is believed to have been the first settler in Pierce County, but to August Ninow goes the honor of having filed the first claim. His papers were recorded at the Dakota City land office on Nov. 1, 1867. It was the 317th homestead to be taken in the state, and is located just south of Hadar.
   Early in the spring of 1870 the families of John Manske, Ludwig Gruchow, Linstad and Herman Degner, Ludwig and Fred Lierman, Frederick Kolterman, Carl Griebenow, Herman Magdanz broke ground for their first crop in Pierce County. They had left Ixonia, Wis., early in 1869, but it was the Fourth of July before they reached West Point. After resting there they came on to where the town of Norfolk now stands and followed the north fork of the Elkhorn. They chose their homesteads as they traveled, but did not go much beyond the present boundaries of the city of Pierce.
   But all pioneers were not farmers. Businessmen, too, saw a future in this rich farm area, so the names of R. S. Lucas, James H. Brown, Barney Riley, Wilson Hall and many others must be added to the list of those who settled here in 1870 and 1871.
   The first election was held in Pierce County on July 26, 1870. J. H. Brown was authorized to call this special election which resulted in the following officials being chosen: Clerk, J. H. Brown; treasurer, H. R. Mewis; sheriff, August Brisso; county superintendent, A. J. Babcock; surveyor, A. J. Huebner; assessor, Carl Griebenow; commissioners, R. S. Lucas, August Ninow and T. C. Verges. The election was held in a sod and slab house on the S 1/2 of NE 1/4 and N 1/2 SE 1/4, Section 27, Township 26N, Range 2W. As near as can be learned seventeen votes were cast and it was said Mrs. R. S. Lucas served a duck dinner to all voters. Ducks were so numerous that her young son, Robert, had no trouble in supplying the table from a pond near their home.
   In connection with the first election are the interesting stories told by the early settlers of how aspiring politicians sought different schemes to swing elections in their favor. One story told that a pail was used for a ballot box and the farmer in charge of the poll took the bucket home to count the votes. He later reported he set the bucket down and his cow ate all the votes! Another instance occurred with the vote a tie. The closing hour arrived and the announcer went out to call the polls closed, but spied another voter on the way. He delayed the call, and in that instance the tardy voter decided the election.
   The county seat was located at Pierce at the first election, and on March 31, 1871, the question of issuing bonds in the sum of $15,000 to aid in the building of the courthouse was carried by a vote of 24 for and 22 against. The bonds were never issued, however, as the county was able to pay for the courthouse out of taxes collected. The cost of erecting the building was $4,000.
   Records in the courthouse contain the plat showing the laying out of the town of Pierce into lots and blocks, and is dated May 4, 1871. The land was owned by James H. Brown and R. S. Lucas. The deed was signed by Brown as register of deeds and George D. Hetzel and Charles W. Frady were witnesses. Thomas W. Ward was the surveyor.
   The office of surveyor was quite an important one when the country was first settled. Many serious arguments arose over the location of corners of land bought or homesteaded. It is said many a stake locating a settler's right to land was often removed overnight.
   The first sale recorded was a block bought by Pierce County as a location for the courthouse, and was where the Cones State Bank now stands. It was never used for that purpose because another faction favored the location a block north. The controversy raged for some time and when the material


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for constructing the building was delivered it was moved from one block to another three times before work was started on the ground where the present building now stands.
   The first postoffice in the county was established in Pierce in 1870 with A. J. Babcock as postmaster. The postoffice was a cigar box in which Babcock carried a few pennies and stamps. It was his duty to meet the carrier who brought the mail on horseback from Norfolk and to deliver what few letters were received. Sometimes the entire mail would consist of one letter in about every three weeks. In order to mail a letter it was necessary to hunt up the postmaster, which was sometimes quite a task.
   School Dists. No. 1 and 2 were organized Feb. 20, 1871. Dist. No. 1 was located in the southeast corner of the county, about two miles east of Hadar and included all the southern precincts. Dist. No. 2, the present Pierce district, elected R. S. Lucas as the first director; Charles Griebenow, moderator; Bernhart Riley, treasurer. A few months later, April 3, 1871, Dist. No. 3 was organized, including all the eastern precincts. Albert Breyer was the first director and one of the early teachers. The organization of all the early schools took place in the homes of the settlers, and many of them were sod houses where school had previously been held.
   That same year, on Oct. 23, 1871, saw the organization of the first church, St. John's Lutheran, a mile east and one north of Pierce. The first church services were held in the sod house of William Otto. Rev. F. C. Rupprecht of Norfolk was the visiting pastor. Church was held later in Dist. No. 3 schoolhouse. On July 26, 1874, Rev. S. Etsel was called as the first pastor and in 1884 the first church building was erected and dedicated. Among the early church members the names of Christof Marks, Henry Holst, Michael Manske, Christof Krueger, William Otto, John Manske, Carl Klug, William Streich, Fred Koehler, Karl Kort, William Schillen, Henry Buckendahl, Sr., Henry Warneke, Henry Holz and William AhIman are recalled by the pioneers still living.
   It was while first church services were being held in the William Otto home that the first marriage in Pierce County was solemnized. In the vault at the county judge's office is the marriage license of Ferdinand Koehler and Miss Mina Manske, dated Nov. 8, 1871. The license, written in long hand, was signed by County Judge R. S. Lucas. The return was written out by Rev. F. C. Rupprecht. The marriage took place on Nov. 10, 1871, with William Otto and Charles Wichman of Madison as witnesses. Mr. Koehler was 21 and his bride 18. She was the daughter of John Manske. Evidently there were no blanks to be used for marriage licenses in those days, as the reverse side of an old history paper was used for this document. Besides the usual questions a penalty of $500 was provided if the license were not returned in three months.
   Plainview was the second town in the county to record a plat. This was dated Oct. 27, 1880, and showed the original town contained six blocks. Early records show Charley Rose was appointed postmaster in 1872, and for a time the town was called Roseville in his honor. Other settlers resented this as they felt it gave too much prominence to one family. One night about two years later when the village board was in session, the old argument came up, followed by the same endless discussion as to what should be the permanent name. The postman, Christen Lerum, who had been carrying the mail for two years between Norfolk and Niobrara, happened to stay overnight at Roseville that evening, and as he was well known, dropped in at the meeting. He was not a resident, having recently lived at Plainview, Minn., but he ventured the suggestion: "Why don't you call it Plainview and be done with it?" The others, tired of the endless controversy, instantly agreed and unanimously adopted the name. Lerum later took up a claim west of town and became a prominent citizen. Another prominent early settler was William Alexander, who in 1873 built the city school. His daughter, Margaret, married Lerum and was the first teacher. Dan Dowling was the first director. Part of the original school, which has now been replaced with a fine brick structure, was moved across the street and is now a residence.
   Another prominent early resident and extensive land owner in the Plainview vicinity was William B. Chilvers, who later donated to the city ground which is now used as a city park. To him was attributed the first ballot box. He had come from Illinois in 1871 where he had been a carpenter and upon learning that the county was without a ballot box he constructed a black walnut box, expertly made with mitered corners and a brass lock. It is now a prized family heirloom.
   Foster, like Plainview, recorded a plat on Oct. 27, 1880, making it the third town in the county. Records in the courthouse show a deed dated Dec. 30, 1885, whereby George and Caroline Foster convey all right and title to the land to the town of Foster. Previously this little village bore the name of Moorehouse, for the station agent who was sent there by the railroad when a section house, watering tank and loading platform was all that constituted the village.
   The fourth town to record a plat was Hadar on June 26, 1883. A long dispute between two German settlers was the cause for the selection of the town name. 'Hadar' in German means a wordy argument. The Hadar community was a well defined district long before the town was platted, as it was in this vicinity that the first settlers made their homes. Nearby the first school was held in 1867 in the granary on the August Huebner homestead, and Bertha Rhode was first teacher. The first schoolhouse, built on the land where the George Wagner farm is now located, was later moved to the Oestrich farm a short distance west of Hadar.


