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John L. Ward

LetterALLEY County received its name from the North Loup valley, in which its first settlers located. The Nebraska state legislature, on March 1, 1871, provided for a congressional county to comprise townships 17, 18, 19 and 20 north, and ranges 13, 14, 15 and 16 west, but actual organization had to be perfected by its citizens. On March 18, 1873, fifty settlers of the North Loup valley met at George Larkin's dugout near Olean, half way between Ord and North Loup, and voted to organize.
   At this same election the question of the county seat location was voted upon, with a majority voting for a site at the present location of Ord. This selection for the county seat was confirmed by Valley County Clerk W. D. Long, and by A. T. Stacy, deputy, on July 17, 1874. The North Loup settlement made a vigorous but unsuccessful attempt to obtain the county seat.
   First Valley County officials, chosen at the March 18 meeting, were John Case, D. C. Bailey and L. C. Jacobs, commissioners; W. D. Long, clerk; E. D. McKenney, treasurer; Oscar Babcock, judge; H. A. Babcock, sheriff; Thomas McDowell, surveyor, and Charles Badger, superintendent of schools. Oscar Babcock, at North Loup in 1872, was Valley County's first preacher, and on July 6, 1873, he married the first couple in the county, Nels Andersen and Johanna Mortensen.
   The first settlement in the valley was sponsored by Seventh-day Baptists from Dakota, Wis., in 1871. The first actual settlers were five Danes, George Miller, Nels Andersen, Peter Mortensen, Christian Frey and Jeppe Smith, who staked their claims two miles northwest of Ord in the spring of 1872. Slightly later John Sheldon, Mrs. S. M. Janes and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mansell Davis, Oscar Babcock, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Wellman, Mr. and Mrs. George Rood and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rood settled at North Loup.
   At Springdale, east of Ord, Dr. Elias S. Harter opened a general store in 1872, the first in the County. In 1872 M. B. Goodenow located his claim at what is now known as Goodenow station on the Burlington railroad, halfway between Burwell and Elyria. Fred and John Dowhower and Falle Moller were the first settlers near Elyria, filing in 1872 on claims two miles southeast of where that town is now located.
   George McKellar was the first settler in the Arcadia territory in 1873, and was the first person tried in the county on a criminal charge. Porter Brown arrived there in April, 1873. Mingerson Coombs came in September, but later moved to Ord and had much to do with the development of the town. W. H. and Alonzo Fradenberg were the fourth and fifth settlers. The next spring Samuel A. and Boone Hawthorne arrived, and Boone staked his claim on the future site of Arcadia village.
   In 1874 a postoffice was opened on Samuel Hawthorne's claim and mail was brought there from Loup City. It was at first named Brownville in honor of Porter Brown, but was later changed to Arcadia because there was already a Brownville in the state. Mingerson Coombs, the first teacher, taught his pupils in the Boone Hawthorne sod house. There were seven children in that first Arcadia school.
   John Wall came to the Arcadia neighborhood in 1880 and decided the land on Hawthorne creek. would make an ideal townsite. Beginnings of the town were made in 1882, but the town plat was not put on record until Oct. 3, 1885. Parley Round, Alice Round, John Wall and Isabella Wall were associated in the enterprise. Ed Fuller, who established the first store, was followed by W. B. Reynolds, W. S. Owens and George Hastings.
   In 1873 the nearest postoffice on the North Loup river was at Cotesfield in Howard County, but a star route was extended up the valley that year on both sides of the river, with A. G. Gillespie as contractor. For a time he had Truman Freeland of Willow Springs carry the mail from Cotesfield on the east side of the river to Springdale, Calamus, Willow Springs and return. He himself carried the mail to Ord, and for a time Mrs. S. S. Haskell managed the route from Ord to Burwell and return.
   The North Loup postoffice was established in 1873, with Oscar Babcock as postmaster. The first school there was held in a dugout. It started in 1874 and was taught by Miss Kate Badgen. School district No. 1 comprised North Loup, and No. 2 included all the territory in the valley north of No. 1, with school held in the Mortensen dugout, north of Ord, in charge of Mrs. Orson S. Haskell.
   In the fall of 1873 W. J. Holliday opened a general store on his homestead, the first North Loup store. The next year the grasshoppers came, ate everything in their path, and delayed settlement for a time. The village of North Loup was platted in 1877 by C. H. Webster, A. J. Davis, Eddie Babcock and J. A. Green. The papers were sworn to before Commissioner Oscar Babcock March 6, 1877, and filed for record March 7, 1877.


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   In May, 1874, 0. S. Haskell, 0. C. Haskell and A. M. Robbins made the first plat of the county seat townsite. For some time it was referred to as "Chin City," from A. T. "Chin" Stacy, the first man to live there. In the summer of 1874 Gen. E. 0. C. Ord came to the North Loup valley to locate Fort Hartsuff, and the town was named Ord in his honor. Grasshopper invasions delayed the development of Ord for some years.
   Ord was organized as a village June 23, 1881. Before that time the townsite company had proposed to give the county every fourth block, eighteen blocks in all, if the county would build a courthouse to cost not less than $800 before July 4, 1880. The contract was let to John L. Means of Grand Island, who had built the first bridge across the North Loup river at Ord in the summer of 1875, at a cost of $7,479. This bridge was replaced by the present steel structure in 1900.
   Herbert Thurston built the first residence on the Ord townsite in 1876, and Sylvester S. Haskell, called the "Father of Ord," built the first hotel, general store and postoffice, all in one building, in the fall of the same year. In the fall of 1877 W. H. Mitchell moved his paper, the Valley County Herald, to Ord from Calamus, and started publication in a small log building which he moved from the same place. In 1878 Henry W. Nelson moved his paper, the Valley County Courier, to Ord from Vinton, seven miles southwest.
   As a result of the battle of Pebble creek in what is now Garfield County in 1873 the settlers selected a committee to petition congress to have a fort located in the upper North Loup valley. This committee, comprising M. B. Goodenow, John Case, E. D. McKenney, W. A. Harper and George W. McAnulty, drew up the petition, which they placed in the hands of Hon. Frank Welsh, who represented the district in congress. He and Senator Hitchcock put the bill through in record time.
   The original bill called for an appropriation of $50,000 to establish a permanent military post near the head of the North Loup valley. This amount was later increased to $75,000, and after a fire had destroyed some of the partly completed buildings it was finally increased to $110,000. General Ord located the fort in the summer of 1874 on Bean creek in the north part of the county, and construction was actually commenced Sept. 1, 1874.
   The building of the fort was a godsend to the settlers, who thus found work to keep them in the valley until another crop could be raised to replace the one destroyed by grasshoppers. The fort was completed after several years, and comprised twelve buildings located in the form of a hollow square with a parade ground in the middle. It was a center of social activity until May, 1881, when the soldiers were sent elsewhere and it was abandoned.
   The buildings were constructed of lime from near Cotesfield, gravel from the North Loup river, and native timber from the vicinity of Willow Springs. They are still in a fair state of preservation, and for several years efforts have been made to have the site and buildings purchased for a national park. George W. McAnulty, sole survivor of the battle of Pebble creek and last living member of the fort committee, is devoting his energies to this cause.
   The town of Calamus was platted just across the corner to the southeast of Fort Hartsuff at about the time work was started on the fort. Sixteen blocks were laid out and lots sold. It prospered during the construction period, but with rumors of abandonment of the fort, the citizens began an exodus to Ord. Among those who moved were S. S. Haskell, H. A. Babcock, M. E. Getter and J. H. Collins. Calamus was laid out by Lieut. Thomas Capron.
   The townsite of Vinton, eight miles southwest of Ord, was laid out May 11, 1882, but never developed beyond the embryo stage. Postoffices were in use at Mira Creek, seven miles south of Ord; Yale, ten miles southwest of Ord, and Manderson, Longwood and Geranium still further northwest from Yale, from about 1880 until shortly after the turn of the century when the coming of R. F. D. routes caused their abandonment.
   Valley County was ravaged by grasshoppers in the seventies and eighties, and in the past half dozen years; prairie fires caused heavy loss in the first decade of the county's existence; chinch bugs flourished in the nineties; severe blizzards struck in 1880 and 1888; drouth damaged the crops seriously in 1894, and from 1934 to the present time.
   Because of the type of buildings used, severe fire loss occurred in the early days of the county, especially in Ord. The Ord volunteer fire department was organized in 1888, and North Loup had fire protection even before that time. The Arcadia department was organized in 1889. Elyria was made a village in April, 1936, and has a volunteer force.
   Due to the fact that the drouth destroyed crops in 1894, the Loup valley's first Ord-North Loup irrigation system was built, starting in 1895. It flourished for two or three years, but failed with the return of rains. During the same period the growing of popcorn became a leading industry in the valley, especially at North Loup which was at one time known as the "Popcorn Center of the World."
   Agitation caused by the drouth of 1934 resulted in construction of the present irrigation districts on the North Loup and Middle Loup rivers, both of which were completed in 1938 at a combined cost of three million dollars. Much of the former and a part of the latter lies in Valley County. The North Loup headquarters is at Ord, and the Middle Loup at Arcadia. Irrigation is bringing wonderful results for the county this year.


