Saline County, Nebraska


Transcribed by Fred Dethlefsen

From the WHO'S WHO in NEBRASKA, published by Nebraska Press Association. Lincoln, Nebraska 1940.

Many thanks to Mr. Alan Beermann, Executive Director of the Nebraska Press Association and American Press Advertising service for permission to transcribe this wonderful piece of Wayne county history for all to enjoy.

This page contains only names from K to Z

KAURA,JAMES W; Farmer; b DeWitt, Neb Sept 26, 1886; s 
of Frank Kaura-Mary Tramba; ed Marsland HS; m Emma 
Inderlied Jan 28. 1915 DeWitt (dee Sept 28, 1928); 
s Arnold F, Stanley J; m Margaret Dexter Brooks June 
15, 1933 MePherson Kas; step-s Ray Brooks; 1899-farmer 
near DeWitt; 1926-39 Saline Co commr, during 
construction of modern courthouse at Wilber; also 
supervised bldg of lst county aid road in Saline Co 
1929; later participated in Improvement and bldg of 
approximately 100 miles of gravelled roads and 
regrading of 500 miles of road in dist; 1931 while 
working on DeWitt-Plymouth road was severely injured 
by falling trees; pres Saline Co FarmersUnion, secy 
at DeWitt; Luth Ch; hobby, travel; father (dee Nov 18, 
1899), came to DeWitt in the 80's then moved to 
Marsland, Dawes Co and engaged in ranching, 
stockraising and farming; res DeWitt.

KERST, FRED W; Auto Dealer; b Crete, Neb Oct 15, 
1903; s of Alfred Kerst-Ella Aden; ed Crete; m Pearl 
Tavis June 9, 1925 Crete; s Gerald; d Marilyn; 1917-20 
with Farmers Union Gen Store in Crete; 1920-22 in 
dairy bus near Buffalo N Y; 1922-23 in off of whol 
groc, Lincoln; 1924- with Ford dlr, in 1932 became 
owner'of Kerst Motor Co; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; C of C; 
mbr bd of  edn Izaak Walton; AF and AM; Congl Ch; 
hobby, fishing; off 143 E 13th res 620 S Main, Crete.

KILMER, MORTON TRUEP; Postmaster; b Western, Neb Aug 20, 
1879, s of George Monroe Kilmer-Mary J Fisher; ed 
Western; m Lydia Witt June 20, 1904 Western; s Everett F; 
1901-02 with brother, A L, ran cattle near Bird City Kas; 
1903 with CB and Q RR at Western and Wilcox; 1904-06 with 
A C Gross Gen Store, Western; 1907-14 in produce and feed 
bus; 1914-23 P M at Western; 1923-24 with Neb State dept 
of agr; 1925-27 owned and oprd Ford Agcy at Western; 
1928-31 traveling representative in collecting dept of 
Oliver Farm Equipment Co in SW Kas, SE Colo and Tex and 
Okla panhandle; 1932-37 in sales dept of 0 C Brickell 
Chevrolet Co of Fairbury; 1937- P M, Western; Neb ch Natl 
Assn of P Ms of US; Neb League of Dist P Ms; AF and AM, 
past master; RAM, Wilber; York and Scot Rites, Fairbury; 
KT; Sesostris Shrine; hobbies, fishing and hunting; 
family homesteaded near Western in 1870; off Federal 
Building; res Western.

KIRCHMAN, ROBERT CHARLES; Physician; b Wahoo, Neb Sept 
30, 1894; s of Wenceslaus C KJrchman-Johanna Bastar; 
ed Wahoo HS 1912; Notre Dame U; Creighton U, BSc, MD 
1919; Phi Chi; m Marie Ann Kastl Apr 21, 1926 Prague; 
s Robert George; d Rose Marie; 1919-20 interne at St 
Josephs Hosp, Omaha; 1921-26 priv prac at Dodge; 
1926-priv prac at Wilber; past secy and past pres 
Saline Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; fellow AMA; C 
of C; Wilber, Swimming Pool Assn; during World War 
enl in med res corps; Amer Leg, past mbr; rnbr city 
bd of health; city phys; past mbr KC; St Wenceslaus 
Cath Ch; hobbies, football, baseball; res Wilber.

KLASEK, BERNARD J; Attorney and Superintendent of 
Schools; b near Wilber, Neb Mar 10, 1905; s of Stephen 
J Klasek-Josephine T Polivka; ed Wilber HS 1923; Doane 
Coll, BA 1927; Iota Delta Chi; Pi Kappa Delta; Doane 
Players 4 years, treas, bus mgr and pres; orchestra, 
band, stage mgr Doane Symphony Orchestra; Doane Pep 
Band, pres; NNG 110th med regiment band 3 years, priv, 
Ist class priv, then corp; freshman honors; fraternity 
secy treas and pres; Doane Owl 2 years; Tiger Staff; 
YMCA cabinet; glee club; chorus; asst track mgr; 3rd 
place winner in Dawes oratorical contest during 3rd 
year; track mgr; varsity debate squad; U of N, MA 1939; 
Delta Theta Phi; m Sylvia F Smrz Feb 26, 1931 Wilber; 
s Charles B; 1927-29 prin Callaway HS; 1929-30 student 
Coll of Law, U of N; 1931-34 Saline Co clk; 1932 adm to 
Neb bar; 1935-37 priv law prac at Wilber; 1937- supt of 
schs, Wilber; NSTA; 1935-37 mbr sch bd; Rotary, past 
pres; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of 
Deeds and Co Highway Commrs, past secy; Saline Co and 
Neb St Bar Assns; 1936-37 mbr Saline Co insanity bd; 
Sokol; past master AF and AM 64; OES; Prot;hobbies,
music, dramatic arts; off HS; res Wilber.

KLEIN, JENNINGS BRYAN; Dentist; b Adams, Neb Nov 29, 
1896; s of G John Klein-Jennie DeBoer; ed Adams HS; 
U of N, 1928, BSc and DDS; Phi Beta Pi; Delta Sigma 
Delta; m Julia Irene Moren Mar 4, 1933 Washington Kas; 
1928- priv prac, DeWitt; lst It res corps U S army 11 
years; inspector of soldiers govt remittances to 
service men's families during World War; SE Neb Dental 
Soc; Neb St and pres DeWitt Civic Service Club; 
hobbies, aviation, fishing, hunting, collecting old 
guns; res; DeWitt.

KOBES, FRANK JOSEPH; Mayor; b Wilber, Neb Jan 28, 
1890; s of Frank Joseph Kobes-Josephine Kubes; ed 
Wilber; Crete HS; LBC; m Otillie Vavra June 18, 1912 
Crete; s Frank; d Mary Josephine; 1918-28 asst cash 
First State Bank of Crete; 1928- in ins and surety 
bonds bus; 1918-22 city clk; 1922-28, 1930-mayor; 
pres Crete Park Assn; pres Crete Brewery; Sokol 
instr 20 years and mbr com which raised $20,000 for 
Sokol theater, trustee and dir many years, in chg 
of leasing theater; past pres 2 terms League of Neb 
Municipalities; Saline Co ARC; Rotary, pres 1928, 
nominated for governor's trophy; opposed at election 
only once in 14 years; Comml Club, dir; mbr vol fire 
dept; helped in fish replenishment of Blue River; 
1922 mbr com which raised $500,000 endowment for 
Doane Coll; has suorted all paving in city; worked 
or light plant built in 1933 and paid for without 
taxation; helped settle 50 year controversy over 
location of Saline Co seat; supported purchase 
Riverside Cemetery 1932; supported construction of 
$35,000 sewage disosal plant during 1933-34, paid 
for by $8,100 PWA grant and earnings of water and 
sewer dept, one of first projects authorized in Neb; 
AF and AM, York Rite, KT, Sesostris Shrine, AM, past 
high priest; OES; KP; ZCBJ; Sons of Hermann; BSA, 
bd mbr; during World War 4-min man, active in fund 
drives; hobbies, hasetball, football, hunting and 
fishing; res Crete.

KHOUT, BENJAMIN VOLCAN; Atorney; b Chicago, III Dec 
19, 1873; s of Vaclav Kohout-Barbara Skarivoda; ed 
Wilber ITS; U of Mich, LB 1898; came with parents to 
Wilber in 1878; 1891-95 teleg opr CB and Q RR, 
Alliance and Wyo divs; 1898 adm to Neb bar; 1898-1905 
priv law prac, Crete and Wilber; 1903-06 Saline Co 
atty; 1906-25 priv prac, Wilber; 1925-36 Saline Co 
judge; 1936- atty, Wilber; owner, and opr farms Saline 
and Adams Cos; during World War chmn Saline Co defense 
coun, chmn and an org Saline Co ARC, chmn food and fuel 
administration, US govt appeal agt, and 4-min man; past 
chmn Saline Co Bar Assn; 7th Judicial Dist, Neb St and 
Amer Bar Assns; C of C; Rotary; AF and AM; Scot Rite 
32degree; York Rite; KT; Seostris Shrine; KP; ZCBJ; 
Rep, past chmn Saline Co Central Com; hobbies, fishing, 
travel; Unitarian Ch; res Wilber.

KHOUT, VACLAV J; Mayor; b Omaha, Neb Aug 27, 1879; s of 
Vaclav Kohout-Anna Tichacek; ed Saunders and Saline Cos; 
m Rose Rachovsky Feb 25 1903 Wilber; s Otto (dec 1926); 
d Silvia (dec 1935); 1893 settled 16 miles NW of Wilber, 
farmed with parents; 1900-11 in threshing bus; 1903-04 
farmed near Friend; 1904 came to Wilber; 1905 in impt 
bus, Wilber; 1910- in auto bus, auto ins added 1917; 
other lines ins added 1926; pres Saline Co B and L 
Assn; 1910-14 mbr village coun; 1932 city elk; 1936- 
mayor; C of C; mbr, ZCBJ since 1903; mbr Sokol since 
1911; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; res Wilber.
KUNC, JOSEPH F; Retired; b Sedlec-Horovice Bohemia Dec 
27, 1871; s of Frank Kunc- Anna Broz; ed Bohemia; priv 
tchrs, Omaha, m Anna Famferlik July 26, 1898 Omaha; s 
Rudolph Karl; d Sylvia, Loretta (Mrs L J Bible); 1889 
came to Amer, 1889-92 butcher, Wahoo; 1892-1902 with 
Swift and Co, also in sales dept of Cudahy Packing Co, 
Omaha, 1902-21 ptr of Joseph Snyder in meat bus Wilber; 
1921 pur Snyder's int; 1921-32 owner and opr meat bus; 
1932 ret; son R K and Vaclav Demjl now in chg; during 
World War active in ARC and YMCA drives; 1918-19 chmn 
town bd; lib bd; past mbr Wilber Cemetery bd; mbr 
Rotary; past mbr C of C; past mbr vol fire dept; Wilber 
Swimming Pool Assn; Horseshoe Club; ZCBJ and Sokol, 
has held all offs in each; KP; hobby, reading, politics; 
res Wilber.