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   Osmond, the third town in site, dated May 5, 1890, was the fifth to be platted. Articles of incorporation are dated Dec. 19, 1890. The postoffice was established soon afterward with Will Littel as postmaster. Osmond city school was organized Feb. 18, 1889, before the town was incorporated, with D. J. Rockwell as the first director. West Randolph was the next to file a plat, in 1891. Randolph is in Cedar County, so this little settlement has closely identified itself with that town in all civic affairs. McLean filed a plat in 1900.
   Nearly every county has its ghost towns, and Pierce is no exception. Colbergen, a postoffice in the Willow Creek precinct, located twelve miles west of Pierce, is but a memory, as it has long since been abandoned. In the early 1880's it was an important gathering place for the settlers. Birch postoffice, halfway between Colbergen and Pierce, was another community which still retains its identity through the location of a school bearing that name. With the coming of better roads and transportation the death knell was sounded for these settlements.
   County institutes were an important part of the social and educational life of the new community. The first institute held in the county began May 30, 1874, and lasted three days, C. H. Frady was superintendent. Eight teachers attended: A. J. Babcock, Adda Lucas, H. H. York, B. L. Rhode, C. Shaughnecey, Maggie Alexander, M. Z. Frady, and J. S. Starr. Early records and reports were incomplete. In 1876 the salary of superintendent of schools was $67.50 per month. Fifty dollars was the highest paid to a teacher and $25 the lowest. The average term was 3.7 months.
   Some of the problems which came up for discussion revealed that times have not greatly changed as tardiness was a cause of great concern. But as one teacher wrote in her report they could not very well punish the children for an error oft committed by the teacher. Incorporated in one report was a recommendation that the county institute be held in the light of the moon. This was not because our educators were romantically inclined but rather because the journey by horse and wagon over rough trails was likely to be rather difficult on a moonless night at the close of the evening sessions.
   Pierce County is strictly an agricultural area with 92 percent of the land in farms. The land is slightly rolling and in the southwestern part of the county the underlying layers of sand crop out and cause some erosion. A silt which is suitable to the raising of corn covers the sand. Some wheat and small grain are also harvested. Alfalfa planted along the north fork of the Elkhorn does exceptionally well.
   Poppy seed is a rather unusual crop raised on a small scale by some of the Bohemian families for use as a delicacy in preparing many delicious foods. Some of the seeds are sold, but. most are saved for domestic use. The fields of blooming poppies present a beautiful sight. The population is mostly American born of either German or Bohemian descent.
   In pioneer days many of the government tree claims dotted the countryside and today descendants of these early settlers are as vitally interested in the government reforestation program. In 1938 and 1939 farmers co-operated with the prairie states forestry service in planting 170 1/2 miles of shelterbelt--this in addition to the many thousands of Clarke-McNary seedlings that were planted. These trees and the many dams built on the streams running through the county will in a few years restore the land to its rightful place as the "garden spot of Nebraska."

   ABLER, WALTER A: Owner Transfer Co; b Platte Co, Neb Apr 13, 1901; s of Edmund Abler-Justina Gehr; ed Humphrey HS; m Stella M Wright June 10, 1924, Petersburg; s Leonard, Mark, Paul, Robert; d Delores, Marion, Catherine, Lois Ann, Elizabeth; 1920- owner Abler Transfer Co at Pierce, one of largest in NE Neb, opr Kansas City to Minneapolis, Chicago to Denver; past mbr city coun; pres Pierce Co Truckers Assn; Neb Comml Truckers Assn; Comm Club; Cath Ch, trustee; Indep; hobby, motor boating; res Pierce.

   ANDERSEN, THOMAS CHRIS: Auto Dealer; b Jylland, Denmark Feb 2, 1883; s of Peter C Andersen-Katrina Larsen; ed Wayne Co; m Amanda Podoll Jan 28, 1914 Norfolk; s Byron C, Burton H, Keith M; d Elsie Cecil, Ione Lucille; 1903-17 farmer, Pierce CO; 1914- Ford dlr, Pierce; Comm Club, past pres; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite 32o; Tangier Shrine; BPOE; hobbles, golf, fishing; res Pierce.

   BECKER, PAUL: Dentist; b Howells, Neb Sept 21, 1891, s of Hubert Becker-Anna Klitz; ed Osmond HS; Creighton U, DDs 1914; m Ellen L Ryon May 10, 1916 Osmond; s Clement Paul, Cletus Ryan; d Armeline Jeanette, Mary Colleen; 1914- dentist, Osmond; Neb St & ADA; Osmond Athletic Club; COF; Cath Ch; hobby, music; res Osmond.

   BEECH, EDWIN D: County Attorney; b Meadow Grove, Neb Aug 24, 1898; s of Joseph I Beech-Rocelia Lewis; ed Meadow Grove HS; V of N, LLB, 1923; Phi Alpha Delta; Sigma Phi Epsilon; m Clara Roberts Aug 11, 1928 Lincoln; 1924-27 with Spillman & Muffley law off, Pierce; 1927- Pierce Co atty; mbr sch bd;, during World War in SATC, U of N; Amer Leg, adjt; 9th Judicial Dist & Neb St Bar Assns; AF&AM; Rep, chmn Pierce Co Central Com; hobby, gardening; father ret hdw mcht; off Courthouse; res Pierce.

   BELE, PETER PAUL: Merchant; b Rushville, Neb June 29, 1890; s of Frank Bele-Aloisia Driml; ed Pierce; m Ella Bergen Aug 10, 1916 Osmond; d Alice Jane; 1908-12 farmed in Pierce Co; 1912-16 with Rastede Mdse Store, Pierce; 1916- owner-mgr gen mdse store, Pierce, mbr city coun; Comm Club; AF&AM, past master; OES, worthy patron; Congl Ch; res Pierce.

   BLEZEK, JOHN W: Attorney; b Baldwin, Ia Aug 20, 1877; s of Mathias Blezek-Catherine Shimerda; ed Randolph Ia HS; Fremont Normal: Highland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia; U of N, LLB 1905; m Emma Zajick June 5, 1908 Wilber; s John W Jr, Glenn J; d Eleanor Prudence, Francis Mildred; 1912-14 prac law, Verdigre; 1914-16 ptr in firm, Free & Blezek; 1916- prac law, Plainview; dur World War, mbr exemption bd; 1916-28 city atty, Pierce; 1930-34 mayor Plainview; past mbr sch bd, Pierce; 9th Judicial Dist Bar Assn, dir; Neb St Bar Assn: IOOF, past grand; Country Club; Congl Ch, trustee; Dem; hobbies, gardening, fishing; res Plainview.

   BOYD, BRUCE P: Postmaster; b Harlan, Ia Mar 4, 1896; s of Edgar A Boyd-Nettie Mann; ed Pierce; m



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Mary Brown Nov 15, 1922 Omaha; s Bruce E, Gerald L; d Patricia Ann; 1911-33 with F J Rastede Groc; 1933-35 with CWA program; 1935- P M, Pierce; during World War, in USN, aviation service, commissary dept SC 2, Paulliac, France & Portocorneia, Italy, disch Feb 13, 1919; Amer Leg, past comm, past adjt; Neb ch, Natl Assn of P Ms; Comm Club; Cath Ch; hobbles, hunting, baseball; res Pierce.

   BOYENS, PETER F: Furniture Dealer & Funeral Director; b Bergenhusen, Schleswig Province, Germany June 11, 1861; s of Henry Boyens-Maria Johannsen; ed Berganhusen, Germany; m Bertha Lofft Oct 7, 1894 Creighton; s Fred Russell; 1880 farmed, Denison Ia; 1881-84 clk in gen store, Denison Ia: 1885-87 clk in Steinkraus Store, Plainview; 1887-89 clk at Chris Johnson's store, Plainview; 1889-93 ptr of John Siem in gen store; 1894- owner & mgr furn store; lic embalmer since 1900; 1910-16 mbr city coun; Plainview Hosp dir; past dir former First Natl Bank; Neb Funeral Directors Assn; Country Club; Lions, past pres; Luth Ch, past treas; hobby, flowers; res Plainview.

   BRADY, JAMES J: Clergyman; b County Clare, Ireland Apr 20, 1891; s of Michael Brady-Kate Vaughn; ed County Clare, Ireland; St Flarman's Coll, Ennis Ireland, grad 1909; All Hallow's Coll, Dublin 1917; 1919 pastor St Mary's Ch, Omaha; 1919- pastor St Paul's Cath Ch, Plainview; Country Club; hobby, golf; res Plainview.

   BRANDE, ALFRED LINCOLN: Editor; b Winona, Minn Aug 21, 1867; s of Rev Alfred G Brande-Mary Caroline Smith; ed Tipton Ia; Cornell Coll, Mt Vernon Ia; m Ida S Inhelder July 7, 1894 Stanton; d Grace (Mrs Charles Turek, dec), Winifred (Mrs Richard O'Neill, dec); 1885-91 appr foreman, Tipton Ia Advertiser; 1891-1901 owner & publisher Pierce Co Call; 1897-1914 P M, Pierce; 1910-18 ptr in publication Pierce Co Call; 1919-27 Pierce Co treas; 1927-32 asst cash Citizens State Bank, Pierce; 1932- in ins & investment bus; assoc editor Pierce Co Call: city treas; mbr lib bd; treas city schs; Comm Club, secy; SUV; AF&AM, secy, oldest in membership in Pierce Co; Scot Rite; Tangier Shrine; Rep, secy Pierce Co Central Com; hobby, comm work; res Pierce.

   BRANDE, CARL BURTON: Publisher; b Houston Co, Minn Jan 9, 1873; s of Rev Alfred G Brande-Mary Caroline Smith; ed Tipton, Ia; m Kezzie Porter June 25, 1917 Franklin (dec); d Dorothy Anne, Mary Elizabeth; 1891-1901 appr with Pierce Co Call, 1901-21 ptr & mgr, 1921- owner-publisher; Comm Club; AF&AM; IOOF; Congl Ch. clk 38 years; Rep; hobby, travel, res Pierce.

   BUCKENDAHL, EDWARD CARL HENRY: Implement Dealer; b Pierce, Neb Jan 15, 1907; s of H C Buckendahl-Lena Sporledor; ed Pierce HS 1924; m Marjorie Alexander Nov 26, 1934 Pierce; s Gene Lee; 1926-34 with father in impl store, Pierce; 1934- owner impl store; mgr & player Pierce baseball team 5 years; Comm Club, past treas; Luth Ch; hobby, fishing; res Pierce.