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   The Ord high school, established in 1889, has graduated nearly 1,600 students to date, while the combined output of North Loup and Arcadia schools has been about the same. Valley County graduates hold positions of responsibility in forty-three states and in many foreign countries. The county has three fine papers, the Ord Quiz, established in 1882; the North Loup Loyalist, established about the same time, and the Arcadian.

   AAGAARD, JAMES ARTHUR: Farmer & Voice Teacher; b Ord, Neb July 11, 1892; s of Joseph Aagaard-Marie Petersen; ed Valley Co; special work U of N 1920-24; Fillinger Sch of Music, Chicago, diploma for physical voice culture 1926; 1924-26 did singing in church work, Ia & Neb; 1926 farmed with father at Ord; with brothers Peter & Thorvald mgr of farm since father's death; 1926- farmer & voice teacher, has out-of-state pupils; 1931 on concert tour, in New England states, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Montreal & Toronto; 1934 sang in Alberta Canada; Luth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, singing; res RFD 1, Ord.

   ALLEN, GEORGE HAMILTON: Water & Light Commissioner; b Frontier Co, Neb Mar 16, 1892; s of Joseph Allen-Effie Ickes; ed Lincoln HS 1911; U of N, BSc 1915; Sigma Tau; m Stella Viola Parrott Oct 14, 1914 Lincoln; s George H Jr, Warren Parrott, Galen Bruce; d Dorothy Lucile; 1915 with Cushman Motor Works, Lincoln; 1915-16 mgr power plant, Milford; 1916-18 mgr Pub Service Co at Stromsburg, 1918-20 mgr, Aurora; 1920-25 in garage bus, Eagle; 1925-30 water & light supt, Friend; 1930- water & light commr, Ord; pres utilities section, League of Neb Municipalities; C of C; Rotary, past pres; Ord Golf Club; AF&AM; Rep; off City Hall; res 2007 M, Ord.

   ANDERSON, CLARENCE ARTHUR: Merchant & Farmer; b Schuyler, Neb Aug 2, 1901; s of Albert Andrew Anderson-Mary Lapcek; ed Ord; m Flora May Leggett June 26, 1926 Ord; s Thomas Leggett; d Cora Lee, Shirley Beth; 1926-35 agt for Chrysler & Plymouth cars, Ord; 1935- with brother, George W, owner & opr Anderson Motor Co, Ord; 1936- opr 600 A farm, livestock raiser; 1936- opr impl bus; past mbr Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; C of C; Rotary; past mbr Ord Golf Club; past mbr KP; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, autos; res Ord.

   ANDERSON, WILLIAM A: Retired; b Parley, Ia Apr 14, 1853; s of William I Anderson-Hester Hillman; ed Epworth Seminary Ia; m Elizabeth Hather Sept 5, 1876, (dec 1888); s Ray W (dec 1931); m Sarah Snodgrass July 25, 1893 Farley Ia; d Mabel (Mrs J L Abernathy); 1879-84 homesteaded in Valley Co; 1884-89 photographer, Ord; 1889-1905 tchr Valley Co, also traveled; 1905- ret; past mbr MWA; Unitarian Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, science; res 415 N 19th, Ord.

   BABCOCK, ALBERT HENRY SR: Secretary & Treasurer Credit Assn; b North Loup, Neb Apr 3, 1897; s of Arthur Henry Babcock-Esther Davis; ed North Loup HS 1916; U of N, 1919, & 1921-22, grad work 1927; Milton Coll, Milton Wis, BA 1923; m Jessie Beryl Sayre Sept 9, 1922 North Loup; s Albert Henry Jr; d Mary Madelia, Belva Beryl; 1923-25 tchr, Valley Co; 1925-26 tchr, Rockford HS; 1926-27 supt of schs, Clatonia; 1927-31 supt of schs, Avoca; 1931-34 emp by Carl D Wilke Baking Co, Beatrice; 1934-38 estab & oprd Babcock Bakery, North Loup; 1938- secy-treas North Loup Co-op Credit Assn; past mbr sch bd; dir Neb Assn of Co-op Credit Cos; past mbr NSTA & NEA; North Loup Comm Service Club; IOOF; Seventh-day Bapt Ch, SS supt; Rep; hobby, work; reg North Loup.

   BAILEY, ROYAL C: Furniture & Hardware Dealer; b Iron Ridge, Wis Jan 2, 1872; s of Harry H Bailey Sr-Sally Ann Fuller; ed Ord HS; m Elizabeth Scott Oct 6, 1897 Leadville, Colo; s Glendall Val, Arthur Carlyle; came to Valley Co 1883; farmer & hardware dlr, Ord; mbr sch bd 10 years, pres 2 years; C of C, 1927 apptd mbr irrigation com until district was org, re-elec 1938; 1937 first VP Neb St Water Conservation Congress; Meth Ch, mbr bldg com when new $25,000 church was built; hobby, boosting irrigation; mother descendant of Capt Henry Fuller, who came over on Mayflower; res 1905 M, Ord.

   BARTA, FRANK ALBERT: Physician; b Fairfax Ia Jan 13, 1888; s of Frank Barta-Anna Trojna; ed Fairfax Ia HS; U of Ia, PhG 1906, MD 1910; grad work Chicago Polyclinic 1916; U of Vienna & U of Prague 1924; m Emma Louise Zacharias Aug 20, 1912 Ord; s F Dean; d Zola Magdalene, Evelyne Marie; 1910- prac med in Ord, specialist in eye, ear, nose & throat; city health phys; staff mbr Ord Hosp; dir Natl Amer Ins Co at Omaha; dir North Loup River Pub Power & Irrigation dist; Four-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; mbr Valley Co insanity commission; C of C; Rotary; Ord Golf Club, ch mbr; ch mbr KP; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 1815 K, Ord.

   BLESSING, FREDERICK LEONARD: Dentist; b Ord, Neb Jan 4, 1895; s of Alvin Blessing-Clemming Hull; ed Ord HS; U of Ia; U of N, DDS 1918; Delta Sigma Delta; m Margaret Emery June 5, 1918 Omaha; d Charlotte Jean; 1919- dentist, Ord; pres bd of edn; during World War enl in med res corps, disch 1919; Amer Leg, post 38; Neb St Dental Assn, mbr legislative com; C of C; Cosmopolitan Club; Ord Golf Club; AF&AM; KT, St Paul; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, football, golf, hunting; res 217 S 20th, Ord.