KUNC, RUDOLPH KARL; Sausage; Manufacturer; b Omaha, Neb, 
Nov 4, 1899; s of Joseph F Kunc-Anna, Famferlik; ed 
Wilber; U of N; m, Sylvia Kresl June 4, 1924 Omaha; s 
Ramon Keith; d Beverly Jean; 1902 came with father to 
Crete, as lad helped  in sausage mfg; 1917-18 sch tchr 
Loma; 1918-26 with father in, sausage rnfg, 1926 became, 
part owner in bus, 1932 with Vaclav Dejml opr stationed 
in Lincoln for service during World War; past comm Amer  
Leg; C of C, pres; ZCBJ; sponsor and dir Wilber 
Swimniing Pool; Rotary; chief past 4 years, vol fire 
dept; Wilber Horseshoe Club; Wilber Rifle Club; Cath 
Ch, St Wenceslaus Parish; hobbies, fire dept, amateur 
theatricals; res Wilber.

KUNCL, ROBERT K; Manager, Furniture Co and Funeral Home; 
b Crete Neb May 4, 1909; s of Joseph Kuncl-Stella Svoboda; 
ed Crete HS; Doane Coll; Cincinnati Coll of Embaming, 
Alpha Omega; m Norma Nohavec June 16, 1932 Crete; s 
Robert, Donald Bruce; during sch emt by P and P Drug 
Co, Crete; 1930 lic as embalmer by Neb; 1929 with father 
in Kuncl Furn Co and Funeral Home in  chg since death of 
father Sep 17, 1931; Neb St Funeral Dirs Assn, pres York 
dist; Natl Funriture Dirs Assn, Comml Club; Rotary; Izaak 
Walton, AF and AM; RAM; KP; Sokol; mbr Crete cemetery bd; 
Meth Ch; hobbies, fishing. off 1211 Main; 
res 1019 Oak, Crete.

KUNCL, MRS STELLA; Furniture Dealer and Undertaker; b 
Cleveland 0; d of John Svoboda-Mary Karbusicka; ed Crete 
HS 1896; m Joseph; Kuncl Mar 29, 1901 Wilber (dec Sept 
17, 1931); s Dr Joseph, Robert K; d Lucille (Mrs C E 
Rhynalds), Mary Louise; as young woman aided father 
in gen mdse store; 1901-31 homemaker; since death of 
husband with son Robert in chg of Kuncl Furn Co and 
Kuncl Funeral Home; JCD, financial secy past 30 years; 
ZCBJ; Woodman Circle, financial secy past 30 years 
Meth Ch; hobbies, reading, fancy needlework; father 
settled on homestead S of Crete, family joined him 
1881; off 1211 Main; res S 12th Crete.

May 10, 1894; S of Christopher Lillibridge-Clysta 
Harrison; ed Weston; Whoo HS; U of N, DDS 1916; Xi Psi; 
m Ella Ziegenbein Aug 29, 1917 Memphis; d Betty Ann; 
1912-13 tchr, Weston; 1916-19 dentist, Weston; 1919- 
dentist, Crete; Ist It Dental  reserve corps; S E Neb 
Dental Soc; Neb St and ADA; C of C , past secy, past 
dir; past secy and past pres Rotary; city treas 14 
years; secy-treas Tuxedo Park 10 years; AF and  AM 37, 
master 1924; York Rite, past high priest RAM; Sesostris 
Shrine; OES past patron; treas and trustee Grace Meth 
Ch; hobby, hunting; res Hawthorne, Crete.

LONGANECKER, JOHN FRANKLIN; Publisher; b Alexandria, 
Mo Feb 19, 1856; s of Henry Longanecker-Charlotte 
Charles; ed Hancock and Adams Cos, ILL; m Mary Helen 
Hoggatt Apr 26, 1883 Lincoln; s John Franklin jr; 1883 
came with bride to Dorchester and became publisher- 
of Dorchester Star, thought to be oldest paper in Neb 
from point of continuous Publication and oldest bus 
orgn in Dorchester; paper issued on time each week 
during 56 years; observed 50th wedding anniversary 
Apr 26, 1933; past treas town coun; past treas bd of 
edn; has trained 3 outstanding Neb newspapermen; Half 
Century Club of Amer PressAssn; Meth Ch; 
res Dorchester.

LOTHROP, JOHN ARTHUR; Farmer; b Dubuque, la June 15, 
1885; s of Franklin B Lothrop-Catherine McCallum; ed 
Doane Coll, BSc1908; m Edna E Cobb Oct 26, 1910 
Minneapolis Minn; s John Arthur Jr, Franklin; d 
Dorothy M, Helene Jean; 1904 came to Clete, 1910- 
owner- and opr farm; sells to the trade approximately 
five tons of poultry feed weekly, together, with 
equipment and remedies; 1929 Master Farmer; 1910 
Mrs Lothrop poultry raiser-; has flock of 
approximately 3000 layers with average record of 
175 premium eggs each per year, constant winner, 
of prizes in Neb egg shows; produces 10,000 broilers 
and hatches approximately 100,000 chicks annually; 
1913 recd recognition from U of  N Coll of Agr for 
most outstanding record of cost and production found 
among poultry raisers; hobby, improvement of farming 
and poultry raising methods; res RFD 1, Crete.

MEKOTA, JOHN EDWARD; Attorney; b Solon, la Apr, 23, 
1893; s of Frank Mekota-Anna Viach; ed Iowa City Acad; 
U of la, BA 1916, LLB 1920; m Edna Dreyer, Aug 25, 
1917 Iowa City la; s John Edward jr; d Beth Anna; adm 
to la and Neb bars 1920; 19207 prac, Crete; 1923-27 
and 1931-35 Saline Co atty; 1938- mbr state 
legislature; during World War. in U S army OTC Fort 
Snelling, comnd 2nd It, 14 mos O/S in major offensives 
Somme, Meuse-Argonne, also in defensive sector; 
Ist It 129th inf, lst div army  of occupation, disch 
July 1919, retd to U of la; past cornm Amer Leg; pres 
7th Judicial Dist Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; C of C; 
Luth Ch; off City Natl Bank Bldg; 
res 806 Forest Ave, Crete.

MELICHAR, ANTON JR; Farmer; b Crete, Neb July 7, 1892; 
s of Anton Melichar Sr-Mary Cerne; ed Seward Co; m 
Anna Husa; Feb 10, 1914 Crete; s Leonard Leo; d 
LaVerne; 1912-farmer near Crete; during winters assists 
nephew in Fred Kusy Recreation Parlor; Saline Co Fair 
bd; 4 terms; past pct assessor; Dem; Cath Ch; hobbies, 
football, sports; parents were pioneers, celebrated 
Golden wedding anniversary 1935; res Crete.

MENKE, MRS M A R I E HAMMAN; b Bremen, Germany 1858; d 
of John Hammen; m John Dietrich Menke Mar 10, 1878 Crete; 
s John D; Kate (Mrs Henry Clouse), Lena (Mrs Herman  
Kahle), Sina, Minnie, Hannah(Mrs Hans Warkcow, dec 1937), 
Charlotte (Mrs Henry Heers), Sophia,(Mrs J W Byers), 
Clara; parents came from Germany to Amer, in 1867 lived 
in Chicago 2 years, 1869 homesteaded on RR land near 
Berks and lived in Crete; Mr- Menke (dec 1908) came 
with parents from Bohlenburg Germany to Amer and 
homesteaded at Crete; added to land holdings and 
property at death left each child of family a farm 
in Crete neighborhood, also owned town residence 
property, hotel and bus bldgs; hobbies, flowers and 
needlework; res 942 Juniper, Crete.

MILLER, BENJAMIN GEORGE; Executive; b Martel, Neb 
Oct 3, 1877; s of J G Miller-Wilhemina-Herzer; ed 
Lincoln HS; la Wes; U of N; m Florence Hazen Nov 16, 
1911 Lawrence Kas; 1900-05 with Automatic Electric 
Co of Chicago now Amer Automatic Electric Co, 1 year, 
in factory and 4 years traveled and installed, 
automatic switchboards; 1906 org Kramer-Denton Tele 
Co, became pres and mgr, installed exchanges and 
tele service at Kramer and Denton in 1906; 1907 pur 
central off and extended tele service to Pleasant 
Dale; 1907 obtained franchise and org Crete Tele Co 
of which he was secy-treas and mgr until 1931, 1931- 
pres and mgr; built exchange and began tele service 
at Crete in spring of 1908 in conipetition with Bell 
Tele Co; 1908 merged the Kramer-Denton Tele Co with 
Crete Tele Co; 1912 Lincoln Tele and Teleg Co pur 
Bell Tele Co plant at Crete; 1914 Crete Tele Co pur 
old Bell plant from Lincoln Tele and Teleg Co, 
consolidated two exchanges in Crete; 1917 disposed of 
Denton and Pleasant Dale exchanges to Lincoln Tele 
and Teleg Co, retained Kramer and Crete exchanges; 
1926 pur, Reynolds Tele Co exchange; 1927 pur Frontier 
Tele Co exchange at Hubbell; 1938 Frontier Tele Co pur 
Chester exchange; opr exchanges at Reynolds, Hubbell 
and Chester under name of Frontier Tele Co; opr Crete 
Tele Co exchanges at Crete and Kramer; 1911 also with 
Charles M Algermissen in Universal Auto Co, Overland 
dealer at Crete, sold int fall of 1911; 1930-mbr F and 
M Coop Gas and Oil Co, dir since 1932, pres since 1936; 
dir and VP Crete State Bank; VP Crete B and L Assn; 
owner and opr farms near Crete and in la; 1928 reorg 
Centerville Cemetery Assn, pres; 1926 with associates 
org and became dir Crete Park Assn which established 
Tuxedo Park; dir Crete swimming pool; dir and VP Neb 
Indep Tele Assn; U S Indep Tele Assn; dir Saline Co 
Fair Assn; helped org BSA camp, camp dir com mbr; mbr 
Crete city coun 2 years; past dir Crete C of C; dir 
and past secy Rotary; dir Neb St Izaak Walton League, 
helped org Crete ch which built clubhouse 1938; Congl 
Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, boys activities; 
off Crete Tele Co; res 1243 Forest, Crete.

MILLER, Mrs FLORENCE HAZEN; Clubwoman; b Reno Co, Kas; 
d of Daniel Webster Hazen-Frances Eliza Kinnamon; direct 
descendant John and Priscilla Alden; ed U of Kas; m 
Benjamin G Miller Nov 16, 1911 Lawrence Kas; as 
half-owner manages 320 A farm in Kas; recognized by 
state legislature and internationally famous as originator 
of the Living Christmas Tree, idea being featured by 
various publications in US, Oslo Norway and London 
England; designer of Neb state flag and wrote words to 
Flag Song of Neb; author of resolution naming Amer elm 
as Neb State tree; named Tuxedo Park at Crete; gave to 
4-H clubs 13 A area known as Ilazen Park in Reno Co Kas 
in memory of mother buried in Hazen Cemetery; compiled 
3 vol Memorial album of Revolutionary soldiers placed 
in lib of Memorial Continental Hall; Daughters of Amer 
Colonists; DAR, state chmn natl history magazine; 
special state chmn Neb Carillon bell for Valley Forge 
dedicated Apr, 13, 1939; special state chmn Neb State 
flag for Annapolis Naval Acad; John Alden and His 
Descendants of N Y City and vicinity; Colonial Order 
of Royal Crown, ancestry dates back to Charlemagne; 
Neb Writers Guild; awarded fellowship, Inst of Amer 
Genealogy; state registrar Founders and Patriots of 
Neb; state regent Kenmore Assn, raised funds for, 
antique Chippendale sofa in reception hall at Kenmore; 
past state dir Natl Soc Children of Amer Revovolution, 
org Crete ch. vice-chmn of radio in western div; natl 
chmn Elinor Washington Howard fund for silver ewer for 
christening of children at Christ Ch at Alexandria Va; 
Mrs Howard was the last living Washington to be born at 
Mt Vernon and she lived to see this dedicatory service 
in her honor at this ch, but died soon after; Mrs Miller 
has written playlet After the Battle at Yorktown at 
Kenmore; honored by Mary Pickford and Robert Taylor; 
during World War spent 15 hours daily in tele service; 
Congl Ch; hobby, research work; res 1243 Forest, Crete.