   BUERKLE, THEO B: Editor; b Allison, Ia Mar 15, 1903; s of Burt Buerkle-Emily Peck; ed Franklin Acad; Grinnell Coll, Grinnell Ia; m Marie Reed June 5, 1928 Pierce; d Jeannette Marie, Dale Evonne; 1923-24 with Oxford Standard; 1924-27 with Franklin News & Franklin Sentinel; 1927-32 with Pierce Co Call; 1932- editor & mgr Plainview News; pres sch bd; past pres NE Neb Edit Assn; NPA; Country Club; pres Lions; Congl Ch, trustee; Rep; hobbies, golf, hunting, fishing; res Plainview.

   CALVERT, JOHN H: Physician & Surgeon; b Cook, Neb Nov 23, 1901; s of John Calvert-Agnes A Davis; ed Benson HS, Omaha; Neb Wes, BA 1925; U of N, MD 1929; Everett; Phi Chi; m Alma C Goebel June 12, 1930 York; s John H Jr; d Marion Elizabeth, Katherine Ruth: interne, Henry Ford Hosp, Detroit; 1930- prac med, Pierce: city phys 9 years; Pierce Co phys; past pres Madison Six-Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; fellow AMA; stockraiser & opr 180 A farm; Tennis Club; AF&AM; OES; Meth Ch; hobby, fishing; res Pierce.

   CAPESIUS, LEO A: Attorney; b Dell Rapids, S D June 26, 1907; s of John Capesius-Mary Schmidt; ed Dell Rapids, S D; Loras Coll, Dubuque Ia; Creighton U, LLB 1930; Gamma Eta Gamma; m Adella Kratochvil Aug 16, 1934 Pierce; s Joel L; 1931-38 with Douglas Cones in law prac, Pierce; 1938- indep prac of law, Pierce; 1934- city atty; 9th Judicial Dist Bar Assn, dir Neb St Bar Assn; Comm Club, past pres; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, tennis; res Pierce.

   CHILVERS, CHARLES H: Abstracter; b Pierce, Neb Dec 23, 1891; s of William B Chilvers-Irene Ellen Pilcher; ed Pierce; Red Wing Minn Bus Coll; m Genevieve Bechter May 26, 1920 Pierce; s William 13, Robert A, Thomas C; 1911- bonded abstracter; opr fire & life ins agcy, also real est broker; farmer & stockman; mbr sch bd; past mayor 4 years; during World War enl in 88th div US army arty, tsfrd to band 32nd div AEF, disch May 26, 1919 Camp Dodge Ia; Amer Title Assn; Geshundheit Band; Comm Club; AF&AM; OES; Congl Ch, trustee; Rep; hobbies, music, tennis, golf; father homesteaded near Plainview; res Pierce.

   CLINE, MERTON LOUIS: Veterinarian; b Madison, S D July 26 1892; s of John W Cline-Margaret Caufield; ed Madison HS; Madison Normal Sch 1912-14; McKillips Veterinary Coll, Chicago, DVM 1917; m Pauline Kelly July 11, 1921 Ames Ia; s Donald Frank, John William; d Marjorie Ann, Pauline Lois; 1916-17 veterinarian in Mexico, Mo; 1920-23 veterinarian Neb St bur of animal industry, 1923- prac in Plainview; helped org 4-H Clubs in Pierce Co; 1933- dir Pierce Co Agrl Soc; 1917-20 during World War 1st lt veterinary corps, 32nd div, Camp McArthur Tex; Neb St & Amer Med Veterinary Med Assns; Lions; BPOE; Country Club; AF&AM, past master; hobbies, animals, fishing; father (dec) CM&StP RR engr 54 years; res Plainview.

   COX, MRS ALICE: Homemaker; b Fremont. Neb Jan 19, 1890; d of Harry C Mason-Mary Metcalf; ed Fremont; Fremont Normal; m Edgar M Cox Feb 9, 1911 Omaha; s William M; d Bettie Lucille; 1906-09 with Fremont Tribune; 1909-34 with Omaha World Herald & Omaha Daily News; 1911homemaker; 1934 co-publisher Pierce Co Leader; 1934-36 Amer Leg aux, pres; ARC, chmn; Woman's Club; Dem, 1934-36 state committee woman, 11th dist; hobby, painting; res Pierce

   COX, EDGAR M: Editor & Publisher; b Galena, Ill Nov 23, 1878; s of John B Cox-Anna Greenfield; ed grade sch; m Alice Mason Feb 9, 1911 Omaha; s Edgar M Jr, William M; d Bettie L; formerly with Omaha World-Herald, Western Newspaper Union at Omaha & Journal-Stockman, South Omaha; 1934 editor Pierce Co Leader; Comml Club; Country Club; hobbies, golf, hunting, fishing; res Pierce.

   CULVERTSON, T W: Mayor; b Woodsfield, O May 11, 1882; s of Thomas Culvertson-Isabelle Fulton; ed Ohio; m Louise Tetsell Sept 18, 1915 Sterling Colo; 1908 came from O to Plainview; was emp by NyeSchneider-Fowler Grain Co; 1915-17 mgr Farmers Elevator in Gretna; 1917-26 asst cash & cash of Farmers & Mchts Bank, Gretna; 1926-28 opr Home Oil Co; 1928- opr Home Oil Co, Plainview; past city coun & sch bd mbr, Gretna; serving 3rd term as mayor of Plainview; Lions; Country Club; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Dem; res Plainview.

   DALTON, RALPH J: Theater Manager; b Orchard, Neb Sept 28, 1900; s of George W Dalton-Fanny M Richardson; ed Orchard; m Carrie B Holbrook June 8, 1921 Orchard; d Ruth Ann; 1917-21 with Goldsmith Groc of Orchard: 1921-22 mgr Farmer's Union Store, Waterbury; 1922-30 owner gen mdse store, Breslau; 1930- opr Osmond Theater, Osmond; Osmond Athletic Club; Meth Ch; res Osmond.

   DEAN, G E: Sheriff; b Palo Alto Co, Ia Nov 13, 1887; s of Cary Dean-Angeline Martin; ed Carroll Ia: m Minnie Zahm Jan 19, 1909 Carroll, Ia; s Cary, Earl, Warren; d Wanda (Mrs E Ruge), Anita, Anna (Mrs A Gudenkief), Phyllis, Angeline (Mrs H Blohm), Ida; 1909-38 farmer. Pierce Co; 1938 Pierce Co sheriff; past mbr sch bd; pct assessor; Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; Neb Policemans Assn; Comm Club; AF&AM, Osmond; IOOF; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; res Pierce.

   DEVERS, W I: Physician & Surgeon; b Tyndall, S D June 8, 1880; s of William J W Devers-Margaret Irving; ed Tyndall S D; Dakota Wes, Mitchell S D; Northwestern U, MD 1912; Phi Beta Pi; m Grace M Kayton Feb 18, 1918 Tekamah; s Russel E; interne Wesley Memorial Hosp, Chicago; 1915-34 prac med, Upland; 1934- prac in Pierce; past mayor, Upland; past pres Franklin Co Med Soc; secy & treas Madison Six-Co Med Soc; Elkhorn Valley Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn, pres 10th dist; AMA; during World War ent as Capt, base hosp Beauregard La, disch Mar 20, 1919; Amer Leg, past comm Upland post; Comml Club; AF&AM, Scot Rite, Hastings; res Pierce.

   DEVERS, WILLIAM H: Cafe owner; b Clinton Co, Ia Dec 7, 1871; s of John H Devers-Margaret Phillips; ed


in Nebraska


Clinton Co Ia, m Mabelle Peterson June 17, 1918 Bloomfield; s Donald, John; d Naida (Mrs William Gardner), Laura (Mrs L Black); 1890-96 cattle man, 1896-1928 farmer & stockman, Knox Co; 1928- cafe owner; past mbr twp bd, Knox Co; Comm Club; Congl Ch; Dem; res Pierce.

   DICKISON, ELTON GILBERT: Owner Sales Pavilion; b Columbus, Neb July 4, 1890; s of R S Dickison- Leona Holden; ed Columbus HS; Doane Coll, BA 1912; mbr varsity football team, capt track team one year; Alpha omega; m Gail Coroll Oct 21, 1914 Plainview; s Gilbert Perry, Kenneth Storrs, Warren Elton; d Mary (Mrs A J Baumann), Helen, Margaret, Alice, Ruth; 1912-13 YMCA physical dir, Fremont; 1913-14 bldg contr, Omaha; 1914-22 with father & P D Corell in lbr bus, Breslau; 1933 owner & mgr Plainview Sales Pavilion; 1925-36 sch bd dir & pres; Neb Interior Livestock Assn; Lions; Congl Ch, trustee; hobby football; father was real est agt in Columbus many years & mayor several years; res Plainview.