   BROCKMAN, HELMUT F: Athletic Director; b Otoe Co, Neb Oct 2, 1907; s of Henry F Brockman-Wilhelmina Gollner; ed Cass Co; Elmwood HS; PSTC, BA 1936; playground supvr Peru Prep Sch 1928-30; capt football team, 1929; all-state tackle 1927-29; all-state forward 1929, all-state center 1930; football, basketball & track letterman 4 years; won Swenson Award 1930; Northwestern U summer 1937; U of N summer 1939; Beta Beta Beta, VP 1929-30; Philomathean; Phi Lambda Alpha; m Lucille Irene Oeschger Dec 31, 1931 Valparaiso; d Beverly Ann; 1930-31 prin & coach Valparaiso HS, Saunders Co baseball & basketball champions; 1931-34 athletic dir Edgar HS, 1932 football team undefeated & scored against only once, a field goal of 3 points, S Neb champions; 1934- athletic dir Ord HS, undefeated 4 years, victorious in 41 consecutive games of football & basketball, won 95 games & lost 21 in 5 year period; Loup Valley & Mid-Six football & track champions 1935-38; won basketball championship 1936 & 1937 in Mid-Six, 4 years in Loup Valley; Ord football team 2nd in state in 1939; pentathlon track champion of Neb 1937, placed 2nd 1938; won Hastings relays. 1938, placed 2nd 1939; NSTA; Neb. Physical Edn Assn; Neb Industrial Arts Tchrs; Cosmopolitan Club; Ord Golf Club; Meth Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 215 S 21st, Ord,

   CLEMENTS, EDWIN PERRY: Distrist Court Judge; b Allegan, Mich. Sept 15, 1858; s of Cyrus D Clements-Mary Elizabeth Hughes; ed Allegan Co Mich; Otsego Normal Sch, Otsego Mich; m Lulu L Johnson Dec 19, 1880 Allegan Co Mich; s Wayne G, Alan A, Edwin P Jr; d Bess (Mrs Milford Stacy, dec), Lena, Dorothy (Mrs Harry J MacBeth); 1877-87 learned carp trade in summer, taught sch in winter, Allegan Co Mich; 1888-89 Valley Co dep clk; 1889-90 studied law with brother, Elliot J, Ord; 1890 adm to Neb bar; 1890-1903 prac law with brother, Elliot J; 1903-04 indep prac; 1904-11 prac law with brother, Arthur A, in firm Clements Brothers; 1911-20 in priv law prac, Ord; 1920- dist judge; past city atty; Valley Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past mbr Ord Golf Club; AOUW; IOOF; BPOE, Grand Island; Unitarian Ch; Rep; hobbies, football, baseball, golf, flower growing, fishing; off Courthouse; res 305 S 21st, Ord.

   CORNELL, MELVIN RUSSELL: Editor & Publisher; b Greeley Co, Neb Jan 3, 1911; s of Murray Cornell-Harriett Throckmorton; ed Ord HS 1929; Neb Wes; Phi Sigma; m Phyllis Mary Gordon Sept 17, 1938 Friend; 1926-29 while in HS learned printing trade with Ord Journal; 1929-32 emp by Scotia Register, Tecumseh Chieftain, Claflin Printing Co at Lincoln, Ord Quiz, Ord Observer; 1932-37 printer for North Loup Loyalist, 1937- editor & publisher; Loup Valley Press Assn; NPA; pres North Loup Comm Club; North Loup-Scotia Golf Club; Popcorn Com, treas; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, fishing, raising chickens; res North Loup.



Who's Who

   CUMMINS, MORRIS BURT: Auctioneer; b Valley Co, Neb Aug 1, 1888; s of Frank Clinton Cummins-Alsa Brace Commings; ed Ord; m Myrtle Alma Knapp Jan 11, 1908 Sherman Co; s Corwin Doyle; d Alma Leone (Mrs Clyde Baker), Vivian Ahlene (Mrs Richard Rowball), Wauneta Irma (Mrs Lowell Jones); 1904-08 emp on farms, Sherman Co; 1908-12 & 1915-26 indep farmer, Valley Co; 1912-15 ptr of brother in hdw bus, Arcadia; 1918-36 auctioneer in Wheeler, Greeley, Garfield, Loup, Custer, Sherman, Valley & Howard Cos; 1936 ptr of son C D & Mr C S Burdick in Ord Livestock Market; owner farm ints in Valley Co; 1938- mayor, Ord; an org Ord Co-op Creamery; past pres North Loup Co-op Cheese Co; during World War 1917, chmn Liberty Bonds, Davis Creek dist, auctioneer ARC funds; Neb Interior Livestock Assn; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM; IOOF; U B Ch, past supt at Davis Creek; hobbies, baseball, ednl lectures, sacred music; res 2512 West L, Ord.

   DALE, CARL C: Agricultural Extension Agent; b Waverly, Neb Apr 19, 1894; s of Isaac F Dale-Emma Core; ed Greenwood HS 1913; U of N, BSc 1918; Farm House; Alpha Zeta; m Marguerite L Sowle Sept 21, 1918 Lincoln; s Douglas Robert; d Barbara Ann, Marilyn Marie; 1919- Valley Co agrl agt, Ord; trained natl judging teams 1930-32; during World War in 3rd OTC Camp Funston, 2nd lt batt A 40th field arty, disch Dec 4, 1918; Amer Leg, past comm; Neb Assn of Co Agrl Agts, past pres; C of C; Rotary, past pres; AF&AM; KP; Presby Ch; hobbies, fishing, athletics, football; off Courthouse; res 409 S 20th, Ord.

   DAVIS, CLARENCE MINER: Attorney; b Harrison, Neb July 12, 1894; s of Asa Carleton Davis-Sarah Manda Gifford; ed Lead S D HS 1912; U of S D, LLB 1916; 1914-15 mbr debate team; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Delta Phi; Tau Kappa Alpha; m Ida A Baker Dec 1, 1919 Salem S D; d Virginia Arleen; Beverly Daphne; 1911-14 while in sch emp on Lead S D Daily Call; 1916719 ptr in law firm, Davis & Shield, Salem S D; 1919-27 prac law with brother, Claude A, in Davis & Davis, Ord; 1927- prac law as ptr of Edward L Vogeltanz in Davis & Vogeltanz; 1928-29 & 1938-40 city atty; VP Protective Savings & Loan Assn; dir in Arcadia State Bank; mbr com to pur Fort Hartsuff; owner farm int, Valley Co; during World War chmn 4-min men of McCook Co S D, chmn Liberty Loan drives, mbr McCook Co S D legal advisory bd; Valley Co & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C, pres 1922; Rotary, pres 1925-27; past mbr Ord Golf Club; AF&AM, past grand master; R&SM; Shrine; KT; Meth Ch; Rep, del to natl conv 1924 & 1932, mbr state advisory com, & S D St Central Com, past chmn McCook Co S D Central Com, 1936 candidate for Neb atty gen; hobby, govt; res 1805 0, Ord.

   FAFEITA, EMIL ROLAND: Bank Cashier; b St Paul, Neb Feb 29, 1892; s of Frank Fafeita-Emma Novak; ed St Paul; Elba; Boyles Bus Coll Omaha, grad 1910; m Harriett Goodmundsen Sept 22, 1920 Ord; s William F; 1907-15 clk in father's gen mdse store, Elba; 1915-18 ptr in F Fafeita & Sons Store, Ord; 1919-31 asst cash Neb St Bank, 1931- cash; past city treas, past mbr city coun; during World War in US army, Co I 355th inf, 89th div, disch June 1919; Amer Leg post 38; Neb Bankers Assn, pres group 6, past treas, secy, VP; Cath Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, baseball, outdoor sports; res 1815 M, Ord.

   GARD, GEORGE R: Dentist; b Kent1, Neb Sept 6, 1879; s of David A Gard-Harriet S Thompson; ed Ord HS 1897; Omaha Dental Coll, DDS 1901; Delta Sigma Delta; m Breezie E Parks Apr 22, 1904 Ord; s Richard Paul; 1901-10 dentist, Ord; 1910- dentist in Clinic Hosp, Ord; during World War secy med advisory bd for Valley, Garfield & Blaine Cos; Rotary, secy; 7th Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St Dental Assn; past mbr ADA; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, farming; off 114 N 16th; res 2118 M, Ord.

   1Kent formerly Loup Co seat, now twp, P 0 discontinued.