MILLER, JAMES GORDON; Owner Insurance and Finance Co; b 
Crete, Neb July 12, 1886; s of Theodore H Miller-Mary 
George; ed Crete; Doane Coll; m Norma Knight Sept 9, 
1908 d Florence (Mrs G A Gooch); 1906-21 with Crete State 
Bank, 1908-21 cash, 1921-38 VP; 1921 owner and opr- 
Millers Ins Co; 1936 owner and opr Millers Finance Co; 
dir Crete Loan and Savings Assn; Neb Assn of Ins Agts; 
Neb Assn of Personal Finance Cos; C of C; ch mbr Rotary; 
Comml Club; Izaak Walton; org Crete Park Assn; AF and 
AM; Scot Rite 32degree; York Rite; KT; Sesostris Shrine; 
Congl Ch; during World War active in drives for funds; 
hobby, hunting; off 114 E 13th; res 1107 Crete.

MILLER, MARION; Superintendent Light and Power Co; 
b Crete, Neb Apr 14, 1907; s of Joseph Miller-Lillian 
Bricker; ed Crete; m Edna Dean Apr 1931 F'airbury; s 
Perry Dean; d Marilyn, Martha Ellen; 1924 with MoP RR 
at Crete short time, also emp in installation of bake 
oven at Kindles Bakery; 1925-30 with E D Spadt in 
Keystone Groc; 1930-35 pipe fitter and later foreman 
with Ia-Neb Light and Power Co, 1935- supt la-Neb Light 
and Power Co at Crete; holder of certificate in ARC 
first aid Cof C; Rotary; ch mbr Jr C of C vol fire 
dept; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting and fishing; off Ia-Neb 
Light and Power Co; res 706 Grove, Crete.

MILLER, OSCAR G; Property Manager; b Crete, Neb Apr 27, 
1888; s of Theodore Henry Miller-Mary George; ed Crete; 
Doane Coll Acad; LSC; m Grace Florence Holbrook June 24, 
1914 Firth; s Robert Holbrook; time devoted, largely to 
management of various properties and investments; VP 
Crete State Bank; Aug 14, 1918 ent U S army for World 
War, in med corps trained at Lincoln and Allentown Penn; 
10 mos O/S at Bordeaux, France, disch June 1919; Amer 
Leg; C of C; Congl Ch; hobbies, nature study and travel; 
parents pioneers, mother's homestead lying E of Main 
and S of 13th Sts, Crete; original land grants by Pres 
U S Grant Aug 10, 1871; father engaged in banking and 
finance; Mrs Miller grad of PSTC; taught sch in Firth 
and Lincoln; res 1142 Hawthorne, Crete.

MOCK, FERDINAND GEORGE; Clergyman; b West Point, Neb 
Sept 21, 1889; s of Henry Mock-Wilhelmina Hartwig; 
ed pub and parochial sch; Pontifical Coll Josephinum, 
Colurnbus 0 1915, BA and MA; June 9, 1915 ordained 
to priesthood by Most Rev James E Hartley, bishop of 
Columbus 0 diocese; first mass at Ch of the Assumption, 
West Point June 13, 1915; lncardinated in Lincoln 
diocese 1915; 1915-33 pastor St Marys at Luxemburg, 
Butler Co; 1916 built sch and 1924 org Marietta HS 
vocational sch at Luxemburg, accredited by U of N, 
was sch supt and tchr, conducted rural short course; 
administrator Sacred Heart Parish, Shelby 11 mos; 
1933- pastor Sacred Heart Ch and supt of St James 
Sch, Crete; sponsor rural electrification movement 
in Neb; holds permanent tchrs certificate; mbr 
diocesan sch bd and bldg bd; pro-syndal examiner; 
Alumni Assn of Pontifical Coll Josephinum; assoc 
mbr Neb Chris Rural Fellowship; moderator In various 
World War activities Butler Co; C of C; Rotary; ARC; 
mbr Saline Co 4-H corn; KC; Natl Cath Rural Life Conf, 
dir; Rural Life Bur, diocesan dir; hobbies, fishing, 
hunting and outdoor life; parents settled at West 
Point in early 70's, father oprd lst furn store and 
cabinet making in Thurston Co, homesteaded in Cherry 
Co; off and res 542 E 13th, Crete.

MOOBERRY, RUSSELL; Postmaster; b Morton, III Apr 
1874; s of Alexander Mooberry-Mary C Lott; ed 
Dorchester HS; LBC; 1901 spent year in Alaska; 1902 
emp in lbr industry, Seattle Wash; 1904-15 in 
livestock bus short time, later in ins bus, 
Dorchester; Apr 7, 1915- P M of Dorchester; int in 
farming, livestock, ins and civic activities; 
during World War active in drives for funds; IOOF, 
mbr 40 years, past grand lodge instr 2 terms; MWA; 
Mar 3, 1883 father came to Dorchester with train of 
Immigrants, engaged In farming and stock raising; 
off US PO; res Dorchester.

MULLIN,PATRICK JAMES; Postmaster; b Detroit, Mich 
Jan 8, 1872; s of Eugene Mullin-Barbara Meehan; ed 
Crete; m Blanche M Murphy June 14, 1916 Friend; s 
Phillip J; came with parents to Neb in 1879, located 
at Crete; 1892 moved to Friend; 1892-98 with uncle 
T A Moore as bkkpr in windmill and plumbing bus; 
1898-1913 with William Burke Grain Co, first bkkpr 
and acct later a ptr in bus, 1913-18 owner and opr, 
sold bus July 1,1918; 1919 pur control of Friend State 
Bank, became pres and gen mgr, oprd bank until 
liquidation 1933; 1933-36 with Regional Agri Credit 
Corp, hdqrs Omaha; 1936- P M, Friend; Neb League of 
Dist P M's; Neb ch Natl Assn of P M's of U S; during 
World War capt of various activities in drives for 
funds, 4-min man, holder of medal of U S treasury dept 
for patriotic service in behalf of Liberty loans; past 
secy, past pres C of C; KC, ch mbr and lst grand knight 
10 years; off US PO; res 405 Maple, Friend.

MUNRO, PERCY LEROY; Credit and Office Manager Creamery 
Co; b Hastings, Neb Nov 29, 1889; s of Charles Munro-
Lillian Ferry; ed Fairbury HS and Bus Coll; York Coll; 
m Jennie Montanye Aug 16, 1911 Alexandria; d Evelyn; 
1911 with York Foundry and Engine Works; 1912 steno, 
off clk, later bkkpr, now off mgr and credit mgr Fairmont 
Creamery Co, Crete; past dir Comml Club; AF and AM 37 
past master; past high priest RAM; OES,,past patron; 
Cretonian Male Glee Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, 
woodworking; off Fairmont Creamery Co; 
res 1517 Ivy Ave, Crete.

NAVE, CLEMENS D; Farmer; b Crete, Neb May 18, 1881; s 
of Theodore Nave-Catherine Sattler; ed Saline Co; St 
James Parochial Sch, Crete; m Bertha Hunt Feb 27, 
1911 Crete (dec 1927); s George, Theodore, Edward; 
d Adelaide, Catherine, Mary; 1911- farmer on home 
place; KC, Friends Coun; Sacred Heart Cath Ch; hobbies, 
woodwork, pioneer history; parents early pioneers, 
came west in 1875 and located in Crete in 1880, 
engaged In farmng; res RFD 2, Crete.

NOVAK, FRANK ANTHONY; Insurance, Real Estate and 
Investment Dealer; b Medric, Tabor, Czechoslavakia 
Oct 4, 1880; s of John Novak-Katerina Fines; ed 
Crete; m Anna J Yunek June 9, 1908 Dodge (dec Nov 24, 
1938); came with parents to Amer July 1887, settled 
in Crete; as boy worked in onion fields at 35cents
daily and in beet fields at 50cents daily; 1894 left 
sch to assist family, emp by Fay and Croston Shoe Co 
of Crete at $6 per mo; 1895 emp by Steidl Drug Co,
Crete; 1896-1901 in chg of shoe dept P L Knight and Co 
Gen Store; 1901 Crete Merc Co absorbed P L Knight and 
Co, remained until 1906 in chg of shoe and mens 
furnishings depts; 1906-10 with First Natl Bank of 
Crete, bkkpr, later asst cash and cash; 1910-36 org 
City Natl Bank, became cash; 1936-in ins, real est and 
Investment bus, lic real est broker; past secy C of C; 
city clerk 9 terms; city treas 8 terms; during World War 
on ARC com, in chg of restrictions on sale of 
ammunitions; YMCA drive, treas; Neb Real Est Assn; KC; 
Sacred Heart Cath Ch, mbr com 20 years; hobby, home 
life; off City Natl Bank; res 709 E 13th, Crete.

NOVAK, JOSEPH J; Bank Cashier b Wilber, Neb Feb 6, 
1878; s of  Frank Novak-Anna Duchek; ed Wilber; Crete; 
Omaha Comml Coll, 1898-99; m Anna M Borecky June 2, 
1904 Wilber; s Robert A, Irvin F, Otto J. Joe W; d 
Irene E (Mrs Robert Timm); family came to Saline 1869, 
among first homeateaders; 1900-03 Saline Co asst treas; 
1903-06 Saline Co dep treas; 1906-12 asst, cash Natl 
Bank of Wilber now, Saline State Bank, 1912-cash; 
during,World War active in drives for funds holder 
of special Liberty Loan award of U S govt; Farmers 
Union Elevator, treas, bd mbr 24 years; treas Saline 
Co Bldg Assn; Neb Bankers Assn, past secy lst dist; 
Amer Bankers Assn; FDIC; C of C, dir 2 years mayor of 
Wilber; mbr sch bd many years; helped org and past bd 
mbr Wilber Swimming Pool Assn; Rotary, ch mbr and first 
pres ZCBJ past pres, past finance secy now VP, 5 years 
mbr natl finance com, 6 times del to natl conv Sokols, 
an org and builder of lodge, chmn finance com; Bohemian 
Cemetery Assn, treas 15 years; KP; past master AF and 
AM; past high priest RAM; hobby, Bohemian lodge; 
off Saline State Bank; res Wilber.

NOVAK, ROBERT A; Merchant and Cleaner; b Wilber, Neb 
Jun 22 1905; s of J J Novak-Anna Borecy, ed Wilber 
HS 1924; U of N 1926, Natl Salesmens Training Assn of 
Chicago; Lambda Chi Alpha; m Katharine Esther Johnston 
Nov 8, 1930 Toledo 0 ; d Carol Ann, Sally, Kay; 1926 
with Western Electric Co Chicago IL; 1927-29 traveling 
reprsentative in Mich for Plough Chemical Co of Memphis 
Tenn; 1930 brother estab Wilber Cleaners, oprd until 
1934; 1934 merged with Standard Cleaners, added mens 
clothing  and now opr as Standard Cleaners and Clothiers; 
Neb Assn of Cleaners and  Dyers; C of C; mbr vol fire 
dept, CMTC, att Fort Des Moines Ia camp 1923; AF and AM, 
master; ZCBJ; hobbies, fishing and hunting; res Wilber.