   DRAKE, ARTHUR ARNOLD: Creamery Manager; b Plainview, Neb Dec 25, 1906; s of August Drake-Ida Wachholtz; ed Plainview HS; m Clara Dunaway Sept 14, 1927 Pierce; s Donald Lee; 1926-29 helper Farmers Coop Creamery, Plainview; 1929 with Farmers Co-op Creamery, Lyons; 1929-30 butter maker Farmers Co-op Creamery at Pierce, 1930- mgr; dir Neb Co-op Creameries Inc; Comm Club; Luth Ch; hobbies, fishing, golf; father blacksmith in Plainview 45 years; res Pierce.

   DUFEK, GEORGE: Farmer; b Omaha Neb May 20, 1874; s of Vince Dufek-Barby Jance; ed Dodge Co; m Agnes Krofty Jan 12, 1900 Fremont (dec); s Ed Edward, George Jr; d Barby (Mrs John Basmer), Agnes (Mrs Frank Basmer), Rose (Mrs Glade Gilster), Lill (Mrs Ernie Hayes); m Marvetta Falconer July 2, 1935 Pierce; 1901-06 farmer, Dodge Co; 1906-34 farmer, Pierce Co; 8 years road supvr; 1921-25 dir sch bd dist 32; 1936- mbr city coun; Farmers Union; IOOF; ZCBJ; Congl Ch; hobby, livestock; res Plainview.

   DURFEE, SCHUYLER M: Merchant; b Belle Plaine, Ia Aug 1, 1883; s of Norman Durfee-Margaret Schuyler; ed Pierce HS; U of N 1901; m Eva Hall Oct 2, 1902 Council Bluffs Ia; s Norman A, Schuyler D; d Caryl (Mrs G W Giles); 1902-08 with S D Berg Clothing Store in Pierce; 1908- co-ptr in Durfee Clothing Co: 1921 owner & opr; 17 years mbr sch bd; Comml Club; AF&AM, past master; past patron OES; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, baseball, athletics; res Pierce.

   EBINGER, F W: Hardware Dealer; b Germany May 1, 1866; s of Karl G Ebinger-Christina Mueller; ed Germany; m Mary Weidmann; s Dr F William; d Anna Louise (Mrs R A Mote);1881-85 lived in Harlan Co; 1885-98 clk in Plattsmouth Hdw Co. Plattsmouth; 1898 clk in Ebinger Hdw Co of Plainview, 1905- co-ptr & mgr; dir Neb Hdw Mutual Ins Co; chmn Plainview Hosp bd; 1921-24 mayor; mbr city coun 1907-08; visited Germany in 1888 & 1914; Neb Retail Hdw Assn, pres 1919- 20; AF&AM, past master; Luth Ch; res Plainview.

   ELLIS, WILLIAM GUY: County Assessor; b York Co, Neb Dec 20, 1873; s of Joseph Ellis-Elizabeth Flock; ed York Co; m Jennie Nettleton Feb 9, 1898 Wayne; s William Roy, Donald Levi, Benjamin Lewis; d Esther Edith; 1891-95 farmer, Seward Co; 1895-1915 farmer, Wayne Co; 1915-30 farmer, Pierce Co; 1930-88 ins & real est agt in Plainview; 1934-38 city, assessor; 1939- Pierce Co assessor; 10 years mbr sch bd, treas, Wayne Co; 5 years mbr sch bd, moderator dist 17, Pierce Co; IOOF 153, past grand; Rep; treas Meth Ch; father homesteaded in York Co, farmer 40 years; res Plainview.

   FANSKE, EDWARD B: Jeweler; b Vail, Ia Mar 21, 1903; s of Edward B Fanske-Grace Blake; ed Pierce HS; 1926-29 & 1931-82 jeweler, Greeley, Colo; 1929-30 jeweler, Fremont; 1930-31 jeweler, Estherville, Ia; 1932-33 jeweler, Sioux City Ia; 1933- opr father's store in Pierce; Neb St Jewelers Assn; United Horological Assn; Comml Club; AF&AM; res Pierce.

   FOX, GEORGE: Creamery Manager; b Wheatland, Ia May 26, 1873; s of Louie Fox-Katrina Schneider; ed Wheatland Ia HS; m Augusta Mordhorst Dec 22, 1897 Wheatland Ia (dec); d Luella (Mrs Ira Turek); 1903-27 farmed near Pierce; 1927- mgr Farmers Co-op Creamery, Pierce; past mbr sch bd; past assessor; 1913-15 mbr Neb legislature; treas Pierce Co Farmers Mutual Ins Co 25 years, secy since 1929; Farmers Union; Comml Club; IOOF; MWA; German Reformed & Congl Ch; Indep; hobby, gardening; res Pierce.

   FUERST, RALPH HENRY: Power Plant Superintendent; b Madison Co. Neb Jan 26, 1885; s of Fred Fuerst-Emelia Schroeder; ed Battle Creek HS; m Doretta Hansen June 15, 1910 Battle Creek; s Dale Ralph; 1903 clk in Craig & Bach Store, Pierce; 1903-06 clk in Otto H Maas Store, Battle Creek; 1906-07 gen repair man, Farmers Home Tele Co, Shelton; 1907-10 gen repair man, Battle Creek Tele Co; 1910-12 mgr Farmers Tele Co, Madison; 1912 plant opr Battle Creek Electric Light Co: 1912-14 gen repair man for Battle Creek Roller Mills; 1914-16 plant mgr for Neb Gas & Light Co, Winnebago; 1916-20 electrician for Pierce Milling Co; 1920-27 supt Neb Gas & Light Co, Pierce; 1927- supt Ia-Neb Light & Power Co, Pierce; mbr city coun; Comml Club, past treas; Zion Luth Ch; hobby, fishing; res Pierce.

   GERMAN, EDWARD F: Merchant; b Peoria, Ill June 17, 1895; s of Max P German-Mary Ann Coyle; ed Humphrey HS; m Iona Grunke June 18. 1923 Osmond; s Robert E; 1913-15 farmed, Pierce Co; 1916-17 with Kewanee Boiler Works, Kewanee Ill; 1921-30 clk, Eirenberg Store, Osmond; 1931- mgr Eirenberg Store, Pierce; mbr health coun; past mbr Osmond vol fire dept 10 years; during World War, June 4, 1918-June 1919 with US army 89th div, 355th inf, O/S 1 year; chmn trade extn Pierce Comml Club; COF, past chief ranger; St. Joseph's Cath Ch, mbr advisory bd; hobbies, golf, fishing, travel; res Pierce.

   GOLTER, GUS: Merchant; b Germany Oct 6, 1896; s of Fritz Golter-Elizabeth Christman; ed Germany; m Elizabeth Bramer Mar 6, 1917 Germany; s Werner, Arthur, Paul; 1923-26 emp in Petersburg and Omaha; 1926-31 owner & opr Osmond Bakery, 1931-32 owner & opr Tilden Bakery; 1932 owner & opr Golters Gen Mdse Store, Osmond; naturalized 1919; mbr village coun; during World War, served with engrs corps of German army; Osmond Athletic Club; Luth Ch; res Osmond.

   GOTTSCHE, ADOLPH. P: County Clerk; b Pierce Co Feb 21, 1898; s of Peter Gottsche-Margaretha Brahms; ed Pierce Co; WSTC; m Henrietta Sitz June 16, 1927 Omaha; s Leon Edward; d Margaret Ann, Helen Kathryn; 1920-23 PO clk, Pierce; 1923-25 with Cones St Bank. Pierce; 105-27 mgr Farmers Co-op Creamery Pierce; 1927-37 Pierce Co dep clk; 1937- Pierce Co clk; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; treas Pierce Co Agrl Soc; Comm Club; AF&AM; secy-treas MWA; Congl Ch, trustee; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Pierce.

   GOULD, GEORGE B: County Treasurer; b Plainview, Neb Aug 20, 1896; s of James W Gould-Lena W Hansen; ed Plainview HS; m Georgia Seabury Feb 26, 1931 Plainview; d Priscilla Jane; 1916-17 tchr, Pierce Co; 1919-22 farmer, Pierce Co; 1922-23 Pierce Co dep clk; 1923-26 Pierce Co dep treas; 1927- Pierce Co treas; during World War, 1918-19 in USN, base at Bremerton navy yards, Washington; Amer Leg, past adjt; Comm Club; AF&AM, past master; Congl Ch; hobby, fishing; off Courthouse; res Pierce.

   HABERMAN, HENRY E: Dentist; b Friend, Neb Feb 17, 1903; s of George Haberman-Katherine Zieg; ed Friend HS; U of N, DDS 1927; Delta Sigma Delta; m Idelle Mallory Feb 17, 1934 Madison; s Monte Ray; d Mona Kay; 1927-33 dentist, Friend; 1933- dentist, Pierce; during World War in SATC, U of N; N Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; Comm Club, past pres; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Pierce.

   HAMEL, LEONARD: Elevator Manager; b Alvo, Neb Mar 14, 1894; s of Martin Hamel-Barbara Weber; ed Nuckolls Co; Deshler Luth Acad 1913; m Hazel B Decker Dec 15, 1915 Creston; s Robert L; d Faye Catherine; 1913-16 with Nye-Schneider-Fowler Co at various places; 1916-19 mgr Nye-Schneider- Fowler Co at Creston, 1919-21 traveled as asst supt of collections; 1921-38 farmed near Creston; Mar-July 1938 mgr of St Anthony & Dakota Elevator Co at Dixon, July 1938- mgr at Plainview; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Lions; Presby Ch; res Plainview.