   GNASTER, EDWARD: Auto Dealer; b Farwell, Neb Sept 28, 1897; s of Frank Gnaster-Victoria Keizor; ed Farwell HS 1916; St Paul Bus Coll 1920-22; m Velma A Webster Sept 10, 1924 St Paul; d Monica Jean, Marianne; 1917-19 RFD carrier, Farwell; 1919-32 mechanic for Mudloff Auto Co, St Paul; 1932- ptr of A Mudloff in Ord Auto Sales Co; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; past dir C of C; Cosmopolitan Club; Ord Golf Club; KC; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing & hunting; res 2109 N, Ord.

   GOWEN, GEORGE GUY: Farmer & Columnist; b North Loup, Neb Nov 19, 1899; s of William E Gowen-Myra Babcock; ed North Loup HS 1919; U of N 1920-22; m Adelaide Davis June 15, 1923 North Loup; s Richard George, William Edmund (dec 1931); d Geraldine Genette; 1923- opr farm for mother, North Loup; 1934- reporter for Ord Quiz; author of several short stories; dir North Loup Co-op Cheese Co; secy North Loup B & L Assn; Soil Conservation Com, com mbr; past mbr Popcorn Com; past mbr IOOF; past mbr AF&AM; Seventh-day Bapt Ch; Rep; hobby, raising draft horses; res North Loup.

   HASTINGS, GEORGE EDGAR: Retired; b Woonsocket, R I Dec 9, 1847; s of Alfred H Hastings-Fidella Cook; ed Hopedale Boarding Sch, Hopedale Mass; m Medora E Sumner Nov 29, 1871 Milford Mass (dec Aug 10, 1915); s Alfred H; d Ruby (Mrs George H Kinsey), Hazel (Mrs Alvin E Haywood, dec Apr 5, 1931); 1865 emp 6 mos by uncle, A B Cook, Providence R I; 1866 emp 6 mos by father in Hastings & Mathewson Bakery; 1867-69 clk in clothing store, Milford Mass; 1869-70 clk in furniture store 6 mos, Milford Mass; 1870-73 in clothing bus Hastings-Ring Co, Milford Mass; 1873-80 in furnishing goods bus, Davenport Ia; 1880-84 farmer near Audubon Ia; 1884-86 clk for H H Glover & Charles Weibe clothing bus, Grand Island; 1885-1927 with brother, Edwin C estab & oprd gen merc store, Arcadia; 1927- ret; 1920- stockholder & dir Arcadia State Bank; 1873-1900 pur prairie chickens in Valley, Custer, Garfield Cos, shipped to Boston; AF&AM, holds 70 year membership, 2nd oldest in Neb; KT; Shrine; Rep; hobbies, reading, baseball; res Arcadia.

   HASTINGS, JAMES GIVEN: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Pittsburgh, Penn Aug 26, 1862; s of Hope W Hastings-Kate Malony; ed Allegheny Co Penn; m Maude P Gray June 15, 1893 Myra Valley (dec July 11, 1933); d Eleanor L (Mrs William M Ollis), Jane G (Mrs James B Ollis); 1880-83 blacksmith, Plum twp, Penn; 1883-85 carp, Myra Valley; 1885-1907 ptr of brother in firm Hastings Brothers, Pittsburgh Penn; 1907-26 farmer, Myra Valley; 1926-36 part owner C A Hager Co, Ord, 1936 with firm Hastings & Ollis, real est & ins bus; since death of Mr Hager secy-treas Ord Co-op Oil Co; C of C; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, child welfare, fishing; res 21st & K, Ord.

   HATHER, WILLIAM JAMES: Farmer & Stockman; b Dubuque Co, Ia Jan 22, 1865; s of George Thomas Hather-Sarah Jane Carter; ed Dubuque Co Ia; m Nellie Lizette Vincent July 4, 1889 Ord (dec Feb 11, 1926); s Charles Thomas, Wendel Vance; d Alice (Mrs Guy Strong), Fern (Mrs Glen A Carson); 1883-85 emp by George W Baker, Farley Ia; 1885 emp in Ord, tore down cedar log bldg which housed first off of Valley Co treas; 1885-1910 farmer, Ord; 1887- raiser purebred hogs & cattle 1909-20 owner & opr Cedar Lawn farm, Ord; 1931- farmer, Ord; 1921-23 judge at National Swine Show, Des Moines Ia; 1922 swine judge at Six Coast States Fair, Salem Ore also judge at Utah St Fair, Salt Lake City; 1923 judge at S D St, Fair; 1920-21 Valley Co highway commr built first road from Greeley Co to Burwell; 1927-30 opr gas & oil station, Ord; 1916- pres Fed Land Bank Loan Assn; past chmn bd of dirs Ord State Bank; past mbr Amer Shorthorn Breeders Assn; past dir Standard Poland-China Record Assn; past mbr Amer Poland China Record Assn; Farmers Union; past mbr AOUW; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, purebred stock; res RFD 1, Ord.

   HAYWOOD, ALVIN EUGENE: Bank Cashier; b Clinton, Ia Jan 25, 1887; s of Murray Haywood-Anna Elizabeth Webb; ed Clinton Ia HS 1903; m Hazel Sumner Hastings June 10, 1908 Arcadia (dec Apr 25, 1931); d Elizabeth (dec Jan 25, 1937); 1903 came with parents to Arcadia; 1903-05 emp by father in Northern Milling Co; 1905-08 bkkpr Arcadia State Bank, 1908-20 asst cash, 1920- cash; mayor; chmn lib bd; past secy sch bd 7 years; chmn bd of health; past mbr bd; past mbr twp bd; past chmn Comm Club, secy; AF&AM; past mbr Tangier Shrine; Chris Set Ch, asst to com on publication; Chris Set Soc of Arcadia, dir & chmn of bd, has taken class instruction in Chicago since 1935; Rep, 1933-37 mbr State Central Com; res Arcadia.

   HEMPHILL, WILLIAM JOSEPH: Physician & Surgeon; b Hebron Center, Penn July 11, 1873; s of Silas Paul Hemphill-Mary Clare; ed Hebron Center Penn; Milton Coll, Milton Wis BL 1898; mbr Literary Soc; Hahnemann Med Coll, Chicago MD 1902; grad work Mayo Clinic; m Cora Ellen Hurley 1898 Wis; s


in Nebraska


Dr Paul Hurley, Dr George Kenneth; d Gertrude (Mrs Paul Metroff); 1902- phys & surg, North Loup; 1928- city phys; past mbr town & twp bds; past mbr sch bd; North Loup B & L Assn, bd mbr; dir North Loup Co-op Cheese Co; Four-Co Med Soc; Neb St Med Assn; Seventh-day Bapt Ch; hobby, fishing; res North Loup.

   HILL, ALFRED LESLIE: Postmaster; b Ord, Neb Jan 4, 1893; s of Alvin Leslie Hill-Mary Jane Scott; ed Ord HS; m Hazel Eunice Travis Nov 18, 1920 Ord; s Donald Travis; d Phyllis Jean; 1907-14 emp in L D Bailey & Sons Dept Store, Ord; 1914-15 emp in Sam Fackler Groc; 1915-17 clk in Gamble & Perryman Clothing Store; 1919 clk 3 mos, 1919-24 ptr in renamed Perryman-Hill Clothing Store; 1924-30 ptr of brother in Hill & Hill; 1930-36 appraiser for HOLC, also in gas & oil bus; 1936- P M, Ord; during World War 1917 in US army, Co E 355th inf, 89th div, 1st sgt, O/S 1 year, disch June 4, 1919; past comm Amer Leg post 38; 1930-39 secy Neb ch Natl Assn of PMs of US; chmn FCA; past chmn Retail Mchts of Ord; C of C; past mbr Ord Golf Club; Dem; hobbies, fishing; res 2120 L, Ord.