OSTERHOUT, MILO DAVID; Retired; b White Pigeon, Mich 
June 3, 1872; s of Christian Osterhout-Sarah Yohn; ed 
White Pigeon Mich; Highland Kas; Morrowville Kas; m 
Olive Watson Jan 1, 1903 Morrowville Kas, s Milo David; 
d Ruth (Mrs J G Hallstead), Dorothy; 1898 emp by 
Fairmont Creamery Co at $40 a month furnished all 
equipment and teams hauled and hauled milk at 
Morrowville, 1900 in  chg of skimming station, 1901 
traveling supt of various stations with hdqrs  at Crete, 
1908-10 territory mgr, 1910 gen mgr of plant at Crete, 
ret Aug 1938; dir of Fairmont Creamery approximately 
25 years; mbr sch bd 25 years; trustee Doane Coll 25 
years, vice-chmn of bd, chmn of executive com; Rotary, 
ch mbr and past pres 17 years perfect attendance; past 
pres C of C; AF and AM; MWA, ch mbr; Congl Ch, trustee 
25 years hobby, turkey raising, raised flock of 10,000 
one of largest in state 1938; 1883 father came to 
Highland Kas, farmed 2 years; 1885 moved to Morrowville, 
Kas and farmed until 1898, res East 13th,

PALLETT, JAMES EDWARD Merchant; b Crete, Neb Nov 14, 1906, 
s of William H Pallett-Carrie Cooper; ed Crete; U of N; 
Doane Coll, BA 1930; Alpha Omega; m Ida Hoehne June 26, 
1934 Hebron; s James Edward Jr; 1930 in extn work for 
Doane Coll; 1930-31 mgr of Springfield MO off Mutual 
Benefit and United Benefit Life Ins Cos; 1931-34 athletic 
dir Hebron schs, winners of S Neb conf championship 
1931-32, 1933-34 in basketball, and winner of football 
championship 1933; 1934-owner and opr Ben Franklin Store 
Crete; past mbr Hebron Kiwanis; dir Crete Rotary; past 
dir Comml Club; Congl Ch; hobby, athletics; 
off 1222 Main; res 919 Hawthorne, Crete.

PANTER, R 0 B E R T CARPENTER; Physician and Surgeon; 
b Dorchester, Neb Oct 11, 1882; s of Dr Samuel G Panter-
Laura Woodruff; ed Dorchester HS; U of N, MD 1904; 
youngest mbr, held highest class honors; NY Polyclinic 
and Lying-In Hosp 1920; surg, Washington U, St Louis Mo; 
m Agnes V Jack Oct 24, 1906 Dorchester; s Byron Davis; 
d Florence Viola (Mrs Wallace Flint); 1904-05 Interne 
Immanuel Hosp, Omaha; 1905 prac with father Dorchester; 
1906 indep prac; city phys; Saline Co phys many years; 
non-resident staff phys St Elizabeth Lincoln Gen and 
Bryan Memorial Hosps.  Lincoln; during World War in 
US army, commd It in med corps, staff mbr base hosp 49, 
stationed at Allerey France, also in detached service, 
ARC mil hosp 5 Paris, Camp Hosp 27 Tours France. commd 
capt of  med corps; Amer Leg; 40 and 8; past pres Saline 
Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; fellow AMA; Uni Club, 
Lincoln; AF and AM, past master; Scot Rite 32degree; 
Sesostris Shrine; hobby, fishing, during past 18 years 
has spent 2 mos each year at summer home at Hackensack 
Minn; born in off bldg erected by father and occupies 
off in which he practised many years; parents early 
pioneers of Saline Co, father prac med in Dorchester 
many years; res Dorchester.

PARKER, EDMUND McINTYRE; Secretary and Treasurer Lumber 
Co; b Dorchester, Neb Oct 10, 1873; s of Thomas Benton 
Parker-Emma Livingston; ed Dorchester; Lincoln Normal; 
m Dora Moobery July 1903 Dorchester (dec); s Gerald 
Edmund, Paul Merwyn; m Emnia Calvers Aug 14, 1934 
Oshkosh; as boy learned carpentry; 1896-1901 with 
engineers in construction of Florence and Cripple Creek 
RR in Colo; 1901-04 with same engineers in construction 
of another RR in same section of Colo; 1904 with Moffett 
Lbr Co, Dorchester; 1905-08 with Geo A Hoagland Lbr Co 
of Omaha at Rogers; 1908- R Jacobsen org the Parker and 
Jacobsen Lbr Co of Crete, Parker now secy-treas and mgr; 
past pres C of C; pres Crete Loan and Savingi Assn; 
1914-15 mayor of Crete; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn, dir; Natl 
Retail Lbr Dlrs Assn; Rotary, ch mbr and past pres; 
AF and AM Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; hobby, travel; 
off 338 W 13th; res 1408 Ivy, Crete.

PEIKER, HARRY; Merchant and Cleaner; b Velka Dobra, 
Czechoslovakia May 14, 1904; s of Joseph Peiker-
Elizabeth Simacek; ed Prague Czechoslovakia; Tobias; 
m Martha M Cupl June 24, 1936 St Paul; d Gloria Beth; 
came to Amer in 1921 located at Tobias; 1923-25 sign 
painter, Wilber; 1925 estab first dry cleaning plant, 
Kozak and Peiker in Wilber; 1926 built a new and 
modern plant, in 1930 acquired int of ptr, changed 
name to Standard Cleaners; 1934 merged with Wilber 
Cleaners under name of Standard Cleaners and Clothiers 
and added men's clothing; Neb Assn of Cleaners and Dyers; 
C of C; Rotary; mbr vol fire dept; Sokol; ZCBJ, secy; 
hobbies, sightseeing travel; res Wilber.

PETERSEN, WILLIAM; Manufacturer; b Skjoldborg, Denmark 
Apr 16, 1882; s of Christian Michael Petersen-Johanna 
Marie Nelsen; ed Skjoldborg Denmark; m Ane Marie 
Petersen Oct 20, 1904 Ilion N Y; s Christian, Ralph 
William, Richard Harold; d Harriet Marie (Mrs H E Fort); 
1902 came to Amer, blacksmith at Minden; 1902-06 with 
Chris Hove of Minden; 1906-07 blacksmith at Curtis, 
farmed with brother Nels; 1907-14 owner and opr 
blacksmith shop Axtell; 1914 sold shop and pur farm at 
Redfield Ark; 1915-21 blacksmith in DeWitt; during 
this time invented and developed Vise Grip wrench, 
1921 patented wrench, 1924 obtained additional patents 
for improvements; 1921- engaged in mfr and sale of 
wrench; since 1932 product has had natl and Internat 
distribution; Assoc Industries of Neb; mbr town bd; 
Civic Club; Luth Ch; hobbies, fishing, reading; 
res DeWitt.

PLACEK, MRS CAMILLE BARTOS; Attorney; b Wilber, Neb; 
d of Frank W Bartos-Anna Svacina; ed Wilber HS 1922; 
U of N; m Otto E Placek Sept 25, 1923 Council Bluffs 
la; s Frank, Otto; d Camille; adm to Neb bar 1927; 
1933- priv law prac at Wilber; 1935-37 bkkpr Bank of 
Wilber, 1937- asst cash; candidate for Congress from 
4th congl dist of Neb 1933; 2nd Neb woman candidate 
for Congress; pub speaker of note, gives lectures in 
Bohemian; 7th Judicial Dist and Neb St Bar Assns; 
Pythian Sisters; St Wenceslaus Cath Ch; pres YD Club, 
Wilber and Saline Co, dist sub-clmn; hobby, travel; 
off Bank of Wilber; res Wilber.

PLACEK, OTTO ERWIN; Attorney; b Wilber, Neb Aug 1, 1901; 
s of Joseph F Placek-Lillian Korbel; ed Wilber HS 1919; 
U of N, BA 1923, LLB 1925; Chi Phi; Pli Delta Phi; m 
Camille Bartos Sept 25. 1923 Council Bluffs la; s 
Frank, Otto; d Camille; adm to Neb bar June 1925; 
1925-34 in law prac as mbr of Bartos, Bartos and 
Placek; 1934- indep prac; Saline Co, 7th Judicial 
Dist and Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; Rotary, ch mbr; 
AF and AM; Scot Rite, 32degree; Sesostris Shrine; KP; 
Prot; hobbies, gardening, fishing; res Wilber.

PLOUZEK, ANTON; Hardware Merchant; b Crete, Neb 
Jan 12, 1889; s of Anton Plouzek-Elenora Plouzek; 
ed Crete; m Agnes L McCargar Apr 27, 1915 Crete; 
s Norman Keith; d Barbara June; as boy worked for 
nursery; 1905-06 with groc dept of Crete Merc Co, 
1907 tsfrd to hdw dept, 1912-17 owner and opr hdw 
part of bus; 1908-12 in chg dept, 1919-20 with 
City Natl Bank of Crete; 1920-25 co-owner of Ford 
Sales and Service Co; 1925- owner and opr hdw bus; 
during World War ent U S army Sept 1917, 89th div 
stationed at Camp Funston, disch Ist sgt Apr 1919; 
Neb Ret Hdw Assn, rnbr 20 years; C of C, mbr 30 
years, past pres; Rotary, past pres; mbr sch bd; 
AF and AM, Scot Rite; Sesostris Stirine; Sokol; 
Meth Ch, SS treas; hobby, camping; grandparents 
came to Crete; off 142 W 13th; 
res 1222 Hawthorne, Crete.

PLOUZEK, E D W A R D CHARLES; Banker; b Crete, Neb 
Dec 6, s of Anton Plouzek-Elenora Plouzek; ed Crete; 
Mozer-Lampman Comml Coll Omaha; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; 
m Marie Parizek May 4. 1920 Crete; d Jean Marie; mbr 
groc dept of  Crete Merc Co 1912-14; 1915-17 in 
accounting dept of Fairmont Creamery Co; Jan 1917 enl 
in U S army Co E 318th engineers, 171/2 mos O/S; 
active in 3 major offensives Meuse-Argonne, 
Alsace-Lorraine, Verdun, disch Sept 28, 1919; Amer 
Leg, past finance ofcr, 9 terms; past bd mbr 2 terms;
1919 accountant, Fairmont Creamery Co, Crete, 1920-22 
cash; 1922-23 mgr Farmers Union Store at Crete; 1923-
with City Natl Bank, first as clk and later asst cash, 
1936- exec VP; Saline Co Bankers Assn, past secy and 
treas; mbr Neb and Amer Bankers Assns; Sokol; Izaak 
Walton, ch mbr, active in bldg of clubhouse 1938; 
Sacred Heart Cath Ch; hobby. hunting; off City Natl 
Bank; res 1221 Hawthorne, Crete.