   HERRGUTH, ALVIN F: Grocer & Cafe Operator; b Platte Center, Neb Nov 13, 1894; s of Charles F Herrguth-Louise Schroeder; ed Platte Center HS; Mozer Lampman Bus Coll, Omaha; m Amy Wagner Mar 9, 1921 Columbus; d June Louise; 1919-28 worked for Eugene Miessler Drug Co, Columbus; 1928-30 salesman; 1930- ptr in firm, Clother & Herrguth, cafe & groc, Platte Center;



Who's Who

treas vol fire dept; during World War in US army Co I 355th inf, 89th div, priv 1st class, disch Camp Dodge, Ia 1919; Lions; past secy-treas Farmers Comm Club; ch mbr Columbus Country Club; BPOE; Izaak Walton; Luth Ch; Dem; hobbies, baseball, fishing, athletics; res Platte Center.

   HITZ, RICHARD: Manager Film Co; b Norfolk, Neb June 10, 1891; s of August Hitz-Matilda Leisteckow; ed Pierce; m Rosabelle Meier Sept 26, 1912 Pierce Co; s Dale; d Laverne (Mrs Carol Gast), Viola; 1910-29 farmed in Pierce Co; 1929-32 oprd filling station, Pierce; 1932- co-mgr Pierce Film Co, Pierce; Comm Club; Luth Ch; hobbies, baseball, golf, tournament winner 1932-33; res Pierce.

   HOLBERT, FRANK C: Insurance & Real Estate Dealer; b Orange Co, N Y Aug 14, 1863; s of Charles H Holbert-Mary E Clark; ed Orange Co N Y; Middletown N Y Acad; m May Seabury Sept 21, 1898 Plainview; s Harold, Charles; d Winifred (Mrs H J Houston), Mildred (Mrs Al Voggenthaller), Ardath; 1886-89 in ins bus, Norfolk; 1889-93 cash Farmers State Bank, Plainview; 1893-1928 pres First Natl Bank, Plainview; 1928- in ins & real est bus, Plainview; past mbr sch & village bds; past mbr Lions; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Tangier Shrine, Congl Ch; hobbies, gardening, golf, pub improvements; res Plainview.

   HOLMES, OTHO G: Hatchery Owner; b Pierce Co, Neb Oct 3, 1894; s of Abion S Holmes-Nettie Slater; ed Plainview HS; Neb Central Coll; m Myrtle Stein June 30, 1920 Plainview; d Bonita A, Marlene E; 1914-15 rural sch tchr; 1916-17 Pierce Co dep treas; 1919-25 oprd farm, Colome, S D; 1926-33 P O clk, Plainview; 1933- opr & mgr Plainview Hatchery; during World War, 1917 vol in ARC for relief reconstruction work, in France 1917-18, disch Mar 1919; Neb Poultry Improvement Assn; Internatl Baby Chick Assn; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Plainview.

   HOLSTEIN, JACOB: Clergyman; b Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Jan 3, 1871; s of Ludwig Holstein-Margaret Witt; ed Germany; Concordia Seminary, Springfield, Ill; m Martha Petz Aug 26, 1896 Detroit Mich; s Arnim, Eric, Werner, Sylvester; d Clara (Mrs Clara Goeder); 1896-98 pastor, Sebeka Minn; 1898-1912 pastor, Martinsburg; 1912- pastor Zion Luth Ch, Plainview; 2nd VP & past 1st VP N Neb dist of Mo synod; Luth Ch; hobby, travel; res Plainview.

   HUEY, EDWARD J: Auto Dealer; b Dixon Co, Neb June 14, 1888; s of Jacob M Huey-Margaret Wienert; ed Randolph HS; m Edna Allen Apr 24, 1912 Randolph; s Melvin; d Helen, Norma; 1907-10 with Shull Lbr Co of Minneapolis, at Randolph & Lawton Ia; 1911-17 with Edwards & Bradford of Sioux City, at Dakota City & Osmond; 1917- auto dlr, Osmond; 1921 acquired Ford dealership at Osmond & Plainview; opr 240 A farm; mbr village bd; village clk 14 years; mbr sch bd 6 years; Presby Ch; Rep; res Osmond.

   JENSEN, JENS P: Physician: b Stege, Denmark Oct 9, 1871; s of Michael Jensen-Anna Hansen; ed Hjertebjerg, Denmark; Elkhorn Coll, Elkhorn Ia; U of N, MD 1903; m Anna Jensen Oct 20, 1905 Plainview; d Thelma (Mrs C W Goss); 1903- prac med, Plainview; 1915-17 Pierce Co phys; Madison Six-Co, Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; Comm Club; Country Club, past dir; Lions; Luth Ch; hobby, cabinet making; res Plainview.

   JOHNSON, HARRY: Harness Dealer; b Marshalltown, Ia Sept 26, 1878; s of Louis Johnson-Minnie Hansen; ed Plainview HS; Plainview Coll: 1898-1903 tchr, Pierce Co; 1903-09 farmed, Pierce Co; 1910 homesteaded S D; 1911 with father in harness bus, Plainview; 1912 obtained half int in bus; 1917- owner & opr harness bus, Plainview; Neb Harness Assn; hobby, fishing; res Plainview.

   KLUG, ALBERT W: Implement Dealer; b Pierce, Neb Mar 6, 1873; s of Karl Klug-Dorothy Sophia Koehler; ed Pierce Co; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Anna B Natzke Apr 21, 1902 Wayside, Wis; s Delbert M, Raymond L; d Gertrude (Mrs George E Schmidt), Dorothea (Mrs Ernest Bolz); 1899-1907 farmer, Pierce Co; 1907-09 with Klug Bros & Neuman Impl Co, Pierce; 1909-14 ptr of King Bros, hdw & impls; 1914-19 opr A W Klug Impls, Pierce; 1919- VP Pierce Impl Co; past treas sch bd; past mayor; past mbr city coun; Comm Club; Luth Ch, past elder; hobbies, pure bred cattle, travel; res Pierce.

   LAMBRECHT, EARNEST A: Service Station Owner; b Pierce Co, Neb Feb 18, 1891; s of August Lambrecht-Louisa Rueffer; ed Pierce Co; m Signe Modine Aug 6, 1924 Winner S D; s Deon E; d Maxine; prior to 1924 farmed near Pierce; 1924 moved to Pierce: 1925-30 Pierce Co sheriff; 1930-35 Pierce Co commr; 1935- owner & opr-oil station, Pierce; past mbr Neb Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; Comm Club; Luth Ch; res Pierce.

   LARSEN, JAMES MARTIN: Photographer; b Pierce Co, Neb June 23, 1886; s of Peter Larsen-Anna C Jensen; ed Pierce Co; farmed in Pierce Co until 1924; 1924- with brother owner & opr photograph studio at Plainview, with brother still owns farm which father homesteaded in Pierce Co, 1881; Master Photographic Finishers Assn; Danish Luth Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Plainview.

   LARSON, LEONARD A: Bank Cashier; b Plainview, Neb June 4, 1904; s of Grant W Larson-Allie Pilger; ed Plainview; Minden Bus Coll; m Agnes Havranek Jan 16, 1928 Pierce; d Marlene Fae; 1928-35 asst cash, Plainview State Bank, 1935- cash; 1939- sch bd dir; 1933- mbr vol fire dept; Lions, past secy & treas; Country Club, dir & treas; Congl Ch; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Plainview.

   LAURIE, JOHN: Lumber Dealer; b Wayne, Neb Feb 20, 1891; s of Alex Laurie-Jennie McIntosh: ed WSTC; 1921-36 mgr Smitb-Hovelson Lbr Co, Carroll; 1936- ptr in Carhart-Laurie Lbr Co, Plainview; during World War in USN, musician on USS South Dakota; O/S Sept 1918-Oct 1920; Amer Leg, past comm; 1927-38 sch bd dir, Carroll; Lions, dir; Country Club; AF&AM, sr warden; IOOF noble grand; Rebekah; Meth Ch; hobby, travel; res Plainview.

   LEAMY, MARY JESSIE: Attorney: b Plainview, Neb; d of Martin H Leamy-Emma Walradt; ed Pierce; U of Minn; U of N; U of S D, LLB 1928; Van Sant Bus Coll, Omaha; Phi Delta Delta; 1928-38 prac law with father, Plainview; 1938- in indep law prac since father's death; has most complete law library in N E Neb; US conciliation commr, Pierce Co; adm to prac in US dist court of Neb; past clk of Pierce Co court; secy lib bd; 9th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St & S D Bar Assns; B&PW club, pres; Jr Club; secy & treas Uni Club; secy Woodman Circle; Rebekah, past noble grand & dist musician; Meth Ch, organist 10 years; Rep; hobby, travel: res Pierce.