   HILL, CLAUDE LAURENCE: Clergyman; b North Loup, Neb Apr 24, 1878; s of Castello Welcome Hill-Eva Elfreda Davis; ed North Loup; m Cora Brace (dec 1931); s Carroll Lee, Jerry W; d Esther Vivian, Ruth Gene (Mrs Thurman Barker); m Hazel Farris May 28, 1933 Farina Ill; s Theodore Claude; 1891-98 emp on farms; 1899-1900 carp & horse shoer, North Loup; 1900-04 foreman on Will Gowen Ranch; 1904-15 emp in W P Everingham grain & seed bus; 1905-21 owner & opr farm, Valley Co; 1921-24 pastor Seventh-day Bapt Ch, Welton Ia; 1924-36 pastor, Farina Ill; 1936- pastor Seventh-day Bapt Ch, North Loup; 1937 supply pastor, Arcadia Meth Ch; 1938 supply pastor Presby Ch, Ord; past mbr sch bd; mbr village bd, Farina Ill; pres North Loup B & L Assn; during Sp-Amer War In Co B, NNG at Ord, 1898 at Chickamauga Park Ga, 6 mos, Fort Omaha 2 mos, corp; past mbr MWA; past pres C of C; hon mbr Golf Club; Seventh-day Bapt, 1929 pres gen conf; Rep; hobbies, golf, baseball, field capt Neb Cornhusker baseball team; res North Loup.

   HUDSON, ROY WILLIAM: Secretary-Treasurer & Manager Lumber Co; b Hayes Center, Neb Oct 3, 1890; s of William F Hudson-Jane E Towne; ed Hayes Center; Neb Wes Acad 1913; Neb Wes, BA 1916; grad work U of N 1916-18; Phi Kappa Phi; m Anna Ruth Johnson June 11, 1918 North Loup; s Edward William; d Florence Evelyn, Barbara Jane; 1916 recd scholarship as grad asst in physics dept U of N; 1918 instr in SC training sch, Lincoln; 1918- secy-treas & mgr North Loup Lbr Co; secy-treas Loup Valley Indep Tele Co; 1930-37 secy North Loup Co-op Cheese Co; pres North Loup River Pub Power & Irrigation Dist; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Comm Service Club; North Loup-Scotia Golf Club; Meth Ch; hobby, irrigation; res North Loup.

   JOHNSEN, JOHN LEONARD: County Judge; b Lincoln Co, Neb July 20, 1902; s of Hans Andersen-Frances Petska; ed Valley Co; Ord HS; Amer Correspondence Sch, Chicago; m Jennie Margaret Bouma May 8, 1922 Ord; foster s Donald Arthur; foster d Barbara Jane; 1915-23 with father in groc, Ord; 1924 opr garage, Taylor; 1923-29 clk & mgr father's store at Ord, 1929-32 opr meat dept; 1933- Valley Co judge; C of C; past mbr Ord Golf Club; Presby Ch, trustee; hobbies, amateur radio, photography, outdoor life, fishing; off Courthouse; res 1714 K, Ord.

   JOHNSON, FRANK: Postmaster; b Jasper Co, Ia Dec 27, 1873; s of Robert Johnson-Mary E Watson; ed Hall & Valley Cos; Grand Island Bus Coll 1896; m Grace Purdum Oct 12, 1898 Burwell (dec 1933); d Thelma (Mrs Howard W Hamilton); 1894-96 tchr, Valley Co; 1896-1901 emp by brother George E in elevator, also impl & coal dlr, North Loup; 1901-33 owner & opr Frank Johnson Gen Merc; 1934-36 ptr of brother in grain bus; 1936- P M North Loup; past mbr Valley Co bd 3 terms; past mbr sch & town bds; Neb League of Dist P Ms; Neb ch Natl Assn of P Ms of US; Comm Service Club; North Loup-Scotia Golf Club; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, reading; res North Loup.

   KLIMA, IGNATIUS JR: County Clerk: b Valley Co, Neb Nov 28, 1892; s of Ignatius Klima Sr-Mary Vodehnal; ed Valley Co; St Paul Bus Coll, grad 1912; m Rebecca L Williams Nov 17, 1919 Burwell; s Robert Lyle; d Doris Lucille; 1912-18 abstracter with Fenner Abstract Co, Burwell; 1917 ins, loan & real est agt, Morrill; 1919-20 asst cash Farmers Bank, Burwell; 1920-27 secy & dir First Trust Co, Ord; 1927-31 & 1938- Valley Co clk; first secy lib bd, Ord; during World War 1918 in US army, corp QMC, clk of 15th Co QMC, Camp Meigs, Washington D C, disch Mar 30, 1919; Amer Leg post 38; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs, secy-treas 3 terms; dir C of C; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Meth Ch; Dem, secy Valley Co Central Com 14 years; hobbies, fishing, bees, horticulture; off Courthouse; res 1904 L, Ord.

   KOKES, LOUIS V: Hardware Dealer; b Bohemia June 18, 1893; s of Thomas Kokes-___; ed Bohemia; Valley Co; m Antonie Muller Jan 20, 1915 St Paul (first couple married in new courthouse); d Irma Beth; 1904 came with parents from Bohemia, father farmed in Valley Co; 1910-14 learned harness trade under Joe Nedblalek, Sargent; 1914-23 ptr of John Vondracek, owner & opr harness shop & hdw store; 1923- owner & opr Kokes Hdw, Ord; 1929- part owner Loup City Hdw Co; C of C; ZCBJ; hobbies, fishing, hunting. res 1740 N, Ord.

   KOVANDA, JESSE ALBERT: High School Teacher; b Table Rock, Neb Sept 13, 1902; s of Albert J Kovanda-Mary Karas; ed Table Rock HS 1918; U of N, BSc 1923; 1922 mbr judging team; Colo St Coll, MSc 1935; Lambda Gamma Delta; Alpha Tau Alpha; m Dorothy A Pettit Aug 21 1924 Peru; s Keith Jess; d Elizabeth Ann; 1923-28 HS tchr of vocational agr at Milligan, 1928- at Ord; Amer Vocational Assn; NSTA; Neb Vocational Agr Assn pres 1932, pres Ten Year Club 1933; pres Rotary 1933; pres C of C; BSA, mbr dist com; 1937-39 Valley Co, chmn Amer Wildlife Fedn; AF&AM; ZCBJ; Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing, archeology; res 418 S 15th, Ord.

   KRUML, JOSEPH GEORGE: Physician & Surgeon; b Ord, Neb Aug 7, 1904; s of James Matthew Kruml-Rose Krejci; ed Valley Co; St Procopius HS, Lisle Ill; St Procopius Coll 1922-25; Creighton U, BSc 1928, MD 1929; m Helen Grace Leighton Oct 17, 1931 Council Bluffs Ia; s Joseph G Jr, Donald Leighton; d Helen Genevieve, Rita Marie; 1928-29 interne Mercy Hosp, Council Bluffs Ia; 1929-30 interne Mercy Hosp, Des Moines Ia; 1930-32 prac med, Des Moines Ia; 1932- prac, Ord; staff mbr Clinic Hosp, Ord; mbr visiting staff St Francis Hosp at Grand Island, & Cram Hosp, Burwell; during World War 1st lt med res; Four-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; C of C; Cosmopolitan Club; ZCBJ; KC; Cath Ch; hobbies, big game hunting, fishing, music; res 214 S 22nd, Ord.

   LEGGETT, EUGENE CLEMENTS: Editor; b Ord, Neb Sept 1, 1903; s of Homer Daniel Leggett-Cora Clements; ed Ord HS 1922; U of N; Sigma Phi Epsilon; m Irma Theresa Ellis Feb 9, 1926 Marysville Kas; s Kerry Eugene, Wade Theodore; 1917 learned printing trade under father on Ord Quiz; 1922-26 while in coll emp by Lincoln State Journal & Lincoln Star; 1926-30 managing editor Ord Quiz, 1930- editor; 1932- ptr in Quiz Printing Co; secy Loup Valley, Press Assn; NPA; dir C of C; pres Rotary 1937; Ord Golf Club; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res 1904 K, Ord.