POKORNY, JEROME B; Clergyman,, b Dwight, Neb Oct 23, 
1909; s of Joseph Pokorny-Annia Maresh; ed Marion Kas; 
Assumption Parochial Sch, Dwight; David City HS; St 
Benedict's Parochial HS, Atchison Kas; St Benedict's 
Coll, Atchison Kea, BA 1931; St Paul's Seminary, St 
Paul Minn; St Procopius Seminary Chicago III; 1935 
ordained to priesthood Apr 19, in Lincoln by Most 
Rev Bishop Louis B Kucera DD; first Mass at 
Assumption Ch, Dwight, Apr 21, 1935; 1935-38 
administrator of St Wenceslaus Parish at Wilber, 
1938- pastor, also pastor of St James Ch, Cortland; 
while at St Benediet's Coll was dist and coll 
correspondent for UP at Atchison; editor, The Rambler, 
The Abbey Student, The Raven; Rotary, treas; 
Cath Workmen; Saline Co 4-H Club com; White Spot 
Foresters 4-H Club, leader; Wilber BSA, troop 
counselor; Holy Name Soc; Confraternity of Blessed 
Sacrament St Wenceslaus Guild, Confraternity of 
Christian Doctrine; off St Wenceslaus Rectory; 
res Wilber.

POLNICKY, EMIL J; Farmer and Agricultural Extension 
Agent; b Red Cloud, Neb Dee 2, 1895; s of Joseph 
Polnicky-Anna Sarybnicky; ed Red Cloud HS; U of N 
1919; AEF Uni Beaunne, France 1919; m Mary Spence 
Dec 29, 1921 Lincoln; s Harold; d Joy, Beth, Patsy; 
enl Apr 16, 1918 in U S army, 14 mos O/S in 105th 
field signal batt of 117th inf, 30th (Old Hickory) 
div, on Ypres front and Hindenburg drive on Somme, 
disch June 9, 1919; Amer Leg; 1920-farmer on family 
homestead near Red Cloud; 1934-Saline Co agrl agt; 
increased 4-H Club mbrship from 11 to 328 since Jan 1, 
1934; Farm Bur; Farmers Union; Neb Co Agri Agts Assn, 
past pres; Republican Valley Turkey Growers Assn; 
Meth Ch; hobby, hunting; off Courthouse, Wilber; 
res Red Cloud.

PROCHA.ZKA, JOHN A; Dentist; b Hemingford, Neb Feb 8, 
1909; s of Joseph Prochazka-Marie Prochazka; ed 
Hemingford HS 1925; CSTC; Creighton U, DDS 1935; 
Omicron Kappa Epsilon; m Libbie Turek Dec 28, 1933 
Bridgeport; 1935-36 dentist at McCook; 1937- prac at 
Wilber, Neb St and ADA; C of C; BPOE; KC; St 
Weneceslaus Cath Ch; hobbies, baseball, fishing, and 
bowling; off Wilber Hotel; res Wilber.

PROUDFIT, ROBERT MORTON; District Judge; b Rockford, IL 
Apr 30, 1862; s of Robert Proudfit-Eliza P Cilley; ed 
Virden IL and priv study; m Ida M Dorwart Aug 28, 1889 
Friend; s Robert W; d Helen M (Mrs Windom A Rosene); 
Winifred K (Mrs Robert I McWilliams); 1868 came with 
parents to Virden IL; 1881 came to Friend; 1881-84 with 
Proudfit Bros, gen store; 1884-1904 with First Natl 
Bank of Friend, 1889-1904 asst cash; also studied law; 
adm to Neb bar 1892; 1904-24 in priv law prac; 1924- 
judge 7th Judicial Dist, now serving 4th term; during 
World War Saline Co chmn ARC, 50% over budget; Saline 
Co Bar Assn, past pres; 7th Judicial Dist, Neb St and 
Amer Bar Assns; Bar of Supreme Court of U S; Neb St 
Hist Soc; AF and AM, past master; Bapt Ch, past deacon, 
past treas; Rep. past chmn Saline Co Central Com, past 
mbr St Central Com; hobby, home; off lst Natl Bank Bldg; 
res 420 Maple, Friend.

PUTNAM, FRANK EVERETT; Farmer and Dairyman; b Warren Co, 
la Apr 2, 1874; s of Rufus Putnam-Rosina Eastman; ed 
Oakland la; m Myrtle Palmer Sept 12, 1899 Oakland la; 
s Earl, Roy, Raymond; d Florence (Mrs Lyle Forsyth), 
Marion; with father on farm in Ia until 1914; 1914-24 
engaged in dairying, farming and breeding pure-bred 
cattle, Beatrice; 1924- farmer, dairyman and Holstein 
cattle breeder, Crete; 1918-24 dir of Gage Co Agri Assn; 
1925 an org of Saline Co Agri Assn, first pres 14 years; 
Neb Holstein Friesian Assn, dir past 22 years; Holstein 
Friesian Assn of Amer; Gage Co Farm Bur, past dir 6 
years; Saline Co Farm Bur; WOW; Chris Ch; hobby, 
horses, cattle and co fairs; direct descendant of 
Howard Putnam who served in Amer Revolutionary War; 
res Crete.

RADEMACHER, GERARD V; Furniture Dealer and Undertaker; 
b Crete, Neb Jan 21, 1889; s of Frank J Rademacher-Mary 
Pavlik; ed St James Parochial Sch, Crete; Crete HS; 
Creighton U, BA 1910, LLB 1913; Gamma Eta Gamma; 1913-26 
with father in furn and undertaking bus, 1926- lndep 
owner and opr; during World war ent U S army, first 
stationed in Ia and later at Camp Pike, Ark, OTC; Amer 
Leg, ch mbr, holder 20 year membership award, past bd 
mbr, past vice-comm and past finance ofcr; C of C, past 
dir and past bd mbr; Rotary past treas and past bd mbr; 
Izaak Walton; Sacred Heart Cath Ch; came to Crete in 
1870 and estab Rademacher Furn and Undertaking bus; 
mother homesteaded in Lancaster Co 1872; off 1221 Main; 
res 1424 Grove, Crete.

ROLAND, FRED ISAAC; Auctioneer; b Poweshiek Co, Ia 
Apr 10, 1875; s of George W Roland-Martha Louise Moore; 
ed Crete; m Elinor E Talley June 2, 1897 Wilber; s 
Ray R; d Vera (Mrs L J Barron), Grace (Mrs Lawrence C
McDermot); family pioneers, came to Neb by covered 
wagon and located NE of Crete In 1878; 1898 farmed; 
1898-1901 in draying, house moving bus; 1901-07
emp by Rademacher Furn, and Undertaking Co, cared for 
equipment and did driving; 1908 with Herman Wissenberg  
impl dlr; 1908-11 with C P Sloniger in real est bus; 
1911-12 mason 1912-14 bought and sold horses; auctioneer 
and real est dir; C of C; past mbr city coun; city 
assessor 10 years; honorary mbr vol fire dept, mbr 40 
years; mbr Saline Co Fair bd; Crete Park Assn, bd mbr; 
Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, travel, nature study; 
off 1226 Main: res RFD 1, Crete.

ROZANEK, ADOLPH: Theater, Manager: b Milligan, Neb Nov 22, 
1903; s of Frank J Rozanek-Josephine Hanus; ed Milligan 
HS; U of N, BSc 1928: m Elsie Moravec Apr 6,1929 Chicago:
	s Rodney; d Karen; asst cash Citizens Bank, 
Bonesteel S D; during summer of 1926 toured 9 European 
countries, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Italy, 
Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland and England, met 
bride-to-be while abroad: 1928-33 mgr father's est 
Milligan and Crete; 1933-39 comml tchr in J Sterling 
Morton HS and Jr Coll Chicago, largest HS in world with 
7,000 students and 300 tchrs; 1939- owner and opr Times 
Theater, Crete: C of C; Rotary: AF and AM; Presby Ch; 
hobby, outdoor sports; parents Came as children from 
Bohemia, were pioneers near Milligan, father (dec 1921) 
in furn and undertaking bus in Milligan 20 years; 
off Times Theater: res 1307 Main, Crete.

RUNTY, HARVEY DANIEL; Physician and Surgeon; b DeWitt, 
Neb Sept 14, 1903; s of Daniel L Runty-.Jennie Gehrke; 
ed Plymouth HS 1922; U of N, BSc 1929, MD 1931; Alpha 
Kappa Kappa; m Marie Caley June 24, 1931, Omaha; s 
Harvey Daniel Jr; William Caley; 1931-32 interne Meth 
Hosp, Indianapolis lnd; 1932-33 chief resident surg 
Meth Hosp, Gary, Ind; 1933- prac med, DeWitt; local 
surg CB and Q RR since 1933; local surg CRI and P RR 
since 1933; mbr sch bd since 1935; commr of health, 
DeWitt since 1933; mbr of staff Luth Hosp and Mennonite 
Hosp, Beatrice; Gage Co Med Soc, secy 1938; Neb St Med 
Assn, pres 1939, mbr 3rd dist; fellow AMA; Amer Assn 
of Railway Surgs; Civic Service Club, pres 1938; special 
ints med and traumatic surgery; AF and AM, worshipful 
master; Evang Ch; hobbies, travel, books; res DeWitt.

SACK, JACOB; President Lumber, and Coal Co; b Huck, 
Saratov, Russia Feb 7, 1874; s of Phillip Sack Sr-Mary 
Elizabeth Kaiser; ed Russia; Sutton; Wilton German-
English Coll, Wilton Junction la 1898; m Lillie Weber 
Mar 12, 1906 Friend; s Merlin; d Genevieve; family 
Russian colonists 1765; came with parents to Amer 1886, 
located at Sutton; emp in groc as delivery boy at $5 a 
month, in furn store at $2 to $4 per week; 1898 
machinists helper CB and Q RR, West Burlington la; 
1898 carp in Sutton; pur lot and built carpentry and 
woodwork shop, brought Ist gas engine to Sutton; 
1899-1912 owned and oprd lbr yard in Sutton; 1906 
pur city light plant; 1912-16 owned and oprd Ord lbr 
yard; 1916 pur lbr yards at Crete and Dorchester, at 
times owned and oprd yards at Columbus, Polk, Lincoln; 
now has hdqrs at Crete, with yards in Beatrice, 
Plymouth, Dorchester, Genoa, Ord, Alliance; past bd 
mbr Neb; Lbr Mchts Assn; Natl Retail Lumber Dlrs Assn; 
C of C; Doane Coll; trustee; IOOF; Congl Ch; hobby, 
reading; off Crete Lbr and Coal; res 841 Forest, Crete.

SACK, PHILIP JR; Secretary Lumber and Coal Co; b Sutton, 
Neb; s of Philip Sack Sr-Mary Elizabeth Kiaser; ed 
Sutton HS; LSC; U of IL, with brother Jacob, opr lbr 
yard and secy of co which operates brances over Neb; 
Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Natl Retail Lumber Dlrs Assn; C 
of C AF and AM; mbr city coun in  Prolk Prot; hobbies, 
music, especially piano and pipe organ; off Sack Lbr 
and Coal Co; res 1213 Forest Crete.

SAFARIK, ROBERT FRANKIN; Assistant Managl!r Milling Co; 
b Crete, Neb July 15, 1876; s of Peter S Safarik-Anna 
Barta; ed Wilber 1894; m Emma Zwonechek June 14, 1899 
Wilber; s Edgar R, Otto C, d Anne H; 1895 toured 
Europe and visited Bohemia; 1896-1902 with brother 
in drug bus, Schuyler; 1902- with Zwonechek and Aksamit 
Milling Co, at Wilber, 1903-18 in chg of branch in 
Lincoln, 1918- in chg of mill at DeWitt; during World 
War, mill opr under govt control; during, residence in 
Lincoln was active in music circles, mbr Neb St Band, 
Eddie Walt's orchestra and various dance ochestras; KP; 
hobby, music; res DeWitt.