   MAAS, FRED: Bank President; b Norfolk, Neb July 5, 1895; s of Herman Maas-Friedericka Witte; ed Norfolk HS; Norfolk Bus Coll; m Alvina Schafer, McClusky N D; s James R, Donald R, Calvin Wayne; 1915-27 with Sheridan Co State Bank, McClusky N D; 1927-31 asst cash Cones State Bank of Pierce, 1931-38 cash, 1938- pres; 1937- sch bd mbr; 2nd lt, US army res; during World War in US army 89th div Co B 355th inf, CIS June 1918-June 1919; Amer Leg, past comm, treas: Neb Bankers Assn; Comm Club, dir, past pres; AF&AM, past sr warden; Meth Ch, trustee & treas; hobby, livestock; res Pierce.

   McDONALD, JAMES BEAUREGARD: County Judge; b Chatham Hill, Va Sept 23, 1861; s of James Van Buren McDonald-Emeline Ganaway; ed Chatham Hill Va; m Jessie Kerr July 9, 1902 Pierce; s James Howard; d Suza Katherine; 1877-81 farmed in Smith Co, Va; 1882-83 emp on MVF&E RR, Pilger & West Point; 1884-92 farmed in Pierce Co; 1893-97 dep P M. Pierce; 1897-1907 with H H Mohr Lbr Yard; 1907-14 Pierce Co clk: 1914-23 P M, Pierce; 1925-26 city clk; 1926- Pierce Co judge; 1917-18 during World War chmn coun of defense; Comm Club; IOOF, secy & past noble grand; Rebekah; KP, master-at-arms; MWA; Dem, del several times to co & state convs; off Courthouse; hobby, fishing; res Pierce.

   McMAHON, FLORENCE: Hospital Superintendent; b Antelope Co, Neb July 6, 1885; d of John McMahon-Sarah McCart; ed Antelope Co; St Ludgers Acad, Creighton; Fremont Training Sch; 1911 nurse, Lady of Lourdes Hosp; special duty nurse at various hosps, Chadron, Norfolk, Hot Springs, S D, Los Angeles, Cal 25 years; 1937- supt & head nurse Plainview Hosp; during World War instr ARC first aid classes; Amer Leg aux, chmn annual poppy drive; Neb St Nurses Assn; St Paul's Cath Ch; hobby, writing; res Plainview.

   MAGDANZ, ERNEST: Hardware Dealer & Undertaker; b Pierce, Neb Aug 13 1894; s of Herman Magdanz-Ida Kuhl; ed Pierce; Concordia Coll Seminary, Seward, 1917; pres of class


in Nebraska


& student body; mbr of baseball, basketball & football teams; m Hattie Schulz Aug 14, 1917 Pierce; s Myron A, Lowell, Monroe, Kenneth; 1917-19 tchr St John's Luth Sch, Jacksonville Ill; 1919-27 with Pierce Hdw & Impl Co; 1927- owner Magdanz Hdw Store; lic funeral dir; 10 years mbr vol fire dept; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Comm Club; Zion Luth Ch, 1929- treas; hobby, golf, hunting, boating; res Pierce.

   MAILLIARD, ALFRED EDWARD: Physician & Surgeon; b Randolph, Neb Sept 5, 1901; s of Elroy S Mailliard-Clara Huey; ed Randolph; Creighton U, BSc 1923, MD 1925; Phi Chi; m Claire McCormick June 22, 1927 Lincoln; s James Alfred; d Joan Mary; 1925-26 interne St Elizabeth's Hosp, Lincoln; 1926- prac in Osmond; city physician 6 years; staff surg, St Vincent's & Luth Hosps of Sioux City Ia; Elkhorn Valley & Madison Six-Co Med Socs; Neb St & AMA; during World War ROTC 1st lt, med res corps; Osmond Gun Club; Osmond Athletic Assn; COF, state chief ranger; res Osmond.

   MALONE, DENYS J: Lumber, Grain & Coal Dealer; b Seaforth, Ontario, Canada Nov 1, 1870; s of John J Malone-Kathryn Ryan; ed Seaforth Ontario HS; Ontario Coll, Belleville Ontario, FCA 1891; m Nellie Viola Norman Dec 22, 1897 Chadron; s Lloyd Vernon, Arthur Louis; d Byrl (Mrs W I Black), Irma Ethel; 1891-92 with CN&W RR in Sioux City Ia; 1892-95 with CN&W RR in Missouri Valley Ia; 1895-96 supt of RR in Guatamala Central Amer; 1896-97 in off of Bradley Pioneer Gold Mining Co, Denver; 1897-1907 homesteaded in Boyd Co; 1908-11 auditor, H H Moore Lbr Co, Pierce; 1912 mgr & secy Farmers' Grain Co; 1901- mayor; 5 years mbr lib bd; chmn NE Neb Lbr Assn; dir & 10 years secy Pierce Co Agrl Soc; Comm Club; Pierce-Norfolk Club; Lions, 1st pres; ambassador to Ak- Sar-Ben; AF&AM, past master; hobby, golf; res Pierce.

   MANSKE, HENRY W: Filling Station Operator; b Pierce, Neb Mar 18, 1891; s of H J Manske-Bertha Magdanz; ed Pierce; m Minnie Thom Mar 26, 1913 Ravenna; s Kenneth Henry; d Arlene Bertha; 1910-11 oprd cream station, Pierce; 1911-18 with brother Gus in garage, Pierce; 1918-32 Ford dlr in Pierce; 1932-35 garage owner; 1936- filling station opr; chief vol fire dept; Neb St Vol Firemen's Assn; Comm Club; Zion Luth Ch; father early pioneer in Pierce Co, settled on homestead & farmed 35 years; res Pierce.

   MOORE, LESLIE C: Pharmacist; b Anthon, Ia, Apr 22, 1896; s of C H Moore-Ada Poor; ed Bloomfield; Highland Park Coll, Des Moines Ia 1921; Babcock Sch of Pharm, PhG 1922; m Martha Splittgerber May 22, 1918 Manhattan Kas; became lic pharm in Ia 1922; 1922-23 with E A Pullman, Pierce; 1923-24 owner drug store, Verdigree; 1925- owner drug store, Pierce; promoter of better highways; committeeman for location of highway 81; during World War with 89th div Co I 355th Inf, attached to batt hdqrs, disch July 7, 1919 hosp base 3, Kingsley N J, sgt; Amer Leg, comm & mbr 355th inf assn;, Neb Pharm Assn; Comm Club; hobby, fishing; off & res Pierce.

   NELSON, CLARENCE T: Realtor & Insurance Dealer; b Antelope Co, Neb, Nov 10, 1888; s of Chris T Nelson-Louise Johnson; ed Plainview HS; m Grace Allen Dec 26, 1912 Sioux City Ia; d Aradale L; 1913-19 buyer for McHenry Bros Milling Co, Plainview; 1919-27 asst cash & later cash Security State Bank of Plainview; 1927- ptr of C R Christiansen in real est & ins bus; 1931- sch & city treas; Lions; Country Club; IOOF, past grand; Rebekah; Meth Ch; res Plainview.

   NYE, FRANK H: Physician & Surgeon; b Ottumwa, Ia Feb 10, 1866; s of William A Nye-Mary Hoyt; ed Ottumwa Ia HS; U of Ia, MD 1891; Jefferson Med Coll, Philadelphia, 1892-93; m Ellen Lerum June 20, 1894 Plainview; s Gerald F; 1891- prac med. Plainview; 1891- RR phys; Madison Six-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; ch mbr Country Club; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite; Tangier Shrine; hobby, livestock; res Plainview.

   OTTO, ALFRED H: Film Transporter; b Pierce, Neb Feb 23, 1902; s of Edward Otto-Matilda Leisteckow; ed Pierce HS 1920; m Irene Voecks Sept 15, 1923 Winner S D; s Sidney Edward, Keith, Warren Gilbert; d Ilene; 1924-27 farmed in Pierce Co; 1927-37 mgr & owner Otto's Produce; 1934- with Richard Hitz in film transport bus; vol fire dept, capt & past pres; Comm Club, past pres Zion Luth Ch; hobbies, hunting & fishing; father farmed in Pierce Co 35 years; res Pierce.

   PARKS, CLARA E: County Superintendent of Schools; b Creston, Neb May 1, 1894; d of James F Parks-Bell Simmons; ed Plainview HS; WSTC; 1911-15 tchr, Pierce Co; 1916-19 tchr, Osmond; 1919-24 tchr, Plainview; 1925 clk, Washington D C; 1926-83 tchr, Pierce; 1935- Pierce Co supt of schs; NSTA; NEA; Neb Lib Assn; OES; Rebekah, past noble grand; Congl Ch; hobbies, collecting pencils, writing poetry; res Pierce.

   PINGEL, JOHN EDWIN OSCAR: Hardware & Implement Dealer; b Buena Vista Co, Ia Sept 11, 1899; s of Herman H Pingel-Marie Buddenhagen; ed Buena Vista Coll, Storm Lake Ia, 1924; m Mata L Broekemeier Aug 1, 1928 Osmond; s Leon John; d Gwendolyn, Mary Ann; 1925-34 asst cash, First Natl Bank of Osmond; 1934- owner Gamble Store & John Deere Impl Agcy; mbr vol fire dept; trustee; Osmond Athletic Assn; Osmond Gun Club; trustee; Luth Ch, past treas; hobbies, hunting, gardening; res Osmond.