   LEGGETT, HOMER D: Publisher; b Allegan Co, Mich July 17, 1871; s of J C Leggett-Melissa ___; ed Lisbon Mich HS; m Cora E Clements Oct 11, 1898 Ord; s Eugene C; d Flora May (Mrs C A Anderson); 1905 came to Ord, was steno for late Judge C A Munn; estab & owned Valley Co Times 5 years; mgr grain elevator 2 years; owner hdw store 8 years, Ord; traveled for Grand Island whol house; pur int in Ord Lbr Co, yard mgr 4 years; owner newspaper at St Paul, 2 years; emp by H M Davis as mgr Ord Journal; 1918- owner & publisher Ord Quiz; IOOF; city clk 2 terms; 2 terms pres vol fire dept; 1936 served by appointment in sen special session 1936; Rep, secy Valley Co Central Com several terms; Unitarian Ch; res Ord.

   LEWIS, KEITH CLARK: Store Manager; b Richfield, Utah Mar 22, 1897; s of Guy Brander Lewis-Annabell Clark; ed Richfield Utah HS 1916; U of Utah 1917-18 & 1920-21; m Muriel Rosamond Chase Aug 16, 1925 Loup City; s Kirk Chase; 1921 clk for J C Penney Co at Gunnison Utah, 1921-23 at Richfield Utah, 1923-25 asst mgr at Ord, 1925- mgr; during World War 1918-19 in USN hosp Mare Island Cal 18 mos, naval hosp Brooklyn N Y 5 mos, pharm mate on USS Alaskan; Amer Leg; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; res 315 S 21st, Ord.

   McCLATCHEY, CLARA M: County Superintendent of Schools; b Fairmont, Neb; d of Thomas J McClatchey-Tululu J Cochran; ed Ord HS; PSTC; U of N; tchr in Valley Co, Ord, Ashland, LBC 5 years; 1926-



Who's Who

31 & 1939- Valley Co supt of schs; pres Neb St Assn of Co Supts; past pres B&PW Ord, past secy at Lincoln; pres PEO; past chmn ARC; Chris Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, hunting, swimming, travel, driving autos; off Courthouse; res 2121 L, Ord.

   McGINNIS, JAMES WAYNE: Veterinarian; b Wymore, Neb Nov 20, 1885; s of Harrison Lincoln McGinnis-Zeporah Ann Yowell; ed Cumberland Ia; Belleville Kas; Maywood; York Bus Coll; Kansas City Mo Veterinary Coll, DVS 1909; m Margaret Mae Tidyman Sept 14, 1907 Hayes Center; s Velmer Wayne, Kenneth Tidyman; d Selma Mae (Mrs Grant Van Ness Dusenberry), Beulah; summer 1908 ranched with father, Maywood; 1908-12 & 1918-19 veterinarian at Ord, 1919- ptr of Dr A J Ferguson; 1912-16 ptr of Dr A A Anderson, Grand Island; 1916-18 ptr of Dr J S Vinnedge, Ord; 1923- 34 mbr sch bd; mbr city coun; past mbr Neb St bd of veterinary med; past pres Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; past mbr Mo Valley Veterinary Assn; Loup Valley Agrl Soc; C of C, mbr road com; IOOF; KP; hobbies, fishing, hunting, football games, outdoor sports; res 118 S 14th, Ord.

   MISKO, RALPH EMERSON: Bank Cashier; b Ord, Neb June 2, 1909; s of Wencel James Misko-Katie Helbig; ed Ord HS 1926; U of N 1934; mbr Glee Club; Delta Tau Delta; m Ellen P Servine Sept 3, 1938 Lincoln; 1934-35 bkkpr First Natl Bank of Ord, 1935-36 asst cash, 1937- cash; dir C of C; Rotary, chmn entertainment com; BSA, past scoutmaster; Ord Golf Club, secy-treas; Presby Ch, trustee; Rep; hobbies, cooking, music; res 1721 N, Ord.

   MISKO, WILLIAM: Harness & Leather Dealer; b Freeborn Co Minn Apr 22, 1881; s of Frank Misko-Mary Raymond; ed Ord HS; m Jennie Zikmund (dec 1925); s Dean W; d Viola (Mrs Omar E Hartman), Alma (Mrs P Gallaher); m Lena Schnabel Aug 18, 1928 Charles City Ia; s Gerald Kelm; 1882 brought to Ord by father who estab harness shop; 1895-1913 emp in fathers harness shop, 1913-31 mgr, 1931- owner & opr; past mbr Neb Retail Harness Dlrs Assn; C of C; Past mbr Ord Golf Club; past mbr Royal Highlanders; ZCBJ; AF&AM; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 1621 N, Ord.

   MORTENSEN, CRAWFORD JAY: Bank President; b Ord, Neb Oct 27, 1891; s of Peter Mortensen-Jennie H Williams; ed Ord; Lincoln; Shattuck Mil Acad, Faribault Minn 1910; U of N; m Carol C White Nov 25, 1915 Pasadena Cal; d Lillian Jean (dec 1919); 1911-17 asst cash First Natl Bank of Ord, 1919-31 owner, cash & VP, 1931- pres; 1911- farmer, cattle raiser; during World War mbr ROTC, Fort Snelling Minn June-Aug 1917; battery F arty, 2nd lt, Aug 1918 Camp Dodge; 1st lt, AEF O/S 1918-19, disch Apr 1919; Amer Leg, mbr finance com; past pres group 5 Neb Bankers Assn; Amer Bankers Assn, mbr exec coun & administrative com; Ord Golf Club; AF&AM, treas; past mbr Shrine, past mbr KT; KP; Presby Ch; Rep 1936 & 38 candidate in primaries for state treas; hobbies, travel, golf, tennis; res 2020 M, Ord,

   MUNN, GEORGE ALVIN: Attorney; b Ord, Neb June 25, 1891; s of Charles Almon Munn-Ada Heffelman; ed Ord HS 1909; U of N, BA 1913, LLB 1915; Phi Delta Phi, past pres; m Alfhild R Moller May 24, 1923 Lincoln; s Charles Alvin; d Phyllis J, Charlene C, Verda Z; 1915 adm to Neb bar; 1915-17 prac law, Ord; 1917-19 & 1927-35 Valley Co atty; 1919- prac law at Ord, 1920- ptr of Ralph W Norman; during World War in 2nd OTC Fort Snelling Minn, 1917-19 company comm & acting regimental batt detachment adjt, Nov 8, 1917 became 1st lt, Co D 338th inf, 85th div, 8 1/2 mos O/S disch Camp Custer Mich Apr 14, 1919; Amer Leg post 38; Valley Co & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; life mbr U of N Alumni Assn; past grand trustee KP; AF&AM; Shrine; Dem; hobby, amateur mechanics; res 1918 West N, Ord.

   MYERS, CLEM NAPOLEON: Auto Parts Dealer; b Chicago, Ill Dec 26, 1880; s of John Myers-Catherine Andre; ed Scotia HS 1897; 1898 studied law with Charles Munn, North Loup; m Winifred Della Westberg July 13, 1911 Roseburg Ore; s Clem J, Gilbert J, Woodrow Andre; d Julia Catherine (Mrs Joseph Carr), Winsome, Alice Evelyn; 1885 came with parents to Scotia; 1897-1903 professional baseball pitcher for Scotia; 1900-04 RFD carrier, North Loup; 1900-15 farmed as ptr of brothers Harry & Theodore, also oprd Myers Brothers Meat Market; 1915-24 farmer near North Loup; 1924- 34 salesman for Walter O Birk Candy Co of Chicago, hdqrs North Loup; 1934-36 acting P M, North Loup; 1936- auto parts & used car dlr; 20 years past mbr sch bd dist 46; past police judge; past Valley Co supvr; past J P; past mbr Comm Service Club; past mbr Popcorn Com; past mbr IOOF; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, politics, history; res North Loup.