SCHREIN, ADOLPH FREDERICK; Clergyman; b Scribner, Neb 
Sept 13, 1885; s of George Schrein-Anna Schnueck; ed 
Scribner; Concordia Theological Seminary, Springfeild 
Ill 1903-09; m Anna Haessler June 1, 1910 Deshler; 
s R T; d Velma, Marion, Eunice; 1909 ordained; 1909-11 
pastor Hartley Ia; 1911-13 pastor Bethlehem Luth Ch, 
Crete; during World War aided fund drives min-man, mbr 
classification bd; vice-chmn. Saline Co War Aid Assn 
Cretonians, an org and mbr 8 years; chmn Lincoln 
regional conf, mbr program, com 10 years, now chmn 
housing com Southern Neb dist of Luth Ch, chmn zone 7, 
Walther League, mbr state exec bd 8 years; hobbies 
hunting, gardening, music; 
off and res 1007 Grove, Crete.

SEDLACEK, FRANK EDWARD; Merchant; b Czechoslovakia 
July 24, 1890; s of Frank Sedlacek-Josephine Jezek; 
ed Crete; m Frances Hier Feb 14, 1917 Crete; s Eugene; 
d Lucille; father came to Amer 1890, settled in Chicago, 
1893 came to Crete; while in sch was delivery boy in 
Fred Boekel's Market, later with Henry Eichelberger 
as store clk, 1915-16 with M B Immell groc of Ravenna; 
1916-17 with Adams Express Co, Crete; 1917- owner and 
opr groc bus; Fedn of Neb Retailers; Rotary; Sacred 
Heart Cath Ch; hobbies, baseball, football, wrestling; 
off 1230 Main; res 1241 Hawthoren, Crete.

SHIMERDA, FRANK A; County Sheriff; b Saline Co, Neb 
Mar 3. 1887 s of Anton H Shimerda-Frances Kostecka; 
ed Wilber HS; m Anna Srajhans Nov 18, 1908 Crete; 
d Irma(Mrs Charles Jelinek), Melva (Mrs Clarence 
Sukovaty), Inez; as boy aided father; 1908-31 farmed 
indep near Dorchester; 1931- Saline Co sheriff; past 
pct-assessor; Neb Sheriffs and Peace Ofcrs Assn; 
Wilber Horse Shoe Club; Wilber Swimming Pool Assn; 
KP; ZCBJ; hobbies, hunting fishing; parents pioneers, 
engaged in farming and livestock raising; 
off Courthouse; res Wilber.

SHIMERDA, FRED; Postmaster and Funeral Director; b 
Wilber, Neb Sept 28, 1891; s of Anton, H Shimerda-
Frances Kosteck; ed Wilber HS; Creighton U, PhG 1913, 
registered pharm in Neb; mbr Wilber HS and Creighton 
U basketball teams; m Rose Sasek June 4, 1913 Omaha; 
d Grace Frances (Mrs F H Vandeburg), Faye Marie; 
while in sch emp by R F Dusil gen merc store Wilber; 
while in Creighton U emp during vacations by A F 
Zajicek Drug Co; 1913 pur drug bus of Joseph A 
Simerka, ptr in drug store of Prucha and Shimerda 
until 1914; 1914-16 east cash Nati Bank of Wilber; 
1916 with assocs org Wilber State Bank, 1916-27, 
asst cash and dir; during World War in US army med 
corps, 7 mos O/S in France and with army of occupation 
in Germany, stationed at Treves; Amer Leg 101 ch mbr 
and first comm; 1927 estab Shimerda-Ripa Undetertaking 
Co, 1928 became Shimerda Furn and Undertaking Co, May 
1936 renamed Shimerda Funeral Home; 1936- Wilber P M; 
Neb and Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; Neb ch Natl Assn of 
P M's of US, state mbrship chmn; C of C; Rotary, past 
dir; Wilber Gun Club; 8 years, city treas; mbr city 
coun many years; ARC; KP; Sokol; ZCBJ; Wilber Horseshoe 
Club, secy-treas; Dem; Y D Club of Neb; hobbies, 
fishing, hunting; off P 0 Bldg; res Wilber.

SHOEMAKER, CLIFF C; Bank President; b Woonsocket, S D 
Aug 12, 1884; s of G N Shoemaker-Hannah-Joyce; ed 
DeWitt; U of N, LLB 1909; Alpha Tau Oinega; m Frances 
Peart Sept 10, 1910 Flandreau SD; d Margaret (Mrs 
Marvin Drake); 1891 with parents came to DeWitt; 1909 
with Home State Bank, DeWitt; 1910-11 prac law, 
Flandreau S D; retd to DeWitt 1912; 1913-33 cash 
Home State Bank, merged with Farmers and Mchts Bank 
under name of DeWitt State Bank, 1933- pres; 1909 
adm to Neb bar; 1910 adm to SD bar; city atty; mbr 
town bd 4 years; 7th Judicial Dist and Neb St Bar 
Assns; Neb St and Amer Bankers Assns; Civic Club; 
AF and AM, treas and past master; RAM, Beatrice; 
vestryman, St Augustine's Episc Ch; res DeWitt.

SHOLL, BENJAMIN HARRISON; Department Manager of 
Creamery Co; b Narka Kas Aug 18, 1890; s of Daniel 
Sholl-Louisa Crisman; ed Hubbell; m Emma Bolkel 
May 3, 1919 Crete; d Marjorie Louise, Virginia May; 
has played professional and professional baseball 
with Fairbury teams; assisted father in roller mills 
at Hubbell; 1917 bkkpr, Fairmont Creamery Co, Crete; 
during World War May 1918 U S army Co D, 23rd machine 
gun battery 8th div Fort Logan Colo, Camp Fremont Cal, 
Camp Mills NY, Camp Lee Va and Camp Dodge Ia, disch 
May 1919; Amer Leg, comm, past finance ofcr, past 
adjt; retd to Fairmont Creamery Co at Crete and 
shortly after became mgr Beatrice off; 1924-34 asst 
in sales and traffic and storage and sales depts; MWA; 
Meth Ch; hobby, fishing; off Fairmont Creamery; 
res 1027 N Main, Crete.

SHRAMEK, JOHN FRANCIS; Dentist; b David City, Neb 
June 16, s of John Shramek-Marie Horacek; ed David 
City; Friend HS 1920; capt of debate team and mbr 
football team; LSC; Creighton U, DDS 1925; Psi Omega; 
m Emma C Chaloupka Feb. 23, 1929 Wilber; d Emma 
Marie; 1920 detail clk War Finance Corp, Omaha; 
1920-21 savings teller, Union State Bank of Omaha; 
1926- prac at Wilber; during World War aided fund 
drives, recd US treasury medal; 2nd Dist Dental Soc; 
Neb St Dental Assn, mbr phophylaxis com; ADA, 
contributor to relief fund; attends dental clinics 
and convs of Neb St and ADA; Amer Mouth Health Assn; 
C of C; Wilber Gun Club; Neb St Sportsmens Assn; 
Wilber, Swimming Pool Assn; hobbies, movie photography, 
boating, fishing, boxing and football; res Wilber.

SLEPICKA, ALOIS; Retired; b Wilber, Neb Feb 13, 1875; 
s of Frank Slepicka-Barbara Cvach; ed Saline Co; 
m Antonia Melicliar May 21, 1895 Wilber; s Dr Robert B; 
d Alice Balderson, Louise, Camile (Mrs Victor Stipek); 
as boy emp by Frank J Kobes Sr; as Young man was Saline 
Co deputy registers of deeds I year and Saline Co 
deputy sheriff 5 years; Saline Co clk 2 terms; mayor 
of Wilber 8 years; 1935-36 state senator in bi-cameral 
legislature, 1937-38 state senator, unicameral; has 
oil ints in Kas and Tex and farm ints in Canada; 
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Assn; Neb state coun of 
defense, chmn labor registration bd during World War, 
aided fund drives; KP; past secy, ZCBJ; Sokol, past 
secy many years; hobby, travel, has made 27 trips to 
Canada and has made trip to jungles of Mexico; res Wilber.

SPIRK, EMANUEL J; Lumber Merchant; b Merklin, 
Czechoslovakia Jan 1, 1865; s of Joseph Spirk-Barbara 
Brabec; ed Crete and Wilber; Lilibridge and Valentine 
Comml Coll, Davenport la; m Mary Batta Nov 27, 1887 
Wilber; s Victor; d Bertha (Mrs A S Herman), Hilda 
(Mrs WILard Cox), Elsie; came with parents to Amer 
1874; settled in Crete, father in meat bus; came to 
Wilbur 1879; emp in off of Saline Co treas while in 
sch; 1889 elec Saline Co treas, served 2 terms; 1897- 
owner and opr of E J Spirk Lbr Yard; during World War 
active in fund drives, 4-rnin man; 1913-17 state 
senator, earned sobriquet of Patrick Henry of Saline 
Co; 1919 mbr constitutional conv of Neb, sponsor of 
$200 exemption on personal property assessments; org 
Farmers Elevator Co of Wilber, pres 33 years; Neb Lbr 
Mchts Assn; C of C; Rotary, del to conv Vienna Austria 
1931, also visited home country; MWA; ZCBJ; Royal 
Highlanders; ARC, treas; hobbies, fishing, travel; 
off E J Spirk Lbr Co; res Wilber.

STASENKA, CHARLES ROBERT; Attorney; b Chicago, IL 
Dec 20, 1885; s of Charles Stasenka-Esther Viasta 
Kohout; ed Wilber HS 1905; U of LLB 1911; Delta Chi; 
m Manota B Vedder Oct 1, 1918 Franklin; s Charles 
Robert, Andrew; came with widowed mother to Wilber 
in 1905-08 CB and QQ RR teleg opr on Wymore div; 
1911 adm to Neb bar; 1911-17 prac law, Campbell, city 
clk and city atty; 1917-27 Franklin Co atty; 1927-31 
priv prac, Franklin; 1931- prac at Wilber, 1936- with 
Judge B V Kohout; mbr sch bd; city atty; Saline Co, 
10th Judicial Dist and Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; 
Rotary; AF and AM; during World war. mbr  exemption bd, 
secy legal advisory bd, taught mil tactics; 
off and res Wilber.

STEJSKAL, FRANCIS JOSEPH; Physician; b Borovany, 
Czechoslovakia Nov 25, 1876; s of Vaclav Stejskal-
Katherine Bonska; ed Borovany, Czechoslovakia; 
Creighton U, MD 1906; Chicago Post Grad Sch, 1922; 
m Helen Agnes Krejci Jan 24, 1924 Tabor S D; s 
Francis E, Robert E; d Florence; 1892 came to Amer 
and settled in la; 1898 came to Neb; 1906-07 interne 
in St Joseph's Hosp, Omaha; 1907- prac med, Crete; 
Saline Co phys; C of C; during World War enl in U S 
army med corps, Fort Riley, Kas, lst It, tsfrd to 
govt hosp at Whipple Barracks Ariz, July 1, 1918-
Aug 31, 1919; Amer Leg, ch mbr. holds 4 star award; 
Mil Order of World War; DAV, life mbr; Saline Co Med 
Soc, past pres; Bi-Co Med Soc; Neb St and AMA; Izaak 
Walton; KC; KD; St James Cath Ch; hobbies, fishing, 
hunting; off 115 E 13th; res 1143 Hawthorne Ave, Crete.