   POND, ELMER C: County Comissloner; b Craig, Neb Aug 16, 1901; s of Charles O Pond-Anna M Wolfe; ed Plainview HS; U of N, 1927; Sigma Phi Sigma; m Ruth E Collins Mar 17 1987 Plainview; 1926 geologist for Cities Service Co, Mexico; 1926-27 P O clk, Plainview; 1928-31 geologist for Sinclair Refining Co in Mexico; 1932-36 drug store clk, Plainview; 1936- Pierce Co commr; secy-treas, Plainview baseball team; Lions; U of N Alumni Assn; Congl Ch; hobbies, football, baseball; father ret mail carrier, property owner in Pierce & Knox. Cos; res Plainview.

   POWERS, W FRANK: Property Manager; b Hampton, Neb Oct 16, 1890; s of Samuel N Powers-Florence Steele; ed Hampton HS; m Cecile M Lorensen May 26, 1921 Hampton; d Patricia Anna; 1908-23 with, the First Natl Bank of Hampton, resigned 1923 as VP; 1923-30 VP Security State Bank, Ansley; 1930- mgr of property in various dists of Neb for farm loan dept of Travelers Ins Co; during World War with Co H, at Aurora, stationed Camp Cody, & Camp Me-Arthur, disch as lt Dec 15, 1918; Amer Leg, past comm; AF&AM, past master; hobby, travel; res Plainview.

   PROCH, ALEX: Bakery Owner; b Germany Jan 6, 1881; s of Michael Proch-Olympla Wandcki; ed Germany; m Louise Derring June 1922 Germany; s Carl, Roland; 1910 came from Germany to Chicago; 1910-11 baker, Chicago; 1911 baker at Dubuque Ia, 1912 at St Paul Minn, 1918 at Council Bluffs Ia; 1913-21 emp as baker in Wymore; 1921-28 visited Germany; 1923-25 resided in Wymore; 1926- opr bakery in Pierce; 1932 became naturalized citizen; Neb Master Bakers' Assn; Comm Club; drum major Gesundheit Band; Luth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Pierce.

   RASTEDE, FREDERICK J: Grocer; b Geneseo, Ill Oct 22, 1877; s of John Frederick Rastede-Eliza Wenke; ed Geneseo Ill; m Eva Mohrman June 27, 1906 Pierce; s Fredrick Leonard; d Letha Marie, Winnifred Alma; 1884-89 with father in groc bds; 1889-1901 ptr in father's groc bus; 1901-04 ptr of F A Fehlman in Glidden Ia; 1904- owner & opr Rastede Groc, Pierce; chmn sch bd, mbr 20 years; past mbr city coun 9 years; past mayor; Comm Club, past pres; Luth Ch; Dem; hobby, reading; res Pierce.

   RILEY, WILBERFORCE WOOD: Pony Breeder & Farmer; b Johnson Co, Ia Jan 4, 1866; s of Barnard Riley-Margaret Dwellinger; ed Pierce Co; m Jennie Whalen May 17, 1899 Stanton; s C Hubert; d Margaret (Mrs E F Bowen); came with parents from Ia to Pierce Co in 1868; Hereford cattle feeder 40 years, Shetland pony & mule breeder; at Christmas plays Santa Claus in pony drawn vehicle; Comm Club; Luth Ch; hobbies, livestock, horseback riding; res Pierce.

   RODGERS, CLARENCE EDWIN: Physician & Surgeon; b Osmond, Neb Dec 27, 1892; s of Edward B Rodgers-Elizabeth Brown; ed Osmond, U of N, MD 1919; Phi Chi; m Christine Christensen Sept 24, 1919 Madison; s Robert E, James; Garry Lee; d Betty Jane, Dorothy. E, Evelyn L; 1919 interne Meth Hosp, Omaha; 1919- prac med in Osmond; 1924 Pierce Co phys; 1929- mbr town bd; during World War, in U S army med res 1st lt ROTC; Madison Six-Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; Osmond Gun Club; Osmond Athletic Assn; Meth Ch; hobby, livestock; father (dec), Osmond pioneer & drug store owner, owned 1st tele in town; homesteaded in Orchard; res Osmond.

   ROSENKOTTER, WILLIAM F: Pharmacist; b Grand Island, Neb Oct 29, 1884; s of Carl Rosenkotter-Johanna Bulk; ed Grand Island; Concordia Tchrs Coll, Seward; became lic pharmacist 1908; m Emma Thom Mar 19, 1911 Ravenna; s Milton A; d Ethel; 1908-20 emp by various Grand Island drug stores; 1920- owner Rosenkotter



Who's Who

Drug Store, Pierce; secy sch bd; Neb Pharm Assn; Amer Pharm Assn; Comm Club; Country Club; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, travel; res Pierce.

   RUPERT, HOMER BENJAMIN: Farm Superintendent; b New Hartford, Ill Jan 3, 1887; s of Charles H Rupert-Pyra Bond; ed Husted Colo; Broken Bow HS; U of N Sch of Agr Lincoln 1908; m Doris Porter Dec 10, 1919 Broken Bow; 1908-19 farmed in Custer Co; 1919-29 raised purebred cattle in Cherry Co as ptr of Woods Bros, Lincoln; 1929- farm supt at Loup City & North Loup for mortgage loan div of Travelers Ins Co, Omaha; 1924-29 treas Wood Lake sch bd; capt NNG, Broken Bow 1914-17; during World War capt ROTC U of N; Lions; Country Club; U of N Alumni Assn; AF&AM; Scot Rite, 32o; KT; Omaha; Sesostris Shrine; Presby Ch; res Plainview.

   RUSSELL, CHARLES L: Hardware Dealer; b Wayne Co, Neb Feb 22, 1879; s of J R Russell-Margaret Bressler; ed Wayne Co; m Myrtle Overton Sept 25, 1929 Hartington; s Melvin, Douglas, Emmett: 1915-20 oprd a hdw store in Tilden; 1920-25 owner & opr hdw store in Pierce; 1925- owner & opr Russell Hdw Store, Plainview; res Plainview.

   RUZICKA, JOSEPH E: Dentist; b Wilber, Neb Oct 17, 1893; s of Edward F Ruzicka-Frances Bartu; ed Beaver Crossing HS, U of N, DDS 1914; Hancock Post Grad Course, Atlanta Ga 1919; Xi Psi Phi; m Ethel G Allen Aug 16, 1915 Geneva; s Robert R; d Frances Jane; 1914-16 prac dentistry in Comstock; 1915- prac in Plainview; asst dir comm band; 1921-27 dir sch bd, pres one term; 1936- mbr lib bd; N Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; Pierce Co chmn ARC 4 years; Lions, pres 1934; Country Club; AF&AM, past master; Congl Ch; choir dir; hobbies, football, baseball, band work; father harness maker in Wilber 20 years; res Plainview.

   SAATHOFF, OTTO G: Auto Dealer; b Pierce Co, Neb May 28, 1890; s of Mimke G Saathoff-Louise Quiller; ed Pierce Co; Norfolk Bus Coll; m Mathilda Evers 1909 Plainview; d Florence (Mrs Don Button), Doris; 1906-09 owner & opr dray line, Plainview; 1909-16 farmed; 1916-27 owner & opr meat market; 1927- owner of Chevrolet Agcy; past mbr. city coun; past mbr park bd; Plainview Hosp, bd mbr 10 years; Country Club; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Plainview.

   SALTER, HAROLD S: Attorney; b Norfolk, Neb Aug 3, 1919; s of Peter Harold Salter-Adeline Butterfield; ed Norfolk HS; U of N, LLB 1934; Phi Gamma Delta; 1934-38 prac in Norfolk; 1938- gen law prac in Pierce; 9th Judicial Dist Bar Assn, treas; Neb St Bar Assn; VP Comm Club; Rep, past secy Madison Co Central Com, treas Pierce, Co Central Com, mbr exec com of State Central Com; YR Club, state secy; hobby, stamp collecting; res Pierce.

   SCHEIPS, MARTIN FREDERICK: Clergyman; b Stony Ridge, O Nov 21, 1880; s of Rev E H Scheips-Louise Molte; ed Peru Ind; Concordia Coll, Fort Wayne Ind; Concordia Seminary 1908; m Alma Schwichtnbers Sept 25, 1905 Hadar; s Edgar Leo; Alfred Theodore; d Leola Ruth, Edna Marie; 1903 pastor Zion Luth Ch, Pierce; Luth Ch mbr bd of edn, N Ned dist, Mo synod; during World War camp pastor, Camp Hancock Ga & Camp Lee Va; hobby, fishing; res Pierce.

   SCHELLPEPER, ERVIN G: Bank Cashier; b Stanton, Neb July 24, 1909; s of William Schellpeper-Anna May; ed Bega HS, Stanton Co; Norfolk Bus Coll 1929; m Elaine Gruett July 29, 1934 Pierce; s William L; 1930- cash, Cones State Bank, Pierce; treas vol fire dept; treas Comm Club; Luth Ch, treas, custodian; hobby, fishing; res Pierce.