   NAY, LEE C: Osteopath; b Ord, Neb May 3, 1901; s of Robert Nay-Margaret Fraser; ed Ord HS 1923; Amer Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery, Kirksville Mo DO 1927; grad work Rochester 1930, 1933, 1934; Sigma Sigma Phi; m Dr Zeta May Pratt Oct 4, 1926 Kirksville Mo: d Barbara Lee; 1927 with wife estab prac, West Point; 1928- osteopath, ptr of wife, Ord; past mbr Neb & Amer Osteopathic Assns; past mbr C of C; past mbr Ord Golf Club; past mbr IOOF; AF&AM 103; Chris Ch; hobbies, woodwork, athletics; wife also grad of Amer Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery; mbr B&PW, past mbr Rebekah; res 1617 N, Ord,

   NORMAN, RALPH WALDO: Attorney; b Ord, Neb Mar 15, 1894; s of Alexander Norman-Nina Saville; ed Ord HS 1914; Creighton U, LLB 1919; m Frances E Dorzda Nov 20, 1922 Ord; s Lyle W, Roland R; d Doris L, Marlene, Sondra; 1919 adm to Neb bar; 1919-20 prac law as ptr of father short time; 1920 law ptr of George A Munn, Ord; 1930-38 city atty; 1928-34 Valley Co dep atty: 1920-30 mbr sch bd, 1933- secy, past pres; Assn of Neb Sch Bds & Execs, past mbr legislative & various coms; Valley Co & Neb St Bar Assns; League of Neb Municipalities, mbr 6 years; C of C; Dem, 1920-39 chmn Valley Co Central Com; hobbies, Jersey cows, gardening; res 1419 Q, Ord.

   OLSSON, OLOF: Owner Ice Co; b Ord, Neb Sept 19, 1904; s of Ored Olsson-Elna Johanson; ed Ord HS 1920; U of N, BSc 1925; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Tau; m Joyce Kathleen Dryden Feb 16, 1930 Fort Worth Tex; foster d Margaret Sharon; 1925-26 refrigeration engr with Frick Co, Waynesboro Penn; 1926-31 engr in Baker Ice Machine Co Omaha, 1929- 30 at Fort Worth Tex; 1931- owner & mgr Ord Artificial Ice Co; 1937- fuel dlr & contr for refrigeration installation; 1933- in whol beer bus; Neb Brewers & Beer Distributors Com; C of C; Cosmopolitan Club; Dem; hobby, hunting; res 1607 M, Ord.

   O'NEAL, FRANK P: Bank President; b Wayne, Kas Feb 7, 1888; s of James O'Neal-Mary Meehan: ed Wymore; Grand Island Bus Coll 1907: m Margaret E Currie Nov 25, 1916 Lincoln; d Donadale Margaret, Marilyn Frances; 1907-10 bkkpr First Natl Bank, Wymore; 1910-20 asst cash First Natl Bank of Friend, also with Southwick Loan & Trust Co, negotiated first lien farm mortgages; 1920-31 VP & cash First Natl Bank, Holyoke Colo; 1932-34 VP First Natl Bank of Ord, 1934- pres; North Central Neb Regional Clearing House Assn; C of C; Rotary; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res 315 S 19th, Ord.

   OSENTOWSKI, FRANK JAMES: Dentist; b Valley Co, Neb July 21, 1906; s of Frank L Osentowski-Barbara Bruha; ed Valley Co; St Procopius HS, Lisle Ill; St Procopius Coll, 1927; Creighton U, BSc 1930, DDS 1931; Psi Omega; 1931- dentist, Ord; Neb St & ADA; C of C; Cosmopolitan Club; Ord Golf Club; ZCBJ; KC; Cath Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting, sports, aeronautics; res 1707 N, Ord.

   PARKINS, GEORGE ALANSON: Optometrist; b Fontanelle, Ia Mar 24, 1881; s of John Parkins-Charlotte Kinney; ed Elgin HS 1896; Brown Sch of Optometry 1899; m Mary Ann Purdum Dec 25, 1902 Columbus; s John F, George A Jr; d Mary Elizabeth (Mrs Merle J Olson); 1896-97 clk in Galley Nafus Gen Merc, Elgin; 1899-1900 optometrist Genoa; 1901- optometrist, Ord; lecturer on visual handicaps of slow readers; cited for distinguished service in optometry; Neb Assn of Optometrists; Amer Optometric Assn; Internatl Bd of Optometry; fellow Academy of Optometry; Amer Research Coun of Optometry, dir 3 years; C of C; Rotary; past mbr Ord Golf Club; past mbr KP; Rep; hobbies, research, physiological optometry; res 2312 M, Ord.

   PISKORSKI, FRANK: Owner Cold Storage Plant; b Luck, Poland Dec 5, 1892; s of Alexander Piskorski-Katherine Grand; ed Luck Poland; m Gertrude Katherine Bailey Jan 11, 1921 Elyria; s Richard A, Ernest F, Martin C, Edward J, John, Frank; d Dorothy C; Mar 9, 1911 came from Poland to N Y; 1911-16 emp in packing houses, RR yards & shops, Kansas City Mo; 1916-18 emp on ranch & farmed, Harlowton Mont; 1919 emp


in Nebraska


on farm, 2 mos at Elyria; 1920-22 owner & opr cream buying station & soft drink parlor, Elyria; 1922 estab cream station at Ord, 1927 estab truck line, 1932 added gas & oil station, 1934 distributor Phillips petroleum products; 1936- owner & mgr Ord Cold Storage Plant; 1939- mfr Ord Maid lee Cream; during World War 1918 in US army Co I Camp Louis, Wash I mo, Co I Camp Kearney Cal, 157th inf Camp Mills N Y later 305th inf, in France until Dec 25, 1918, disch Camp Dodge Ia Feb 1919; Amer Leg post 138; C of C; KC: Cath Ch; hobbies, planting trees, growing flowers; res 520 N 19th, Ord.

   ROBBINS, VERN W: Stockman; b Wells, Minn Feb 6, 1877; s of Frank B Robbins-Cedelin Williams; ed North Loup HS; m Laura B McMullen Dec 21, 1899 North Loup; s William Leland; d Selma E; 1884 came with parents to North Loup; 1899-1902 farmer & stock buyer, North Loup: 1902- livestock dlr; owner farm ints; has shipped horses all over US; 1931-33 estab & oprd Bankrupt Bargain Store at Ord, 1932-33 at Greeley; emp 1 year in J C Galley's Horse & Mule Co, Grand Island; dir North Loup Co-op Cheese Co; past chmn Valley Co bd. past mbr town bd; past mayor; Seventhday Bapt Ch; Rep; hobbies, horses & cattle; res North Loup.

   STOLTZ, JACOB ROY: Merchant; b Hillsdale Co, Mich Feb 13, 1882; s of John George Stoltz-Clara Martha Woods; ed Hillsdale Co Mich; Cleary Bus Coll, Ypsilanti Mich 1904; m Mary Alice Lickly Nov 18, 1913 Ord; s Charles Rodney: 1904-16 in off work, Ann Arbor Mich; 1906-11 bkkpr for Richmond Paper Co, Seattle Wash; 1911-12 bkkpr for Zellerbach Paper Co; 1912-14 bkkpr for Pacific Coast Paper Co, San Francisco; 1914-20 owner & opr Stoltz Variety Store, Stanton; 1920 owner & opr Stoltz Variety Store, Ord; owner farm ints in Valley & Perkins Cos; past mbr sch bd; C of C; Fedn of Neb Retailers; Consolidated Mchts Syndicate: AF&AM; Meth Ch; Indep Rep: hobby, reading; res 1730 L, Ord.

   TAYLOR, GEORGE WILBUR: Dentist; b La Porte, Ind May 1, 1877; s of William Henry Taylor-Harriet Bosserman; ed La Porte Ind HS 1895; U of Ill, DDS 1901; m Maude Laverty July 6, 1904 Ord; 1901 dentist, Ord; past mbr city coun; past mbr sch bd 12 years; Neb St Dental Assn; past mbr ADA; pres Valley Co Agrl Assn 1917; C of C; past mbr Ord Golf Club; grand chancellor KP 1920-21; AF&AM 103; Meth Ch; hobbies, mechanical work, woodwork; res 1726 N, Ord.