STEWART, WALTER RECTOR; Implement Dealer; b Dorchester, 
Neb Jan 14. 1872; s of WILiam H Stewart-Isabelle N 
Simmons; ed Dorchester HS; LBC; m Etta M Hoover 
Lincoln (dec Jan 29, 1929); d Mildred (Mrs Waldo R Hime); 
m Emma Ward Sept 13, 1934 Lincoln; aided father on farm 
and in impl bus in Dorchester; 1901-02 traveling 
representative for Deering Harvester Co; 1902-33 ptr 
of father in W H Stewart and Son, 1933- owner and mgr 
impl bus; during World War active in fund drives; 
Midwest Farm Impl Dlrs Assn; mbr city coun 14 years; 
mbr sch bd 16 years; Meth Ch, chmn ofcl bd; hobby, 
travel; father (dec 1933) homesteaded in Saline Co, 
1887 ent impt bus in Dorchester; maternal grandfather, 
Dr Hugh Simmons, Civil War Veteran, homesteaded between 
Dorchester and. Crete in early '70s and later prac med 
at Dorchester; res Dorchester.

SWANBOM, ELMER E; Dentist; b Axtell, Neb May 30, 1893; 
s of Rev J E Swanbom-Eva Dalstrom; ed Wahoo; Gustavus 
Adolphus Coll, St Peter Minn; U of N. DDS 1918; Xi Psi 
Phi; m Fay Prowant June 28, 1922 Cawker City, Kas; s 
Robert Prowant; d Lorna Jeane, Lola, Jane; during World 
War ent US army Oct 1918, lst batt dental corps  Camp 
Greenleaf Ga, disch Dec 1918; capt dental res corps U S 
army; Amer Leg; Mar 1, 1919- dentist in Crete; 2nd Dist 
Dental Soc; Neb St and ADA; Cornhusker Study Club; Izaak 
Walton; AF and AM; First Congl Ch; hobbies, fishing and 
hunting; off 1219 Main; res 510 Grove, Crete.

TALHELM, EARL A; Sales Manager; b Crete, Neb Oct 30, 
1885; s of Samuel B Talhelm-Mary Casterline; ed Crete 
HS 1904; PSTC; Doane Coll, 1911; IDC; m Lucretia May 
Smith Nov 29, 1912 Crete; d Ruth (Mrs Edward Dysart 
McDonald); during HS won four lst prizes in track, mbr 
basketball and baseball teams; mbr at PSTC; mbr 
orchestra, glee club and debate team at Doane Coll; 
1910 with Crete Mills, first in minor capacity and 
later handled traffic, accounting and sales, now sales 
mgr; Neb Mfrs Assn, bd mbr; Neb Millers Assn, pres 1929; 
Amer Corn MILers, natl pres 1929-31; Comml Club, past 
bd mbr; trustee Doane Coll; pres, past secy sch bd; 
Rotary, past pres; BSA; Nebraskana Soc; MWA; Grace 
Meth Ch, 10 years SS supt; hobby, music; off Crete 
Mills; res 709 E llth, Crete.

TALHELM, SAMUEL B; Accountant; b Greencastle, Penn 
Aug 11, 1856; s of Samuel Talhelm-Elizabeth Saylor; 
ed Franklin Co Penn; m Mary Casterline 1882 Crete, 
(dec Sept 1931); s Earl A; came to IL in 1875; 1879 
came to Crete; 1880 engaged in boring of wells and 
carpentry; 1881-83 with John Lee Lbr Yds; 1883-with 
Crete Mills, oldest in point of service in orgn, 
first in minor capacities, later buyer, mILer and 
now acct; durIng World War active in fund drives;  
MWA; Meth Ch; hobbies, reading, movie pictures; 
off Crete Mills; res 544 Main, Crete.

TAVIS, FRANK H; County Commissioner; b Milford, Neb 
July 11, 1881; s of Fred Tavis-Katherine Lamster; 
ed Seward Co; m Josephine Johnson Mar 5, 1903 Crete; 
s Harold; d Evelyn (Mrs George Znamenacek), Pearl 
(Mrs Fred Kerst), Thelma (Mrs Elmer Moore); farmed 
with father in Seward Co; after marriage farmed 
lndep in Seward Co, came to Saline Co and farmed 
until 1923; 1923- Saline Co commr; mbr bldg com of 
courthouse and chmn of dedicating com, now chmn bd 
of commrs; past highway commr 12 years; past mbr of 
highway com; instrumental in obtaining gravel roads 
in Saline Co; in 1923 no roads were surfaced, now 
286 miles gravel roads exclusive of state and fed 
highways; estab highway patrol system of 13 motor 
patrols and repair shops; Crete Comml Club, dir 8 
years, VP; Crete Brewery, dir; com mbr for placing 
plaque on Press Bldg; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, 
Co Registers of Deeds and Co Highway Commrs; mbr 
legislative com, has att all meetings; Izaak Walton, 
pres and past dir; Second Congl Ch; hobbles, fishing, 
moutain trips, home life; off Courthouse; 
res 518 E llth, Crete.

TAYLOR, JOSEPH ELBERT; Educator; b Ashland, Neb 
July 28, 1872; s of Benjamin F Taylor-Olive M 
Collins; ed Linwood; Franklin Acad 1890-94; Doane 
Coll, BA 1899; U of N, MA 1909; Alpha Omega; Pi 
Kappa Delta; m Anna B Bennett, Aug 4 1904 Crete; s 
Paul Bennet; Philip Elbert, Milard Benjamin; d Ruth 
Eva; 1894-96 and 1899-1901 tchr at Weeping Water 
Acad; 1902-08 prin Gates Acad, Neligh; 1908- mbr 
Doane Coll faculty, 1908-09 instr, 1909-10 prof of 
English, 1910- prof of history and govt, 1919-25 
chmn of faculty, Apr-July 1925 coll treas, 1925- 
dean of the coll, Mar 1936-June 1927 acting pres 
of Coll; Neb Assn of Ch Colleges; Congl Ch, mbr 
prudential com Amer Bd of Commrs for Foreign 
Missions; hobbies, home and garden off Doane Coll; 
res Crete.

TIMMEL, EDWARD; County Commissioner; b Western, Neb 
Oct 21, 1879; s of Ferdinand P Timmel-Mary M Dawson; 
ed Western HS; m Laura May McMaster, Western; s 
Leslie, d Helen (Mrs Harve Zabel); 1908-10 with 
CB and Q RR at Aurora;1910-farmer near Western; 
1939-Saline Co commr; mbr sch bd many years; Saline 
Co Farm Bur, past pres 2 terms; AAA, past mbr 
Saline Co Wheat Program com; SE Neb Co Commrs Assn; 
Neb St Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of 
Deeds and Co Highway Commrs; AF and AM, master; 
hobbies,travel and radio experimentation; 
off Court-house; res Western.

TRAVNICEK, FRANK G; Physician; b Cedar Rapids, la 
Feb 8, 1911; s of  Joseph Travnicek-Anna ??????; 
ed Omaha HS 1929; Omaha U 1931; U of N, BSc, MD 1935; 
1929-35 advertising dept Omaha World Herald; came 
with parents to Omaha in 1913; 1935 Interne St 
Francis Hosp, La Crosse, Wis; 1936 prac in Crete; 
1936, prac in Wilber; Saline Co Med  Soc, VP;  Neb 
St Med Assn; fellow AMA; Rotary; Sokol; ZCBJ; hobby, 
sports; res Wilber.

VELTE, CHARLES HENRY; Superlntendent of Schools; 
b Lexington, Neb Aug 7, 1889; s of Adam F Velte-Minnie 
Bauercamper; ed Lexington; Hebron HS; Hastings Coll, 
BA 1914; U of N, MA 1929; Phi Delta Kappa; m Eglantine 
Skilman Aug 16, 1916 Broken Bow; s Charles Skilman; 
d Phyllis, Clare W; 1914-16 prin Nelson HS; 1916-18 
sch supt, Stuart; 1918-19 in US army, 2nd It air corps 
in Cal, then Brooks Field Tex, recd flying instructor's 
certificate; sent to Souther Field Ga as flying instr, 
disch 1919; Mar-May 1919 prin Shelton HS; 1910- supt 
of schs, Crete; NSTA, past pres dist 1; NEA, dept of 
supts and prins; Neb HS Activities Assn, bd mbr since 
1933; Neb Schoolmasters Club; C of C; Rotary, past pres; 
BSA, scout master and mbr of com; secy and treas lib 
bd; AF and AM;Congl Ch, SS tchr; hobby, gardening; 
off Crete HS; res Crete.

WAGNER, DANIEL FRANKLIN; Photographer; b Buena Vista, 
IL Mar 14, 1877; s of Daniel Wagner-Wilhelmina Giese; 
ed Buena Vista IL; Dixon IL Normal; m Grace Marian 
Trisler Sept 17, 1907 Fort Calhoun; s Daniel Franklin 
Jr; 1895-96 tchr at Buena Vista IL; 1896 came to 
Eustis; 1899-1901 mgr of station for Beatrice Creamery 
Co, Eustis; 190103 traveling representative for 
Beatrice Creamery Co; 1904 with Lincoln City Gas Co; 
1905-08 with Equitable Investment Co of Lincoln; 
1909-12 co-owner I H Hatfield Merc Co at College 
View; 1912-14 lived at Chambers; 1915-21 in 
photograph studio at Wahoo; 1922-26 in photograph 
studio at Osceola; 1926- opr Wagner Photo Shop, Crete; 
C of C; Congi Ch; hobbies, fishing and checkers; 
off and res 125 W 13th, Crete.

WALDO, CLIFF E; Hog Breeder; b DeWitt, Neb Sept 13, 
1882; s of Harmon Waldo-Mary Carmichael; ed DeWitt; 
m Grace G Lindley Dec 17,1902 DeWitt; s Lowell C, 
Clifford Dwight, Harvey Harmon; d Beulah (Mrs William 
Quackenbush), Zells (Mrs Milton Meyer); left orphan 
while small, lived with older broth W F; delivered 
milk and sold vegtables in DeWitt and assisted brother 
in dray and livery bus; later became ptr of 2 bros in 
raising hogs; indep hog breeder, has exhibited 
purebred hogs at fairs since 1902, winner of awards 
in la, Kas and Neb, winner 1931 Neb pork prodt contest, 
sponsored by U of N Coll of Agr; has shipped hogs to 
almost every state; 26 years marshal constable; 
honorary mbr vol dept; 15 years mbr sch bd; United 
Duroc Record Assn; Farm Bur; Farmers Union; Civic 
Club; AF and AM Meth Ch, steward and mbr ofci bd; 
hobby, Duroc hogs; father oprd first blacksmith shop 
in Lincoln than 70 years ago, d Sadie said to be 
first white girl born in Lincoln located in Swan 
City in early 70's and came to DeWitt when RR was 
built; Saline Co sheriff when Pleasant Hill was co 
seat; opr of first blacksmith shop and livery 
in Dewitt; res DeWitt.