   SCHMITZ, BENEDICT L: Hardware & Furniture Dealer, b Osmond, Neb July 4, 1892; s of Leonard Schmitz-Louisa Link; ed Osmond; St Francis; Creighton U; U of Innsbruck, Austria; m Lillian Kratochvil Sept 5, 1922 Osmond; s Percy, Leonard, Benedict, Ralph, Richard; d Lucille, Mary, Edith; 1926- opr & owner B L Schmitz Hdw Co; during World War, ent US army OTS Oct 1918, Camp Funston, tsfrd to Camp Joseph E Johnston in Jacksonville Fla, instr motor unit 3, disch Dec 1918 as lt; past comm Amer Leg; Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Osmond Athletic Assn; COF; KC; Cath Ch; hobbies, Jr Amer Leg baseball; res Osmond.

   SCHRAMM, ALBERT O: Auto Dealer; b Wisner, Neb Mar 5, 1879; s of Christian Schramm-Minnie Luedtke; ed Pierce Co; m Kate Halpin June 30, 1906 Pierce; s James C, Wallace C (dec), Stephen L; d Katherine (Mrs Ralph Johnson), Helen, Alice; 1902-04 owner clothing store, Pierce; 1904-09 owner gen mdse store; 1909-14 farmed, Pierce Co; 1914-24 owner filling station; 1914- Chevrolet dlr, Pierce; Comm Club; St Joseph's Cath Ch; hobby, cattle raising; res Pierce.

   SCHULZ, CARL H: Creamery Operator; b Pierce, Neb Aug 18, 1898; s of Carl F Schulz-Amelia Schmidt; ed Pierce; m Esther Magdanz June 3, 1922 Pierce; 1912-20 clk for Rastede Bros; 1920- opr creamery & feed store; mbr vol fire dept; Comm Club; Gesundheit Band; Luth Ch; Rep; res Pierce.

   SMITH, CHARLES W: Manager Telephone Co, b Tama Co, Ia Dec 9, 1865; s of Joseph D Smith-Isabelle Myers; ed Tama Co, Ia; m Cora N Mint Dec 13, 1898 Tama Co Ia; d Hildred (Mrs G F Nye); 1901-05 opr tele co at Tama Ia; 1906-13 mgr Primghar Ia Tele Co; 1913- mgr Plainview Tele Co; opr 2 400 A farms; road contr since 1930; past mbr sch & village bds; mbr Plainview Hosp bd; past mayor; Neb Tele Assn; Meth Ch; hobby, livestock; res Plainview.

   SMITH, GAIL A: Superintendent of Schools; b Sloan, Ia Sept 7, 1906; s of E C Smith-Mary King; ed Sloan Ia; Morningside Coll, Sioux City Ia, BA 1929; U of Ia, MA 1938; Alpha Tau Delta; m Ethel Lavonne Johnson Aug 14, 1929, Sloan Ia; s Bobbie Gail; d Marilyn Jo, Janice Rae; 1929-30 HS prin Hospers, Ia; 1930-43 music supvr Ia St Training Sch, Eldora Ia; 1933-34 supvr, 1934-37 dir instrumental music, New Hampton, Ia schs; 1938- supt of schs, Osmond; dir a cappella choir & band, Osmond HS; winner of voice scholarship 1929 at Morningside Coll; tenor for the Messiah, Sioux City Civic Chorus; vote of honor for superior performance in music by U of Ia, 1938; Neb-Ia Kiwanis Quartet; NE Neb Music Educators Assn; NSTA; 5-Co Men Tchrs Assn; Kiwanis, Newton Ia: Chris Ch; hobby, music; res Osmond.

   SORENSON, MARTIN: Postmaster; b Viborg, Denmark Sept 24, 1869: s of Anton Sorensen-Margaret Laursen; ed Viborg, Denmark; m Eliza Brown Sept 26, 1895 Atwater, Minn; d Myrtle; 1892-1902 mgr co-op creamery, Atwater, Minn; 1902-05 hdw dlr, Plainview; 1905-28 cash Citizens State Bank, Plainview; 1928-29 receiver for Allen State Bank, 1929-33 in ins & real est bus, Plainview; 1929-33 bkkpr for city; 1934- P M; past mbr city coun; Neb League of Dist P Ms; Neb ch Natl Assn of P Ms; Lions, dir; Country Club; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite; Danish Brotherhood of Amer; Congl Ch; hobby, fishing; res Plainview.

   STEINKRAUS, MARTHA: Clerk of District Court; b Pierce, Neb Apr 30, 1888; d of Albert Steinkraus-Mary Ruhlow; ed Plainview HS: Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; 1909-17 bkkpr for groc & creamery, Pierce; 1920-23 clk in dry goods store, Pierce; 1923-25 clk for Judge Krake; 1926-81 Pierce Co dep clk; 1931- clk of U S dist court, Pierce; Comm Club; B&PW; Luth Ch; father homesteaded in Pierce Co, 1875, farmed 30 years, was also Pierce Co treas & clk; res Pierce.

   STRELOW, FRANK: Hardware Dealer; b. Braunsberg, Germany June 26, 1867; s of Frederick Strelow- Wilhelmine Timm; ed Braunsberg, Germany; m Amanda Fischer Nov 1, 1903 Pierce; 1882-1918 farmed, Pierce Co; 1918- secy-treas Pierce Hdw Co; dir sch bd; 1st Pierce Co assessor; Luth Ch, past elder; res Pierce.

   TUREK, CHARLES: Merchant; b Pierce, Neb Dec 20, 1898; s of John Turek-Antonia Kratochvil; ed Pierce; s Donald Dwight; 1909-21 with father in retail shoe store: 1921- owner & mgr Pierce Shoe Co; Comm Club; Gesundheit Band, mgr; Congl Ch; hobby, playing & repairing violins; res Pierce.

   WADE, JAY C: Creamery Manager; b Terril, Ia Oct 1, 1898; s of Jay M Wade-Hannah Clump; ed Superior HS 1917; m Clara Garling Feb 11, 1927 Rock Rapids, Ia; s Winston Jay; d Jayne Emma; 1920-26 buttermaker, Spirit Lake, Ia, Creamery; 1926- mgr Farmers Co-op Creamery, Plainview; 1935- mgr Farmers Co-op Creamery, Elgin; 1936- mgr Farmers Co-op Creamery, Crofton; pres Neb Co-op Creameries, Inc, dir since 1927; during World War, chief boatswain, USN; Amer Leg; Lions; Country Club; AF&AM; hobbies, golf, fishing, hunting; res Plainview.

   WATSON, ANSEL C: Stockman; b Plainview, Neb Nov 4, 1881; s of Gilbert P Watson-Anna McCarragher; ed Plainview HS; m Grace D Speer Dec 27 1905 Havelock Ia; s Dale Alfred; d Betty Ann; 1900-05 with father in cattle bus, Pierce CO; 1905- in indep cattle bus, Pierce Co: holds record of highest price paid for cattle in Omaha & Chicago markets,


in Nebraska


spring of 1919; past pres sch bd; Neb Stockgrowers Assn; Country Club; AF&AM, sr warden; Scot Rite; Tangier Shrine; Congl Ch, trustee 21 years; hobby, cattle; father homesteaded near Plainview 1878; res Plainview.

   WEATHERHOGG, JOHN: High School Superintendent; b Palmyra, Neb Apr 14, 1897; s of John Weatherhogg-Elizabeth ___; ed Hickman HS; PSTC, BA 1920; U of N, MA 1928; U of Wis; Phi Delta Kappa; m LaVerne M Birdsall Oct 12, 1922 Council Bluffs Ia; s Curtis R; 1917 tchr. Hamburg Ia; 1917-18 supt Brunswick schs; 1919-20 supt Hickman schs; 1920-28 supt Greenwood schs; 1923- 24 supt Louisville schs; 1924-97 supt Valparaiso schs; 1928-37 supt Bloomfield schs; 1937- supt of schs, Plainview; during World War, enl June 1918 in U S army, 10th div intelligence sector, disch as corp Feb 1919 at Fort Sheridan; Neb Schoolmasters Club; NSTA; secy Lions; Golf Club; AF&AM; Congl ch; hobbies, golf, vocational guidance; res Plainview.

   WEST, LOYD: Lumber Dealer; b Coleridge, Neb Apr 17, 1899; s of Harry D West-Maria Riorden; ed Crofton HS; m Theo Lewis June 10, 1924 Crofton; s Loyd Lewis; d Mary LaVonne, Barbara Ann, Ruth Theo; 1919-25 with Loonan Lbr Co, Crofton; 1925-27 with Loonan Lbr Co, Hartington; 1927-30 with Loonan Lbr Co, Yankton 8 D; 1930- owner & mgr West Lbr & Coal Co, Osmond; past mbr vol fire dept; secy sch bd; during World War in US army, 2nd div, arty brigade, O/S Dec 1917-Aug 1919; Amer Leg, to comm, past post comm; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Osmond Athletic Assn; Osmond Gun Club; AF&AM, past master; Scot Rite; Presby Ch; res Osmond.



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