   THELIN, IRWIN JOHN: Railway Agent; b Gothenburg, Neb May 11, 1885; s of Louis Thelin-Elizabeth Adling; ed Gothenburg; Omaha Comml Coll, 1900; m Mary Janette Rockhold Apr 12, 1905 Ord; d Marjorie Evelyn (Mrs R C Rydberg); 1900-03 held various positions in Gothenburg, also with UP RR; 1903-07 teleg opr for UP RR at Ord, 1907- agt, North Loup; past village trustee; org North Loup vol fire dept, past chief; ORT; past mbr North Loup Comm Club; North Loup-Scotia Golf Club; Dem; hobbies, reading, golf; res North Loup.

   THOMPSON, CLARENCE CHARLES: Superintendent of Schools; b Beatrice, Neb Dec 24, 1904; s of Rufus Elbert Thompson-Emma Gaisford; ed Gage Co; Diller HS 1922; PSTC, BA 1931; U of N, MA 1935; m Lillian Mae Jeary Aug 18, 1931 Seward; d Mary Jean; 1924-26 HS tchr, prin, athletic dir, Arcadia; 1936- supt of schs, Ord; NSTA; NEA; Assn of Supts & Prins of Neb; Neb Schoolmasters Club; C of C; pres Rotary; Ord Golf Club; BSA, past chmn; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, hunting; res 222 N 22nd, Ord.

   VOGELTANZ, EDWARD L: Attorney; b Wahoo, Neb Oct 12, 1895; s of Joseph Vogeltanz-Marie Jisa; ed Butler Co; Grand Island Bus Coll, 1912; PSTC 1913-15; U of N, BA & MA 1918; U of Cal; Phi Alpha Delta; m Amelia C Polak Jan 4, 1921 Wahoo; s Raymond E; d Bette Jane, Rosellen; 1919 adm to Neb bar; 1919-20 mbr law firm Coleman, Landis & Mastin, Seward; 1920-28 prac law, Ord; 1928- law ptr of C M Davis, Ord; 1934- VP State Bank of Scotia; during World War aviation cadet 54th squadron Berkeley Cal, 140 hours at Riverside Cal, disch Nov 1918; Amer Leg, holder 20 year card, past comm; Valley Co & Neb St Bar Assns; C of C; past pres Rotary; past mbr Ord Golf Club; KC, 8 years grand knight, 2 years dist dep; Cath Ch; hobbies, bridge, fishing & hunting; res 2114 L, Ord.

   WARD, JOHN L: Managing Editor; b Mira Creek, Neb Nov 21, 1882; s of Asahel Ward-Manda J Honnald; ed Ord HS 1904; Fremont Normal; m Dora May Milligan Aug 15, 1909 Ord; s Guy A, John W, James A, Donald I; d Alice N, Donna L (Mrs Eldo Brady); 1904-10 farmer, Valley Co; 1910-19 in various positions at Ord, tchr Valley & Garfield Cos 6 years; 1919-20 emp on ranch near Burwell; 1920-36 decorator, Burwell; 1927-36 mgr information bur for Nebraska's Big Rodeo; 1936- managing editor Ord Quiz, also photo engraver; 1906-10 J P, Ord; 1916-17 with US army in Mexican border service; Amer Leg post 298, past adjt; Chris Ch; Rep; hobbies, photography, collecting old books, making nicknacks; res S 11th, Ord.

   WARDEN, STANLEY B: Editor & Publisher; b Yankton, S D Nov 24, 1894; s of Arnot Holland Warden-Alice Lillian Backus; m Anna Muriel Dvorak May 29, 1927 Yankton S D; d Mavis Winifred; 1918-19 during World War, in US army 54th Co, sgt 163rd depot brigade, 88th div 5 mos, arty sch Louisville Ky 5 mos, disch Dec 24, 1918; Amer Leg post 251, past comm; 40 & 8 in S D; 1922-28 learned printers trade in Florence S D, later owner, editor & publisher Florence Forum; 1928-34 owner & publisher Stickney S D Argus; 1934- owner & editor The Arcadian, Arcadia; mbr village & sch bds; 10 years mbr S D Press Assn; NPA; past pres & org Middle Loup Valley Assoc C of C; past pres Comm Club; past mbr IOOF; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, muisc (sic); wife is also printer, taught music at Southern Normal, Springfield S D; daughter won only highly superior award in voice at natl music contest, Omaha 1937; res Arcadia.

   WAREHAM, CHARLES R: Manager Public Power & Irrigation District; b North Bend, Neb Feb 4, 1894; s of Stephen A Wareham-Lulu Patterson; ed Kearney HS; KSTC; m Laverne A Anstine Nov 30, 1924 Lexington; d Jean Ardyth, Virginia Irene, Marilyn; 1914-17 yard man Gilchrist Lbr Co, Stapleton; 1919-24 steno & bkkpr for Gould Land & Cattle Co, Kearney; 1924-26 cash Kearney Savings & Loan Assn; 1926-33 P M, Kearney; 1933-34 bus mgr radio station KGFW; 1934-36 asst auditor at North Platte for Platte Valley Pub Power & Irrigation Dist, 1936-38 auditor at Ord, 1938- mgr; during World War in Co L & med detachment of 355th inf 89th div, sgt, disch June 1919; Amer Leg post 38, holder 20 year card; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, football, baseball, fishing, stamp collecting; off Irrigation Dept; res 2004 L, Ord.

   WEEKES, CHARLES W: Physician & Surgeon; b O'Connor, Neb Mar 30, 1882; s of W B Weekes-Nora Whitehead: ed Scotia HS 1898; Creighton U, MD 1904; m Ella Marie Sears Mar 1900 Cotesfield; d Muriel. W (Mrs Oliver Robert); 1904-19 prac med, Scotia; 1911-19 owner & opr Weekes Hosp, Scotia; 1919-37 estab & oprd Hilcrest Sanitarium, Ord, destroyed by fire Feb 1937; 1937- surg at Clinic Hosp, Ord; 1908, 1910, 1919 prac med with Dr C C Allison, Omaha; past staff mbr St Francis Hosp, Grand Island; Four-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Amer Coll of Physio-Therapy; Rotary; C of C; AF&AM; Sesostris Shrine; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; off 1144 N 16th; res 405 S 20th, Ord.

   WIEGARDT, ALFRED ALVIN: Clerk of District Court; b Elyria, Neb Jan 2, 1899; s of Anton Fredrick Augustus Wiegardt-Elsie Madsen; ed Elyria; Ord HS 1916; m Jessie Marie Purcell 1920 Ord; s Alfred Kendall: foster d Elizabeth Jeanne; 1917-19 during World War enl in US army at Ord, NNG Co I 5th inf, 134th US inf, 34th div, corp, O/S 6 mos, disch Camp Dodge Ia Feb 5, 1919; Amer Leg, service ofcr since 1932; 1919 common laborer, Ord; 1920-23 did carpentry & construction work for A S Purcell; 1923-31 bkkpr & yard foreman for Sack Lbr & Coal Co; 1930- clk of dist court; Neb Assn of Clks of Dist Court; 1938 Valley Co chmn President's Birthday Ball Com; C of C, secy; Cosmopolitan Club; Ord Golf Club; past ofcr Jr Leg Club; Chris Ch, chmn of bd; Dem; hobbies, woodwork, fishing; off Courthouse; res 1715 Q, Ord.

   WILLS, WALLACE W: Superintendent of Schools; b Evansville, Ind Dec 21, 1908; s of Donald Wills-Anna Smith; ed Evansville Ind; Fremont HS; KSTC, BSc 1936; grad work U of N, 1937; Caledonian; K Club, mbr 4 years, pres 2 years; m Helen Steen June 12, 1938 Fremont; athletic coach, North Loup HS; NSTA; NEA; North Loup Comm Service Club; IOOF; Meth Ch: Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing, athletics; off High School; res North Loup.


Who's Who in Nebraska (introduction & directory)

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