WALDO, HARMON 0; Farmer, Dairyman and Auctioneer; 
b DeWitt, Neb Aug 21, 1885; s of Harmon Waldo-Jane 
Carmichael; ed DeWitt; m Louise Dankroger July 12, 
1910 Beatatrice; s Willard H, Thomas J, Harmon Dean; 
d Julia; reared by older brother, C F, broke out 80 
A of land 5 miles E of DeWitt and farmed 2 years; 
1897 with brother W F in purebred hog bus; became 
ptr in Waldo Bros in 1908 after return from S D 
homestead, 1910 pur old home place; 1910- farmer 
and dairyman; constable 10 years; marshal 6 years; 
Amer Duroc Jersey Swine Breeders Assn; Civic Club, 
past pres PTA; past pres; mbr coun of defense during 
World War; AF and AM, past master; Meth Ch, steward, 
past mbr finance com; hobbies, livestock and farming; 
res DeWitt.

WECKBACH, MRS ELLA; Banker, b Waterloo, la; d of Asher 
Clark-Mary Coyle; ed Plattsmouth; studied music and art 
in Omaha, New York City and Paris; m Charles William 
Weckbach Sept 19, 1905 Los Angeles Cal (dec Jan 20, 
1928); s Charles William Jr. Clark; was head of  PSTC 
music dept; 1905 after marriage came to Crete, active 
in social, religious and civic ints; since 1905 has 
been assoc with banking bus, exec VP City Natl Bank 
since 1928; during World War active in war work, ARC 
publicity chmn in drives for funds; treas Saline Co 
ch ARC; an org and past pres Woman's Club; Crete Music 
Club; Wednesday Club, one of oldest. clubs in state; 
Sacred Heart Cath Ch; hobbies, music and art; parents 
came to Plattsmouth 1880; parents of husband also 
setteled in Plattsmouth; as young man he was with 
First Natl Bank of Lincoln and other banks before 
coming to Crete 1897; cash of First Natl Bank of 
Crete; 1910 org City Natl Bank was cash, later pres; 
one of orgs and first pres Crete C of C; mbr Rotary; 
off City Natl Bank; res Crete.

WHITE, HENRY; Retired; b Wilber, Neb Aug 8, 1879; 
s of Robert White-Sarah Munyan; ed Wilber; Lamoni Ia 
HS; m Gertie Brolliar Apr 12,1905 Wilber; foster 
d Margaret; farmed with father until 1903-06 emp by 
Wilber Light and Power Co; 1906-09 with Farmers 
Elevator Co; began as trouble man Salinr Tele Co, 
now part of Lincoln Tele Teleg Co, 1917-34 mgr, 
DeWitt exchange, 1934 tsfrd to Wilber and apptd 
combination man, at his request stationed at DeWitt; 
Aug 1, 1939, ret; Civic Club; mbr village bd 6 years, 
mbr sch bd 3 year; mbr vol fire dept 17 years; 
Reorganized Ch of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints, 
SS tchr 30 years; hobbies, fishing and outdoor life; 
father a Confederate soldier, came to Wilber after 
Civil War; res DeWitt.

Station; b Dorchester, Neb Nov 25, 1894; s of Andrew 
Wickenkamp-Elizabeth Droeliner; ed Dorchester HS; 
m Gladys Rose Oct 18, 1923 Council Bluffs, Ia; 
s Wayne; d Marilyn; 1913-18 located in southern Cal 
in various kinds work; July 13, 1917 ent U S army 
40th div machine gun battery 8os O/S, disch May 12, 
1917; service ofcr and past comm Amer Leg; retd to 
Dorchester short time; 1919-21 homesteaded near 
Casper, Wyo; 1922-31 carp in CB and Q RR shops, 
Havelock; 1931-35 opr service station at Dorchester; 
1935-owner and opr service station; AF and AM, 
Havelock; IOOF; Meth Ch; hobby, travel; 
res Dorchester.

WIELAGE, HENRY J; Farmer and Stockman; b Lancaster 
Co, Neb Dec 13, 1886; s of Christian H Wielage Mary 
Sleck; ed Crete; m Henriette J Rethmeier Aug 26, 1914 
Crete; s Donald R, Edward E; d Mae H (Mrs J T Shaw), 
Lucille M (Mrs J E Keill), Ellen Grace, Ruth A, 
Jeanne E; as boy assisted father in farming; 1908 
with Sierra and San Francisco Power Co, in Cal; 1909-
farmer in Saline Co; also owns and opr farm land near 
Julesburg Col; instrumental in road improvements in 
Saline Co; during World War emergency agri extn agnt; 
past dir sch bd; bd mbr and  treas many years farmers 
Union Co-op Assn; Farm Bur; mbr exec bd Saline Co 4-H 
Clubs; children won Co and state health championships 
and  one son natl health champion 1938, awarded trip 
to Internatl 4-H Club Congress, Chicago; Second Congl 
Ch; hobby, sports; father located in Lancaster Co 1892, 
moved to Saline Co and farmed NW of Crete; 
res Dorchester.

WIELAGE, JOHN F;	Farmer and  Stock Feeder; b Lancaster 
Co, NebDec 11, 1889; son of Christian H Wielage-Mary 
Sleck; ed Crete; m Ruby E Baker Apr 11, 1917 Lincoln; 
s Charles Christian; d Maurine; Marguerite, Claire, 
Verna; 1910-16 worked at various types of work in many 
sections of U S and Canada; freighted Canada, worked 
in oil fields of Cal, orchards of Wash and Ore, harvest 
fields of Mont, Wyo, Colo; July 4, 1916- farmer near 
Crete, 1937- owner home farm; Farm Bur; past mbr 
Farmers Union; Congl Ch; hobby, travel; parents 
homesteaded near Crete; res RFD 2, Crete.

WIGHTMAN, E RUSSELL; Educator, b Fennville, Mich 
Mar 10, 1886; s of A A Wightman-Sarah M Newell; 
ed Grand Rapids Mich; Fennville Mich HS; Albion 
Mich Coll, BA 1908.  MA 1914; U of Mich, PhD 1930; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Xi; m E Anna Rowley Aug 4, 
1909 Albion Mich; s Russell Rowley; 1908-12 prin HS, 
Nashville Mich; 1912-14 grad asst in physics, Albion 
Mich Coll; 1914-17 prof of physics, Central HS Flint 
Mich; 1917-18 grad asst in physics, U of Mich; 
1918-19 asst physics prof, Penn St Coll; 1919-20 
grad asst in physics U of Mich; 1920-31 prof of 
Physics, Western State Coll, Gunnison, Colo; 1931- 
prof of physics and asst to the dean, Doane Coll; 
AAAS; Amer Inst of Physics; ch mbr Acoustical Soc 
of Amer; Amer Physical Soc; Amer Assn of Physics 
Tchrs; Neb Acad of Sciences, councilor, past pres; 
article presented at AAAS; Freak Broadcasting in 
Rocky Mtn Regions; with T E Paynter co-author Radio, 
Violin; article in Journal of Acoustical Soc of 
Amer-Binaural Localization of Pure Tones; published 
books; Modern Problems in Physics 1935, also Doane 
Physics Laboratory Manual 1938; originated and built 
radio station KFHA, Western State Coll, Gunnison Colo 
dedicated Mar 8, 1923; amateur radio opr, in 1936 
picked up distress signal from snowbound miner 
seriously ill at Aspen, Colo; was able to transmit 
from Crete doctor directions which saved life of 
miner; Grace Meth Ch, bd mbr, dir religious edn, 
dir recreation activities, adult SS class tchr; 
hobbies, travel, amateur radio, photography; 
res Crete.

WILLY, GEORGE RAYMOND; High School Principal; 
b Carleton, Neb Feb 10, 1900; s of Joseph A Willy-Emma 
Kriley; ed Carleton; Gilead; Hebron HS; PSTC, BA 1924; 
U of N; m Gertrude Carver Aug 20, 1930 Lincoln; s Don E; 
1924-31 athletic coach Wilber HS; 1931- prin Wilber HS; 
1924 winner SE Neb football championship and Saline Co 
track championship; NSTA; St Wenceslaus Cath Ch; 
hobbies, craftsmanship, hunting and fishing; 
off HS; res Wilber.

WINTERMUTE, MERLIN EDWARD; Publisher; b Friend, Neb 
Nov 3, 1904; s of Edward Goodell Wintermute-Maude 
Edith Owens; ed Friend HS 1923; Mergenthaler Linotype 
Sch, Chicago; m Gertrude Irene Range Apr 4, 1926 
Belleville, Kas; s Richard, Roger; d Carol Jean, 
Leslie Gayle; 1920- with Friend Sentinel; 1933- owner 
and publisher Dorchester Leader; NPA; Meth Ch; hobbies, 
photography and woodwork; off Friend Sentinel; 
res 313 Maple; Friend.

WRIGHT,JOSEPH D; Retired; b Coshocton Co, Ohio Mar 4, 
1847; s of JohnWrtght-Julianne Ogle; ed Coshocton Co; 
m Sarah Jane Wright Oct 6, 1868 Coshocton Co, Ohio 
(dec Feb 8, 1927); s James Manferd (dec June 16, 
1927); Minnie Lou (Mrs H F McTaggart), Myrta Iola 
(Mrs Ed Wilding); 1869 took chg of 130 A farm, from 
which he cleared $4,100 indebtedness in 6 years; Oct 8, 
1868 started in covered wagon to Neb, came from St 
Louis to Atchison Kas by boat; arrived Waverly Nov 1, 
1868 farmed 1 year; Nov 1868 homesteaded on Turkey 
Creek near Pleasant Hill, farmed until 1902, son later 
farmed place until 1926; 1910 with assocs org City 
Natl Bank, Crete, dir 16 years; Pleasant Hill pct 
assessor 16 years; Crete pct assessor 9 years; Saline 
Co assessor 25 years; past constable many years; 
supvr bldg of lst school house at Pleasant Hill; 
thought to be only surviving person connected with 
removal of Saline Co seat from Swan City to Pleasant 
Hill 1871; Neb Territorial Pioneers Assn; Meth Ch, 
past trustee; hobby, gardening; res 909 Juniper; Crete.

ZWONECHEK, FERDINAND J; Manager of Milling Co; 
b Wilber, Neb May 31, 1888; s of John Zwonechek-Anna 
Hynek; ad Wilber HS 1905; Capitol City Comml Coll, 
Des Moines 1907; Columbus Milling and Baking 
Laboratories, Chicago 1908; m Mae Helen Chab Sept 9, 
1911 Lincoln; s John Donald, Harold Ferdinand; 1908-18 
secy DeWitt Mill; 1918 aided reconstruction and 
modernization of Wilber Mills; 1919- VP and mgr Wilber 
Mills; 1917 as ptr of Aksamits, built on old mill site 
at Wilber modern hydro-electric plant which supplies 
power to Zwonechek and Aksamit Milling Co, to Wilber 
and surplus to la-Neb Light and Power Co; 1923 built 
at DeWitt hydro-electric which supplies power to 
milling co there; an org and past dir Neb Mfrs Assn; 
past pres Neb Millers Assn; DeWitt twp bd, past chmn; 
C of C; Rotary, past pres; past chmn Wilber town bd; 
first Wilber mayor under city plan; past secy AF and AM; 
past high priest RAM; KT; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; 
past patron OES; Luth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; 
res Wilber.

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